Rose gold diamond ring price

Rose gold diamond ring price
Rose gold diamond ring price and match? Rose gold diamond ring in the gold is to enrich the performance of various K gold, foreign content in the same standard in the case of gold in the adjustment of other alloy ratio, the synthesis of different colors of K gold. Rose gold diamond ring with a certain stress, in general, according to the depth of imitation Cartier love bracelet the skin to choose. Skin color is dark yellow: you’d better choose full color, rich and gorgeous jewelry with cool gold K gold ring, or color pure white or black pearl, can be good to brighten the color to show quiet and beautiful.

Kiss love

(1), the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main drill cut (cut): VG (cut): the main diamond color (color): IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG , The total weight of the vice drill (ct): about 0.06 karats, certificate: GIC certification certificate, activities special price: ¥ 1599.00 yuan, kiss love has a perfect meaning, representing that year, in the sky snow crowd, see To your flashing eyes, simple happiness infected me, that moment, do not know the snow is too beautiful or you are too beautiful, do not know you or snow printed engraved in my heart, since the life can not put that pure color and share Shocked.

Collection of roses

IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main drill cut (cut): VG, the total weight of secondary drill (ct): the main drill color (color): IJ, About 0.59 kt, certificate: GIC certification certificate, Zoka price: ¥ 19999.00 yuan, the meaning of the collection of roses on behalf of the stars rely on a drill around the main drill, dependent on each other, a symbol of love, Full of shiny diamond firmly locked to create a condescending mood, surrounded by fingertips on the most beautiful scene. Perfectly polished diamonds such as dawn rain like flashing, giving a visual enjoyment.

The charm of the covenant

(In color): the main drill color (color): KL, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG, Zoka price: ¥ 66999.00 Yuan, the charm of the meaning of the classic and high-end, is the world’s top design master design finalized, C word is Cartier original logo, around the logo, Cartier was produced a large number of exquisite jewelry series, Replica Cartier jewelry popular in Europe between the royal family and the elite, it can be said to wear such a style is a symbol of identity and rights.
50 points how much the diamond ring price? 50 points diamond ring price a lot of people are able to afford the conditions of a good point can be used to propose marriage, the general working class used to marry is also a good choice, 50 points diamond ring, looks quite big, if mosaic Drill, it is very bright. So the 50-point diamond ring most people’s pro-Lai, its price is now accepted by the young newcomers, so become the best selling ring ring type is not surprising.

50 points diamond ring how much the price

50 points how much the diamond ring price? 50 points diamond ring price is not expensive, in fact, the quality of diamond ring with the diamond ring brand is not related to the quality of diamond ring depends on the diamond “4C” level. However, the quality of diamonds and diamond origin is not any relationship, with the brand is nothing to do. So, Xiao Bian suggested that you buy diamond ring, or choose the well-known domestic jewelers, such as Zuo Kayi. Because the current domestic technology is also very superb, so that you will save costs, you buy 50 points diamond ring cost will be high.

50 points on the market price from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, the reason is still in the 4C difference. 50 points around the diamond ring, fineness and all aspects are good, the basic price of 12000-18000 or so. If you want to buy brand goods, then the price is much higher. No matter what style to buy what brand, you have to see diamond 4C, which is the most important! Medium quality 50 points diamond ring prices are in the 10,000 or so, 50 points diamond ring in accordance with the different quality prices are not the same, if the quality is slightly less, it may be about 8,000 yuan to buy.

With the better quality, of course, the higher the price, the general 50 points diamond ring price range is 8000-15000 range, 50 points diamond ring in the preservation effect will be better. Online jewelry store devaluation of the diamond ring brand was undoubtedly Zuo Kayi, online sales plus experience store sales model so that the price of the diamond ring is no longer unattainable, the site + physical store, making the intermediate links greatly compressed, 50 points diamond ring the same quality, Half the price, very cost-effective!
I believe that prospective new people will be more concerned about the price of a carat in 2016, the price of a carat diamond ring and other commodities, the price will fluctuate according to the market, causing a carat diamond ring price fluctuations there are many reasons, but overall volatility is not Will be particularly large. From the current point of view, the basic or maintained at between 50,000 to 250,000, the price is not absolute, and the formation of a carat diamond ring price range of what causes it?

The price of a ct

4C standard decision a carat diamond price, if the diamond ring brand and diamond ring style affect the price of the diamond ring, then the diamond ring 4C standard can be said to determine the diamond ring price. Diamond 4C standard mainly includes weight, clarity, cut, and color. Which refers to the weight of the caravan carat weight, a carat is equal to two hundred milligrams. Clarity can be divided into ten levels from LC to P3; colors from D to N can be divided into eleven levels; cut mainly divided into four grades. From these four aspects, the higher the level of a carat diamond ring the higher the price, and 4C standard high diamond ring quality will certainly be high.

Is the price of a carat diamond? Need to refer to the diamond brand factors, diamonds are not carved before there is no brand, but it is the nature of Guigu God knife, but also with its firm meaning and love of the beautiful and loyalty intertwined, so since the birth , Diamonds will be valuable. And after being carved, it as a token into a pair of loving couple, in this process, it will be carefully crafted by different brands, each brand is particularly unique meaning, the corresponding, the value of the brand Hooked into a diamond.

How much is the price of a carat diamond? Need to refer to the geographical impact of China’s vast land, the consumption level of different regions and the recognition level of diamonds are different, so the price of diamonds in different regions will be different. Regardless of what price to buy diamonds, the most important thing is a sincere, carries really to marry, to love will be blessed to a beautiful diamond ring, to witness your love than the youth of youth. So a carat diamond price can not give an accurate answer, because each of its factors will directly affect the price.

Bare diamond custom ring

Bare diamond custom ring
Bare diamond custom ring is a bare diamond custom diamond ring is one of the steps, is the selection of the ring, the selection of the simple but also simple, that trouble is also Cartier nail bracelet replica troublesome, depending on how to choose their own. The selection can be selected online, and then to the physical store to see the kind, try to see if it is suitable, and finally depends on the price!

Bare diamond custom ring first to determine their own preferences, is like a simple and generous style, or luxury fashion style, and then pick, so there will be more directional. If it is usually worn, to often do housework, Xiao Bian proposal or select a simple and generous style better, usually wear is also convenient, do not worry about scratching.

