Tungsten steel watch also has a high hardness is not easy to wear characteristics

Ceramic watches and tungsten steel watch which is good? These two materials are belong to the special material band. Some friends may be tangled in the two materials, do not know the election that. The following watch home to tell you ceramic watch and tungsten steel watch which is okay!
Ceramic watch will be very fine zirconia powder, the powder into the mold after the high pressure in the Celsius more than 1000 degrees high temperature sintering furnace to form a difficult to wear Cartier love bracelet replica ceramic parts, and then polished with diamond powder, and then made. Its surface finish high, small density, strength, light weight, physical stability. Electrical insulation, high temperature, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion, heat shock, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, will not discoloration. The tungsten steel table also has high temperature, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion, heat shock, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, will not discoloration.
Tungsten steel watch also has a high hardness is not easy to wear characteristics, but wear out more grades. If it is a man to wear, it is best to choose tungsten steel watch, because brought out people feel very generous. If it is a girl, then you should wear a ceramic watch, so the words will appear more solemn.
Venus was founded in 1999, the brand name from the Chinese Venus, when the value of Venus is for consumers to create a prominent style, distinctive fashion brand, with a reasonable price for the Chinese young, white-collar, fashion People to provide rich, exquisite fashion products. When the watch is a watch industry veteran side by side to create a high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands.
Wino watch watch price, how much money when the watch
Wei Nuo from the beginning of the creation has been “superb technology, careful heritage” as the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, Core parts, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment.
How much money when watch?
Wei Nuo watches watch in the domestic watch, has a good quality. Exquisite Fake Cartier love bracelet style, suitable for young people. The price is usually between $ 100 and $ 5,000.
A reference to the professional diving watch, we will fall into the water to think of the water ghost and 50 噚, but in the diving table in the world far more than two of them, and the following several professional diving table, will tell you another A professional diving watch in the world. Underwater sports often need accurate time measurement, which has a certain diving performance of the watch also came into being, but also formed a movement in a special category. Whether it is a professional diver, or ordinary underwater sports enthusiasts, a good performance diving watch is their best partner. What is the diving table? It is generally believed that at least 100 meters of water resistance can be engaged in diving activities. The previous diving watch is mainly in the dial and case design work, so that these watches can maintain the stability of the time in the water, as well as reliable and clear visual reading. And now with the development of the times, whether from the external material, or the inherent movement of the function, etc., are to develop a new situation.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
The Roger Dubuis watch factory, which has been established for more than twenty years, was originally known for its manufacture of complex functional watches. In recent years, the focus has been on the movement, EasyDiver name for the watch style is to strengthen the characteristics of the diving watch series. The 2006 launch of the EasyDiver K10 watch not only has a waterproof performance of 300 meters, but also boldly used a tourbillon device, for the movement of diving watch, adding a very sophisticated and relatively fragile tourbillon device, can be said to be a Function of the revolution, because the tourbillon device is to offset the gravity and the birth, do not know whether it is running in the water and the land on the same effect, but it is clear that the watchmaker has a complex function for the diving watch Opened a door. Of course, this table of material selection is quite practical, such as light weight of titanium as a case, the outer ring is the use of aluminum.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
Speaking of the use of materials, have to mention Montblanc (Montblanc) 100th anniversary of the launch of the Sport Tantalum Automatic, in order to coincide with the birth of the brand, the table of waterproof performance Cartier love ring replica reached 1906 meters, and can achieve this important performance The tantalum metal has a very high melting point, making it very difficult, but it has a rugged, corrosion resistance, resistance to stress and tensile strength of the characteristics, which also has a hard and hard, harder than steel hard blue tantalum metal manufacturing case, For the future of the diving table material selection provides a reference.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
As many watches and racing games are closely linked, and the water race table related to more and more, such as Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux) in the early launch of the Sea Hawk II-USA 71 watch, is for the BMW ORACLE Fleet design, in the black carbon fiber dial not only has a luminous scale and pointer, and add a power reserve display, red 300 meters waterproof performance mark located in the Girard-Perregaux font below, turn to the back of the watch There will be the United States 71 level sailing pattern, once again with the theme of the race shine.

Officine Panerai (Panerai) also held in 2006 the second “Panerai classical sailing challenge”, as a diving watch expert Panerai naturally also launched a flyback timing function of the Luminor 1950 Flyback, dial Decorated with exquisite Clous de Paris pattern, a small dial to emboss the show, highlights the central part of the dial, in the black background against the background, with a luminous effect of the scale, the pointer and the timing plate are all clearly visible, at a glance.

Omega (Omega) SeaMaster series will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and this classic diving table has evolved a large number of versions, including Planet Ocean Chronograph watch not only with a coaxial escapement, and promoted to 600 Meters of water resistance, spiral bottom cover on the hippocampus badge, unidirectional rotation of the case outer ring, dial contrast on the strong colors, are showing the characteristics of SeaMaster watch.

Ulysse Nardin (Athens) has a close connection with the ocean, in the absence of satellite positioning system in the years, many ships are relying on Athens astronomical clock to determine the location, today’s Blue Surf watch is to commemorate the history of this period , The blue design theme in the case with a waterproof performance of 200 meters to be fully deduced.

