Jewelry and watches of past lives and this life

Jewelry and watches of past lives and this life
Jewelry and watches and clocks is the intersection of jewelry table? The answer is not so simple, because this is not a simple A + B = C problem. In particular, has a long history of the brand “Cartier”, between jewelry and watches, but there are many stories! Over the past few years, more and more jewelry brand development of watches and clocks products; also more and more watches and clocks cross jewelry brand products. And other types of clothing, jewelry and watches more intimate, in the process of conversion and extension is also more natural. Jewelry and clocks and watches seems to be a pro, but really in-depth discussion, you will find a lot of “learning”. Jewelry and watches in the end what is the relevance? The intersection of the two is not only the result of jewelry table? Branding in the same name of the watch and jewelry series, but the concept of mutual borrowing and elements, or a deeper consideration?

Cartier brand, over the years in the jewelry and watch Replica Cartier jewelry achievements, almost equal, no sub-Xuan, and the development of a lot of the same name jewelry and watches, trying to explore the relationship between jewelry and watches, it is a good Subjects.

TANK series – the dialogue with the round

In Cartier’s series of works, there is a good example, that is the most classic Evergreen Cartier watch Tank (Tank) series. The prototype of the Tank Table was completed in 1917 and the actual mass production launch was in 1919. The classic elements are: the table was a square or rectangular, left and right side of the table frame to extend up and down to form a wide table with the lug table. Tank table was born, the surface of the table and the case shape is mostly circular, this shape of the human race and the celestial body of time to run the association. Tank table into a square, in addition to the shape of the watch made a new perspective, in fact, there are aesthetic and functional considerations. Because the square is more round and more convenient case and the lugs of the ear, so that the lug as the case of the structural components, that is, the two combined into one, not just in the case of the surrounding hard Bangbang plus two for the connection strap And the occurrence of the unexpected device. Now it seems that the design concept seems natural, nothing surprising; but if the time and space back to the late nineteenth century, the early twentieth century, will find it valuable. At that time in the form of a table, has been gradually converted from the watch into a watch. Watch to watch, in addition to the size of the movement and other technical problems to overcome, the appearance of the original design, is to think outside the case can be fixed strap, so that it can be worn on the wrist. From the first watch appeared to the tank table appearance, during which the design, step by step toward the watch is not just “pocket watch plus strap” only. According to the Cartier data pointed out that the real aesthetic concept with the jewelry to think about the location of the lugs to the brand, the tank table is the first time ever. In other words, Cartier watch not only as a wrist watch worn on the timer, but also a worn jewelry to consider. In this consideration, the classic elements of the table in the tank appeared. Watchcase neatly highlight the case, as the most natural lugs, strap as if extended from the table out. From the side, watch and watch the body to form a circle. By the table body of the square last interpretation of a round, square and round contrast, totally natural, has become a tank table in the design of one of the important concepts.

TANK ring – continuation of the classic elements

Tanks in addition to jewelry from the aesthetic thinking of its overall structure, early also have a diamond-type models. In its 1919 launch of the six tank table, there is a table in both sides of the table set with a rose-cut diamond. But according to Cartier’s own statement, the tank table and another series Santos, the original is the least often coupled with two series of jewelry decoration, until the 1980s, the tank table really close to the jewelry industry. Jewelry version of the tank table, while maintaining the basic elements of the table and style of the tank, from metal processing, gemstones to the work of precious stones color arrangement, and even the strap material, play a multi-change appearance. For example, the table frame by diamond-cut lathe, such as round drill, ladder drill or emerald-type lathe, the formation of the surface of the table and the surface line of the visual effects, or with different gems, resulting in watches of the times style change. Tank’s jewelry series is the most popular tank ring (Bague Tank), the tank ring has a neat and simple lines of the tank table, the gem in a way to insert into the ring and ring into the same width, and into the ring circle arc, square Of the gems as a part of the ring circle, the continuation of the tank side and round the nature of the dialogue. In addition to the natural transformation of the ring from the square gem stone ring characteristics, the gem of their own lathe, especially colored gemstones, the kind of convex, under the faceted faceted turner, also convex convex lathe turner and carver Bright ingenious in one. Than the tank table, the tank ring in the stone and color changes better, has become an important entry in recent years, Cartier jewelry classic style.

