Nixon was born early in order to ensure the uniqueness and originality of the product

Nixon watches to break the silence for a long time to show the wearer’s personality and withstand high stress environment of high-quality watch industry. Nixon focused on improving the quality of the watch, and began producing a small number of custom watches sold exclusively in the exclusive boards and fashion retail stores, but because many athletes, rock stars and irons fans wore Nixon watches to push it to a wider world Brand customers have been all over the world.
Nixon Nixon watch brand introduction
Nixon Nixon watches were established in 1997 in the United States, California, providing customized watches for sale in fashion, skating, snow sports and surfing specialty stores. The brand watches imitation Cartier love bracelet are both stylish and practical. The “The Dork” watch, the unique alarm function, can be skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, surfers Saxon Boucher and some other let your unexpected athlete sound set to alarm bells; and “The Delta” watch, equipped with Any function required by the skier, including a chart that can record the best jump of the skier. In 2000, the brand began to produce accessories, the scope of business extends to more than 25 countries.
Nixon, in the California base, surfing, skating, Snow’s 3S sports between the requirements of people, with the “lifestyle watch” as the theme, Andy Latts (Andy) and Chad Dinenna (Chad) began to create a watch Collection. In the fall of 1998, more than 10 countries in the world shop sales started. Nixon made the watch, Nixon nature of the Nixon style, that is, all specially made. In order to have their own different personality knights, each type of pattern, drawing their views, singular, attention to the functional watch was born. This and the knights of the advertising and commodity development direction will have a great relationship.
Nickson is the 15-40 year old consumer favorite accessories brand, more importantly, inspired young people love the music, Nixon added a rich cultural heritage, combined with modern fashion inspiration and unique art design, so that the purchase Who appreciate the culture and influence of the Nixon brand.
Nixon was born early, in order to ensure the uniqueness and originality Replica Cartier jewelry of the product, only the professional board sports crowd and a small number of fashion channels open, the spleen has been extended to 47 countries sales, products from the initial watch to all kinds of electronic products , Strongly nixon brand sold at home and abroad.
BENRUS watches in the country can be used to describe the rare, in addition to China. The same is true of the rest of the world. So what is the BENRUS watch brand? Let the watch home to introduce the following!
BENRUS (Chinese translation: Bellosi) watch is a Swiss watch manufacturers! The current BENRUS Belo watch watches and its products as very little.
In Switzerland, there are many such watchmaking factory, (in its native) is almost no advertising without publicity, but the quality is not bad; is orthodox Swiss low-end brand watches, if you want to belong, then the United States, Han Milton, Citroen, and other brands classified as a class.
FILA brand was founded in 1911 by FILA brothers in BIELLA, Italy. It has developed golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, running and skiing series, and finally laid the backbone of world famous sports brand, is regarded as the representative of art , Luxury model.
Italian Fiore FILA watch brand introduction
FILA is the world’s top three sports brand, mainly engaged in tennis, skiing, golf, yoga, racing, watch and other elegant sports related product development. Bright and bold design style, excellent and elegant temperament and unique product efficacy, so that FILA (Philharmonic) in the international top sports brand charm unique, world-renowned.
Trademark Italy Rome fila (Sporting) Sporting Goods Company in 1972, hired a Japanese designer to fila design trademark. So the letter f as the main element of the trademark came out, and greatly appreciated by the Italian club owner. The f letter is very creative, the use of beautiful and full of geometric patterns, with a strong artistic beauty, and Italy has a long artistic atmosphere consistent. So far today, fila company still did not intend to change the trademark.
f.Time Paris watch symbolizes personality, unique, publicity, quality; fashion design and classic eternal complement each other, each table inspired by the touch of dazzling fashion, highlight its elegant and bold and innovative.
Ff.Time Paris watch brand introduction
F.Time Paris is the fashion industry tycoon Fashion TV2013 years of the rare show exhibition of the high-wing watch watch series of brand, to Fashion TV LOGO diamond shape based on the evolution of different exaggerated design of the European and American wind watch.
F.Time Paris as a “touch of luxury”, on behalf of a boutique lifestyle, but also represents the frontier happy and longing for the quality of life details.
In 1997, a businessman named Michel Adam came to Paris to invest in many different types of real estate projects. As Adam has a wide range of contacts in the fashion industry, attracting a lot of well-known designers to his venue to hold fashion activities, including a Café Fashion called Café has become a city of Paris fashion activities stronghold. In Café Fashion, you can see around the big show around the fashion show. Taking into account the needs of restaurants and clubs for attractive fashion shows, Adam founded FashionTV.
Today FTV business in 193 countries around the world, with 350 million home users. Thousands of fashion conferences held every year around the world are proud to be broadcast on French fashion televisions. National designers and top models also regard French fashion television as their home base for their honors. In addition to its television station, also has five-star hotels, resorts, clubs and other projects, production of their own brand of vodka, watches, accessories and other products.
In the world fashion stage to play their own unique charm at the same time, but also more inclined to do brand loyal customers “personal items”, truly reflect the quality of life and light extravagant details.