luxury brand design the best beautiful clothing

Spring, summer, lace, each occasion wear a smart
In the love of beauty in women sentiment full lace elements continue the streets this summer, in addition to the princess wind wind, perspective, the girls still in distress for finding new style collocation? Follow in the footsteps of Vogue to look for new inspiration.
Rashida Jones and Isabel Lucas is lace item mashup fan, Rashida Jones with chiffon shirt bud silk skirt collocation, elegant and decent; Isabel Lucas will bud silk small vest put together with the broken flower skirt, brown imitation cartier love bracelet boots are anti-season demonstration of collocation, lively style.
KARL without collar shirt cuff spell black side design feels dye-in-the-wood, tie-in CLEMENTS RIBEIRO fairly pale blue lace skirt, fashion and classic union, bring out the best in each other; Delias small black lace shawl, CARVEN red flower skirt, sense of perspective and lively bright colour and lustre is sexy, CHLOE leopard small bag and RALPH LAUREN wedge heel shoes joker, practical, and is the best choice for summer sunrise street.
Olivia Wilde the yellow plaid spell small lace dresses from Prada, tender yellow plaid with rural amorous feelings mixed sexy ripe black lace, incompatible and bold bouncy.
Is also stitching bud silk, silk higher DINNIGAN this dress build is not the same style, the cream evanescent hues pile satin pleated chicken superfluity, waist style of traditional and elegant lace reveal the fair maiden temperament, tie-in BCBG Max Azria white ornamental engraving envelope bag, reveals the classic British style restoring ancient ways, both let you to a Cartier love bracelet replica dinner party at the weekend; The condole belt of Alexander McQueen dress in gray satin backing against black lace, tedious design luxuriant swagger, royal elder sister snowboarding progresses.
Olivia Wilde hot is very suitable for Mason figure by Michelle Mason become warped bandage dress, after the former convex see-through lace design tempting, Brian Atwood national wind wedge heel shoes is dot eyeball.
Mason by Michelle Mason bandage dress lace v-neck design has been an adornment wind, do not need to add more neck ornaments, and j.crew diamond earrings or AURELIE BIDERMANN totem arm bracelets is very good ornament; If it is to attend the party brand, BALMAIN black gold clasp handbag can give a person the sense with professional capable, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN national wind flowers in red bottom shoes to impress everyone for you; If a communication party, can match YVES SAINT LAURENT Fake Cartier love bracelet handbags and envelope 3.1 PHILLIP LIM wedge heel sandals, mild nude color is liking.
Stella McCartney design has always been eccentric and delicate and elegant, Kristen Wiig choose the lace pack is no exception, lace deep v-neck sketched charming neck line, Gucci sandals gold chain ornament effect is perfect; Emilio Pucci conjoined also has similar short weight, and design of tall waist stretch the leg curve more show thin effect.
McCartney’s long sleeve lace jumpsuit decorated the waist bowknot, add some nifty feeling, with MONICA VINADER crystal pendants and DIANE VON FURSTENBER G white purse, low-key do not break the atmosphere; D & G lace blouse, Lipsy bowknot shorts, though is the collocation of all black but won’t let a person feel drab, bright orange, MARC BY MARC JACOBS and CHARLOTTE replica Cartier love bracelet OLYMPIA in highlight taste, is people pursuing socialite agitation. Outside these two collocation can take small suit, commute easily drag, is the classic lazy change clothes.
Nicole Trunfio of Emilio Pucci silk embroidery skirt restoring ancient ways is very gorgeous, inside take a black skirt, render legs be vividly portrayed, Chanel bag and Christian Louboutin pointed red bottom shoes more sexy.

