autumn winter is beautiful Will buy precious metal jewelry

autumn winter is beautiful Will buy precious metal jewelry
If you still is reluctant to part with delicate small adorn article, you will be behind The Times that this year’s fall, 08 year qiu dong designers seem to be tired of those sending out the infinite light of diamonds, let heavy metal to change.
Black coat and a black leather pants cool feels dye-in-the-wood modelling also appears to have failed to cover the one bright spot in the chest, numerous layers of heavy metal Replica Cartier love bracelet necklace, let integral modelling more have fashionable feeling and spirit.
If in our daily life as a model to wear out, seems a little too exaggeration, so we can choose the same concise but also have a metal style necklace, such as the owl necklace, is also a thick metal necklace, and under the owl lovely and nifty, at the same time, it is very popular this year the animal series of jewelry.
In a turtleneck sweater under our sheep neck seems to have lost its luster, and the collocation of grey and beige also seems to lack the window, but that a metal collar necklace and makes us excited.
Gold and silver metal around the ball like mother knitting wool in the winter of the ball, the taste of winter very much, and also with delicate in rugged, sphere connections between beads female wen wan, while the metal is no longer the cold at the moment.
Red coat and black dress collocation is perfect, just like the tie-in or enemy but the bosom that a bunch of sending out the black and silver metal necklace, as well as the wrist that has the texture of the bracelet.
Actually bracelet is the best match of decorations, no exaggeration you can wear it, like the bracelet with no specific specifications and big fine, but still belongs to its brilliance and beauty, who says rough Cartier love ring replica jewelry must be the man’s patent?
“Diamonds are forever, a forever”, when the DE beers to a classic AD opens the Chinese diamond consumption age. DE beers, the secret of success is subtly diamond marketing and personal desire for emotional need be in harmony together.
The motivation of consumers to buy a piece of jewelry, more is a kind of emotion. And a diamond ring, especially married diamond ring, which contains the affection is more abundant. Wedding ring ACTS the role of experts, understand this way, on a small ring used up idea, the meaning of a diamond ring to deduce acme, to provide customers with meaning of emotional jewelry.
Jewelry market belongs to the buyer’s market at present, but the goods homogeneityphenomenon serious again, different enterprise production and operation of similar products in terms of quality, performance, there is no much difference. In this case, the consumer shopping choice standard is the usual material practical indexes of transition to the spirit of sex on indicators, which emphasizes the jewelry products under the premise that the basic function of wear, pay attention to emotional needs, the pursuit to satisfy their psychological needs, this is the so-called emotional jewelry.
Customization, a distant dream?
This year, the same woman, but raises two hot news about diamond ring.
“Easy” Mr Leung in “lust, caution” send soup only pigeon eggs, this custom shop 6 carats Cartier diamond ring let tang “heart”. “Viagra” in reality, a 12 – carat diamond ring on July 21, 2008 wedding give wife carina lau, claims to be worth 25 million yuan. Carina lau is a happy woman…
This is a great ring, than a few days after the wedding “Taiwan’s richest man Cartier love ring replica terry gou” send diamond ring your nearly 15 times the newly married wife. Gou and carina lau spread gossip, worth far more than Tony leung, but terry gou, sends out the wedding ring was quiet a lot, is a only 3 carat diamond ring.
Coincidentally, however, they are all in top French jeweler, Cartier custom diamond ring.
The story of celebrity custom diamond ring always people in dinner conversation…
For a common diamond ring for the consumer, the in the mind may require a different diamond ring, but the custom cost is relatively high. For example, it will need your own jewelry design, to provide customized services of the jewelry store or diamond website provides a design diagram; Or need you enough money such as viagra, Guo Dong… , can let a jewelry store or jewelry website designer for you alone a personal style. And the two conditions, not everyone can have, this is the custom of Cartier, tiffany type service is difficult to the cause of the flying off the shelves.
Diamond ring custom, therefore, in many people’s eyes, is a distant dream…
Emotional products are favored by people, the root cause is the enterprise stand in the user’s standpoint, to consumers could be, like it or not, with no satisfaction as the guide line for product design and development, which integrates the enterprise to consumers a deep feeling and love, fully embodies the consumer as the core of the modern market marketing idea, and won the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Romantic tiffany reproduce natural wonders

Romantic tiffany reproduce natural wonders
Speaking of tiffany (Tiffany&Co.), reminiscent of above all is the blue box with white ribbon. This unique eye-catching robin blue, was named the tiffany blue (TiffanyBlue).
Since it was founded in 1837, tiffany was known to the world’s most exquisite diamond, the most prestigious’s design, will diamonds set on JieTai, make diamond light, pick up to the pole is still widely respected.
Tiffany is a symbol of American design, with love Cartier love bracelet replica and beauty, romance and dream as the theme enjoys a good reputation for nearly two centuries. Its soft and fine sensibility and extreme beauty, as many women in the world of fantasy and desire.
Tiffany as a brand of top class gem to show outstanding tradition and authority in the field of diamond design, a new 2010-2011 annual BlueBook luxury jewelry series will make its debut in October this year in China. This series of arts and crafts design recreates the natural wonders, let tiffany jewelry become memorable art treasures. In addition to let people enjoy the jewelry of luster, tiffany for them also equipped with a prestigious luxuriant tiffany blue box, that with the whole world.
The BlueBook showily the fine diamond jewelry series choose on color, clarity and cut process in accordance with the highest standards, set in the delicate base sends out a gleaming attractive luster, deduce the feeling of modern luxury. Tiffany has always been the pursuit of these impressive inherits the tradition of excellence. Platinum manual cutting circular and pear-shaped diamonds around a 30.31 -carat, clarity to the IF (internal without impurities) diamond pendant, necklace with female elegant neck curve fit, star-studded, reveal luxurious temperament.
Concise and elegant, bright in the shop, only elaborate the cane makes up the basket contains a variety of jewelry, accessories and chains, you can enjoying, then pick your favorite, with the tool of the store for you, do it yourself put them together, in the walls on the mirror again and again try, until satisfied… This novel and romantic diy jewelry store, you are interested in a walk?
Now, in guangzhou, shenzhen and other fashion cities in the south, this’s stunt jewelry shop is like spring, but mostly business thriving, it is said that is a good income.
Want to open a diy jewelry store so, actually not difficult also, the first thing you want to replica Cartier love bracelet rent an ideal premises, area need not very big, there are a dozen square, area had better choose in cultural and educational area, because this kind of consumption patterns are more likely to be high cultural taste and style not heavy material young people to accept.
Then you have to carefully arrange your premises, facade design for rich individual character, makes every effort to let you’ll never forget; Layout of the shop, to bright and elegant, can use some thick appearance rattan basket, ZhuBian cheng fang of jewelry accessories, height strewn at random have send them to display in the shop, there must be at least one side wall is equipped with full wall glass, mirror, style, and can try jewelry mirror convenience of our customers and also through the lighting, music, plants, decoration, etc., for your shop, build give a kind of artistic atmosphere, it is an effective means of attracting customers.
Characteristics of diy jewelry store is let customers processing jewelry, myself to get double harvest. Unlike other jewelry stores, therefore, you must be prepared to enough jewelry accessories, including all kinds of style and material of the chain, pendant, accessories, etc., pay attention to the material of jewelry should not be too expensive, but it must be unique, valuable jewelry of gold diamonds is not suitable for diy jewelry store business, and yixing porcelain, putuo, zhuji pearl shells, dongyang wood beads are good Cartier love bracelet replica material, of course, if you can run longer some, you can purchase to more better materials, such as Beijing cloisonne, lianyungang crystal, yunnan Burma Canon jade and so on. In addition, don’t forget to prepare a small hammer, pliers, scissors, etc, must be in this way, you can open.
Diy jewelry store is please customer oneself start work make jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you can back down the jewelry on information and knowledge, on the contrary, to open a good diy jewelry store, you have to make a research on jewelry appreciation level and production skills, being a good staff and assistant for the customer.
At ordinary times, can buy some more relevant magazines or books in the shop, both for the customer through reference, oneself also can use at ordinary times spare time learning how to learn.
The beginning and choose a good starting point is very important. Especially for small business, is critical to grasp the market hot spots.