Bare diamond custom ring eye is very important, all the jewelry will be a fate, a lot of people at first glance like a, it is difficult to see other styles, but it is like and fit is two different things, Sometimes like the style, they are not necessarily suitable for wearing, and really suitable for their own style, are generally tried to know.

Bare diamond custom ringing If you want to buy online, the local and that brand of the store, you can go to the mall to find a similar style of the diamond drill try, but also to see whether it is suitable for their own. Before the order must be fully try out the style, choose the best, most favorite, the most appropriate, to avoid the back received and not suitable for, look good, but like the style, it is troubled!

Ring up

Bare diamond custom ring material selection, but also need a good choice. Single diamond simple style, platinum K gold can be used, platinum value is high, the price is also more expensive, not oxidation color, single diamond style with platinum will be better, of course, if you like 18K gold color, or large diamond, But also can be used 18K gold material, the price will be preferential, mosaic is also solid. If it is a luxury ringing style, it is not recommended to use platinum, precious metal purity is higher and more soft, platinum purity is very high, only suitable for inlaid simple style. 18K gold purity is much lower, is the hardest material in the imitation Cartier love bracelet precious metal, mosaic luxury style is very suitable and solid.

The price of the ring are basically also in the 1000 to 7 thousand or so, this is no matter how wiped out the price, if it is really buy a bare diamond to send a ring, we must think about, businesses really let Such a big profit out of it? It is certainly the price of the ring to the bare diamond up. This time, bare diamond prices will be much higher. So in the purchase of bare diamond customization, to shop more than three, parity, then, not only than bare diamond prices or price, but rather than the same price of the total price. Of course, contrast, but also need to compare the credibility of business and diamond ring quality and so on.

The above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the “bare diamond custom ring” related content, we hope to help. Click on the collection, Xiaobian you enter the jewelry knowledge of the ocean!
Kelan bare drill custom diamond diamond 4C, in addition to the weight we know that the size will affect the price, the degree of clarity on the bare diamond price is also very large, such as 50 points the same level of top margin IF and SI clarity The price difference of about 10,000, the greater the diamond, the price difference will be proportional rise, the difference of thousands of miles! This is the diamond premium.

If you are not more than one carat used to collect the bare drill, usually do not need to wear high purity, you can pick a large number of diamonds or choose a luxury some of the style, and clarity VS is very good, the naked eye can not see the inclusions, the clarity is not required, you can also choose SI clarity, after all, no one will let you take the ring to give him a closer look. Clarity requirements reduced, the budget will be much more comfortable, the other 3C can also be a corresponding increase!

Kelan bare diamond custom diamond color, DF color is a good choice, the color is colorless, the color of the bare diamond price will not be too much, so the color can be selected some, after all, the color can be very easy have witnessed. If the color requirements are not too high, G or H color is also good, but also belong to the white, slightly bit yellow tone, but better than I-J color. If the bare diamond color is not required, or even like yellow, then, I-J color or K-L color can choose, as long as the imitation Cartier love bracelet cut is good, diamonds are like flash!

Kelan bare diamond custom cut the best 3EX, diamonds are the most flash, the general can choose 3EX will not choose VG cut, the budget is not enough, VG cut is also good, are very good cut, diamonds are also Very flashing Bare drill also depends on fluorescence, choose the best non-fluorescent, lower color level, medium blue fluorescence is also good, but also whitening diamonds. In the election drill, we must look at the bare drill has no milk coffee, avoid buying cream drill or coffee drill. General good business like Zoukai, Kelan will not sell these drilled.

Kelan bare diamond customization also need to select the ring, the choice of the ring is very important, good ring can also look bigger diamond, and with the ring, in order to wear bare drill in the hands of the sun The In the selection of the ring, in addition to choose the style of choice, but also to choose their own style, really suitable for their own must try to get started after trying to know before the full try to try out the style, choose the best, the most Like, the most appropriate! If you want to set on the Internet, you can also go to the mall to test the style of the diamond ring, and then determine the good again is also a good choice!
How much money a gram of diamond

The first record of the diamond is the country is found in India, and now more than it is the South African drill, many people are non-South Africa do not buy, businesses are boasting their own sale of diamonds are from South Africa, quality assurance, costly s Mark. In fact, the price of diamonds and the origin of little relationship, diamond 4C is the guarantee of diamond quality. How much is the diamond? Maybe we can start from its formation.

How much is the diamond? What is the weight of the diamond caravan, carat in the real weight? The weight of a carat is equivalent to one fifth of the weight, then one gram of diamonds is the size of the five-caravan diamonds. If it is round drill, the diameter is about eleven millimeters. The formation of diamonds is in the ground hundreds of kilometers deep geological layer by the original carbon heat, pressure melting crystallization, most of the original mineral deposits attached to the mica peridotite, a few years ago by the crustal plate changes, volcanic eruptions, With the magma spray to the surface of the shallow, the final excavation by humans found. Life, but the number of years, diamonds have witnessed a billion years. Perhaps this is also our reason for the pursuit of diamonds, diamonds forever, a permanent spread, it is indestructible symbol of love. How much is a diamond? Diamond on this basis to become everyone dream of luxury, it has become a symbol of power and love.

How much is the diamond? 5 carat diamond is not common, and occasionally with the stars of the wedding into the eyes of ordinary people, such a diamond is a million worth, how to hide a small hut? Diamond how much money a gram, in fact, with the diamond 4C level has a great relationship, the diamond 4C were color, clarity, weight, cut. Color from high to low can be divided into D, E, F, G, H until N color, clarity is divided into IF, VVS, SI, etc., cut and there are perfect, very good, good cut. So the diamond is one gram of a few million villas, or a tens of millions of dollars of luxury homes, have to study the study of diamonds 4C parameters.

How much is the diamond? Diamond from which jewelry brand into the hands of consumers, the price will be different, different brands, give the symbol of different diamonds, attached to the diamond brand value is very different. From Cartier diamonds, is estimated to be five or six million in the price, in the little well-known small workshop to buy a gram of diamonds, one or two million can be won, but 5 carat diamonds on a global scale, according to the calculator You can count, a small workshop to have 5 carats of diamonds is no longer a small workshop, so to buy 5 carats of diamonds need to go to the regular jewelry brand to customize, buy.