in the country has also been sought after by many people

Dubai is a famous shopping paradise, to Dubai tourism, shopping is a necessity. Then buy a watch in Dubai worth it? The following watch home to ask you to answer.
Do you buy watches in Dubai and buy cheap watches in Dubai?
First of all, buying watches in Dubai is cheaper than in the country. Especially during the event. Every year, Dubai will hold some price cuts in different times (June to July, December to February), during which many large shopping malls will be discounted.
Dubai watches where cheap
Airport duty-free shops are definitely worth visiting, although the shopping Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica malls goods are also good, but the airport things to update faster, the purchase time is limited, then the shopping time must be arranged. In the Dubai airport duty-free shop to buy watches absolutely do not have to worry about quality problems, absolutely no fake.
Do not be intimidated by the battlefield of the big mall, ask a few words, the money saved. Do not look at these luxury brands one by one full, even if the big big-name watches, will give you a discount price. Twenty off, fifteen fold can get the hand.
Japanese watch is very practical, the quality is quite outstanding, the price is relatively cheap. So in the country has also been sought after by many people. So buy a watch in Japan cheaper than domestic?
Do you buy a watch in Japan?
In theory, in Japan to buy Japanese-made watches, will be cheaper than selling in China. Because there is no tariff on this matter. Second, as a foreign tourist, most of the store is to enjoy tax-free concessions, Japan’s consumption tax is 5%, when you buy things to the clerk to produce a passport, you can enjoy a discount.
In addition, many Japanese businesses and CUP have activities, on the basis of the above discount, brush UnionPay card customers will enjoy a 5% discount. Of course, another thing is that the pricing of watches, Japan’s product pricing is divided into two halves. One is the vendor price, such as Apple’s products and so on. The price is not owned by the store itself, but in general the store will be on this basis plus 5% -10% discount, the other is Open Price, the price determined by the various stores themselves.
The price of the watch can actually query on, this is the Japanese online Cartier love ring replica price comparison site, basically can be objective and fair. Well-known electrical stores selling watches with the above discount is not the same with Kakaku above the lowest difference between the lot, you can refer to Yodobashi, Biccamera with YamadaLabi’s online website for the price.
Watch on the meaning of men extraordinary, with the men will always be left with a different impression. You do not want to do a good watch and clothing with a man? Here to see how the men with the watch it!
Dress with match
The size of the watch in the dress table, and the shirt with the color, and the color of clothing, is the three most significant problems.
First of all, for the costumes of the occasion, the size of the watch should not be too large, the current 36mm-based, and occasionally 38mm is not too. Such as ROLEX Oyster Date
Just full series in a very long period of time to maintain the 36mm standard. To know, such as time back 50 years, 34mm is the standard size of the dress.
Second, the shirt with the dress is the second significant problem. Some people in order to show the watch itself and the whole table exposed in the shirt cuff outside, this is a big mistake. The most standard way to deal with the watch is 1/3 exposed in the shirt outside the cuff.
Finally, the color of the match. Many people think it seems that white or silver is the only choice is loaded watch, it is not true. Black, blue, and even computer embossed dial can be used as a dress table selection. The key to the color problem is the need to and shirt cuff color does not conflict. Many people think that metal strap can be used as a dress table to wear. Actually otherwise, the real dress is almost 100% using a leather strap. The belt is more attached to the wrist than the metal strap, but also more in line with the requirements of the formal requirements of the watch.
Sports table with
For today’s men, wear sports watches more than the dress table. Although the movement is not so much attention to the table, but also some people mistakenly understand the movement table, of course, also wearing a wrong Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sports table.
The first is waterproof. Waterproof 100 meters of the watch can wear the next pool, more than 200 meters of the watch is possible to dive movement. A lot of sports watches, especially the ordinary chronograph is often only 50 meters waterproof, if worn to the course of course, “a life”.
The other is golf, you need to swing before the kick-off their own watch into the pocket. Because the swing kick the moment, the wrist will bear a few G gravity acceleration impact, although the impact of the body itself is absolutely acceptable, but the watch within the fragile gear set will be a fatal blow, many top brands are “Sacrifice” on the golf course.
Read the watch home of the introduction, you are not learn how to match the men with the watch? I believe you will try in the future life, but also to others left a deep impression!

Some people like simple watches some people like the more complex

Some people like simple watches, some people like the more complex three-eye mechanical watch. While the three watches compared to ordinary watches have more features, and looks looks more beautiful. The following watch home to recommend a three-arm for your mechanical watch it!
Three mechanical watch recommended
Tissot TISSOT-force Locke series T41.1.317.31 mechanical male watch
Liluo Ke is located in the Swiss Jurassic Mountain headquarters location name, but also favored a series of automatic table family name. The series of watches to elaborate details to fully demonstrate the elegant design. Whether it is day or night, you are filled with charming charm.
This Tissot Rocker series chronograph watch, with 42.3 mm steel round case, with a white dial. The dial has a classic three small dial, 30 minutes and 12 hours timer dial are located at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position, small seconds is set at 9 o’clock position. The table belongs to the series of high-end watches, classic design elegant temperament, equipped with stable performance 7750 chronograph movement, in addition to each Tissot force Locke series Swiss official observatory certification watch used in the movement have a COSC (Swiss Observatory table test Organization) issued by the Observatory table independent certification, through the COSC independent certification movement, the error control in the -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, more sophisticated than the general mechanical watch, control time more comfortable.
Sand (SANGDO) Hong Kong Watch Co., Ltd. adhere to the quality of the brand, will continue to make new breakthroughs, all-round to meet the domestic consumer products and services to the various requirements. With the best quality, the lowest price, fully meet the various levels of domestic consumer groups. Implement high quality and low price to win. Get the consumer has been well received.
Sander from Switzerland’s famous watch brand, sales outlets Replica Cartier jewelry in China has covered a second-tier cities and markets, with tens of millions of Chinese consumer groups, and maintain a good development advantages.
The development of Sander first benefited from the development of “human” in the organization because human development led to the development of Saunde’s business. “Man” was the core booster of Sander’s development. Sander believes that human potential is infinite, people are the most basic source of Saunde, the depth of caring and mining, is the development of Sander’s strategy of thorough practice. At the same time, Sander firmly believe that innovation is the only way to develop the development of Sand, and only people can promote the development of innovation, only the Sanders continue to pursue development, innovation can continue to create value for consumers.
Sander watches originated with Switzerland, now bought by the Hong Kong watch company. All Sander watches are now domestic watch, the price is not too expensive. From 300 yuan – 2,000 yuan range. More popular focus on several 900 yuan or so!
Shang Wo table was born in Hong Kong, known as the “Oriental Pearl”, this piece of Chinese and Western cultures, the world’s most competitive economic fertile soil, for the business table into the unparalleled cultural blood.
Shang Wo table was born in Hong Kong, known as the “Oriental Pearl”, this piece of Chinese and Western cultures, the world’s most competitive economic fertile soil, for the business table into the unparalleled cultural blood. Although the history of the Expo is only a short period of 7 years, but its historical background, can be traced back to the 20th century. Hong Kong in the early 20th century, because of its unique port status, has been China’s foreign culture and business to accept the forefront. The impact of foreign culture, so that the upsurge of the ocean is also the rise of the founder of the founder of the watch, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather with the then stay hot to go to the UK to study.
The origin of the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom, the machinery industry is the most advanced, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather naturally on this new industry is most interested in half a year later returned to Hong Kong. At that time Hong Kong, foreigners and businesses prevailed. Yu Guangtian’s grandfather will use their own personal advantage, founded a watch sales and maintenance of the firm. With the identity of foreigners, as well as foreign exquisite maintenance of technology, firms in Hong Kong by foreigners and local rich family of all ages.
How about a business watch
Business table has a professional, efficient, smart, wise team. At the same time the use of Hong Kong’s special commercial city status, the first to introduce a full set of Swiss top watchmaking machinery and equipment, and the system of advanced management mode, product design, development, production cycle, quality, after-sales service and other aspects of world-class standards, A business table can be achieved even more than international standards. At present, the business table in Changchun, Harbin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing and other second-tier cities are equipped with sales outlets, and strive for every one to enjoy the moment, and actively explore the future of the struggle to provide the most accurate and highest quality time proposal

