The diamond of cleanliness

The diamond of cleanliness
Diamond cleanliness is in accordance with the diamond under 10 times the magnifying glass observation on the basis of the results. It includes two aspects, namely the gem within the original defects and damage in the machining process of the diamond surface.
Completely clean level (Flawless), hereinafter referred to as FL. Diamond inside and outside without any defect. Some small problems can also be included in the FL level. This level can be allowed in the pavilion department have extra small facet, but little facet from the table to see; Visible to the natural native small crystal or cleavage plane, the size is less than the width of the waist, or did not make the waist round; Within a very small dot, since colorless and does not affect the perspective.
Internal clean level (Internally Flawless), hereinafter referred to as the IF. Inside without any defects, the surface is a little defective. Very, Very subtle internal defect level (Very Very slight included), has a tiny flaw, only replica Cartier love bracelet from the pavilion can be observed or surface have small flaws, VVS1 or the difference between VVS2 VVS2 decorated with tiny, cotton and xiaomao stubble (internal basically no defects).
Very slight defect level (Very slightly included), hereinafter referred to as VS1 and VS2. Can see very small flaws, can see the size and position. The difference between VS1 and VS2 VS2 may have small cotton and wool crop. Slight defect level (Slightly included), hereinafter referred to as SI1 and SI2. Can clearly see flaws, defects may be at the center of the table, in particular, VS2, very easy to see.
Unclean (Inperfect), referred to as “I1, I2, I3. Can clearly see the flaws, sometimes also can clearly see the obvious cleavage.
International diamond cleanliness has a unified symbols, are standard in the appraisal certificate figure on the corresponding position of the diamond shape.
How to choose a emerald
Similar to other gemstones emerald quality standards.
See the clarity in the first place. Talk about the above inclusions (impurities) is a natural gem of a case in point. But gem stones containing impurities how much is the difference between an important standard of Cartier love bracelet replica quality. Emerald commonly known as “garden” of inclusions, the less impurity emeralds are much more valuable.
Second see color. Can’t simply think that color is “deep” better, but first of all, it should be said that the color is “is”. The so-called “color”, is a bright green, looks pleasing. Of course this is pure green grows its value.
The third cut. The emerald cut, though not as strict as diamond cutting, but also cannot optional cut. Most number of emerald will cut growth ladder, gemstones in the world according to this shape for the baguette. Good cutting process can better show the brilliance of gems.
The size 4. In general emerald single grain weight can be divided into one carat, several carats, or more than ten carats. Emerald particles of the same quality (weight), the higher the price.
Above all, is the price of an emerald by its clarity, color, cut, size, choose emerald according to your budget, a moderate amount of choice.
Common diamond inlaid terminology
Like diamond grades and colors separated many level range, today’s designers can provide many different kinds of diamond shape and embedded technology. The following is one of the most important term of Fake Cartier love bracelet a pocket vocabulary.
Long and narrow rectangular (Baguette) : refers to the rectangular small diamonds, is often used to highlight the Mosaic of big stones.
Package set (Bezel setting) : this technology diamonds is shaped like a precious metal frame completely surrounded by edges.
Groove set (Channel setting) : often used to set the rules of a row of small size stones. The Mosaic technology with two metal clamping gems from both sides. Used with round, long and narrow rectangular and square stones. Groove set is like a track, between diamond.
Shaped cutters (Fancy cut) : in any form other than the round diamond cut. Shaped cutters including such as square, emerald, narrow, triangular, pear-shaped, princess, oval, and water cut, etc.
Set (Pav setting) : a small diamond Mosaic technology, diamond Cartier love ring replica inlaid between each other is very tight, so do not show metal. Dense with surface looks entirely from diamond pave.
Single grain set (Solitare) : single grain precious stones inlaid.
Tivoli set (Tiffany Setting) : use a long fine jaw clamping gems of four or six claw. The beauty of the present diamonds for observation of diamond Turner, color, clarity, invented by New York famous jeweler tivoli, is now widely used.

February is very tender feeling Teach you choose Mosaic gold

February is very tender feeling Teach you choose Mosaic gold
In February this year good lively, heads and valentine’s day, Spring Festival family friendship love a lot. Affectionate in February, send each other gifts is to heat up the best magic weapon. Actually to send gifts, also pay attention to a New Year new atmosphere, this year whether to change a new tricks?
Send gold jewelry there are traditional and modern two kinds of manner. Old people may still look stay on the “send jade elders, to send their children gold, send love diamonds, send friend jewel” these four ideas. But over the past few years,Cartier love ring replica jewelry has become like clothing, exquisite exquisite fashion tide. So if you want to send the jewelry during Spring Festival, might as well choose some works of popular element.
“Mosaic gold jewelry
From the ingredient, Mosaic gold by 75% of 18 k gold and other alloy composition. Hardness is high, pure compared with the traditional gold and platinum, Mosaic gold not only can make the color of the colored gems more thick, also reflected the metal material fine, fine. It usually takes three colors: rose, white and pink, send soft pleasant smell. Mosaic gold has been the europeans are like jewelry material, its implied meaning with the Chinese jade found in the ‘fu lu shou, represents the desire of the people better. The popularity of Mosaic gold, brought regression contracted for jewelry industry on the mainland, advocate natural international wind. In terms of the situation, the design of Mosaic gold design basically consistent with the Europe and the United States, can stand in the fashion of waves.
Mosaic gold jewelry because of its lighter weight, lower price, exquisite craft, novel style, gradually become the focus of fashion jewelry business. From the point of view of internationalization, in complex preparation, hand-cut process of style restoring ancient ways is popular. , but the holiday gifts between relatives and is better to choose concise and easy design Cartier love ring replica, craft is not very prominent, the design requirement is very strict, but strive for simplicity in personality. In addition, the initials can be engraved on the jewelry, or simply is far, to heart.
Reading popular magazines, gold, silver, diamond is everywhere, but the rare that had haunted the homeland spirit – jade figure of eight thousand. Is in the hustle and bustle of urban people can no longer appreciate the beauty of that out-of-touch? Or the spirit of jade would not with the drunk, deliberately hidden track in the mountains to let a person cannot find a trace? Prefer to believe the latter, because the market is churning out more jade amulet, mortal desires spirit jade, but rare fairy.
Here jade, natural not anchored to jade, but the true meaning of Chinese jade. Said to jade, natural will think of a beauty, to make a show of comely wind, carries a little face, head, jade become warped, waist with jade exquisite, Dutch garment pian-pian, ring ding dong, the breeze blowing, blowing the water like a jasper, knit a pool also blow the wind, beauty, intrinsic, and long isn’t that what modern temperamental belle’s pursuit of realm?
Shape than spirit likeness, white jade that tender, floating on the base of filar silk green strands, as if to dissolve in white, but in an shook out, touching and cut off all the time, it seems to be a graceful goddess, gently a smile at you, finish and overflow in the corners of the mouth, called you was wrapping around her with her a smile, blow your mind.
Said the jade, jade case to cut, master builders in the identification of jade embryo has a special process, called open a day eye – with only a small mouth to distinguish the quality of the jade. Their thinking chasing the jade texture, is a complicated new world in front of their eyes. In appearance, the color of jade is green and white, not too drab? But when you like Cartier love ring replica the jade artisan confided his thinking completely to jade, when your heart and it blends in a body, you will find inside red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, its stunning, in which you can find the whole world. Like quiet leisure small property life actually contains the multicolored, tasteless miscellaneous heavy taste of life, it is the most picturesque hidden in the bottom of my heart, let a person with a long finish, but don’t be seen from outside, the charm, no wonder there are “bian and such jade artisan will do one’s own body, spell death also want to present and choi, because jade is jade potter’s friend, then how could not die for a friend? Except for its beautiful jewels, refused to stay on earth. Legend when qin shihuang had dongting, the wind has been carved ChengChuanGuo decree choi, and blew the lake, since then become extinct.
There are more and more people wear jewelry, but many people don’t understand the beauty of the jewelry sometimes hidden behind the “metaphysical” : some people are trapped in a “jewelry disease”; Some people have radiation with questions about whether the jade. The reporter sought advice from experts with these problems.
Metal jewelry also can let a person is allergic
Miss wu when traveling in the south, in the local attractions bought a K gold bracelet, wear soon, think that the skin itching, wrist can pick bracelet a symptom is reduced. Miss wu said: “I wonder why wearing a K gold Cartier nail bracelet replica bracelet is allergic.”
According to the medical professionals explain, clinical called the contact dermatitis caused by metal jewellery jewelry disease, usually refers to people with allergic constitution came into contact with some metals such as nickel, chromium and other cause allergic reactions. There are some people who only performance in the area of jewelry in contact with the skin, such as the neck, wrist, fingers have allergies; Others will be systemic allergic reaction, skin redness, then started a small papules, long blisters, and whole body itching, might occur if not treated lesions. In general, patients with allergic reactions caused by the jewelry as long as you use some lotion for the treatment of skin disease can be cured. But in clinic, the skin if repeated by inflammation stimulation, the skin cells are prone to malignant lesions, is likely to cause cancer.
Needing those who remind everybody is, not all jewelry will be susceptible to produce allergic reaction, often low K gold decorative jewelry is easy to cause allergic reaction, pure gold or other jewelry jade jewelry will not.
Jewelry jade has no health benefits
Another myth is that at present, there are many people on the one hand, like fine jewelry jade jewelry, on the one hand, and worried about this type of jewelry no radiation. Just for radiation jewelry jade jewelry?
Experts said the national center for jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection: jewelry or jade ornament in the trace of radioactive material in place after a period of time, has been decay to the point of not enough Cartier nail bracelet replica to cause harm to human body.
It is widely believed that jewelry jade is good for health, little imagine, this is a misunderstanding. Although some trace elements contained in the jewelry jade, national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center of detection showed that the trace elements in the process of production have attenuation, slim, could no longer care treatment effect to human body, wear jewelry is good for health is merely a psychological effect.
Finally, the expert warns customer: in consumption also should pay attention to those fake jade jade jewelry, due to material selection and the backward technology, these goods are likely to produce adverse effect to human body. Normal manufacturer production of jewelry, jade, consumer can be at ease buy.