PANTHERE series – of the image as a freehand

Cartier has been the panther as a mascot, jewelry in Cartier, there have been many varieties of leopard, the most famous is the Puma (Panthere). In 1933, Cartier founder Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) appointed a talented woman Jeanne Toussaint as a jewelry designer, and Coco Chanel is a good friend of women, in the Louis Cartier’s encouragement, the design is not Less to animals as the theme of jewelry. Jeanne Toussaint personally quite like the leopard, it is said that her nickname is called “leopard”, perhaps with special feelings, she designed leopard-shaped jewelry is also particularly popular. Her most famous leopard-shaped jewelry is completed in the year 1948, the leopard-shaped brooch, which is her first piece of leopard-shaped jewelry. This Duchess of Windsor specially designed leopard-shaped brooch (Panthere Brooch), with white and white K to create a posture of the air leopard, and then diamond and sapphire paved with leopard, gorgeous but elegant. This leopard proudly in a convex 152.23 carat sapphire, but also a little naughty demeanor. From the beginning of this leopard-shaped brooch, Jeanne Toussaint has developed a series of leopard-shaped brooches, bracelets, necklaces and long-handled glasses, and the Duchess of Windsor was Cartier as the first to wear Panthere series of people. Leopard-shaped jewelry performance, how to convert it into a watch? According to Cartier’s information, the brand only to leopard as the theme of the drill table, in fact, appeared in the year 1914, even more than the above-mentioned leopard-shaped brooch as early as thirty years. But the real name to the puma for the series of watches, it is until 1983, only to appear. This series of watches, do not see the specific shape of the leopard, at first glance, and another Cartier series of well-known Santos table shape, but the table frame arc is more rounded repair, table box screw decoration is changed to more detailed smaller. The most important thing is, the metal chain with a short, a small rectangle in order from the order. And leopard-shaped jewelry, panther table is to use some simplified elements to freehand way to show the charm of this animal; and leopard-shaped jewelry is a concrete and delicate to describe them. Puma series models introduced, with the jewelry also followed. In the year 1992 Cartier catalog, you can see with the watch of the jewelry, mainly to watch the practice of metal strap, cut into necklaces, bracelets and rings. This approach is also a lot of brand watches in the design with jewelry, the most commonly used.

In addition to free jaguar, there is a table is a panther figurative leopard head plus a simplified circle into a leopard body, as the watch box, and the jaguar perfume bottles and leather goods on the metal exactly the same. Jaguars from the head to the body more vivid shape, has also been “transplanted” directly to the watch, but they are usually included in the advanced custom jewelry, and timing of the surface is usually not hidden, that is, Heavy decoration more timing. Said they are watch, might as well say that there is a time function of the bracelet is more appropriate. BAIGNOIRE series of jewelry watches are elegant jewelry and watch interoperability elements, in the Cartier oval table can also see clearly the use. According to Cartier’s information, in 1910, Louis Cartier designed a table is an oval table, because Duchess Maria Pavlovna very much like, and its shape called Baignoire (ellipse). This table has been a private collection, until 1938 only open. In the Cartier watch, the oval table because elegant and delicate, has been to be included in the female form of the table, the effect of changes in decorative effect has always been the focus of its development. According to the table extension of the jewelry, the majority is directly taken from its elements. One way is to directly take the metal chain as earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets. For example, the oval table frame is placed directly on the ring ring, a ring surface, inlaid yellow crystal, tourmaline and other precious stones. Another example is the combination of the metal chain with the oval body with “The Casque d’Or”, out of the cut out of the ring, bracelet or necklace. Because the elliptical table is Cartier has a very elegant style of female elegance, in its senior custom jewelry table, you can see a lot of its base type, and then decorated with gem practices, quite popular.

TRINITY Series – infinite extension of the classic and leopard-shaped table in the same order of birth, three-ring ring is an extension of the ring, that is, first jewelry, only watch. In 1924, Louis Cartier for his friend poet Jean Cocteau designed a ring to white K gold symbol of friendship, yellow K gold symbol of loyalty, pink K gold symbol of love, produced three K gold ring, and then they clever To ring sets, can not find the beginning, there is no end, a symbol of the three eternal, this is the famous ring ring (Trinity Ring). Jean Cocteau is clearly cherish this friendship, in Cartier’s book, there is a photo he took in the 60’s, in his little finger, wearing a ring ring. In addition to his Cartier ring to promote the birth of Cartier’s collection of antique treasures, there is a work and his. It is a saber, by his own design drawings, to Cartier production, while the sword inlaid a three-carat emerald, Coco Chanel is said to be special commissioned by Cartier inlaid up. Ring ring appears nearly seventy years later, the tricyclic ring was born in 1997. When introduced, Cartier will clearly point out that the ring is the brand’s entry jewelry, ring table also hope that in the Cartier table to establish this entry-class status. How is the ring extended into a table? Cartier’s approach is to ring flattened flat, as watch the watch box, which developed a circular surface, and then on the face plate and strap to do different changes

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