Baishun this brand is still very affordable her family watches the table I have been useful

Davena Tina, is the Italian watch brand. The name comes from the Hebrew Origin English brand name. Meaning loved ones, intimate love, close friends. So what about the tima watch?
How about Davena watches?
Tina has its own product design and production plant, uphold the Swiss century watch the process of meticulous, foundry perfect.
Wei Wei Na core products in the high-end fashion trend quartz watch, it uses leather strap production, case, strap material with stainless steel and high-tech ceramics. Mirror is divided into crystal. Wei Wei is a high-end, fashion, the trend of the watch, by customers at home and abroad welcome.
Baishun Baishuns watch is a Korean fashion watch brand. As a Korean watch brand, although it is not known when the high strength. But also has a very stylish, trendy features. Especially the couple table , widely loved by young people.
Baishun Baishuns watch how much money
Baishun Baishuns watch how? User parity
Baishun this brand is still very affordable, her family watches the table I have been useful, looks very warm feeling! Baishun online shop often in some holidays to do some promotional activities, buy this watch Time just to catch up with the end of the big promotion, the price Well, is very reasonable.

Baishun watches look beautiful fashion, the price is relatively low. Priced from more than 40 yuan to 2,000 yuan range.
CK watch how the strap in the ceramic strap is a popular, can be implanted as a prosthetic material of this material has a good anti-allergic, which led by the Japanese pottery. Python leather strap and crocodile leather strap are also popular. But some friends want to watch for the strap, but do not know where to change. The following watch home to tell you it!
CK watch strap where to buy, CK watch strap where change
Usually, in which table shop to buy the shop owner to ask you to change the new strap. This is a normal maintenance range, but charges. If you are online shopping or overseas, Hong Kong and other places to buy. You can also go to the nearest formal watch shop to see. Generally larger point of the watch shop has sold CK watches, but also for customers for the strap, as long as the goods. This is the clock shop is no problem!
CK Hand watch strap maintenance:
First, CK watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Second, CK watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.
Third, due to CK hand watch strap cortex easy to penetrate Replica Cartier jewelry , to avoid contact with the oil material or cosmetics.
The function of the watch is a way to showcase your own advanced watchmaking process. Although their collection may be far greater than the functionality, but their invention at least proved our pursuit of perfection. Then CK watch and Longines watch which is good?
CK watch and Longines watch which is good
CK (Calvin Klein)
In 1997, CK watches advocated by the “minimalist style” swept the world, as a minimalist and personality embodied in the CK watch by chasing youthful vitality, modern fashion consumers love. CK watch style simple, rich style and full of sexy, low-key and highly personalized, showing the designer Calvin Klein unique artistic taste. With “minimalist style” of the CK watch with a variety of styles of clothing effect is excellent, give full play to the watch in addition to timing functions, but also as a jewelry with the role. Whether it is work, exercise, banquets or daily life, CK watches are able to show you a unique personality charm.
Longines (LONGINES) was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 183 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the field of sports also has a prominent tradition and excellent experience. To fly the wing as the symbol of the Longines known as elegant elegance, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.
CK watches and Longines watches which good? User parity!
Comment 1: The quality of Longines is better than CK’s quality. Whether from work or modeling, Longines table than CK’s slightly better, but also more than the atmosphere of CK, decent, not publicity.
Comment 2: Of course Long is good, CK and it is too bad.
Comments 3: Longines are more high-end Swiss watch brand, the most expensive watches have more than 5000. CK watches in addition to more fashionable and can not be compared to the old dragon!
Calvin Ryan Calvin Klein watch as a fashion watch brand, widely favored by young people. For the belt watch, you need to replace the strap. So how much money does the CK hand change the strap?
CK watches for how much money
First of all, as far as possible to change the brand CK store or counter replacement, but not every city has a CK store or counter. Then choose a relatively large watch repair shop replacement. Followed by CK watch with different materials, such as leather, crocodile skin and so on. So can not give an accurate price. But genuine CK watch with the cheapest also about 500!
CK Hand watch strap maintenance:
First, CK watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Second, CK watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.
Third, due to CK hand watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, to avoid contact with the oil material or cosmetics.

