Fashion female pulse on the luxury of amorous feelings

Fashion female pulse on the luxury of amorous feelings
No woman does not love jewelry, no women willing to refuse to watch the beauty of the intellectual. Those gorgeous female table in the dial, table, or even think of opportunely, highlights on the strap elegant design achievement the art taste, also let a woman’s wrist blossom a synchronized amorous feelings.
Give maverick fashionable woman
Love alone barrel
In fact, with the exception of special line, barrel shaped wrist watch for manufacturing process also have quite high demand, every Angle to symmetric extremely accurate, or a watch is destroyed. On the design for women’s wrist, barrel shape always occupies the important position, and has a tendency to do more and more costly.
First recommendation: TISSOT (TISSOT), d. series is such an atmosphere, its novel design and elegant, smooth the geometric aesthetic into the poetic art, extremely deductive amorous feelings. This series of wrist joint wrist outline, wear comfortable, exercise can cooperate the wearer’s physiological structure, keep up with the pace of modern life. The color of the dial, the use of the bright black, grey, or color gleaming mother-of-pearl.
To pay attention to the details of luxury women
Kink an elegant modelling
A lot of very love beautiful woman, to share with more beautiful and engaged in related industries, such as beauty, jewelry, fashion, etc. A group of women, most preferred type of jewelry watches. Ablaze, luxurious and elegant, this is their unremitting pursuit, it is also a lot of brands have jewelry and watches product line at the same time, they’re too popular
The count (PIAGET) MagicHour
First recommendation: earl (PIAGET) MagicHour wrist watch has a very unique design, three different style and manner of triple worn by single wrist watch, in a delicate machine carved decorative decoration on the dial, with different Angle was presented. When the dial is rotating, jewelry watches with inlaid on the surface of diamond digital time scale, the time to flow into the shimmering light shining diamond.
To the girl is dressed like neutral
Minimalism to meet your needs
In recent years, the neutralization of accessories, especially the wrist watch, more and more get the welcome of women. In addition, as part of the premium brands paragraphs only male rather than female, so some of the girls of small size of the choice of the men’s table, already have a concise design style, unapt too hale and hearty.
First recommendation: RADO Swiss trades with the famous master of industrial design jasper Morrison cooperation three times, the new series of r5.5, fusion of Oriental zen essence modern minimalist design style, intriguing. Perfect the high-tech ceramic material, cooperate with curved corners of the modelling concise square having a unique style, to display the beauty of peace.
Give low-key career women
No LOGO is worth LOGO
Almost every watch brands have their own “identity card”, sometimes it is your own brand name, sometimes with a LOGO. There are, of course, not everyone likes mark clearly, for some low-key professionals, they are more willing to choose wrist watch without any LOGO.
First recommendation: the MOVADO (MOVADO) legend of the dial is still considered the modernistic design model, can’t see any Numbers on the dial, single dot in 12 when the position and symbol of the midday sun, unprecedented in the history of the clock and pure design, made in 1960 was elected the permanent collection of the museum of modern art in New York, be honored in the history of the first dial.
To social couple is just beginning to make money
The pursuit of the cutting edge of fashion
Just to have a job before long, have not too much budget to buy expensive watch. But this does not mean that they haven’t had the chance to wear the beautiful watch, in fact there are many young route brands have very good Cartier love bracelet replica works, such as GUESS, GC, FOLLI FOLLIE, SWATCH and so on, is famous for changing the design.
First recommendation: GUESS just released new series in 2010, is one of the most attractive TattooYou tattoo (personality). Tattoo is a hot spot in the tide of popular, but also the most can body jewelry and watches echo. The dessert of “love” is big love young girls.
Watch for women, is not simple timing tool already, but the classic beauty fashion accessories. A knot tied on your wrist, let the person wearing it inadvertently become fashion focus.