The investment community famously said that investment you consume

Don’t think that is losing money, buying luxury the hand in the JiMaiHang or package rental store, with luxury thing have been making money. The prices of luxury goods intensifying, and last month you buy LV bag maybe will rise by 5% this month. With the investment community popular words summary is: investment you consume.
Luxuries hard cash problems gradually resolved, jewelry, watches, wine, cars and other mainstream luxury in folk are more active trading market, “to keep things, wine for wine, to keeping Cartier love bracelet replica package”, has become a tide of new financing way.
Luxury goods prices the scraping the sheng
The investment community famously said that investment you consume.
A good family and background of “sea turtles” millet for luxury goods is even more sensitive and love than their peers. In her view, although buy luxury goods in most cases do not realize the true sense of appreciation, but some things will not with the old depreciation and devaluation of time, even because of its scarcity and become valuable items. “Such as patek philippe watch, hermes platinum bag and so on, they are classic.” She said, now we own the most expensive a luxury is a limited edition of hermes birkin bags. “This package was my 18th birthday gift from my parents, now the price has risen several times, to force more than stocks.”
The global luxury industry in the wake of the financial crisis in the new spring growth. In the field of high-end consumer products, luxury has been occupying the status of “high”. In the first half of this year, the prices of luxury goods intensified. According to media reports, after 2 months to raise prices, Louis vuitton second price increase after the recent years, most rise around 5%; Also in the beginning of an increase in the price of some products of Chanel, recently also pricing again.
After the financial crisis, the rich and middle class consumption has not been significantly affected, benefit from strong demand in emerging market countries, the luxury industry take the lead in the recovery. , according to a report last year, luxury cars, yachts, planes and other luxury Fake Cartier love bracelet items accounted for nearly a third of the total amount of the alternative investment, China for mercedes-benz and fiat’s demand for luxury cars such as ferrari also increased significantly.
Represented by Asian wealth growth of emerging economies has helped boost the alternative investment market. Financial experts in one sentence to describe the investment opportunities of luxury goods is expected by the luxury goods industry, investors share global brand feast, and benefited from China’s consumption upgrading.
Revitalize the luxury good books
Many people afraid to investment in luxury goods, mainly is worried about luxury hard cash, funds are easy to be stuck in it. But this is not to solve. Now that luxury has become a new choice of investment appreciation, so for the average person how to flow again? In the cognition of the buyer, usually in luxury goods prices, by means of sale or auction, will invest in cash to revitalize the assets. This method may take a certain amount of time and effort, selling costs may also be higher. However in the present, jewelry, watches, wine, cars and other mainstream luxury in folk are more active trading market, “to keep things, wine for wine, to keeping package” as the latest financial hipsters.
One is the consignment. Bought a big bag, watches, scarves and other luxury goods, don’t like after using for a period of time, or after a new again, how to do? High prices will buy luxury goods idle is some waste. Based on a lot like people have the luxury goods, second-hand luxury goods consignment this way is part of the niche quietly popular in the crowd. But the population is small, the degree of their pursuit for second-hand luxury is crazy.
“White with a period of time, still perhaps can make money.” Millet summed up her way of investment in big package. International first-line brand luxury goods are generally value, such as Hermes, Chanel handbags, Cartier love ring replica price increases every year, nearly three years to rise around 10% a year. “Last year I spent 20000 yuan to buy a second-hand brand new Chanel bag is going to my mother as a birthday gift, but a month later she felt used in occasions don’t want to change a bigger one, and just the Chanel bag price, this time I again into the JiMaiHang sell this package, will be in accordance with the market price, the final sell also made a fortune.”
Millet with gusto, now part of this “hipster”, studies the each brand luxury goods which period of time, probably they before the price to buy luxury handbags surge, such as price and then sell on the JiMaiHang. “If you use more careful, handbags such as no obvious scratch, even pay 10% service charge, the still profitable”. Millet said that although this profit play luxury for most people, but to only have two or three big package for white-collar is worth the investment.
The second is the lease. Now to purchase luxury goods still is a luxury, so some people will spend or yuan rent package to surge. In guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai and other first-tier cities, the rent are popular package. Usually have a formal occasions, such as company annual meeting, wedding ceremony, honeymoon, JiMaiHang rent bag business is very hot, even rent package group. Pay 500 yuan, can with the ten yuan of hermes bags at the banquet.
We have learned, now a luxury rental generally provide the world’s top brands such as LV, GUCCI handbags, vacheron constantin, rolex fetch hundreds of thousands of yuan, such as watches, and sunglasses, wallets, belts, and jewelry such as luxury rental services.