they are Apple Watch an important part of personalization

Apple Watch and iPhone can only match one by one, there can be no more than the status of the connection, if you want to replace the phone or watch, must be disconnected with the original device. They are connected via Bluetooth or WiFi – it’s a bit like AirDrop.
Apple Watch features a lot, but all the features are around a “watch” rather than “mobile phone” to start, the external performance is the Apple Watch features and implementations are different from the previous imagination.
Now, we use some specific features to tell you what Apple Watch can do, how to achieve these functions, and the same function in the Apple Watch performance with the iPhone What is the difference.
1. Time function:
Since it is the watch, Apple Watch the most basic function of course, timing, Apple has used a lot of energy to design a ten dial, covering the chronograph, can present a variety of information color dial, or a dynamic flower / butterfly / Jellyfish.
Every time you carry a wrist can see a flower in a black background, on a small screen will be very delicate, I believe this is to attract female users a little; to attract men is those who can present more information Dial, for me, this type of dial can show Apple Watch as a smart watch properties. In the “practical”, “simple” “color” and other dial, click on the intensity of the sensor screen, you can customize their own functional modules, with different strap derived from a variety of styles.
These watches are currently Apple’s official design, they are Apple Watch an important part of personalization, I believe Apple will open the future of the API API, so that more third-party companies involved in the development.
Latest Apple Apple Watch smart watch evaluation, function, offer
Latest Apple Apple Watch smart watch evaluation, function, offer
2. Health:
Sports, music and reading have always been Apple’s many product identification elements, in a number of commercials, Apple will be a major health function as a selling point. With the camera behind a number of Replica Cartier jewelry sensors, Apple Watch reminded its users to sit more exercise, on the watch screen, they used a called “fitness activities” application, through the move, exercise, standing three indicators, with different colors The ring represents the percentage of exercise completion.
Fitness activities of the ring will be in the dial quick view and other locations are reflected, as long as the body in the activity, the data will be recorded. If you need more specific recording data, you need to pass another “fitness” application to complete, it is a more professional record, before the start, need to select the type of activity, Apple Watch at this time a number of sensors began to track, After opening the application, you will see the watch behind two green LED lights, they and infrared sensors work together to detect the user’s heart rate.
Latest Apple Apple Watch smart watch evaluation, function, offer
Heart rate monitoring function moto 360 also has, but Apple Watch’s important selling point is accurate. Apple does not have the GPS module, but it can call the phone’s GPS and network, with their own acceleration sensor to measure the activities of the movement distance and speed, this detection subtle to each time a If you are using the latest iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it will also call the height of the barometer in the phone, for climbing and other activities, the barometer to join the calorie calculation will be more accurate.
After using Apple Watch, I will put three rings on the dial in a clear position, every hour to stand up for a while to look at the habit of looking at the completion of the three rings, or stay in the gym Will make themselves get a new medal, a kind of “brush achievement” feeling, will become the driving force of fitness, help me to do more than the previous exercise, and all this can be quantified, so that my mind a few.
Latest Apple Apple Watch smart watch evaluation, function, offer
Apple Watch did not sleep monitoring function, Apple did not explain the specific reasons, wearing a watch to sleep is not necessarily their use of the scene, not to mention, 18 hours of life destined it needs charging at night.
3. notice
Apple Watch can receive notifications on the iPhone, but in order not to let the information flood, the application can be set in a separate application notice is allowed to appear on the watch, when a new notice comes, you will feel your wrist was gently patted , No need to touch the screen with your fingers, lift the wrist will be able to see it, this is a very natural action, but also the use of technology products should have some way; although Android Wear watches can push notifications, but the experience is completely different, they must To the finger screen can appear, because the system limits a lot of notice is only a summary only, and ultimately have to take out the phone to see.
4. Quick View (Glance)
You can understand this concept as a complex information for Apple Watch adaptation. The screen can appear up to 20 applications, these applications will use an inch of space to show their most essential part, such as heart rate, map, or weather forecast, as long as the small space will be able to quickly see you need The information.
In terms of experience, Apple’s several applications are very good performance, regardless of the speed of response or information presented, some applications can be used independently (such as weather), and some need to contact with the phone. The latter case is evident in third-party applications.
This watch on the 24th will be officially on sale in the market, the current part of the application can only be regarded as an unfinished version, such as WeChat, although theoretically you can open it on the watch, but the actual use of time to reflect very slow, most Case is the screen has been extinguished, the dialogue has not yet loaded. Perhaps we need to wait more than ten days to see their final performance.
Some other applications with their mobile version is completely different, the typical representative is Sina microblogging, it only the health function on the watch, rather than I originally imagined brush microblogging or receive comments private letter. From the big screen text picture into a healthy ranking, which is Apple Watch to promote the application developers to bring the change. As mentioned earlier, Apple Watch is not a long time people staring at things.

whether it is the entertainment industry or the political community can find their own design style

Dolce & Gabbana watch how to do
Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury brand, referred to as: DG Was founded in 1985. The founders are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Dolce & Gabbana’s advocates are successful people from all walks of life, whether it is the entertainment industry or the political community can find their own design style in Dolce & Gabbana, there are many celebrities in Dolce & Gabbana have their own development Designer. It can be insight into the design of the most sensitive links, from the individual to seek the difference, the design of the most and their own works.

Product series: women’s, men’s, underwear swimwear, perfume, accessories, leather goods, watches, glasses
Dolce & Gabbana watch brand
Dolce & Gabbana watch Although it’s its accessories, but still not lack of design elements full of inside, with all the big names are available. From the material to the color, all around the connotation of the brand, simple fashion. Material on the real material, the use of steel stability and metal-like texture reflects the atmosphere of the strap, leather strap design is to pursue high demand, high standards of people to provide more than one choice. At the expense of the use of expensive jewelry for the table to do embellishment, the release of modern elements in the classic people never forget. Each section of Dolce & Gabbana watches are designed by the designer day shift, his precious lies in the ingenuity, lies in the thousands of rare, rare for the precious.

Dolce & Gabbana watches are carefully polished so the seal is very good, there will not be a wide range of scratches, and each carving is precision measurement and therefore angular and symmetrical. The pointer is Replica Cartier jewelry firmly and firmly fixed with the central axis will not loose even more slowly when the phenomenon occurs. Wrist strap is good texture because it is good, and contact with the skin will not feel discomfort.

Dolce & Gabbana watches are fashionable watches, can be used as accessories, timing tools to wear, but also joined the humorous and wild elements, in order to attract young people, and become young people aspire to the European style of popular signs. At present, Dolce & Gabbana’s limelight has been much more than its first-line brand. With the weird to describe the brand is not too much.
How does the Bulova watch world rankings?
Po Luhua watch Bulova’s appearance is exquisite, with a strong American fashion. So people like this brand is also very much. Po Luhua watch world ranking how? This problem must be “Po Road, China fans” are more concerned about a topic!