The world’s largest diamond exchange

But into the 1950 s, Israel’s diamond industry into a trough. After the second world war, Europe’s diamond center and recovery, diamond processing industry to return to Europe. At a time when control 90% of global market share of DE beers diamond trade company strictly limited to the Israeli diamond ore supply and the demand after 1955 diamond processing of the largest and profit is the most abundant species has completely turned out from Israel. The necessity, the Israeli government set up holdings company, vigorously explore new supply channels, to support the country’s diamond processing industry, which has achieved obvious, also increased the Israeli government negotiations with DE beers, and ultimately contribute to the company to return to Israel. Since then, stable supply, market expansion, diamond prices continued to rise, and Israel’s continuous innovation to develop the world’s leading patented technology, gradually Replica Cartier jewelry established now Israel in the center position in the international diamond processing and trade. Now, Israel is one of the world’s four big diamond cutting and trade center, its leading position unmatched, finishing the diamond trade in the country’s trade finishing diamonds have accounted for more than half of the total amount of the global diamond trade.
Israel is a country with the largest diamond practitioners, is also a diamond processing automation level of the highest in the world. From a raw ore start using computer aided design system to scan positioning diamonds, determine the optimal cutting plan, and to assess how to use the leftover material, cutting down after determining cutting graphics, computer pass this information to cutting grinding machine. Moreover, Israel also developed a machine that can be used to computer the diamonds of each cutting the light reflection data analysis, to see whether the diamond had been cut, so convenient quality appraisal.
However, despite the emerging new advanced technology in the diamond processing, but the most basic polishing technology is still continue to use the “old methods” of 350 years ago, human, technology and experience of the experts is still a crucial factor in the diamond processing. Israeli diamond, head of the institute, said to us, diamond processing is a very imitation cartier love bracelet complicated project, Israel also can automatic grinding round diamonds. Diamond polishing is very exquisite, if wrong, such as from left to right or from top down, grind the hours will be to no avail, three words – ground motionless, then can be manually adjusted. Therefore, in today’s world the development of diamond industry is welcomed and artificial combination of experience and technology.
Although Israel does not produce diamond, diamond processing industry has always been the country’s important export industry, gem grade diamond sales around the world, 50% came from Israel. Finishing diamond exports amounted to $6.706 billion last year, of which the local processing of diamonds in Israel for $2.8 billion, the rest of the diamond is in overseas processing and re-export by Israel after Israel, one part is processing plant or overseas signing processors the processing of diamonds. Israel in India and China have the diamond processing plants, hire professional and technical workers of about 2500 people in China.
The world’s largest diamond exchange
Ramat gan, a satellite city of tel aviv city, here is the Israeli diamond exchange and Israeli diamond industry research and development technology center is located, at the same time there also gathered 2500 diamond manufacturers, is worthy of the name of Israel diamonds, is also the centre of the world’s diamond industry. Located in the center of ramat gan Israeli diamond exchange is the world’s largest diamond trade center. In the 1930 s, several jewish jewelry merchants in tel aviv in an old house built their diamond trading places, to become the prototype of the Israeli diamond exchange. In 1968, the production and trade of diamond dealer said goodbye to the mill moved in the diamond trade building near tel aviv. Now, with three skyscrapers Israeli diamond exchange has 2500 members, a quarter of the total number of diamond dealer members all over the world.
Israeli diamond trade has also benefited from the perfect management system. Israeli diamond exchange has a strict rules on new members, hereby apply for membership of the exchange of the company must be engaged in the diamond business more than 7 years of experience, and be approved by the exchange committee; Members must be after 5 years observation period, during this period any misdeeds will threat membership status.
Diamond exchange with Israel, 1000, 35 elevators, office five Banks, in addition, the post office, government office of department of trade and industry (Israel), tax bureau, shipping companies, restaurants, synagogue, clinics, reference room, business center, and all kinds of stores. One-stop services enable traders here since entering the building can never leave home, deal with all their hearts, avoid the diamond frequently goes to carry for the inconvenience. Exchange provides traders with comfortable environment and services, the trading floor at the side of the exchange of the building, no matter from space, light, color, and layout through the elaborate design, fully embodies the human nature and modernization. 10 meters high hall, place oneself among them do not feel crowded or depressed. Side of the hall at the top of the glass room, available to monitor without its privacy, and the outside is the be born glazing of dozens of noodles wide, spacious and bright. Deserve to go up monitoring system, security of the hall, traders need to lock your suitcase card, and then off with it. Trading hall can accommodate 1000 people at the same time, similar to a classroom desks long tables of proper density is full of the whole hall, two people share the table with high brightness of desk lamp and pound said. Trading desk at one end is a three meters wide channel, at the end of the adjacent channel has a sign on the deal on the table and writing for traders to sell or buy diamond information. Channel on the wall at the other end of the hall with all kinds of information about the exchange and the company, and display different parts of the world time seven quartz clock and an electronic date display. To improve ore diamond trading, exchanges in the hall also established KeJiJiao, has the world’s most advanced computer software used for free in miners.
Don’t look at the diamond processing by means of the world’s most advanced science and technology, but the diamond trade as one of the oldest trade is still the continuation of the traditional way of one thousand years. Sit on both sides of the table between the seller and the buyer, the seller open stacks small paper bag full of diamond, the buyer is put on a special magnifying glass, with a small diamond tweezers to pick up gently, under the desk lamp to watch carefully. In line with the principle of “gang get the cash on delivery”, the diamond trade was done in the field. The buyer to the seller can generally pay cheque in the exchange within the Banks of the complete withdrawal or transfer. Buyers and sellers in the ancient “handshake” way to end the transaction, and Hebrew congratulated each other: “I wish you good luck and get rich!” This tradition continues today, as the world, including China, diamond trading place fixed custom.
Avi DE paz, the President of the Israeli diamond exchange on said, as the rising star into the diamond market in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, the diamond trade is more and more fierce competition, leads in the field of Israel is adjustment pace, looking for new opportunities. Paz said, China is a important Israeli diamond importer, China Hong Kong last year alone imported $180 million worth of diamonds. Israeli diamond industry very bullish on the Chinese market, China’s diamond tax rate will be decreased from 70% to 70% recently, “we expect the move will promote the development of the world diamond trade, and the prospects of the Israeli diamond industry cooperation with China will be more broad”.

The diamond processing and management talent grasp of the jews

The diamond processing and management talent grasp of the jews
World diamond industry conference recently held in tel aviv. Is located in the eastern Mediterranean, Israel in a protracted dispute and ongoing military conflicts become the best known national trait, but when ladies can is dazzling diamonds together with Israel, believe that not many people would know, but this is another true Israel.
The diamond complex of the jews
There’s a saying, “gems” (JEWEL) the word in the English language is the shift from “jews” (JEW), although the idea is not necessarily accurate, but the jews first developed a gem jewelry USES is true. At the end of last year, to dig near the Dead Sea Israeli archaeologist has found the 2500 – year – old female accessories, including a necklace made of 130 semiprecious imitation Cartier love bracelet stone and gold, a scarab gem, the medal of Babylon agate, and an engraved with the silver crescent moon and pomegranate patterns. In addition, there is research shows that is also the first to use bone products as decorations jews, is that early man “jewelry”.
Jewish diamond processing and management talent comes from its ethnic history accumulation, consult the history, the jews have a 3000 – year history of the diamond trade. According to the bible, the jewish diamond was known as “transparent quartz”, set in religious people of leather belt, and one of the most famous leather belt is out of the hand of the jews, made in the jews out of Egypt in 1600 BC. Although today, the diamonds that are not found in the sinai peninsula and even the entire Middle East, mentioned in the bible “children in the sinai desert to find diamond and to leader” of the description is still a mystery, but here on the diamond industry’s origin has been identified as ancient times. The jewish nation which has close relationship with the diamond, diamond merchants from all over the world mainly it is not surprising that the jews.
Huge diamond trade and investment, and need the rich experience, is a line into the threshold is very high, which makes the couple is difficult to participate. Early in the diamond trade markets, in particular, the lack of regulation s, clinch a deal is often just a white paper is a sale, this trust can only be more based on religion, the basis of national identity level, and the pattern of operation is given priority to with family also indirectly to ensure that the “after” diamond industry. It is also as the only jewish nation in the world – Israel, the diamond industry to grow and has continued to boom. In addition, the jews or the first inventor of the diamond Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica cutting technology, and in the long-term practice of continuous improvement and innovation, diamond cutting technique of the jews still leads the international diamond processing industry development trend.
Diamond “return” of Israel
Israeli diamond industry thanks to the development of thousands of years of history and the nearly hundred years of operating experience, coupled with professional management system, made today’s brilliant. Long-term diaspora life make the jewish diamond merchants and skilled workers all over the world, they successively in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in Antwerp, Belgium, the United States, New York built the world’s most scale and influence of the diamond processing and trade center. In the late 1930 s, the Belgian jewish diamond dealer with polished with grinding wheel back on Palestinian land, thus opened a return to the “holy land” by the world diamond processing industry.
With the outbreak of the second world war, more and more jewish diamond trader return to Palestine, for easy to carry and valuable diamonds, the jews during the second world war is generally see imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds as fleeing anti-semitism preferred carry-on baggage, this undoubtedly provides an opportunity for Palestine’s diamond industry development. In 1939, the Palestinian areas is only four diamond cutting factory, 197 workers. Diamond processing plants and four years later, the region has quickened to 33, technicians 3750 people, the world’s diamond cutting mechanic is only about 10000 people. To the 40 s, the Palestinian territories have become the world’s most important professional cutting small drill (per carat diamond cutting into 15 pieces to 7) base.
The late world war ii, due to rising inflation in Europe, diamond is regarded as one of the most stable value investment, demand is rising sharply. Add to meet the huge demand for the United States and other markets to diamond, diamond processing industry of jews in Palestine more to grow rapidly. In addition, the division of labor cooperation system reduces the success of the jewish mechanic training time, and at that time than the United States and South Africa diamond cutting factory more competitive low labor costs, to help Israel seized in 1948 founding of diamond industry development first bucket of gold.

