Jade brave pendant What is the meaning of wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

Jade brave pendant What is the meaning of wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning
According to legend, brave is a ferocious animal, and this beast is divided into female and male, male name “bra”, female called “brave.” But now handed down are not divided into male and female. In ancient times this raccoon is divided into a corner and two corners, a corner called “Tianlu”, the two corners called “evil spirits.” And then no one corner or two corners, mostly to a corner of the main shape. Guxian that life is doomed, but the fortune can be changed, so the people have “a touch of brave fortune, and then touch the brave wealth rolling, three touching brave Pingqing Albatron” good wishes.
First, the role of town house evil spirits. Will be Replica Cartier jewelry opened in the brave placed at home, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, get rid of evil, the effect of the town house, a patron saint at home, security home security.

Second, there is the role of financial wealth. In addition to partial wealth, the money is also helpful, so businessmen should also be placed in the business or brave in the company or home.

Third, there are efforts to resolve the role of five yellow big evil. Used to the evil town house and Wang Cai, especially in the wealth, the brave is a more obvious role.
Wearing jade brave pendant on behalf of the meaning

1. Folk traditional culture, brave, unicorn, lion, dragon turtles, toad is loved by the people can drive evil spirits, Lucky blessing five Swiss animals. And brave is ranked first. Pi Xiuu for Pi Xiu, legend is the last son of the dragon nine son, Long Health nine son, son different. Brave looks very strange, it has a long lead, unicorn, horse body, lion claw. Therefore, people call it “four different”. Was born specifically to eat gold and silver but not vent, only into the no. Wearing brave, you can make your fortune, more money.

2. Since ancient times, China has a “jade of the country” reputation, the ancients as jade, as treasures wear. Ancient medical book called “jade is the beauty of the people, the sweet nature of non-toxic”, and said the jade is the body’s most abundant material. That sucking jade, with saliva and its synergistic effect, “Shengjinzhike, in addition to the stomach of the heat,

3. Pingfu melancholy of the heart, heart and lungs, moisten throat, hair hair. “So the jade not only as jewelry, ornaments, decorative use, but also for health and health. Since ancient times, the generation of generations of emperors concubines health away from jade, and Song Huizong addicted to jade addiction, Yang Guoyi jade town.

4. Wearing jade can make trace elements absorbed by the human skin, activation of cell tissue, improve the body’s immune function. Therefore, Chinese medicine said, “Some drugs can not cure medicine, often wear jade but cure disease,” the reason lies in this. If you wear jade bracelet long-term benign massage, not only passive in addition to blurred vision of the disease, and can be vitality, raising spirit.

Braved pendant wearing method

1. First of all you have to understand that you wear brave pendant is for the wealth of money in the brave of the mouth, try not to let the brave of the brains see light, so as not to lose money, not to use your hand to touch the brave mouth and eyes. If you have no intention to touch, and should immediately wash with water, so as not to leave dirt in the brave pendant above, affecting the spirituality of brave pendant. Pi Xiu pendant as far as possible in the clothes inside, when wearing brave head do not look outward.

2. Pixiu pendant is spiritual, you are good to it, naturally it will use it to repay you. So, every night before going to sleep, try to remove the brave pendant to wash, wash the braze above the dust, so brave pendant as much as possible to keep clean. When cleaning the best with water, the brave pendant in the water can be.
Round, is a seemingly simple, actually very wonderful shape. Maybe you will say, round, do not say is an ordinary round? There is no meaning, then you this idea is wrong, we all know, in the circumference of the case, the circle area is the largest, the business is the use of this feature, created a classic round small cup,

Look at the cup in front of me. Can not help but think of a sentence: “than the sea is wide sky, wider than the sky is the human mind.”
What is the meaning of a circular pendant?

Meaning one:

Everyone around us said every day, “the prime minister can hold the boat” and the Buddhist that big belly, laughing life of the Buddha Maitreya Buddha. He can tolerate the sky can not tolerate the matter, smiling, laughing at the world of ridiculous people. Ridiculous people are those small belly chicken, selfish people. Only as round like the broad, broad mind, the world can be brighter, life becomes clear and clear, round pendant is the reference to this meaning come.

Meaning two:

Round pendants like the sun is round, bring vitality, warm, the earth is round, round is the common life of the home. Round like water droplets, nourish countless lives.

Meaning three:

Round pendant like life, life is not a round! We usually draw a circle is very easy to draw a good life of this circle, your pen is growing, the friend is self-confidence, we only go to the fulcrum, to draw the circle.

Meaning four:

Round pendant is complete, auspicious meaning, reunion and the like, this is mainly because the circle itself is no gap, and C is a hole, so O is perfect.

Meaning five

There is another kind of circular pendant is the meaning of smooth, because the surface of the round smooth, cobblestone surface compared to the rough stone is not easy to sticky soil, as some people play the ball, pound paste, shirking responsibility.

Wear a circular pendant on behalf of the meaning

1. Porcelain diamond pendant is simple, simple return, wave point has the shape of the sun, which is a symbol of the world and the power of life, it also has the shape of the moon, which means a quiet, wave point is infinite Way, she broke the traditional sense of beauty, the integration of art and life, and Zuo Kayi wave elements will be used in the jewelry design, to express the urban women concise, simple style.
2. [Star] round pendant, two rounds of diamonds around the main diamond two laps, highlighting its atmosphere, luxurious diamonds emit a bright bright light, it is unparalleled tough and pure crystal qualities, people upsurge. Zoacai This selection of luxury rings is full of luxury and rich weather, with it has a success, with a higher quality of life.

3 round can be a symbol of success, perfection, but also the meaning of freedom, round and harmonious;

4. relative to the side that artificial, round that natural; can also be expressed reunion, intended to family fun.

5. The starting point is the end, no matter how fast you run, how far, still in this circle, full, eternal, no beginning and end, more than cycle.

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