Pour the princess’s luxury jewelry products

Pour the princess’s luxury jewelry products
In 1955, when the goddess in the history of Hollywood film Grace Kelly, said farewell charming film career and millions of fans, married old the Monaco royal family, the people were shocked. This is known as “the 20th century’s most beautiful” love, has created a famous century wedding.
The spring of 1956, Grace, wearing a pretty incredible Juliet cap, wearing heavy with thousands of fish oval pearl, wearing an ivory wedding dress, bearing ten thousand walk into Monaco cathedral square, leisurely to her groom, “the world’s ideal man”, dashing prince Rainier iii of Monaco. This gown is by Oscar winning designer Helen Rose specially designed, using 98 yards of gauze, 25 yards of pure silk taffeta, 300 yards of a 125 – year – old Rose valenciennes lace carefully from the system.
Senior Cartier jewelry Sortilege DE Cartier series
Has the Monaco royal commission of Cartier jewelry Cartier love ring replica emperor heroine specially designed for the wedding of a series of wedding dress, including wedding rings, necklaces and a platinum crown, which witnessed the sacred and the coming of the great moment. Grace loves the platinum diamond ring, the middle set with a 10.47 -carat diamond, both sides lined with a stick diamonds, dazzling and elegant calm charmingly together, on the design concept known as the “less is more”, its contracted and delicate design style reflects the artist’s princess credo: simple, pure and elegant.
Official photos released after the wedding ceremony, the princess Grace’s wearing a cap is made up of 40 stick diamonds three platinum crown blossom flower modelling, fine jewelry framework, each flower inlaid between a bright is dazzing round rubies. Cartier designers could usefully, crown three flowers can also be split into a set of corsage, so that the princess used in peacetime also can wear. Grace also wearing a shiny necklace, this necklace by three alternate wear consists of circular and stick shape diamond chain up to 58 carat total weight. It’s gentle femininity, and its impeccable modern style, really is a perfect female Grace unique traits.
Senior Cartier jewelry lilies of the earrings
The lords held only for love, be made into film opened in the world, become the most beautiful scenery in the last century. Kennedy had not become the President of the United States after watching the news, sorry to frown: “marry her, may be I originally!”
In the 1980 s, a flying car accident death to a generation of whole city. From then on, the charm of the Grace case forever in the most graceful mood. So far, there is no any could match a princess Grace luster, her elegant Cartier nail bracelet replica nobility, and so behind her lifelong not to marry the king. Not let a person QingKui, there is no grace.
Achievement Grace Kelly jewelry style Tips:
Using a single white diamond shining jewelry collocation is easy and simple style of dress, not only to maximize the foil jewelry sparkle, simple and pure elegant temperament also show clearly.
Kate Middleton
Influence in the world’s largest, highest exposure of the British royal family has always been to relish. On April 29, 2011, qing bumpy road of prince William and girlfriend KateMiddleton seven years run final correction, in Westminster cathedral staged an ornate the modern version of Cinderella fairy tale. Almost all the people in the world to witness the princess Kate wears a white wedding dress and formal in Windsor club this historic moment.
Smart, independent strong-minded Middleton princess wanted her dress to integrating traditional and modern aesthetic characteristics in a furnace. British local brand Alexander McQueen because of its exquisite workmanship and respect for the traditional craft and aesthetic modelling, wins the favor of the princess. Design from Sarah Burton, in the process of the design of dress, loyal to the material and the traditional process, the simple and romantic adornment modelling, on the basis of for fine tailoring and injected with unique, modern femininity, very accord with the style of Kate. Luxurious and solemn, with the church wedding atmosphere also bring out the best in each other.
Tiffany&Co. Earrings
The wedding day, the princess Kate’s whole body up and Cartier nail bracelet replica down the most compelling is queen Elizabeth ii lend the Cartier “halo” crown “. The crown in 1936, by the platinum create beautiful waves palm leaf shape design, embedded with 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 stick shaped cut diamond, like a ring of bright halo in the top of the head, thus its name. 1936, when the duke of york – later George vi, buy it under the crown, and gave his wife, and then passed on to their daughter, queen Elizabeth ii. The queen’s sister princess Margaret and her daughter, princess Anne was wearing it at several official ceremony. Several times, now the crown worn on the fourth generation grandson daughter-in-law Kate’s head. Visible, the real jewelry withstand time carving and the baptism of the years, experience is long cover is new.
Earrings are the parents of the bride to prepare gift for her, Robinson Pelham write. Oak leaves central inlaid with pear-shaped diamond pendant, modelling to pave diamond acorn button at the top. Design inspiration comes from Middleto clan badge acorns and oak leaves, hand in photograph reflect with the crown of naturalism modelling. And oak hardy, represent the indomitable willpower and healthy and vigorous vitality, and for parents to daughter in the future to overcome adversity of shandong pears on the warmest period cut royal life and best wishes.
Chopard necklace
Diana was of noble origin, but her generation Spencer family already take a few minutes of “old Wang Xietang yan, before flying off” flavor. According to Freud’s Oedipus complex reasoning, prince William will and a ordinary Cartier nail bracelet replica girl tie unsurprisingly knot of the type of Cinderella. Kate the real princess, go up the clothes, wear with parity ZARA, had hall, get lower himself, such a populist fashion vivacious nature can win and decoration proud princess Windsor aristocrat and cynical British people preferred!
Achievement Kate Middleton jewelry style Tips:
Want to win all people like elegant and pure and fresh princess Kate, when wearing jewelry remember four word “change numerous for brief,” don’t wear too much of a complete set of jewelry, classic and simple style is the best.
Charlene Wittstock
Hans Christian Andersen’s mermaid princess prince in order to give up the whole ocean, did not get the prince’s heart prince – another lover. The 21st century, seems to have to repeat the tragedy. South Africa’s national swimmer, have the reputation of “mermaid” in South Africa Charlene Wittstock with good looks and, vigorous figure, deeply captured the heart of the king Albert Ⅱ Monaco. Set, Charlene uprooted on unfamiliar Monaco homeland, and Albert low-key love for four years.
Anna Hu teardrop-shaped ruby diamond earrings
On July 2, 2011, Albert prince and the princess’s religious wedding ceremony was held in Monaco palace. Morocco royal family in order to show sincerity, will the princess’s wedding clothes to the venerable Giorgio Armani designs, rushed at a trend. A complete set of wedding dress took 2500 man hours to complete, with 40000 swarovski crystals, 30000 pearls and 20000 shells adorn article, 20 meters long mop silk skirt needs to be done more than 100 hours, the skirt with exquisite handmade platinum imitation Cartier love bracelet embroidery is took 700 man hours, is a beautiful, extremely use up showily. Charlene has both the athletes’ temperament and elegant, she can always know how to wear the clothes out of fashion sense, any jewelry accessories won’t appear too strong on her body, but for overall modelling perfect points.
Princess Grace Kelly’s beloved jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef) also participated in the royal marriage, for the production of Grace Kelly’s daughter-in-law crown. In order to express respect for the former champion swimmer, VanCleef & Arpels do not provide craftsmanship with the sapphire permutation and combination the dynamic wave, with 11 pear-shaped diamond present water ripple, made of platinum and bright type cut diamonds flashing with glorious, strip crown base diamonds into a wreath of foamy lace reflection water lines of light, spread into a charming asymmetric aperture. It is worth mentioning that this magnificent crown can be converted into a bright necklace. Fashion and elegant design and Charlene atmosphere dignified the aura of the perfect fusion, more promoted her female charm and elegance, delighted to princess named it as the Ocean.
Chaumet high set jewelry set of 12 works diamond necklace
Difficult to judge how much love into two impurities and moisture, but at least for the wedding, the king was determined, moreover, Charlene is not Anderson’s the vulnerability of the little mermaid. I wish the mermaid princess love regicide attack can sweep of the century.
Achievement Charlene Wittstock jewelry style Tips:
Tall temperament elegant atmosphere Charlene is perfect for wearing gorgeous exaggerated style jewelry, if you have a tall figure can try wearing gorgeous jewelry, just gorgeous jewelry must be simple and cultivate one’s morality dress phase contrast, and the body can’t more than wear two piece.
Remember “one thousand nights” in the prime minister of the beautiful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica, clever unsurpassed eldest daughter LuZuoDe mountains? She abandoned tyranny with wisdom and eloquence to persuade Sudan, saved the lives of the tens of millions of girls, finally also won the hearts of Kings. In the 21st century today, Morocco’s version of mountain LuZuoDe great. In 2002, a commoner attractive than she married into the royal family, and become one of the legal wife — no Mohammed vi; King Mohammed expelled for her first harem, abandoned the stereotypes of “sannomiya six homes” leopard; She also makes the whole moroccans monogamous; She continued to run in the third world, for women and children’s rights and freedom; Ancient Muslim countries have no status in women, she was the first to be considered a “princess” in Morocco. She is LallaSalma, one of the most beautiful princess in the world.
Salma can appear without veils in public, and boldly western-style clothing to replace the Arabian robe. But the ethical amorous feelings of Morocco has deeply her bone marrow, natural puffy red hair more let Salma with classical beauty temperament. She pay attention to the combination of tradition and fashion, in terms of fabrics or colors will still choose national characteristics, just clipping method is relatively flat and agile. Princess wedding photos with Mohammed vi, wearing a broad showily ivory traditional embroidered brocade gown, wearing a diamond-studded back form grain crown, simple dignified, noble generous.
Bulgari sapphire diamond necklace and earrings
Princess like Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultie, Gucci, Prada, and other top brands of couture, especially senior custom embroidery Valentino gown. In order to cater to the islamic customs, she tends to put fashion modified into the traditional style, wrapped around the shoulder, widen the cuff, or add a pleated skirt pendulum, in order to cover your knees over parts. At the same time, in the neckline, front and cuff large coloured drawing or pattern embroidery and crystal diamond ornament, sometimes cover a Snow White smoke fog like fine gauze, luxurious and elegant clever, all show the royal women’s graceful and wen wan.
Salma or Cartier, Chaumet, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, such as big fan. In jewelry choice, the grade of her conservative but never wrong, every time carefully choose the accessories of the same color is tie-in dress, such as the pink diamond necklace earrings with pink dress, ruby pendant tie-in embroidered with crimson flower dress and so on.
Piaget diamond earrings
Like a gale of fresh, princess Salma has injected new vitality for decaying old Muslim countries. Now, the beautiful princess has become a new idol of young women in Morocco, the grade that she often attract numerous women to emulate. Mountain LuZuoDe saga continues…
Achievement Lalla Salma jewelry style Tips:
Want to good at combine traditional and modern fashion style of princess Salma, learning can be like her to use the same as color tie-in dress, jewelry design ornate Over the Size of the eardrop is the best item.

