jewelry is unique

Senior jewelry fans, jewelry is unique. New Year your jewelry you family: their selection, design and wear their own! Please people carving a new creative product, or use a style provoking envy never seen on the market, you can even design a familial badge carved down from generation to generation. Ba bead elder sister from a wek-jin, tell you how to order your jade.
Step1 ordering method must rely on spectrum
Ordered the first step is to select the most suitable for your imitation cartier love bracelet method, ba bead elder sister advice: choose business jade brand or carving master is better, because they are in the jade industry has a clear channel, for the choice of raw material and carving artisans and more handy.
With the help of jade brand
Look for familiar brand for custom-made, a way is the most time and manpower. Brand is usually according to the demand of customers looking for the original stone, then find familiar factories or craftsman to engraving. But low engagement.
Suit a crowd: hope I can try to customize jade but no related channels and free time friends.
To master the art
Find appreciation of sculpture master for you completely, he has his own channels to choose the most appropriate for you to start from the design of the original stone, production level is guaranteed. You can search on the Internet the tico prize winners and find the master studio contact information, visit to studio booth around of the jewellery to master also is right choice.
Suit a crowd: the pursuit of art and the requirements for production time no friends.
Step2 budget how much, the in the mind to have
In general, the jade production operating costs and the ratio of Cartier love bracelet replica raw material prices is basic fixed. Due to the production of a greater risk of, of course, the better the jade color and head work fee will be more expensive, carving master worker charges must also is much higher than ordinary technicians.
Ba bead elder sister give budget key, must remember:
1, in general, normally is one over twenty of jadeite raw materials prices.
2, first try to budget set at RMB 100, 000.
3, rare fine jade on the material will spend a long time, please be ready to wait for more than 1 year.
Step3 to pick a beautiful piece of the original stone
Good raw material is the basis of the wek-jin and ready, when the choice to keep in mind: don’t buy leather! Wek-jin and you just have to make a, don’t cry because it is large pieces of the original stone attracted attention with curiosity to buy, just according to the size you want to custom-made wek-jin select the corresponding size.
The quality of the raw materials can be selected according to budget and preferences, good color even head material carving room is bigger, a variety of colors or wave flower jade carving master technology will be more test, if handled Fake Cartier love bracelet well, the finished product will be quite interesting. Doesn’t have to choose the well-shaped piece of material, some with the shape of the raw material if it more banter carve is clever.
Step4 communication good, carving can be good
Made in jade carving master with several nodes communication for the wek-jin and finish is very important, it’s better to keep communication clear, according to the experience WeChat, combined with the most convenient.
Want to order the wonderful unique, must have the patience to wait for oh ~
Diamond color is more complicated? Three is enough for you!
Why do you always doubt, naked eye look not too big differences between the two diamond because color grade certificate differ film and the price is good as a mile. From colorless diamond to diamond, the color has been referred to as diamond most nots allow to ignore the value of the factors in the evaluation. Today she bead elder sister tell you colorful color evaluation 3 big key. Let you one-time understand, differences in classification of color!
Ruby color light waves from body color stones, stones of color from the color, concentration and saturation color this stone three main factors, evaluation of a colored diamonds when body color should be the three main Cartier nail bracelet replica factors to individual analysis, evaluation, and then take comprehensive evaluation.
1 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Decide what color?
Colour is also known as hue, refers to the various colors of visible light that we see the human eye, with red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colors. Fully formed in the nature of the color of a single colour is almost impossible, various colors by the main body color and color (color).
With color is to point to in addition to the color of the gems ontology, gem surface and internal light reflection, diffraction, etc formed by an interference color. With the amount of color affects the change of the main color, usually with color, the less said the color is pure, colour is better, sometimes all in accordance with the main color, because some of the main color with a specific with color can actually make the main color is more able to present, this kind of situation with color can actually make the main Cartier love ring replica color added.
Yellow, Red, Yellow and Red
Is the red color as the main body, with a more yellow color with the color red, the color is orange.
Yellowish Red yellow and Red
Is the red color as the main body, with how many yellow color with the color red, the color looks apparently nearing is red and it seems slightly yellow orange.
2 from shallow to deep
Thick or thin?
Also called brightness, hue, lightness refers to the concentration of the color of the stone, a gem, degree of reflection light reaction, therefore, also known as gem color density or depth, with human visual observation is to the human eye to light and shade on the surface of the stone feeling, lightness usually grows, the better, but not too deep, otherwise it will replica Cartier love bracelet become too dark or black.
GIA definition colour lightness of the drill is divided into six grades the abbreviation, Light and Fancy word description.
3 or Ming or dark
Chroma level have a statement?
Also known as the saturation, chroma is refers to the colour of bright colors in the visible light waves of degree, if the higher chroma of color, the color is pure, if low chroma, color components of color and the lower the purity, so the colors more saturated, the better.
International diamond industry to the color of diamond color grading is very strict and rigorous, diamond color rarity and decide the value of the colorful, more color, the more rare, grade, the higher, more, more more saturated, the higher the value.