The popularity of the pink red outfit

The popularity of the mei red outfit
Thunder-and-lightning mei red warm colors, times show vitality, but how to match to modern well and do not show flowery? Look at the forefront of a fashion star people be how to dress, let your passionate hot summer.
Eva Longoria
Ann Taylor dresses perfect show Eva Longoria Fake Cartier love bracelet and sexy figure, metallic handbags highlights the enthusiasm of the Latin beauty of nature, Brian Atwood black satin heels “low-key show Eva womanhood.
Jersey low-cut wrap dress, beautiful line fold design highlights, Sondra Roberts black diamond paint pointed gorgeous and sexy high-heeled shoes, handbags and JIMMY CHOO restoring ancient ways collocation Tresori ruby necklace, personality charm; Goat mei red pencil skirt line is concise vogue atmosphere, tie-in black GIVENCHY crocodile handbag and YVES SAINT LAURENT heels make top grade aristocratic wind, YVES SAINT LAURENT sunglasses more big.
Krysten Ritter
Krysten Ritter word get silk print dress style is concise, brightly replica Cartier love bracelet colored, and black high heels, adornment feels highlights drama amorous feelings, jing easily.
HERVe l. LEROUX one shoulder dress falbala design times less feminine, brave bump color ELIE SAAB lemon yellow deco handbags, lively, Tom Ford black super star, let you become the absolute protagonist of the pool Party.
Lavin, condole belt small dress handsome but person, zhou collocation for its diamond handbag and heels, high-profile shine; Dakota Fanning chose small chou-heung yellow square handbags and nude heels, low-key delicate.
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN dress waistcoat type is simple and easy, tie-in and mei red shoes, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN fish mouth smear fastens with color oil, bold, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG pale pink handbag can add a bit tender for a gorgeous, incarnation lovely pink barbie, enjoy summer party at midnight!
ROBERTO CAVALL chiffon print dress cool and sexy, Chanel bag Cartier nail bracelet replica chain and JIMMY CHOO shoes black show big socialite rocks; Fusion by Maxmara painting colorful printed skirt, Eickhoff black hand bag texture, with red bottom shoes CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ultra-high upgrade feminine flavour.
Freida Pinto
Gucci small suit delicate clipping, silk luster gorgeous restoring ancient ways, appearing in the gorgeous elegant, Freida Pinto themselves inside take a deep V black chiffon unlined upper garment, more sexy.
Elizabeth & James mei red small double-breasted suit nifty and fashionable, match with series straight canister style restoring ancient ways, HELMUT LANG black handbag with JIMMY CHOO heels mutual echo, fashionable Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica and generous; Lean lean, Maxmara nine points sleeve small business suit is tie-in Vionnet haroun pants fashion in style, YVES SAINT LAURENT black bag to add a little domineering, commuting more mature woman flavour.

