It is a very important ceremony for the new people who are about to enter the marriage hall

It is a very important ceremony for the new people who are about to enter the marriage hall
Shooting wedding for the upcoming marriage hall of the new people is a very important ceremony. Wedding is a lifetime of memories so sloppy, a lot of new people do not have any experience so afraid of spending money also can not shoot a satisfactory picture, so when booking a wedding must be to avoid all kinds of traps affect the mood when taking pictures. The following by the Beijing taste of space photography to share the wedding reservations need to pay attention to the place.
Be sure to choose a better reputation of the studio or studio, carefully check the package. Although many packages are discounts, but set up a variety of traps, so before booking must not because the total price of the package is very cheap but did not notice a lot of additional charges of the project.
Now many studios in order to attract customers, the package Replica Cartier jewelry content is very rich, in fact, it seems very cost-effective but there are a lot of things actually not so practical. For the actual meaning of the items finally removed or replaced by something else.
For ordinary people in addition to shooting wedding is difficult to have a professional photographer and makeup artist to follow the opportunity to take pictures, so try to get more location shooting and clothing. There are a lot of unscrupulous businesses in the package to add some content that does not involve, such as tolls, meals, shooting tickets, so be sure to ask to avoid causing disputes.
When the deposit is settled, it is clear that the outcome of the contract and the negotiation is consistent. After signing, any verbal commitment can not be taken lightly before it is formally written in writing. Be sure to check the payment after signing.
In recent years, buy wedding has set off a wave of another wave, but for this emerging buy wedding, some new people choose a bold attempt, but also some new people choose to wait and see attitude. Was originally in order to save money to buy wedding photos, in case of some new people are not easy to detect the invisible consumption which contains it worth the loss. The following taste of space photography for the new people to uncover these worthy of careful buy wedding invisible consumption of the insider it
Buy wedding prices generally lower than the original price of the store marked at least about three percent, which makes a lot of new people can not wait to rush to buy wedding photos. When you pay the purchase of wedding plans before the deposit must first understand the various aspects of this studio information, studio reputation, the strength of the staff and so on. Now blindly buy wedding photos not only failed to achieve the final shooting service, and was responsible for the case of money to escape the case also reported. So the new people in the purchase of wedding must be careful when not to the last loss of money do not say also delayed their marriage, it is worth the candle.
Buy the wedding when the new people’s minds to keep sober, do not be launched by the business to buy the wedding of the low price dazzled. Buy wedding dress sets included in the number of dress sets, make-up modeling the number of times, as well as the film is not sent to send these content must understand clearly. If not in advance to buy wedding packages of the package content clearly, to the time when there will be a variety of projects to new people to re-add money, and that the final price of this wedding may be more than in the store directly set the price but also Expensive, new people then react to deceive the words, it is too late.
In the choice of wedding packages, the new people to pay attention to what the problem? Now let us together to understand the next bar!
First, the service project At present, the rise of many personality photography studio for the new people to provide a greater choice of space. They have a one-on-one service to replace the flow of operations, so you have more time with the makeup artist, photographer to communicate to create a better effect. In addition, some of the more new and more personalized service is different from other studio selling points, such as: pre-shooting storyline development, late according to the home environment to set the finished product. This will be more for you one-on-one service Oh.
Second, choose the style for the choice of photography studio should start from its photography style Oh. Some studios tend to be realistic, while others tend to freehand. The store will give customers to introduce samples or guest Oh recommended to try to refer to the shop itself to shoot the customer photos, so as to reflect the photographer’s technology, performance techniques. (Sample only a few dozen to hundreds of sets, through the network will be able to buy hundreds of sets of style models) so choose their favorite style is the most important!
Third, the price to consider the price of wedding in a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You should clearly understand the price of each wedding photography company provided by the service, the late price. To choose according to the price you want. The quality of the finished product is also mixed, customers should be asked to compare, looking for a high cost of professional shop, rather than blindly just cheap. According to their actual needs to choose services and products. After all, the price is different quality Oh different
Fourth, the reputation of the inquiry around the experience has been friends, because they are most clear which the advantages and disadvantages of wedding photography company, do not be hype advertising, luxury decoration was deceived. Are the same, the wedding is mainly its photography style, service quality, you weigh the future, and then from the choice of the most suitable one. The most important thing is to see the film, to find a professional really have the strength of the shop! After the wedding package for the choice of matters to understand one by one look at the hope that we can help

Choose the diamond ring, what skills are there

Choose the diamond ring, what skills are there
In their own will soon enter the marriage hall, buy a diamond ring, to express their love of life. Although you can spend a lot, but in the selection of diamond ring, do not exceed their own budget. Of course, for the majority of people, in the selection of diamond ring, has been thoughtful. For consumers, in the selection of diamond ring, the most important thing is to diamond ring specific price and the corresponding quality to understand. Normally, the diamond ring consists of two parts, diamond and ring. And in order to make it more perfect, to pass their own truth, then it should be selected for the appropriate ring.
But in the selection of diamond ring, many people do not know where to buy Cartier love bracelet replica . In fact, as with the purchase of some other valuables, when going to the store, should have to understand the relevant information. Because only the specific knowledge of the understanding, then the purchase time, to determine the specific place to buy. And if their friends around in jewelry identification, buy back the diamond ring, you can give their friends for identification.
Second, we should also have to understand the specific cost, because the market is now selling the diamond ring type is relatively more, and different types, the specific price will naturally have some differences. Under normal circumstances, the diamond ring should be a specific understanding of the process, and always to maintain the traditional design, so there will be no devaluation of the situation, attracting more consumers.
Of course, in the selection of diamond ring, it should also have to understand the specific principles of selection. The main principles are cutting, color, clarity and carats and other related issues, while the diamond ring level is relatively more, and for such a situation, for the vast number of consumers, it should be comprehensive consideration, try to select the appropriate The diamond ring.

