Elegant round case made of stainless steel the drawing process

2004 first high-level watch Chiffre Rouge series now finally usher in complex features models. This new Chiffre Rouge C05 limited watch with real power when the Elite 682 automatic winding mechanical movement, with a small seconds, date and second time zone display, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz) and has 50 hours power reserve The

Elegant round case made of stainless steel, the drawing process. Dial side is equipped with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, while the bottom of the table is embedded black translucent sapphire crystal glass imitation Cartier love bracelet and engraved with a limited number (100), case waterproof depth of up to 50 meters. Crown with screw-in design, to Ge Lou decoration and red paint circle decoration. The second time zone button is set at 10 o’clock and easy to adjust.

Milky white silver dial, black time scale and four golden time scale side by side, Dior brand logo and small seconds were living in 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock position. Black hour and minute pointer with gray with a golden tip of the second time zone pointer to display the time information. This watch is equipped with a black punch calfskin strap, stainless steel wire drawing clasp is also engraved with “DIOR HOMME” words.

There are a lot of stories about Dior’s storytelling, and some are so far unknown, it’s a funny paradox. Formerly seen as the general public launched the Chiffre Rouge series of watches, originally it is for some of the knowledge of the connoisseur of specialists to create, because “chiffre” implied first with the public take it for granted understanding of the very different.

Only by tracing the origin of the word “chiffre” can we really understand its meaning, as Hedi Slimane did. In 2004, he was the only one who realized “chiffre” hidden meaning. A long time ago, “chiffre” is a symbol of nobility, home cloth and silverware are staggered on the letter pattern, a family logo emblem. In the 15th century, “chiffre” was even defined as “writing a code”.

So what about red? It is one of the primary colors of the Dior Homme series (also including gray, white and black). These are able to Dior Chiffre Rouge series watch one by one to find, savor.

Dior La Chaux-de-Fonds watchmaking workshop

Until today, Dior did not depart from the track of innovation because of the Replica Cartier jewelry departure of Hedi Slimane. Chiffre Rouge and the parent company’s senior fashion week consciously distinguish between business, is a completely independent product line. In the Dior La Chaux-de-Fonds watchmaking workshop, where the Chiffre Rouge series was born, no one would worry about when the next fashion week was held, and the company did not follow the practice of other brands. The tenth anniversary of the birth of a limited edition watch the intention to build.

Chiffre Rouge is free. There is neither a limited creation period nor a design template and aesthetic standards imposed. Any attempt to explore the famous red figure “8” or anything else has proved to be futile in the end. The official explanation is also very cautious, “usually we will choose to use red to express the date, but it is not necessarily.This depends on the form of material, stainless steel or the other three different colors of gold.Overall, all choices are due to aesthetics , This is our only idea. ”

Whenever some critical moments, some commentary connoisseurs would say that Chiffre Rouge as a single line series, it is hard to comment. The fact is true, Chiffre Rouge each watch by the official according to a specific moment of creative desire to give free interpretation.

Dior in 2010 launched the eight time zone T01 watch

Nevertheless, we are able to see some clues from some recurring features. Such as a unique round or irregular case, huge lugs. The main additional features are no date display, timing and moon phase, distinguished but not publicity. 2010 released T01 eight time zone watch finally broke the established order. The original MACI label has its first letter of its meaning, M on behalf of the original movement, A refers to the basic models, C is a multi-functional complex symbol, I is irréductibles (internal limited edition watch for the nickname). So the “T” number of implication is intriguing.

Today, the Dior Chiffre Rouge series of watches is still equipped with the initial movement, more than a decade has not changed, such as the production of chronograph chronograph movement, as well as ETA and Soprod exclusive for Dior to create the “inverted movement” inverted broibre) – pendulum Tuo can enjoy through the dial, rather than the end of the table. So what about the Chiffre Rouge series tomorrow? Everything is possible! The father of Chiffre Rouge has now left Dior, working together with Yves Saint Laurent, but the trees he planted are already shady and heading for a new decade.