Diamonds symbol of love, but it is not love, so ask how much money a gallon, ordinary people, love how many grams, Xiaobian ignorant, has never heard of how much money a gallon? How many grams to buy? It does not matter, as long as the heart to her, 50 points of the diamond can give her happiness.

How much is the diamond in general?

How much is the diamond in general?
After today, tomorrow is the romantic Tanabata Valentine’s Day, to the beloved she sent a good texture of diamond jewelry is a very good Tanabata gift. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, diamonds are always associated with millions of millionaires together, in fact, about 30 minutes of diamonds is about working-class two months of wages, so the general Replica Cartier jewelry people of the new people like to buy such a size Diamond ring as a wedding ring, both meaningful in the economy and can afford. Of course, the price of diamonds also have more than 5 carats of pigeons are a million yuan in units of units, then the diamond how much money? Texture of different diamonds prices are not uniform.
How much is the diamond in general?

Texture of different diamonds prices are not the same, so to know how much the general diamond? Need to first understand the diamond 4C: color, clarity, cut, weight. Diamond 4C are divided into different grades, each grade of diamond texture is also a gap, the price is naturally different. So you have to know how to see the diamond 4C standard to know how much money is generally worth of diamonds, to learn more about the diamond 4C knowledge can click into: “Zoca jewelry home – jewelry knowledge – diamond knowledge.”

To know how much the general diamond? But also to know what the diamond brand is purchased, the same texture of the diamond in different brands of the sale price is not the same, because the value of the brand attached to the diamond is not the same, the domestic domestic line brand price is the general brand of 160% Around, some people like the big brand design concept, some people pay more attention to the quality of the diamond itself, so how much money but also according to personal preferences of the consumer preferences.

Zuo Kayi jewelry is not only precious materials and aesthetics of the condensate, it is a long faithful companions, for the precious time to support, the mind imprint engraved by the consumer’s favorite, how much money Zoacai diamonds? The price of custom diamonds in Sokai include: the price of the diamond + the price of the entourage + the manual fee. Classic 30-point round diamond prices in 3500 yuan to 4000 yuan, in the Zuo Kai custom naked drill has a perfect sales service, shopping no worries.
How much is the bare drill now? The price of bare drill is not how much money by a carat, because the price of bare diamond is geometric rise, unlike gold, how much money can be calculated. So how much money a carny carrage is no answer. Can be asked: bare drill a carat how much money, bare diamond 2 carat how much money. You can also add a diamond 4C, so that you can more accurately offer.

How much is the bare drill now? Want to know the price of bare drill, first understand the diamond 4C, refers to the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut. These four standards are the price of diamonds play a crucial impact, not many people mistakenly believe that the greater the value of diamonds, the same weight of diamonds, clarity or color, the level of cut is not the same, the price is also the same Will be very different.

How much is the bare drill now? Bare diamond prices in addition to the impact of the diamond 4C, by the impact of market supply and demand, if the supply is greater than the demand, the price will fall, if you need to be greater than the supply, the price will rise. But at present, bare diamond prices are steadily rising in the state, so if you want to buy bare drill, as early as possible to buy the best. Of course, can also be purchased at the time of the holiday, then many businesses will have promotional activities, such as the present Tanabata, Zoukai official website there are very favorable activities.

How much is the bare drill now? Bare diamond price is very rich, before the purchase, it is best to determine the budget, how much ability to buy the price of bare drill, cost-effective, cost-effective is king. Such as ten thousand budget, you can buy 40 points fineness of the bare drill, 50 points, then the fineness is not so good, then you need to choose, see is to buy small and beautiful, or large and rough.

How much is the bare drill now? A carat round bare diamond prices in more than 30,000 to more than ten million or so, shaped in more than ten thousand to eight million or so, buy bare drill are generally in order to mosaic into a diamond ring to marry or marry, before buying, It is best to discuss with the woman to buy how much, what kind of, it is best to buy together, to avoid when bought, the woman does not like, then take it.
How much is a half-carat? Half-carat bare diamond round the price of more than 8 thousand to thirty-seven or so, shaped drill is 5 thousand to fifteen or so, of course, there are many kinds of profiled drill, Xiao Bian said that they are the lowest price of a The It can be seen that the price of profiled drill is very favorable. Of course, although the round drill, but also expensive, but also the benefits of the same, round drill the same weight, will be larger than the diamond drill, cut more flash, cutting more loss, so the price is relatively high.

How much is a half-carat? Half-carat bare diamond if the level is better, round bare drill, the price should be about fifteen or even higher. In the purchase of bare drill, you can first determine their own budget, and then according to the budget from the right bare diamond in the selection of their favorite parameters, you can quickly selected their favorite bare drill.

How much is a half-carat? Half the price of stone, regardless of shape, that is, from 5 thousand to thirty-seven or so, the shape of the diamond, color, clarity, cut, fluorescent is the impact of semi-Kela bare diamond prices the biggest factor. As long as there is a different level between them, the price will be different, which is the difference between the profiled drill is not round drill so much, the price is much lower than the round drill, if the diamond shape is not required, the budget And relatively low, the diamond 4C and fluorescent requirements are relatively high, then the choice of profiled drill is very good!

How much is a half-carat? Semi-Kela bare diamond prices, but also with the shopping malls wholesale bare diamond costs related to the selection of bare drill, we can certainly see, 4C fluorescent are the same half-carat bare diamond, there are several price difference is several hundred, is Because the number of merchants to purchase a number of goods, diamond wholesalers to the discount will be higher, the cost of each diamond to the corresponding cost will be lower, then sell the price will follow a little cheaper. So in the selection of bare drill, or aimed at the time, do not think that this drill a little cheaper, it is a problem, in fact, the cost of the purchase of businesses is likely to lower, so the margin will be larger.

Men’s diamond ring price

Men’s diamond ring price
Men are also fashionable, and now more and more men began to love all kinds of jewelry, the ring is a finishing touch of jewelry, men’s ring with a rugged style, simple lines, simple and atmospheric, relatively simple pattern and classic features. Now on the market men’s diamond ring also has inlaid diamonds style, but compared with the ladies diamond ring, the men’s mosaic of diamonds is much smaller, but also able to reflect the wear of the refined and gentleman’s temperament, then the men’s diamond ring how the price What?
How is the price of the men’s diamond ring? Men’s diamond Replica Cartier jewelry ring style can be said to be very little, men wear diamond ring can be based on different types of diamond ring and style, see the character of the people wearing the character. Such as simple atmosphere of the style, representative and symbol of its broad mind. So although the men’s diamond ring style is relatively simple, but some of the classic men’s diamond ring style has been loved by many men, the price of course, according to the diamond grade to decide.

