Chanel Byzantine jewelry

Chanel Byzantine jewelry
Coco Chanel from the small that the religious, historical aspects of great interest. She has a soft spot for the Byzantine style, in her as the world’s art collection of Paris apartment in the magnificent gorgeous Byzantine style is through the CHANEL brand history has always been. Then let us review the Byzantine Empire’s dream, addicted to Chanel (Chanel) Byzantine jewelry among it.
Turkey’s Istanbul
The Byzantine Empire is located in today’s Istanbul, Turkey, the history of the famous East Roman Empire of Constantinople. Byzantine culture is emphasized by the inlaid art, the pursuit of colorful Replica Cartier jewelry and decorative, is a gorgeous sense of decorative arts. The greatest feature of its artistic style is its decorative, abstract and religious implication. The existing Byzantine artwork is mostly mosaic, mural and painting in the church.

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, St. Sophia Cathedral, walls and dome to preserve the Byzantine mosaic decorative art remains, from the mottled walls, people can still feel the gorgeous luxury of the imperial style.
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel, who lived a lonely childhood in the Oberse orphanage, had a great interest in religion and history, which prompted her to be more than just a legendary designer in the future. Family. Its apartment in Paris has a collection of art from around the world, where people find the origin of CHANEL design, and the apartment that magnificent Byzantine style is through the CHANEL brand history has always been.
Chanel jewelry
Ms. Coco Chanel that deep Byzantine complex, from her design in the 1920s jewelry can be glimpse. Those who are magnificent, exaggerated magnificent Byzantine style jewelry and she was designed at the time of those silhouette simple, cut the rope compared to the clothes, can be described as the finishing touch.

CHANEL “Paris – Byzantine” series of fine jewelry to the classic gold color, between white, purple, blue, yellow, pink, green, red, black and other colors, and stressed the color of the bright and brilliant. Exaggerated style, rich style of art.
Chanel jewelry
Jewelry with hollow and mosaic skills, reflecting the medieval art of the complex and magnificent. Whether it is a large sense of bulky necklace and wide bracelet, or multiple tassels designed earrings, and both are gorgeous and complicated to the extreme, showing a modern, charming, charming Byzantine Empire aristocratic atmosphere.
Writer Voltaire has said that the social middle class is the real essence, there are too many bubbles. However, as we all know, almost everyone wants to be a bubble, even brittle, but gorgeous incomparable. But the three generations to raise a noble judgment let us believe that only holding the Chinese aunt who brought back the gold bars, is still difficult to stretch the middle of the warmth and value of the decision, let alone across the class of taste segment. Recently, many well-known international jewelry brand in China to promote high-level high-level jewelry works, hoping to share with the Chinese rich in high-level jewelry in the warmth of the world.

Luxury jewelry series

In January this year, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany held a new 2013BlueBook luxury jewelry series at the Brooklyn Palace in Beijing, which was the first of its kind in the New York, and for the first time outside the United States, the brand’s attention to the Chinese riches was obvious.

The series from the New York luxury charm of the jazz era of the unique vitality and optimism in the spirit of inspiration, to create the ultimate beauty of the diamond jewelry. Interpretation of the decorative arts of the new fashion charm, vividly show the fashion city of New York City nightlife splendid modern scene. Artisan master fusion of the use of a large number of precious stones, vividly show all the legendary jazz era, and fully demonstrated Tiffany Zoran’s decorative art design heritage – gorgeous color gem against the background of pure white diamond ornaments to lines more smooth and smooth Of the extraordinary mosaic. Diamond necklace and earrings rendering New York decorative style skyscrapers solemn solemnly. Elegant hanging in the wrist between the bracelet to flash the charming luster of the round and rectangular diamonds inlaid by hand, outline the jazz music moving rhythm. Full of bright diamonds to create decorative bouquets made of exquisite dies of diamonds. Bright gem and hand-carved onyx pavilions, painted on the surface of the black lacquer painted classical fan pattern; with a considerable form and gorgeous mosaic design of the pear-shaped diamond jewelry can be called the leader, such as champagne-like bright and pleasant.

In this new series, Tiffany Zhen selected the rare colored diamonds highlight Cartier love ring replica the decorative arts of the bright colors, full color pink diamond, orange diamonds, blue diamond and green diamond with pure white diamond, as well as edge inlaid sapphire, manganese aluminum Garnet and pink diamond variety of pendulous yellow diamond ring is also dazzling. In addition, a large number of used Montana sapphire, tanzan stone, shiny turquoise, sand fai Lai stone, lilac purple purple pyroxene and pink Morgan stone.

Interpretation of the century style of the marrow

May 8, the French palace brand Cartier, blend of classic style and innovative inspiration to bring more than 160 pieces of the latest high-level jewelry. From the glorious modern city into the flourishing tropical rainforest, from the sun to the pure hot road to the cold cold ice Arctic – Cartier with a wonderful aesthetic perspective and endless imagination, will be the essence of different scenery Dépaysement series of fine jewelry.

Among the many products, the most breathtaking thing is a tribute to the legendary jewelery necklace that has been customized to the legendary jewelery necklace of the legendary jazz – Cartier 1928 for the Maharajah of Patiala in India. The legendary necklace of history is 2,930 diamonds, one of which has a diameter of 234.65 carats, and it is the most complicated and complicated diamond necklace in the history of jewelry. And this tribute to not only embodies the Cartier jewelry craftsmen extraordinary craft, but also reproduce the Pattaya La Bang Bang necklace of the artistic value of the stunning Allure.

The scene of high-level jewelry display space incarnation for the four Cartier love muse’s private boudoir, four-color colorful to create a different fashion, his right to their love with Cartier love. (Duchess of Windsor) noble and elegant; dark green scenery and the wall of the forest between the cheetah pass alive vitality, filling the Mexican actress Maria Philippine (María Félix) mysterious charm; and Hollywood movie star Gloria Swanson (Gloria Swanson) of the white world as if shining diamonds glory, reflecting the simple and neat modern style; continue to walk, pure Of the sea and blue brought out the exotic features greeted, the French aristocratic Daisy Faroo (Daisy Fellowes) of the special vulgar vividly followed. Those who have their beloved Cartier jewelry products, has been endless back to the classic, but also brewed today Cartier to the United States and the diversity of style rhyme.

Montblanc write love jewelry love movement

Montblanc write love jewelry love movement
(Montblanc) Monaco Princess Grace series of high-level jewelry, magnificent jewelry and Montblanc round gem series, whether you are elegant or charming you are fashionable or fashionable, but also to the United States, , Will always be touched by the symbol of Montblanc jewelry symbol of moving love story.
Monaco Grace Princess series of fine jewelry

Montblanc to the ingenuity of the design spirit, the integration Replica Cartier jewelry of the brand’s top technology, elaborate “Monaco Princess Grace” (Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco) senior jewelry, to the late Princess Grace tribute.

In 1956, Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco (HSH Prince Rainier), became the Princess of Monaco; two people in the early year of the Cannes Film Festival encounter, the romantic history of the world, when the match with the wedding event And cultivated “Grace de Monaco” pink rose to become the inspiration of this series. In 1984, Prince Ranier in Monaco Fontvieille Park to build a rose garden, planted more than 4,000 US and European varieties of roses to commemorate the princess deeds and the love of roses during his lifetime.
High-level jewelry, magnificent jewelry, watches and writing tools four series of exudes a strong artistic atmosphere, never out of date and full of sense of the times, highlight the Montblanc international distinguished brand style; all kinds of graceful design graceful, and Princess’s moving beauty echo; The meaning of the moving, clever design and exquisite details through four series, and on behalf of fairy tale, romantic rose petals have become the main design to petal pink pink saucer (pink as “Grace de Monaco” pink Rose color), and gold and diamonds and other precious materials set off; four series including a unique and limited style, all the staff Seiko secret agents, to show Montblanc’s top technology level.

PJtales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés two magnificent jewelry, pink gold hollow petals or gently close or delicate intertwined, and shop with flashing diamonds, but also in addition to the diamond, Was gorgeous extraordinary.
“Monaco Grace Princess” Pétales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés

Universal recognized romantic symbol, the late Monaco Princess Grace’s favorite roses, Montblanc is the new Pétales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés magnificent jewelry design theme. In September 2011, “Monaco Grace Princess series” the first batch of tender and beautiful roses as the title of high-level jewelry, took the lead in Monaco Monte Carlo Opera Garnier Opera House debut. This year, the two new magnificent jewelry series is the theme of rose petals; Montblanc craftsmen to exquisite craftsmanship, diamonds and pink gold material to express the rose petals velvet texture, light and soft, abundance of brilliant and representative of the freedom of the background, to create eternal beauty The

Historically, roses and rose petals are essential elements of many allegories and fairy tales, and Princess Grace’s life is also called the modern fairy tale; two rose petals deviated from the rose petal petals designed sub-platinum and pink gold, or Gently surrounded, or intrigues, to the rich sense of the era of jewelry craft presents the mysterious charm of roses; pieces of diamond petals as floating on the skin above, and Grace Princess’s peerless elegance echoes.
Pétales de Rose for the classical style of the new ideas, contains rich emotions, showing the exquisite petals and the charm of the princess; pink gold or pink gold diamond Pétales Entrelacés is the first of its kind, Full of dynamic, full of vitality. The design of youth forced, a little casual temperament, but without losing the gorgeous feeling, closely related to the trend of today’s jewelry design. Two series both live the princess’s moving personality, but also reminiscent of the princess and its star legendary jewelry plays an important role, and the perfect expression of her princess, wife, mother, philanthropist identity and moving beauty.

