Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet good or bad identification

Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet good or bad identification
Jade bracelet price how much money? The most cheap and cheap jade bracelet prices have more than three hundred, origin and workmanship and product quality is the main factor to determine Cartier love bracelet replica the price of different origin and fineness of the emerald difference is very large and Taobao cheap, shopping malls, tourist destination The price can not be expected.
Jade bracelet beads are made when the emerald pieces, the remaining corner of the re-use of scrap, so the cost of raw materials is low, and then through mechanical grinding, mechanical perforation made, no artificial carving costs, so the jade market common Sales price between 150-250 to not more than 300 yuan for the appropriate, or to spend money wasted. Emerald bracelet worth, is a kind of ice kind of purple beads, color Yan, color uniform, this is very high prices.

Jade bracelet good or bad identification

Jade bracelet good or bad identification method is: identification of jade bracelet is good or bad, Anglo American jewelry association “color, through, even, shape” four standards. While China has six standards, namely, “color, through, even, shape, knock, according to”.

1. color No matter what kind of color jade bracelet, jade color must be clear. “White as cut fat”, “yellow as steamed millet”, “green as Tsui Yu”, “black as ink light”, is the ancient man of jade excellent summary. There are variegated, dark, not a good product. In all colors, jade is better in green. The value of red and purple is one fifth of green. Containing four-color jade called “Fu Lu Shou hi”, if only red, green and white is called “Fu Lu Shou”.

Through Transparent glass called jade bracelet, this is the top grade. Translucent, opaque known as intermediate jade or ordinary jade. Before the Qing Dynasty, with red, green and white colors are known as emerald jade, jade is now referred to as transparent jade, with a transparent and green with the majority.

3. uniform Refers to the jade bracelet color uniform. Jade bracelet color in your uniform, such as green but uneven color is very low value.

Shaped Jade bracelet more and more valuable, the more the more valuable.

Knock on Jade often broken, cut, these cracks are Cartier love ring replica generally not easy to observe, knock on a knock, can be identified by the voicing of the existence of cracks or not.

6. According to the photo. Jade where the naked eye is not easy to find the black spots, flaws, as long as the light (bogey strong light) with 10 times magnifying glass, you can glance.

In addition, when buying jade, but also pay attention to see the process, should not be carried out under the strong light. Because the light is easy to make jade light loss of primary colors, and even cover up some flaws. Jade products focus on exquisite chic, vivid, structured, patchwork, simple and elegant decoration. With color, to make the color clever. Shallow level carving, although the plane as a mirror, the scene has to be far and near affordable. Hollow, to be exquisite, vivid.
Jade Pixi Pendant price how much money? Jade brave pendant prices generally in the 400 to 4000 or so, is its species, water, at the end, color, work, flaws and other aspects to determine the price. The following is the introduction of the price of jade brave pendant
1. Ruijin Square jewelry natural a cargo jade brave pendant jade necklace jade pendant pendant ice seed pimps men and women models? 399.00

2. Authentic jade collar jade brave pendant male full of green jade brave pendant jade pendant A cargo PX282? 1890.00

3 Bijia Jade Jade Jade Jade Pendant Ice Noodle Violet Jade Bundai A Strap Certificate BBP-GP66? 1280.00

4. Jasper respect Myanmar emerald ice waxy species brave pendant male and female models neckdrop floats natural jade jade pendant A goods is 3180.00

5. Hao 8 Impression Myanmar jade brave pendant male models female models jade jade pendant jade brave P6 emerald A cargo pendant? 2100.00

Jade braze wear precautions

Jade brazing wear precautions have the following: 1, with a red rope to wear in the wrist, neck. Brave as a pendant, the lanyard in the brave tail, head down to wear. The most important brave can not head against their own, so can not Lucky. If the brave wear a long time after the dust, with no roots (rain) and river water cleaning its body.

2, brave the most Guanyin of the pet, so in the Goddess of Mercy before the incense open (preferably 15 per month into the Goddess of Mercy before burning incense). Brave can not touch the mouth, because the Cartier nail bracelet replica mouth Diao money; not touch the eyes, because the eye treasure hunt.

3, brave bogey light. If you want to go to a strong place to travel on a sunny day, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of brave. In addition, the light of the mirror is also unfavorable to brave, avoid the brave head against the mirror. Can not be brave on the TV and computer, the screen is also the light of the brave taboo, long-term use of computer work, it is best to remove the work you wear brave.

4, many people like to put a little ornaments in the top of the brackets for pendants, accessories will block the brave of the eyes, and the eyes is precisely the brave to find the site of wealth. So even a small bead decoration, it should not be too large, the general weight should not exceed one gram, the diameter should not exceed half a centimeter. Brave as a sacred animal without taboo, no matter what religion or Buddha, with anything that does not conflict, you can wear each other.

5, brave Once the first time after wearing the long-term do not wear, brave know human nature, long-term do not wear will feel that the owner is not good enough to their own, and the owner increasingly unfamiliar, recruiting ability also appears to be lazy. Brave worn in the hands must wear on the left hand, Reiki is left hand into the right hand out. Wear brave when eating chili, because chili will make money leak.

6, brave embrace all things, and any jewelry jade jewelry and other wear together, but should pay attention to try not to touch, especially made of jade jade brave, vulnerable to injury. Brave for men and women to wear, but more than 72 years old should not wear. Do not want to wear, the need to be placed on the brave can see the door. Brave best to personally wear, do not touch others.

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