Tibetan turquoise jewelry

Tibetan turquoise jewelry
Ancient ethnic, generally with turquoise jewelry have very long history, such as American indians, the ancient persians. All ethnic groups in our country, the turquoise with the most, is the Tibetan people.
Basically every Tibetan have some form of turquoise. On the Tibetan plateau, has long been a recognized turquoise. In general, turquoise, imported from Persia, optimal quality, the quality of imported from the mainland. Is the new source in the southwestern United States. Tibetan made of turquoise of quality evaluation standard is, the color is sky blue, no crack.
Since the ancient times, turquoise occupies an replica Cartier love bracelet important position in Tibet. It was used in the crown of the first Tibetan king, used as shrines offerings and Tibetan king gave high lamas gifts and tribute to the neighbouring contributions. In this century aristocracy in Lhasa by wearing jewelry, gold and turquoise is still the main material.
In many Asian societies, blue is seen as geely, and put a lot of special power due to the blue or bluish stones. Some Tibetan community believe that wearing a set turquoise ring can bless a safe journey. Dream of turquoise means auspicious and the beginning of a new life. Wear in the body of the turquoise into green is a sign of liver disease, others say it shows the turquoise suck out jaundice virus
Many tibetans it wear a tie a piece is regarded as the soul of the turquoise necklace. An ancient legend narrative the relationship between the turquoise and soul: according to god’s will, to hide the king’s subjects not promised any piece of turquoise dropped into the river, because doing that soul may leave his body and was killed.
Turquoise is often used as a beads. Sizes ranged from 8 ~ 60 mm, or polishing or without thinking. In 108 with buddhist holy rosary beads, turquoise can be a main beads or washer.
Many Tibetan communities will be turquoise used for everyday hair accessories. Nomadic women to their hair in 108 disc, flap was decorated with turquoise and coral. For married women to southern Tibet, the hair on the turquoise bead string is indispensable, it expresses the wishes of longevity to her husband. Hair don’t wear any turquoise is considered to be Cartier love bracelet replica disrespect for her husband.
In the western Himalayas, turquoise and other precious objects are directly seam in women’s dress or the children’s hat. Sometimes the whole garment front part are decorated with metal, shell, all kinds of materials of beads, buttons and turquoise. Children cap on the decorations and protection.
Most Tibetan women will also be turquoise beads and other valuables such as coral, amber, pearls and jade necklace made of together. The accessories of men is more simplified, usually with a few turquoise beads with coral string around her neck, or on the earlobe thread tied on a turquoise bead. Northwest of Nepal Manang women to wear one side with two coral bead turquoise are proud of the block length 70 mm. Put on this piece of jewelry, for husband go out of business, means, security.
Amulet container is an important kind of jewelry and jade article in Asia. Every Tibetan has one or several written testament to this kind of container to the religion. From the high lama garment, cut pieces of cloth or pocket religion as a protective objects. This container can be a plain cloth bag, but more is carving exquisite gold and silver boxes, and rarely do not decorated with turquoise. Sometimes center to put a piece of appropriate to the size of the turquoise, sometimes offered many turquoise with diamonds, rutile and emerald, original is arranged on the 24 k gold heirloom items. In particular, in the Lhasa area and central Tibet, a special type of protective device popular: in the mandala (like and worship the bodhisattva like land) shape box, with gold and silver two square, cross usually have turquoise trim on the whole box.
Any pieces of jewelry and jade article Tibet may contain turquoise. 24 k gold, silver or bronze and copper ring inlaid turquoise is common. There is a very special ring is the typical “saddle” form, usually large, Tibetan Fake Cartier love bracelet men will wear it in my hand or hair, women are like the little ring.
Any group of Tibet, a woman or man, all love the earlobe. Woman’s earlobe dressed in pairs, while men only in the left ear wear a ear lobes. Lhasa’s noble wear ear lobes daunting. A with gold and made of turquoise and pearl large earlobe has been towed to the chest from the ear. Women in central Tibet in grand occasions to wear a flower shaped earrings (called “ear shield” may be more appropriate, because these earrings are carefully placed in front of the ear, and tie on your hair or hair net) on the whole surface cloth has a turquoise.
The above examples just several kinds of turquoise jewelry. And many other decorations are decorated with turquoise, such as vertical and chains, milk clasps, apron, bosom, back, hair accessories and metal garlands and so on.
In spite of the Tibetan traditional culture area the turquoise jewelry to remain visible in daily life, but the turquoise using a downward trend, many folk fine jewelry in gold crucible or the western collectors in the hands of man.
Tibetan culture characteristic is obvious, however, shows its brilliant achievements in many ways, still not quenched burning flame. Turquoise, as part of the cultural characteristics of the Tibetan people is a kind of hope, the inevitable changes will still leave Tibet soul and beauty of turquoise.

What should be paid attention to wear earrings?