To choose a perfect diamond

To choose a perfect diamond
Known now general classification standard 4 c diamond was by DE beers and G I founded A, but in form the DE beers diamond jewelry company, why do you again on the basis of further put forward the (Fire), light (offerings) and vitality (Life) as A selection criteria?
Actually very few know about two diamonds of exactly the same as 4 c standard price difference could be as high as 25%, as is likely to be a more beautiful than the other a lot of, some natural diamond is better than other materials, even up to the same standard, will be a far cry from appearance. This is what we call the differences between the light Cartier nail bracelet replica and the light, vitality, and consumers if only see the certificate, is can’t see any difference. So we put forward this concept, let it become a 4 c standard sublimation.
Consumer oneself also can see light, the light and vitality of the diamond?
Of course, you just need to put the diamond in at 75 degrees Angle and shaking hands, you can see it just like beating, color, flashing colorful fire that is light, the light and vitality. If put together many diamond on the hand to shake at the same time, can more clearly see the differences between them, some hazy let you always want to go to wipe, others will make you fall in love at first sight. If want to be more intuitive, can also through our research and development of Iris flame detector to observe, it will be a beam of light into diamond, and then used a computer to run in the diamond light path.
As a diamond experts, what steps you all experience when choosing a diamond?
There are two steps of the more important, first of all, we will detect whether the diamond with the 4 c level certificate, select each rank in the upper limit of gems. And then put together a few diamonds in hand observation Cartier love ring replica shining degree, choose one of the most accord with standard of light, the light and vitality of the planet.
For consumers, when choosing diamonds do you have any Suggestions?
I advocate everyone must go to shop around more, this diamond experts with us and look much more natural look better. You can tell the clerk your budget, then let him take out all meet the budget of the diamond, one a try, ask again until after selected the best 4 c standard and specific price. This will greatly ease you range of options, sometimes people always confine themselves to 4 c level, but lost to the diamond general appearance of the control, finally you will find that actually make your eyes satisfied diamond most data is not bad. Finally, of course, must ask for diamond certificate to the businessman, and must be issued by the recent, can only be guaranteed pure natural diamonds that are appraised by professional bodies without manual processing.
White diamond and diamond selection standard of the same?
There is only one thing in common to be on hand to observe the light, the light and vitality, the rest are different. First they cut the way is different, the color is the purpose of the drill cutting make the colors more saturated, so usually thicker in order to achieve the purpose of the light they bring in, and the pursuit of white diamonds is flashing, sending out light, the better, the replica Cartier love bracelet more so when the choice for color, cut, etc should be in accordance with the different standards to consider.
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite
This is a piece of scientific name in various professional gem ancient book, from the Greek “rhodon” and “chrosis”, meaning to Rose and Rose Color Color, used to symbolize the colour like Rose.
MnCo3 manganese carbonate
Piece of MnCo3 manganese carbonate is the main chemical composition, containing a small amount of iron, calcium, zinc and other elements, and these elements tend to replace manganese, and to wear the white stripes or black or brown color. Thus rendering pure rose color piece is very rare.
The Andes Mountains of the Andes
Argentine andes, here is the home of the earliest found piece, delicate and charming color, milky texture clear, smooth texture is complete.
The piece is not crystal
Yellow, white, pink or purple, the chemical composition is SiO2 crystal silicon Cartier love ring replica dioxide, and the piece is the main chemical composition of MnCo3 manganese carbonate, it also verifies the piece of production is far lower than the crystal. So many businesses will piece as a crystal, this is a very unscientific classification.
The piece also have level
The best quality – “ice” piece
Intelligent merchants will be the best quality red lines are known as “ice” piece, period period not fall BAZAAR Jewelry of course, you should know that “ice” is specially used to describe a transparent water glittering and translucent burnish of jade texture, but at the time of selected piece, might as well use the standard weigh its transparency and quality of a material, the more similar kinds of jade quality of a material with the high quality of ice, the higher the value of the piece.
Texture is the most beautiful – stripe piece
The most typical piece is actually the milky pink gem of concentric texture, because the quality of a material is rough, texture is often used to make special hand string or carved into place, and the most ingenious theme is distinct, and white-striped pork belly!
Common people – ordinary piece
The most common piece of transparency is not high, usually quality of a material Cartier nail bracelet replica are also less water embellish, see more at hand. A single piece of the color of the uniform, the less impurity crack, texture, the lip is better.
Choose the right piece has a secret
Cupid ah fu loro di te after dyed red by the blood of love roses, so he had as hot as love red roses. In the world of jewellery, fall in love in the love of god is a “piece”, so it has a delicate and charming rose color! Bright eye screen, choose the true to piece!
Actually buy jewelry is like buying clothes, quality of a material, design, tailoring scrutiny will know true and false, just wear clothes everyday, piece may have never attention! BAZAARJewlery tell you, those similar to piece of gems are just look similar, known look big different!
Agate is a crystalline quartz, so very uniform fine texture, slant orange, but not as good as piece has a rose colour. The quality of a piece of “ice” particles can be seen. Red agate stripe is transparent, and stripes are opaque milk white piece.
South red agate slant orange color, not transparent, there is usually no concentric texture.
Not like piece of ivory stripe, the most common pink, not piece red color. Common Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica rhodonite usually have translucent to opaque pink red to purple, red or brown appearance, there are some black spots or texture surface.
Coral is completely opaque, white coral beads can often see the side of the heart. Piece of generally have serrated concentric lines such as lace skirt, and coral is the concentric rings of texture ring, no sawtooth.
All say powder is called peach blossom flowers, and some people say that piece is “the stone of love”, what kind of gem can help you find the real Mr Right? BAZAARJewlery special gem enthusiasts, constellation expert wood soak up the action for you!