Montblanc round gemstone series

With its relentless spirit, Montblanc offers the new Cabochon de Montblanc Collection with a patented MontBlanc Arch Gemstone cutting technology to create a new feel for classic star diamond cutting. This new collection is colorful, starfish and half The combination of gems wipes the wonderful sparks.

Montblanc Jeweler’s new design follows the traditional arched gemstone craftsmanship, Seiko polished polished rounded gemstone smooth people, but with the traditional round or oval outline, replaced the Montblanc hexagonal star lines, symbol of the first European peak Mont Blanc’s snowy mountain.

Women’s senior jewelry series to luxury rose as the main body, inlaid semi-precious stones to the main tone, crimson or pink rose garnet and red chalcedony are symbol of self-confidence, strength and passion.

On the other hand, dreamlike white and blue stones such as milky white quartz, sapphire, crochet and amethyst are satisfied, humble or strength.
Part of the pattern set with diamonds, you can better appreciate the rich color of the gem. This series of styles, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and a fine chain, the latter decorated with pink crystal, milky white quartz, rose garnet, red chalcedony and diamonds; all style luxurious and elegant, highlight the personal taste , Day and night wear Safe.

Women’s sterling silver jewelry series of design, mainly in pure silver matching romantic pink stone such as powder and blue chalcedony, etc., turned into a beautiful chain, with the beautiful lines of the beautiful bracelet or bracelet, or long flowing earrings and exquisite Earrings, completely aimed at fashion tactile young women’s taste, contrast their unique style of personality.

Montblanc round gem series will be the original cutting technology and interesting design perfect combination, aimed at the pursuit of fashion jewelry jewelery taste; different gemstones or semi-precious stones have their own meaning, wear the body to tell a small story.

Tiffany & Co latest high-level jewelry series sapphire party with

Tiffany & Co latest high-level jewelry series sapphire party with
American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co this year to participate in the Queen’s Square in Central held “flashing joy winter love” Christmas activities, bringing giant Christmas tree and imitation in the United States New York Central Park fairy tale. In such a strong atmosphere of the festival against the background, and then by the model wearing a brand new high-level jewelry series, immediately showing some gorgeous joy scene.

Jewelry has always been the most sought-hearted ladies favor, coupled with the end of the year is the major companies to send bonus time, shopping is bound to surge. Tiffany & Co. The latest high-level jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry series, including earrings, pendants, rings and brooches, most of the use of platinum manufacturing, with different cutting white diamond, expansive and gorgeous.

In order to meet the joy of the festive atmosphere, most of the jewelry are inlaid color gemstones, including aquamarine, spinel and pink sapphire, etc., for ladies attended the party and banquet, to provide a good mix of choice. However, the number of the most festive atmosphere, is a snowflake shape of the platinum pendant, its shape to the main lines, and dense diamonds, light in the light of the blooming flashing light, like Huang Hao snow scattered Dazzling light.

Tiffany & Co latest high-level jewelry series sapphire party with
Inlaid pink and blue sapphire platinum pendant necklace, platinum diamond earrings, inlaid five rows of diamonds platinum bracelet, platinum diamond ring inlaid giant emerald gemstone.

Inlaid pink oval cut spinel platinum and 18K gold pendant necklace, pink sapphire and diamond platinum earrings, platinum diamond bracelet in the central part of the inlaid color spinel, the central part of the mosaic CushionShape pink blue stone platinum diamond ring.
In recent years, brand-name watch collection more and more fire, attracting a large number of new investors, expert tips

“Nobody can have Patek Philippe, but for the next generation of custody only” This classic advertising language in addition to the world’s top watch the precious, but also the watch collection, heritage value is described in place.

In recent years, watch collection more and more fire, many people want to have a valuable and constant value of the treasures. But a wide range of watch brands, the same brand between the different series of price gap is very large, in the end which watches worth worth collection and investment?

World name list origin of Switzerland

Today, the scientific and technological progress so that mobile phones, tablet PCs and other electronic devices have a timing function; the current timing of the watch has been weakened, more is as a work of art, as people’s identity, status, taste symbol. Talking about watches, especially the world watches, whether professional players or ordinary watch users will first think of Switzerland, just like porcelain we will think of China, when it comes to diamonds will think of South Africa.

At present, the world’s leading brand of about 170 brands, of which more than 90 Swiss brands, accounting for more than half. Industry is more recognized as the world’s top ten watches include: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, nations, count, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Girard Perregaux; most of them are produced in Switzerland. Collectors should note that the Swiss manufacturing is not necessarily the Swiss brand, such as Cartier is a French brand, but because Cartier has a watch factory in Switzerland, so the brand watches are engraved with Swiss-made English (swissmade).

There is price and auction price

The most direct manifestation of the value of goods is the price. Zhu Hua said that the world watches and other commodities is slightly different, the price can be broken down into price and auction price. Price, is the price for the final consumer, which is the most direct basis for dividing the watch level. Auction price and price is different, it reflects the watch in the second-hand market circulation situation. From the auction price, you can analyze a watch of the collection value, value-added potential, and thus further determine the brand’s grade.

In 2008, the top ten auctions of Christie’s spring auctions accounted for the top ten, Patek Philippe accounted for seven; this is largely indicated that Patek Philippe is the most collectively recognized collectors in the collection. Every year at home and abroad in the auction list of special, Patek Philippe is the absolute focus. Name value and its brand awareness also has a certain relationship. Most of the domestic watch enthusiasts to understand the earliest, Rolex and Omega two brands; therefore, the two brands in the domestic sales, the highest hedge rate.

Where does the collection come from?

Collection of objects first if the watch, it is best mentioned above, the top ten brands; different types of investors can have their own focus, because some brands known for style, some brands are known for the function. Many collectors more and more attention to the function of the watch movement, such as Tourbillon, calendar, etc., “Zhu Hua suggested that the collection of watches do not blindly follow the trend, or according to their own strength. Collection market popular fried concept, but watch collection or to see The watch itself.

In addition, the watch collection can focus on a classic series of brands.

For example, very sought after Tourbillon, a lot of brand watches have the power to produce Tourbillon watch, which also has related products, but the most worthy of the collection of brands or the first Tourbillon Breguet.

For the new entry list of enthusiasts or more to see less moving, after all, the collection level of the list of expensive, usually more concerned about the domestic and international auction market watches on the market.

Premium, a class of high value of the collection

Watch brand can be divided into seven levels, each grade brand watches for different levels of consumers, players and collectors, and premium tables and a class of the collection value is relatively higher. However, this rating is not absolute, some brands are very small, but in the collection circle recognition is very high The industry used to Rolex, nations and other brands known as a class table, and higher than the grade of the table is called the premium table; these watches to produce complex function table known for the brand high gold content, limited production, the price of more than 100,000 yuan the above.

In addition to Rolex, nations, as well as real Lee, Pei Haihai, Omega and other brands, such products are mainly suitable for domestic high-paying watch players, collectors. There will also be differences between the different brands of the same brand. In general, the premium table to complex function table, a class of tables, although there are technical capabilities to produce complex functions, but most of the product is relatively common, so the brand value as premium table.

Collection watches should pay attention to maintenance

Watches usually pay attention to maintenance, especially the very high precision collection level watches. First of all, watch long-term storage, do not put in a wet place, so as not to move, rust or disc color. Keep away from televisions, radios, etc. to prevent magnetization, mothballs or health balls, there may be chemical changes in the movement of lubricants, can not be saved with the watch. ”

Second, although most of the watches have a waterproof function, but for a long time certainly not water. Watch against the cold water instead of hot water, watch the circle after frequent thermal expansion and contraction, the waterproof function will be greatly reduced.

Finally, to regularly do the movement maintenance, keep the watch a good running condition. Many people will find a few years after the watch will be a deviation, because the table dirt and lubricating oil caused by deterioration. Movement cleaning, maintenance, generally the best once every two years.

Jewelry designers of the ocean complex

Jewelry designers of the ocean complex
Jewel of Jars of the Seas, a well-known cruise of the American Royal Caribbean Company. Its most prominent feature is: ten-storey glass atrium, can make you glance to enjoy the beautiful sea view.

At the moment, just in front of the ocean has long been the dizzying Replica Cartier jewelry flash, because you have set foot on the “excellent product” pilot “Ocean Jewelry” journey … …

From top to bottom:

PT International Platinum Association 09 “sentiment” series “Chang” platinum earrings, necklaces

Tiffany Fish Pendants Necklace Pendant

Tiffany Fish Pendants earrings

Legend, mankind from the ocean, so it is often the end of the dream is also set in the end of the sea, so there is one after another do not regret the pursuit of fairy tale, and even the most expensive precious stones are also called as “the ocean heart”.