The adorable little showing skin dew more sexy

The adorable little showing skin dew more sexy
Degree of the skin in the summer always is a big problem of great importance, clever act’s charm and elegant modelling, pious covering the small dew more provoking love, especially suitable for the pursuit of elegant pretty Asian girls, than avant-garde exposed in small dew more have a unique and attractive playing fun.
Fashionable waist line
Spring and summer of 2012 to the dampening in the ’50 s trend that designers find the waist line ponder space, sweeping up, waist line not only can show good shape small pretty waist also opens up a replica Cartier love bracelet new era, the skin area is not large but very attract eyeball.
Baby face model Jessica Stam the red carpet is Thom Browne 2012 chun xia series of flavor. White dress with black pencil skirt and gentle hat, modern sentiment stand now, black and white stitching high-heeled shoes and clothing is echo.
White collocation of brief paragraph coat Givenchy black skirts, concise and fluent line and black and white color to let a person look very handsome, bright eye hat more add fashionable breath. Habit of neutral style but want to increase your feminine girl might as well try this fresh collocation. The modelling of make dew waist line must be pay attention to the degree of delicate and elegant dress, otherwise will be wrong fashion version of the belly dancers (belly dance).
Sexy vented
High vents of wind in the summer, small open vents also Cartier nail bracelet replica became hot, extending from the neck and legs out of the scenery let wear is like fine art, who all can’t help but see a few eye.
Actor Krysten Ritter in Alexander McQueen vented waist dress, Jimmy Choo sandals and Jimmy Choo trials’ Tube ‘handbags, David Yurman black agate jewelry.
Alexander McQueen several vents of cultivate one’s morality dress design makes skin when the wearer to act naturally, don’t have all the sexy, black agate earrings, let black also yi yi is unripe brightness, with Versace hollow out shoes, more than a minute ambiguous hot flavor, is a super auras mature woman.
Silhouette charm,
Someone positive surprise, preference for someone with charming profile captured the heart, the side of the upper body curve is always full of mystery and charm, clever small hollow out along with the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica gender but had great flavor, dressed in the dinner party, neither too bold, yet full of bright spots. Let a person between the gestures are its charm.
ASOS white hollow out dress collocation white handbags and Jimmy Choo silver high heels and cool charm. Altuzarra print dress collocation Sergio Rossi nude heels, with the hot African amorous feelings to conquer love sexy party girl.
Classical socialite
The sight of the square neckline, people can not help but think of the ancient palace aristocratic ladies in Europe. Square neckline not only highlights the proud chest, extend from the neck down curve will be very sexy. Main small dew sexy card, a window body is enough.
Jennifer Connelly to attend the movie premiere ceremony, brunet imitation cartier love bracelet dress make thin shoulder pads Connelly more lovely, square collar decorative bow not only let people unknowingly exposed, also like the classical elegant ladies moving.
Alexander Mcqueen compose ACTS the role of bowknot dress make the neck and neck and around the curve, the sleeve lovely, lovely bitter fleabane bitter fleabane collocation spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti compose of swarovski crystal sandals, simple earrings and shiny red lip, who says aristocratic ladies dress must be boring, ladies can be very sexy.
Wears outside underwear Bra Top that has a strong back, don’t make a fuss, much popular in the 80 s have wears outside underwear in Dolce & Gabbana show raised, such as a fresh wave of nowadays, collocation, knee-length skirt of tall waist, can let a girl and personality girl loves restoring ancient ways.
Fashion wears outside underwear boarded the tribal wind will there be Cartier love bracelet replica new style? Blouson Noir compiled corsage collocation Proenza Schouler tribal wind knee-length skirt of tall waist, gorgeous colour and design lets a person fall in love with national wind, deserve to go up again Aureie Bidermann unique golden necklace, just like cleopatra, if think the street will be shy, just plus a denim waistcoat, not only from embarrassment, and a little rock flavor of dazzling.