4 c grade of diamond

4 c grade of diamond
For a diamond products, use 4 c standard for grading in the world. The 4 c include: Color (Color), weight (Caratage), Clarity, Clarity and cut (Cat). 4 c standard level has a direct influence on the quality of the diamond.
Color: the color evaluation, we mainly folio tome series of colorless, yellow series of diamond grading. Currently used in the classification standard to CIBJO (international federation of jewellery) and CTIA (the American college of gem) standard as the main participation. Between them there is a little different: CTBJO lab color of the stone is called “standard colorimetric stone”, each a diamond on the lower limit of each color level; GIA system using the color stone, each diamond represents the from E days beginning the upper limit of each color level.
Where there is a set of standard color stone case, we will have proper light source (color lamp), the appropriate classification environment (original) using a standard light in the dark room and rich experience, we can on the color of the diamond grading.
Weight: general international carat to represent the weight of the stone, the weight of the diamond for diamond prices have a direct impact. If the diamond products, all other factors are the same, so, the greater the weight of the higher the price of diamond. The price of diamonds in the diamond industry, by how much money per carat. For diamond weight within a certain range, per carat can listen to offer, according to the same price than this range of diamonds, per carat price is different. For without the diamonds, the general use carat weight said or to weighing scales; To have inlaid diamonds, generally by measuring its diameter, by changing the said calculation the weight.
Clarity grade
The preparing work before (1) classification:
A. clean diamond: the use of alcohol and wool cloth scrub diamond. After cleaning the diamond don’t used to touch, ought to use tweezers to clip.
B. by 10 times 10 times the magnifying glass or stereo binocular microscope to observe.
C. lighting conditions: usually when choosing color grading colorimetric lamp or eye lamp.
(2) the level of diamond studs are divided: diamond studs are divided into LC (microscopically immaculate level); VVS level (analyzes), it again to separate the two levels of VVS, and VVS2 level (depending on the size of the defect); VS class (analyzes) and two grade v, and VS2; SI level (small defect level) and two SI, and SI2; P level (not clear) and three levels of P1, P2 and P3 (visible to the naked eye defects, according to the position and size).
(3) the factors influencing diamond studs are:
A. the number of inclusions;
B. the size of the inclusions;
C. The location of the inclusions;
D. the bright brightness of inclusions;
E. inclusion type;
In clarity grading, we should not only observe the internal characteristics of diamond, but also noticed that some of the external characteristics of natural and artificial. For example, the original crystal, grow grain, polishing grinding lines and breakage, and so on. These also affect the diamond studs are level.
Cut classification: in cut classification, we mainly on circular polyhedral shape cut diamond grading according to strict proportion, also can be cut to fancy cut classification, but because of the abnormity, only as a rough estimate.
Diamond cut slightly different with grading standards in different Cartier love bracelet replica countries, this is mainly related to the aesthetic view of people. In our country, of the diamond cut: a wide than 56-66% for moderate, pavilion depth than 41 ~ 45% for moderate, crown Angle of 31 ~ 37 as moderate.
There are three things in the diamond cut is clear cut diamond, they are:
A. “fisheye” diamond: as the diamond booth is too shallow, spilling the light from the pavilion, cannot produce
B. “block” diamond: as the diamond pavilion of too deep, to the reflection of light not to mesa, looks black diamond, brightness.
C. “thin” diamond: it for two reasons, one is the proportion of mesa is correct, but the crown Angle is too small; Another mesa is too big, crown. This kind of diamond whole looks very thin, not easy to set, the color difference and fire.
In observation cut working hours, we should observe the following:
Wide (1), (2) the pavilion depth ratio, Angle and the pavilion Angle, crown (3) (4) the waist edge degree, (5) polishing line, (6) the excess facet and so on. A better diamond cutters, the fire color is very strong, a move that radiant.
To this, the natural diamond grading is done. But we should not only will the natural diamond grading accurately, but also to identify mixed in imitation of natural diamond and optimization of substandard goods.

Evaluation of diamond of the four “C” is what?

Evaluation of diamond of the four “C” is what?
To evaluate the value of a diamond, often depends on four factors, namely the carat, cleanliness, color and cut grinding. Color (see Colour, Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut), weight (Carat), the four English words the first letter is “C”, in the international jewelry industry, is generally referred to as the four “C”. The four “C” is very important in the evaluation of diamond ornaments, be short of one cannot.
(1) carat: namely the weight of the diamond, diamond is a small unit carat (1 carat = 0.2 g) terms. Diamond is one of the reasons for the precious rare, large weight is even more rare, usually more than one carat belongs to the big drill.
(2) the cleanliness: that is, purity and transparency. High imitation Cartier love bracelet cleanliness of the diamond, because no impurities, no defects, should be completely colorless, transparent, its value is high. Diamond impurities in the original stone, parcels and cracks and other serious when, should cut wear jewelry, and can only be used for industry.
(3) color: the color of the diamond is very important, international jewelry industry of diamond color grading is very strict, so the color has been decided to diamond is rare and the value of the basic and primary factors. As the gem grade diamond, limited to colorless, close to colorless, light yellow, pale yellow, yellow 5 kinds. In five, pink, blue, green, purple and gold rare, can be used as a rare collection. Other diamond color, can only be used in industry.
(4) -cutting: due to the physical characteristics of the diamond itself under the craftsmen long-term exploration and continuous improvement, the diamond thinking style and standards has gradually improve and finalize the design. Therefore, see a diamond cut grinding technological level, mainly depends on the Angle and the proportion is correct, the style is trendy, wondering whether choiceness, if point of discomfort, improper proportion, old style, thinking, rough, will make a diamond value greatly reduced, and even for unwanted drug.
Diamond – the oldest and the most precious natural treasures, with its jade-like stone, gorgeous and dazzing, captured the hearts of most women, it is pure, hard as a pledge of the engagement between the lover’s “diamonds are forever, forever.”
But diamond selection is a headache, people know that the quality Replica Cartier jewelry is related to its price, the size of the diamond and diamond, the greater the price is higher, and the same weight of diamonds, the quality is the price about it, the size of the diamond, everyone can see it, but the quality is not? How to choose suitable for their own diamonds?
Diamond is beautiful and unique, each of these subtle features are related to its value. To understand the value of a diamond, it must be from 4 c – color (see Colour, Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut), weight (Carat).
Color: see Colour
Colors and prices directly affect the quality of diamond, most of the diamonds are white color (white and ordinary sense of the different here, can be thought of as colorless transparent). From around the world to the color of the evaluation standard is also relative to the case of the series, currently has not formed standard of assessment of design and color is the color of the diamond, it is hard to meet in the market. Here are the standard is for colorless – light yellow diamond series.
1, the classification standard International diamond color grading is different between different systems, but gradually with the American college of jewelry (GIA) in classification standard. Our country adopted standards and national standard years GIA basic same, GIA and national standard of color grade letter in English, by the highest to the lowest level D color color grade Z, color from white to yellow, with a total of 32, and China’s national standard considering the practicability, it can be divided into grade 12
Under the best diamond level of D, the farther the worse. In our imitation cartier love bracelet country, the color can also be expressed in words and Numbers, so in some diamond appraisal certificate, also useful Numbers or text said clarity.
Second, Clarity: Clarity
Studs are also directly affect the price of diamonds, every diamond is unique, and contains natural mineral inclusions such as or crystallization carbon content, like natural birthmark, and the number of these inclusions, size, shape, color, will determine the clarity of a diamond and uniqueness. Each trained experts have 10 times the magnifying glass probably judge the diamond studs are available, but in fact, most of the magnitude of SI diamond inclusions are not to identify with the naked eye. Diamond inclusions is less, the more light refraction, diamond also double bright.
Studs are divided into the IF (there are said LC, the microscopic immaculate level), VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and VS2, SI1, SI2, eight grades, I rank the IF the best, price is the highest grade I the worst.
Cut: Cut
Nature determines a diamond’s color, clarity and weight, a lathe work fine diamond, regardless of any shape, regardless of any shape, all can enjoy paid out ofa and fire, bright when appropriate proportion of diamond cutting, light like mirror, after different surface refraction, make people more light. Bad cutting diamond will greatly affect the diamond color, brightness and fire knowledge make diamond dim and blank. Therefore, cut a good diamond value is high. When the choice, to appreciate.
Four, weight: Carat
The unit of weight for a diamond Carat (Carat), 1 g = 5 carats. 1 carat = 100 points. Diamond is rare, the greater the price also the square than rise. But two diamonds of same carat weight, the value will also be due to different color, clarity and cut.
Buying a diamond ring, the most important thing is to buy a suitable for their own diamonds, must not greedy cheap buy some faulty goods, but also unnecessary cost is very expensive. All in all, the most suitable is the best one.

