DTC China’s first diamond collection museum opened in Beijing

DTC China’s first diamond collection museum opened in Beijing
Following the successful launch of a diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal markings, the De Beers Group officially unveiled its first diamond storehouse in China on September 4, 2007 in Beijing. , Once again interpretation of the eternal beauty of the diamond charm. The Diamond Collection is designed to promote and deepen China’s diamond culture, with the mysterious and distant diamond culture as a platform to FOREVERMARK eternal mark as the main line through them, including “Diamond Tour”, “Wedding Ring”, “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation District “three regions, each region of the design are interpreted FOREVERMARK eternal mark contained in the unique and distinguished, tell the mystery and eternal diamond. As the world’s largest diamond company, with more than 115 years of diamond expert qualification De Beers Group (De Beers Group), following the successful launch of 1947 “Diamond forever, a permanent Replica Cartier jewelry pass” classic slogan, and in 2006 December in the Chinese mainland market with heavy launch with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, and the opening of the Diamond Collection will be lifted FOREVERMARK eternal seal trend, set up De Beers Group (De Beers Group) in the diamond industry no Comparable navigator status.
De Beers Group (China De Beers Group) China’s first diamond collection hall in Beijing dishes Blum grand opening
FOREVERMARK eternal mark As De Beers Group’s first global market project, the ultimate definition of the eternal beauty of diamonds, each with a FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds in the diamond table have a special mark [] and Independent number, expressed by respect pet and exclusive, confidence and commitment. To the unique style and charm of the long red film 11 years of the famous actress Zhao Wei personally unveiled the scene for FOREVERMARK eternal mark highlighted by the “unique and excellent” connotation made the most perfect annotation, and the scene received with its graduate student enrollment date 20060911 for the number with FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds, Zhao Wei in the road of life constantly climbing, challenge the spirit of self-breakthrough into the wonderful interpretation.

Explore the source of diamonds to prove the eternal beauty

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) will be its first diamond in China’s Museum of the store settled in the Beijing City Department of the city department store, designed to take this landmark by the city once again show its strong strength in the diamond industry and the strong market for the mainland confidence. De Beers Group (De Beers Group) specially hired an internationally renowned design team to design the diamond collection hall, the entire collection consists of three parts, namely, “Diamond Tour”, “Wedding Ring”, “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation area ” The museum’s creative design concept from the mysterious and seductive jewelry box, into the collection, which a variety of legendary stories, precious photos and collections are deeply attracted, nostalgia. The entire library fully demonstrates the De Beers Group (De Beers Group) leaping 115 years of diamond experts authoritative style, but also because FOREVERMARK eternal seal noble, elegant and excellent taste and shine, unexpectedly extraordinary.

In the entire collection, the most unique light is undoubtedly “FOREVERMARK eternal mark appreciation area”, consumers can here through FOREVERMARK eternal mark special appreciation instrument to enjoy its beauty, VIP level of distinguished service, exclusive luxury.

FOREVERMARK eternal imprint has been presented by De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond company, with more than 115 years of diamond expert qualifications, demonstrating the highest standards of the world’s largest diamond company.

FOREVERMARK eternal mark will be visible to the naked eye unique mark [] and a group of the world’s only independent number stamped on the diamond table above, each with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds have been carefully selected from the depths of the ground was found to entrusted Every step in the hands of the customer is carefully examined by the experts and carefully taken care of. Here, FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds owner can enjoy a special appreciation of this instrument only 1/20 micron mark the extraordinary beauty, experience the ultimate bright room between the extraordinary taste.

All of the world’s diamonds are precious for gemstones, and only the carefully selected diamonds are eligible to be printed with FOREVERMARK eternal markings; each diamond with FOREVERMARK eternal mark is approved Certificate, detailed records of the diamond carat weight, shape and imprint date, accompanied by FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the photo, but also with the De Beers Group Chairman signed the commitment book, summed up the FOREVERMARK eternal mark on the customer’s commitment. FOREVERMARK eternal mark not only on behalf of your fingertips of the diamonds is the real confidence of choice, more commitment to its unique, precious, is a true natural treasure.

