Different style heart-shaped pendant picture heart heart pendant picture appreciation

Different style heart-shaped pendant picture heart heart pendant picture appreciation
Heart-shaped is the symbol of love, the special shape of the heart and its special meaning to make it a lot of jewelry style, especially suitable for inlaid in the pendant. Each brand has its own unique shape of the heart-shaped pendant, the following finishing a different style heart-shaped pendant picture Daquan, together to enjoy these exquisite and romantic heart-shaped pendant picture it!
From these heart-shaped pendant picture Daquan, we can feel the heart-shaped romance. Heart-shaped pendant is the embodiment of love. Heart-shaped pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, wearing a heart-shaped pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romance. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.
Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Introduction

Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace is a owner of the dark Replica Cartier jewelry blue heart-shaped diamond necklace, beautiful people can not breathe, is a desirable love token, can not resist its temptation. In the play, this large carat blue diamond necklace “Ocean Heart” is not the actor Jack gave Ruth, but Ruth’s fiance gave her, in the eyes of Ruth, this attractive blue Color diamond is not the heart of the “treasure”, the mother in order to restore the luxury of life family marriage, in the eyes of Ruth seems so helpless. Until the real love of Jack, she naked, between the items to wear this necklace lying in front of Jack, Jack painted for her. This painting is far more precious than the heart of the ocean. After the film, the old Ruth will sink the ocean heart of the sea, to commemorate the depths of the sea before the love.

Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Picture Appreciation

Sokai Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Price
Zoacai Ocean Heart 7 Caratopa stone pendant by a small drill, draw a beautiful arc, connecting the hearts of the blue crystal one, sparkling to reveal your slightest tenderness, so the meaning of graceful, Artistic conception enchanting, telling the only vow: heart forever, love forever.
Xinguang Jewelry Ocean Heart Sapphire Necklace Price
Xinguang jewelry heart of the crystal necklace every necklace is the best refraction angle, the sun from different angles after exposure, as if to exposure to the ocean, enjoy the ocean of thousands of charm blue! Xinguang jewelry unique high quality Of the electroplating skills, gloss and intimate skin feeling also let you sigh. Exquisite Austrian diamond embellishment, arranged in a lovable shape, so that the heart of the ocean more shining!
Obsidian pendant is the most common evil spirits of the auspicious ornaments, but also a very spiritual jewelry. But we know that there are spiritual jewelry are wearing taboo. Wear obsidian pendants to pay attention to what? The following inventory of obsidian pendant wearing taboo, we can refer to!

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 1, obsidian pendants before wearing must first open through the blessing, only the opening of the obsession of obsidian pendants will play the role of evil spirits evil. There are many ways to open the light, the most effective is to open the temple monks.
Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 2, obsidian pendant is the most common pattern is brave, that is, obsidian brave pendant. For the obsidian brave pendant, brave the eyes is precisely the obsidian brave seeking wealth of the site, so it must not block the obsidian brave eyes.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 3, to wear long, can not be idle. If you do not wear it need to hold up with red cloth, on the bed or wardrobe below.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 4, obsidian pendant first time to wear in the morning 7:00 to 9:00, this is the rise of the dragon when the head. Before you wear to consult a professional, the best is based on numerology or zodiac choice.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 5, obsidian pendant if you accidentally damaged or want to replace the new, be sure to put the old obsidian pendant wrapped with red cloth, put into the nearby temple candle recycling, and sincerely sent it.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 6, in order to avoid obsidian pendant is damaged, Aura weakened, obsidian pendant try not to use jade has been worn.

Obsidian pendant wearing taboo 7, obsidian is a storage function, obsidian pendant to wear a certain time after the need to degaussure purification.

Wear obsidian pendants to pay attention to what? Above the inventory of obsidian pendant wearing taboo, obsidian pendant friends, be sure to pay attention

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