How much is the price of the men’s diamond ring? With the jewelry in the market continue to promote, diamond consumption is gradually favored by men, and select the carat class diamond men increase year by year. Compared to the diamond ring, men’s diamond ring mosaic diamonds are small, generally below 30 points, so the basic price of men’s diamond ring about 6,000 yuan, the price is high to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of have, wearing diamond jewelry not only highlight The noble diamond, but also marks the men’s economic strength and career success.

Men’s diamond ring price is not expensive? To send men’s diamond ring is not only taste, but also significant grade, fashion romantic wedding can not be missing wearing jewelry, of course, its price is not low, this tall diamond jewelry to a certain extent, can highlight the identity of men, its price And the golden ring is also calculated by weight, low weight cheaper, usually wear a few thousand dollars to wear, there are about twenty thousand, of course, more than one million, there are hundreds of thousands, there are more expensive For the ordinary people can not afford it.
Dr diamond ring price

Dr is headquartered in Hong Kong, the diamond level requirements and cutting process control has a rigorous professional considerations. Dr diamond ring as the first brand to marry the diamond ring, dr diamond ring price is also a lot of people concerned about the topic, dr has a special concept of love, men need to bind identity card number, life can only buy once, that diamond ring prices will not because of these factors And high? Dai Rui as a professional jewelry brand, never held any holiday promotions discount activities, then dr diamond ring how the price?

Dr diamond ring how the price? For young people, buy diamond ring not only to pursue the price of the price, but also the pursuit of the meaning behind it, dr diamond ring on behalf of the commitment of life is two people always love to witness, so “life only one person” Brand concept is very important. In this way, for love to wear a ring, is sent an eternal promise. Not everyone can be lucky harvest, it is the most worthy of love in the beautiful.

Dr diamond ring how much money? Dr diamond ring price mainly by the diamond “4c” decision. Dr diamond ring price is mainly affected by the brand and diamond “4c” effect, a Cartier proposal diamond ring is basically the value of more than 100,000, but dr is not a luxury, dr a carat diamond ring in the price of 4-10 million Between, each diamond ring will have a GIA certificate. Dr diamond ring in the peer in the price is relatively high, take dr a carat diamond ring, My Heart series of classic models of a carat diamond ring: color F color, clarity SI1, cut VG, this dr diamond ring price Just over forty thousand.

Dr diamond ring expensive expensive Dr diamond ring price is relatively close to the people, dr diamond ring prices according to different diamond quality and 4C level, ranging from thousands to tens of millions, here suggested to start the ring of the dr family, the best plan in advance of the budget, Budget category diamond ring. Diamond ring valuable love is priceless, as long as boldly sent her heart of the diamond ring, regardless of its value of high fire low, it is the same meaning behind the same, are full of a sincere.
Cartier diamond ring symbolizes the happiness of the two worlds, it followed the most classic design style, by the brand’s jewelry master single-handedly made. Now more and more newly married couples will choose to use the Cartier diamond ring as a permanent witness. The budding of love is always the most pure, the other’s smiles, every move can make their own heart ripples. If you want to use a ring to record this innocent memories, I would like to use the Cartier diamond ring is the most suitable, then Cartier a carat diamond ring how the price?
Cartier a carat diamond ring how to price? Cartier luxury and bright, let us feel the infinite charm of diamond jewelry. As the global aristocratic jewelry brand Cartier, is the dream of every girl’s life. Cartier’s every diamond ring design, have been given an invaluable artistic value, which has become a major highlight of Cartier diamond jewelry. As Cartier’s brand value, coupled with its jewelry diamond ring was given the art and emotional elements, superb and perfect cutting mosaic process, no doubt to enhance the Cartier diamond ring price.

Cartier a carat diamond ring how much money? Cartier a carat diamond ring starting price of 10 million, and some even hundreds of thousands of dollars, the better the quality of a carat diamond ring the more expensive, the quality of diamonds from the diamond 4C, 4C, including diamond weight, color, Degree and cut, for Cartier a carat diamond ring, the cut is the main factor affecting the price of Cartier a carat diamond ring, the same diamond 3C, 3EX level cut and 3VG level cut, will make Cartier a carat diamond ring price Difference on the million.

Cartier a carat diamond ring expensive expensive Cartier was praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, loved by women around the world, can be imagined Cartier a carat diamond ring is certainly a lot of money. According to industry analysis, Cartier a carat diamond ring price composition, can be summarized as Cartier brand value + bare diamond price + care price + labor costs + diamond processing fees + operating costs, compared with ordinary business here is still very different, to Operating a world brand, than the operation of a small shop, the price can not be compared. And these brand value and operating costs will be distributed in different areas, therefore, Cartier diamond ring price and other businesses more than doubled or doubled, but also reasonable things.

Gold necklace price

Gold necklace price
Gold necklace (English necklace) is made of gold material hanging in the neck of the chain shape of the first jewelry, usually worn on the neck decoration. Gold necklace from ancient times to the present are welcomed by the public jewelry. Gold necklace is a fashion essential goods, gold since ancient times is the symbol of the emperor color, it dazzling light wearing on the neck, very eye. Women wear gold necklace will bring out a different kind of elegant temperament, and men Replica Cartier jewelry wear gold necklace will bring out its domineering, calm fashion charm. So what is the price of the gold necklace?

Gold necklace price from one thousand to twenty thousand have, the general price of gold necklace in the 1000 to a thousand or so, the style is generally more slim and beautiful style, so the gold will be relatively light, in more than two grams to 15 grams ; And men’s gold necklace, the price is more than six thousand to thirty thousand or so, the weight of 20 grams to 100 grams or so, the style is to luxury, domineering.

Affect the gold necklace price is the most important because of the weight and gold, and generally just know the price of gold, to determine the gold to buy, gold necklace price can be determined. The higher the price of gold, the heavier the gold, the higher the price of gold necklace. Wages and brand value also affect the gold necklace price, the higher the brand value, the higher the value of the gold necklace, and the more fashionable and unique, the more luxurious fashion, the more expensive the fee will be.