Jewellery and watches and clocks past life and this life

Jewellery and watches and clocks past life and this life
Jewellery and watches is the intersection of gem watch? The answer is not that simple, because this is not A simple A + B = C. Brand “Cartier” with a long history, in particular, jewelry and watches and clocks, but there are plenty of stories! Over the past few years, more and more jewelry brand development of clocks and watches products; There are more and more watch brands across the foot jewelry products. Clocks and watches and other kinds of clothing, jewelry, and more close, in the process Cartier love ring replica of transformation and extension also appears more natural. Jewelry and watches are members, but really, you will find among them a lot of “knowledge”. Jewellery and watches what relation? The intersection of the results of the table only jewelry? Induction in the same brand name watch and jewelry series, just borrowed each other’s concept and the elements, or have a deeper consider?
The Cartier brand, for many years in the achievements of jewellery and watches, is almost a par, neck, and developed a lot of the same name of jewellery and watches, trying to explore the relationship between the jewelry and watches, it is a very good study.
TANK series, square and round of dialogue
In the series of Cartier, there is a good example, that is the most classic Cartier evergreen table Tank (Tank) series. Tanks table prototype completed in 1917, the real production is launched in 1919. Its classical elements are: watch body shows square or rectangle, to stretch up and down, left and right sides of the table box formation and watch body width of the table. Tank table was born at that time, the surface of the table and watchcase mostly circular modelling, this shape of human association of time cycle and celestial. Tanks table to change into a square, as well as to watch the shape of a relatively new insights, in fact, there are aesthetic and functional considerations. Because square a circular easier to watch case and table ear, make table ear watchcase structure component, which is both one body, and not just in case the surrounding hard plus two of abrupt device for connecting strap. Now look at this design concept seems to be taken for granted, no surprise; But if the time and space back to the end of the 19th century and the early twentieth century, will feel the value of it. At that time, in the Cartier love ring replica form of a table, has been gradually from the pocket watch into a wrist watch. Pocket watch to watch, in addition to machine core size and other technical problems to overcome, in terms of appearance, the original design, is outside the watch case can think of some way to fixed strap, so that it can wear on your wrist. Tanks emerged from the first wristwatch to the table, the design of the meantime, step by step toward the wrist watch is not just a pocket watch with a strap. According to the data of Cartier, points out that the real thinking in jewelry aesthetic concepts to schedule the location of the ear, in the brand, tank table is for the first one. That is to say, Cartier tanks is not only the table as a timer to wear on your wrist, and it is a jewel of wear on the wrist to consider. Under this consideration, moreover tank watch classic elements of began to appear. Slipped out box casing, become the most natural table ear, strap like the watch body stretching out. Look from flank, strap and the watch body to form a circle. By square watch body finally deduces a round, square and round, like nature itself, has become a table in one of the important concepts in the design of the tank.
TANK ring – the continuation of the classic elements
Tanks in addition to the table from jewelry aesthetic thinking about its overall structure, have set auger early models. In his 1919 launched six of tanks in the table, there is one is in on both sides of the box with the diamond rose type lathe work. But, according to the Cartier own tanks table and another series of Santos, turned out to be the least often combined Cartier nail bracelet replica with the two series of jewelry, until the 1980 s, tanks table really close to the jewelry industry. Jewelry tanks version of the table, in the basic elements and style of maintaining the tanks table at the same time, from the processing of metal, precious stones Turner to gem quality color arrangement, the material of the strap, play the appearance change. Through set auger box, for example, lathe work, such as round diamond, ladder drill or emerald Turner, formation and surface line box changes of visual effect, or use different gem, watch times of change. Tanks jewelry series is one of the hottest tanks (Bague Tank), the Tank ring with concise line, Tank tables out sharply will gems to clamp set way, processing into and ring ring width, and into the ring circle arc, square stone as if is part of the ring ring, continuation of the nature of the tanks with round table party. Quit from tanks square gems naturally into the characteristics of a circular ring ring, gem itself Turner, especially colored gemstones, the convex, feeling a moment the Turner, will also be convex Turner fruity and facet Turner, beautiful clever into a suit. Table than tanks, tank ring with stone and color changes, also became a Cartier jewelry important introduction to classical style in recent years.
PANTHERE series – figures as freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting
Cartier panther has been regarded as the mascot, in Cartier jewelry, once appeared many varieties of leopard, one of the most famous is the leopard (Panthere). In 1933 AD, Cartier founder Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) the appointment of a talented woman Jeanne Toussaint as a jewelry designer, the coco chanel is a good friend of woman, and in the Louis Cartier’s Cartier nail bracelet replica encouragement, many with animals as the theme of the jewelry is designed. Jeanne Toussaint individual is quite like a leopard, it is said that her name is called “the leopard”, have special feelings may be, and her leopard jewelry design is particularly popular. Her most famous panther jewelry, was completed in 1948 AD panther brooch, and this is her first leopard jewelry. This specially designed for the duchess of Windsor leopard Brooch (Panthere Brooch), create a profile with platinum and white K with leopard, with a diamond and sapphire shop set the leopard grain, gorgeous but elegant. The leopard prides itself in a 152.23 -carat ju convex shape on sapphire, and a bit naughty expression. Since this leopard brooch, Jeanne Toussaint and develop series of leopard brooch, hand chain, necklaces and long handle glasses, and the duchess of Windsor is the first listed by the Cartier Panthere series of men. Leopard jewelry splendid performance, how to transform into a wrist watch? According to the data of Cartier, first with leopard as the theme of the brand drill table, actually came in 1914 AD, earlier than the leopard brooch to more than 30 years. But the real leopard this name as series of watches, is to wait until 1983 to appear. This series of watches, could not see the representational leopard, at first glance, and another famous kadeya series Santos table shape, but the radian mend a round box, table boxes on the screw decoration into a more detailed dot. The most important thing is that the metal chain belt consists of a short, a piece of rectangle fall into place. Compared with leopard jewelry, leopards table is to use some simplified element, in freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting technique shows the lasting appeal of the animal; The leopard jewelry is representational and exquisite depict them. Panther series table after launch, collocation of jewelry also follow. Cartier catalogues in A.D. 1992, can see the match watch, jewelry, metal mainly wrist strap, cut into necklaces, hand chains and rings. This technique Cartier nail bracelet replica is also a lot of brand watch in jewelry design collocation, the most commonly used.