On the choice of brands

On the choice of brands, women may be more likely to be AD, but men for luxuries consumption is more rational and planned, they more the pursuit of quality of the products and brands texture, more accustomed to receive services experts, so most of men than women have a higher brand loyalty. Maybe just like Paris in the spring of the department store marketing director Tancrede DE Lalun to the judgment of different gender consumer, “women who feel consumption, men are based on skill and technology spending power”.
Luxury brands want to capture more elite men’s heart, on the product nature must cater to the needs and tastes of men, so the professional quality is the key to take men each brand market. Has been to the quality of the high-end designer brands on the nature is capable of that, from products to sales was sold by the quality, highly mix will brand history and high-end production characteristics.
In Jonathan Seliger introduction, “Coach will still insist on $5 million a year in the customer survey, even to the homes of male customers visit, in order to understand what they wardrobe has been and still replica Cartier love bracelet need”, and the Coach on male consumers brand promotion is more emphasis on functional fit their life, and to emphasize the workmanship and quality.
Very professional tailors and custom services in male consumers view more attractive nature, France’s one hundred custom men’s shoe store Berluti as early as 1993 have been incorporated into LVMH, over the past few years has been in the global expansion, for countries to provide top elite men’s leather shoes custom service, the for men’s custom shop Arnys bid and Louis vuitton is not just for expansion and buying.
Arnys from since it was founded in 1933, though few in the fashion media appearances, but its deep French amorous feelings of the high-end custom men’s clothing has been favored by celebrities and industrialists, Picasso, Ernest Hemingway had been its loyal customers. And LV also wants to borrow Arnys exquisite Berluti expanded wings custom process for its brand, make the Berluti from shoe into the wardrobe, with high-end custom craft all-round attract elite men.
Attention to the quality, however, does not change the masculine mode of shopping and consumer behavior, ladies can spent the whole afternoon aimlessly in between the store, but it is simply inconceivable for men. Coach in the consumer research found that “men are usually do your homework before shopping, with a strong sense of purpose into the store, and then directly buy leave”.
To cater to these men do not love shopping, nature’s brand new Cartier love bracelet replica men’s boutique in consistent with the brand the whole style but also the feelings of men. Hermes will be the only one man products store decoration for the style of traditional tailor shop, auburn sandstone of the architectural appearance, inner color inside collect, set up booths to provide customized services, it is more like a gentlemen’s club.
However, in the LS: N Global study, the men spend time on shopping, though obviously lower than women, but they usually would be more luxury goods. The Pacific department store in Beijing in the last year’s sales figures, men shopping proportion of 30%, they appear frequency is low, but the average guest consumption of the unit price is 2-3 times higher than women. As a result, luxury market is experiencing a transformation, male tonal gradually emerge.
“He” market in China
The contribution rate of the luxury market “he” growth around the world. After the financial storm in 2009, the men all over the world hope to fill your wardrobe with a new dress as soon as possible, however, bain luxury survey in 2011, “men from emerging markets, especially China market consumers are the main driving force”.
According to market research firm Euromonitor, according to data from 2005-2009 period, the Chinese women’s luxury market grew by 7%, and in the male market, the figure is 48%. The Coach, there also appears to have been, at the end of the fiscal year ending on Coach men category market $400 million sales in the whole world, this only accounts for 9% of total sales, but sales in the Chinese men’s category accounted for 40% of total sales in China market.
Sales performance in different international markets, China’s luxury Fake Cartier love bracelet market has always been a “male” market. In 2011 the Chinese millionaires brand report shows that in the Chinese luxury consumers, two-thirds are male. In emerging markets, men generally is always the first group of consumers of luxury goods.
Chinese men’s luxury goods consumption nature has its own characteristics. In the bain statistics, 50% of luxury consumption market in China are used as present. The Chinese market, however, men of consumer buying habits change also cannot be ignored. Let China men attention and care about fashion is no longer impossible task. Like Jonathan Seliger noted, “the Chinese man is becoming more and more fashion, they pay more attention to their dress and they used to act the role of.”
But these are really simply say the half, the rise of Chinese male consumer groups because they eventually the accumulation of social wealth. In the China merchants bank, the high-end men’s lifestyle and needs comprehensive research report shows, in the high-end consumer groups, males accounted for about 7, most of them are important positions, the average annual salary of 510000 yuan, the average family’s annual income of more than 760000 yuan. Their consumer consciousness of brand is becoming more and more intense, has become the backbone of the current domestic high-end consumption.
Such a new group of rich men consumers mostly born in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, they have very different from their parents, they begin to pay attention to his appearance, is happy to enjoy life, to the identity of the appeal is becoming more and more diversified, perhaps in the identity of the executives, they still hope to be able to appear as a Cartier love ring replica campaigner, art lovers, so man product category is also naturally rich rise.
In COACH, the focus group research results in the every year, Chinese men are focus on the product category is no longer limited to the shoes or suit, they have begun to deserve to act the role of more and more pay attention to body, watches, neckties, the feasibility of handbags have become men even express grade choice. In high-end department stores, men store product category are more rich and delicate, jewelry, handbags, glasses, jewelry, and even in cosmetics.
In many Chinese men’s high-end brand in the consumer behavior, although the expression is still important, status and wealth even LV had sales figures show that with the plaid package “LV” logo is better than no obvious identifies with the product more popular. With the maturity of China luxury consumption psychology, however, Chinese men show the way of wealth also in the event of a subtle change, many men have won’t choose the products with visible with the words “H”, but are keen on the smallest details showed his grade.
Experience the thrilling gender transition, men have been with them for the pursuit of high-end quality, luxury market into belongs to “he” elite consumption age, and the luxury brand in the men’s market landscape planning is ongoing.