What should be paid attention to wear earrings?
Wearing a pair of cooperating with clothing exquisite earrings, is added to a swaying in the ear side scenery. Now, some of the pursuit of fashionable young people not only wear earrings on the earlobe, also on the upper ear (the pinna) outer cartilage wear ear hole, both cool and cool earrings on. To this, the expert said special remind, on the top of their ears pierced ears, may produce is difficult to cure the infection, and cause permanent deformation of ears, not to mention any charm
Wound infection had to surgery
, the Associated Press reported in early February, the United States has four young teenage boy Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica was forced to do the ear surgery, because they are in the ears after the upper wear ear hole, wound site infection, after antibiotic treatment is unable to heal, so we have to do surgery. These a few young people are in a jewelry shop to wear ear hole.
Doctor Joseph Rosetta is youth authority in the field of plastic surgery, very sorry mention him: “actually, it is not only the United States, Britain, many countries have seen their ears pierced infected cases, tend to be more severe illness in boys than in girls. Boys like on the top of their ears pierced ears, show off who wear more than each other. And they don’t pay attention to the wound care, don’t pay attention to health.”
Upper pierced ear is very painful
Get their ears pierced, wearing earrings have been popular for a long time, why will appear this kind of serious ear infections in recent years? This reporter interviewed the American state of Georgia ms Kate orthopedic association.
Ms Kate, explains their ears pierced there must be a wound, hard to avoid can appear infection, usually can be treated with antibiotics. But because the outer ear is composed of cartilage, main organs in the head, the blood circulation of the outer ear is the least, it is hard to get effective treatment with antibiotics. And upper part of the ear tissue blood circulation and is much poorer than the earlobe, so the risk of bacterial infections after piercing are much larger than in the piercing of the earlobe.
Once the infection of the ear to expand, developed into purulent perichondritis, or even lead to necrosis of auricle, will have to rely on the surgery.
Ms Kate said, in fact, on the top of pierced ears more than on the earlobe piercing pain. Endure the pain in the pursuit of fashion, at the same time, even at the risk of serious infection, really not worth it.
Wear ear hole should also go to professional hospital
The epidemiologist keane advise young people who were imitation Cartier love bracelet very desire to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, if insist on on the top of pierced ears, can clear the danger of doing so, and be sure to keep the health of punched parts.
Ms Kate told reporters: no matter in which parts of the ear piercing, it should be a “very good” thing, must go to professional plastic hairdressing hospital for surgery.
In small shops piercing is cheap and time saving, but no health protection. On the one hand, the clerk not a professional, technical good and bad are intermingled. Operating tools, on the other hand, is not clean, get their ears pierced with gun or needles if disinfection is not complete, become the carrier of infectious diseases. The serious infection in the United States, it is just because of the jewelry store the bottle of used to jewelry disinfection disinfectant infected with the bacteria.
In addition, before wearing the ear hole, the wound has not healed, and the best daily daub anti-inflammatory drugs, reduce infection.
ZhuBao field both at home and abroad, the crystalline quartz class gem stones is also a family. This is a common gem varieties, including crystal, amethyst, rose crystal, topaz, tea-coloured crystal, etc., respectively is colorless, purple, pink, yellow, dark brown, etc., formed a colorful world of crystal.
The crystal is not strange to people. The finest crystal can be absolutely transparent, like pure water clear. Without the slightest impurity, pure core. The crystal is frozen to ice. Chinese ancient water, ice, bodhisattva, stone said in one thousand. In Western Europe has similar jas. Wherever the aura of gems, no matter from any Angle to see, can see the same. That being said, the crystal is not pretty spotless. Common, human also. Gem versa. For some groceries, add a few more differentiation. Some crystal and collect a lot of golden red fine inclusions such as hair, known as golden red and development. Ancient europeans say that Cupid javelin, others say that is the female god hair sites, a debate is very busy. Some crystal foresight, unexpectedly will also galloped to swallow actinolite, put the Replica Cartier jewelry belly full, think big, face ended up on green lip white, turned into a green quartz. Some people mistakenly called prase. Actually, if we count, quartz on dozens of inclusions can be hidden in the body. This guy really is not imagined to be innocent.
Crystal body sizes. Best quality can hone into beads and jewels. Large is the superior material of the crystal ball. Currently on display in the boutiques of crystal ball, there is a lot of lead glass imitation; Decent point may be regenerated crystal, not authentic. Choose true crystal is rare.
Smoke crystal because of its not spend not fog misty, colour and lustre of the name. Some smoke color yellow, brown and black. Brown said China
As tea-coloured crystal. The color black is customarily called black crystal. Black crystal sometimes after heating can skim a lovely lemon.
Rose crystal is a kind of pink crystal, more hidden in a bulk carrier form crystal. Generally referred to as domestic stone lotus. Pink color shades, varied from stone. To tell the truth, through red powder. Pure clear qiang crystal does not see more. That kind of smoke the misty instead. If the scan, can comprehend that is crystal crack and uneven produced by the structure of the interphase. It is no wonder that rose crystal pieces. In addition to cut into the necklace beads, qiang all crystal sculpture art is good material. Leading some imitation to pretend to be the pink with glass.
Amethyst is the best in the whole family, high price. They could not look at his shoulders. Amethyst reborn for gland, the deep lying in alluvial deposits, a fine after beginning to see the light of day. It is purple. If some color light pink. In the more purple in color ribbon, graceful posture.
Amethyst and gaudy is confused. Somebody to artificial corundum, glass, and even purple cordierite to pretend to be. If a hard points and false color wine of amethyst have the functions of ingesting. Have these shaped like a different guy. Often a particular somehow. Artificial purple corundum under strong light red, betray oneself, cordierite quite approximate imitation cartier love bracelet amethyst on characteristics, power is not the most barely visible its authenticity. In addition, amethyst and beryl sometimes confused and tourmaline being fooled. Some amethyst every hard to take off the gas, and smoke quartz, covered with lines, somebody called it purple quartz. This neither fish nor fowl hybrids sometimes also and striate fluorite is somewhat similar. Purple SPAR British cheap stuff, can only be used for beads, convex type gem, art or other decorations. Quality of amethyst style is different, regardless of thinking into any shape, can admirably.
Because amethyst funny like, pretend to be is more. But there are artificial purple crystal city. Artificial and natural is quite similar to that of the price.
Amethyst can change color. After heat treatment, the color of amethyst to brown, garnet red, green, yellow or colorless. The effect of heat treatment is rather difficult to control, depends largely on the origin of the amethyst. After they will brown yellow discoloration amethyst to topaz silica or quartz topaz such strange tricks for sale.
Natural amethyst has very significant dichroism. This feature was lost after heat treatment. Under the filter, natural amethyst red. These are the distinguish authenticity of skills.
Quartz iron, can show the yellow, yellow crystal is. The fact is natural topaz to rare. At present, is rich in Brazil. Row to sell topaz is amethyst change color after heat treatment as a substitute.
Currently in the domestic market, round pearl shaped hibiscus stone necklace and various type of crystal necklace has started to appear, in some jeweler shop, still display have different sizes of lotus jade carvings Cartier love bracelet replica maitreya Buddha, smile often open, glorious takes a person, very likable.
In Japan, people also have traditional hobby of crystal, because such crystal is a gem, easy to promote, each manufacturer are design color is bright, the series of jewelry with chic modelling, set to treasure the popularity of jewelry, has played a role.