White does not weigh appearance Play a summer

White does not weigh appearance Play a summer
Both white dresses, suits and pants suit, originally pure and fresh and free from vulgarity white but because design of present a different style, different white in the summer you because of you.
Anne Hathaway, wearing a white tuxedo jacket is tie-in a nine points long white trousers, inside take a printed t-shirts, relaxed and the color of her pure sweet temperament; Abigail Clancy wearing a white Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica suit coat with a white feet pants of cultivate one’s morality, bold way on the chest line is like concealed, very sexy.
Altuzarra white printing brought a suit is tie-in a Alexander McQueen, white pants and Paul Smith printed t-shirts, printed led be the highlight of the whole body, the collocation of the white is clear and free from vulgarity; Chloe white suit is tie-in a with the brand of cultivate one’s morality pants, if you come up with a hot feeling, can eliminate the underwear inside, make sexy and graceful and restrained.
The goddess dress
Mena Suvar wore white pleated elegant dress, strewn at random have the skirt skirt to the rank of the whole body is very have administrative levels feeling, wide belt of white and black handbag complement each other, the goddess of fan; Cheryl Cole, dressed in a white patchwork Victoria phenomenon dress to attend the activities, below the normal imitation cartier love bracelet waist line skirt design has increased the design feeling of the long white dress, contracted and not simple.
Versace white high-waisted dresses, waist line to the chest, virtually stretch the line of the leg, look very tall, large areas of white very elegant; Jay Ahr white cake skirt dress, layer after layer skirt strewn at random have send, princess fan is dye-in-the-wood.
Cultivate one’s morality dress
Jessica Stam in Marchesa rice white collar dress to attend the activities, a word the waist with a sleeveless top pleat design is full of design feeling; Sleeveless top inlaid jewelry, low-key costly; Kate Beckinsale wore Dior long-sleeved dress to attend the activities of cultivate one’s morality, long sleeve and high collar design details to make the whole look very elegant and intellectual.
Alberta Ferretti white long-sleeved dress of cultivate one’s morality, waist belt sequins decoration and stamped on the pair of spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti black high-heeled sandals, very delicate and Cartier love bracelet replica noble; Giambattista Valli falbala adornment white dresses, foot Brian Atwood black tee with a pair of high heels, elegant and beautiful.
Leighton Meester wears a Christian Cota white sleeveless jacket and white shorts to attend the activities, in a loose printed t-shirts, avant-garde fashion; Selena Gomez wearing Versace printed at the bottom of the short jacket and pants, set a white bud silk coat outside, sexy and do not break again pure and fresh.
Sportmax’s movement is tie-in a white sleeveless top Dries Van Noten white shorts and Alexander McQueen printed vest, elegant and sending out the movement of breath; Moschino being within the lace Fake Cartier love bracelet jacket and Chic by the printing of the Versace bra and MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors of tall waist white shorts, avant-garde sexy.

Rick Owens said this season’s new book is full of wild

Rick Owens said this season’s new book is full of wild, models of hollow out ski mask faint head can prove it. Scenery is to force, burning spark column as cremation pyres, models have passed by, calm. Long pillar wrap dress is still Rick Owens’s favorite, but this season he to the collocation of the lantern sleeve of tall waist leather jacket. The wool skirt that hang down object feels dye-in-the-wood is in sharp contrast with straight leather jacket, exaggeration in leather jacket lapel and shearing Cartier love bracelet replica rare bright color is orange, coral powder become Rick Owens 2012 qiu dong is don’t in the innovation of the past. Owens unconsciously through his work towards what we deliver some profound and meaningful.
Nicola Formichetti and Sebastien Peigne two designers and over the host of Thierry Mugler shows, the opening in the faint light, wearing a white fur, wearing a white head, wearing a jellyfish swing hollow-out tassels skirt out of the hemp beans, brought us a wonderful snow and ice world! Fluffy thick sleeves, uplift the shoulder line, let the body looks from the front is an exaggeration, but in fact coat clipping is extremely close, bring different perspectives on the positive side of sharp contrast immediately attracted the line of sight. Exaggerated shoulder line, extreme tightening waist line and the shape of calyx small waist skirt to sculpture the outline of the body, looks better than previous work more solid wear resistance, but bold hollow out high vents of clipping, exaggerated, or let Fake Cartier love bracelet Thierry Mugler woman holds that kind of weird “sexy”. Perhaps this is Nicola Formichetti and Sebastien Peigne two designers in the eyes of the future of Thierry Mugler woman image.
This time Mary Katrantzou other unexpected way showed his outstanding talents. First of all, for the first time she tried to full use a color, like the invitation of crayons. At the same time she deliberately choose the people are very familiar with ordinary things to match these colors. Such as green for grass, Katrantzou add ornamental grass pattern to mop the floor in the design of the dress, with a rubber 2 HB pencil of circular design USES the yellow clock, fence, telephone, spoon and a knife and fork also become the prototype designer design. Rococo style red velvet dress listed on the bodice red typewriter, wrapped around each other of abstract geometrical shapes on the skirt is this typewriter keyboard. The ensuing pattern is so intense and delicate, so much so that you will suddenly feel replica Cartier love bracelet very popular in previous years, Magic Eye in the 3 d picture album. That’s creative expression has opened up a new style of printing trend, has a sense of science and technology and the future feeling, let people in the age of printing more looking forward to the future.
Louise Gray, this time the only 23 modelling, but their visual impact is strong enough to fight like a fist in our faces, especially by Nasir Mazhar creation of magic to make way for the man was staring at the Mohawk hat, and the layered DIY printing that grabs an eye, some time will look like on collocation the whole jewelry box jewelry worn on the ear on the earrings, in these crazy mix build, it is difficult to pick out the Gray cashmere classic Scotland, but we can see the same from time to time soft bright contrast color sleeve cuff hem or yarn. She released show guide reads this season is to work with the “everything that has been”, and the shearing the realistic idea got unprecedented success.
After a few style evolution, after western Pacific appears to be Cartier nail bracelet replica driving a temporary plane alone, in the long course of history, the Chinese soar, and with the trend of clothing had a beautiful battle. We can also see the fashion show as Vivienne Westwood for his career as a designer for decades to celebrate and honor, at the same time warm embrace the future, amplification, the distortion of newsboy cap, fair maiden dress and “fit” into the eccentric motion wind coat hooded clothing, shoulder sleeve looks strange suit is too big, the waist is just right, pandering, tees in strange knitting conjoined shirts… From the old to the changes of all kinds of fresh combination make a person dazzling, the style of the changeable bewildering rate, not the kui is a style of “adventurers”, after the western Pacific will history into dream tell you in the future.