Gold necklace to buy multiple good? Ms. gold necklace 4 grams to 6 grams are good, if coupled with pendants, in the 15 to 20 grams or so as well, neither too much fear of fear, it will not be too rough look like a men’s gold necklace. And men’s gold necklaces to buy 20 grams to 30 grams of the better, so the necklace will not be as rough as the outbreak of households, but rather relative to men, not fine will not be too thick, in the embodiment of men’s fashion charm at the same time, But also show the men’s sunshine, rich, the atmosphere!

Gold necklace price is expensive, but also affordable, the selection can be based on their own budget and the preferences of the necklace style to pick. Gold necklace does not wear, to be placed separately into the jewelry box, usually have to avoid contact with cosmetics, so as not to be oxidized white. Because some of the cosmetics contain trace amounts of mercury (mercury), gold necklace will appear after contact with white or white. If you accidentally turn white, as long as the white or white gold necklace will be baked in the fire, with a soft cloth to clean, you can restore luster.

Platinum necklace price from more than 500 to more than ten thousand have, depending on the necklace of the gold, the day platinum gold price, brand, style, fees and so on. Platinum necklace exquisite noble, bright and charming, pure and rare, soft and beautiful, beautiful lines simple, graceful grace, the woman tenderness of the nature of the distribution of the most vividly, filling the elegant and elegant noble temperament, loved by the public!

Platinum necklace rich style, with generous, interlocking, exquisite fashion O word chain; there are shiny smooth twisted tile chain, each sequined design allows each beam of light after repeated refraction, such as the sun flash Moving diamonds as bright as possible; there are simple but not simple ingot chain, its shiny car flower craft, precision polishing technology, seamless water welding technology, tough and firm, natural pure add neck glory!

In addition to these three more popular platinum necklace style, there are fine round date chain, car flower double tile chain, melon seeds chain, box Aberdeen chain, wheat chain, rice word tile tile chain, Chopin chain, Star chain, double tile chain and other platinum necklace style, very rich and beautiful, each have their own characteristics, in the natural light will reflect the beautiful pure white luster, very nice, because of its stable nature, its gloss can remain very long time.

Platinum necklace price and the purity of platinum, platinum purity are: PT900, PT950, PT990 and thousands of platinum (PT999) these, followed by the purity from low to high, which PT950 purity necklace most common, followed by PT990, The PT900 because of low purity, many manufacturers are no longer produced. PT999 is due to the high purity, the market appears very little. The higher the purity of the platinum necklace, the more expensive the price.
The impact of platinum necklace price is mainly gold and gold, followed by the brand. General brand awareness higher, the more expensive platinum jewelry prices, such as the same style weight platinum necklace, Chow Tai Fook’s price will certainly be more expensive than Zuo Ka Yi. And the price of gold is not control, can only be purchased at a lower price, and in recent months, platinum gold prices are relatively cheap, is the time to buy; gold can be controlled by their own want to buy multiple to buy multiple , And platinum necklace heavier, the price is certainly higher.

Pearl necklace how much money

Pearl necklace how much money
Pearl necklace prices in the hundreds to thousands of more, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of Need for pearl necklace. Pearl necklace price, mainly to see the quality of pearls, quality, style, etc., the higher the quality of pearls, the price will be higher, and the same quality pearl necklace, in different brands, the price will be different.

Pearl necklace how much money? Pearl necklace Replica Cartier jewelry is divided into high-grade pearls, mid-range quality pearls, low-grade quality pearls. Among them, high-grade pearl made of pearl necklace, the price is the most expensive. Pearl necklace is not the more expensive on behalf of the election to the quality of the better, but also need to judge and buy experience. Shape round, glossy A-level strong, skin A flaws less, color matching is relatively consistent, smooth arrangement, exquisite workmanship perfect pearl necklace, can be called high-quality pearl necklace, the price is more expensive.

Pearl necklace how much money? Mid-range quality pearl necklace, the price is relatively low, in a few thousand dollars. Shape oval or nearly round, strong luster, less skin defects, matching degree is acceptable. Of course, there are some relatively large 9mm or more, the quality of the general pearl, the market counter prices are still relatively high, one may reach three thousand five thousand.

Pearl necklace how much money? Low-grade pearl necklace, the price is more than ten dollars, tens of dollars a, such a pearl necklace, the general shape is the rice, flat round, gloss difference, blemish or more obvious waist, the skin color, shape does not match a match String pearl necklace, the value is quite low, more than ten dollars, tens of dollars a string of have.

Pearl necklace how much money? But also some pearl necklace, because with the network brand, less shop rent and other costs, the price will be relatively more concessions, the quality is better, relatively small pearls, the shape is not so round pearl necklace, the price of more than 100 to a few hundred dollars about. This pearl necklace, are generally freshwater pearls, the output is very large, so the price is not expensive.

Also some pearl necklace, is made of a pearl inlay, made into a pendant, and then made with pearl necklace necklace, the price in a few thousand dollars or so. Such a pearl necklace, the quality is relatively high, are high-grade pearl necklace. These pearls are generally larger, more rounded, shiny is also better, are generally made of 18K gold inlaid, all belong to the sea pearl.
30 points diamond ring prices in more than three thousand or so to more than ten thousand, if the diamond ring style more luxurious, the price will be higher. Of course, if it is a simple style, in the Zoakai, is the price. In other traditional brands or international brands, the price will be higher, in the purchase of 30 points diamond ring, you can shop around, choose the most cost-effective to buy.

In the wedding ring and marry diamond ring, 30 points diamond ring is the most people to buy the diamond ring. This is because the 30 points diamond ring relative price of 50 points, 1 carat, the price will be a lot of concessions, and diamonds will not be too small, wearing a wedding is also relatively low-key, you can wear every day. 30 points diamond ring if it is embedded in the luxury style, but also have 50 points, or even a carat effect, cost is very high.

Diamond quality and ringing material is an important factor affecting the price of 30 points diamond ring. When you want to have a perfect 30-point diamond ring, the necessary diamond 4C and the material reserve reserves or have to have the .30 diamond ring is 0.3 carat diamond ring, the weight is fixed, so the impact of its price 4C factors only cut, color, clarity.