Save the bright jewels Colored gemstones maintenance instructions

Save the bright jewels Colored gemstones maintenance instructions
Red sapphire is the most easy to protect the colored gems gems, both gem high hardness, toughness of medium, nature is stable, as long as not violent collision and avoid high temperature, can be worn for a long time.
Emerald is nature brittle stones, add natural emerald imitation cartier love bracelet tend to be defective, prone to fracture. So, to avoid squeezing and collision. Oiled or into the glue to cover up the flaws crack is a common method of dealing with emerald. The accessories have to avoid overheating.
Chrysoberyl (including alexandrite and cat’s eye) is the hardness and toughness are good gem, so it is a kind of ideal male gem. Wear process generally need to avoid high temperature, especially in system design or maintenance don’t let the flame straight on the gem.
Tourmaline is a kind of soft luster gems, but the drawback is low hardness, brittleness and stronger. So wearing jewelry made of tourmaline, should be careful not to collide with the other gems friction, so as to avoid scratching. Tourmaline with thermoelectricity (scientific name tourmaline), after the sun or the heat will generate static electricity and some fine dust adsorption. Therefore, people who work in the dust, the larger environment, should pay attention to often clean with alcohol neutral cleaning fluid, such as stones, in order to keep its luster is soft. Tourmaline also should avoid overheating at the same time, sometimes because of the heat can change Cartier love bracelet replica the color of the tourmaline.
Zircon, olivine and other precious stones together. Zircon, olivine is formed by underground environment of high temperature gem, properties of brittle and hardness is low, so often due to crack too much raw material and difficult to make it big stones. The mutual friction between the finished stone also can scratch the gem edges and lose gem “momentum”. These two gems cannot meet heat, increase brittleness when they are heated. Peridot also afraid of acid, acid and long-term exposure can make the surface of the stone from corrosion and reduce its luster.
Topaz (Joe pass stone), the moonlight gem should avoid collisions, because both have cleavage, collision gem easily split along one direction and make it be destroyed in whole or in part.
Spinel and garnet is medium hardness of gems, generally need to be careful not to collide with each other.
Crystal should avoid contact with radioactive material, try to avoid contact with heat source. Crystal in radioactive radiation (e.g., engaged in X-ray workers) will change color, the amethyst color lighter phenomenon may occur frequently in heating.
Amber their unaware tiancheng of of primitive simplicity solemn beauty, warm in the classical gas, fully become dignitaries to steady hand collection of treasures and buddhist holy things.
Amber is a prehistoric fossils of pine tree branches, formed replica Cartier love bracelet in 40 million to 60 million years ago. Amber mainly of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and a small amount of sulfur, hardness 2-3, the proportion of 1. 05-1. 10, melting point 150 ℃ to 180 ℃, flash point 250 ℃ to 375 ℃.
Amber is a kind of organic gemstones, can be used to make jewelry, handicrafts, etc. Amber has curative effect, can be used as a medicine.
The source of the amber forty million years ago, there are vast forests of northern Europe, at that time the climate is warm, there is no human, resin by the ancestors of today’s developments plants were incorporated. The original forest mergence underwater, buried by mud sediment, resin thus preserved, day to so far. Many northern areas of into the bottom of the sea, that is why the amber of the world are mostly produced in the Baltic sea.
Amber is mostly produced in Poland, Lithuania, Russia, the Baltic, the amber color golden yellow transparent in these countries, quality of a material is glittering and translucent, good quality and large output. In addition, the Dominican republic, China fushun, myanmar (Burma) also have a small amount of distinctive amber yield.
Types and characteristics of amber
If the amber transparency to differentiate, can be divided into: transparent amber, amber, opaque, and between the two flower amber. Opaque amber, traditionally used to call “secret wax”, we often encounter Cartier love bracelet replica about amber other name:
Old old honey – it is pointed out that soil opaque amber, red and orange.
Blood amber – pointed out that soil old transparent amber. The color of the color as senior red wine.
Bone pearl – refers to the white amber.
Amber hardness is low, quality of a material is light, dry, warm, have the burnish like gem and crystal degree, another feature of amber is contains special rich contents, such as insects, plants, minerals, etc.
Treatment efficacy
Amber, contains an ethereal oil, can through the skin to help the blood circulation, to treat muscle joints ache in stress, can be refreshing, moreover for amber amber particles containing smile, easy to contact with the skin form a protective film, is a good beauty products.
The maintenance of the amber
Amber with pearls, coral, ivory and belongs to organic Fake Cartier love bracelet gemstones, volatile, corrosive substances is against it, after use can use wet cloth to wipe gently. Second, to avoid save with hard jewelry, in order to avoid friction damage. Normal wear and play will not cause damage.
Identify the amber of true and false
Quality of a material is very light, natural amber float in saturated salt water, but burn or friction will send out a fragrance, HuPoShi very “astringent” material, no two piece of amber are exactly the same. Suggest that consumers, not because of true and false problems and gave up the chance to enjoy the amber, might as well to strengthen understanding of knowledge about amber.

Nowadays the most sold in diamond on the market

Nowadays the most sold in diamond on the market, with brand value. Was found, even if the two ring diamond weight, colour and style are all the same, but in the brand shops and small Jin Pu, they are not the same price, brand shops must be expensive. This is the value of the brand, even if the two ring is inherently the same artisans in the hands of gold jewelry processing enterprises of the same name. However, if buy naked drill to inlay, can avoid the price of this brand. Because of the bulk of this diamond ring cost naked drill, no brand originally, certainly not with a brand value.
Buy naked drill to please their shops Mosaic, there’s another Cartier love ring replica advantage, is in terms of clarity, color and weight, can make sure that your diamond “drill gold foot”, value. Such as diamond clarity, now divided into 10 international level, even in VS class, also has the difference between VS1 and VS2. But to buy the finished diamond is different, countries allow below the 0.47 carat diamond, can regardless of small magnitude. So you buy VS class diamond, is likely to be spent VS1 money, bought VS2 drill. And nowadays, VS1 than VS2 for up to 5% to 8%. For consumers to buy diamond from wearing, please store after naked drill set of choose and buy, can also choose those defects are easier to mask the naked drill, in this way, embedded division as long as with a cloak, with claws made of diamond is more beautiful. Also if the finished products of choose and buy diamond, if their shops to hide the drawbacks of diamond in diamond set below the claw, when consumer is bought is not easy to find, actually ate kui. And buy naked drill, the drawbacks of the diamond be clear at a glance, to avoid the possibility of fraud.
The second is the color. International from the “D” to “N” is divided into 11 level, each level has the price difference. But, in fact, the color level is absolutely impossible. Usually, made of diamond jewelry shop will Cartier nail bracelet replica forward by level, and consumers as a professional knowledge of the weak, is often ate kui also don’t know. And, as a result of platinum can be virtually effect virtual litres of diamond color level, for consumers to discern in the finished diamond diamond quality, more bring the obstacles to overcome. And buy naked drill, consumers can also take two or three color level of naked drill, together to compare, the difference of color is more intuitive, their chosen level of naked drill color is true, usually you can judge for themselves.
In addition, diamond set into adorn article, is can’t fold down say it to you, the consumer only, according to the labeling component businesses pay, even if the businessman found problems on the component, also had to accept. Buy naked drill can please business firm said on the spot, “seeing is believing” natural rest assured.
Diamond is a precious commodity, especially on diamond, cut, clarity, color and weight, short wherever a cent, into RMB consumers may be the loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan. May be given this, nowadays some credibility higher gold prices have been introduced a naked drill counter, specifically for customers with all kinds of naked drill.
1. Red sapphire is the most easy to protect the colored gems gems, both Cartier nail bracelet replica gem high hardness, toughness of medium, nature is stable, as long as not violent collision and avoid high temperature, can be worn for a long time.
2. The nature of emerald is brittle stones, coupled with natural emerald tend to be defective, prone to rupture, so to avoid strong extrusion and collision. Oiled or into the glue to cover up the flaws crack is a common method of dealing with emerald. The accessories have to avoid overheating.
3. Chrysoberyl (including alexandrite and cat’s eye) is the hardness and toughness are good gem, so it is a kind of ideal male gem. Wear process generally need to avoid high temperature, especially in system design or maintenance don’t let the flame straight on the gem.
4. Tourmaline is a kind of soft luster gems, but the drawback is low hardness, brittleness and stronger. So wearing jewelry made of tourmaline, should be careful not to collide with the other gems friction, so as to avoid scratching.
Tourmaline with thermoelectricity (scientific name tourmaline), after the sun or the heat will generate static electricity and some fine dust adsorption. Therefore, people who work in the dust, the larger environment, should pay attention to often clean with alcohol neutral cleaning fluid, such as stones, in order to keep its luster is soft. Tourmaline also should avoid Cartier nail bracelet replica overheating at the same time, sometimes because of the heat can change the color of the tourmaline.
5. Zircon, olivine and other precious stones together. Zircon, olivine is formed by underground environment of high temperature gem, properties of brittle and hardness is low, so often due to crack too much raw material and difficult to make it big stones. The mutual friction between the finished stone also can scratch the gem edges and lose gem “momentum”. These two gems cannot meet heat, increase brittleness when they are heated. Peridot also afraid of acid, acid and long-term exposure can make the surface of the stone from corrosion and reduce its luster.
6. Topaz (Joe pass stone), the moonlight gem should avoid collisions, because both have cleavage, collision gem easily split along one direction and make it be destroyed in whole or in part.
7. Spinel and garnet is medium hardness of gems, generally need to be careful not to collide with each other.
8. Crystal should avoid contact with radioactive material, try to avoid imitation Cartier love bracelet contact with heat source. Crystal in radioactive radiation (e.g., engaged in X-ray workers) will change color, the amethyst color lighter phenomenon may occur frequently in heating.
Gold jewellery from the point of value orientation, gold jewellery is mainly embodied in ornamental value, also attached when buying the processing costs, technology, and the profits of the enterprise itself demand, the price premium is higher compared to the gold material, its premium typically more than 20%; And gold ornaments to liquidate will face high discount, the range of the discount is often greater than 30%, gold if you want to back directly to the general store on sale, its price will be much lower than the same period the Shanghai gold exchange gold content is the same gold raw material prices, so in terms of pure investment, and doesn’t fit as gold investment, difficult to achieve the value orientation of gold investment, view and admire, the nature of the wear more
And gold bars, gold COINS and gold bars are divided into two kinds, one kind is by collectors for more than COINS, bars of gold content value above a lot of price to buy limited release of specimen, commemorative COINS, ancient COINS COINS. The price of this kind of COINS, bars are not often floating mainly embodied in the value of the collection value, the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica difficulty of its value and grasp the general investors is very big, often appear higher premium, relative investment cycle is longer than the other. Another type of gold, is refers to the gold investors to slightly higher than the gold content of gold value above the price for buying and selling of gold, known as the production of gold, can widely reflects the good investment value.
Paper gold refers to investors’ trading records only in individuals in advance on the bank to open the “gold deposit account”, and does not involve physical delivery. Paper gold price synchronization with the international spot gold market, investors to buy low/sell high to earn price difference, to obtain a return on investment. Paper gold low barriers to entry are real gold, capital utilization rate is high, the fees are generally less than buying and selling physical gold, also need not worry for safekeeping, is relatively popular in the international investment. Of paper gold trading costs are lower than those of the investment gold bars, gold COINS, suitable for investors in the middle of, band. But with no physical delivery, is also a lack of physical gold can be many advantages of mortgage. Indeed, as its name: “paper gold”.
The Shanghai gold exchange gold the Shanghai gold exchange trading gold for real spot, three main varieties are now a AU99.99, AU99.95, Au (T + D). Among them, the Au (T + D) adopt the margin mode. Is similar to a fire, but there is no real gold futures. On average, the lowest transaction costs in the current domestic gold trading, is the domestic spot gold imitation Cartier love bracelet trading places, participants are gold traders and Banks. For some big hope long-term savings, can purchase exchange standard gold bullion savings through exchange member units, usually the smallest unit for 1 kg, 50 g also has a small metal bar. At present domestic gold investors through the member unit of the gold exchange Au (T + D) investment, as a result of margin trading, can do more, also can be empty, as long as can hold good gold market, its investment income is also very impressive.
Gold futures is the China securities regulatory commission has approved by the Shanghai futures exchange gold futures, for the domestic gold investment market has opened a new window. Of gold futures exchange refers to draw up an uniform, set a specific time and place of delivery must be in the future the quantity and quality of gold standard contracts. The only variable is price, in the futures exchange in the way of public bidding. Gold futures can exert its function of “leverage”, for investors to reduce capital investment, improve investment returns. In addition, gold futures can do much, and can be empty, make investors have a two-way choice, when bullish put all can bring returns to investors. But due to the limitation of the delivery period, gold futures besides margin ratio will increase, also faces the choice of whether to unwind, prior to the expiry of the if choose not to unwind, must delivery physical gold at maturity. Gold futures Replica Cartier jewelry trading in addition to investors to judge the market price ability put forward higher requirements, more funds investors need to learn to control and management positions. Saw the opportunity to make money at the same time, investors should also remember that making huge risks. Due to the problem magnification, book and the actual profit and loss is the need to investor caution.
In today’s market view, gold investment income as the stock market. But, want to do your homework in advance, because it is different with the stock, within an hour there will be no stock operation. And to choose investment operating platform, or losses.