2016 spring summer clothing fashion show

Cold tone of black, white, grey and full of sense of science and technology new material, and through the modelling like… All this is the traditional impression of futurism, and the content of the new futuristic far much more than this, even if you can see some shadow in the past, but the overall form feels dye-in-the-wood is originality, new future, can be a science fiction, blurred, also can be a old history has been changing and into the future tangible.
Balenciaga 2016 autumn/winter fashion show held in Paris a skyscraper 27 floors, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere idea in the mind a future world IT company, named “Balenciaga” model play all of replica Cartier love bracelet the staff. Models play IT girl wearing high-tech parachute fabric jumpsuit, designers use A special way to reinterpret the understanding of the fashion, put forward new, with A bold exaggerated proportions of clothing profile (outstanding shoulder with coat, with A sculpture effect patch set of head unlined upper garment is tie-in concise dual lateral a-line skirt), conduct experimental exploration, designers are even he himself in the last season from the late 70 s and early ’80 s inspiration, then the French are experiencing more and more the process of modernization, but he still tried to bring people’s eyes to A broad future.
Alexander McQueen 2016 autumn/winter fashion show, Sarah Burton, we introduced a full of beautiful, positive and optimistic for the future of the world. Burton said: “people often imagine the future into a desolate and cold place, but I want to show is light, like the elegant dress gives a person the feeling.” Such as it is studded with multi-layer dandelion 80 piece fork cloth skirt, so when walking model, the dandelion is beautiful like floating in the air. Many design of the show are proved Burton, the rich imagination, this is her and her deceased instructor Shared characteristics.
Karl unabashed Lagerfeld has been committed to Cartier nail bracelet replica innovation. When moist luster ore pillars of scattered in the Chanel 2016 qiu dong show show, as if just come out from underground mineral deposits in the excavation of crystal, a beaming gems along the “center” begins, they are angular, stereo sense is strong, precious stones, crystal sharp lines into the coat shoulder stereo clipping, and colorful geometric pattern mirror collage. The great fashion to build up a seemingly lonely fortress of artistic conception, and the crystal on the deck in each model eyebrows is is microscopic interpretation of the show, also let the chanel woman become more strong and sharp. Throughout the show also reflected the strong sense of future and bold and rich imagination and creativity.
Gareth Pugh, autumn/winter 2016 shows, when Joan Smalls, dressed in a snowman of croats tire o long wool and leisurely on the runway, much like the mysterious death ritual ceremony priestess, while creating 2011 qiu dong’s “space” and 2016 spring summer’s “alien gypsum person”, after the designer Gareth Pugh, finally not in outer space to roam the this time, but this season shows on the feeling of “alien” or nothing less. The collar of the funnel and angular shoulder the heroic spirit of women seems to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica be a die. The whole show more like a “performance art”, from ancient land, more like a from the future through, give a person infinite daydream and speculation.
When the 2016 autumn/winter fashion week designers are stressed on the 3 d effect, always do exactly the opposite of designers Rei Kawakubo begin to explore “flat”. A “two-dimensional space is the dominant future” as Rei Kawakubo only annotation to a whole new series. This abandoned the previous black and white, bold use of high saturation red, cobalt blue, pink, lavender, purple, yellow color, profile or exaggeration and dramatic: keep its trademark has enlarged long sleeves and hem Oversize cape coat, crotch deliberately wide inverted pyramid nine minutes of pants, the Cut – cutting out, 2 times higher than the body of the dress, building profile, joining together the jacket + knee-length skirt, collage petal shape blouse, will head for package printing head… The modelling of seemingly bizarre fun under the fine goods. Comme des Garcons shows always lets a person unconsciously put on popular trend, theme and fact wear imitation cartier love bracelet keyword behind, maverick “ling teacher” driving alone a her own creative plane, took us to experience the full of imagination free childhood also feel the infinite possibilities above trend fashion.