Elegant summer Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing series

Elegant summer Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing series
Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summer series reveal female charm, will be an urban elegant style and folk customs, is to perfect, dynamic world fellowship with elegant artistically reflect, deduce the contemporary Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica style of harmony. A variety of light material and refined fabrics create elegant toward a manual line, limited production, using gradient between white and gray, silver or copper of gold and silver looks like brocade, combined with the carbon black as the ornament of color, elegant summer amorous feelings.
Dynamic style, ethnic wave
Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summer series reveal female charm, will be an urban elegant style and folk customs, is to perfect, dynamic world fellowship with elegant artistically reflect, deduce the contemporary style of harmony. A variety of light material and refined fabrics create elegant toward a manual line, limited production, using gradient between white and gray, silver or copper of gold and silver looks like brocade, combined with the carbon black as the ornament of color, elegant summer amorous feelings.
Give priority to dozen of color to white: pure color or quietly elegant of extreme warm vanilla, oats or summer and wind patterns, blend in pale pink, plain, and nude. Women’s clothing series of the highlights of this season is a feast for the eyes of the summer pastel tones: Ming yan and the cream of quietly elegant and pineapple yellow, light pink, orange color, and refined imitation cartier love bracelet marca dragon gradients, sorbet pink color and sunset.
Continuation of summer style at the same time, the color of the raw material itself stands out: hemp, line with the color of the canvas and warm cookies color and light dark red like nature itself, or with the cascade, hang down object and shiny effect contrast and do not break gentle, and throughout the product series of copper and chrome color.
Gray or dark gray in details and edging makes sweaters and coats dynamic, and the element of carbon black color of quietly elegant is tonal make the rhythm of a garment.
Body shape
Leisure style, inspired by sports soft ergonomic line – tall waist design, easy edition type, collocation with long jacket and vest, necklines and open chain structure, build modern female image. Baggy Bermuda culottes, wide shoulder pads design, collocation silk organza riding jacket, reinterpret the dynamic modelling of elegant gentleman poise, calm calm, reveals his edge image.
Manually polish color faded edges. Light velvet falbala outer to do decoration Cartier love bracelet replica cloth, cut out the design, highlight overlapping 3 d effect. Lafite and leaf shape tassel, lightsome ostrich feather trim and the raw materials of mesh knit unlined upper garment, show a strong national wind theme.
Various woven material, feel tight hang down, fold shaped. Using natural fibers and new materials, matched with lightsome design concept, help to create a series of beautiful and precious clothes series. Green silk organza, copper made of wool, cotton gauze and with plenty of yarn into thick braid, tie-in natural fabrics, quality create cascading and interphase effect.
Natural inspiration to reinterpret the cutting-edge materials and technology, science and technology and the raw material mix: lafite the tree fiber and extreme light laser wire form irregular cascading effect, and wax through special processing is made from ostrich feathers make with rubber coating cotton mesh knit more show luxuriant and grace.
Traditional process technology by national wind to reinterpret knit: edge grinding neckline, adopts the traditional silk knot trimming technology of complex process, and the cashmere yarn and set auger chain woven mesh. The knit Fake Cartier love bracelet stitch amplifier, mesh effect highlights; The mesh needle law the relationship between virtual and real upside down.
Ergonomic cutting, square shape, generous contrast stripe and close-fitting sleeve has the wind effect, common dress fashion the sports world. All in knitwear, clothing styles are redesigned, such as fly ma3 jia3, waterfall coat, knit gauze fold belt details, and women backless gown.
Wide brief paragraph coats and jackets and long dust coat, jacket and night stands in stark contrast. All coat design inherits the design concept of light, with a clever hand sewing and the use of advanced technology made of hollow out summer mink.
A row of low collar jacket half button, use the canvas fabric or refined cloth fabric, adorned with tassels, pleated edging and jewelry, show the subtle combination of sports and personality. Taffeta fabric drape effect collocation, and transparent organza with a wave point or stripe pattern.
Acme lightsome feathers for decorative movement windbreaker, or by the new design of elegant extended parka.
The trousers
Chiffon with burrs and organza fabric, wide and have a sense of balance shape Cartier nail bracelet replica design, reflected the modern city female image. With pleats or pull on the design of tall waist trousers, boy recreational edition type, tie-in stripe elastic, make elegant intellectual modelling, break through the traditional image of modern female.
Cascading silk, or copper green washed silk, around the ankle or vertical and vamp. Baggy pants used this season of grey and warmth is tonal, and with a satin elastic thin wool stripe jogging pants is to interpret the details of the elegant men.
Surface wear light silk pencil skirts and fold wool gauze skirt – with modern style and colour to reinterpret summer is classical and folk themes. Canvas falbala, cascading silk stripes and stripes or grid organza carefully overlap, enrich the feminine image of women.
Paris beach dress shows the Europe type style, asymmetric fold create extreme lightness culottes, combine shorts and skirts in summer.
Modern dress reveals the combination of folk customs and urbanity. Around the Cartier love ring replica white and pink, elegant design, with shiny jewelry or ingenious application of carbon black color contrast to try to adorn.
Light silk and elegant cascading effect of loose formation, suede or fine napa leather make design and materials to achieve perfect fusion.
Leather bag
Leather bags series receives the light design idea, is the combination of dynamic world with delicate traditional process: manual polishing the canvas cover of lined with valuable fur and feathers, make series products balance aesthetic feeling. High quality material, soft, strong in easy worn parts, from extreme soft crocodile to mink, create bags and small bags of costly wind dynamic world, also receives the hand bag and the design style of handbag is suitable for formal occasions.
By the traditional process of daily wear sneakers, lightweight elegant all replica Cartier love bracelet new shoes, and leather or laminated fabric material made of slippers. With embossed design of canvas or lame to re-interpret classical Derby shoes, as well as the new light summer mountaineering canvas shoes with a relief pattern. Adopt open mode design of evening wear for women’s shoes are decorated with mink and jewelry, including manual material made of high-heeled shoes and sandals.

Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2017 women’s clothing series

Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2017 women’s clothing series of modern metropolis, trend of clipping
Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2017 women’s clothing series, capture colorful urban spirit of freedom, the joy of the streets of the city, uninhibited and luxury one, to create more balance below.
Bustling city streets, different culture, language, creative inspiration in the collision, the fusion of different stories, different locations, mapping out the soul of each unique, diverse and changeful, eclectic, and Cartier love bracelet replica harmonious coexistence, filled with the tide of contemporary taste. The vagaries of the modern city, with each passing day, not only let us life is full of surprises, but also the inspiration source of fashion innovation.
Spring/summer 2017 women’s clothing series, capture colorful urban spirit of freedom, the joy of the streets of the city, uninhibited and luxury one, to create more balance below.
Each modelling is a snapshot, capture the different world, colour collocation, and unprecedented deductive way, beyond all comparison, all fuzzy boundaries. In this way, we are drawing a map of style, fusion of sports style, women’s charm, male motifs, and bright wingtip shoes below. All the inspiration, rendezvous in the interaction of custom charm and daily function, opening up new dress language, release the bold and glamorous appeal.
All details together harmoniously, leisure and delicate feeling, highlight the unique color and elements, the outline of personality traits. Yesterday, today’s trend, break through the stereotypes, get a new identity, not only reflect the era of progress, also faces the future dialogue of cultures.
Base color is the summer sunshine bright color: natural color, inspired Fake Cartier love bracelet by the golden sand, sun hot land, and the associated gold and silver silk. Ink, graphite deep color, such as colour, black blue mixed with chalk ochre, tobacco and clay color of color, light and extremely shallow color of panama, steel color, formed the depth, cast the personality.
Poppy red, orange, straw yellow warm, through a series of different modelling, with movement or tribal style to deduce. Classic Oxford blue or sweet berea, red to highlight, or interval folk customs such as tobacco color or golden color.
Extremely complex and minimalist interweave, inspiration to explore unusual way, keep the “leisure”, free to follow the real life in the middle are wonderful, unexpected new roads. New sources of power balance in between “dynamic fashion” and “women’s pajamas, soft, flowing lines, sending out the light and enchanting.
Men’s clothing line and horizontal stripes throughout the series, rich traditional shedding new light. Coarse vertical stripes echo the sports club of the world of men, pearly silk and light bead piece of double row beard needle Cartier nail bracelet replica method, mixed with classic stripes and formal elegant uniform stripes, the use of different materials, the outline of stereoscopic exquisite modelling.
Knitting is the core of the entire series, motifs are intertwined, and play each theme, yarn, fabric and heavy variety.
Processing and techniques each other, creating a new charm: a delicate mix of yarn, fur, such as wine YeYe fiber effect, lace-up and malfile weaving technique, for the traditional multicolor diamond weave pattern and new flowers bring stereo effect. Sportswear times add the details of the expensive gas: shiny Active pearl ribbon, around the sleeves and collar, the Team Number crochet on the T-shirt style square knitwear, tie-in sexy silk blouse. Aureate or horizontal stripes bead piece tassel cloak, bring carefree for urban ethnic customs.
Soft enchanting line, deep neckline and frilling, accompanied by military uniform style fine horizontal stripes, shining pearl silk luster, while crude horizontal stripes echo a men’s club classic uniforms, crystal act the role of hair to make it more elegant. Enchanting alternates with inlay embroidery, jacquard processing, modelling concise, highlight the soft mohair yarn woven by the fisherman’s rib of the new color.
Jacket and vest
Traditional men’s wear fabrics, a variety of styles, to reinterpret the jacket style: wool cloth, herringbone fabric, thick stripe, line is straight and rules, detail place always be pleasantly surprised. Red colour ornament, such as Cartier love ring replica chalk ochre, Mars, sunset red, full of power, but not disturbing noise, and deserve to act the role of the enchanting materials is introduced, such as Mosaic hackle, exquisite pearl silk embroidery, or shiny glitter leather flowers design. Deducing the effect of flowing of jacket, the use of light silk crepe and effect almost as liquid of viscose fiber.
Joker, leisure, charming: coat shows a series of modern personality. Lines of motion, the bell shape, even the cap with zipper, color double-breasted trench coat style echo the waterproof mantle. For each shape added a leisure, day and night all appropriate, bomber jacket material joining fastidious change: flowing cotton, matte python skin, the duke of light satin, soft silk crepe, or light taffeta.
Genuine leather
Through the precious material to strengthen contrast: soft leather, and the technology of gold and silver silk fabrics set each other off becomes an interest. Napa leather and suede with the natural color of leather, from honey replica Cartier love bracelet to caramel color, add a wipe silver ornament, or with gold detail to be outstanding. Matte python skin and shiny goat skin, giving emphasis to the bomber jacket, the new allure of facing the future.
Flowing fabrics, make Over and Relaxed trousers is soft and sexy, their inspiration from the Lounge and the Active, or more exquisite tailored suit. Men’s elegant texture and fabric, twinkling pearl embroidery, silk flowers and colour bead piece uniform grain. Contrast of Racing and Piping horizontal grain, and the Utility details, with light shine or ruffle crisp, delicate feminine shape by contrast.
New length and the ratio for the introduction of leisure and fashion spirit: bespoke suits the new Cropped pants extended to ankle; Horn bottom added very Cut and tassel edge, fully embodies the maxi length wide-legged trousers and Long the modelling of Flare trousers. New running pants with practical pants, soft lines, or legs, or leniency, and stone wash jeans is joined in the 90 s will be color, strong seasonal color, add color to garment dyed fabrics.
Dress series through the two landscape: like liquid flowing fabrics, bring soft flowing elegant beauty, with body movement, the women coquetry, or have more crisp, ruffle fabrics, style, outline the configuration of ornament Cartier love ring replica and edging. Noble asymmetry, became the hallmark of the MIDI skirt and Maxi skirt, bead piece with pearly silk embroidery patterns, seems exquisite costly feeling.
Shirt and T-shirt
Types of boundaries blurred: qualitative, modelling and structure are intertwined, and make the simple elements of this season. Shirts poplin fabric and cotton yarn, in the new woven jacket transform the vertical stripes pattern; Flowing silk and transparent, on the other hand, georgette, constitutes the blouses and long hill’s style. Summer cape with uniform grain, choose bright silk cloth or shiny gold and silver silk linen.
Deserve to act the role of the reflected throughout the series, echo, and the trend of diversity, including: summer is cool procrastinate waterproof and weave the soles, lazy man shoes pearl ribbon or mink, new high heels mirror effect, and the Beatles boots geometry with Tex details.
Bag bag is to explore the urban modelling and structure: small volume Cartier nail bracelet replica does not lose practicability and capacity; Element “double”, suitable for all functions. Shining pearl silk and fur tassel to modelling is complete, balanced wander between noble style and urban utility.
Natural materials and natural color, contrast the flowing light mirror effect. Tulip red poppy red add details for modelling, snake skin of gold and silver and mirror effect, and mutual set off with the caramel color leather and natural surface.