At the same time, in the selection of diamond ring, it should also have to understand the specific situation inlay, a good diamond ring, mosaic play a very important role. Mosaic is not good, the future will bring some trouble.
Couples in love, always by sending gifts to each other to express their feelings in the heart. And men are always racking their brains to send any gifts to better move his girlfriend, Xiao Bian today to come with everyone to see what the most romantic gifts.
Diamond ring, a lifetime commitment

Diamond ring as a gift to the girlfriend, to prove that the relationship between two people can already be stable to the point of marriage. Diamond ring is a lifetime commitment to wear a diamond ring Cartier love ring replica on the fingers of love, the two people in the second half of the tightly combined together, whether it is happy or sad, have to accompany each other to go.
Bracelet, gift from nature

Chinese people like to wear jade jewelry, the world knows. The same, only the Chinese women can show the beauty of the bracelet most vividly. Give a girlfriend to send a bracelet, the girlfriend who can be the classic beauty of the United States through the jade show Oh Jade bracelet is a gift of nature, but also one of the most romantic gifts.

Roses, fragrance of love

Roses color is burning, that red color is like love in the fiery and warm general, even the roses on the thorns, but also as the ups and downs in love. Many people will be called the flower of love flowers, the flower of love will also mobilize the female hormones, so that women receive the gift of the moment to become the happiest person.
Beat up, leaving the most romantic moment

The camera was made in the digital camera before the most popular one of the camera, but with the retro wind blowing, has long been the mainstream camera market out of the camera has appeared in the people’s vision, The style has also been a great change, hello Kitty and cherry small balls, duo A dream all appeared in the making of the shell, so that the image of a more vivid image, but also more suitable for girls to use Oh.
Smart bracelet, so that science and technology for escort health

The smart bracelet is a bracelet that has just been released to Cartier nail bracelet replica monitor the health of the human body. Through contact with the wrist, it can perceive the human body’s data, such as the temperature of the human body, the quality and time of sleep, the calorie consumption, etc. You can record the human body in the exercise of the calories consumed. Based on the above data, the smart hand ring can also be designed for the wearer most suitable for his exercise mode, for health escort.

The most romantic gift which, I believe that read this article, we will have their own views. In fact, the most important gift is the mind, as long as there is a sincere, in the ordinary gift, will be full of romantic colors.

Talk on the ring engraved engraved engraved

Talk on the ring engraved engraved engraved
Rings are generally a symbol of love, whether it is to marry, engagement, marriage need ring, but the style of the ring there are a variety of points, and now most people will be engraved on the ring engraved with different engraved, under normal circumstances, most What is engraved on the ring? That this is different, these are based on the preferences of different people to set, may be sold in the store ring on the engraved text is rigid, and no people like the style, then you can according to their own Like in the ring engraved on what kind of things you like.
Counter on the ring
The ring is always loved by people of different strata, because it represents love, identity, status and the like, and the more known is the counter selling a wide variety of rings, counters are sold on the ring Manufacturers design and sell, it may have the number is limited, it may also be necessary when they can not find their favorite ring, the style of the ring on the counter also has a lot of features, but there is a limited style of this limitation Sex. Some people may like to love these words, some people may love Replica Cartier jewelry the surnames of the surname, some people may be engraved on behalf of their love words, and some people may carve some different patterns and the like.

The stalls on the stall

Of course, the ring is also a cheap and expensive distinction, although the ring on the ring may be novel style is expensive, but the stall is also a cheap ring, the style of novelty will not be lower than the counter on the ring, there may be better than Counter, there are many rings on the stall are engraved with some lovely or creative ring, they are not only cheap and good-looking.
Couple engraved

There are a lot of people will be engraved on their own body tattoo, it represents a certain meaning, and now a lot of people love the meaning of the ring, so businesses will be introduced from time to time new couple rings, in order to reduce a circle Ring monotonous, those designers will rack their brains to create a new pattern to the couple ring engraved with different lettering in order to obtain a large number of market demand.

May now have many ladies and men always engraved on the ring engraved with what is always some stagnation, it can be said to be more headaches one thing, after all, there are too many tricks can choose, it is also much easier to choose To complete the bad choice of choice, in fact, do not need to engraved on the ring engraved what is too tangled, as long as there are enough people on the other half enough people, because the ring is used to express the media, The most important thing is not the ring but the other half of the love, carefully engraved with their own things like engraved like.
With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the level of consumption has gradually increased, in addition to the necessities of life, those high-end durable goods is also an array of people’s lives, in the eyes of the public, may be white k gold, platinum, platinum only women Pronoun, and now, in addition to women like these substances, the men who also wear these things, this is a symbol of identity. These things in the counter more than the number of treasures, then how to distinguish between the distinction between white k gold, platinum, platinum ring difference?

What is white k gold

Some people hear the white k gold will certainly be the name of the thought is not white gold? But another thought that gold is gold, of course, in conflict with the previous idea, it is not true, white k gold its main component or gold, accounting for about 75 percent, and the reason for the name White k gold is because in addition to the main component of gold, but also joined the other metal after the surface of white, which also shows that the white gold is gold alloy, each alloy will be faded after a long time or yellowing, so consumers in the purchase Need to pay attention to the logo.

What is platinum

Platinum is already a lot of newly married men and women selected as a wedding ring meat and potatoes, the market is also filled with the counter, but the market platinum rings, necklaces, bracelets like jewelry almost confused people’s vision, Hot also caused many fake listing, then how to distinguish the true and false platinum? Platinum, is a natural white precious metal, only platinum can be called platinum, platinum purity can usually reach 95%, platinum, 2 billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit the earth, bringing this precious metal. Platinum in the history of mankind has an indelible significance, platinum has a natural white luster, this character will never change the eternal, but also the world’s best precious metals, the light has a lasting. Platinum and diamonds are an indispensable guardian of love.

What is platinum?

Many people only know gold and platinum silver and diamonds, very few people know that platinum, platinum is actually platinum, a silver-white precious metal elements, if not too clear it certainly do not know that platinum is silver, and here Platinum is not platinum, in ancient times, today’s platinum is known as silver, so there is a big difference with the platinum.

White k gold, platinum, platinum is generally not like the people who like to engage in confusion, always silly is not clear and in order to avoid being deceived in consumption, then you must figure out the difference between white k gold, platinum and platinum rings.

List of selection points

List of selection points
A romantic wedding is the dream of every girl, fantasy his prince to embrace himself, will bring himself back to the castle. As the other half you seem to be for you She prepares such a fairy tale wedding that makes her feel your love. Diamond ring should be the best wedding decorations, but how to pick is a problem. Let Xiaobian for you to list the diamond ring selection points introduced.