Choose the close-fitting dress for your party

Choose the close-fitting dress, show S curve
Hips and chest, the waist is constitute the important parts of women S curvaceous, choose a right close-fitting dress show you plentiful full chest, quite become warped hips and slim waist, enhance your sexy index.
Health S
Kelly Brook, wearing a white flower embroidery dress white knee petticoat enriched the level of the whole look, highlight the Kelly health grace body curve; Blake Lively’s Jenny Packham white bandage Cartier nail bracelet replica dresses, tighten the waist and deep V neckline and sleeveless top jewelry inlaid shoulder straps, every detail reflect her lithe and graceful body appearance.
Miss Selfridge white led a word of cultivate one’s morality dress collocation a pair of crystal Mosaic of Christian Louboutin heels, reveal elegant and sexy temperament; Valentino white pleated dress adornment, sleeveless top pleat decoration is not only the outline of busty line, and send out a thick woman flavour.
Busty S
Dita von Teese red square collar dress with her classic red lips complement each other, square collar, and the outline of her plump chest of the profile modification of the cultivate one’s morality, sex appeal restoring ancient ways; Sofia Vergara wearing Zac Posen strapless dress with red, wipe the modelling of chest and waist to make her hot index rising rapidly.
Roland Mouret’s red and white stitching halter neck Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica dress, a word collar collar design can show a busty charming lines, tie-in Alexander McQueen animal patterns hand bag, stamped on the Jimmy Choo black pointed high-heeled shoes, restore ancient ways and sexy; Herve st. Leger red deep V belt dress, tight contour lines and deep V neckline design easily let you sexy roof.
Narrow hips “S”
Lucy Hale Peter Som dressed in scarlet cultivate one’s morality dress, the adornment of the waist skirt let her narrow hips plump up originally, “S” shape become more smooth lines; Emily Mortimer wearing Gucci black strapless gown of cultivate one’s morality, with the bowknot of the waist belt and ruffled skirt feels dye-in-the-wood decoration design.
Marchesa paper-cut design adornment dress, on the shoulder and waist falbala adornment to be able to make up for the defect of hips, so that you look plump and sexy sigmoidal shape line, match a Valentino black rivet decoration hand caught and stamped on the pair of strappy heels of Alexander McQueen, low-key luxuriant; Quizzes chiffon imitation cartier love bracelet stitching on the little black dress, the waist skirt decorated the whole look rich sense of hierarchy and profile, the intellectual and reveal a nifty feeling.
Depending on the fault S type of cultivate one’s morality
Natalia Vodianova wearing Versace black, cultivate one’s morality dress, the waist and chest of stitching line highlights the proud of her supermodel figure. Julianne Moore in Jason Wu, the joining together of cultivate one’s morality dress, classic black and white two colors to create the effect of optical illusion subtly draws the outline of her S elegant lines.
Stella McCartney, black and white together cultivate one’s morality dress, white wasp waist shape subtly draws the outline of sexy curves, tie-in Elie Saab’s hand caught and crystal Mosaic of Christian Louboutin heels, contracted design modelling and full of detail design; Oasis patch mosaics sleeveless dress, black and nude and the artful segmentation of colored blocks highlights the enchantment of the s-shaped line.
Thin type S
Selena Gomez nail bead decoration in Roberto Cavalli strapless Cartier love bracelet replica mini dress, with luxurious decoration and the modelling of mini successfully highlights Selena thin and sexy S shape; Katherine Jenkins in Mary Katrantzou, 3 d printing dress, cultivate one’s morality profile and vivid printing design set off her slender figure.
Mary Katrantzou 3 d printed strapless gown with the different printing design layers, with a pair of Manolo blahniks nude pointed high-heeled shoes, Bottega Veneta woven hand caught in hand, avant-garde fashion; Versace decoration strapless dress with black rivet, white chiffon decoration on the skirt, stamped on the pair of Roberto Cavalli crystal decoration high heels, and luxurious.
Pear-shaped s-shaped
Diana Agron was wearing A print dress, tight body and umbrella skirt and very spring prints reveal her youthful vitality; Phoebe Tonkin wearing green gradient dress, below the normal waist line pleated skirt and bodice design of embedded.
Erdem printed A form of dress, cultivate one’s morality body Fake Cartier love bracelet design and pleated skirt design, full of clever breath of youth; His foot on a pair of Manolo blahniks blue high-heeled shoes, collocation of Yves Saint Laurent black hand caught, relaxed and romantic; Roksanda Ilincic white gown, and reduce the waist line, on either side of the skirt pleated skirt adornment, match a pair of black high heels Gucci, contracted and not simple.