Two look make the formal model of bling

Two look make the formal model of bling
As one of the popular trend of spring/summer 2016, the rich wife modelling of bling appeared on the show of brands. How to avoid excessive decoration is still able to maintain a strong aura, the two look here can be used for reference in the match.
Look1: shiny Marine elements, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity noble feeling
Ocean color paillette adornment coat looks Fake Cartier love bracelet stylish, shiny decoration removes excess jewelry. Scissors form of pencil skirt is the key to career women. In a printing jacket low-key but not lack of details. The wrist with a gold bracelet highlights the overall sense of wide, quite has the style of the show in front of the guests.
Look2: metal sea wind, spell able do not lose feminine
Hem irregular accept waist suit able to outline your good curve, hale shoulder line adds a few minutes of the beauty of the neutral. Soft shirts teamed with classical temperament, and silver skirt added fashionable feeling for the whole look. With gems that handbag, with gorgeous low-key.
Fold the falbala symbolize the enthusiastic flamenco, or restore ancient ways design wedding dresses, but in the fashion world, falbala, as a design details, has been a lot of stylist of good replica Cartier love bracelet heart, and in 2016 show, it is no longer just a small detail, and become the main body of the garment.
Adding falbala in clothing just like to join in the color pink, it can instantly enhance overall modelling of the feminine, the magic cloth filled with pure, innocent and romantic. Whether it appears in skirt or collar, can implicitly expresses the girl’s deadly allure.
In the traditional sense of the falbala, material is bud silk more, but in the T stage of spring and summer of this year, we saw many, for example, the yarn, soft silk and satin material, snow spins the fabric. Selection of a variety of fabric enables the falbala to better combined with clothing, creating clean but nifty new female model.
As show in the spring and summer this year will be falbala use acme brand, John Galliano (click – > to view shows) do particularly well. The brand of the spring and summer series will be “girl” as the theme Cartier nail bracelet replica of the design, use clear chiffon and silk fabric create both pure and temptation spring model. Has the perspective effect fabric is looming with sex, falbala, into the outline of the body line tool, as the natural curve hang down on the skirt. The overall look responsibly and pure and fresh vogue and sex appeal.
Fluffy and big hem umbrella skirt is always the girls of summer styles, wonderful little luxuriant with dramatic fancies himself become the princess in the fairy tale. Taylor Swift is vintage dress type umbrella skirt enthusiasts, lovely umbrella skirt makes tall she also is very light. And leisure long or short paragraph umbrella skirt is recent hot star street snap, both Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica change garments according to the transition and the collocation of beach vacation is quite a practical item.
Small formal attire type umbrella skirt
Kelly Ripa wore Jason Wu, wiping a bosom of spring/summer 2016 big skirt dress to attend the activities, large skirt waist line below the normal below the waist line, and then with a belt to readjust the proportion of the body, the belt is also the only whole dress ornaments; Lily Collins Dolce & Gabbana bud of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt dress, dark heavy metal color has a low-key costly feeling.
A Burberry Trench Coat on a rainy day comes will always be remembered, however, more young Burberry Prorsum outline will become casual, use leather piping be grown more personality. This imitation cartier love bracelet time need a pair of Hunter Wellington boots, and a long handle umbrella, can be Chic. The shorts and vest dress, of course, hidden in a raincoat and very sexy.