Po Road, China watches in the world watches brand watches in the low side of the brand, with ETA cheap core or Japanese core, the quality is also justified. China’s civilian class most contact with the “Swiss watch” mostly belong to this column. According to the world watches rankings, Po Luhua belongs to four types of table. And Plum Titoni, British Nagar ENICAR, Rome ROAMER, 100 waves more Pronto, time DOXA, Swatch SWATCH, Citroen CERTINA at the same level. Just the Swiss watch in the low-end products!
Po Road, China watches prices are not particularly expensive, generally ranging from three thousand to ten thousand yuan. Which sell the best, the most popular watches are concentrated in between four thousand to six thousand yuan.
Iphone smart watch detailed solution
Apple in the 2014 new conference, released a smart watch Watch. After this product is also a lot of reports. Can be described as hanging the “apple fans” appetite. According to reports, this Apple Watch the lowest price of $ 349 (about 2141 yuan), will be listed in the spring of 2015.
Iphone smart watch detailed solution
According to Apple CEO Cook introduced, which products are healthy, fitness equipment, a comprehensive, multi-color and strap with. Cook said that the iPhone’s interaction is through the multi-touch screen, Watch if only the iPhone to shrink, using the same interactive way, it would be unreasonable and not practical. Cook also laughed at the use of touch-type amplification of the smart watch, and said such a small screen, naturally have a more innovative user interface.
According to Apple chief designer Jony Ive introduction, Watch design can be all-weather wear, the volume is probably quite similar to Pebble Steel, or even smaller.

The watch uses smart sensor, when you lift the wrist will automatically display, the main interface is a bunch of small dots, the screen uses sapphire material. The Apple Watch screen is touchable and distinguishes the difference between tapping and clicking. The video reveals the internal components of Watch’s distribution, very sophisticated, and its back to the metamorphosis of the sensor.
According to Cook, Apple Watch really play the place where users travel, American Airlines with Apple Watch developed an optimized application, you can view the flight status in real time.

In addition, Apple Watch also has a small map application. Can be viewed by sliding. With this lightweight map, Watch can be used as a mini GPS. So that users in the unfamiliar places to travel, do not have to have been staring at the phone screen to see the past.
In the field of fitness, Apple’s Watch application and other fitness tracking equipment is not much difference. Apple Watch can record and track the user’s current movement time and itinerary. Video presentation, Apple Watch built-in accelerometer sensor, but with the iPhone’s GPS. Apple Watch calculates the calorie currently consumed by the user based on the data. Cook admitted, Apple Watch also need the strong support of developers, need more innovation.

What watch is worth buying a thousand dollars or so the most worth buying mechanical watch

What watch is worth buying a thousand dollars or so the most worth buying mechanical watch
Mechanical watch on the table fans have an irresistible attraction, although the mechanical movement by the quartz movement of the blow but still survive, it has a strong vitality and endless Cartier love bracelet replica creativity, it is not put it down. Here, the watch home for you to recommend four thousand dollars or so the most worth buying mechanical watch, value for money, like a friend quickly into its pocket it
Swatch device • Blue (SUTS401)
Device • Blue (SUTS401) uses the color of cosmic space, like the message from the hot blue Pleiades sent to our beautiful blue earth. 12 white dots mark the hour on the black bezel, while the bezel is embedded in the translucent blue luminous case. Surrounded by the dark black dial around the center of the six red dot marked the movement of 19 man-made ruby 6, from the back cover can be transparent through the transparent Tuo, straight look at the core of the watch stunning scenes.
Watch Comments: Swatch “device 51” finishing touch is to create the five modules only 51 parts of the automatic winding mechanical movement, is 100% Swiss manufacturing, with an extraordinary 90 hours of kinetic energy storage. On the opposite side of the watch, we can find an amazing scene – full of dark blue and black star map, the pattern from the central screw radiation to the “device 51” extraordinary mechanical movement of the power source – automatic Tuo. This watch has a blue, white, red, black four styles, the appearance of beautiful performance value, definitely worth your collection and possession.
Basic Information:
Model: SUTS401
Brand: Swatch
Series: Device 51
Style: blue
RMB: 1,180 yuan
Fei Yada Zhuo Ya male models series GA8426.MWR watch
Fei Yada adhering to the “pursuit of perfection, excellence,” the entrepreneurial spirit, and constantly learn and beyond the world’s advanced design concepts and watchmaking technology, with the effort and passion Fake Cartier love bracelet to the Fiyta brand to the world watches the hall. Each Fiyta watch has experienced the designer’s outstanding creativity, watchmakers of the carved and rigorous testing before leaving the factory.

Watch Comments: Fiyta Zhuo Ya male watch as its name as elegant, simple design and extraordinary. This watch is the diameter of 40 mm, stainless steel bezel to create an elegant and not extravagant classic style, the inner circle printed with 60 minutes of time scale for accurate reading. The slim pointer is treated with rose gold, and the fan-shaped calendar display window is located at three o’clock. Brown leather strap, leather delicate, elegant and generous colors, to create a classic men’s watch style. Equipped with imported automatic mechanical movement GA8426.MWR, waterproof depth of 50 meters.
Basic Information
Model: GA8426.MWR
Brand: Fiyta
Series: Zhuo Ya series
Style: automatic machinery, 40mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,320
Beijing engraved a type of watch
Half a century, Beijing watch is like a take-off dragon, it will release more energy, show more brilliant, and constantly achieve the perfect fusion of Chinese culture and watch. Beijing engraved a type of table with a calm shape and simple design, showing the gentleman’s refined style, sustenance of a generation of Chinese feelings.

Watch Comments: After a fine polished case wrapped around the 38 mm table diameter, small size on the wrist with a flexible and convenient, men can easily put it into the shirt cuffs, will not look very abrupt. The mirror is made of acrylic glass, the mirror has a slight curvature, this design is to have more three-dimensional, watch has the most basic timing function and date display window. This table with black leather strap, and silver white dial pavilions. Black to some extent gives a stable, mature feeling, hand-stitched pin uniform and detailed, easy to wear needle-type clasp, every detail into the watchmakers of the effort.
Basic Information
Model: B078201327S
Brand: Beijing
Series: mechanical watch
Style: automatic machinery, 38 mm
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,980.00
Seagull Business Movement Watch Series
Seagull is one of the longest history of state-owned watch brands in the market also has a certain reputation, and by virtue of the accumulation of rich experience, seagull watch factory for the design of the watch has a very high level. Seagull is also the essence of domestic table, in the continuous development of the majority of watch enthusiasts have also been favored.