Note the style of the diamond ring

Love for her love is selfless, because love her so no matter what you want to give her the best for her to create a fairy tale wedding, do not let go to create a romantic opportunity. In the choice of diamond Replica Cartier jewelry ring should also give her a romantic surprise, choose those beautiful and elegant style, try to meet her princess heart, let her feel these subtle love, over time will become a big wealth, so that you The feelings become more happy. A more consistent with her mind of the diamond ring may be more able to make her feel happy, but also to each other to enjoy the visual, every day a good mood.

Whether it is worth buying

Perhaps because of the urgent heart, can not wait to give the other half of a successful love, give her a commitment, so in the choice of diamond ring and ignore some small details. Because love is profound, so may think that the most luxurious is the best, in fact, she is not so that she felt, in her heart, as long as the intention to prepare is the most valuable. So when you buy should pay attention to see if the value of the diamond ring is worth allowing you to buy, because if a worthy of the diamond ring to buy more to reflect her own value, and in the future wear can also make its value has improved. On the contrary, if only blindly attention to appearance, can not be reflected as a diamond ring to bring their own value.
Pay attention to the material

The charm of the diamond ring is like the stars in the sky, in addition to shining more so that we want to embrace its impulse. Because of love, you came to her side, and your arrival is for her to complete a big wish, let her understand the love between you there. In order to make your love more profound, in the purchase of diamond ring should pay attention to the diamond ring material, the most important thing is the ringing material, because a little attention will buy a more shiny diamond ring, then why not What? Choose a high quality of the ring, not only to extend the life of the diamond ring, and will make you the other half think you are a worthy of people, more of a sense of security.

Love in the two people is not only sweet, perhaps confused, two people love for the desire to increase the sweet feeling, so the process of love also need to pay attention to some small things, such as understanding of the diamond ring selection points for your Love to add a reliable guarantee.
For the diamond ring on this issue, I think everyone is very concerned about the problem. Because, in life, you will encounter the use of diamond ring everywhere, when you love, and send a diamond ring to express their minds. When you are ready to marry, and ready a high-quality diamond ring, to the beloved girl that voice. If you do not want to love, you can also wear a ring, so that the ring in the right place, you can avoid some unnecessary disturbing. In short, the diamond ring for us is a very important thing. Diamond ring has a different size, different size of the diamond ring has a different design and workmanship, so there will be different meanings, then, love 30 points diamond ring how much? What kind of meaning?

Love for oneself

30 points diamond ring, which is 0.3 karats, converted into the weight is 0.06 grams, so the size of the diamond ring is not big, but to express their love is enough A person, in order to love others, first of all to learn to love their own good. In the absence of love, or do not want to love, to buy their own 30 minutes a size of the diamond ring, on the one hand you can decorate your beautiful hand, on the other hand you can also bless the gospel in the diamond ring. Want to love can be faster to find the favorite person, do not want to love their own better, 30 minutes diamond ring, is the love of their own.

Priceless love

30 points in the diamond ring, in the diamond ring, really is not a big diamond ring, but, 30 diamond ring, for your expression of love, which contains love sustenance, really priceless. Perhaps your lover, not so much ability to send you a few carats of the diamond ring, but 30 points of the diamond ring is indeed his carefully selected, to pay a lot of effort in exchange for your love oath. Then, 30 points diamond ring is a weight, but, which is full of love, you wear in the hands of the moment should be very heavy. This is the weight of love, a willing to pay for your love priceless.
The role of design

30 points diamond ring is not large, but it can be through a different design, to make the diamond ring looks more prominent point, look bigger. Such as through a different ring, ring up to do some slender, it can reflect the diamond ring inlaid diamonds. In addition, through the six claw mosaic way, will be wrapped in diamonds in which the exposed part of the less, far from the diamond ring will appear larger.

Diamond ring size, and love the size is not necessarily related to love 30 points diamond ring how much? 30 points diamond ring is not big, but, 30 minutes diamond ring, the same can express the value of love, the same can be in the world of love to show the most beautiful side, the weight of love is immeasurable.

To marry a diamond ring to wear what hands is the right to wear

To marry a diamond ring to wear what hands is the right to wear
Marrying for everyone is a major event in life, it is filled with a beautiful surprise to stimulate one thing. Ready to marry the way, marry the process and life only to send a diamond ring and a series of material preparation, or to pay attention to that point, that is, Must be aware of the relevant knowledge in advance, so as not to marry in the middle of an accident, in such an important moment if the joke is not good. In fact, courtship diamond ring wear is not strict rules, most of the time is based on their own Replica Cartier jewelry preferences to determine where to wear in hand.

Wearing a middle finger in the right hand

China’s old language, male left female right, in fact, people are affected by the four words or a lot, a lot of girls wearing jewelry, watches, bracelets, will choose to wear on the right hand. Of course, the diamond ring is no exception. If according to this saying, this way of wearing is also reasonable. Men in the marriage proposal, you can choose to wear the diamond ring directly on the middle finger of the middle finger. But this is actually different from people, there are a lot of people like to wear the diamond ring on the left hand.

Wearing a middle finger in the left hand

In fact, in life, we basically see a lot of people will wear a diamond ring on the middle of the middle finger. This is due to many factors, such as wearing a diamond ring on the right hand will affect the work of life, for example, when writing with the computer, the diamond ring and the desktop will be friction, which not only affect the normal work, but also to the diamond ring hurt. So for this reason, most people will choose to wear the diamond ring on the middle of the middle finger.
Wear on the ring finger

To marry a diamond ring? In the final analysis, according to personal preferences, in fact, in this regard do not need too much, whether it is left or right hand, have its reasonableness. There are also some people said that the wedding dress should be worn on the ring finger, in fact, is not the case, wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger, and marry diamond ring is wearing the middle finger above. In the purchase of marry ring, to determine a good brand, such as the diamond ring is very good, this is a symbol of love diamond ring, but also a symbol of responsibility for the diamond ring, is a companion true love diamond ring.

To marry a diamond ring? In fact, is not the most important, as long as the wear does not appear particularly wonderful situation, but also harmless. The most important thing is to put that true love to marry a diamond ring wearing their own hands in love, it is every boy to his girlfriend’s life commitment, but also the hearts of every girl the most perfect love. With a diamond ring tightly buckle each other’s heart, guard their own love.
What is the wedding ring wearing? There may be a clear concept for this issue, but for the wedding ring to wear a lot of people are heard. Life is only one person to send a wedding ring for everyone is very important, is the testimony of love, so how to wear diamond ring, Levi’s wedding ring worn on which fingers also need you to understand.