A conspicuous new packages on the market

A conspicuous new packages on the market, everyone has snaked through the new object. Alexander McQueen, those costumes masters and welcome to on work this time.
Alexander McQueen described the Cartier love bracelet replica package as “eternal classic luxury”, the tears of the outline design, combined with short handles portable design, belong to the top of small bags and handbags objects. Positive, it seems, is a small rectangular shape, the side is small aspect (has hung on star Zoe Saldana arm, see pictures), in a nutshell, is a lovely beautiful bag.
In order to show the heroine handbag sale, now has outstanding Alexander McQueen investing heavily in accessories, McQueen has asked to photograph experts still photographer Dan Smith to Tobin filming new bag designed for advertising. In the film, bag is the only protagonist, black crocodile leather, background is pure white.
Carefully, here are the details: if you’re going to spend their hard-earned money to buy a bag in his pockets, suggest you take a closer look at the bank account balance, again make to Alexander McQueen Fake Cartier love bracelet stores plan. In this series, the “cheap” to the number of dark red suede model, sells for 1345 pounds. In advertising, the protagonist in the vast, that black crocodile skin, will cost 22295 pounds, pouch have to bleeding!
Christian Dior in 1947 issued a milestone in the history of fashion “NewLook” series, which laid a foundation for contemporary fashion, and the launch of 1966 Yves Saint Laurent subversive “Le Smoking” (Smoking). Also makes the trousers became a new choice for women, when we look back at the beginning, the outline of the classic still shines.
Christian Dior in 1947 issued a milestone in the history of fashion “NewLook” series, is the golden age of haute couture, numerous brand rise one after another. To be big waist coat and skirt collocation Waist hips female curvaceous, no matter in which era is a classic style.
Launched in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent replica Cartier love bracelet subversive “Le Smoking” (Smoking). Smoking is upper-class gentleman of initial at the end of the dinner, take off the tails while you put on the black smoke in the smoking room light casual wear, also called “smoke”. Yves Saint Laurent will men dress classical design and details and female elegant, soft style of perfect combination of the elements such as neutral.