On the exploration of the sea, mankind is always curious. It is confusing, hidden numerous secret, but it refused thousands of miles. Jewelry design masters of course, will not give up this inspiration, after all, it contains the inexhaustible creative theme. Perhaps, only to the depths of the ocean secret into a shiny jewelry jewelry, the conquest of the human body is unlikely to complete the desire to make up for it.

From the form of the sea to the soul of the sea, from the legend of the sea to the sea, the jewelry designers seem to enjoy the gift of all these days. A few lines of sketches, and then carefully crafted polished, suddenly found under the knife that the child seems to have really life, all tangible jewelry are due to the sea rhythm, and a bit more invisible Smart … …

The shape of the sea: water droplets and ripples

Sea big, Yu Wang Yang, can not have, but you can take a drop, to lightly smell it moist breath. Sea wide, and heaven connected, cut one side ripple, remember the memory of that person.

Piaget Limelight Paradise series earrings

Limelight Paradise, a fascinating fairy tale, is a symphony made by the color and the shape. Close your eyes and allow the sea to take you intoxicated. Fascinating on the surface of the water, such as the vanity as bright and bright colors, tightly catch your line of sight: blue, blue and green, green and lavender, suddenly immersed in the Nanyang dark blue in the look. Earrings and the same series of necklaces are set off by 18K white gold, and inlaid with round diamonds, oval cut aquamarine, emerald cut green tourmaline, oval or pillow cutting electric green tourmaline, and water droplets cut Green tourmaline. Their design details of the embodiment of a stunning interpretation of the situation, echoing the fantasy fairyland like the underwater world.

Tiffany Blue Book Series Pear Diamond Necklace, Pear Shape Gemstone Earrings

For Tiffany skilled craftsmen, in Tiffany full of infinite charm of the design world, the material will never hinder the imagination, jewelry design in them already have a deeper meaning. As this necklace, in the elegant pink neck of its glory will be unstoppable, once again verified the charm of diamonds.

In Tiffany’s history, colored gemstones also occupy a pivotal position, color gem is also Tiffany to become the world’s top jewelry brand one of the important factors. The Tiffany Blue Book was founded in 1845, opened up a senior jewelry catalog in the United States issued a precedent. This tradition in the Blue Book luxury jewelry series also be highlighted, this cut into a drop-shaped colored gemstone earrings, the greatest degree of reflection of the dazzling light, with diamonds inlaid, filling the woman’s bright drops.
From top to bottom:

Piaget Limelight Paradise series earrings

Tiffany Blue Book Series Pear Diamond Necklace Tiffany Blue Book Series Pear Shape Gemstone Earrings
From top to bottom:

Tiffany Fish Pendants Necklace Pendant

Van Cleef & Arpels Haliades

Van Cleef & Arpels Amphitrite Van Cleef & Arpels Charis

Tiffany Fish Wood Bracelet Wooden Bracelet

Anna Hu fish shaped pin

Van Cleef & Arpels Scylla necklace

PT International Platinum Association “Dawn” platinum necklace

The sky and the sea are far apart, this is a section can never hand in love, however, in our line of sight in the sea level is connected to the horizon. In the dawn of the moment, Haitian same color, we fantasy blue sky and the sea of romantic, imagine the sparkling water may be the sky to give the sea love. This necklace, like a holy aura around the neck, platinum pure and elegant luster like dawn dawn shines on the sea level.

Sea creatures: marine life

In the tranquility and darkness of the ocean, the glimpse of the beautiful life under the blue is how to swing the body, but also how to cruise into the jewelry designer’s inspiration. In fact, so far, human known marine organisms have 210,000, and the actual number is expected in this figure more than 10 times, that is, 2.1 million, but the fish has always occupied the largest designer jewelry , But exudes a transparent light and beautiful posture jellyfish, as well as the distinctive shape of the hippocampus, as well as starfish, dolphins, sea turtles, sea snakes, conch, etc., also have boarded the hall of high jewelry.

Tiffany Fish Pendants Necklace Pendant, Fish Wood Bracelet Fish Shape Wooden Bracelet

Fish is a symbol of Frank O. Gehry, and many of his creative works come from this, representing the perfect blend of form and movement. As a child, Gehry was addicted to the pattern made of fish scales and the beauty of the fish swimming in the water. Today, Gehry’s fish-shaped design is the shape of our original memory. The fish-shaped jewelery series is made from a variety of different materials, including green nephrite, onyx, crystal and some natural wood, sterling silver, gold, platinum and diamonds, very creative, neat lines, dynamic.

Van Cleef & Arpels Haliades

In the flashing sea, Haliades bracelet white k gold inlaid round diamonds, looming two fish shape, with diamonds to create the sea of white foam will be tightly linked together, to express the theme of love and love.
From top to bottom:

Van Cleef & Arpels Amphérès necklace

PT International Platinum Association 09 “sentiment” series “Chang” platinum earrings

Anna Hu fish shaped pin

Anna’s creative beliefs are the elements of classical music. This is the Chinese jewelry designer Anna Hu’s work, not only the perfect show flawless glittering gem, also contains a soft female color. With the spirit of the French custom jewelry, giving it more noble charm; with oriental women’s eyes, wake up the precious soul of precious stones.

Van Cleef & Arpels Amphitrite hippocampus

Amphitrite goddess in the mythology, in this series incarnation of the Amphitrite pin, such as the hippocampus, is made up of pink yellow k gold, pink sapphires and diamonds, and mirrors the mysterious light in the light.

Van Cleef & Arpels Charis

Haitao snow, blue sea dotted with many beautiful umbrella body, shining with a weak light green or blue and purple light, and some also with a rainbow-like halo. Many jellyfish can glow. Slender tentacles to stretch around, followed by fluttering, color and swimming posture beautiful. Charis pin white k gold inlaid round and pear-shaped cut diamonds, red k gold, Mystery-Set stealth mosaic pink sapphire, then reproduce the mysterious charm of transparent jellyfish crown.

Van Cleef & Arpels Scylla necklace

Scylla necklace white k gold inlaid round, rectangular and triangular cut diamonds, in order to incarnate the dragon’s demon named, showing exquisite meshwork, it is the dragon and snake soft shape light around the neck, the head and tail Long-shaped pattern can be split into a pin, two fins can be removed.

Sea of the soul: spray

No waves, the sea lost the rhythm, only quietly like the old memories. Tide ups and downs, is the waves for the sea singing a beautiful song. When the waves and spray to embrace, the soul will experience the blend.

Van Cleef & Arpels Amphérès necklace

Blue sea curls are white thoughts, such as Amphérès necklace (no buckle design) of the mesh on the fine covered with crystal round diamonds, sapphires, with natural cut semi-circular ruby and white farming Pearls, vibrant in the tide, dotted with the sea quiet and lonely. Necklace is also attached to the removable type of pin, extremely sophisticated.

PT International Platinum Association 09 “sentiment” series “Chang” platinum necklace, earrings

Listen to the sound of spray, like precious music together into the flow of the chant of the heart. Each of the waves have its somersault curvature, and each woman has a unique light, only the real experience, to appreciate every precious harvest. To spray the moment of rotation for the design inspiration, and with the nature of the most precious metal platinum to create, inspired a woman for the precious self perception.

Legend of the sea: the sea gods family

Poseidon (Poseidon), the king of the sea, Zeus’s brother, An Feite Ritter’s husband, holding a huge Trident, command all the creatures in the sea, is described as half man half fish looks, can do anything they want. He liked the horse very much, so he ruled the ocean and turned the horses into long-tailed fish-horse hybrid animals. In this way, they can also pull the car for him in the water.

Van Cleef & Arpels Poseidon carriage bracelet, necklace

Treasure’s body is solidified on bracelets and pendants, thick mane into sapphires, diamonds and natural pearls. Van Cleef & Arpels searched the world’s major oceans, and finally found the Kingdom of Neptune Poseidon kingdom, Poseidon driving by the colorful gods pull the carriage, every day in this magnificent country ride.

Van Cleef & Arpels Néré? De fairy pin

Néré? De fairy pin, with yellow k gold and diamonds inlaid, modeling lifelike, fairy staring at her hands pink 7 carat spinel, delicate and moving.
From top to bottom:

Van Cleef & Arpels Poseidon Bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels Néré? De fairy pin

DTC China’s first diamond collection museum opened in Beijing

DTC China’s first diamond collection museum opened in Beijing
Following the successful launch of a diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal markings, the De Beers Group officially unveiled its first diamond storehouse in China on September 4, 2007 in Beijing. , Once again interpretation of the eternal beauty of the diamond charm. The Diamond Collection is designed to promote and deepen China’s diamond culture, with the mysterious and distant diamond culture as a platform to FOREVERMARK eternal mark as the main line through them, including “Diamond Tour”, “Wedding Ring”, “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation District “three regions, each region of the design are interpreted FOREVERMARK eternal mark contained in the unique and distinguished, tell the mystery and eternal diamond. As the world’s largest diamond company, with more than 115 years of diamond expert qualification De Beers Group (De Beers Group), following the successful launch of 1947 “Diamond forever, a permanent Replica Cartier jewelry pass” classic slogan, and in 2006 December in the Chinese mainland market with heavy launch with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, and the opening of the Diamond Collection will be lifted FOREVERMARK eternal seal trend, set up De Beers Group (De Beers Group) in the diamond industry no Comparable navigator status.
De Beers Group (China De Beers Group) China’s first diamond collection hall in Beijing dishes Blum grand opening
FOREVERMARK eternal mark As De Beers Group’s first global market project, the ultimate definition of the eternal beauty of diamonds, each with a FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds in the diamond table have a special mark [] and Independent number, expressed by respect pet and exclusive, confidence and commitment. To the unique style and charm of the long red film 11 years of the famous actress Zhao Wei personally unveiled the scene for FOREVERMARK eternal mark highlighted by the “unique and excellent” connotation made the most perfect annotation, and the scene received with its graduate student enrollment date 20060911 for the number with FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds, Zhao Wei in the road of life constantly climbing, challenge the spirit of self-breakthrough into the wonderful interpretation.