Left hand ring fingerless statement

What is the wedding ring wearing? Of course, the left hand ring finger, and do not know how many love songs we heard, and whether to pay attention to the lyrics of each song, to know the lyrics behind each song are the perfect interpretation of love. Some people must have heard the “ring finger waiting” this song, so careful people should find this song inside the ring finger waiting is waiting for love to become their most beautiful bride. For the wife to wear a wedding ring, wearing a lover in the left hand ring finger, that is the best witness to her as your bride. It is a kind of love of the agreement, all the feelings of the silent promises made.

Left hand ring finger silent guardian

We all say love the best state of a person is quietly guard to accompany her to the old, even in this process even if there is a quarrel, there have been contradictions, there have been many misunderstandings, you have been stubbornly persists, has been around Silent guardian. Even if sometimes you can not stay with, at least you choose to use the left hand ring finger ring instead of your silence. Left hand ring finger at the wedding ring sometimes like you like to accompany people in love around, just because you are waiting for a spirit of a strong resonance of the silent guardian of the people.
Left hand ring finger silently care

In many people, really love diamond ring is no stranger to the brand diamond ring is loved by it because of its brand meaning. Then the left hand ring finger wearing a wedding ring is also a very rich meaning. Left hand ring finger is the nearest place from our heart, the wedding ring worn here you can see each other’s degree of care. Left hand ring finger at the silent care is self-evident. So the wedding ring worn on the left hand ring finger absolute meaning full.

What is the wedding ring wearing? The answer is obviously the left hand ring finger, if you want to ask the reason, then the above three points enough to convince you enough to make you willing to send only one person’s life Levi’s wedding ring worn in the lover’s left hand ring finger. This is a more romantic way.

Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet good or bad identification

Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet good or bad identification
Jade bracelet price how much money? The most cheap and cheap jade bracelet prices have more than three hundred, origin and workmanship and product quality is the main factor to determine Cartier love bracelet replica the price of different origin and fineness of the emerald difference is very large and Taobao cheap, shopping malls, tourist destination The price can not be expected.
Jade bracelet beads are made when the emerald pieces, the remaining corner of the re-use of scrap, so the cost of raw materials is low, and then through mechanical grinding, mechanical perforation made, no artificial carving costs, so the jade market common Sales price between 150-250 to not more than 300 yuan for the appropriate, or to spend money wasted. Emerald bracelet worth, is a kind of ice kind of purple beads, color Yan, color uniform, this is very high prices.

Jade bracelet good or bad identification

Jade bracelet good or bad identification method is: identification of jade bracelet is good or bad, Anglo American jewelry association “color, through, even, shape” four standards. While China has six standards, namely, “color, through, even, shape, knock, according to”.

1. color No matter what kind of color jade bracelet, jade color must be clear. “White as cut fat”, “yellow as steamed millet”, “green as Tsui Yu”, “black as ink light”, is the ancient man of jade excellent summary. There are variegated, dark, not a good product. In all colors, jade is better in green. The value of red and purple is one fifth of green. Containing four-color jade called “Fu Lu Shou hi”, if only red, green and white is called “Fu Lu Shou”.

Through Transparent glass called jade bracelet, this is the top grade. Translucent, opaque known as intermediate jade or ordinary jade. Before the Qing Dynasty, with red, green and white colors are known as emerald jade, jade is now referred to as transparent jade, with a transparent and green with the majority.

3. uniform Refers to the jade bracelet color uniform. Jade bracelet color in your uniform, such as green but uneven color is very low value.

Shaped Jade bracelet more and more valuable, the more the more valuable.

Knock on Jade often broken, cut, these cracks are Cartier love ring replica generally not easy to observe, knock on a knock, can be identified by the voicing of the existence of cracks or not.

6. According to the photo. Jade where the naked eye is not easy to find the black spots, flaws, as long as the light (bogey strong light) with 10 times magnifying glass, you can glance.

In addition, when buying jade, but also pay attention to see the process, should not be carried out under the strong light. Because the light is easy to make jade light loss of primary colors, and even cover up some flaws. Jade products focus on exquisite chic, vivid, structured, patchwork, simple and elegant decoration. With color, to make the color clever. Shallow level carving, although the plane as a mirror, the scene has to be far and near affordable. Hollow, to be exquisite, vivid.
Jade Pixi Pendant price how much money? Jade brave pendant prices generally in the 400 to 4000 or so, is its species, water, at the end, color, work, flaws and other aspects to determine the price. The following is the introduction of the price of jade brave pendant
1. Ruijin Square jewelry natural a cargo jade brave pendant jade necklace jade pendant pendant ice seed pimps men and women models? 399.00

2. Authentic jade collar jade brave pendant male full of green jade brave pendant jade pendant A cargo PX282? 1890.00

3 Bijia Jade Jade Jade Jade Pendant Ice Noodle Violet Jade Bundai A Strap Certificate BBP-GP66? 1280.00

4. Jasper respect Myanmar emerald ice waxy species brave pendant male and female models neckdrop floats natural jade jade pendant A goods is 3180.00

5. Hao 8 Impression Myanmar jade brave pendant male models female models jade jade pendant jade brave P6 emerald A cargo pendant? 2100.00

Jade braze wear precautions

Jade brazing wear precautions have the following: 1, with a red rope to wear in the wrist, neck. Brave as a pendant, the lanyard in the brave tail, head down to wear. The most important brave can not head against their own, so can not Lucky. If the brave wear a long time after the dust, with no roots (rain) and river water cleaning its body.

2, brave the most Guanyin of the pet, so in the Goddess of Mercy before the incense open (preferably 15 per month into the Goddess of Mercy before burning incense). Brave can not touch the mouth, because the Cartier nail bracelet replica mouth Diao money; not touch the eyes, because the eye treasure hunt.

3, brave bogey light. If you want to go to a strong place to travel on a sunny day, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of brave. In addition, the light of the mirror is also unfavorable to brave, avoid the brave head against the mirror. Can not be brave on the TV and computer, the screen is also the light of the brave taboo, long-term use of computer work, it is best to remove the work you wear brave.