Crawford autumn and winter series in 2016

Crawford autumn and winter series in 2016
Greater China’s leading specialty senior brand present crawford 2016 autumn and winter series, break through the trend line, show and free from vulgarity and sexy, rigid-flexible economic fashion aesthetic. Crawford design lead to abnormality, bold innovation of fashionable women to explore personal style, and deduce avant-garde unique personality.
Crawford breakthrough fashion, retail and creative design line, elaborate design and theme, unique taste foil range of products. Crawford will not only bring new design of creative people, also presented a special cooperation and limited products, and invite more new brands and “Created in China to create in China” brand, to meet different customer needs. By Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia at the helm of the new brand of Monse lane crawford has landed. Brand new appearance and Los Angeles Co, luxury design to build the unique charming style. Other new franchise brand including Sandy from New York Liang and Rhie, from Los Angeles Clu Too, Tokyo jeans brand Tu Es Mon Tresor, Chinese designers Li Xiao, as well as Hong Kong design combination Eri and Philip Chu founded the Fake Cartier love bracelet. The brand of recreational created by international famous singer Rihanna FentyxPuma also has moved into “The Fit Room” zone.
The earth looks
Olive, khaki and terracotta neutral earth tones, such as the military style this season to reviving boom. Brown back, bring soft copper color of camel’s hair, and more, and warm red rust and cognac color to modelling the icing on the cake, more add depth, match line to the same as color again design, easy to build the perfect shape. Cocoon cutting profile and irregular line through leisure languid is lazy, now the body comfortable wrapped in among them, create different tactile enjoyment.
Gorgeous color design across earth 3.1 replica Cartier love bracelet, Celine, Emilio Pucci and The Row fashion runway, a single color or double color design, dazzing and warm. Ms MIN, Isabel Marant, Ports 1961 and rag & ipads with ponder dye-in-the-wood clipping and earth tones to deduce the streets military style.
Romantic bud silk
Romantic atmosphere pervaded the whole autumn and winter, each big brand with delicate lace skirt with shoulder-straps, a neckline bind coat and black coat of perspective, refreshing design variation. Falbala and elegant design mixed with the day and modelling of nostalgia, but the lace and silk and velvet clever union, raise your hand is cast sufficient also reveal the noble temperament.
Givenchy this season to continue playing with the big high street fashion style, Riccardo Tisci falbala bud silk dress and lace coat and captured the woman’s heart, become a night out, a necessary choice. Stella McCartney combines the design of the soft languid is lazy and leisure elements, and Lanvin with classic lace blouse, match line cutting velvet dress or agile skirts, pleasing contrast.
Ablaze element
Past sequins have been used only for late outfit, but today JiLiang piece of metal elements and the perfect combination and movement style, to create natural shape, a bright. Crepe paper, texture and texture, Cartier nail bracelet replica, iridescence effect and shiny quilts, let you also radiant from morning till night. Evening, from dress to personality item also compose full luminous beads and sequins, turn into the infinite possibility, destined to become a focus.
Dries Van Noten, Emilio Pucci and Stella McCartney shiny innovative design, is the perfect choice to attend the party. Put on Altuzarra and Dolce & Gabbana sequined dresses is still conspicuous in the dark.
Acne Studios and Balenciaga big play modern metal elements, MSGM and Ports 1961 design connotation in see think of opportunely, hidden details, amazing.
Clever pleated
Pleated has been the fashion element of evergreen, from knee-length pleated skirt to bump color evening, pleated design will also dance with gestures, graceful and elegant. After folding seemingly large pleated skirt is very small, is with contracted knitting clothing and necessary pilot coat of choice this season.