Diamond cut is the only one can affect the quality of diamond factors, the level of cutting technology on the diamond fire color show the most direct relationship between the international level for the cut into five grades, namely EX (ideal Cut (), VG (good cut), G (good cut), F (general cut), Poor (poor cut), if not too much to pursue the fire of the diamond, choose VG grade cut It’s up. And 3EX cut 30 points diamond ring price is the highest.

Next look at the color of the diamond. Diamond color from the D grade colorless to Z level of the yellow level, the higher the level the higher the price, N level after the color level is relatively low, do not recommend everyone to buy, other colors, H color is also white , If the budget is not too high, this color is also good, which, to D color 30 points diamond ring the highest price.

The last thing to look at is the clarity of the diamond, the clarity of the diamond is also divided into 11 grades, SI grade clarity of the diamond is also difficult to see the naked eye, if not too high demand, select the clarity of the diamond can be The While the diamond clarity is FL or IF 30 points diamond ring the highest price. D color, FL / IF clarity, 3EX cut, no fluorescent 30 points diamond ring, the price is 30 points in the highest diamond ring. The bigger the brand, the higher the price of the same parameter.

What is the meaning of the diamond?

What is the meaning of the diamond?

What does the diamond mean? Diamonds on the “points” is the weight of the diamond, the original weight of the diamond is “carat” as the unit, but more than 1 carat diamond is relatively small, the most common diamond is a good cut in 1 Carat, if you have to use carat to express its weight, you have to say that the decimal point, such as 0.08 carats, 0.15 carats, 0.24 carats … and so on, which is more trouble, for this, the jewelry industry put 1 carat is divided into 100 Points, so that the weight Replica Cartier jewelry of less than 1 carat of diamonds, are expressed in integers, but its different units, from carat to points, 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams.
There are many aspects of the standard of good and bad diamond, usually measured in 4C, the general total price, the weight of 40-60%, 15-25% clarity, color accounted for 15-20%, cut 20-35%. What does the diamond mean? In other cases the same case, is the bigger the better, that is, the more the diamond points on behalf of the larger diamond stars, the more precious. When the diamond begins to show up with carat, the person who owns it must start to have a certain amount of wealth, and when you start paying attention to the weight of the diamond, you start to pay attention to the beginning of your wealth.

Speaking of diamonds, it is necessary to say that the diamond 4C, as consumers, the only thing that can be seen is the lathe (CUT), is to see the fire color, see the diamond flash flash, terrible, jewelry store lights, Glass to the photo, it will be flash with the same stars, so the best way is you with a diamond ring to contrast. I took my own diamond ring ran to compare with other business stuff, had to admit that the big brand of diamond cut really good.

The same price of the diamond ring, although its diamond is smaller than others on a little bit, but the fire color is not people. So, this is only a selective question, if you want a big brand, naturally have to pay the corresponding brand value-added, if it does not matter, then choose a domestic brand Well, even if the domestic brand is also a line of second- Price positioning is also different.

What does the diamond 4C mean?

First look at the weight of the diamond – carat. 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 g. One carat is divided into one hundred, each one is called a point. 0.75 carat is also known as 75 points, 0.02 carat for 2 points. In the case of other conditions similar to the increase in the weight of diamonds, the value of the geometric progression of the growth; the same weight of diamonds, due to color, clarity, cut the different value of the difference. In each of the different sizes and shapes, can find high quality diamonds, the most important thing is to find a suitable size and let you like the diamonds.

Second look at the clarity of diamonds. Diamond crystals in the depths of the earth mantle magma, the environment is complex, diverse, high temperature and pressure, after hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, the internal inevitably contain a variety of debris or flaws. The color, size, size, and location distribution of these inclusions have different degrees of effect on the clarity of the diamond.

Third, look at the cut of diamonds. The cut of the diamond is the accuracy of its cutting ratio and the completeness of the finish. Good cut should be as much as possible to reflect the brightness and fire color of diamonds, and try to keep the original stone weight. GIA cut level from high to low is divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (good) G (good), China’s national inspection is divided into: EX (excellent), VG (very good), G ( it is good).

Finally look at the color of the diamond. Diamonds have a variety of natural colors, from the precious colorless (white after cutting), rare light blue, pink to the common yellowish range. The more transparent colorless, the more white can penetrate, after refraction and dispersion is more colorful. The most white diamond is set to D (ie from Diamond’s first letter). Diamond color is divided into 11 levels, followed by: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N.
Fashion diamond ring

For Zoacai zocai, each diamond is rare, precious, and a diamond is the emotional representative of the true value of this diamond ring; heart-shaped diamond is very symbolic, has always been Jewelry industry and even fashion diamond ring industry celebrity and favorite darling. Zuo Kayi zocai heart-shaped diamond ring through the brand of heart-shaped diamond perfect interpretation of the true love is a beautiful symbol, in the Zoacai, every fashion diamond jewelry engraved a time and the journey of the soul.
Legend has it that the mind is the most essential symbol of love, the earliest originated in India, it is said that it has a mysterious and happy energy. Admittedly, for many women, today we see heart-shaped fashion diamond ring still conceal the love of love, it seems to have been pouring under the love of seeds, always give people a steady romantic joy Affection, touching shape, has long been clear love life love love.

Fashion diamond diamond heart diamond is the most similar to the round diamond diamond, but the requirements of the process and the ratio to be more stringent and accurate. Zoca zocai has always been to the extraordinary craftsmanship, showing the mysterious jewelry complex art, each heart-shaped diamonds are subject to accurate calculation, with a perfect shoulder to describe the proportion of smooth oval arc, to create exquisite diamonds. A carat fashion diamond diamond diamonds need at least three carats of circular diamond cutting extraction, which also destined heart-shaped diamonds than the traditional round diamonds more precious.

Diamond cut the impact of the diamond fire color, cut the diamond is the second life. There are not many countries where the ability to cut diamonds is now. The most important countries are Belgium, India, Israel, the former Soviet Union and the United States. What are the characteristics of the fashionable diamond ringing in different countries?

1, Belgium fashion diamond ring cutting characteristics

At present, Belgium produced diamond cutting tools are all over the world, usually in the international market with this type of tool grinding out of the diamond, we are called “Belgian workers.” “Belgian workers” known as the world’s largest diamond cut. This cut includes diamonds and a variety of fancy cut diamonds, the size is from 1 to 10 karats. Round drill is generally 57 faces, and the recent development of the blue flame cut diamond has 89 facets, which cut the diamond and 57 diamonds compared to the more dazzling, so also known as a hundred years The diamond industry revolution again.