In addition to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese leopard, there is a table in the leopard representational BaoTou plus a simplify the leopard body in a circle, as the table frame, and the leopard perfume bottles and leather on the metal. Jaguar to end-to-end body more figurative and vivid modelling, have also been directly “transplant” the wrist watch, but they are usually listed as haute couture jewelry, and is usually not be hidden, that is, the surface of the timing can be lightly processing, heavy adornment sex more time. Said they are watches, is more apt bracelet with timing function. BAIGNOIRE series Jewelry watches are elegant Jewellery and watches borrowed each other’s elements, in Cartier oval table can also see the use of clear. According to the data of Cartier, AD 1910, Louis Cartier designed a watch body is oval table, because the Duchess Maria Pavlovna like it very much, and with its shape called it Baignoire (oval). This table has been for private collection, was not published until 1938. In Cartier watches, oval table because of the elegant and delicate, have been classified in female table, change is the adornment effect also has been the focus of development. But under table extends jewelry, most is also directly take its elements. Technique is one of the, directly take metal chain belt as earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Oval table box directly, for example, was put on the ring circle, as the ring, topaz, tourmaline and other precious stones. Another example, combines with elliptical watch body imitation Cartier love bracelet metal chain belt “The Casque d” Or “, Or cut out ring, hand chain necklace. Due to the oval table is quite has the qualities of women elegant Cartier models, in the haute couture jewelry table, can see a lot of to its base type, adorn with precious stones again, quite welcome.
TRINITY series, unlimited extension of the birth of the classic and leopard table same order, three-ring table is an extension of the third ring, also is the first jewelry, have a wrist watch. In A.D. 1924, Louis Cartier poet for his friend Jean Cocteau designed a Ring, K K gold friendship, yellow with white as the symbol of loyalty, K pink gold symbolizes love, made three K gold rings, and place them inside ably, can’t find the beginning, no end, symbolizes the three eternity, this is the famous third Ring Ring (Trinity Ring). Jean Cocteau quite obviously treasures the friendship, in Cartier’s book, have a photo of he was taken in the ’60 s, in his little finger, wear sanhuan to quit. He in addition to contributing to Cartier the birth of the third ring, in the antiques, collection of Cartier, there is a piece of work related to him. Is that a sword, and by his own painting design, to Cartier is made, and a three carat emerald inlaid on the sword, is said to be ms coco chanel by Cartier set up special committee. Three-ring appeared after nearly seventy years, three-ring table was born in 1997. Launched, Cartier will understand points out, three-ring ring is jewelry brand introduction, three-ring table also hope to establish the Cartier watch in an introduction to classic status. Third ring to be extended into a table? Cartier, relatively flat is the third ring road, and become a wrist watch box, thus developed a circular surface, then on the face plate and strap do different changes.

The diamond of cleanliness

The diamond of cleanliness
Diamond cleanliness is in accordance with the diamond under 10 times the magnifying glass observation on the basis of the results. It includes two aspects, namely the gem within the original defects and damage in the machining process of the diamond surface.
Completely clean level (Flawless), hereinafter referred to as FL. Diamond inside and outside without any defect. Some small problems can also be included in the FL level. This level can be allowed in the pavilion department have extra small facet, but little facet from the table to see; Visible to the natural native small crystal or cleavage plane, the size is less than the width of the waist, or did not make the waist round; Within a very small dot, since colorless and does not affect the perspective.
Internal clean level (Internally Flawless), hereinafter referred to as the IF. Inside without any defects, the surface is a little defective. Very, Very subtle internal defect level (Very Very slight included), has a tiny flaw, only replica Cartier love bracelet from the pavilion can be observed or surface have small flaws, VVS1 or the difference between VVS2 VVS2 decorated with tiny, cotton and xiaomao stubble (internal basically no defects).
Very slight defect level (Very slightly included), hereinafter referred to as VS1 and VS2. Can see very small flaws, can see the size and position. The difference between VS1 and VS2 VS2 may have small cotton and wool crop. Slight defect level (Slightly included), hereinafter referred to as SI1 and SI2. Can clearly see flaws, defects may be at the center of the table, in particular, VS2, very easy to see.
Unclean (Inperfect), referred to as “I1, I2, I3. Can clearly see the flaws, sometimes also can clearly see the obvious cleavage.
International diamond cleanliness has a unified symbols, are standard in the appraisal certificate figure on the corresponding position of the diamond shape.
How to choose a emerald
Similar to other gemstones emerald quality standards.
See the clarity in the first place. Talk about the above inclusions (impurities) is a natural gem of a case in point. But gem stones containing impurities how much is the difference between an important standard of Cartier love bracelet replica quality. Emerald commonly known as “garden” of inclusions, the less impurity emeralds are much more valuable.
Second see color. Can’t simply think that color is “deep” better, but first of all, it should be said that the color is “is”. The so-called “color”, is a bright green, looks pleasing. Of course this is pure green grows its value.
The third cut. The emerald cut, though not as strict as diamond cutting, but also cannot optional cut. Most number of emerald will cut growth ladder, gemstones in the world according to this shape for the baguette. Good cutting process can better show the brilliance of gems.
The size 4. In general emerald single grain weight can be divided into one carat, several carats, or more than ten carats. Emerald particles of the same quality (weight), the higher the price.
Above all, is the price of an emerald by its clarity, color, cut, size, choose emerald according to your budget, a moderate amount of choice.
Common diamond inlaid terminology
Like diamond grades and colors separated many level range, today’s designers can provide many different kinds of diamond shape and embedded technology. The following is one of the most important term of Fake Cartier love bracelet a pocket vocabulary.
Long and narrow rectangular (Baguette) : refers to the rectangular small diamonds, is often used to highlight the Mosaic of big stones.
Package set (Bezel setting) : this technology diamonds is shaped like a precious metal frame completely surrounded by edges.
Groove set (Channel setting) : often used to set the rules of a row of small size stones. The Mosaic technology with two metal clamping gems from both sides. Used with round, long and narrow rectangular and square stones. Groove set is like a track, between diamond.
Shaped cutters (Fancy cut) : in any form other than the round diamond cut. Shaped cutters including such as square, emerald, narrow, triangular, pear-shaped, princess, oval, and water cut, etc.
Set (Pav setting) : a small diamond Mosaic technology, diamond Cartier love ring replica inlaid between each other is very tight, so do not show metal. Dense with surface looks entirely from diamond pave.
Single grain set (Solitare) : single grain precious stones inlaid.
Tivoli set (Tiffany Setting) : use a long fine jaw clamping gems of four or six claw. The beauty of the present diamonds for observation of diamond Turner, color, clarity, invented by New York famous jeweler tivoli, is now widely used.

