low coefficient of friction of the advantages of power reserve and travel time

Bo Lai Shi released BR01 COMPASS compass military watch
As we all know, Bell & Ross Bo Lai Shi watch the biggest feature is the elements of the aircraft instrument well into the watch design. And this period there is no lack of bold: for example, in 2010 to the market BR01 RADAR watch, is a radar instrument inspired by the creation of works. On the eve of Baselworld in 2011, Bell & Ross Laurent has released the BR01 COMPASS Compass Limited Military watch with compass.
Watch bezel is divided into two parts, the upper part of the center has a fixed vertical white line, with the clockwise rotation of the concentric hour plate and minutes, you can read the time. All time scales and Cartier love bracelet replica scales are coated with white luminous coating.
Watch case with 316L stainless steel to build, and coated with black PVD coating. In addition the bezel is also available decorated with Geneva ripple rose gold material is optional.
Different from the traditional pointer display, the turntable instead of the pointer will always appear uneven weight. In order to solve this problem, Bo Lai Shi application of innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to create a very light and strong turntable, which is not easy to deformation and very low coefficient of friction of the advantages of power reserve and travel time accuracy will not cause any negative impact. In addition, the master watchmaker to ensure that the size of the two turntables accurate to the level of microns to ensure smooth rotation of the two discs.
Watch limited to 500, equipped with a classic ETA2892 self-winding movement, stable and reliable. Domestic price of 49,000 yuan.
We have long been looking forward to the Spring Festival holiday finally arrived, we are busy for a year want to relax in the Spring Festival holiday to relax, so some people choose to travel, some people choose the elegant golf outdoors Movement, and some people choose to sleep at home, more people are walking relatives and friends, the year to save down the family friendship, continue to deepen.
Out travel sports watch recommended —- Rolex Explorer II Series 216570 black plate watch
Designed for outdoor adventure Rolex Explorer II watch, is your outdoor adventure essential essential assistant, in 1953 Sir Edmund. Hillary, who successfully boarded Mount Everest is wearing the Rolex Explorer series of watches, explorer watch in addition to adapt to a variety of harsh environments, but also provides a day and night to distinguish the function, when you exposure to the dark environment to help you quickly identify day and night.
Reference price: 53100 yuan
Golf outdoor sports —- TAG Heuer professional sports series Cartier love ring replica WAE1113.FT6004 watch
In 2005 when TAG Heuer and then the famous golf master Tiger. Woods co-launched a series of golf watches, has been launched by virtue of its unique design will show the incomparable charm, by the professional golfers favorite, its shape and Its slim and very strong, in line with the first-class golfers physical fitness environment and the requirements of the United States.
Reference price: 15500 yuan
Home leisure type —- NOMOS Tangomat series 601 watch
NOMOS Tangomat series of automatic models 601 minimalist design, dotted with a blue pointer regardless of any angle to watch all reveals a literary range of children, slightly beige dial has a special taste, it is increased this watch Of the elegant atmosphere, 38 mm dial with leather strap style simple and rich texture.
NOMOS Tangomat series with date display and no date display function, priced at 21,800 yuan and 26,800 yuan. The price is about 50% higher than the original classic section of the Tangente watch. The interior of the Cartier nail bracelet replica watch is used to ensure that the exact travel time is almost doubled: from the original four frame parts to seven, and add 15 gears and by the automatic disk and ball bearings composed of a new chain device. Therefore, the price of Tangomat watch as NOMOS other watch the same value for money.
Reference price: 21600 yuan
The last watch all the editors once again to give you New Year, bless everyone Dragon Year spirit, all the best, peace, as soon as possible to buy their own watch, many watch home stroll.

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