In appearance, the Seagull 816.362 table uses 316L stainless steel as a case and strip material. This stainless steel due to the addition of molybdenum, its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance Cartier love ring replica is particularly good, compared to other strap life longer. Silver white shell looks full of metallic luster, coupled with 40 mm diameter large dial on the extra space, 3 o’clock position calendar window display; movement, the seagull 816.362 watch with their own development of this ST2130 movement. This movement is a single calendar automatic mechanical movement, 28800 times the frequency of vibration per hour to ensure that the movement of the wheel swing 8 times per second, means that the time will be accurate to one eighth of a second to ensure that the movement of the movement accuracy. 42 hours of power reserve configuration efficient winding of the automatic body, so that the wearer wearing peace of mind.
Basic Information
Model: 816.362
Brand: Seagulls
Series: Business movement table
Style: automatic machinery, 40mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,980
Summary: men will value their watch, just as women love their favorite jewelry, they will wake up in the morning when the watch put on hand, the day of the trip are accompanied by a pointer to the rotation of the answer. For men, the watch is not just a timing tool, or a symbol of fashion and taste. Watch the table recommended by the hope that you can witness with the unforgettable life moments, although different people have different aesthetic and choice point of view, but the vast expanse of the sea will always belong to your section that unique watch.

The best watch should be with the wearer has a sense of tacit understanding

Japanese watch how the Japanese watch brand
Today, the domestic market, many Japanese watch brands. In fact, Japanese watches are more famous in the world. Let us take a look at the Japanese watch brand ranking, to see what are the Japanese watch brand. So that we quickly find their favorite brand and watch models.
Japanese watch brand Daquan
Japanese watch the main brands are: Citizen (citizen), Seiko (seiko), Oriental Shuang (Orient) and Casio (casio). The first three are doing mechanical watches, while the latter to see the electronic watch. Which Citizen mechanical watches and electronic watches are very good, which is one of the leading enterprises.
Casio’s pioneering computer manufacturer Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has now developed products such as calculators, electronic watches, electronic instruments, LCD TVs and other products that help people from all over the world get information.
Casio watches are one of Japan’s three major brands, over the years to truly multi-functional G-SHOCK watch known to the world. Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a technology leader in peer responsibility, over the years there will be technological breakthroughs.
Seiko table
Seiko (SEIKO) TYO: 8050 is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881, the company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko introduced the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON [35SQ].
SEIKO (Seiko) convinced that the watch is a private friend. The best watch should be with the wearer has a sense of tacit understanding, and watch the function provided by the wearer to bring the feeling of peace of mind Replica Cartier jewelry and emotional satisfaction. SEIKO (Seiko) technology research and development is committed to the development of “human technology.” Humanized technology makes the watch products and the wearer had an interactive link between.
Citizen City
Citizen’s predecessor for the Japanese Institute of Japan, was established in 1918. CITIZEN brand timing products began in 1924, is a pocket watch.
As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the future of the brand concept, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.
Oriental Double Lion
Oriental double lion watch is very early to enter the Chinese market, the old Japanese brand table, because the trademark LOGO is two lions, previously known in China, “Shuang Lion” card. In the 80s of China is the mainstream watch brand.
Its predecessor can be traced back to 1901 (Showa 34) in Tokyo Ueno City, the establishment of the “Yoshida time shop” and set up in 1920, the production of clock clocks of the Oriental factory. Toyo timemeter factory in 1934 also began to manufacture and manufacture of watches, and in 1936, the establishment of the Tokyo Hino factory, focusing on the production of watches.
Japanese watch brand list
Among the many Japanese watch brands, Citizen, Casio, Seiko for the Japanese watch three brands. Citizen’s mechanical watches and electronic watches are very good, light energy watch is the industry leader products. Casio to play the main electronic products. Seiko is a mechanical watch for the long.
Many people think that quartz electronic watch life is too short, not durable. In fact, this view is wrong. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to briefly introduce the life of quartz watch.
What is the general life of a quartz watch?
The average life expectancy of a quartz watch is the average life expectancy of a pointer quartz electronic watch. Many people think that quartz electronic watch life is too short, not durable. In fact, this view is wrong. A good mechanical watch can be used for about 20 years, but this time every three years or so will need to refuel time. As the mechanical parts of the wear and tear, often to repair or replacement, travel time error will increase.
Short-term life and long-term life: general quartz watch short-term life of 5 years or so, and long-term life of up to 10-15 years. The life of the watch and watch the maintenance of the specific circumstances are closely related, if the watch use and maintenance methods are correct, you can greatly increase the life of the watch, and if the watch is used properly will greatly reduce the life of the watch.
(1) short-term life refers to the battery running out of power, coil parts short circuit and open circuit, quartz oscillator leakage, CMOS integrated circuit damage, etc. Replaceable parts to solve, does not affect long-term life.
(2) quartz watch long-term life refers to the main plywood and small plywood hole wear, because the movement of the size of the work force is small, usually not considered. But with plastic plywood and gear movement, the main consideration of the aging age of quartz watches. At present, the aging age of senior engineering is not accurate data, should be further assessment. But the pointer brand name quartz electronic watch movement cheap, even if the damage can be replaced quartz watch movement can be.
Quartz movement: digital quartz electronic watch movement all assembled by the electronic components, life than the world’s mechanical watches longer, but see the digital LCD life is generally about 5 years, when the need to replace the new new ; LCD screen replacement is very simple, as long as there are parts, the general repair department can be replaced. But the simple LCD digital display quartz electronic watch parts of poor quality, its life can not be guaranteed.
The pointer quartz electronic watches in the mechanical parts rarely, parts of the transmission torque between the mechanical watch only about 1/300, so parts wear is minimal, less prone to failure.
Quartz electronic components can be said to be semi-permanent life, in addition to every 3 years or so to change the battery, its life is much longer than the mechanical watch.