Love luxury more men than women

Love luxury more men than women
In recent years, the luxury market “he” is different from usual perk up, men, the purchase demand for high-end brands have much higher than women. At bain &company in 2011 global luxury goods market research report, the male luxury now occupies the 50% of the luxury goods market, rose by 2% compared to the two years ago.
Do you believe that? Love luxury more men than women
Were mainly designed for men of cars, the wristwatch, preference in women’s clothing, luggage accessories category, the men began more than ever. Even in the mature European and American luxury goods market, in the past five years, high-end men’s clothing sales growth speed is twice as many women’s clothing.
Men have become more and more fashion, more concerned about their appearance, dress more elegant. The world luxury association last year, according to world luxury blue book report released over the past five years, male high-end product market growth rates in all categories beyond the women.
Luxury the fast-growing market for men, each brand have been broken into, GUCCI, Louis vuitton and Hermes, and many other luxury brands are beginning to give men more attention and investment, broaden the product line of men, even open a men’s products stores, luxury market is experiencing a gender transformation, into the “he” era of luxury goods.
Men rise of the market
The global economic slowdown for many luxury brands is not a very good news. However, in the fashion trend forecasters LS: N Global study, “women perceptual consumption habits decide they are more susceptible to the influence of economic crisis, while the men market consumption more rational and stable performance, is still a large market potential.” So some luxury brands are successively adjust product line, the battle for the men’s market.
Coach has always adhere to the “luxury” in the luxury market positioning, although before 71 from man deserve to act the role of class started with brand, but in the 1960 s to develop women market sales have been the dominant, until the 1990 s, sales of Coach, the man products still account for only 25% of the total sales. In the Chinese market, the Coach, the brand awareness is only 16% in men, this Coach in China, President and chief executive Jonathan Seliger view, “the men for Coach is a huge market opportunity”.
Therefore starting from 2010, Coach began to rebuild the male market, in the United States and the global market focus expand man bags, accessories line, and the first open man products store in North America, and men product independent concept store has just opened in Shanghai in October.
The luxury brand pyramid more upper Hermes has always been set up shop will not easily change their rules and pace, but men are also let Hermes do again look on coldly. On Madison avenue in New York in 2010, Hermes has opened between the world’s first men’s boutique “Hermes MAN’s flagship store in New York”, dedicated to men’s tastes, and the characteristics of the clothing, the store design for the traditional style of the tailor shop, and to provide customized service.
Although in recent years, it is perhaps Hermes store for men in the world the only, but the market has shown how the store men overall potential. In fiscal 2011, Hermes men’s clothing sales totaling 2.84 billion euros, a third of the total sales of Hermes, in October this year, Hermes Man held by the men’s clothing store customers hosted a dinner party, company chairman and chief executive Robert Hermes Paris Chavez also could not help but express incremental sales to this accident.
In the luxury market “he” the arrival of new era, some people choose to adjust the route, internally to the permutation and combination, people will naturally expand outside the capital, male consumers in response to growing up. Like bain &company EMEA regions (Europe, Africa and the Middle East), director of consumer products De Montgolfier predicted last year, “the men’s market is about to see a company acquisitions, especially in the field of clothing accessories.
Louis Vuitton (LV) in people’s impression always focus on bags handbags, but the “common” as LV always can’t get rid of the shadow, in recent years to keep his number one position, luxury goods and need to find time to strengthen the custom business, recently broke into the men is better chance for LV.
Has dozens of brand Louis vuitton group nature also continue to himself in the lines of business, LVMH in June this year to buy a 79 – year – old French veteran menswear haute couture clothing store Arnys, although the purchase amount has not been announced, but Arnys revenue of around 10 million euros in 2011. French luxury retail group PPR in Arnys acquisition also participate in the competition, although lost in LV, but PPR has completed in September 2011 for men’s wear brand Brioni Cartier love bracelet replica acquisition for Rome, Italy.
Actually pay attention to a man nature is not a handful of independent behavior, relatively early entry RalphLauren and dolce &gabbana, and began to act in recent years the Italian brand Gucci and Bottega Veneta are starting to open only for men’s wear and men’s accessories shop, meet the needs of men. Even on women’s shoes of the Jimmy Choo shoes brand and with the Christian Louboutin red bottom heels is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, turned to open men’s shoe store, luxury brands in the patriarchal rise has become a fashion.
“He” era of consumption
For a long time, men and women have different luxury consumption motivation and consumption behavior, the strength of the luxury goods market after sex after conversion, men also gradually bright up the characteristics of luxury consumption age.
The world luxury association in the luxury of psychological trend report has luxury consumption motives of study, different from women for sensual pleasure, emotional experience and emotional needs met, in the male consumers of luxury goods, luxury bring quality to satisfy and identity expression is the most important attraction.