Explore the source of diamonds to prove the eternal beauty

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) will be its first diamond in China’s Museum of the store settled in the Beijing City Department of the city department store, designed to take this landmark by the city once again show its strong strength in the diamond industry and the strong market for the mainland confidence. De Beers Group (De Beers Group) specially hired an internationally renowned design team to design the diamond collection hall, the entire collection consists of three parts, namely, “Diamond Tour”, “Wedding Ring”, “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation area ” The museum’s creative design concept from the mysterious and seductive jewelry box, into the collection, which a variety of legendary stories, precious photos and collections are deeply attracted, nostalgia. The entire library fully demonstrates the De Beers Group (De Beers Group) leaping 115 years of diamond experts authoritative style, but also because FOREVERMARK eternal seal noble, elegant and excellent taste and shine, unexpectedly extraordinary.

In the entire collection, the most unique light is undoubtedly “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation area”, consumers can here through FOREVERMARK eternal mark special appreciation instrument to enjoy its beauty, VIP level of distinguished service, exclusive luxury.

FOREVERMARK eternal imprint has been presented by De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond company, with more than 115 years of diamond expert qualifications, demonstrating the highest standards of the world’s largest diamond company.

FOREVERMARK eternal mark will be visible to the naked eye unique mark [] and a group of the world’s only independent number stamped on the diamond table above, each with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds have been carefully selected from the depths of the ground was found to entrusted Every step in the hands of the customer is carefully examined by the experts and carefully taken care of. Here, FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds owner can enjoy a special appreciation of this instrument only 1/20 micron mark the extraordinary beauty, experience the ultimate bright room between the extraordinary taste.

All of the world’s diamonds are precious for gemstones, and only the carefully selected diamonds are eligible to be printed with FOREVERMARK eternal markings; each diamond with FOREVERMARK eternal mark is approved Certificate, detailed records of the diamond carat weight, shape and imprint date, accompanied by FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the photo, but also with the De Beers Group Chairman signed the commitment book, summed up the FOREVERMARK eternal mark on the customer’s commitment. FOREVERMARK eternal mark not only on behalf of your fingertips of the diamonds is the real confidence of choice, more commitment to its unique, precious, is a true natural treasure.

Zhao Wei gifts
“Diamond Tour” area lifelike to show a diamond from the ground to the world, and bright flash in front of the magical journey. As the world’s largest supplier of natural rough billet, De Beers Group (De Beers Group) through the “Diamond Tour”, “Diamond Anecdotes”, “Diamond Value”, “Drill Legend” four parts, for people Showing the legendary essence of the diamond world. And with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds by De Beers Group (De Beers Group) full care of the respect for the identity of this and then get the most comprehensive interpretation.

“Wedding diamond ring” area shows the diamond for the extraordinary significance of love, each love is precious and unique, only FOREVERMARK eternal mark can only be against its Guanghua, become the ultimate expression of love for the love between lovers to provide more exclusive And the only witness.

FOREVERMARK eternal mark never ending the wonderful

FOREVERMARK eternal mark is the guarantee of confidence, since December 2006 landing in the Chinese mainland market, FOREVERMARK eternal mark has been widely recognized by consumers and enthusiastic pursuit, made a gratifying sales in mainland China set off a ” Eternal “wave. “We are very pleased with the diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal mark in the Chinese market, and China is increasingly becoming the world’s fastest growing diamond market,” said Xia Xiting, director of marketing for Greater China, De Beers Group Marketing. As one of the world’s largest diamond companies, we are very optimistic about the development and prospects of China’s diamond market today De Beers Group (De Beers Group) China’s first diamond collection hall is the opening of De Beers Group (De Beers Group ) Another important step in the Chinese market, we hope to provide Chinese consumers with more respectable and high quality services, but also hope to allow more consumers to experience with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds of the ultimate precious and unique. De Beers Group (De Beers Group) chose to set up China ‘s first diamond collection store in Beijing City, the mouth of the department store, hope that through the strong combination of both sides, and then lift the new wave of domestic consumption of diamonds.

“De Beers Group” China’s first diamond storehouse is located in the Beijing Food City Department Store, which embodies the De Beers Group (De Beers Group), the first diamond storehouse in China, Beers Group ‘s trust and support for the roses, and the completion of the Diamond Collection not only shows the leading position in the diamond industry in China, but also enhances the overall image and quality of service, and we are very honored and happy.

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) Diamond Collection will take the lead in Beijing and Shanghai opened two. Shanghai Diamond Collection will be held on September 24 in Donghua China Diamond grand opening.

Zhao Wei as the first VIP into the Diamond Collection
Zhao Wei time carving eternal

On the screen, the role so that she is so beautiful, life, the campus let her free, Zhao Wei with a sense of interpretation of the passion, interpretation of life; each role of the conversion, every gorgeous turn, are like diamonds shine, refraction Zhao Wei style, but also the achievements of her debut so far 11 years in the Chinese mainland film and television line of the status of actress.

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) and Zhao Wei’s encounter is also derived from her body’s unique charm and personal style, a hard work after the hard work, the cause of the peak return to self, unique life course And self-style so that Zhao Wei became a miracle of the Chinese film, in the passage of time condensed into eternity, which with the eternal mark of FORICVERMARK diamonds represented by the unique taste of excellence complement each other, coincide. Today’s Zhao Wei has faded the “Swallow” Sentimental, transformed into a calm “Mature” – like a FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, from natural, after a period of experience and grinding, natural charm and Bright light has been the greatest degree of show, the eternal beauty will be endless pass.

In the grand opening ceremony of the scene, De Beers Group (De Beers Group) special gift to Zhao Wei for his graduate school 20060911 for the unique number with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, to praise her career at the peak of the time did not forget Enrich the spirit of self and perfection. The whole with a FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds are embedded in the letter V necklace, the letter V is not only the name of Vicky Vicky’s first letter, but also represents the victory (Victory) connotation, by Zhao Wei future wonderful Under the best look. “I am honored to be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the De Beers Group’s first diamond store in China,” she said, adding that he was delighted to be able to receive a diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal markings. , Here with FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds to bring me an unparalleled distinguished experience, and very happy to be able to receive De Beers Group (De Beers Group) this profound gift, I also wish the De Beers Group (De Beers Group) in the coming days to get more success.

The world’s top jewelry master interpretation of 2007 platinum love story

The world’s top jewelry master interpretation of 2007 platinum love story
Love, she attracts all living beings, countless people for her dreams, eager to have.
Love, she is so strong, in our minds, thoughts and Cartier nail bracelet replica dreams branded deep traces.
Love, she persists for a long time, get the end of his life aftertaste this wonderful taste.
Love, she is pure, rare, eternal, like platinum.

If there is a theme, you can pass through time and space, break through the border language barrier, it must be love; if there is a metal can witness love, it must be platinum – she is pure, like love like impurities; she is rare, Find the only love; her eternal, such as true love vowed forever in the heart. So, no matter how the trend changes, platinum is always the world’s top jewelry masters of the darling, because it is natural rare, pure and eternal, to convey love between constant ancient invariable affection.

In 2007, the world’s top jewelry brands have launched wedding ring series, invariably with platinum interpretation of love theme, praising the world’s oldest and most aesthetic feelings.

Platinum single diamond ring, inlaid by the designer carefully designed
For more than 150 years, Boucheron has always praised the depths of love with platinum. In Boucheron’s latest platinum diamond engagement ring series, Boucheron uses pure platinum to divert the splendor of diamonds and enjoy the purity of love. One of the series of platinum rings with a unique four-jaw mosaic process, claws in the diamond under the intertwined, meaning the love of the intimate and love of the eternal, a diamond hidden under the secret of love. For Boucheron, platinum not only means rare, but also a symbol of happiness, marriage and eternal love.


