Domestic jewelry brand also almost anything

Domestic jewelry brand also almost anything
Looking at the domestic jewelry market in recent years, a phenomenon into people’s daily lives: the vast number of consumers to buy jewelry must first look at whether the brand name. Is to repeatedly brand-name screening, from the inherent quality of jewelry to design, all 11 comparison, can decide the final choice. 

Market rise of brand-name war  Economists assert: from the end of this century, China’s jewelry competition will be mainly for the competition between the brand name, brand-name products by the market Cartier nail bracelet replica will become an important feature of the jewelry market. In China, has emerged a large number of jewelry brands, such as Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, Golden House, Dahlman, and so on. It can be said that the jewelry market products dizzying, really there is a “squandering for charming eyes,” the scene. However, cool economic circles to remind people: With the end of the WTO to join the imminent, domestic jewelry brands and international brands flocking to the future will be more intense competition. As a result of domestic and international brand-name great brand gap, this can not see the smoke of the “fight” is worrying. 

And the gap between the international famous brand  Today, the world famous brand must have five characteristics. Namely: one must have a larger or even extraordinary market share. Second, we must have a higher extraordinary profitability; three to have a strong export capacity. Fourth, to have a wide range of its trademark legal effect and continuous investment support; five to its trademark has a strong ability to transcend geographical boundaries of culture. 

Although some of China’s famous jewelry brand has five major characteristics of international brands, but by comprehensive comparison, the two are very far away. 

How to do domestic brands

How to shorten the gap with the international brand in the shortest possible time, catch up with and surpass the international brand in recent years, some of China’s jewelry business progress, but fundamentally, the overall situation to reverse the “disadvantaged” status , Non-overnight power to achieve. The relevant economic experts suggested that to shorten the gap between international brands as much as possible, we must do the following efforts: – Enterprises really put the implementation of “brand strategy” on the survival and development of enterprises to understand and practice the commanding heights. First of all, through technological innovation, extensive use of new technologies, new processes, new materials, continuous improvement of product design and development of new products, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and good digestion and absorption of advanced technology, combined with the actual to be innovative; Secondly, the quality of innovation as a brand name The foundation of the product and the life of the enterprise. Practical, exquisite beauty, cultural taste, good service, good reputation “; Third, the implementation of marketing innovation, and do everything possible to strengthen the marketing of the enterprise, the company’s products and services to meet the needs of modern life; Function, innovative marketing, and actively use the modern marketing agency system, monopoly system, such as chain operators, the establishment of advertising consulting imitation Cartier love bracelet network, wholesale and retail sales and after-sales service network, so that all the market coverage and the main market; the fourth set up to benefit Center, people-oriented modern enterprise management mode. The formation of an effective incentive mechanism and restraint mechanisms to establish a stable product consumer groups and larger markets. 

– “brand” but also rely on the community, especially the strong support of the Government. First, the government should guide and help create a brand-name enterprises to deepen reform, to achieve “two changes” and enhance the market competitiveness of brand-name enterprises;

Second, the government should guide and assist enterprises to form large groups through mergers and joint ventures to realize specialization and scale benefits. Through equity participation and holding of multinational corporations, introduce capital, technology, talents and management experience, enhance the financing capacity of famous enterprises;

Third, bank loans should be a brand-name enterprises tilt, the Government should give priority to a brand-name enterprises in a certain direction to the community fund-raising, enhance business practices;

Fourth, the government should speed up the establishment of a unified, open and orderly market system, improve the legal system, breaking the regional and sectoral division, resolutely implement the policy of survival of the fittest.
Even in the emerging jewelry industry, to create brand-name products and brand-name companies, whether the need for brand-name theory, the answer is self-evident. But in the real economic life, if people ask, these brand-name products and the formation of the theoretical basis of business, you will find people’s answer is varied, ambiguous, so difficult to glimpse the formation of its true brand name. And the jewelry industry, there are some business operators have also raised questions: What brand-name products or brand-name companies is developed by the famous brand theory? In response to this question, we can not help but say: no theory of practice is empty theory; and no theoretical practice is blind practice. In the jewelry industry, but also a brand-name products and brand-name companies are not based on brand-name theory and become a brand name?

In order to improve the operating quality and overall quality of the jewelry industry in China, the management department of the jewelry industry, especially the enterprise, has made the implementation a few years ago to improve the competitiveness and risk-resisting ability of the jewelry industry in the international market. Brand strategy, to develop brand-name products, major decision-making, today’s Dai Mengde, Lao Fengxiang, the sun and the moon, the profit, tide Acer and other brands, and both are such strategies and decision-making fruitful results; In the name of brand theory under the guidance of. Now these brands need to further build, but there are more prospective brand-name products and brand-name companies to enter the real name, in order to be successful, it is important that there must be the correct theory of brand-name guidance, Theory, proficiency in brand-name theory, the practice of brand-name theory is not only very important, but also very urgent. This includes:

First, on the brand-name “basic” theory, such as the basic principles of imitation Cartier love bracelet brand-name; brand connotation extremely characteristics of the principle; brand essence of the principle.

Second, on the brand-name growth theory, such as the creation of brand-name and the principle of stage growth; brand-name expansion of the principle of the principle of brand-name growth path.

Third, on the brand-name integration of the theory, such as brand-name system optimization principle; brand-name system optimization principles; brand-name strategy as a whole optimization principle. Brand theory, is the brand creation, growth and operation of the objective laws of rational knowledge and system summary, such as want to create or develop brand names, is absolutely indispensable.

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