4, many people like to put a little ornaments in the top of the brackets for pendants, accessories will block the brave of the eyes, and the eyes is precisely the brave to find the site of wealth. So even a small bead decoration, it should not be too large, the general weight should not exceed one gram, the diameter should not exceed half a centimeter. Brave as a sacred animal without taboo, no matter what religion or Buddha, with anything that does not conflict, you can wear each other.

5, brave Once the first time after wearing the long-term do not wear, brave know human nature, long-term do not wear will feel that the owner is not good enough to their own, and the owner increasingly unfamiliar, recruiting ability also appears to be lazy. Brave worn in the hands must wear on the left hand, Reiki is left hand into the right hand out. Wear brave when eating chili, because chili will make money leak.

6, brave embrace all things, and any jewelry jade jewelry and other wear together, but should pay attention to try not to touch, especially made of jade jade brave, vulnerable to injury. Brave for men and women to wear, but more than 72 years old should not wear. Do not want to wear, the need to be placed on the brave can see the door. Brave best to personally wear, do not touch others.

Jade brave pendant What is the meaning of wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

Jade brave pendant What is the meaning of wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning
According to legend, brave is a ferocious animal, and this beast is divided into female and male, male name “bra”, female called “brave.” But now handed down are not divided into male and female. In ancient times this raccoon is divided into a corner and two corners, a corner called “Tianlu”, the two corners called “evil spirits.” And then no one corner or two corners, mostly to a corner of the main shape. Guxian that life is doomed, but the fortune can be changed, so the people have “a touch of brave fortune, and then touch the brave wealth rolling, three touching brave Pingqing Albatron” good wishes.
First, the role of town house evil spirits. Will be Replica Cartier jewelry opened in the brave placed at home, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, get rid of evil, the effect of the town house, a patron saint at home, security home security.

Second, there is the role of financial wealth. In addition to partial wealth, the money is also helpful, so businessmen should also be placed in the business or brave in the company or home.

Third, there are efforts to resolve the role of five yellow big evil. Used to the evil town house and Wang Cai, especially in the wealth, the brave is a more obvious role.
Wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

1. Folk traditional culture, brave, unicorn, lion, dragon turtles, toad is loved by the people can drive evil spirits, Lucky blessing five Swiss animals. And brave is ranked first. Pi Xiuu for Pi Xiu, legend is the last son of the dragon nine son, Long Health nine son, son different. Brave looks very strange, it has a long lead, unicorn, horse body, lion claw. Therefore, people call it “four different”. Was born specifically to eat gold and silver but not vent, only into the no. Wearing brave, you can make your fortune, more money.

2. Since ancient times, China has a “jade of the country” reputation, the ancients as jade, as treasures wear. Ancient medical book called “jade is the beauty of the people, the sweet nature of non-toxic”, and said the jade is the body’s most abundant material. That sucking jade, with saliva and its synergistic effect, “Shengjinzhike, in addition to the stomach of the heat,

3. Pingfu melancholy of the heart, heart and lungs, moisten throat, hair hair. “So the jade not only as jewelry, ornaments, decorative use, but also for health and health. Since ancient times, the generation of generations of emperors concubines health away from jade, and Song Huizong addicted to jade addiction, Yang Guoyi jade town.

4. Wearing jade can make trace elements absorbed by the human skin, activation of cell tissue, improve the body’s immune function. Therefore, Chinese medicine said, “Some drugs can not cure medicine, often wear jade but cure disease,” the reason lies in this. If you wear jade bracelet long-term benign massage, not only passive in addition to blurred vision of the disease, and can be vitality, raising spirit.

Braved pendant wearing method

1. First of all you have to understand that you wear brave pendant is for the wealth of money in the brave of the mouth, try not to let the brave of the brains see light, so as not to lose money, not to use your hand to touch the brave mouth and eyes. If you have no intention to touch, and should immediately wash with water, so as not to leave dirt in the brave pendant above, affecting the spirituality of brave pendant. Pi Xiu pendant as far as possible in the clothes inside, when wearing brave head do not look outward.

2. Pixiu pendant is spiritual, you are good to it, naturally it will use it to repay you. So, every night before going to sleep, try to remove the brave pendant to wash, wash the braze above the dust, so brave pendant as much as possible to keep clean. When cleaning the best with water, the brave pendant in the water can be.
Round, is a seemingly simple, actually very wonderful shape. Maybe you will say, round, do not say is an ordinary round? There is no meaning, then you this idea is wrong, we all know, in the circumference of the case, the circle area is the largest, the business is the use of this feature, created a classic round small cup,

Look at the cup in front of me. Can not help but think of a sentence: “than the sea is wide sky, wider than the sky is the human mind.”
What is the meaning of a circular pendant?

Meaning one:

Everyone around us said every day, “the prime minister can hold the boat” and the Buddhist that big belly, laughing life of the Buddha Maitreya Buddha. He can tolerate the sky can not tolerate the matter, smiling, laughing at the world of ridiculous people. Ridiculous people are those small belly chicken, selfish people. Only as round like the broad, broad mind, the world can be brighter, life becomes clear and clear, round pendant is the reference to this meaning come.

Meaning two:

Round pendants like the sun is round, bring vitality, warm, the earth is round, round is the common life of the home. Round like water droplets, nourish countless lives.

Meaning three:

Round pendant like life, life is not a round! We usually draw a circle is very easy to draw a good life of this circle, your pen is growing, the friend is self-confidence, we only go to the fulcrum, to draw the circle.

Meaning four:

Round pendant is complete, auspicious meaning, reunion and the like, this is mainly because the circle itself is no gap, and C is a hole, so O is perfect.

Meaning five

There is another kind of circular pendant is the meaning of smooth, because the surface of the round smooth, cobblestone surface compared to the rough stone is not easy to sticky soil, as some people play the ball, pound paste, shirking responsibility.

Wear a circular pendant on behalf of the meaning

1. Porcelain diamond pendant is simple, simple return, wave point has the shape of the sun, which is a symbol of the world and the power of life, it also has the shape of the moon, which means a quiet, wave point is infinite Way, she broke the traditional sense of beauty, the integration of art and life, and Zuo Kayi wave elements will be used in the jewelry design, to express the urban women concise, simple style.
2. [Star] round pendant, two rounds of diamonds around the main diamond two laps, highlighting its atmosphere, luxurious diamonds emit a bright bright light, it is unparalleled tough and pure crystal qualities, people upsurge. Zoacai This selection of luxury rings is full of luxury and rich weather, with it has a success, with a higher quality of life.