February is very tender feeling Teach you choose Mosaic gold

February is very tender feeling Teach you choose Mosaic gold
In February this year good lively, heads and valentine’s day, Spring Festival family friendship love a lot. Affectionate in February, send each other gifts is to heat up the best magic weapon. Actually to send gifts, also pay attention to a New Year new atmosphere, this year whether to change a new tricks?
Send gold jewelry there are traditional and modern two kinds of manner. Old people may still look stay on the “send jade elders, to send their children gold, send love diamonds, send friend jewel” these four ideas. But over the past few years,Cartier love ring replica jewelry has become like clothing, exquisite exquisite fashion tide. So if you want to send the jewelry during Spring Festival, might as well choose some works of popular element.
“Mosaic gold jewelry
From the ingredient, Mosaic gold by 75% of 18 k gold and other alloy composition. Hardness is high, pure compared with the traditional gold and platinum, Mosaic gold not only can make the color of the colored gems more thick, also reflected the metal material fine, fine. It usually takes three colors: rose, white and pink, send soft pleasant smell. Mosaic gold has been the europeans are like jewelry material, its implied meaning with the Chinese jade found in the ‘fu lu shou, represents the desire of the people better. The popularity of Mosaic gold, brought regression contracted for jewelry industry on the mainland, advocate natural international wind. In terms of the situation, the design of Mosaic gold design basically consistent with the Europe and the United States, can stand in the fashion of waves.
Mosaic gold jewelry because of its lighter weight, lower price, exquisite craft, novel style, gradually become the focus of fashion jewelry business. From the point of view of internationalization, in complex preparation, hand-cut process of style restoring ancient ways is popular. , but the holiday gifts between relatives and is better to choose concise and easy design Cartier love ring replica, craft is not very prominent, the design requirement is very strict, but strive for simplicity in personality. In addition, the initials can be engraved on the jewelry, or simply is far, to heart.
Reading popular magazines, gold, silver, diamond is everywhere, but the rare that had haunted the homeland spirit – jade figure of eight thousand. Is in the hustle and bustle of urban people can no longer appreciate the beauty of that out-of-touch? Or the spirit of jade would not with the drunk, deliberately hidden track in the mountains to let a person cannot find a trace? Prefer to believe the latter, because the market is churning out more jade amulet, mortal desires spirit jade, but rare fairy.
Here jade, natural not anchored to jade, but the true meaning of Chinese jade. Said to jade, natural will think of a beauty, to make a show of comely wind, carries a little face, head, jade become warped, waist with jade exquisite, Dutch garment pian-pian, ring ding dong, the breeze blowing, blowing the water like a jasper, knit a pool also blow the wind, beauty, intrinsic, and long isn’t that what modern temperamental belle’s pursuit of realm?
Shape than spirit likeness, white jade that tender, floating on the base of filar silk green strands, as if to dissolve in white, but in an shook out, touching and cut off all the time, it seems to be a graceful goddess, gently a smile at you, finish and overflow in the corners of the mouth, called you was wrapping around her with her a smile, blow your mind.
Said the jade, jade case to cut, master builders in the identification of jade embryo has a special process, called open a day eye – with only a small mouth to distinguish the quality of the jade. Their thinking chasing the jade texture, is a complicated new world in front of their eyes. In appearance, the color of jade is green and white, not too drab? But when you like Cartier love ring replica the jade artisan confided his thinking completely to jade, when your heart and it blends in a body, you will find inside red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, its stunning, in which you can find the whole world. Like quiet leisure small property life actually contains the multicolored, tasteless miscellaneous heavy taste of life, it is the most picturesque hidden in the bottom of my heart, let a person with a long finish, but don’t be seen from outside, the charm, no wonder there are “bian and such jade artisan will do one’s own body, spell death also want to present and choi, because jade is jade potter’s friend, then how could not die for a friend? Except for its beautiful jewels, refused to stay on earth. Legend when qin shihuang had dongting, the wind has been carved ChengChuanGuo decree choi, and blew the lake, since then become extinct.
There are more and more people wear jewelry, but many people don’t understand the beauty of the jewelry sometimes hidden behind the “metaphysical” : some people are trapped in a “jewelry disease”; Some people have radiation with questions about whether the jade. The reporter sought advice from experts with these problems.
Metal jewelry also can let a person is allergic
Miss wu when traveling in the south, in the local attractions bought a K gold bracelet, wear soon, think that the skin itching, wrist can pick bracelet a symptom is reduced. Miss wu said: “I wonder why wearing a K gold Cartier nail bracelet replica bracelet is allergic.”
According to the medical professionals explain, clinical called the contact dermatitis caused by metal jewellery jewelry disease, usually refers to people with allergic constitution came into contact with some metals such as nickel, chromium and other cause allergic reactions. There are some people who only performance in the area of jewelry in contact with the skin, such as the neck, wrist, fingers have allergies; Others will be systemic allergic reaction, skin redness, then started a small papules, long blisters, and whole body itching, might occur if not treated lesions. In general, patients with allergic reactions caused by the jewelry as long as you use some lotion for the treatment of skin disease can be cured. But in clinic, the skin if repeated by inflammation stimulation, the skin cells are prone to malignant lesions, is likely to cause cancer.
Needing those who remind everybody is, not all jewelry will be susceptible to produce allergic reaction, often low K gold decorative jewelry is easy to cause allergic reaction, pure gold or other jewelry jade jewelry will not.
Jewelry jade has no health benefits
Another myth is that at present, there are many people on the one hand, like fine jewelry jade jewelry, on the one hand, and worried about this type of jewelry no radiation. Just for radiation jewelry jade jewelry?
Experts said the national center for jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection: jewelry or jade ornament in the trace of radioactive material in place after a period of time, has been decay to the point of not enough Cartier nail bracelet replica to cause harm to human body.
It is widely believed that jewelry jade is good for health, little imagine, this is a misunderstanding. Although some trace elements contained in the jewelry jade, national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center of detection showed that the trace elements in the process of production have attenuation, slim, could no longer care treatment effect to human body, wear jewelry is good for health is merely a psychological effect.
Finally, the expert warns customer: in consumption also should pay attention to those fake jade jade jewelry, due to material selection and the backward technology, these goods are likely to produce adverse effect to human body. Normal manufacturer production of jewelry, jade, consumer can be at ease buy.