Reserve the dazzling jewelry Jewelry maintenance of special requirements

Reserve the dazzling jewelry Jewelry maintenance of special requirements
“The love of beauty is women’s nature”, and the collocation of different kinds of jewelry reflects distinctive femininity. But in some jewelry, due to the different gem has different character, therefore, there are some special requirements in terms of maintenance and matters needing attention, are introduced respectively as follows:
(1) the diamond, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz stone (i.e. topaz), and other precious stones jewelry. These stone hard, can withstand greater pressure, but they are also the disadvantage of Cartier love bracelet replica common – with brittleness, for diamond and topaz stone is more cleavage, so these gems can throw, hit, otherwise it will due to the brittleness and caving, or because of cleavage and along the direction of cleavage cracks, or even shattered. Please keep in mind that even the largest diamond hardness, also can’t withstand the impact.
(2) the jade jewelry. Although the strong and toughness, has the certain impact resistant ability. But, after processing of jade products, are thinner, hit will be damaged.
(3) the emerald jewelry. Emerald slightly larger than the hardness of jade, but more brittle than jade, so can’t withstand the impact and break more than jade. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, in case of fire is reduced fading, easy cracking at high temperatures.
(4) opal jewellery. Opal hardness is low, should avoid friction and other items. Opal contains water, should avoid high temperature, otherwise due to the evaporation loss of points, while the loss of transparency, there had burst. In addition, opal don’t acid, so opal jewellery should avoid high temperature and acidity. Opal jewellery collection, also should pay attention to the environment cannot too dry, otherwise it will cause dehydration and cracks, and even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, during the dry season, making every time should opal jewellery in a clean water.
(5) the amethyst jewellery. The color of amethyst is not stable, high temperature or fade after long time exposure can cause. Wearing or collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure.
(6) malachite and turquoise jewelry. The hardness of the two stones replica Cartier love bracelet are the water, very easy to wear. Chemical properties of the two is not stable, will be susceptible to corrosion in acid solution. Turquoise at high temperature, easy to change color, or even longer time of exposure and the sweat soaked, also can make turquoise color. These are all must pay attention to in the process of wear and collection.
(7) and coral pearl jewelry. Pearls and coral hardness is low, easy to the surface due to friction loses luster. Both elements are calcium carbonate, will suffer corrosion dissolved in acid. Summer is easy to sweat, sweat will make damage to the surface of the pearl, coral and lose the original luster. Powder in the cosmetics, perfume and hair cream, etc., also can make the pearl gradually. So, had better not to wear this kind of jewelry in summer. If the perspiration staining after rinse in clean water, reoccupy soft fabric wipe gently. Before pearl jewelry collection, be sure to after rinse, must also avoid cosmetics store.
Lapis lazuli jewelry (8). Lapis lazuli jewelry tainted, must not be soaked with water and rinse. Because lapis lazuli is granular aggregation of many kinds of mineral composition, if soaking and rinse with water, dirt on the surface of the stones will be to internal penetration, so that will change the lapis lazuli lustre. Lapis lazuli jewelry tainted after, can use wet cloth to wipe gently, wipe the dirt.
Pearl, has been considered a symbol of innocence, perfection, dignity and authority, has the reputation of “Oriental beauty”, the ancient imperial concubine, wealthy all proud of pearl decoration. In southeast Asia is referred to as the modern jewelry industry also has a “queen”, and with the diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal and referred to Cartier love bracelet replica as the “five one after the emperor”. Many countries also changed the pearl and the moonstone, stone together as “born June stone”, a symbol of health, longevity and prosperity.
In recent years, with the need of the market, the demand of pearl expanded several times, pearl consumption has been on the rise, the price is soaring, especially the price of the antiquated pearl, at an extremely rapid pace has attracted the attention of numerous collector. Now the price of ordinary old pearl has exceeding RMB two hundred each, but also on rise, with hot to describe.
In April this year, in the auction at Christie’s in New York, a 68 strings of rare natural pearl necklace, pearl size from 9.47 mm to 16.04 mm in diameter increasing, in turn sold nearly $7.1 million, a record prices than in the past, pure natural pearl necklace is twice as high, is the world’s most expensive a pearl necklace.
Scarcity value, natural pearls are worth millions, it was because of its less, the average person is not easy to see. Therefore, whatever you do act the role ofing is tasted or care, now farmed pearl has a broad prospect.
In 2003, according to China association of gemstone survey global pearl production 1275.6 tons, 75.6 tons of seawater pearl month, China accounts for 27.5 tons; China’s freshwater pearl production about 1200 tons, accounting for Fake Cartier love bracelet about 95% of the world’s production of pearl, stability of the world’s production of pearl “ear”. According to incomplete statistics, in 2004 domestic pearl product sales more than $8 billion, plus $420 million in foreign exchange income, output of up to 12 billion RMB at home and abroad.
Customs data show that from January to July, 2006, guangdong port exports of pearl is 42.8 tons, fell 33.8% year on year, but the pearl export prices by an average of 56.9%, to $185 / kg. Although exports decreased significantly, the foreign investment enterprises and private enterprises pearl export price, average price is higher than 15.8% and 125% respectively over the same period.
At present, the pearl that sells on the market variety, classified into two categories: natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are round granular, nuclear small, often invisible to the naked eye, the quantity is little. Cultured pearl is divided into freshwater cultured pearl and seawater cultured pearl. Freshwater cultured pearl seedless, is no more than 4 meters in lakes, ponds and water depth in the environment of natural growth; Seawater cultured pearl produced in tropical or subtropical shallow sea waters, nuclear grow method are adopted.
In seawater pearls, nanyang beads and Tahiti pearls is most valuable. Among them, in the nanyang bead is a gourmet, generally 10 to 18 mm in diameter, is a big pearl, is extremely rare, valuable. Tahiti Cartier love ring replica pearls of 10 to 15 millimeters in diameter, usually with a black and dark grey. Our country is in guangxi hepu seawater pearl are the best and most famous.
Freshwater pearl smaller, but the output is big, used for beauty care effect is better. Expert introduction, freshwater pearl necklace, can qingrejiedu, often also can have very good effect for wound healing.
According to the color, pearl generally have white, gold, black three colors. If the quality is the same size, it is golden pearls the highest value. Aureate more native to the Philippines, Indonesia, etc., white made in Japan, nanyang and China, black from Tahiti. Although pearl can grow over time, but due to the longer growth period, the greater the risk, so the general goods jewelry pearls, a diameter of 6 to 8 mm, 8 mm or more, the price will be higher. The general diameter of about 12 mm luster good A cargo, each Cartier love ring replica wholesale price is 3000 yuan. 14 to 15 mm in diameter and Tahiti black pearls, wholesale price it 89000 yuan each.
Pearl is good, should not be appropriate to wear. The main mineral composition of pearl is aragonite and small amounts of organic matter and water. Pearl aragonite of unstable, difficult to resist water soluble; Organic chemical changes going to happen in one hundred, however, 150 will be worshiped. The best way is to wear, because the skin secretion of oils and alkalescent sweat can protect bead film, wear life, idle premature aging.

