How to change the strap? Sometimes the watch strap and the wearer’s wrist is not very suitable

How to change the strap? Sometimes the watch strap and the wearer’s wrist is not very suitable or when the watch strap damage, need to change the strap. But there are many friends will not be replaced, for fear of breaking the table. In fact, the replacement watch strap is not difficult, the following watch home to teach you how to replace the watch with it!
How to change the strap
1, metal strap. When the watch spread out, the strap on the discount letter or logo to the same dial, if it is reversed, that is, straps installed anti. You can use the thumb on the clasp on the right, butterfly buckle imitation Cartier love bracelet can only see if the logo and dial is a smooth. Strap anti, open and close must not easily.
2, if there is no tool, in fact, usually the screwdriver and toothpicks can also replace the popular science, which is installed inside the stick shape of things called raw ears, is the belt above the axis. There are springs at both ends for easy loading.
3, then remove the old strap. With a concave piece of tools to catch a small ear at the end of the ear, and then press down to compress the spring, so that the ears become shorter, we can unload it
4, and then you can install a new strap with the first strap to get through (the new loaded up.
5, fitted with raw ears, pressure on the side of the ear, the ears into the hole on the watch, you’re done.
When buying a strap, the width of the original strap must be accurate. Note that the general interface is flat strap better change, if it is convex or other shapes may be customized or hands-on transformation.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch? Some friends are really not very clear about this problem. For this watch home to tell you about the difference between quartz watch and electronic form it!
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
Quartz watch is the drive part of the table is driven by crystal oscillator mechanical gear, do not have the winding, as long as the battery on the line. The electronic watch is liquid crystal display, there is no mechanical part Replica Cartier jewelry , pure electronic things. The difference between the two can be seen as a semi-mechanical equipment, one is electronic equipment.
First, the energy source
Quartz watch, is able to electronic chip timing, issue timing pulse, drive permanent magnet stepper motor to drive the mechanical pointer display time, but also by the battery to provide energy.
The electronic watch is made with an electronic chronograph chip, with a 7-digit LCD digital display time watch. More features. Powered by button batteries to provide energy.
Second, the origin of the era
Electronic watch originated in the mid-1970s, with small-scale integrated circuits as the main body to liquid crystal display display time, that the majority of digital. Electronic watch which actually uses a quartz crystal oscillator to make the reference reference frequency, but the accuracy is not as good as the later arrival of the quartz table reference frequency so accurate.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
The quartz watch did not begin to appear in the 1980s. The main feature is the use of high reference frequency of the quartz oscillator, the accuracy is much higher than the electronic watch, the quartz watch when the second hand is a cell jump, travel is very accurate, generally require months less than 15 seconds, there are three and two Two kinds. Good quartz table monthly error of less than one second is definitely not a problem, and no matter how good the electronic table on the error at least a few seconds, dozens of seconds is very common. A battery is generally available for 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years or so.
Third, shock / water / magnetic capacity
Electronic watch shock capacity is limited, in the strenuous exercise, it is best not to use. Electronic watch waterproof capacity is also strong, but should try to avoid water, such as rain to prevent splashing rain. Quartz electronic table anti-magnetic ability than the mechanical table worse, so pay attention to away from the magnetic field.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
With the progress of science and technology, integrated chip is getting smaller and smaller. Electronic watch and quartz table also began to complement each other, some electronic watch also uses a mechanical transmission mode to indicate the time, and digital display coexist, which in some brands of many models can be seen, but it is actually electronic watch The Some quartz watches also use microprocessors to increase the calendar function, but not too popular. The purpose of the quartz watch or the use of indicators to show the time to maintain the characteristics of the mechanical watch, it is difficult to completely improve the other display.
We know that the watch is often printed with “EAT” three letters, some people may not know what this means. In fact, this is the meaning of the EAT movement. EAT is the world’s largest manufacturer of finished and semi-finished products. The following watch family and everyone to see the details of the EAT movement.
ETA movement is what it means
ETA What is the meaning? ETA movement as the cornerstone of Swatch, its history to trace to the end of the 18th century: 1793 to establish a watch factory. 1855 and opened another specialized manufacturing “Ebauches (semi-finished watch core)” factory. It was later named ETA.
As the world’s largest watch and movement of one of the producers, its annual output has billions of dollars. ETA main business: to ensure that the Swiss watch technical research; the development of low prices for the accessories, movement and the whole table of large-scale production; master watches and production machines all the technology; bulk assembly movement and watches; ETA self- Development.
Many Swiss watches have used ETA movement, such as Breitling, Fortis, British Nag, plum, and even Rolex have used ETA movement. And to ETA movement as the basic improvement of the watch brand there are nations, Oris, TAG Heuer and Tudor and so on.
ETA movement as one of the world’s largest watch movement manufacturers, which has a strong technical precipitation and strength, covering all the basic watch function! ETA movement using the watch you think, how about ETA?