Tibetan turquoise jewelry

Tibetan turquoise jewelry
Ancient ethnic, generally with turquoise jewelry have very long history, such as American indians, the ancient persians. All ethnic groups in our country, the turquoise with the most, is the Tibetan people.
Basically every Tibetan have some form of turquoise. On the Tibetan plateau, has long been a recognized turquoise. In general, turquoise, imported from Persia, optimal quality, the quality of imported from the mainland. Is the new source in the southwestern United States. Tibetan made of turquoise of quality evaluation standard is, the color is sky blue, no crack.
Since the ancient times, turquoise occupies an replica Cartier love bracelet important position in Tibet. It was used in the crown of the first Tibetan king, used as shrines offerings and Tibetan king gave high lamas gifts and tribute to the neighbouring contributions. In this century aristocracy in Lhasa by wearing jewelry, gold and turquoise is still the main material.
In many Asian societies, blue is seen as geely, and put a lot of special power due to the blue or bluish stones. Some Tibetan community believe that wearing a set turquoise ring can bless a safe journey. Dream of turquoise means auspicious and the beginning of a new life. Wear in the body of the turquoise into green is a sign of liver disease, others say it shows the turquoise suck out jaundice virus
Many tibetans it wear a tie a piece is regarded as the soul of the turquoise necklace. An ancient legend narrative the relationship between the turquoise and soul: according to god’s will, to hide the king’s subjects not promised any piece of turquoise dropped into the river, because doing that soul may leave his body and was killed.
Turquoise is often used as a beads. Sizes ranged from 8 ~ 60 mm, or polishing or without thinking. In 108 with buddhist holy rosary beads, turquoise can be a main beads or washer.
Many Tibetan communities will be turquoise used for everyday hair accessories. Nomadic women to their hair in 108 disc, flap was decorated with turquoise and coral. For married women to southern Tibet, the hair on the turquoise bead string is indispensable, it expresses the wishes of longevity to her husband. Hair don’t wear any turquoise is considered to be Cartier love bracelet replica disrespect for her husband.
In the western Himalayas, turquoise and other precious objects are directly seam in women’s dress or the children’s hat. Sometimes the whole garment front part are decorated with metal, shell, all kinds of materials of beads, buttons and turquoise. Children cap on the decorations and protection.
Most Tibetan women will also be turquoise beads and other valuables such as coral, amber, pearls and jade necklace made of together. The accessories of men is more simplified, usually with a few turquoise beads with coral string around her neck, or on the earlobe thread tied on a turquoise bead. Northwest of Nepal Manang women to wear one side with two coral bead turquoise are proud of the block length 70 mm. Put on this piece of jewelry, for husband go out of business, means, security.
Amulet container is an important kind of jewelry and jade article in Asia. Every Tibetan has one or several written testament to this kind of container to the religion. From the high lama garment, cut pieces of cloth or pocket religion as a protective objects. This container can be a plain cloth bag, but more is carving exquisite gold and silver boxes, and rarely do not decorated with turquoise. Sometimes center to put a piece of appropriate to the size of the turquoise, sometimes offered many turquoise with diamonds, rutile and emerald, original is arranged on the 24 k gold heirloom items. In particular, in the Lhasa area and central Tibet, a special type of protective device popular: in the mandala (like and worship the bodhisattva like land) shape box, with gold and silver two square, cross usually have turquoise trim on the whole box.
Any pieces of jewelry and jade article Tibet may contain turquoise. 24 k gold, silver or bronze and copper ring inlaid turquoise is common. There is a very special ring is the typical “saddle” form, usually large, Tibetan Fake Cartier love bracelet men will wear it in my hand or hair, women are like the little ring.
Any group of Tibet, a woman or man, all love the earlobe. Woman’s earlobe dressed in pairs, while men only in the left ear wear a ear lobes. Lhasa’s noble wear ear lobes daunting. A with gold and made of turquoise and pearl large earlobe has been towed to the chest from the ear. Women in central Tibet in grand occasions to wear a flower shaped earrings (called “ear shield” may be more appropriate, because these earrings are carefully placed in front of the ear, and tie on your hair or hair net) on the whole surface cloth has a turquoise.
The above examples just several kinds of turquoise jewelry. And many other decorations are decorated with turquoise, such as vertical and chains, milk clasps, apron, bosom, back, hair accessories and metal garlands and so on.
In spite of the Tibetan traditional culture area the turquoise jewelry to remain visible in daily life, but the turquoise using a downward trend, many folk fine jewelry in gold crucible or the western collectors in the hands of man.
Tibetan culture characteristic is obvious, however, shows its brilliant achievements in many ways, still not quenched burning flame. Turquoise, as part of the cultural characteristics of the Tibetan people is a kind of hope, the inevitable changes will still leave Tibet soul and beauty of turquoise.

What should be paid attention to wear earrings?