2016 original luxurious details

Alexander McQueen glasses series: 2016 original luxurious details
Alexander McQueen new sunglasses and optical frame shows the outstanding creativity, luxury of brand positioning and innovation design, praised the plush brand is well known the identity Cartier nail bracelet replica of the detail processing. Would be a perfect fusion of traditional and modern accessories details new glasses series, with its unique texture, material and tonal collocation of originality and iconic show style.
Three dimensional metal skeleton, the continuation of natural wooden details, delicate shells texture and brand new “crocodile” experimental material.
Modern, delicate and very female charm, butterfly modelling sunglasses and rectangular plate optical frames with its brand-new exquisite “crocodile” design, highlights the tonal collocation, including green, beige/grey, ivory, brown, blue, red
AMQ 4193 / S model
Modern, delicate and very female charm, butterfly modelling sunglasses and rectangular plate optical frames with its brand-new exquisite “crocodile” design, highlights the tonal collocation, including green, beige/grey, ivory, brown, blue, red.
AMQ 4195 / S model
Man drops sunglasses with gorgeous rock type and brand Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica trademark details. Mosaic mirror on the leg with a metal skeleton brand trademark accessories design. Tonal collocation USES dark tone: black, dark brown/tortoiseshell/honey, deep Havana color and all black.
AMQ 4198 / S model
Metal aviator sunglasses would be a perfect fusion of texture restoring ancient ways with modern elements, such as around the lens board outline shape and the engraved with the brand identity of thin legs. Excellence of tonal collocation, including ruthenium/khaki and light golden color/red, transmission of classic ruthenium color/black and gold/deep Havana color, highlight its classic.
AMQ model 4202
Modern, delicate and very female charm, butterfly modelling sunglasses and rectangular plate optical frames with its brand-new exquisite “crocodile” design, highlights the tonal collocation, including imitation cartier love bracelet green, beige/grey, ivory, brown, blue, red.
AMQ model 4204
Men’s pilot metal optical frames from the 70 s design inspiration, surplus around excellence spirit of the brand. Style design with fashion accessories, such as brand deserve to act the role of natural woodiness adornment idiomatic.
AMQ model 4205
Classic and natural, creative and colorful hue from shell texture draw the outline of the moire fringe of the big size plate frame design. Luxurious tonal collocation: purple/green, beige/tan, brown, wine red/blue color, Havana.
AMQ model 4208
Man highlighted brand pioneer fashion of rectangular optical Cartier love bracelet replica frames, in front of the thin metal ring shape and decorated with wooden details perfect balance between its leg. This is one of the materials of brand trademark, the hallmark of the series.

luxury brand design the best beautiful clothing

Spring, summer, lace, each occasion wear a smart
In the love of beauty in women sentiment full lace elements continue the streets this summer, in addition to the princess wind wind, perspective, the girls still in distress for finding new style collocation? Follow in the footsteps of Vogue to look for new inspiration.
Rashida Jones and Isabel Lucas is lace item mashup fan, Rashida Jones with chiffon shirt bud silk skirt collocation, elegant and decent; Isabel Lucas will bud silk small vest put together with the broken flower skirt, brown imitation cartier love bracelet boots are anti-season demonstration of collocation, lively style.
KARL without collar shirt cuff spell black side design feels dye-in-the-wood, tie-in CLEMENTS RIBEIRO fairly pale blue lace skirt, fashion and classic union, bring out the best in each other; Delias small black lace shawl, CARVEN red flower skirt, sense of perspective and lively bright colour and lustre is sexy, CHLOE leopard small bag and RALPH LAUREN wedge heel shoes joker, practical, and is the best choice for summer sunrise street.
Olivia Wilde the yellow plaid spell small lace dresses from Prada, tender yellow plaid with rural amorous feelings mixed sexy ripe black lace, incompatible and bold bouncy.
Is also stitching bud silk, silk higher DINNIGAN this dress build is not the same style, the cream evanescent hues pile satin pleated chicken superfluity, waist style of traditional and elegant lace reveal the fair maiden temperament, tie-in BCBG Max Azria white ornamental engraving envelope bag, reveals the classic British style restoring ancient ways, both let you to a Cartier love bracelet replica dinner party at the weekend; The condole belt of Alexander McQueen dress in gray satin backing against black lace, tedious design luxuriant swagger, royal elder sister snowboarding progresses.
Olivia Wilde hot is very suitable for Mason figure by Michelle Mason become warped bandage dress, after the former convex see-through lace design tempting, Brian Atwood national wind wedge heel shoes is dot eyeball.
Mason by Michelle Mason bandage dress lace v-neck design has been an adornment wind, do not need to add more neck ornaments, and j.crew diamond earrings or AURELIE BIDERMANN totem arm bracelets is very good ornament; If it is to attend the party brand, BALMAIN black gold clasp handbag can give a person the sense with professional capable, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN national wind flowers in red bottom shoes to impress everyone for you; If a communication party, can match YVES SAINT LAURENT Fake Cartier love bracelet handbags and envelope 3.1 PHILLIP LIM wedge heel sandals, mild nude color is liking.
Stella McCartney design has always been eccentric and delicate and elegant, Kristen Wiig choose the lace pack is no exception, lace deep v-neck sketched charming neck line, Gucci sandals gold chain ornament effect is perfect; Emilio Pucci conjoined also has similar short weight, and design of tall waist stretch the leg curve more show thin effect.
McCartney’s long sleeve lace jumpsuit decorated the waist bowknot, add some nifty feeling, with MONICA VINADER crystal pendants and DIANE VON FURSTENBER G white purse, low-key do not break the atmosphere; D & G lace blouse, Lipsy bowknot shorts, though is the collocation of all black but won’t let a person feel drab, bright orange, MARC BY MARC JACOBS and CHARLOTTE replica Cartier love bracelet OLYMPIA in highlight taste, is people pursuing socialite agitation. Outside these two collocation can take small suit, commute easily drag, is the classic lazy change clothes.
Nicole Trunfio of Emilio Pucci silk embroidery skirt restoring ancient ways is very gorgeous, inside take a black skirt, render legs be vividly portrayed, Chanel bag and Christian Louboutin pointed red bottom shoes more sexy.