Cartier is rolling out many excellent luxury watches

Cartier is rolling out many excellent luxury watches
Cartier will be launched in the event of many new watches, delicate design give people a unique visual enjoyment; The perfect manufacture craft and exquisitely brilliant tourbillon device, which embodies the designer’s unique talent and inspiration.
Inscribed on a vehicle on the dial represents those beautiful and unforgettable moments, as will be in mid-april 2007 Geneva Cartier international advanced and horological exhibit on the wonderful moment. [Cartier 07 high-end jewelry series]
Cartier Libre diamond wrist watch series is this year’s upcoming jewelry watches of extremely rich individual character. This series of dial features free writing, presents the verve of the contemporary female romantic unruly. Eccentric type, glass bead, and the design of the “fantasy” created three creative wrist watch.
TWIRL diamond wrist watch latest elegant charm of 1420 diamonds
GUCCI late last year for the Chinese mainland market, bring many GUCCI luxury jewelry watches, among them with a value of RMB 800000 TWIRL diamond wrist watch is especially remarkable.
TWIRL diamond wrist watch is a unique art treasures, bright is dazzing visual feast. Seiko will 1420 diamonds set in 18 k white gold case and bracelet, dazzling shine.
These precious stones inlaid on the chain with GG design adornment, foil a wrist watch round wheel contour, and mother Bai Sezhu shellfish dial reflect each other.
The rotation of the same as other styles watchcase device, as long as a simple action, can convert this unique watch to wear elaborate luxuriant bracelet for important occasion. After the flip, present a diamond-studded watchcase, back and dazzing bright.
Twirl diamond wrist watch charm and unique design, can capture most vitality and elegant charm of modern women. Twirl diamond wrist watch valuable unique, only accept custom-made, more highlights its elegant and extraordinary.
News reports, according to world luxury in the 17th century, people advocate gold and can’t wait to gold element doped into the watch, with attractive scintillation Jin Guanglai luxury; In 2006, gold prices surged again, watch again to “boss” down a peg or two to become the mainstream of fashion watches. Let money worship come more violent, even though it always with a luxury
Do you know the watch?
Jin (Gold) is a kind of big density, low hardness of metal, when Gold and other metal doped together, can not only increase in the hardness of Gold, and will present a different color, known as 18 k yellow Gold is the different proportions of Gold, silver and copper of 75% (75% 75% Gold, silver, copper).
24 k pure gold is to say, in theory, a valley (Grain, the smallest unit of weight, is equal to 1/480 ounces, or 0.065 grams) of pure gold korah made a 1.5 mile long line of gold. Because gold is so soft and easy to bend, so in the field of clock made in casing or strap etc do not use pure gold, but in a different colour of gold production, such as: 9 k, 14 k and 18 k gold and so on, many are 18 k gold watch.
Viewed from the outside, yellow gold watch model not only has the visual effect of bright and warm, and on the watch case with a metal, such as: Switzerland participated the head of the goddess of the design on behalf of 18 k gold, and since 1995, as long as it is precious metal case shall adopt the design of the saint Bernard dog as a mark, 18 k colour imprint will be expressed in the form of additional 18 digital balance design.
Time is money
The combination of gold and time, the estimate is “time is money” the best interpretation of this sentence. Clock designers cleverly used the subtle relationship between the two, launched a series of gold COINS as Cartier love bracelet replica exterior materials table, these wonderful works could be the most personality gold watch.
Breguet as early as 1928, introduced a small pocket watch with gold COINS, then select the face value of 100 bolivares of venezuela’s gold COINS, watches the main feature is the coin edges are back sides cut in two, were used as surface and watch case bottom cover, and placed in two gold COINS is refined during the movement and dial. In 1948, constantin also launched the British gold watch. In the 60 s, patek philippe a pocket watch use the concept of gold table, just chose the appearance of a gold medal in memory of President Kennedy. During this period, omega, and huang, Abby and girard-perregaux brand launched gold pocket watch.
In the 1970 s, such as earl, volume of more than Swiss watch manufacturers have introduced a gold watch, which mainly adopted the us $20 COINS, gold one side of the head is engraved with the statue of liberty, carving around 13 pieces of the star pattern; Side heraldic eagle carving, carving around the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TWENTY DOLLARS, “the words, talons side holding the olive branch OF peace, holding the symbol OF war the other side OF the bow and arrow. From some of the auction, we still can find Cart double eagle gold COINS made in 1904 the United States selected tables, and choose the United States in 1906 made in double eagle gold replica Cartier love bracelet COINS Semca gold table, etc. On August 24, 1821, Mexico announced the declaration of Cordoba (Treaty of Cordoba), formal independence from Spain and to establish the first empire, and the theme rolex designed a gold watch, choose 50 pesos Mexican COINS as watch case.
Started to enter the heyday in the 80 s, gold watch, constantin manufactured 1904 $20 a gold watch and a watch, because chose 1003 ultra-thin mechanical movement, become a gold coin in the table. Chopin and kunlun $20 gold table masterpiece is horological technology, especially the kunlun table will break the traditional gold table design concept, will be $20 COINS as a dial. Statue of the emperor of the hollow out movement of gold watch is a new generation of gold COINS.