lovers knot string become beautiful diamond ring

Lover’s frugality, lovers knot string become beautiful diamond ring
Crown feelings coil out lover’s knot, deep feeling of love, gleaming beautiful diamond ring let happiness be frozen fingers.
Chaumet Josephine empress series ring
Former napoleon to Josephine empress coronation Fake Cartier love bracelet crown into a ring, will stick to his fingers to the deep love.
Tiffany Lucida. Diamond engagement ring
Exclusive patent design, highlight the ladder of cutting high crown surface and grace broad four complementary, diamond claw graceful curve, makes the big diamond mesa bright beautiful diamond ring.
Van cleef Couture diamond ring
With ribbons around the single diamond drill, like a grain of buttons. Platinum Mosaic 0.3 to 1 carat diamond.
De Beers Adonis Rose single beautiful diamond ring
Young Adonis is inspired by love and beauty goddess Aphrodite and beauty of love story, platinum are round brilliant cut diamonds, the beauty of the four olive shape cutting as a foil, winding leaf and roses symbolize love, clever and charming.
Eight kinds of colored gems and maintenance methods
Is one of the most beautiful treasure in the world with a colored stone, and the bright and colorful color always fascinates countless people, at ordinary times maintain natural also attentively, to maintain the gems.
It is a kind of soft luster gems, but the drawback is low Cartier love ring replica hardness, brittleness and stronger. So wearing jewelry made of tourmaline, should be careful not to collide with the other gems friction, so as to avoid scratching. Tourmaline with thermoelectricity (scientific name tourmaline), after the sun or the heat will generate static electricity and some fine dust adsorption. Therefore, people who work in the dust, the larger environment, should pay attention to often clean with alcohol neutral cleaning fluid, such as stones, in order to keep its luster is soft. Tourmaline also should avoid overheating at the same time, sometimes because of the heat can change the color of the tourmaline.
Topaz (Joe pass stone), the moonlight gem
They should avoid collision, because both have texture, collision gem easily split along one direction and make it be destroyed in whole or in part.
Spinel and garnet
They are medium hardness of gems, generally need to be careful not to collide with each other.
The crystal
Avoid contact with radioactive material, try to avoid contact with heat source. Crystal will change color under the radioactive radiation, and amethyst in heating that may appear color becomes weak.
Red, sapphire,
They are the most easy to protect the colored gems Cartier love ring replica gems, both gem high hardness, toughness of medium, nature is stable, as long as not violent collision and avoid high temperature, can be worn for a long time.
It is nature brittle stones combined with natural emerald tend to be defective, prone to rupture, so to avoid strong extrusion and collision. Oiled or into the glue to cover up the flaws crack is a common method of dealing with emerald. The accessories have to avoid overheating.
Chrysoberyl (including stone and the cat’s eye)
It is hardness and toughness are good gem, it is an ideal male gem. Wear process generally need to avoid high temperature, especially in system design or maintenance don’t let the flame directly on the gem.
Zircon, olivine
They can’t put them with the other gems. Zircon, olivine is formed by underground environment of high temperature gem, properties of brittle and hardness is low, so often due to crack too much raw material and difficult to make it big stones. The mutual friction between the finished stone will scratch the gem edges and lose precious stones “momentum”. These two Cartier love ring replica gems cannot meet heat, increase brittleness when they are heated. Peridot also afraid of acid, acid and long-term exposure can make the surface of the stone from corrosion and reduce its luster.
Jewelry and jade article four maintenance skills
Year arrived, love beautiful women will choose some jewelry jade article reward for yourself a year of hard work. But some jewelry Dai Jiu put for a long time, or it may appear bleak color because there is no maintenance or scratches. Then we should be how to maintain these precious jewelry and jade article?
Timely remove is maintenance
Often say “people raise jade, jade or”, but this is not to say that consumers and jade always “intimacy”. The consumer should wear jewelry and change or remove according to specific situation. In when to get off the best to wash your hands, for example, because the soap contains different levels of alkaline substances, accumulate over a long period, for more fragile gems, may cause damage, and soap in the soap’s also easy to card in the fine seam of ring, which greatly influence the luster of the gem and brightness. In addition, take a shower, do the housework, such as swimming, also easy bruising gems.
Can prevent acid make-up before wearing
People’s Daily life or contact of certain substances in food, often containing different concentrations of acid or alkali, and the acid and alkali chemical may damage the gems, especially the pearl or other organic Cartier nail bracelet replica gemstones. Daily use of cosmetics, should try to avoid contamination to jewelry. Ferial dress should be spray perfume, make-up and when to wear jewelry, in order to avoid high levels of direct contact to the surface of jewelry, cosmetics, perfume should be added such as perfume, should also avoid spraying perfume directly into the surface of jewelry.
Careful with ultrasound washing machine
Ultrasonic cleaning machine of k gold precious stones jewelry does have a very good cleaning effect, especially to a crack in the gem, brush to brush the dust clean grease stain. But ultrasonic washing machine is not suitable for all precious stones, like emeralds, pearls and other special structure of the gem, ultrasound cleaning will damage the structure and therefore should be absolutely avoided. Although ultrasonic washing machine cleaning effect is good, but cannot be used for good, too frequent use, easy to make small drill cannot afford many shocks and loose even fell.
Portable jewelry box lower loss rate
Many consumers have for hand washing will remove jewelry is lost on the counters, or accidentally drop the ground injured experience. But such a small accident can be avoided completely. When you buy jewelry, jewelry Cartier nail bracelet replica store will send a small jewelry box, put inside, jewelry looks beautiful beautiful. But after a lot of people remove jewelry, jewelry box is idle at home in the drawer, actually this little jewel box has its own use. Small, do not take a place, it can carry, go out to wash their hands when the ring can be removed, conveniently in the jewel box, a habit can greatly reduce the risk of lost jewelry.