The popularity of the pink red outfit

The popularity of the mei red outfit
Thunder-and-lightning mei red warm colors, times show vitality, but how to match to modern well and do not show flowery? Look at the forefront of a fashion star people be how to dress, let your passionate hot summer.
Eva Longoria
Ann Taylor dresses perfect show Eva Longoria Fake Cartier love bracelet and sexy figure, metallic handbags highlights the enthusiasm of the Latin beauty of nature, Brian Atwood black satin heels “low-key show Eva womanhood.
Jersey low-cut wrap dress, beautiful line fold design highlights, Sondra Roberts black diamond paint pointed gorgeous and sexy high-heeled shoes, handbags and JIMMY CHOO restoring ancient ways collocation Tresori ruby necklace, personality charm; Goat mei red pencil skirt line is concise vogue atmosphere, tie-in black GIVENCHY crocodile handbag and YVES SAINT LAURENT heels make top grade aristocratic wind, YVES SAINT LAURENT sunglasses more big.
Krysten Ritter
Krysten Ritter word get silk print dress style is concise, brightly replica Cartier love bracelet colored, and black high heels, adornment feels highlights drama amorous feelings, jing easily.
HERVe l. LEROUX one shoulder dress falbala design times less feminine, brave bump color ELIE SAAB lemon yellow deco handbags, lively, Tom Ford black super star, let you become the absolute protagonist of the pool Party.
Lavin, condole belt small dress handsome but person, zhou collocation for its diamond handbag and heels, high-profile shine; Dakota Fanning chose small chou-heung yellow square handbags and nude heels, low-key delicate.
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN dress waistcoat type is simple and easy, tie-in and mei red shoes, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN fish mouth smear fastens with color oil, bold, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG pale pink handbag can add a bit tender for a gorgeous, incarnation lovely pink barbie, enjoy summer party at midnight!
ROBERTO CAVALL chiffon print dress cool and sexy, Chanel bag Cartier nail bracelet replica chain and JIMMY CHOO shoes black show big socialite rocks; Fusion by Maxmara painting colorful printed skirt, Eickhoff black hand bag texture, with red bottom shoes CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ultra-high upgrade feminine flavour.
Freida Pinto
Gucci small suit delicate clipping, silk luster gorgeous restoring ancient ways, appearing in the gorgeous elegant, Freida Pinto themselves inside take a deep V black chiffon unlined upper garment, more sexy.
Elizabeth & James mei red small double-breasted suit nifty and fashionable, match with series straight canister style restoring ancient ways, HELMUT LANG black handbag with JIMMY CHOO heels mutual echo, fashionable Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica and generous; Lean lean, Maxmara nine points sleeve small business suit is tie-in Vionnet haroun pants fashion in style, YVES SAINT LAURENT black bag to add a little domineering, commuting more mature woman flavour.