Cartier Libre diamond wrist watch series

Cartier Libre diamond wrist watch series
Cartier will be launched in the event of many new watches, delicate design give people a unique visual enjoyment; The perfect manufacture craft and exquisitely brilliant tourbillon device, which embodies the designer’s unique talent and inspiration.
Inscribed on a vehicle on the dial represents those beautiful and unforgettable moments, as will be in mid-april 2007 Geneva Cartier international advanced and horological exhibit on the wonderful moment.
Cartier Libre diamond wrist watch series is this year’s upcoming jewelry watches of extremely rich individual character. This series of dial features free writing, presents the verve of the contemporary female romantic unruly. Eccentric type, glass bead, and the design of the “fantasy” created three creative wrist watch.
Vacheron constantin, was founded in 1775. Vacheron imitation Cartier love bracelet constantin, founder of the philosopher Jean Marc vass lung (Jean Marc Vacheron) knowledgeable, skilled, is a grand master watch industry, is also a good friend of Rousseau and voltaire. Vacheron constantin was nearly two centuries, it has long been recognized as the world’s oldest watch factories. Has been working on continuation and consolidate its initial tabulation traditions, the pursuit of more exquisite technology and the appearance of bright eye design. This kind of unique quality and style, perfect performance in each a hand-made wrist watch.
Vacheron constantin has a long history, has for many years experience of tabulation, there are quite a few of producing a classic. “Minimum quantity, the best quality, the highest price” has always been a vacheron constantin management strategy. Today, constantin in Geneva factory annual output is 6000 watch only. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records, and the date of sale and movement watchcase number etc, are all intact retention in the cabinet of the company. They will be superior technology, strict testing, exquisite craft and perfect model together, create an elegant, impressive unceasingly, extremely rare classic collection value. In the long tabulation years, become the symbol of rare elegance unabatedly.
“Omar it cross” to mark vacheron constantin, the former is used to adjust the manual TAB times clockwork elastic precision gear. Only with their traditional symbol of superior craftsmanship and manual TAB.
The world’s most expensive watch
Vacheron constantin’s classic – charis tai (Kallista) is the world’s most expensive watch. This table in 1886, was formerly a harry king of Saudi Arabia (Kingalid) ordered, but harry German king died during manufacturing. This table is made in 1986, by an unknown buyers with a us $3.5 million to buy. On December 3, 1987, harry m hands again, was Pierre in PALM BEACH Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry line owner (Piene Halini) valet to buy. Harry m claimed that he was us $5 million to clinch a deal. So, Mr Rees table daily appreciation $4000 was made. Soon, Pierre harry m the only one of the world’s most expensive watch into the United States, to an anonymous buyer.
Charis tai (Kallista), watch body strap diamond-studded, sharing in 118 after strict selection of royal blue white diamond, weighing 130 carats. Is each weight of 1 carat diamond (surface; surface peripheral 2-4 – carat diamond, a total of 14, strap part adopts per carat diamond). Vacheron constantin factory for manufacturing this table, the best technicians, recruited through 6000 hours work made 20 months. “Kallista” in Greek means perfect, and the finished product is really perfect.
Unique design
Vacheron constantin is famous for its technology all over the world, good at complex mechanical watch manufacturing. With Les Complications series new watch Saltarello as an example, the bottom of the table of transparent crystal, convenient movement of the wearer’s appreciate mechanical operation, owing to the high production requirements, so this watch limited release. Jumpinghour design is superb, it at the time of 12 window display time, half circle minutes, known as the jump table, is very rare.
Master of thinking, the test of time
Thor than lang (Tourbillon) table is another masterpiece of vacheron constantin. It can through to admire the surface of the sapphire crystal, modelling design precision power reserve display elegant, unique, fully imitation cartier love bracelet showed the deep mystery of time movement. Classic works of thor than lang and reproduce the vacheron constantin motto: perfect is everything. Technology laid the creation and production of vacheron constantin principle, because of this, every piece of vacheron constantin after several years of temper, the master every scale reflects the importance.
A symbol of abundance
That year to celebrate the wedding of Britain’s princess Diana and prince Charles of the united Arab emirates and build the emirates specially to the vacheron constantin ordering the most expensive, only small wrist watch Lady Kalla. This watch with 30 carats 108 cylindrical rare diamond refined but become. Princess Diana wore this watch more attractive, but also to the world reflects the vacheron constantin richly showily.
Rare precious Les Historiques
Les Histohques it will ever popular add fashionable element to deduce the style, elegant and noble, has the natural breath. Each style distinctive, rare, valuable.
On behalf of the active enterprising 0 verseas
Overseas marks vacheron constantin active and enterprising spirit, with the material of steel and pure gold and other high-tech it create the bright time feeling and wins the modern people’s favorite, and was awarded the honor of “precision chronograph” certificate.
Noble elegant Les Joailleries
Les Joailleries series Fiorenza is impressive. A full table about the more than 200 rare round diamonds. Overall modelling elegant and pure and fresh, simple and easy, revealing its elegant everywhere. Vacheron constantin blend in jewelry inlaid craft tabulation technology, more show women’s elegant charm.
Excellent quality assurance Les Essentie11es series
Excellent quality assurance Les Essentie11es Pahmony series, but also to its special rich connotation and rigorous testing. Pakimony with ultra-thin movement as a selling point. Although its appearance is not fancy, but each watch comes with a guarantee of good quality, is recognized as vacheron constantin classic.

A classic is tempered ROLEX

A classic is tempered ROLEX
At THE end OF 2009, THE renowned Swiss top quality, and technology ROLEX watches ROLEX, for THE first time in Beijing since founded in 1908 THE first large-scale brand activity – “ROLEX, crown eternal” (INTO THE REALM OF ROLEX) exhibition, with distinguished guests from global share wonderful well-known brand story. Low-key style, and products are rarely spend rolex opportunely, is how to become a classic in one hundred?
Whether it is a die-hard fan of table, or the general public, to talk about but don’t talk about rolex watches, I’m afraid is a very rare thing. On rolex, there are many be called legendary story – similar to within the victim strangers, pawned his rolex made money, get the help or comeback legends abound. For the world of the wrist watch, the other table just table, rolex is hard currency.
Legend originated from original
As all great career, today it seems brilliant abnormal rolex, actually also originated from a common starting point. Hans Wilsdorf was born in 1881, in the early 20th century, a pocket watch in an age of young he started into the Swiss watch industry. Then watch only considered to gain women like jewelry, output, Hans Wilsdorf is believed that wrist watch the same beautiful Cartier love ring replica, precise and durable. In 1905, the age of 24, he opened a clock and watch company in London, specialized sales to Britain and the commonwealth countries, and for the product is equipped with by the bill, a wrist watch manufacturing company production of small precision machine. In 1908, for his innovative products registered trademark name – Rolex. The name pronunciation habits, comply with all European languages and can be easily printed on the surface. Hans Wilsdorf beyond the contemporary original rewards soon, a world war ii havoc to mankind, but also to watch popular best driver, to carry on equipment, wearing the uniform of the soldiers, heavy watch owns the incomparable advantage, pocket watch rolex soon became Britain’s most important supplier of watches.
Precision is the only language
Rolex was founded at the beginning of the first ten years, Wilsdorf insisted movement to official testing quality control mechanism, improving machine reliability. In 1910, is located in the city’s official chronometer testing center for precision chronometer rolex watch of wrist of a given official certification, this is Swiss watches is the official first grant such certification. In 1914, A rolex watch was awarded by the UK A level precision meter when the certification issued by the observatory, originally only professional Cartier love ring replica plan to get the award. Rolex quality since then became a synonym for precise wrist watch, and this success also make future rolex more determined to most of the production of watches to send observatory authentication strategy, to this day, rolex number has already been certified by observatory watch far ahead of other competitors, ranks first in the world.
All glory began in oyster type
In 1926, the world’s only watch of wrist of waterproof and dustproof, named Oyster type (Oyster), the so-called Oyster type watches, because its screw-plug waterproof back cover the inspiration for the copy from the structure of the Oyster, USES the completely sealed casing, provide the best protection for movement. The rolex oyster type wrist become the pronoun of waterproof performance. The emergence of oyster type wrist itself is a challenge to traditional clock markets, also let brand legend had begun. In 1927, oyster type wrist watch with young British female swimmer mae sai di, gilly swim across the English channel is still Cartier nail bracelet replica intact, as accurate, has uncovered the rolex and achievements of the prelude to the close cooperation among the individual, and the combined with physical exploration activities promote activity, also known as the last century, the most successful marketing gimmick.
Innovation and function together
In the 1930 s when other factory also do experimental automatic chain institutions, rolex has its research and development technology are being made for many years, has successfully launched in 1931, ahead of other competitors on the rolex oyster type automatic list, today the most automatic table of the world actually have to accept the rolex of this technology. Calendar in 1956, the week (Day – the Date), this is the first in the world can complete data show the Date and week wrist watch. In the decades after Hans Wilsdorf era, even if the impact of the experience of quartz and the technology of electronic timing, rolex has always stick to the field of development of mechanical timer, in the early 1950 s, with perfect precision and excellent waterproof performance, rolex developed professional watches series, function far beyond simple timekeeping.
Details of enduring classic
In recent decades rolex watches can shape and design change is not big, so hidebound be attacked, the status quo, but rolex has always been proud of “the pursuit of precision” and “pay attention to practical” rule of the two Cartier nail bracelet replica pillars, the classic table has a series of inspiration, characters and events overlapping of legendary stories. Even if consumers may not be able to see from a glance on modelling rolex on precision and practicability of progressive constantly improved, but look at passes were retained by the countless times to temper the classic design, such as oyster type watchcase, Benz pointer type, dual time display, waterproof performance, helium discharge valve and one-way rotating timing outer design, etc., and those seemingly mundane table, calendar, the second hand move the most professional design become rolex praise good details, even by today’s TAB in data is a classic century. Rolex such restraint whose general tabulation attitude, it is proved less is more minimalist design concept.
The story of the classic, traditional, and honour, and the clever union of science and technology, has the magnificent words of the eternal, has excellent course, achievement have intelligence and innovation, more the pursuit of perfect indefatigable spirit.
Classic is such recognition
Classic features 1. In the 12 o ‘clock position fluorescence point must be a jade. The modelling of oyster type shell has experienced the test of more than half a century has become a classic and timeless, especially the fluorescent Cartier nail bracelet replica points at 12 o ‘clock, extremely warm smooth, like a pearl, it appeared in the diving watches more series, become one of the most important detail features.
Classic features 2. The second hand move has special rules to follow. In simple terms, is in the operation process of wrist watch, you should see the second round match at the end of the key just pass in the center of the “mercedes-benz” clockwise, the seemingly casual “design” is often, but can show the brand good capability and rigorous attitude.
Classic features 3. Rolex calendar font is different from the conventional design. Whether Day – the Date or Submariner, calendar fonts are highly characteristic, the easiest way to distinguish the two Numbers is 1 and 4. In “rolex system”, “1” appears very like the English letter “I”, and “4” on the top of horn is flat.