Marryme Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring and Platinum Wedding Ring
Bulgari (Bulgari) has been to praise the love of platinum, witness the loyalty of marriage. Bulgari recently launched “Corona” platinum single diamond engagement ring, from the crown pattern to get inspiration, such as the royal wedding as noble and elegant. Ring Smart, elegant curve, full of unique fashion sense, at the same time have a nail and inlaid imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond ring two models. Bulgari another classic “Marryme” series of platinum ring design elegant, simple, platinum inlaid with a fine round diamonds, all made of platinum with three Marryme wedding ring, respectively, for the ring, inlaid five diamonds And pavé diamond ring, to pass eternal love.


Respectively, inlaid broken diamond, rose-shaped cut diamonds and pear-shaped cut pink pink sapphire platinum ring
Cartier (Cartier) love platinum, it is the first to use platinum jewelry jewelry jewelry one of the jewelry. Today, Cartier is still widely introduced exquisite platinum jewelry, continuation of its superb technology in the incomparable reputation. Cartier created in platinum, launched a new platinum engagement and wedding ring series, fully embodies the classic and modern perfect combination. Such as “LOVE” platinum series of men and women wedding ring, with its unique and unique screw pattern (in the 1970s in New York creation), singing the eternal love of love, become the best way to express love and loyalty love “amulet”.

De Beers

Platinum wedding ring, which women’s platinum wedding ring inlaid with three diamonds
De Beers (de Beers) to natural pure platinum with diamonds made of fine jewelry, to commemorate the beauty of life moments. De Beers launched the latest platinum single diamond engagement ring “Forever Two”, platinum unique soft curve ring diamonds, diabasing diamonds bright brilliance. Design pure, elegant, simple, “Forever Two” perfectly embodies the deep meaning of love. This year, De Beers has also designed a special platinum wedding ring series for happy newcomers, one of which is symbolized by three diamonds in the past, present and future, meaning very, love stretches.


Platinum single diamond ring, ring pen with diamonds
All along, the precious platinum engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love. Gucci’s latest engagement and wedding ring with pure, durable platinum, with a unique square or round design, highlighting the central dazzling bright diamonds. The series includes a single diamond ring or pearl ring style, become lovers love love keepsake.

Harry Winston

Inlaid Pillow Diamonds Diamond Platinum Rings, Rings Pavé Diamond
Has a Harry Winston (Harry Winston) platinum engagement ring, which imitation Cartier love bracelet means with the legendary team. As a great jeweler, Harry Winston wrote a number of romance stories so far in more than 100 years. Harry Winston in the well-known craftsmen’s careful cutting and mosaic, the introduction of the famous “Love Madly” series, called the real masterpiece of art.


Pavé Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Platinum Ring
Famous Italian designer Giovanna Broggian selected platinum with pearls, for the Mikimoto (Mu Mu) exclusive creation of the latest platinum series of jewelry, with its innovative style and elegant style for the world attention. Platinum not only preserved the pearl of the original gorgeous and complete, but also highlights the pearl’s unique shape and color, so that each pearl in the jewelry have become the focus of everyone. Mikimoto with its perfect handicrafts, so pure, eternal, rare platinum and pearl each other, exudes unusual elegance. Love is unexpected, once met, is a lifetime commitment.


Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Piaget (Earl) the latest “Possession” series of platinum rings, the two platinum and diamond ring made of one, the interpretation of never forget the eternal love story. In the natural white platinum background, the diamond released a dazzling light. “Possession” contains four kinds of platinum produced by the style: respectively, simple models, a single diamond section, a symbol of luck for the seven diamond models, and a symbol of love eternal row of models.

Tiffany & Co.

“Lucida” Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring
Tiffany (Tiffany) favored platinum and diamond with the perfect match, the achievements of the top platinum engagement diamond ring. It was founded in 1886 the famous six claw inlaid platinum ring, on behalf of the superb craftsmanship, but also a symbol of the beauty of love, is still the world’s most famous ring style one. Tiffany continues to use the classic six-claw mosaic process, the latest launch in the style and design of the modern masterpiece of the Lucida ring. Once launched, its elegant, charming appearance captures the hearts of women around the world. Platinum soft silhouette reflects the light of a square diamond, highlighting the natural brilliance of diamonds. This blessing with Tiffany blessing of the marriage, which to the everlasting.

Van Cleef & Arpels

“Grace” platinum ring, the center set in a single diamond, both sides of the dense diamond
All along, Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) has always been its classic platinum jewelry crowned diamond’s supreme charm, interpretation of love pure, eternal and rare. Van Cleef & Arpels excellent craftsmanship and fine traditions, for the wearer to bring a dream into a moment of obsession. In the latest wedding ring series of Van Cleef & Arpels, “Grace” platinum ring with modern spirit interpretation of the classic fashion; engraved with “Vendôme” platinum ring simple atmosphere but yet considerate; “Snowflake” platinum diamond ring is drawn from Inspiration of nature, with platinum inlaid diamond formation lingering trend, symbol of the eternal combination of marriage. In addition, “Eternity” platinum diamond wedding ring design sophisticated, simple, pass the love of perfection and purity.

Ten of the world’s top jewelry brand, ten love story, but are described the same love quality: pure, rare, eternal, like platinum. Let the platinum bless you, witness the vow of love

Jewelry and watches of past lives and this life

Jewelry and watches of past lives and this life
Jewelry and watches and clocks is the intersection of jewelry table? The answer is not so simple, because this is not a simple A + B = C problem. In particular, has a long history of the brand “Cartier”, between jewelry and watches, but there are many stories! Over the past few years, more and more jewelry brand development of watches and clocks products; also more and more watches and clocks cross jewelry brand products. And other types of clothing, jewelry and watches more intimate, in the process of conversion and extension is also more natural. Jewelry and clocks and watches seems to be a pro, but really in-depth discussion, you will find a lot of “learning”. Jewelry and watches in the end what is the relevance? The intersection of the two is not only the result of jewelry table? Branding in the same name of the watch and jewelry series, but the concept of mutual borrowing and elements, or a deeper consideration?

Cartier brand, over the years in the jewelry and watch Replica Cartier jewelry achievements, almost equal, no sub-Xuan, and the development of a lot of the same name jewelry and watches, trying to explore the relationship between jewelry and watches, it is a good Subjects.

TANK series – the dialogue with the round

In Cartier’s series of works, there is a good example, that is the most classic Evergreen Cartier watch Tank (Tank) series. The prototype of the Tank Table was completed in 1917 and the actual mass production launch was in 1919. The classic elements are: the table was a square or rectangular, left and right side of the table frame to extend up and down to form a wide table with the lug table. Tank table was born, the surface of the table and the case shape is mostly circular, this shape of the human race and the celestial body of time to run the association. Tank table into a square, in addition to the shape of the watch made a new perspective, in fact, there are aesthetic and functional considerations. Because the square is more round and more convenient case and the lugs of the ear, so that the lug as the case of the structural components, that is, the two combined into one, not just in the case of the surrounding hard Bangbang plus two for the connection strap And the occurrence of the unexpected device. Now it seems that the design concept seems natural, nothing surprising; but if the time and space back to the late nineteenth century, the early twentieth century, will find it valuable. At that time in the form of a table, has been gradually converted from the watch into a watch. Watch to watch, in addition to the size of the movement and other technical problems to overcome, the appearance of the original design, is to think outside the case can be fixed strap, so that it can be worn on the wrist. From the first watch appeared to the tank table appearance, during which the design, step by step toward the watch is not just “pocket watch plus strap” only. According to the Cartier data pointed out that the real aesthetic concept with the jewelry to think about the location of the lugs to the brand, the tank table is the first time ever. In other words, Cartier watch not only as a wrist watch worn on the timer, but also a worn jewelry to consider. In this consideration, the classic elements of the table in the tank appeared. Watchcase neatly highlight the case, as the most natural lugs, strap as if extended from the table out. From the side, watch and watch the body to form a circle. By the table body of the square last interpretation of a round, square and round contrast, totally natural, has become a tank table in the design of one of the important concepts.

TANK ring – continuation of the classic elements

Tanks in addition to jewelry from the aesthetic thinking of its overall structure, early also have a diamond-type models. In its 1919 launch of the six tank table, there is a table in both sides of the table set with a rose-cut diamond. But according to Cartier’s own statement, the tank table and another series Santos, the original is the least often coupled with two series of jewelry decoration, until the 1980s, the tank table really close to the jewelry industry. Jewelry version of the tank table, while maintaining the basic elements of the table and style of the tank, from metal processing, gemstones to the work of precious stones color arrangement, and even the strap material, play a multi-change appearance. For example, the table frame by diamond-cut lathe, such as round drill, ladder drill or emerald-type lathe, the formation of the surface of the table and the surface line of the visual effects, or with different gems, resulting in watches of the times style change. Tank’s jewelry series is the most popular tank ring (Bague Tank), the tank ring has a neat and simple lines of the tank table, the gem in a way to insert into the ring and ring into the same width, and into the ring circle arc, square Of the gems as a part of the ring circle, the continuation of the tank side and round the nature of the dialogue. In addition to the natural transformation of the ring from the square gem stone ring characteristics, the gem of their own lathe, especially colored gemstones, the kind of convex, under the faceted faceted turner, also convex convex lathe turner and carver Bright ingenious in one. Than the tank table, the tank ring in the stone and color changes better, has become an important entry in recent years, Cartier jewelry classic style.