The adorable little showing skin dew more sexy

The adorable little showing skin dew more sexy
Degree of the skin in the summer always is a big problem of great importance, clever act’s charm and elegant modelling, pious covering the small dew more provoking love, especially suitable for the pursuit of elegant pretty Asian girls, than avant-garde exposed in small dew more have a unique and attractive playing fun.
Fashionable waist line
Spring and summer of 2012 to the dampening in the ’50 s trend that designers find the waist line ponder space, sweeping up, waist line not only can show good shape small pretty waist also opens up a replica Cartier love bracelet new era, the skin area is not large but very attract eyeball.
Baby face model Jessica Stam the red carpet is Thom Browne 2012 chun xia series of flavor. White dress with black pencil skirt and gentle hat, modern sentiment stand now, black and white stitching high-heeled shoes and clothing is echo.
White collocation of brief paragraph coat Givenchy black skirts, concise and fluent line and black and white color to let a person look very handsome, bright eye hat more add fashionable breath. Habit of neutral style but want to increase your feminine girl might as well try this fresh collocation. The modelling of make dew waist line must be pay attention to the degree of delicate and elegant dress, otherwise will be wrong fashion version of the belly dancers (belly dance).
Sexy vented
High vents of wind in the summer, small open vents also Cartier nail bracelet replica became hot, extending from the neck and legs out of the scenery let wear is like fine art, who all can’t help but see a few eye.
Actor Krysten Ritter in Alexander McQueen vented waist dress, Jimmy Choo sandals and Jimmy Choo trials’ Tube ‘handbags, David Yurman black agate jewelry.
Alexander McQueen several vents of cultivate one’s morality dress design makes skin when the wearer to act naturally, don’t have all the sexy, black agate earrings, let black also yi yi is unripe brightness, with Versace hollow out shoes, more than a minute ambiguous hot flavor, is a super auras mature woman.
Silhouette charm,
Someone positive surprise, preference for someone with charming profile captured the heart, the side of the upper body curve is always full of mystery and charm, clever small hollow out along with the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica gender but had great flavor, dressed in the dinner party, neither too bold, yet full of bright spots. Let a person between the gestures are its charm.
ASOS white hollow out dress collocation white handbags and Jimmy Choo silver high heels and cool charm. Altuzarra print dress collocation Sergio Rossi nude heels, with the hot African amorous feelings to conquer love sexy party girl.
Classical socialite
The sight of the square neckline, people can not help but think of the ancient palace aristocratic ladies in Europe. Square neckline not only highlights the proud chest, extend from the neck down curve will be very sexy. Main small dew sexy card, a window body is enough.
Jennifer Connelly to attend the movie premiere ceremony, brunet imitation cartier love bracelet dress make thin shoulder pads Connelly more lovely, square collar decorative bow not only let people unknowingly exposed, also like the classical elegant ladies moving.
Alexander Mcqueen compose ACTS the role of bowknot dress make the neck and neck and around the curve, the sleeve lovely, lovely bitter fleabane bitter fleabane collocation spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti compose of swarovski crystal sandals, simple earrings and shiny red lip, who says aristocratic ladies dress must be boring, ladies can be very sexy.
Wears outside underwear Bra Top that has a strong back, don’t make a fuss, much popular in the 80 s have wears outside underwear in Dolce & Gabbana show raised, such as a fresh wave of nowadays, collocation, knee-length skirt of tall waist, can let a girl and personality girl loves restoring ancient ways.
Fashion wears outside underwear boarded the tribal wind will there be Cartier love bracelet replica new style? Blouson Noir compiled corsage collocation Proenza Schouler tribal wind knee-length skirt of tall waist, gorgeous colour and design lets a person fall in love with national wind, deserve to go up again Aureie Bidermann unique golden necklace, just like cleopatra, if think the street will be shy, just plus a denim waistcoat, not only from embarrassment, and a little rock flavor of dazzling.

White does not weigh appearance Play a summer

White does not weigh appearance Play a summer
Both white dresses, suits and pants suit, originally pure and fresh and free from vulgarity white but because design of present a different style, different white in the summer you because of you.
Anne Hathaway, wearing a white tuxedo jacket is tie-in a nine points long white trousers, inside take a printed t-shirts, relaxed and the color of her pure sweet temperament; Abigail Clancy wearing a white Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica suit coat with a white feet pants of cultivate one’s morality, bold way on the chest line is like concealed, very sexy.
Altuzarra white printing brought a suit is tie-in a Alexander McQueen, white pants and Paul Smith printed t-shirts, printed led be the highlight of the whole body, the collocation of the white is clear and free from vulgarity; Chloe white suit is tie-in a with the brand of cultivate one’s morality pants, if you come up with a hot feeling, can eliminate the underwear inside, make sexy and graceful and restrained.
The goddess dress
Mena Suvar wore white pleated elegant dress, strewn at random have the skirt skirt to the rank of the whole body is very have administrative levels feeling, wide belt of white and black handbag complement each other, the goddess of fan; Cheryl Cole, dressed in a white patchwork Victoria phenomenon dress to attend the activities, below the normal imitation cartier love bracelet waist line skirt design has increased the design feeling of the long white dress, contracted and not simple.
Versace white high-waisted dresses, waist line to the chest, virtually stretch the line of the leg, look very tall, large areas of white very elegant; Jay Ahr white cake skirt dress, layer after layer skirt strewn at random have send, princess fan is dye-in-the-wood.
Cultivate one’s morality dress
Jessica Stam in Marchesa rice white collar dress to attend the activities, a word the waist with a sleeveless top pleat design is full of design feeling; Sleeveless top inlaid jewelry, low-key costly; Kate Beckinsale wore Dior long-sleeved dress to attend the activities of cultivate one’s morality, long sleeve and high collar design details to make the whole look very elegant and intellectual.
Alberta Ferretti white long-sleeved dress of cultivate one’s morality, waist belt sequins decoration and stamped on the pair of spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti black high-heeled sandals, very delicate and Cartier love bracelet replica noble; Giambattista Valli falbala adornment white dresses, foot Brian Atwood black tee with a pair of high heels, elegant and beautiful.
Leighton Meester wears a Christian Cota white sleeveless jacket and white shorts to attend the activities, in a loose printed t-shirts, avant-garde fashion; Selena Gomez wearing Versace printed at the bottom of the short jacket and pants, set a white bud silk coat outside, sexy and do not break again pure and fresh.
Sportmax’s movement is tie-in a white sleeveless top Dries Van Noten white shorts and Alexander McQueen printed vest, elegant and sending out the movement of breath; Moschino being within the lace Fake Cartier love bracelet jacket and Chic by the printing of the Versace bra and MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors of tall waist white shorts, avant-garde sexy.