Ladies watch worn position lady watch the correct way to wear

Ladies watch worn position lady watch the correct way to wear
Ladies watch wear what position? The watch worn on the left wrist, and face outward, the table down, which also belongs to the normal situation; there is no argument must limit the watch must be fixed in the hand, and wear the position, I have seen a lot of ladies, although the watch is in the left hand, but the dial surface is to the inside, perhaps the heart is relatively small, so that more favorable to protect the watch, to avoid accidental bumps, right?
The watch can also be brought in the right wrist, just to facilitate imitation Cartier love bracelet the viewing time, the table should be up to the right, the same in the right hand, the dial surface also outward and inward position.
This relationship and personal habits, and may also have a relationship with the character, and may also be left-handed relationship, generally speaking, the watch should be equipped with relatively small amount of activity in the arm (wrist), so the watch by the vibration and shock comparison Less, benefit the watch’s travel time and protect the appearance.
Women wear a watch when the dial should be inward or outward?
Watch is also an ornament, especially when you bring a Swiss luxury watch, and all the same luxury, it should be exposed to it. There is an old saying goes, “with the watch’s love of heat, inlaid gold love”, that is the truth, in human society, the United States and wealth is the brilliant color of life.
Basically watch the design of the first consideration is the left hand to wear, there are two aspects of appearance and movement to consider. In addition to the appearance of the dial outside (dial to be positive, to watch the value of convenience), as well as the case and strap, they are above the logo and logo, should also be in the direction of wearing a positive view, For the United States; but the most important is the strap, especially the leather strap, if the watch in the right hand or other upside down to wear, there may be a bow and inconvenient situation.
The movement of the watch has a position usually not considered, that is, when the watch is vertical, the table to the right of the situation, because if the watch is worn on the left hand side, this position will not appear, unless you elbow to the elbow or table Take upwards. This position is more likely to occur only when the watch is on the inside of the left or right hand.
No matter how advanced the watch, in the accuracy of checksum detection, do not do the right position, like the famous Swiss Observatory (COSC), the watch also only 3 temperature and 5 positions, but not the right.
This is because in accordance with the theory of watches and clocks, in the vertical vertical, there is a position leading to the worst performance of the watch, the world has nothing to take care of the perfect thing, so it should be Replica Cartier jewelry placed in the most commonly used position Is the right position of the watch.
Ladies watch how to wear the way will affect the time to go?
There is a theory in the watch called “Grossman effect”, with a large number of higher mathematics to calculate, explain and describe it, probably means that in a few common position, we must let the inner edge of the hairspring are located above the horizontal line, Theory and experiments show that this time the indicators of the travel time will be better.
Research to study, theory theory, in fact, affect the watch too many factors, so you can not glue the tube, keep the rules, with a watch or to be free, the general principle is to wear easy to use, reverse the conventional personalized wear It is not impossible.
Ouli watches how much money
Ouli adhere to the quality of the brand, will continue to make new breakthroughs, all-round to meet the domestic consumer products and services of various requirements. With the best quality, the lowest price, fully meet the various levels of domestic consumer groups, to implement high quality and low price to win, get the same reputation of consumers.
Brand name from the Chinese Ouli, meaning “from Europe’s fashion charm” – hope that the European fashion into the Chinese market for consumers to create a prominent style, distinctive fashion brand, with a reasonable price for the Chinese young , White collar, fashion people to provide rich, exquisite fashion products. Ouli’s development in China is as expected to achieve its vision. Today, Ouli time in China’s sales outlets have covered a second-tier cities and markets, with tens of millions of Chinese consumer groups, and maintain a rapid and good development advantages. Ouli became the first choice for fashion people to buy the table.
Ouli watches how much money
Ouli watch the grade is not very high, so the price is very low. Usually common watches in the 150 – 5000 yuan range!
Omega watch old table introduced
Omega as a world famous watch brand, not only modern new product is very good. Some old Omega watches are also very sought-after. The following watch home to introduce you to an old Omega watch it!
For the real knowledge of the people, the price of about 6000 can get Omega’s old-fashioned watch, does not mean that the quality of these tables have problems. Mainly because the trend has changed, and now consumers prefer large-size watch, 34 mm Omega case diameter for them too small. Of course, even if not in line with the trend, unless you encounter a do not know the seller, we can not spend less than 6,000 yuan to buy a super professional “moon table”, and the Omega hippocampus series and super series watch more and more The more popular in the past 10 years, their prices have gone up.
Omega watch old table introduced
Omega Constellation series watch (model: 2852 10SC, ca.1961)
Although this watch seems to be used frequently, or even “destroyed”, and some people may still appreciate its “color.” This is a 20th century, 60’s early watch style, with a Cal.505 movement. The first generation of these Cal.50x movements was upgraded from shock-resistant movements (Cal.354 and others). After the 50X series, Omega also introduced 55X and 56X movement. At that time all the constellation series of watches are chronograph, so the dial printed with “official certification chronograph” message, the movement engraved with “5-position adjustment test and temperature detection.” Another model for the 2852 10SC constellation watch has a diameter of 35 mm case, fancy lugs and 10 face table. Dial copper green luster is more obvious, but with the big Tai Fei style needle, is still very easy to see when. The bottom cover of this watch is printed with an image of the Observatory, which is detected by the Geneva Observatory.

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