Switzerland buy table to time table for the bible big revelation

Strategy: Switzerland buy table to time table for the bible big revelation
Travel to Europe, many Chinese always in Switzerland this station swarmed into the watch shop, straight to “table”, buy yourself, to the friend.
In fact, in France, Germany and Italy can buy the latest version of the Swiss watch, price and local in Switzerland, and a lot of time in terms of tax rebate looser than Switzerland.
Perhaps, as in China to buy silk and porcelain, bought in Switzerland “table”, is the “r” feeling. Watch behind the connection, is a profound cultural background.
Usually, many European travel team in Switzerland, travel imitation Cartier love bracelet arrangements are compact, a string of Swiss city stroll down, beauty is “murder” camera memory space, and the money in the purse is a few useless – real shopping time is not easy for visitors. Hence, there is a clear budget, fully before the lessons and knowledge to watch people with general cognitive before the high price of Swiss watch and luxury lineup, complete and effective Swiss “timed purchase table action”.
The Swiss tabulation is treated as a “faith”
Clock was invented by the Chinese people in the northern song dynasty period of more than nine hundred years ago. But today of “world clock”, it is the other side of the Swiss.
A world clock and watch industry authoritative books and periodicals on wrote: “used in modern mechanical clock escapements originated from ancient Chinese sung invention.” It is said that the the sung clock mechanism and astronomical observation instrument combination, on the principle has been completely successful, he’s better than Europe’s watch industry for more than six centuries ahead.
In the late 15th century, European horology mainly concentrated in Germany and France. The former is designed in the clock, but the latter than wrist watch; Switzerland is famous for jewelry at that time. In A.D. 1735, the Swiss treasure Jura mountains area in the west of the pearl in Switzerland founded the tabulation workshop – this is the world’s first to register the birth of the clock and watch brand, the Swiss watch industry also from “craftsman era” into “brand era”.
City of Geneva in Switzerland’s top clocks and watches, circulated in tabulation craftsmen such a tradition: in addition to pray with each line of the meeting, each craftsman must put their own name or tag cast on the assembly of the bottom of the table. Born of the wrist watch is not only the effort work of the craftsman, was seen as the whole family honor.
In this advocate handmade with mechanical clocks and watches Replica Cartier jewelry of instrument, each craftsmen will study to produce a perfect delicate clock as the glory of life. For the watchmaker, the clock “tick” sound like a church bell so holy nobility, it was this apparent “TAB” for the life of faith industry atmosphere, makes the Swiss watch which is worldwide.
Belongs to the birth of the “red list” of paper
Expensive jewelry, machinery, advanced design concepts, all classic technology transfer… These belong to the glory of “red list”, in today’s era of global distribution, network shopping seems to be losing the exclusive rights in Switzerland. However, personally, they set foot on the Swiss watch to the store with a long history took a to belong to his watch, emotion is very different.
Swiss for feelings are beyond general luxury watches, all kinds of “red list” of dealers will give customers make beautiful exquisite packaging, will write watch source, sales locations in detail, and a lot of similar Swiss certification documents. Service is so close, whether for personal use or to send people, watch will deserve to go up quite a “component” and “commemorative value” paper “” was born.
All over the cities of rare watch chain
Baojia Bucherer, largest Swiss watch chain is an international brand with a history of one hundred, as early as 1888, businessmen and industrialists Carl friedrich pocahontas, the first watch in lucerne, Switzerland jewelry boutique opened. One hundred years later, pocahontas is still a Swiss watch and jewelry industry leader.
In lucerne famous swan square, right against the face visible imitation cartier love bracelet pocahontas, head office 6 layers of white floor, the roof has a crown shaped Rolex tag, shows the historical roots of Bucher – er and Rolex. As the largest shopping store, clocks and watches and jewellery industry, the selectivity of the is the European similar shopping store can not be compared. The sales staff to 35 different languages to answer customer’s any problem, it is also a full of the customer is supreme human marketing.
In pocahontas, the world’s most complete brand of watches for people to choose, such as Rolex (Rolex), Chopin (Chopard), count (Piaget), Abby (AudemarsPiguet), girard-perregaux (Girard Perregaux), bao qi lai (CarlF. Bucherer), mingshi (Baume&Mercier), Longines (Longines), tag heuer (tag heuer), emperor tuo (Tudor), radar (Rado) and Gucci (Gucci), and other world famous brand. At the same time, as a designer and manufacturer of pocahontas, in the field of watches and clocks jewelry constantly fresh attempt, leads the way.
Besides a wide range of clocks and watches and jewellery, here also sells all kinds of gifts and souvenirs, small brands from Reuge music box, swarovski crystal, Victorinox authentic Swiss army knife, zwilling knives, Fis – ba embroidery, until the montblanc and senior CarandAche writing articles.
Pocahontas, the head office of lucerne swans square is the most famous Swiss watch business district. Each branch of the area were also reflects the management idea, noble, noble quality.
Beauty of lucerne
Switzerland on more than two hundred years ago, “the sky was Cartier love bracelet replica crystal clear lakes, towering majestic mountains, the city full of cultural wealth”, the era of love letters are Swiss “xanadu”, prefer in their work and celebrate city Lucerne (Lucerne) moving scenery. Dumas said: “the lucerne is the world’s most beautiful the pearl mussel.” Wagner said: “the lucerne gentleness makes me forget the music!”
Until today, the preserved medieval like quiet beautiful city still endless allure. Pocahontas, located in lucerne head office renovation completed on November 30 2007, can be called the northern hemisphere’s largest, the most elegant watch jewelry store. After decorating is a highlight of the store newly installed the world’s largest crystal ball clock. For that Bucherer declaration of the guinness book of world records. The big clock through the four floors of the building, 11.6 meters high, 6 meters wide, 0.5 meters thick, the size of the crystal ball 260, crystal ball rolling length of more than 234 meters. Crystal ball sliding is amazing crystal waterfall. The clock, powered by the kinetic energy of the crystal ball, is the perfect combination of Bucherer tabulation technology and aesthetics.
It as much as four layers of crystal ball, lion clock be cantrell short monument after lucerne’s third-largest attractions, has become a trip to Switzerland is missing a tourist spot.
“Time table for” bible
General mass of Swiss watch store, customers can enjoy a 8% value-added tax discount directly. The Swiss no bargain shopping habits, repeated bargain is contrary to the price of the mainstream view. Reassuring, Swiss commodity price no matter which city is the same, the Swiss government demands merchants on the timing window display commodities prices, businesses would have few chance to inflate prices. Swiss watch shop sometimes extra to buy luxury watch foreign visitors some replica Cartier love bracelet discount. Due to the high value watches, also relatively substantial discount of silver. For those small watch shop also can try the “bargain”, attitude is correct is not boring, because a friend had to bargain and get a ninety percent discount, also is a trip to Switzerland.
If there are any Swiss watches on sale, it is a “godsend” – Bucherer and Guebelin every month one or two special watch. Since December, every year the whole lucerne into the Christmas discount season, all businesses will participate. End of lucerne the hottest place in the city must belong to swan square – there is a Swiss watch. In baojia, lucerne, led by the swan attended to the square, such as Guebelin several table rows together and contains almost all the Swiss famous brand watch.
If you want to be more assured quality, still should try some big watch shop. Brand and design is quite rich, and after-sales service network more, and can provide multilingual services. For a worthy use lifetime to slowly watch “consumption”, such a high “price” is more worth it.
Tourist tips
By train from Zurich to Zurich to Lucerne Lucerne, there are N per hour class. His driving an hour from Zurich to Lucerne. The lucerne railway station, cross the road, is the swan lake bridge square.
The visitor to Switzerland before buy table is for large cash Cartier love bracelet replica swap worry, now, pocahontas, lucerne of Rolex set in the center of China unionpay card POS machine, as Switzerland first store to accept China unionpay card, visitors with unionpay CARDS can easily consume.