PANTHERE series – of the image as a freehand

Cartier has been the panther as a mascot, jewelry in Cartier, there have been many varieties of leopard, the most famous is the Puma (Panthere). In 1933, Cartier founder Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) appointed a talented woman Jeanne Toussaint as a jewelry designer, and Coco Chanel is a good friend of women, in the Louis Cartier’s encouragement, the design is not Less to animals as the theme of jewelry. Jeanne Toussaint personally quite like the leopard, it is said that her nickname is called “leopard”, perhaps with special feelings, she designed leopard-shaped jewelry is also particularly popular. Her most famous leopard-shaped jewelry is completed in the year 1948, the leopard-shaped brooch, which is her first piece of leopard-shaped jewelry. This Duchess of Windsor specially designed leopard-shaped brooch (Panthere Brooch), with white and white K to create a posture of the air leopard, and then diamond and sapphire paved with leopard, gorgeous but elegant. This leopard proudly in a convex 152.23 carat sapphire, but also a little naughty demeanor. From the beginning of this leopard-shaped brooch, Jeanne Toussaint has developed a series of leopard-shaped brooches, bracelets, necklaces and long-handled glasses, and the Duchess of Windsor was Cartier as the first to wear Panthere series of people. Leopard-shaped jewelry performance, how to convert it into a watch? According to Cartier’s information, the brand only to leopard as the theme of the drill table, in fact, appeared in the year 1914, even more than the above-mentioned leopard-shaped brooch as early as thirty years. But the real name to the puma for the series of watches, it is until 1983, only to appear. This series of watches, do not see the specific shape of the leopard, at first glance, and another Cartier series of well-known Santos table shape, but the table frame arc is more rounded repair, table box screw decoration is changed to more detailed smaller. The most important thing is, the metal chain with a short, a small rectangle in order from the order. And leopard-shaped jewelry, panther table is to use some simplified elements to freehand way to show the charm of this animal; and leopard-shaped jewelry is a concrete and delicate to describe them. Puma series models introduced, with the jewelry also followed. In the year 1992 Cartier catalog, you can see with the watch of the jewelry, mainly to watch the practice of metal strap, cut into necklaces, bracelets and rings. This approach is also a lot of brand watches in the design with jewelry, the most commonly used.

In addition to free jaguar, there is a table is a panther figurative leopard head plus a simplified circle into a leopard body, as the watch box, and the jaguar perfume bottles and leather goods on the metal exactly the same. Jaguars from the head to the body more vivid shape, has also been “transplanted” directly to the watch, but they are usually included in the advanced custom jewelry, and timing of the surface is usually not hidden, that is, Heavy decoration more timing. Said they are watch, might as well say that there is a time function of the bracelet is more appropriate. BAIGNOIRE series of jewelry watches are elegant jewelry and watch interoperability elements, in the Cartier oval table can also see clearly the use. According to Cartier’s information, in 1910, Louis Cartier designed a table is an oval table, because Duchess Maria Pavlovna very much like, and its shape called Baignoire (ellipse). This table has been a private collection, until 1938 only open. In the Cartier watch, the oval table because elegant and delicate, has been to be included in the female form of the table, the effect of changes in decorative effect has always been the focus of its development. According to the table extension of the jewelry, the majority is directly taken from its elements. One way is to directly take the metal chain as earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets. For example, the oval table frame is placed directly on the ring ring, a ring surface, inlaid yellow crystal, tourmaline and other precious stones. Another example is the combination of the metal chain with the oval body with “The Casque d’Or”, out of the cut out of the ring, bracelet or necklace. Because the elliptical table is Cartier has a very elegant style of female elegance, in its senior custom jewelry table, you can see a lot of its base type, and then decorated with gem practices, quite popular.

TRINITY Series – infinite extension of the classic and leopard-shaped table in the same order of birth, three-ring ring is an extension of the ring, that is, first jewelry, only watch. In 1924, Louis Cartier for his friend poet Jean Cocteau designed a ring to white K gold symbol of friendship, yellow K gold symbol of loyalty, pink K gold symbol of love, produced three K gold ring, and then they clever To ring sets, can not find the beginning, there is no end, a symbol of the three eternal, this is the famous ring ring (Trinity Ring). Jean Cocteau is clearly cherish this friendship, in Cartier’s book, there is a photo he took in the 60’s, in his little finger, wearing a ring ring. In addition to his Cartier ring to promote the birth of Cartier’s collection of antique treasures, there is a work and his. It is a saber, by his own design drawings, to Cartier production, while the sword inlaid a three-carat emerald, Coco Chanel is said to be special commissioned by Cartier inlaid up. Ring ring appears nearly seventy years later, the tricyclic ring was born in 1997. When introduced, Cartier will clearly point out that the ring is the brand’s entry jewelry, ring table also hope that in the Cartier table to establish this entry-class status. How is the ring extended into a table? Cartier’s approach is to ring flattened flat, as watch the watch box, which developed a circular surface, and then on the face plate and strap to do different changes

Domestic jewelry brand also almost anything

Domestic jewelry brand also almost anything
Looking at the domestic jewelry market in recent years, a phenomenon into people’s daily lives: the vast number of consumers to buy jewelry must first look at whether the brand name. Is to repeatedly brand-name screening, from the inherent quality of jewelry to design, all 11 comparison, can decide the final choice. 

Market rise of brand-name war  Economists assert: from the end of this century, China’s jewelry competition will be mainly for the competition between the brand name, brand-name products by the market Cartier nail bracelet replica will become an important feature of the jewelry market. In China, has emerged a large number of jewelry brands, such as Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, Golden House, Dahlman, and so on. It can be said that the jewelry market products dizzying, really there is a “squandering for charming eyes,” the scene. However, cool economic circles to remind people: With the end of the WTO to join the imminent, domestic jewelry brands and international brands flocking to the future will be more intense competition. As a result of domestic and international brand-name great brand gap, this can not see the smoke of the “fight” is worrying. 

And the gap between the international famous brand  Today, the world famous brand must have five characteristics. Namely: one must have a larger or even extraordinary market share. Second, we must have a higher extraordinary profitability; three to have a strong export capacity. Fourth, to have a wide range of its trademark legal effect and continuous investment support; five to its trademark has a strong ability to transcend geographical boundaries of culture. 

Although some of China’s famous jewelry brand has five major characteristics of international brands, but by comprehensive comparison, the two are very far away. 

How to do domestic brands

How to shorten the gap with the international brand in the shortest possible time, catch up with and surpass the international brand in recent years, some of China’s jewelry business progress, but fundamentally, the overall situation to reverse the “disadvantaged” status , Non-overnight power to achieve. The relevant economic experts suggested that to shorten the gap between international brands as much as possible, we must do the following efforts: – Enterprises really put the implementation of “brand strategy” on the survival and development of enterprises to understand and practice the commanding heights. First of all, through technological innovation, extensive use of new technologies, new processes, new materials, continuous improvement of product design and development of new products, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and good digestion and absorption of advanced technology, combined with the actual to be innovative; Secondly, the quality of innovation as a brand name The foundation of the product and the life of the enterprise. Practical, exquisite beauty, cultural taste, good service, good reputation “; Third, the implementation of marketing innovation, and do everything possible to strengthen the marketing of the enterprise, the company’s products and services to meet the needs of modern life; Function, innovative marketing, and actively use the modern marketing agency system, monopoly system, such as chain operators, the establishment of advertising consulting imitation Cartier love bracelet network, wholesale and retail sales and after-sales service network, so that all the market coverage and the main market; the fourth set up to benefit Center, people-oriented modern enterprise management mode. The formation of an effective incentive mechanism and restraint mechanisms to establish a stable product consumer groups and larger markets. 

– “brand” but also rely on the community, especially the strong support of the Government. First, the government should guide and help create a brand-name enterprises to deepen reform, to achieve “two changes” and enhance the market competitiveness of brand-name enterprises;

Second, the government should guide and assist enterprises to form large groups through mergers and joint ventures to realize specialization and scale benefits. Through equity participation and holding of multinational corporations, introduce capital, technology, talents and management experience, enhance the financing capacity of famous enterprises;

Third, bank loans should be a brand-name enterprises tilt, the Government should give priority to a brand-name enterprises in a certain direction to the community fund-raising, enhance business practices;

Fourth, the government should speed up the establishment of a unified, open and orderly market system, improve the legal system, breaking the regional and sectoral division, resolutely implement the policy of survival of the fittest.
Even in the emerging jewelry industry, to create brand-name products and brand-name companies, whether the need for brand-name theory, the answer is self-evident. But in the real economic life, if people ask, these brand-name products and the formation of the theoretical basis of business, you will find people’s answer is varied, ambiguous, so difficult to glimpse the formation of its true brand name. And the jewelry industry, there are some business operators have also raised questions: What brand-name products or brand-name companies is developed by the famous brand theory? In response to this question, we can not help but say: no theory of practice is empty theory; and no theoretical practice is blind practice. In the jewelry industry, but also a brand-name products and brand-name companies are not based on brand-name theory and become a brand name?