3 round can be a symbol of success, perfection, but also the meaning of freedom, round and harmonious;

4. relative to the side that artificial, round that natural; can also be expressed reunion, intended to family fun.

5. The starting point is the end, no matter how fast you run, how far, still in this circle, full, eternal, no beginning and end, more than cycle.

Different style heart-shaped pendant picture heart heart pendant picture appreciation

Different style heart-shaped pendant picture heart heart pendant picture appreciation
Heart-shaped is the symbol of love, the special shape of the heart and its special meaning to make it a lot of jewelry style, especially suitable for inlaid in the pendant. Each brand has its own unique shape of the heart-shaped pendant, the following finishing a different style heart-shaped pendant picture Daquan, together to enjoy these exquisite and romantic heart-shaped pendant picture it!
From these heart-shaped pendant picture Daquan, we can feel the heart-shaped romance. Heart-shaped pendant is the embodiment of love. Heart-shaped pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, wearing a heart-shaped pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romance. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.
Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Introduction

Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace is a owner of the dark Replica Cartier jewelry blue heart-shaped diamond necklace, beautiful people can not breathe, is a desirable love token, can not resist its temptation. In the play, this large carat blue diamond necklace “Ocean Heart” is not the actor Jack gave Ruth, but Ruth’s fiance gave her, in the eyes of Ruth, this attractive blue Color diamond is not the heart of the “treasure”, the mother in order to restore the luxury of life family marriage, in the eyes of Ruth seems so helpless. Until the real love of Jack, she naked, between the items to wear this necklace lying in front of Jack, Jack painted for her. This painting is far more precious than the heart of the ocean. After the film, the old Ruth will sink the ocean heart of the sea, to commemorate the depths of the sea before the love.

Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Picture Appreciation

Sokai Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Price
Zoacai Ocean Heart 7 Caratopa stone pendant by a small drill, draw a beautiful arc, connecting the hearts of the blue crystal one, sparkling to reveal your slightest tenderness, so the meaning of graceful, Artistic conception enchanting, telling the only vow: heart forever, love forever.
Xinguang Jewelry Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Price
Xinguang jewelry heart of the crystal necklace every necklace is the best refraction angle, the sun from different angles after exposure, as if to exposure to the ocean, enjoy the ocean of thousands of charm blue! Xinguang jewelry unique high quality Of the electroplating skills, gloss and intimate skin feeling also let you sigh. Exquisite Austrian diamond embellishment, arranged in a lovable shape, so that the heart of the ocean more shining!
Obsidian pendant is the most common evil spirits of the auspicious ornaments, but also a very spiritual jewelry. But we know that there are spiritual jewelry are wearing taboo. Wear obsidian pendants to pay attention to what? The following inventory of obsidian pendant wearing taboo, we can refer to!

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 1, obsidian pendants before wearing must first open through the blessing, only the opening of the obsession of obsidian pendants will play the role of evil spirits evil. There are many ways to open the light, the most effective is to open the temple monks.
Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 2, obsidian pendant is the most common pattern is brave, that is, obsidian brave pendant. For the obsidian brave pendant, brave the eyes is precisely the obsidian brave seeking wealth of the site, so it must not block the obsidian brave eyes.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 3, to wear long, can not be idle. If you do not wear it need to hold up with red cloth, on the bed or wardrobe below.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 4, obsidian pendant first time to wear in the morning 7:00 to 9:00, this is the rise of the dragon when the head. Before you wear to consult a professional, the best is based on numerology or zodiac choice.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 5, obsidian pendant if you accidentally damaged or want to replace the new, be sure to put the old obsidian pendant wrapped with red cloth, put into the nearby temple candle recycling, and sincerely sent it.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 6, in order to avoid obsidian pendant is damaged, Aura weakened, obsidian pendant try not to use jade has been worn.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 7, obsidian is a storage function, obsidian pendant to wear a certain time after the need to degaussure purification.

Wear obsidian pendants to pay attention to what? Above the inventory of obsidian pendant wearing taboo, obsidian pendant friends, be sure to pay attention

The latest 925 sterling silver earrings style and price recommendation

The latest 925 sterling silver earrings style and price recommendation
925 sterling silver earrings hot, 925 sterling silver earrings has been a high sales of silver products, 925 sterling silver earrings in the style is very beautiful, in the price than other precious metals and precious stones earrings low. Whether online mall or silver floor, or boutiques, 925 sterling silver jewelry are very popular with consumers.

The following Ai core anti-allergic crystal earrings 925 sterling silver earrings red diamonds earrings white ball Korean jewelry 925 sterling silver earrings is the online mall hot style, the Austrian crystal full diamond mosaic high quality anti-allergy. Health and environmental protection, long-term wear.
The latest 925 sterling silver earrings style and price Replica Cartier jewelry recommendation, 925 sterling silver earrings have been in innovation, fashion never stop, 925 sterling silver earrings will not stop designing more beautiful style. Zoca for everyone to recommend two new 925 sterling silver earrings.
Silver earrings will be black, silver earrings black is a normal natural phenomenon, because the air and other natural media in the sulfur and oxides of silver have a certain degree of corrosion, after wearing a period of time, there will be some small Of the spots (silver sulfide film), a long time will spread into pieces, or even become black. Therefore, the current silver earrings have some because of oxidation and color change phenomenon.

With the wear of time, silver earrings are gradually dark, then we need to maintain our fine silver earrings. Not only in the attention of the wear can not be exposed to chemicals, usually should be kept as far as possible storage of air, and regular cleaning silver earrings.
Silver earrings black how to do, silver earrings black is not on behalf of the silver earrings did not value it? Zoakai told everyone not, just find the right way to the right, your earrings will still restore the shiny new as ever.

1, get jewelry store to clean and polished, silver earrings will be able to restore the luster;

2, if the silver ear is not very serious oxidation, you can use toothpaste to rub the surface of silver earrings;

3, rub silver cloth can easily polish silver earrings, but only limited to a certain hardness and smooth silver earrings;

4, it can not be handled clean can be washed with silver water scrub, after washing with cotton to dry.