Belgian cut is easy to identify, because the Belgian cut some of the bottom will be slightly polished into a matte-like white point, to prevent the diamond mixed when the friction is damaged, on the other hand, the edge of the edge is not polished, Processed diamonds from the table to see the pavilion shadow size varies, the crown facet symmetry slightly less, a small part of the processing of diamonds with fish-eye effect or black effect.

2, the United States fashion diamond ring cutting characteristics

American diamond automatic round machine is also introduced from Israel. American diamond processing diamonds are round diamonds and a variety of fancy cut diamonds, but the most important is the processing of large drilling, that is, will be more than 1 carat large drill mainly. American cut-type round diamonds only 58 faces, but its bottom polished polished into a transparent octagonal, the waist will be ground into a transparent facet. However, the diamonds processed by the United States are less symmetrical than the Soviet workers and the Belgian workers.

3, the Russian fashion diamond ring cutting characteristics

Russia is the use of self-produced automated machines, and they processed the diamond ratio can be within a very good range, polishing is also very good. If we follow the traditional name, we call this cut “Soviet workers”. Soviet Union diamond is characterized by the basic are round drill, only 57 faces, but also the bottom grinding, the waist will be very detailed, showing a semi-transparent matte-like, and its surface will often There are parallel lines. Cut the size of the diamonds are also from 1 to 10 karats have.

4, the Israeli fashion diamond ring cut characteristics

Israel is relatively backward, mainly the use of traditional tools, so the processing of the diamond edge is relatively rough, and its symmetry is relatively poor, in the pavilion shadows will be very irregular, usually from the bottom Angle will be deep and shallow, from a certain extent, the impact of the diamond fire color. Processing of the round diamond is mainly from 10 to 50 points up to the most.

5, India fashion diamond ring cutting characteristics

India’s diamond cut is relatively speaking, is relatively backward. Where the way they work diamonds or traditional family workshop-based, so the processing of the diamond polishing effect is not very good, and the symmetry is relatively poor. But they are processing diamonds are mainly small drill, are generally less than 20 points.

Cheap offer wedding ring how much cheap offer wedding ring offer

Cheap offer wedding ring how much cheap offer wedding ring offer
The story of marriage is happening every day, although not everyone can succeed, but there is a representative of the love of the Zoakai diamond ring, maybe it is the other life only one person Replica Cartier jewelry to send a plan, maybe that is the expectation of marriage, no matter what , There is always a kind of hope for the future, wedding ring prices are not the same, and there are high and bottom, this is based on their own economic conditions to decide, the following Zuo Kay Xiaobian tell you about the number of cheap wedding rings money? Cheap offer ring offer.

How much is the cheap wedding ring?

1, the price of the wedding ring is to look at the quality of the ring, mainly to see the color of the ring, clarity, grams, cut, these four factors are the most important aspects, in addition, there are courtship The ring of the brand, style, meaning, etc. These are also decided to ring the price of some aspects of the ring, you choose marriage ring, but also meaningful, and more expensive items, it is best to do a good job in advance budget, Within range.

2, cheap wedding ring how much money? This depends on your personal economic capacity, and from thousands to tens of thousands of the price range, if the economy can be a good point to buy more than 1 carat, the economic capacity of a little more than 30 points can also be tight. But the feelings are not measured by money, and marry the most important thing is to use this diamond ring to express your love for her determination, so a meaningful marry diamond ring is the most important, if the economic conditions are not very good, Yi official website cheap wedding ring reference price of the lowest is about two thousand or so.

3, buy wedding ring will face the choice of price, each person to buy wedding ring prices are not the same, on the one hand this relationship with the individual’s economic strength, on the other hand and the type of marriage ring related. The economic conditions may cost a lot higher, and different types of courtship ring price difference is relatively large, usually gold and platinum material prices will be relatively cheap, these precious metal ring price is generally in two or three thousand dollars, and the purchase Diamond wedding ring to spend much more expensive, generally in five or six thousand dollars, and good spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of purchases are not a few.

4, the proposal is not married, relatively speaking, there is greater autonomy in the production of diamond ring and the size and style, there is no wedding diamond ring so high demand for the average consumer, between 5000 to 20000 Is one of the best choice, if there is a higher demand, different diamond ring brand can also meet the needs of consumers, a marriage proposal is to declare the marriage is approaching, you can also buy a couple ring, diamond ring price is not static , Under the influence of 4C elements, even if the same style of marriage rings will have a different price.

Cheap offer ring offer

(Ct): 0.15, the main drill color (color): IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): VS, the main drill cut (cut), the main drill color (c) ): VG, Zuo Kay official website price of about 2980.00 yuan; “I love you” is the most beautiful blessing, heart only because of origin, the edge is you.

(Ct): 0.18, the main drill color (color): IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main drill cut (Cut): VG, vice total weight (ct): about 0.02 karats, certificate: GIC certification certificate, Zuo Kay official website activities price of about 2999.00 yuan, single-round round small light drifting in the flower k gold lining On the like to spend a full moon on the night of the confusing lights around the mosaic of the small drill gently leaned over the soft lips will fall on my forehead to refuse to welcome the heart is two moments of beating heart.

(Ct): 0.30, the main drill color (color): FG, the main line of clarity (clarity): SI, the main shape of the diamond (Shape): olive-shaped, vice drill total weight (ct): about 0.20 karats, certificate: GIC certification certificate, Zuo Kay official website price of 6,999.00 yuan, personality publicity era, the simple design of the most show all kinds of style, and Non-sticking stereotypes design is called luxury. Simple and elegant color is to show you the charm of fashion charm.

(Ct): 0.30, the main drill color (color): FG, the main drill clarity (clarity): VVS, the main drill cut (cut), the main drill cut (cut) : VG, Zuo Kay official price of 9988.00 yuan, [love] with round diamond six claw mosaic method, six claw diamond ring in the design of circular diamonds inlaid on the rounded column, the maximum release of diamond fire color, so that Its light with the cutting surface to all-round refraction, filling the bright Guanghua.