In order to improve the operating quality and overall quality of the jewelry industry in China, the management department of the jewelry industry, especially the enterprise, has made the implementation a few years ago to improve the competitiveness and risk-resisting ability of the jewelry industry in the international market. Brand strategy, to develop brand-name products, major decision-making, today’s Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, the sun and the moon, the profit, tide Acer and other brands, and both are such strategies and decision-making fruitful results; In the name of brand theory under the guidance of. Now these brands need to further build, but there are more prospective brand-name products and brand-name companies to enter the real name, in order to be successful, it is important that there must be the correct theory of brand-name guidance, Theory, proficiency in brand-name theory, the practice of brand-name theory is not only very important, but also very urgent. This includes:

First, on the brand-name “basic” theory, such as the basic principles of imitation Cartier love bracelet brand-name; brand connotation extremely characteristics of the principle; brand essence of the principle.

Second, on the brand-name growth theory, such as the creation of brand-name and the principle of stage growth; brand-name expansion of the principle of the principle of brand-name growth path.

Third, on the brand-name integration of the theory, such as brand-name system optimization principle; brand-name system optimization principles; brand-name strategy as a whole optimization principle. Brand theory, is the brand creation, growth and operation of the objective laws of rational knowledge and system summary, such as want to create or develop brand names, is absolutely indispensable.

the jewelry investment set off another round of consumer boom

In recent years, jewelry investment collection has become more and more people a big financial channel. Which both wedding to buy diamond ring, daily jewelry accessories consumption, but also a considerable part of the public turned to enter the gold jewelry market. Recently, the reporter learned in the visit, although the jewelry investment set off another round of consumer boom, but because of the knowledge required in this field is strong, beginners often enter some consumption errors. In this regard, the industry warned that investment jewelry should improve the ability to appreciate and start practicing good eyesight.
Misunderstanding 1, South Africa, the best quality diamonds
According to industry insiders, in the jewelry industry, the market imitation Cartier love bracelet share of the highest share of diamonds. So, consumers in the purchase of diamonds, it should avoid what consumer misunderstanding it?
Insiders said that the consumption of diamonds, and now most people will buy a diamond ring wedding. If consumers want to avoid spending errors, we must first avoid the blind pursuit of high-purity, high-color diamonds. Some people buy diamonds must buy a high price, but in fact buy diamonds is more important is from the net degree, cut, color, weight and other factors into account, although the high price of diamond clarity grade is also good. Second, consumers always believe that only the South African diamond is the real diamond, in fact, the quality of diamonds has nothing to do with the origin, South Africa’s diamonds are good and bad.
Mistakes Second, the value of defective jewelry is not high
Many consumers believe that the flawed jewelry is the value of jewelry is not high, but the perfect jewelry is indeed very few consumers should be how to look at the mentality of flawed jewelry it?
The industry said that most consumers feel the perfect jewelry is the best, so when buying jewelry must find no impurities, no pattern, no crack, touch the jewelry touch. No doubt, such a gem is the best. However, jewelry is sometimes referred to as a “with regret” art, jewelry, most of the gems are inevitable defects, such as emeralds have cracks. Perfect jewelry can not be met, as long as the outside does not affect the beauty of jewelry and durability, can be accepted.
Mistakes Third, the origin of jewelry cheaper
In recent years, domestic and foreign tours in the trip to visit the purchase of jewelry has become a required course. Tourists often accidentally, will buy the synthetic or processed gems. So, in the origin of the purchase of jewelry is cheaper?
The industry said that now, more and more people travel, people travel to a place, always want to buy some souvenirs or souvenirs, but if things are too large to carry and inconvenient, so easy to carry, the value of high jewelry Seems to have become a good choice. To this end, some travel companies will take this to a variety of names, trying to pull into the jewelry, making jewelry more valuable. However, over the years, according to the testing agencies for the tourist places to buy jewelry true and false statistics: from tourism to buy jewelry to 85% are false.
The industry summarized in previous years, some cases, consumers deceived mainly in the following cases: buy jewelry is synthetic. Such as synthetic emeralds, natural rubies in all likelihood after the artificial filling ruby, and some places to deal with bleached plastic injection of b goods emerald jade goods as a natural sell; spend big price to buy a bargain. Buy jewelry is often the hands of the true value does not match; businesses in the purchase invoice on the hands and feet. Business sales in the name of the product did not write the whole, such as “jade bracelet” only write “bracelet”, which increased the difficulty of the latter consumer rights.
The key issue of tourism shopping is that consumers do not know the line, consumer rights can not be guaranteed. Travel companies or tourist spots are often done one-shot deal, because consumers return to travel to claim the cost is too high, and unfamiliar, it is difficult to recover success. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers based on local consumption, the purchase of goods have any doubts can immediately find the original business, the formal business certainly more than the tourist business to Kaopu much.
Today, the collection of popular, many families will jewelry as an investment tool. But because the jewelry investment threshold is not low, and sometimes spend a lot of money is not worth the price, but no appreciation potential at all. Therefore, only homework, in order to find real investment opportunities.
Recently, the reporter contacted the City Collection Association, Mr. Cao. According to Mr. Cao said he was fascinated from the collection in 2005, also paid a lot of school fees during the period, willing to share some of their own experience to you, hope collection enthusiasts can get some useful things.
Beginning into the collection sector, Mr. Cao heard the jade stone gambling things, always want to try one. Once, he went to see Changsha jewelry exhibition, see the sale of jade original stone stalls, could not help but bet on a back. He spent more than 3,000 yuan to buy a 5 kg weight of the original stone, all the way back to Jiaozuo. Come back, Mr. Cao got tools to open a stone, carefully ground for several days before the basic peel skin finished. The results showed that the stone is basically no floating green, there are a lot of crack, no value.
After this setback, Mr. Cao understand the importance of learning, often read some books on the collection, but also and the circle of people to learn a lot of knowledge. After a period of time, Mr. Cao feel that they have some ability to improve identification, but often in the river to go, or inevitably “wet shoes.” Once, he went to visit the jewelery market in Jiangsu, suddenly found a stall selling amber in the original stone. Cao moved the heart, ask the price is not expensive, it squatted on the ground picked up. Mr. Cao know that the identification of amber can be used to burn, smell the smell of turpentine. So with the lighter burned, and sure enough to smell the rich turpentine taste, he felt that this can not be wrong, so the money to buy a lot.
Back to Jiaozuo, he intends to ask people to do some jewelry with amber, the results of a master to get sandpaper polished to find the situation wrong. The powder is glued to the hands, Mr. Cao was aware that those “original stone” is actually made with rosin, so there is also the smell of rosin with fire, he said: “Since then I do not easily buy things , I think jewelry collection, or much less to buy.
The face of rapid growth of the collection market, Mr. Cao to remind you: collection of risk, investment need to be cautious. Want to collect the first of their own to understand the relevant knowledge, or really waiting to be cheated.
Mr. Cao said that many people who sell jewelry, the total love to fabricate their own goods to a legend, so to attract buyers in order to sell a high price. But must not listen to the seller to buy jewelry to tell the story. He was visiting the market will encounter a lot of “story” of the seller.
Once, Mr. Cao came to the small business jewelry market in Beijing wandering around in a booth, the seller took out a gem to tell him the story, saying that this is a rare gem, took a lot of twists and turns to buy, and open Out of a very high price. Mr. Cao was a bit hesitant, and ultimately did not pay. Later he learned that this stone is not expensive, but also very easy to find, the Internet will be able to buy.
Mr. Cao said that the sharp increase in the collection market in these two years, a lot of the price of gems turned somersault rise. But the jewelry collection is not all Ambilight, in order to achieve a satisfactory investment, be sure to do before homework, so as to ensure their investment income.

The world’s largest original diamond business De Beers “sell love”

The world’s largest original diamond business De Beers “sell love”
French founder of the famous fashion Chanel cocoa. Ms. Chanel once said, “Diamonds combine the greatest value with the smallest volume.” De Beers, the world’s largest supplier and retailer of diamonds, studied and created consumer demand for diamonds, cutting out A piece of the huge profits of the diamond market.

In a variety of advertising on the Chinese consumers the most influential of the selection, De Beers company “diamond forever, a permanent spread of” advertising language are on the list. The English version of the imitation Cartier love bracelet slogan, “The Diamond is Forever”, has been in use since its introduction in 1953, and has been introduced into China since 1993, and is regarded as a classic and has largely changed the Chinese cities Consumer ‘s wedding customs.

De Beers was founded in 1859 in North Cape, South Africa, is the world’s largest supplier of the original diamond, currently occupies 80% of the world’s natural diamond supply. In order to stimulate the world’s diamond demand, De Beers set up a diamond trading company (Diamond Trading Co.) is responsible for marketing and sales, after nearly a century of efforts, and finally succeeded in diamonds and love on the equal sign, Of the rich ore. Not only that, De Beers has begun to get involved in the brand retail sector, hoping to have a greater impact on the end consumer.

Establish diamond brand image, create diamond consumer demand

In the 1930s, De Beers had cut its production by 90 percent because of the economic downturn and a sharp drop in demand for diamonds. It is in this case, the company’s chairman, Sir Ernest decided to set up a diamond trading company, specifically responsible for establishing the diamond brand image, driving diamond consumption.