Just find the right way to the right, your earrings will still restore the shiny brand new as ever.
What is the Sherlock Holmes earrings, the Sherlock Holmes earrings are not a silver jewelry, the Sherlock Silver Earrings is a detective game, the game based on the world famous Conan Doyle classic detective novel “Sherlock Holmes” set.

The story of Sherlock Holmes Earrings took place in London in 1895, and a highly powerful construction tycoon died in his building. The police invited Holmes and his assistant, Watson, to unveil the mystery, investigate the crime scene and the unknown secret, and finally point out the murderer. Players will be in the game by the development of the case and the story of the deep attraction, murder clues will lead the players to visit the 19th century London more than 40 places, and even to reach Brazil and India.
Sherlock Holmes Silver Earrings, Holmes Silver Earrings game contains 30 hours 5 levels of game time, this game greatly attracted the likes of Sherlock Holmes players.

The first off: Sherringford Manor. There are halls, kitchens, corridors, stairs, dressing rooms and so on.

Second off: Baker Street 221B. The second hurdle will have three games, according to the prompt is easy to complete.

The third hurdle: experiment, according to the tips of the first experience is easy to pass. After the level is not one by one introduced, we can go to download demo.
925 silver earrings is 925 silver for the production of raw materials earrings jewelry, 925 silver color white, strong metallic luster. Is 9.25 per thousand silver plus 75 per cent of the silver of silver, is internationally recognized as the standard for sterling silver. 925 silver earrings can also be called sterling silver earrings.

925 silver earrings style is very rich, pure white and easy to allergies, especially the most sensitive people who wear 925 silver earrings. Each 925 silver earrings are the designer’s well-designed results, each 925 silver earrings are unique.
925 silver earrings picture and price, 925 silver earrings material is 925 silver, 925 silver is 925 thousandths of silver plus 75 thousandths of copper in sterling silver. Although the price of silver is also related to market changes, but silver compared to other gold, platinum and other precious metals prices have not been too high, so the impact of market price is not very large silver. 925 silver earrings style work can make two pairs of the same weight 925 silver earrings price difference.

925 silver earrings amethyst butterfly temperament tassel sterling silver earrings female earrings anti-allergic earrings long female
Water Drop Earrings 925 Silver Earrings Female Zircon Earrings Europe and the United States big wind earrings temperament earrings
Silver earrings prices, silver jewelry should generally be marked with silver abbreviation (“S” or “Sterling”) mark. Standard silver mark is S925, or 9.25,925 mark. The silver mark is the S990. But there are many countries in the silver jewelry is not printed in mind. Style relatively small silver earrings may not be directly on the silver earrings marked with silver mark, but marked in the earrings of the product brochures.

Silver earrings prices and many factors, the day of the silver price, the earrings of the weight, the fine degree of workmanship, style, and so are a direct impact on the price of silver earrings. In general, silver purity will also cause differences in the price of silver earrings, but the basic will not be too big. The same weight silver earrings style exquisite fashion, craftsmanship is often relatively high price is relatively high.
Silver earrings how much money is not a price to set, according to purity, technology, weight, style, brand and other factors to set, different brands, technology, weight, style, purity of the price is different.

Because the price of silver has not been high, so silver earrings will not be too expensive, in general, a pair of exquisite silver earrings can be bought a few hundred dollars, the ordinary may be tens of dollars can also buy.
Silver earrings picture, silver earrings are made of precious metal silver design of a jewelry, silver earrings color white, and not easy to allergies. The higher the purity of the silver earrings the more soft texture, which also has a variety of styles of silver earrings.

The most popular silver earrings is the material for the s925 silver earrings, s925 physical properties are relatively stable, the market s925 silver earrings style is also very rich, we together to enjoy the beautiful silver earrings picture.
Silver earrings picture Daquan, the major well-known jewelry brands are closely follow the trend of the times design a variety of exquisite silver earrings, which Tiffany silver earrings to exquisite workmanship, fashion style for many young people favor to buy. Old Fengxiang is also well-known silver brand, the old Fengxiang silver earrings earrings style is relatively more traditional elements, is very worthy of the collection of products. The remaining silver earrings brand and pirate ships, etc., each silver brand silver earrings pictures are very attractive to consumers eye.
Silver earrings how to clean, silver earrings are not easy to cause inflammation allergy, for easy allergies, wearing silver earrings is the best choice. But for a long time, your silver earrings are not black? Here the following is the method of cleaning the silver earrings.

General silver jewelry cleaning method:

When the silver oxidation can be used to wash silver or rub silver cloth to polish silver. But wash the silver water lethal strong, so try to rub with a silver cloth can be wiped; such as the use of washed silver water to wash immediately after the rinse and softly rubbed, and the surface of the chemical clean and dry hair dryer , Otherwise the oxygen in the water will accelerate the oxidation of silverware.

Severe oxidation of silver jewelry cleaning method:

1, with sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda) solution dip in the jewelry and then add a few pieces of broken pieces of aluminum, with heating, you can remove the dark spots, restore the true color.

2, buy a packet of photos taken with the developer powder, mixed with 1 kg of water stirred into a solution, the silver jewelry soak for 5 minutes, and then washed with water, with a soft cloth.

3, with 1% hot soapy water wash, then sodium thiosulfate solution wet the surface, and then wipe with a flannel, silver can clean.

4, sent to the professional silver jewelry cleaning staff cleaning, this method may spend some money.
Silver earrings how to clean and maintenance, silver earrings can make the wearer temperament greatly increased, it will not cause allergies, how do you love the earrings how to clean it? Will lead to silver ear epoxidation of the biggest reason is the oxygen in the air and silver earrings chemical reaction, so blocking the air is the best way to maintain silver earrings, for example, do not wear the silver earrings on the sealed plastic bags and then into the jewelry Inside the box, the barrier air is in contact with the silver earrings.

There is also a small tips for making silver earrings bright for your reference, if you want to buy back the silver earrings more bright and to avoid its black, can be coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish on its surface, after each Ten days and then smear once. If you want to remove nail polish, can be soaked in banana water, after washing with water can be. But the silver earrings are worn on the ear, easy to allergic skin who Zoukai suggested not to do so.

Generally jade Guanyin pendant price is how much

Generally jade Guanyin pendant price is how much
Question: I want to buy a jade Guanyin pendants give it, it is the price?

