Hermes workshop handmade watch leather goods

In the previous article, we have introduced in detail the Hermes from the birth of the first watch in 1928 until a few years ago to complete the watchmaking life of the watchmaking love, with this historical accumulation and industry resources support, 2006 After years, Hermes advanced tabulation finally began to show dew. In the production of their own watch before the sector, Hermes watch for hundreds of years are other brands for its processing, so Hermes did not really make their own watch the basis of imitation Cartier love bracelet this is short board, and its advantage, Distinctive design and unique cultural background. With the Vaucher movement plant (25% stake), Joseph Erard SA watch factory, Natéber dial factory three watch key parts manufacturer, Hermes finally has the real strength of the production of their own watch, coupled with their own leather Workshop Brügg (Swiss workshop specializing in the production of high-quality strap), art workshops and other advantages of differentiated resources, people gradually found another luxury giants watch brand is slowly rising.

Hermes workshop handmade watch leather goods
Core product line

Since the establishment of La Montre Hermès in 1978, there have been more than 14 series of products, which are divided into two categories: fashion-oriented products such as H-Hour (now Heure H), Kelly, Medor And other series; there are integrated in the high-end products, such as Dressage, Clipper, Arceau, Slim d’Hermès series. The former is mainly used in quartz, quartz automatic and part of the mechanical movement, to meet the female market, watch to the main decorative, high-end products will be diamond mosaic, basically no complicated function, which basically use mechanical movement, Part of the product equipped with independent movement and advanced complex movement, as well as artistic decoration, there are ladies watches.

Cape Cod series
In all these series of products, there are two series of the most famous, 1978 was born with stirrup design inspiration for the Arceau series, as well as the 2003 launch of the Dressage series, of course, as Hermes only a sports in the high-end series Clipper also Well-known, but the overall and mainstream market sports watch, especially the high-level sports product line there are still gaps, and there is no prominent design and cultural background, so often forgotten. Recently Slim d’Hermès series is also rising, is expected to become Hermes third fist products. Low-key Carre H series, although equipped with autonomous movement, is the brand in the end product, but the visibility is not high, has long been launched Cape Cod in recent years, some bland

Arceau series
Arceau series is undoubtedly the most classic product in the brand, designed by Henri d’Origny, has been due to the unique shape and not been too much welcome, after the amendment was gradually recognized. Series of the original bias in the fashion simple watch, is now changing to the classic high-level watch, covering the ordinary three-pin, moon phase, calendar moon phase, hollow, time, time to stop, straw dial, enamel, Flywheel and other watches, this series is unknowingly more and more complex and full Replica Cartier jewelry of art, and become Hermes representative works. 1978, the birth of the stirrup shape, after about 90 years of re-design, as today’s shape, which is Hermes into the watch industry since the first series, the significance of extraordinary.

Dressage series
Dressage series was born in 2003, when Hermes began and Vaucher company, indicates that Hermes will be fully into the advanced watchmaking determination. Dressage classic pillow case design, elegant disk layout, every detail is people enchanted, have to say, this is the Arceau series after Hermes the most successful watch design. The series to high fashion, fashion watch positioning itself, with elegant design and practical features of the main style, a high-end fashion watch a strong competitor. Series under the classic small three-pin, moon phase, timing, calendar (2010 platinum limited edition 24) and other functional watches, including steel and precious metal material to choose from.

Hermes Slim d’Hermès series
The designer of the Slim d’Hermès series is Philippe Delhotal, from Patek Philippe, who is now the creative director of Hermes. The unique design of the timetable comes from Philippe Apeloig, a designer of the famous Parisian painting art, designed for the Louvre in 1997-2003, 2003-2007 for the Artistic Director of the Louvre). Series of the core purpose is minimalism, so the entire watch whether the appearance or functional layout, are trying to clear, the most distinctive feature is the use of a large number of lines, especially in the time scale and pointer. Thus, the positioning of the watch is on the date, compared with Dressage more intuitive and approachable, relatively speaking, Dressage is still more literary and artistic. Under the series of exquisite women’s diamond-studded watch, but also a little ultra-thin self-movement men’s watch and perpetual calendar watch. Perhaps in the next time, this series and Dressage will be two to keep pace, differences and common coexistence of Hermes logo products, and even personally think that Slim d’Hermès will be better.

Hermè Delhotal, creative director of La Montre Hermes
Heart of Excellence

Want to gain a firm foothold in the field of high-level watchmaking, independent movement is inevitable, if they can not really design and production movement, it must not be recognized by the picky market. Since 2006, Hermes received Vaucher 25% stake in the company, Hermes produced a variety of movement for the company, including Hermes with the development of advanced complex movement, which includes the moon phase, calendar, ultra-thin, junior Needle, small three-pin and other types.

Hermes ultra-thin H1950 movement + Agenhor calendar module watch
This year’s Basel Watch Fair, Hermes launched the ultra-thin calendar movement Slim d’Hermès series watch shine, with simple and clear design and practical features, so that this series suddenly become familiar between. The new men’s style has two, a thin little three-pin watch, one is ultra-thin calendar, the former direct use of Vaucher for Hermes production of ultra-thin self-winding movement H1950, the thickness of only 2.6 mm, the use of mini-automatic Tuo, The latter uses the H1950 movement plus the Agenhor perpetual calendar module (1.4 mm) and has a thickness of only 4 mm. H1950 movement has been launched in 2011, it is based on Vaucher VMF5300 movement developed, the movement diameter of 30 mm (13 3/4 points), movement decoration and splicing plate in accordance with the requirements of Hermes custom, Details of the decoration more carefully, this movement seems to only appear in the Slim d’Hermès series.

Hermes Dressage series equipped with H1935 movement calendar watch
In 2010, Hermes released a Dressage series calendar moon phase watch, sub-platinum and red gold material, the limited 24, 2011 Basel Watch Exhibition, which is Dressage series of rare high-level watch, 40 mm case, the internal carrying H1935 calendar automatic movement core. And Hermes existing other perpetual calendar watch (actually no few) different, Dressage of this perpetual calendar movement is not by the basic movement and perpetual calendar module assembled, but a real perpetual calendar movement, 27 Mm diameter, 5.5 mm thickness, 393 parts, 32 drill, two barrels provide at least 55 hours of power, movement chuck chamfer, etc. are hand-decorated polished, Hermes is currently the only one automatic calendar movement.