Zhao Wei gifts
“Diamond Tour” area lifelike to show a diamond from the ground to the world, and bright flash in front of the magical journey. As the world’s largest supplier of natural rough billet, De Beers Group (De Beers Group) through the “Diamond Tour”, “Diamond Anecdotes”, “Diamond Value”, “Drill Legend” four parts, for people Showing the legendary essence of the diamond world. And with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds by De Beers Group (De Beers Group) full care of the respect for the identity of this and then get the most comprehensive interpretation.

“Wedding diamond ring” area shows the diamond for the extraordinary significance of love, each love is precious and unique, only FOREVERMARK eternal mark can only be against its Guanghua, become the ultimate expression of love for the love between lovers to provide more exclusive And the only witness.

FOREVERMARK eternal mark never ending the wonderful

FOREVERMARK eternal mark is the guarantee of confidence, since December 2006 landing in the Chinese mainland market, FOREVERMARK eternal mark has been widely recognized by consumers and enthusiastic pursuit, made a gratifying sales in mainland China set off a ” Eternal “wave. “We are very pleased with the diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal mark in the Chinese market, and China is increasingly becoming the world’s fastest growing diamond market,” said Xia Xiting, director of marketing for Greater China, De Beers Group Marketing. As one of the world’s largest diamond companies, we are very optimistic about the development and prospects of China’s diamond market today De Beers Group (De Beers Group) China’s first diamond collection hall is the opening of De Beers Group (De Beers Group ) Another important step in the Chinese market, we hope to provide Chinese consumers with more respectable and high quality services, but also hope to allow more consumers to experience with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds of the ultimate precious and unique. De Beers Group (De Beers Group) chose to set up China ‘s first diamond collection store in Beijing City, the mouth of the department store, hope that through the strong combination of both sides, and then lift the new wave of domestic consumption of diamonds.

“De Beers Group” China’s first diamond storehouse is located in the Beijing Food City Department Store, which embodies the De Beers Group (De Beers Group), the first diamond storehouse in China, Beers Group ‘s trust and support for the roses, and the completion of the Diamond Collection not only shows the leading position in the diamond industry in China, but also enhances the overall image and quality of service, and we are very honored and happy.

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) Diamond Collection will take the lead in Beijing and Shanghai opened two. Shanghai Diamond Collection will be held on September 24 in Donghua China Diamond grand opening.

Zhao Wei as the first VIP into the Diamond Collection
Zhao Wei time carving eternal

On the screen, the role so that she is so beautiful, life, the campus let her free, Zhao Wei with a sense of interpretation of the passion, interpretation of life; each role of the conversion, every gorgeous turn, are like diamonds shine, refraction Zhao Wei style, but also the achievements of her debut so far 11 years in the Chinese mainland film and television line of the status of actress.

De Beers Group (De Beers Group) and Zhao Wei’s encounter is also derived from her body’s unique charm and personal style, a hard work after the hard work, the cause of the peak return to self, unique life course And self-style so that Zhao Wei became a miracle of the Chinese film, in the passage of time condensed into eternity, which with the eternal mark of FORICVERMARK diamonds represented by the unique taste of excellence complement each other, coincide. Today’s Zhao Wei has faded the “Swallow” Sentimental, transformed into a calm “Mature” – like a FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, from natural, after a period of experience and grinding, natural charm and Bright light has been the greatest degree of show, the eternal beauty will be endless pass.

In the grand opening ceremony of the scene, De Beers Group (De Beers Group) special gift to Zhao Wei for his graduate school 20060911 for the unique number with FOREVERMARK eternal mark diamonds, to praise her career at the peak of the time did not forget Enrich the spirit of self and perfection. The whole with a FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds are embedded in the letter V necklace, the letter V is not only the name of Vicky Vicky’s first letter, but also represents the victory (Victory) connotation, by Zhao Wei future wonderful Under the best look. “I am honored to be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the De Beers Group’s first diamond store in China,” she said, adding that he was delighted to be able to receive a diamonds with FOREVERMARK eternal markings. , Here with FOREVERMARK eternal mark of the diamonds to bring me an unparalleled distinguished experience, and very happy to be able to receive De Beers Group (De Beers Group) this profound gift, I also wish the De Beers Group (De Beers Group) in the coming days to get more success.

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