Best answer: you can refer to the following price of jade Cartier love bracelet replica Guanyin pendant:

1, Goddess of Mercy face, carved exquisite, hand-held beads, sitting on top of the lotus, a symbol of demand, dignified and generous Glass species, as the name suggests is like glass, translucent, the quality is very delicate, dense crystal particles, is the best in the emerald. Reference price: more than 100000.

2, transparent colorless, sparkling so that the pendant is full of life Guanghua; condensate Jieyu, no complicated carving, but more to highlight the natural Smart beauty; Buddha according to the body of intelligence, from the compassion, With their chance, bitter and happy, wear, you can be free, no barrier. Reference price: more than 100000.

3, Guanyin since ancient times is the embodiment of the rescue, By Goddess of Mercy to pray for you, bless your life safe. Reference price: more than 100000.

4, delicate and delicate oil, carved a gesture of God Guanyin. Guanyin sitting, the law phase dignified and elegant, delicate and delicate, with no exposed, full shape rounded, elegant and elegant to wear, the Goddess of Mercy for the peace of mind to bring a good image of the full performance of the two,
Q: Recently want to buy a pearl necklace, which colors are available for selection? Is there a black pearl? Which color is better?

According to the difference in pearl body color, we usually pearls are divided into three groups, namely: light group, black group and colored group, light group of pearls is the most common, silver white, milk white, Porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish;

Black pearls are pearls of dark and dark tones, such as black, blue, gray, brown, black, dark green, dark brown, purple and bronze. Such pearls due to the origin is relatively small, long-term has been relatively rare varieties of pearls;

Some of the pearls of colored groups are neither light nor dark, but have other colored pearls. Such as tin gray, green, blue, purple, purple, golden and so on. Such pearls are not common, but because of its color is not rich, the lack of fascinating charm, so its market price is not necessarily higher than the light group.

Answer: pearl color choice is not what is good or bad, mainly to see personal preferences, such as silver and white commonly known as “silver skin” is the most loved by the people of color; followed by commonly known as “beauty drunk” pink, But also by the people’s favorite. Black pearls because of the relatively scarce, so relatively more expensive than other pearl varieties.
Q: Recently want to buy an emerald bracelet, do not know what color to choose from? What color is better?

1, bright green, transparent to translucent, green pure, uniform, bright; 2, Yang Qiao green: green bright and bright, delicate and beautiful, the color of the green jade, Pure, 3; light green: micro-transparent to Cartier love ring replica translucent, green light and clear, pure; 4, light green: green light and uniform, better transparency. Which is a valuable green varieties.

Other colors: in the jade jewelry in many colors to red, green, purple three-color-based, they are emerald in the high-end color, especially in the most green and beautiful green. Excellent emerald with pure and rich green. And requires color saturation, moderate brightness. If the color can reach the green, it would be better. So when the purchase of jade jewelry, or recommend the choice of superior green, green is relatively pure, uniform, bright, the value is higher.
Question: Want to buy a piece of Hetian jade, but now the market price varies, if you buy it, how to judge its price inappropriate?

Best answer: you can according to the size of the shape of the material to determine the price of Hetian. First say size. 10 grams of the following material utilization of the smallest. Generally also to be a bracelet, necklace, mobile phone pendant. With the increase in the value of the use of the value of the material and the corresponding increase began. But the use of value to a certain extent continues to increase but the value began to decline. How much is this range? If the experience is greater than 500 grams to 1000 grams or more, the unit price will drop. Why is this so? For the following reasons:

1. Hetian jade in terms of the essential characteristics, is still more suitable for carving small works, you can small works reflect the big theme. Big theme works and field seed material jade carving on the relatively less.

2. 200 grams of the following things can be done with jade, 500 grams or less can be placed in the palm of your hand or put the desk to play. And more than 1000 grams of jade pieces are not suitable for playing.

3. The market is the degree of acceptance of the price, if the jade material is too much to buy from the relatively few people, if the business will be tempered to buy pressure will have pressure.

Say the material type, in general, is the brand shape of the most expensive material Followed by a drop, followed by a cylindrical shape, the worst is a round pimple shape.

Buy the principle of the material is not afraid to buy expensive afraid of buying the wrong I wish you all can buy your favorite material.

Answer: Hetian jade price is based on the level of Hetian jade to decide. Hetian white jade grade points about what:

First, the whiteness level enough: whiteness for the white facade, it can be said that the whiteness is the surface of white jade, the relative smoothness of the inside of the white jade, and “table in one” time, this match with jade. Whiteness level in the white is very important, but it should be “pleasing to the eye” have a deep understanding, because only pleasing to the eye, it is more able to interpret the beauty of white jade, and not just white to the pleasing to the eye, such as pale, pale, gray and so on Is not pleasing to the eye, such as white, silver, white and white, it is more pleasing to the eye, with a little bit of green or with a little yellow, we are regarded as white jade, because pleasing to the eye. Like a beautiful woman, wearing a little light with a little blue color of the Seduction, will feel more elegant and moving, more immersive beauty.

Second, the liquid of jade liquid run enough enough: this is very Cartier nail bracelet replica important, the degree of wet signs for the white, since ancient times there are gold fine jade liquid, beads round Yu Run’s talk, it is the natural wetness of white jade, so that the spread of the millennium, inherited future generations. (1) whether the delicate jade: visual and feel feel “like snow” as comfortable, only the beauty of the skin and children’s face was fit, is soft and beautiful feeling. (2) the proportion of jade pattern: jade pattern commonly known as the “water line”, the less the better jade pattern, only one or two, not to mention, if the chaos scattered around, there is damage to jade jewelry phase concerns, if Jade pattern a lot, but only a small part or part of the local, not only can become evidence of jade, but also increase the vivid beauty. (3) the proportion of jade flowers accounted for: Yuhua more or scattered messy, will destroy the jade phase, a direct impact on the price of jade.

Third, the impurities are much: the number of black spots or white points, the general pattern of jade and jade is the texture of the changes, and black spots and white spots are white impurities, and texture changes only caused by the level of goods , And impurities as much as possible without the best, there is little or no relationship, but more, it affects the quality of jade.

Fourth, jade surface cracks: cracks will directly affect the value of jade, to pay more attention.

Fifth, the jade body of the block: the value of a jade will involve all kinds of factors, in the same jade, the chunk is more unique advantages.

Six, white leather: autumn pear skin, red dates, are Hetian jade varieties.