Ceramic watch can adjust the strap? What is the ceramic watch?

Ceramic watch can adjust the strap? What is the ceramic watch?
Now the market is also more popular on behalf of the table now watch the fashion elements of the watch is a ceramic watch, in the purchase of watches, especially in the online shopping, we often trouble is the strap, when we buy, the strap is not May be completely and wrist matching, this time we often want to remove the number of sections of the bracelet and distress, can not let the customer service is too short, and opened the watch, found too long and can only take the watch shop to adjust , So much trouble. Here we talk about how to do their own hands to adjust the bracelet.
Ceramic watch can adjust the strap? What is the ceramic watch?
Ceramic watch in the split table chain, first of all, should be through the meter, the watch buckle from the watch chain out. Slowly turn the watch head, put the top buckle out of the table, so that when the reverse back to the top of the buckle on the OK. In the adjustment of the bracelet, the common is the bracelet and the case for the thread, this combination of the shape of Replica Cartier jewelry the chain has six concave, ten and four square. Open ceramic watch strap, you can use with its shape in line with the special watch meter. Put the ceramic watch strap into the “unloading table slot”, according to the dial on the buckle interface, forced out to complete the removal of the bracelet. Bracelet and back cover with tightly connected, old-fashioned watches and ladies often used this structure. The servant may use the appropriate tool to rotate the head of the meter to the outermost edge, and to “straighten the strap” and then slowly turn the head and “buckle” out. The final installation of the reverse back to the “buckle” can be. If not, you can buckle and bracelet gap in the larger position on the pry up the back cover, it is best in the symmetrical position on the pry, so as not to damage the back cover. Special reminded to remove the dismantling of the table section, with a table spike re-nail, the use of small hammer head side, so as not to hammer to the table.
Is the ceramic watch easy to break?
Ceramic white translucent, and very smooth. This material made of the watch will naturally win the majority of female friends of all ages. But we all have a question, that is, easy to break the ceramic watch it? Let the watch home to tell you now!
Compared with the stainless steel material, the benefits of ceramic table is that it is more light, than the stainless steel material is about 60% lighter, the hardness is 10 times the stainless steel. So, to compare it with stainless steel, ceramic material naturally has a distinct advantage: light, high hardness.
Hardness of the consequences is too high can not fall, because too hard things tend to lose toughness, so the hard things will be very easy to break.
Although the ceramic table has a lot of excellent gloss, high hardness, no rust does not change color, etc., but ultimately had to face the high hardness of the fragile pain.
Now many brands are trying to ceramic material, which in the end good and bad, are relatively exist. If you are a cautious person, ceramic table is more suitable. Because as long as it fell, it can be saved for a long time. If you belong to the ranks of the so-so, perhaps still need to consider again.
Fiyta female watches high round with the same paragraph watch LA8616.MWMH introduction
Fiyta spokesperson high round wear Feida watch wandering in the major brand fashion show, from fresh and natural girl next door to the gas field full of self-confidence queen. Here we will introduce you to this Fiyta female watch high round with the watch LA8616.MWMH it!
Fiyta female watches high round with the same paragraph watch LA8616.MWMH introduction
In this exudes with the curiosity of the dial, rose diamond inserts 11 natural zircon, bringing unparalleled visual experience. Fiyta Series 2014 charity special watch beautiful and beautiful, blooming years Fanghua. Continuation of the heart series classic design, 6 o’clock inlaid rose gold Fengteng graphics calendar window.
Bezel will symbolize the glory and aristocratic atmosphere of the rose gold and low-key introverted refined with the fine steel, mosaic bright gem, highlight the feminine charm, contains warm and meaningful feelings.
The overall warm and soft colors, with steel blue needle, classic graceful, like a baton, waving time rhythm.
Heart string series of unique strap links, not only highlights the exquisite beauty of women graceful, but also make the watch perfect fit female delicate wrist. Which charity special section, the rose gold embedded in the steel, and inlaid six 24 Chinese and American zircon, sparkling.
In addition to the charity special section, there are alcohol-ceramic chain style, is also an elegant woman’s heart of the election
Howley watches and chillime watches which is better?
Hao Li watches and chic watches which is better? Hao Li watches and Chi-year watch all belong to the four types of table brands, they have a lot of similarities. So many people like to put these two watch brands together for comparison. The following watch home to tell you how to watch and Qi Qihua watches which is better!
Holey time
Holey (Oris), Swiss watch brand. At the beginning of the twentieth century, both Cattin and Christian set up the Oris watch factory. World War II, Hao Li, when the US Air Force and the pilot designed a large crown watches, thus becoming a famous brand. Since 1904, Oris adhere to the traditional Swiss craft to create a truly perfect mechanical watch, loved by the younger generation. Oris’s mechanical timepiece series is equipped with a variety of special design to meet the needs of different people, such as pointer-style calendar instructions, small three-pin and alarm clock.
Chi years
On November 7, 1856, Doctor Joseph Gillard and the teacher Ulrich Villeder set up a watch maker in the United States, which later was called ETERNA. Since its establishment in 1856, the tempting ETERNA distinguishes women from the increasingly attractive choice of special watches.
From the quality of work, the two brands are not much difference. Level also belong to the four types of tables. But Hao Li’s fame is greater than the age of Qi, so the recognition of Hao Li watches more people!

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