She devoted her life to the liberation of the body from the heavy confinement

Chanel launched a new treasure jewelry Flying Cloud series
Flying Cloud: the breeze blowing, the reflection of the clouds passing the water … … nothing more than this picture more vividly expressed Gabriel Chanel life of the tireless pursuit of freedom. She devoted her life to the liberation of the body from the heavy confinement: do not tweak the situation, the release of real desire; abandon the red tape, to treat people with sincerity; live out the true, rather than obliterate in mediocrity. As the clouds, wandering in the sky, wandering in the clear water blue sky … …
Gabriel Chanel’s personality in the contrast to sharpen the shape: childhood memories of the rough rock all over the town, solemn Obaxian monastery, rough Scottish wilderness, they are with the impression Cartier love ring replica that the “resort” very different The And those who are located on the edge of the land, nestled in the seaside town, every place seems to meet with a person, a character inseparable: Du Weier in the cappuccyne boy, Venice in Diaghi Lev, , Riviera to the Duke of Westminster, Cocker and Picasso … … every place for that encounter painted a unique color, as part of her legendary life chapter. Ms. Chanel’s life seems to be destined to be monotonous to gorgeous, from the peak of the overlapping rocky storms surrounded by the sunny beaches.

Flying Cloud
Flying Cloud: This is also the name of a yacht. The yacht is owned by the Duke of Seymour – Hugh Grosvenor, and people usually call him “Bend”. There is no doubt that he has a pivotal position in Ms. Chanel’s life …

Flying Cloud
The four masted yacht, with a black hull and a white wooden deck. It is not only a great place to travel holiday, experienced the storm, but also witnessed the sweet love; but more importantly, this ship every flight must be equipped with at least 40 crew yacht, a symbol of a way of life , The ultimate luxury is the ultimate simplicity of the prerequisites, flowing in the sun under the cozy lunch, between friends and friends of the puzzle game or laughing in the wind. As Gabriel Chanel said: “The starting point of luxury begins with the necessary end of life.”

Gabriel Chanel
No kind of environment than the yacht can be reflected to the simplicity of the aesthetic concept of luxury, in the long practice experience, everything is to go to minimalist. Buoys of the mellow beauty, pure white sail of the neat lines, the rope on the delicate winding knot, with vines and staggered lace, hardness and softness.

Gabriel Chanel
Similarly, there is nothing more than a sailor suit to show Ms. Chanel on the fashion vision, sea soul striped sweater, wavy wide leg pants, loose black bow tie, beret and white British sailor wristband, perfect set off her bronze Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica skin. These dress with masculine beauty and Ms. Chanel favorite one of the accessories – pearls complement each other. As the first advocate of bronze skin in the 1920s, she was particularly fond of wearing pearls in contrast to her healthy sunshine in her summer sun. “Dark earrings on a simple pearl earrings, can make me feel great joy”, she had to the French writer Paul Mo Hang as frankly.
Even the unique tones of the seaside life are as if it were born for her: dark, sea blue, white and warm and gentle soft bronze cross-painted, into the deep and clear ocean, showing a soft and quiet, sensual deep color Picture.
From the red rocks of Estellele to the montan fields covered with lemon trees, the sea patted the foothills of the Mediterranean coast, lightly wandering, accompanied by the tide and tide, the sky was washed and spotless. This brilliant brilliant Guanghua, Nietzsche will be hailed as “healing soul restlessness of the antidote.” “Soul”, first living in the body. In the sea breeze blowing, in the sunshine of the bath, in the waves of foam under the soft caress, the body becomes vibrant, clean and comfortable, vivid; and this, it is Gabriel Chanel has been dreaming, carefully maintained light posture.
At the time of the holiday season, in order to Ms. Chanel’s life in these bright tribute, Chanel presented Flying Cloud jewelry jewelry series of two chapters.

Chanel Precious Float series necklace, earrings, rings

Chanel Sparkling Lines necklace

Chanel Sailor Tattoo series bracelet
The first chapter reproduces the most pristine and indispensable elements of the sea life: Precious Float series of buoys made of platinum, lapis lazuli and pearls; the Sparkling Lines series of gold to build and inlaid diamonds; Yachting Day series Sailor Tattoo series of platinum or gold sails, compass and tattoo designs, inlaid with sapphires and diamonds … … in the platinum, sapphire and diamonds to create the Turquoise Waters series, like a continuous extension of the Wide ocean, glittering, looming, and through the platinum, sapphire and diamonds Deep Blue series, and as if exposure to the deep blue of the distant sea.

Chanel Chanel Summer Cruise series headdress

Chanel Golden Braid Series Bracelet

Chanel Sunny Rope Gold Ring and Bracelet
The second chapter adds a series of colorful jewelry for the summer Cartier love bracelet replica wardrobe, the pursuit of free and comfortable, elegant Smart light sense: Summer Cruise series of deep sapphires, platinum, pearls or yellow and white diamonds each other; Golden Braid series to reproduce Navy uniform on the spike; to large pieces of gold or platinum buttons composed of Sailor Suit series, the source of inspiration is the sailor jacket on the buckle. In addition to the Sunny Rope series of gold bracelets and rings, in the knot design inlaid with diamonds, and Sapphire Stripes series by the platinum, sapphire and diamond exquisite forging light pendant, multi-string necklace and bracelet.

Chanel Chanel Azurean Braid series of multi-string platinum necklace, Endless Knot series of platinum diamond necklace
The most splendid works in this series are inspired by the splendid golden sun of the summer sun and the freshness of the Mediterranean, which is uniquely crafted by the craftsmanship. The Azurean Braid series of multi-string platinum necklaces are inlaid with sapphires and pearls , The weaving of the fine craft vividly demonstrated; another Endless Knot series necklace with soft cable pattern as the theme, made of platinum and diamonds.

For the “love” coronation, I Do wedding jewelry lit pure love romance
Tenderness like water, good period as a dream, heart to hand, four eyes staring at the moment, dazzling diamond ring is a good story of the completion of sincere witness. Expression of “warm feelings” of the jewelry brand I Do crown to the crown shape for the inspiration, showing a love crowned wedding jewelry series. The use of the shape of the diamond-shaped diamond design, to highlight the finishing point of the ruby elements, sections of romantic as every paragraph of the moving love coronation, so love in the hot ruby and pure diamond blends blending bloom.

I Do True Coronation Series Diamond Ring, Ring, Platinum or Platinum Inlaid Diamond and Ruby, I Do True Coronation Series Necklace White Gold Diamond and Ruby
True love coronation series wedding ring main diamond is a romantic petal or claw inlaid shape of the ring up slowly hold up, different mosaic craft show a variety of elegant attitude of the diamond ring, bright cut to maximize the diamond bright light, meaning long-lasting love and love Faithfulness. Pendant part of the chain to drill around the heart into a heart, the center point of a touch of “red”, rich romantic feelings in the heart of the spread.