Harry, son of Sir Ernest. Ernest was ordered to investigate the market situation in the United States. He found that in the personal consumer market, the diamond product is only a very rich part of the patent, the mass market simply did not start. At the time, Harry. Ernest that “fashion” may become a major diamond products positioning, so with the Chanel brand launched a number of diamond jewelry, but the market reaction is not ideal, the plan failed.

Harry. Ernest immediately adjusted the company’s strategy. He found that “fashion” although the main features of diamond jewelry, but the diamond is not hard to degenerate features and people just love for the desire to coincide, so he re-positioning of diamond jewelry as “a symbol of loyalty love.” This positioning has been in use until now.

In order to stimulate the demand for diamonds, De Beers has been positioning itself as a diamond industry marketing company, not just raw material suppliers. In 2004, the Group’s diamond trading company’s marketing and promotion costs reached 180 million US dollars. They are the earliest in the Hollywood film product placement marketing business, the movie heroine fall in love scenes always appear De Beers figure. They donated some samples to the movie star, set off a diamond fashion trend. They also held a Diamond Designers Competition every two years to provide better ideas for retailers. If you are an original Diamond Dealer at De Beers, Diamond Marketing Services affiliated with Diamond Marketing Services will provide comprehensive marketing training.

Through the efforts of De Beers, to the 20th century, 60 years, 80% of Americans get engaged diamond ring as a keepsake. “Later, many industries imitate our marketing model,” Harry. “We do not emphasize the name of the company in advertising,” Ernest said. “We only convey a very simple idea to the consumer – around the constant emotional value of the diamond.”

In 1963, De Beers advertising to JWT company care. JWT further developed the consumer’s wedding anniversary to give each other’s diamond jewelry, married women give their consumers the “left ring” (the general wedding ring wearing in the right hand) and other deep-seated needs.

By 2003, De Beers had sales of $ 5.7 billion and operating revenues of nearly $ 800 million. In 2004, the size of the world diamond market reached 8.1 billion US dollars, De Beers is undoubtedly one of the biggest tasted the sweetness of one.
Change the Chinese city marriage custom

28-year-old technology research and development manager Tang Yunchun spent six months of the prize money to buy a 10,000 yuan diamond ring as an engagement gift to his girlfriend, he sighed: “Now the Chinese men’s marriage costs are getting higher! Must be sent, we have, do not send the girlfriend is not happy.

Since playing in a friend’s wedding, the company secretary to do the way Miss saved 3 months salary to buy a 5,000 yuan diamond ring, “I see my friend’s ring envy, I have one. , After marriage must be changed to a bigger.

After 12 years of tireless marketing in China, with the growth of Chinese people’s income, diamonds have become the most popular jewelery in Chinese urban consumers. Some Hong Kong retailers have expanded to the mainland, where the diamond market grew from $ 500 million in 1993 to $ 1.4 billion last year.

According to a forecast, in 2010 China is expected to become the world’s most competitive jewelry processing and consumption centers, as well as one of the world’s jewelry trade center, China’s annual sales of jewelry will be more than 18 billion US dollars. For De Beers, China is also the key to its future success. Although the US remains the largest market for the company, its sales growth in some Asian countries, notably China and India, has surpassed the Group’s average growth rate of nearly 7% last year. A new market structure has been created (Exhibit 2).

Stephen Lussier, director of global marketing for De Beers Diamond Trading, says half of the women in big cities in China, four out of five in Shanghai and Beijing, celebrate their weddings with diamonds. “It’s just a city,” Lussier said. “Imagine if the brides in rural areas are starting to buy diamonds, the industry will enter a whole new realm.” Kay Wong, general manager of Gyeongbok Jewelery, said that their presence in mainland China Five jewelery stores show diamonds in the most prominent position, so far, sales of diamonds account for 60% of the total turnover. “Many people regard diamonds as the first choice, because they like sparkling things, and the brighter the “Wong added.

In order to further stimulate the needs of Chinese consumers, De Beers will target consumers locked in a more popular, more than 3,000 US dollars annual income of families. They believe that this group of consumers have a certain spending power, very eager to middle-class living standards, so they are likely to buy more memorable and value-added diamonds as their first luxury.

In 2005, De Beers plans to invest 9 million US dollars in television, magazines and newspaper ads, in addition to publicity in large cities, they will also line of sight to the 17 second-tier cities, including the more remote Hefei and Lhasa and other places . De Beers also for many years in the New Year, “11” and other public holidays sponsorship of urban young people organized a collective wedding, to spread their Western wedding idea.

De Beers in China to promote the effect of diamond wedding ring is ideal. Survey, in Shanghai, one-third of the wedding ring inlaid with diamonds, purchase rate than France, Germany and other European markets even higher. Currently in Shanghai, 33% of new wedding ring is diamond, and Beijing’s purchase rate is 24%, Guangzhou is 15% .Debbles is not only to focus on female consumers. According to the company’s recent survey of men aged 30 to 44 in China, 67% of men want to have more diamonds than any other; 69% believe that diamonds are expensive but worth it; 63% Is the best expression of personal taste; 43% of men believe that the diamond is a symbol of achievement. In addition, 51% of men want to buy diamonds, and there are many men have entered the purchase process. Diamond is no longer a woman’s patent. It is reported that De Beers will intensify efforts to promote the handsome hardcore in China for men to wear a square diamond jewelry.
Get involved in diamond retail, grab more ore

At the beginning of 2000, never involved in diamond retail De Beers announced that it will and the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH company called De Beers LV, a new company focused on the development of De Beers diamond jewelry brand name. De Beers Chairman, said: “The agreement is De Beers Group in the 21st century, a key step in transition.” Since then, De Beers was positioned as a luxury brand, not just diamonds supplier. O’Brienheim also revealed the reasons for the transformation: “A consumer will only take out his pocket 1% of the money to buy diamonds, but it will come up with 10% of the money to buy luxury goods.We spent several decades for marketing , And now the brand value has let us have the strength to enter a larger area.

In October 2002, the new De Beers LV opened flagship stores in Paris, New York, Tokyo and London in several luxury centers around the world. The materials are supplied by De Beers and are designed primarily by the LV Group. De Beers’s executive director, Gary. Leif said, in order to cope with the growth in demand, De Beers LV in the past two years will certainly set up flagship store in China.

As De Beers is still the world’s major jewelry companies supply the original diamond, in order to advertising in the De Beers brand and other diamond jewelry brands separated, the company used “Forevermark” (permanent mark) replaced the original in the promotion of diamonds The De Beers logo and words appear in the product ad. Many industry analysts said that this is somewhat similar to Intel’s “Intel Inside” bundled marketing practices. De Beers will only be used for the company’s high-end retail brands.

However, into the larger market, another may be that De Beers must face more competitors, and luxury brands have their own set of rules of the game. In the vicinity of De Beers LV New York store, is Tiffany, Katia and other old high-end jewelry brand flagship store.

Customers thin, do the best suppliers

In July 2003, De Beers introduced a $ 170 million marketing campaign called “Best Vendor” to provide more services for traders to establish and implement best practice codes and best practices in the industry. Professional ethical standards. Basically, De Beers is re-combing the diamond industry sales channels, to encourage diamond trading and agents for marketing. Some say this is one of the most important developments in the diamond industry since the 1930s. It signals De Beers’ shift from the “buyer’s only option” to the “best supplier” role, and suggests that De Beers is shifting from a diamond industry watchdog to an active participant.

According to the new marketing strategy, De Beers reduced the number of its original diamond customers, a reduction of 20% in the “select suppliers” strategy, De Beers decided to focus on its 110 list of thin clients, there will be Thirty-five customers, including wholesalers, cutters and dealers, ceased to be De Beers’ customers and De Beers added 10 new customers.

The program is being carried out in major diamond centers such as Belgium, Israel and the United States. De Beers’ long-standing clients are removed from the customer list, many of which are family-owned. From the beginning of next year, these family businesses will no longer be able to buy diamonds from De Beers’ London-based marketing arm, the diamond trading company, and have to make a living.

At the same time, De Beers according to the new strategy to its customers in accordance with performance breakdown, every two years on its customer list for a big change, those in the loss of customer qualification company in 2005 to re-apply. “We did not have so many good diamonds in the past to meet the needs of all our customers,” said Ralf, the company ‘s general manager.

After the customer slim down, De Beers will strengthen cooperation with downstream enterprises, and diamond trading company into the world’s best original diamond marketing company. Ralph said: “De Beers will be the focus from the original control of the supply and price of the original diamond, diamonds trading company will help us to cooperate with the downstream business, so that diamond sales channels more effective, In the promotion of marketing to increase efforts to establish consumer interest and confidence in the diamond for the partners to provide more value for our cooperation with our downstream enterprises, there are many opportunities not to be developed, Look at the growth rate of the luxury goods industry now know the average luxury business turnover of 6 to 10% for marketing, and diamond business marketing costs accounted for only 1% of turnover, there are a lot of things Worthy of us and downstream enterprises to do.