Watch of wrist of earl Piaget Limelight Twice in China

Watch of wrist of earl Piaget Limelight Twice in China
Recently, the world’s top luxury best earl LAN CLUB in Shanghai Lan. CLUB held 2009 earl Limelight Twice on the Chinese media tasting wrist watch, shows it has an unprecedented breakthrough design concept of double wrist watch.
Since the late 1950 s, the count, with its bold and innovative jewelry watches and unique design style. In 2009, the earl of its vaunted Limelight series added, launched a new concept of table: Limelight Twice wrist watch, and at the ninth clock is great reward in Geneva (Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix) “ladies watch of the year” award.
The all-new traditional watch design concept, it is double wrist replica Cartier love bracelet watch in the “positive” is not only the “back”, and “back” can also become a “positive”, for double side wear. Mood or you can respond to different occasions, and casual to turn the whole gold wrist watch to wear, and the two sides can perfect attach the wrist curve, the Limelight Twice wrist watch is able to fully reveal elegant refined or two different personality extrovert.
Limelight Twice the watchcase line of pure, fashionable and warm. Concise style wrist watch “on the back engraved with radial decorative platinum round the sun. Elegant black dial is set to 6 position. And “positive” the case of outer ring is set with a list of flashing, beauty on the white dial, full of characteristics of Roman numerals foiling in 12 when the location of the pointer. The wrist watch with two independent earl 56 p quartz movement, to provide power for double sided wrist watch, so can show the two different time zones.
The Limelight Twice senior jewelry style wrist watch “on the back of the” beauty of dense set arranged from small to large, create the sun radiating effect. And the other side of the extremely luxurious, all over the sky star surface to honor the beauty of colorful light radiation, set out the sunrise spectacular feelings, reflected the mysterious black eccentric Cartier love bracelet replica face plate. In addition, the novel integration mode of casing and the strap, and hidden set-up time button, all the Limelight Twice wrist watch more add fun.
Earl have always with elegant and distinguished jewelry table, proud in the Limelight Twice to break through the traditional design, create amazing moving effect, fully display the count has incomparable innovation spirit, is to let the guests once again to praise the earl masterly craft.
Looked around, enjoying the earl of mysterious atmosphere for guests to build luxury, gorgeous dress supermodels wearing unique innovation Limelight Twice wrist watch, under the dream-like crystal light mapping, present a two-sided iraqis, charm of the dumping of sentient beings. In this is endowed with artistic space, the venue of the soul Piaget limelight Twice with its outstanding design and with profound artistic background gives us a great shock and appealing visual art feast.
If you have enough patience, like a squirrel shell nuts shell of the watch, you will marvel at this octagonal world, should have such wonderful things around.
Have you heard about “science squirrels” this organization? A gang Fake Cartier love bracelet of young scientists of the science communication, public interest groups, which to crack a nut like a squirrel shell, shell open science.
Octo Repetition you can ask three watches, because this watch is too complex, and the “squirrel” best use most people can read, and interesting language to explain the wonderful things around.
The first step in the shell, let’s look at Gerald CharlesGenta (weighing) who is it – he had a reputation of Picasso “clock”. The master was born in Geneva, is Italian descent, 15 years old study jewelry design, after the age of 19 into advertising, fashion, 23 years old to watch creation, finally set up his own studio in 1969, and in his own name Gerald Genta as a brand in the production of watches. In 2000, the brand was bulgari acquisition.
Take a look at the meaning of “Octo”. The word in the English language is used to represent the “8” prefix, in 2004, Octo series weighing watches, in simple terms, this series of watches watchcase, is octagonal. And not only so, used for fixing the bezel and transparent table back is octagonal, and the design of the dial is rich, fun to square and octagonal permutation and combination, can be a single, also can be overlapped, no matter how tabulation masters, geometry on the dial can still watch case with polygonal echo, show the beauty of harmony. In addition, this series is more committed to the development of complex function, the unique Cartier love ring replica design and exquisite tabulation skills perfect fusion, made Octo design feeling extremely complex watch series.
While this latest Octo Repetition you can ask three watches, and so far the only three ask, jump and retrograde Minutes feature set in one movement, a sophisticated structure to let outsiders see scalp pins and needles. This in the middle of the world’s most thin ask three movement, its thickness is only 3.12 mm, while tuo and jumping – retrograde minutes bridge plate overall thickness is 7.38 mm. Such exquisite craft make whole wrist to keep light.
Of course, the most fun to play with three scheduling, ringing, of course, is to listen to the music to tell the time. Gerald Genta wrist to the most harmonious rhythm played windbag, duo tone combination. 59 when 11, 31 essential notes in 15 seconds slowly MingZou sweet beautiful melody.
Said here, are you eager to like squirrels, “peel away” the wonderful things around in the octagon?