I Do True Coronation Series Diamond Ring, Ring, Platinum or Platinum Inlaid Diamond and Ruby, I Do True Coronation Series Necklace, White Gold Diamond and Ruby
No combination of white diamonds and magnificent ruby, creating a pleasant aesthetic appeal. When the ignorant love transformed into a sincere and permanent commitment, at the moment only one representative of the eternal diamond ring can be a perfect interpretation of each other’s agreement. Necklace fall buds shape, such as the crown crown hold the main stone, about two thin chain of the package set a small round diamonds, echoing the flowers on both sides of the red, simple symmetrical pure beauty more moving.

I Do True Coronation Series Necklace, White Diamond and Ruby, I Do True Coronation Series Diamond Ring, Ring, Platinum or Platinum Set Diamond and Ruby
The ingenuity of the shape of the changes in the subtle, classic Cartier love ring replica claw order light from any angle into the diamonds reflect the charming glory, ring ring shop inlaid fine diamond, like the stars of the happy life, clean the line With diamonds and rubies sparkling. Exquisite hollow design makes the diamond ring more slim, streamlined curve to give more changes in shape.

I Do Love Coronation Series Diamond Diamond or Platinum Diamond and Ruby
Bright diamonds, luxury ruby and pure precious metal collision blend, when the ring gently across the fingertips, slender fingers into the happy light, unique wing color. I Do love the coronation series wedding ring simple and elegant, sections of exquisite design and unique meaning of “coronation” meaning, the phrase punched for the wearer to offer unique blessing and deep blessing.
Parents care for her daughter to grow, so that she is under the care of flowers like flowers and cans. The moment of the beloved daughter has been replaced by red dang, toward the other half of life. Looking at the palm of the pearl happy face, Mingyan according to the appearance, the heart inevitably with reluctantly implicated, but personally for her daughter wearing full blessing and love wedding dress, wish her in the new journey with love until old. Luk Fook Jewelery adhering to the traditional Chinese wedding culture, with a wealth of gold to create a series of “Happiness” love marry gold ornaments, love than Jin Jian, wealth and worry, both the elders of the eater of the thousands of pet, and make this memorable The joy of icing on the cake, so that a strong love from generation to generation.

Bird dance show Ling

“Dragon Dance Show Ling” full gold jewelry set

“Dragon Dance Show Ling” full gold jewelry set
Peacock’s image is noble and beautiful, its flower Ling bright eye-catching, more wealth and wealth symbol. With a sophisticated craft will be peacock air, elegant type of detailed presentation, rich in its visual effects, ingenuity carved out of the lifelike “bird dance show Ling” full gold jewelry set, embellished bride glamorous face, necklace and earrings drape design show Out of Peacock Smart gesture, let the bride incarnation Peacock Princess, blooming out of the elegant and moving temperament. To wish auspicious good peacock shape gold ornaments wish a pair of new people grow their heads together, life and life worry.

Longfeng Lingyun

“Dragon and phoenix rhyme” full gold jewelry package
Long Fei Feng dance, flourishing has always been auspicious wishful auspicious. Designers combined with a variety of crafts, the dragon’s fortitude and phoenix soft and ingenious fusion, the necklace central to more gold Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica to outline the “Yongjie concentric” words, accompanied by pretty and mighty Golden Flower, with the pace of beauty Light swaying, in the dragon and the guardian of the Phoenix, the achievements of a period of days for the marriage, for the new people bring flowers rich, dragon and feng and precious blessing.

“Apricot” bless Kingdee

“” Apricot “Fu Kingdee” full gold jewelry set
Autumn ginkgo leaves like flying over the golden butterfly, full of poetic. “” Apricot “Fu Kingdee” full gold jewelry set to golden gold full of gold covered with ginkgo scene. Fan-shaped ginkgo leaves symbolize longevity and health, meaning a deep blessing, with the pace of the bride gently swaying, showing a tough heart, metaphor two guard each other, together a total of old.

Love language

“Little Love Story” small crown headdress, hand back chain
With gorgeous car flower lines in the back of the hand and crown headdress on the outline of the beauty of the flowers. Exquisite exquisite little gold crown and head style with Chinese wedding style complement each other, drape the strap is full of dynamic, add a lively gorgeous for the bride; foot gold hand dorsal exquisite magnificent, ring part can be more independent wear, for the bride to create beautiful Of the wedding shape.

Hand in hand pull

“Hand to meet” enough gold on the ring
“Handle phase pull” full gold on the ring with a combination of calendering and drawing process, to create a beautiful arc. Fate will be two independent individuals closer, after acquaintance, intersect, and finally in love together into one. Two overlapping ring ring is a symbol of the lover’s encounter, since the hand phase pull, intertwined a romantic love story. Golden gold ring contains the everlasting oath, so that a pair of new people in the foot of the witness, cherish the fate of this marriage, bearing in mind the love of every wonderful moment.

Love plum bamboo

“Love Mei Mu bamboo” full gold on the ring
Designers to plum blossom and bamboo for the creation of elements, will symbolize the happiness of the plum blossom engraved on the women’s ring, but also to bamboo for the shape of the men’s ring ring casting ring, in addition to highlight the pattern of three-dimensional and layered, Out of love between the childhood sweetheart, two little guess the pure friendship.
Longfeng greetings

“Dragon and phoenix greetings” full of gold on the ring
Longfeng and double happiness patterns are meaning heavenly thanksgiving, a hundred years together. “Dragon and Phoenix” is full of gold bracelet engraved with auspicious meaning of the dragon and phoenix and double happiness pattern, generous style decent, for a pair of happy young people bring husband and wife love, rich and ardent blessing.

Gold pig child

“Pig pig”
Pig pig meaning good fortune, Longfeng wish happy happy, peony symbol of wealth and auspicious. Round and lovely golden pig wearing a peony Jin Yi, plus a row of six interesting little gold pig, in the blessing of the dragon and the next show open smile. “Jin pig child” full of gold pig with a longevity, the meaning of the line, full of elders of the blessings and love of new people, wish the new married more children and more blessed, children and grandchildren.