What should be paid attention to wear earrings?
Wearing a pair of cooperating with clothing exquisite earrings, is added to a swaying in the ear side scenery. Now, some of the pursuit of fashionable young people not only wear earrings on the earlobe, also on the upper ear (the pinna) outer cartilage wear ear hole, both cool and cool earrings on. To this, the expert said special remind, on the top of their ears pierced ears, may produce is difficult to cure the infection, and cause permanent deformation of ears, not to mention any charm
Wound infection had to surgery
, the Associated Press reported in early February, the United States has four young teenage boy Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica was forced to do the ear surgery, because they are in the ears after the upper wear ear hole, wound site infection, after antibiotic treatment is unable to heal, so we have to do surgery. These a few young people are in a jewelry shop to wear ear hole.
Doctor Joseph Rosetta is youth authority in the field of plastic surgery, very sorry mention him: “actually, it is not only the United States, Britain, many countries have seen their ears pierced infected cases, tend to be more severe illness in boys than in girls. Boys like on the top of their ears pierced ears, show off who wear more than each other. And they don’t pay attention to the wound care, don’t pay attention to health.”
Upper pierced ear is very painful
Get their ears pierced, wearing earrings have been popular for a long time, why will appear this kind of serious ear infections in recent years? This reporter interviewed the American state of Georgia ms Kate orthopedic association.
Ms Kate, explains their ears pierced there must be a wound, hard to avoid can appear infection, usually can be treated with antibiotics. But because the outer ear is composed of cartilage, main organs in the head, the blood circulation of the outer ear is the least, it is hard to get effective treatment with antibiotics. And upper part of the ear tissue blood circulation and is much poorer than the earlobe, so the risk of bacterial infections after piercing are much larger than in the piercing of the earlobe.
Once the infection of the ear to expand, developed into purulent perichondritis, or even lead to necrosis of auricle, will have to rely on the surgery.
Ms Kate said, in fact, on the top of pierced ears more than on the earlobe piercing pain. Endure the pain in the pursuit of fashion, at the same time, even at the risk of serious infection, really not worth it.
Wear ear hole should also go to professional hospital
The epidemiologist keane advise young people who were imitation Cartier love bracelet very desire to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, if insist on on the top of pierced ears, can clear the danger of doing so, and be sure to keep the health of punched parts.
Ms Kate told reporters: no matter in which parts of the ear piercing, it should be a “very good” thing, must go to professional plastic hairdressing hospital for surgery.
In small shops piercing is cheap and time saving, but no health protection. On the one hand, the clerk not a professional, technical good and bad are intermingled. Operating tools, on the other hand, is not clean, get their ears pierced with gun or needles if disinfection is not complete, become the carrier of infectious diseases. The serious infection in the United States, it is just because of the jewelry store the bottle of used to jewelry disinfection disinfectant infected with the bacteria.
In addition, before wearing the ear hole, the wound has not healed, and the best daily daub anti-inflammatory drugs, reduce infection.
ZhuBao field both at home and abroad, the crystalline quartz class gem stones is also a family. This is a common gem varieties, including crystal, amethyst, rose crystal, topaz, tea-coloured crystal, etc., respectively is colorless, purple, pink, yellow, dark brown, etc., formed a colorful world of crystal.
The crystal is not strange to people. The finest crystal can be absolutely transparent, like pure water clear. Without the slightest impurity, pure core. The crystal is frozen to ice. Chinese ancient water, ice, bodhisattva, stone said in one thousand. In Western Europe has similar jas. Wherever the aura of gems, no matter from any Angle to see, can see the same. That being said, the crystal is not pretty spotless. Common, human also. Gem versa. For some groceries, add a few more differentiation. Some crystal and collect a lot of golden red fine inclusions such as hair, known as golden red and development. Ancient europeans say that Cupid javelin, others say that is the female god hair sites, a debate is very busy. Some crystal foresight, unexpectedly will also galloped to swallow actinolite, put the Replica Cartier jewelry belly full, think big, face ended up on green lip white, turned into a green quartz. Some people mistakenly called prase. Actually, if we count, quartz on dozens of inclusions can be hidden in the body. This guy really is not imagined to be innocent.
Crystal body sizes. Best quality can hone into beads and jewels. Large is the superior material of the crystal ball. Currently on display in the boutiques of crystal ball, there is a lot of lead glass imitation; Decent point may be regenerated crystal, not authentic. Choose true crystal is rare.
Smoke crystal because of its not spend not fog misty, colour and lustre of the name. Some smoke color yellow, brown and black. Brown said China
As tea-coloured crystal. The color black is customarily called black crystal. Black crystal sometimes after heating can skim a lovely lemon.
Rose crystal is a kind of pink crystal, more hidden in a bulk carrier form crystal. Generally referred to as domestic stone lotus. Pink color shades, varied from stone. To tell the truth, through red powder. Pure clear qiang crystal does not see more. That kind of smoke the misty instead. If the scan, can comprehend that is crystal crack and uneven produced by the structure of the interphase. It is no wonder that rose crystal pieces. In addition to cut into the necklace beads, qiang all crystal sculpture art is good material. Leading some imitation to pretend to be the pink with glass.
Amethyst is the best in the whole family, high price. They could not look at his shoulders. Amethyst reborn for gland, the deep lying in alluvial deposits, a fine after beginning to see the light of day. It is purple. If some color light pink. In the more purple in color ribbon, graceful posture.
Amethyst and gaudy is confused. Somebody to artificial corundum, glass, and even purple cordierite to pretend to be. If a hard points and false color wine of amethyst have the functions of ingesting. Have these shaped like a different guy. Often a particular somehow. Artificial purple corundum under strong light red, betray oneself, cordierite quite approximate imitation cartier love bracelet amethyst on characteristics, power is not the most barely visible its authenticity. In addition, amethyst and beryl sometimes confused and tourmaline being fooled. Some amethyst every hard to take off the gas, and smoke quartz, covered with lines, somebody called it purple quartz. This neither fish nor fowl hybrids sometimes also and striate fluorite is somewhat similar. Purple SPAR British cheap stuff, can only be used for beads, convex type gem, art or other decorations. Quality of amethyst style is different, regardless of thinking into any shape, can admirably.
Because amethyst funny like, pretend to be is more. But there are artificial purple crystal city. Artificial and natural is quite similar to that of the price.
Amethyst can change color. After heat treatment, the color of amethyst to brown, garnet red, green, yellow or colorless. The effect of heat treatment is rather difficult to control, depends largely on the origin of the amethyst. After they will brown yellow discoloration amethyst to topaz silica or quartz topaz such strange tricks for sale.
Natural amethyst has very significant dichroism. This feature was lost after heat treatment. Under the filter, natural amethyst red. These are the distinguish authenticity of skills.
Quartz iron, can show the yellow, yellow crystal is. The fact is natural topaz to rare. At present, is rich in Brazil. Row to sell topaz is amethyst change color after heat treatment as a substitute.
Currently in the domestic market, round pearl shaped hibiscus stone necklace and various type of crystal necklace has started to appear, in some jeweler shop, still display have different sizes of lotus jade carvings Cartier love bracelet replica maitreya Buddha, smile often open, glorious takes a person, very likable.
In Japan, people also have traditional hobby of crystal, because such crystal is a gem, easy to promote, each manufacturer are design color is bright, the series of jewelry with chic modelling, set to treasure the popularity of jewelry, has played a role.