Gold, diamonds, pearl fashion beauty

Gold, diamonds, pearl fashion beauty
Speaking of gold, pearls and diamonds, people think is expensive jewelry. You know the original of these natural precious materials, skin care products and cosmetics is one of the ingredients?

In fact, as early as 6000 BC, the Egyptians have learned to use pearls, coral and other natural resources for the paint, used to smear the body, face and hair, not to mention technology developed today, skin care industry breakthroughs often linked to science and technology. Natural materials are always the goal of scientists to develop and research.

In fact, gold, pearls and diamonds have become skin Cartier love bracelet replica care products and cosmetics, one of the ingredients, also has its unique efficacy and usefulness.

24K gold skin · face more shiny

24K gold is not easy to cause allergic reactions, so already used to deploy cosmetics; In addition, 24K gold can also make the skin look more shiny. In this case,

Guerlain Divinora Pure Radiance

Features: Pure gold particles with moisturizing latex, with a soft skin ingredients, can make the skin completely absorb the release of gold particles gloss, make the skin full of luster, suitable for makeup before the base cream.

Guerlain Midnight Star

Features: Contains blue gold (composed of pure gold and seaweed essential oil) ingredients, with the skin to maintain flexibility and quality of the effect. Evening use, can make tired skin regain vitality.

Flashing diamond · grinding dead skin decontamination master

Worn fine diamond powder has long been widely used in cosmetics, the main function is to bring out a sense of flash.

In addition, the latest use of diamonds in skin care products on the La Mer stressed that the diamond grinding fine than the other components used for frosted surface can be more thoroughly grinding away replica Cartier love bracelet the dead skin surface and dirt, and more fine grinding particles.

La Mer The Refining Facial

Features: Scrub with a very fine diamond powder, can gently remove dead skin cells on the skin surface, dirt and residue. In addition, the addition of smooth marine quartz and acidic fermented mud, suitable for any skin.

Maybelline Strong Pastel Diamond

Features: Armor formula to join the diamond powder, can strengthen the nail keratin, increase flexibility, to prevent nail bifurcation. In addition, nail polish powder inside the manufacturing shiny effect.

Pearl protein · anti-fine lines glory

The protein contained in the pearl will help the lack of elasticity and dry fine lines of mature skin. In addition, the unique color of pearls can also be used in cosmetics, cosmetic products such as pearl surface with the changing luster.

Chanel Les Perles

Features: Contains pearl powder, can be used for eye, cheek, can be molded like a pearl-like perfect luster, this product is Chanel02 / 03 autumn and winter make-up series of limited products.

Kanebo Sensai Ex La Creme

Features: Contains pearl powder, apricot essence, vitamin E and glycyrrhizic acid anti-aging cream, can activate the metabolism of epidermal cells, to provide nutrition and skin moisturizing, protection and improve wrinkles.
When jewelry is no longer just the dinner to show off, when the diamond is no longer just a safe deposit, layers of gold and silver stone jade, they began to become fashionable.

I remember in the ad had seen such a scene: a beautiful woman stroll in the squeeze squeezed squeeze bookshelves, the selection of the book space must always proudly glance at his hand – slender slender ring finger, a diamond streamer Yi Cai. “Who says a beautiful woman does not love reading? Knowledge makes me more confident!” Diamond here, has completely Cartier love bracelet replica abandoned the elegant luxury, the traditional virtues of grace, become arrogant.

Men and women in the same landscape, the man said, “Here the scenery is good,” the woman saw is “sign of trouble.” Fashion jewelry is such a “sign of trouble”, the proliferation and strengthening of the publicity of a woman’s personality, and even traction in her heart the most gentle poetry.

Filled with long hair like the temptation of the network, complex earrings to convey a romantic atmosphere, decorated with beads of jewelery and jeans on the dazzling gem decoration, look strange and mysterious. How fashion, how unique, then how to wear. Jewelry, and a child as a paper-like random stack of paper. When a single piece of gold pinching gold jade ornaments, began with a “plaything” means that the ornaments have to appreciate the value, if there is a sense of a sense of line or geometric process, the taste of fashion is no doubt that the thick .

This era of women, what to wear is not important, what is important to wear; or, what is actually not so important to wear, it is important how to wear. The earrings do not in the tops of the chain zipper head, or pick a memorial ring with a small rope to wear hanging in the collar, or else will be beautiful brooches folder in the plate from the long hair, it becomes a unique Of the hairpin, do a variety of attempts, but do not have to spend more money, both show clever mind, but also feel the taste of art. Such a fashion, so jewelry, more fashion than the woman is always greener.

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