Wary of online shopping and tourist fake jewelry

The certificate does not accord with the physical Wary of online shopping and tourist fake jewelry
A diamond wedding ring diamond soon fall off, white jade bracelet made of marble, dyeing processing after the pearl necklace, fine jewelry of gold is far from standard… For consumers, jewelry fashionable appearance is far from enough, only need to increase the “gold content” from the aspects of quality. During the period of 3.15, the reporter interviewed the international jewelry appraisal division, national registered jewelry appraiser, ningbo gold jewelry association secretary-general IDA, she told reporters, ningbo local jewelry stores most of them are very good faith, and consumers online shopping or go to destinations to jewelry, but nine times out of ten quality problems.
The phenomenon of certificate does not accord with real online jewelry problems
During the period of “although is March 15, but the gold Cartier love ring replica jewelry daily check is very smooth.” IDA told reporters that the enthusiasm of consumers to detect jewelry products significantly better than before. To detect the jewelry, the problems existing in the more clear. “Local buying jewelry is generally not too big problem, but tourism destination to buy jewelry quality problems nine times out of ten.”
In recent years, many people choose through online shopping to buy some jewelry price concessions. But in an interview, the reporter found that online jewelry problems stand out: certificate does not accord with real. “To detect online jewelry, take out the certificate of basic it is true, but it can find the quality of detection of physical problems. Some businesses will product into a certificate on the touch kind, cheat consumer.” IDA also told reporters in a recent example, a woman to test a piece of online shopping to hetian jade, show me the certificate is true, but the real after detecting, discover however is glass. “In this case, examination organization can issue a certificate of inspection, help the consumer rights protection, but difficult to sure.”
Remind tourism reasonable avoid purchasing jewelry to wear is very important
IDA told reporters that in her experience in testing, the ningbo local jewelry enterprises basically all very good faith. She was particularly stressed that the consumer should be vigilant, and most from destination to jewelry, especially foreign travel, most are fake and shoddy products, or the quality level is not high. “This a few years a growing number of people Cartier nail bracelet replica have to travel to Cambodia, many people will buy ruby to come back, but after testing, basic it is fake. And shopping invoice only product number did not specify whether natural ruby, consumer rights protection difficult.”
In addition, gold jewelry daily reasonable wear is also very important. According to IDA, gold mercury will turn white, and some skin care products containing mercury, after contact with the gold chain necklace becomes angry, this is a normal phenomenon, some consumers were due to suspected gold necklace quality problems. At the same time, IDA to like to collect the consumer spending of silver objects such as a resort, “want to buy these products before testing can come with business center, proved to be real again after purchase, this can effectively avoid the seller’s cheating.”
Gem’s maintenance methods
Every woman love my jewelry, but many people don’t know how to maintain it. Those on the Internet specious and maintenance methods, often backfire. Inadvertently, jewelry is likely to be hurt and lose luster, are more likely to make the gem loose, fall off or lost.
Refuse to clean with toothpaste jewelry. The expert points out, clean jewelry with toothpaste is not ideal. Because toothpaste contains subtle high hardness material grinding particles, the particulate matter was small but the hardness up to six or seven degrees (almost the same as the crystal), so clean with toothpaste can damage than low hardness of the Cartier nail bracelet replica surface of the gem crystal jewelry, pearl, gold and K gold surface in particular. For pearl jewelry, should absolutely avoid clean with toothpaste, the correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactants (such as salad, baby shampoo off).
Do not use tap water soak the pearl. Using tap water as short cleaning effect on jewelry is not big, but if used to soak the pearl, is a no-no. Because of the fixed content of chlorine in tap water (C1), can damage on the surface of the pearl luster. Soak the pearl actually should with mineral water is the most ideal.
Timely get off, also is a kind of maintenance. Should wear jewelry, depending on who, what, when, and content of different and diligent about replacement or take off. But for the busy modern people, may not be able to. But at least it off when washing, because some of the soap with varying degrees of alkaline material, accumulate over a long period of weaker gem, can cause an injury, and soap in the soap’s also easy to card in the fine seam of ring, thus greatly influence the luster of the gem and brightness.
Closely examine jewelry on a regular basis. Spend a little more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis, such as small and medium-sized diamond jewelry is solid and no loose Cartier nail bracelet replica phenomenon, pearl necklace is tied firmly, clip-on earrings whether the card in the middle of the elastic to reduce or screw loose contact and so on.
Pay attention to acid and alkaline substances. Contact with some of the material in our daily life or food, containing different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these chemicals may damage the gems.
The use of cosmetics, daily life should try to avoid contamination to the jewelry. To avoid high levels of daily cosmetics or direct contact with perfume to the surface of jewelry, should be added such as perfume, should also avoid spraying perfume directly into the surface of jewelry.
Saturation distribution of each level of tonal include nine color, respectively is: Light (abbreviation), Very Light, Very Light), bright (Light), the color bright (Fancy Light), color (Fancy), Dark color (Fancy Dark), Deep color (Fancy Deep), strong color (Fancy Intense) and fresh colour (Fancy Vivid). Even if two diamond clarity, cut, and weight are the same, but have no difference on the level of color, the price will be sent out a few times.
Natural red diamond is rare. The world’s largest diamond – red light triangle cut jose thayer, weigh 5.11 carat red (dark). According to the report, it is made by a Brazilian farmers found in the mid – 1990 – s. Globally so far only four true red, there are more than a dozen purple hue of red star, including “Hank red” mentioned in the article. This diamond studs are not high, there are two small cleft, but set a diamond carat unit price is $926000 in the world auction record, and keep the record for 20 years, the reason lies in its close to smoky rare color.
Almost no pure natural diamonds are rare, orange orange imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond. Orange drill tonal range is larger, the price is not only related to the degree of saturation, also is associated with specific color, red orange than slant yellow orange price is higher. The world’s largest natural orange drill is 5.54 carat “Pumpkin” (Pumpkin) diamond, cut shapes for the nearly round cushion, fresh color orange color, the original stone produced in South Africa. The diamond in 1997 by Winston jewelry line for $1.3 million at sotheby’s (weibo) field of won the bid for and its current valuation has more than $3 million. This year sotheby’s Hong Kong autumn rendered in fresh colour orange 4.19 carat sold for $2900000 m and refresh the “pumpkin” diamond world auction record of $238718 per carat, $705587 per carat. In just 14 years, fresh color orange diamond carat unit price tripled, it serves to show its precious.
Yellow diamond accounted for the vast majority of natural diamonds in the so-called colorless diamond, only a few are truly colorless, the rest is with different degree of yellow. However only saturation reaches a certain degree of yellow diamond can jump out from the colorless diamond grade, promotion to the colored diamonds. Although yellow diamonds mined a relatively more, more than 100 carats of gigantic auger is very rare. One of the most famous is the “tiffany jewelry shop treasure company, in 1897, purchased a 128.54 -carat canary, it is classical type, a total of 90 plane, can produce a strong light flicker effect. The grand opera in Geneva this year sotheby’s jewelry autumn is also a giant canary, it weighs 110.03 carat is currently the world’s largest pear-shaped fancy canary, valuation of $1100 to $15 million, the original stone mining in South Africa in 2010.
Natural green diamonds and red as rarely appears in the auction, is very rare. German “dresdner” diamond is one of the most famous in the world today green auger, 41 carat it, a pear-shaped cut, it is the only big Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica particles have been discovered pure green natural diamond. Appeared and the auction is the biggest green auger sotheby’s autumn sales in Geneva in 2009 was 2.5 Carla pillow type on the fresh colour green auger, sold for $3078916, a very high unit carat price enough to witness its precious rare. Natural blue diamond, by contrast, is also rare, is a regular at the auction, its four consecutive years since 2007 in sotheby’s auction, and refresh every year auction record last year. Sotheby’s jewelry auction in Hong Kong this year, fresh color blue diamond with a 6.01 carat pink diamond ring sold for $10000000, unit kara price from $2007 in 1320000, climbed to $1686505, up more than 25% four years.
According to the theory of color pink as having high brightness and low saturation of red, orange and purple, pink diamond is no exception. So to play a very delicate pink diamond colour, low saturation through after inlaid on the jewelry can not display its moving nature, high saturation and beyond the world of romantic and warm pink on the color psychology of default. However, from the point of price and output, high saturation of pink diamonds is relatively better choice. India’s ancient gore kangda (Golconda) output by the pale pink pink diamonds are homogeneously, due to its ore has been discontinued, so all the more precious. And the pink diamond come mainly from the argyle ore of Australia.