(Ct): 0.50, the main drill color (color): FG, the main drill clarity (clarity): VS, the main drill cut (the main diamond) Cut the total weight (ct): about 0.19 karats, certificate: GIC certification certificate, Zuo Kay official website price of about 30640.00, [Ferris wheel] series of white 18K gold diamond ladies ring Product Certificate: GemEX optical certificate, HRD Jewelry certificate, GIC jewelry identification certificate; main drill (currently 30 points and above) is 101 section of the diamond, the other diamond drill are conventional cutting diamonds.

Is it appropriate to ask for a diamond ring?

This depends on your economic strength, after all, the diamond ring is not an ordinary ornaments, compared to, or very expensive, if it is a marriage proposal, then the general cost of your personal salary for three months or six months, that Is more appropriate, but also in the range can be tolerated, accompanied by life, I go with the diamond ring is a testimony to your love, but also you love her a witness.

Of course, the idea of marriage rings also affect the price of the ring, with the opening of the personalized era of the opening, people are more willing to choose personalized diamond ring. In fact, the diamond wedding ring, to the mind is, rather than for the pursuit of money and material, as long as two people really love, then, and then the general ring, are valuable.

How to choose the favorite crystal

How to choose the favorite crystal
How to choose wishful crystal?
Look for election materials:
Excellent choice of crystal products, do not see the star-like, cloudy and floc distribution of gas inclusions. Texture to pure, smooth, crystal as well, if found to have different lengths of broken Replica Cartier jewelry cracks, spots, it is defective.
Look at work
Crystal products processing process is divided into two, namely, grinding and carving. Such as crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings and other grinding products; Guanyin, within the painting snuff bottle and other sculpture. A good workmanship of crystal products should be sophisticated, not only can fully show the crystal products of the external beauty (shape, style, symmetry, etc.), and to maximize the mining of its inner beauty (such as crystal, clever color, etc.) The
Look at polish:
Polishing is a direct impact on the value of crystal products. Crystal in the processing process must be refined by the emery, rough production will make the crystal surface there is traces of friction. Good crystal products transparency, gloss are better, according to jargon called “fire head”.
See hole:
For wearing crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, Buddha beads), to see if the hole is straight, the thickness of the hole is symmetrical, with or without small cracks. Hole wall must be clear and transparent, no “white mark”.
See color:
Even in the same kind of crystal, its different parts of the texture, color also has its own merits. Belong to the monochrome, to the color uniformity; in the same piece of crystal on the depth of the requirements of its color lines beautiful natural.
See coordination:
When buying crystal jewelry, try to wear, look at the size, elastic, length. Such as mosaic ornaments, to see if it is firm, Zhou Zheng and harmonization. Should also pay attention to the style of crystal jewelry, color and their own body, color, face and clothing colors in harmony.
As an indispensable part of love and wedding ceremony in the bright protagonist, the diamond ring seems to be the rose flower, without it, everything will be not happy. So, how can we make this unique diamond ring with a force to perfect the gesture, to express that love? How can I pick a diamond ring that matches your love with me? Now, with us to start a perfect diamond ring to find the trip.
Drilled 7 misunderstanding
1, “broken the price of ‘Hou total’ diamonds, quite worth!
Mention TV shopping, everyone will “Hou total sell diamonds” impressed, that spittle splash, hysterical “broken price” flicker a lot of people. In fact, the company sold “gold” “diamond” “limited” goods, most of them are cheap, poor quality and difficult to sell in the real estate of the goods, the reason why the sale of goods, the sales of shopping malls, Hot, all advertising credit. So, it is necessary to remind you that any excessive “value for money” goods, have to think twice, the world’s smart people so much, why the sky off the pie, hit you
2, “how much is the price of a carat?”
Come on, buy a diamond Do not ask this sentence, because this question is enough to kick you into the ranks of the big layman, so and so, ranging from selling Miss from the heart of the contempt, then let you on the bad business Of the time. 1 carat diamond how much money by the impact of many conditions, in certain circumstances, the color, clarity, cutting and other aspects of the difference is enough to make the price of 1 carat diamond vary widely from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of range. So, unless the seller shallow knowledge or ulterior motives, otherwise, they have no way to answer your flawless problem.
3, “shaped drill too colored, and can not appreciate”
Princess square, drop-shaped, horse-shaped, egg-shaped and other special-shaped drill of course, there is room for appreciation, and because it is rare in the market, the collection value is not widely recognized, so the price is more close than the round drill Is the quality of VVS, IJ, spend 50 cents round of the money, you can buy 1 carat shaped drill. Of course, relatively speaking, the current appreciation of the faster or a large carat diamond.
4, “my diamond has more than 100 facets, do not want to flash is not OK”
Speaking of facet, first of all depends on what you choose the shape of the diamond, usually speaking, 57,58 facets refers to the current domestic mainstream round diamond cut the number of sections. Cutting the surface is really conducive to the reflection of light, but not the more the better. Cut the good or bad, rely on good polished and precise grinding in the way of geometry. Light emphasizes the cut surface without considering the scientific way of cutting, the same can not get bright diamonds. In addition, there is a need to emphasize that the number of facets also depends on the size of the diamond, one has received 105 facets of diamonds, usually must be a carat diamond, most people difficult to match.
5, “as long as the VVS diamonds, must be diamonds”
VVS is a clarity of diamonds, but regardless of color or clarity, are not as good as cut the impact of diamond fire color. In the case of the purchase of diamond ring does not change the case, it is recommended that you can first consider the size of the diamond, cut, color, and finally consider the clarity. Because the clarity is professional under the microscope, depending on how much the diamond inclusions are identified. The inclusions are natural marks retained during the diamond formation process, and it does not affect the beauty and durability of diamonds.
6, “‘Champagne’ are rare diamond”
For the current hot “champagne diamond”, be sure to distinguish it is Li Gui or Li Kui. The champagne diamond, which is genuinely classified as a diamond diamond category, has a high demand for color saturation, and the so-called champagne drill on some brands on the market is still white diamond, but the color is close to yellow and is K or even below the M color level Inferior diamonds.
7, “‘pigeon eggs’, times worth!”
Not always! If you have the kind of “4C” indicators are very beautiful diamonds are very valuable, but if the color below J, cut in general, the clarity is still very low, even if the carat diamond is not worth too much money, which But also why a lot of bad online shopping in the clamor of the carat diamond prices can be so cheap one of the reasons. Diamond 4C standard, each is very important, and in different aspects affect the value of diamonds. Just a big but big cut diamonds, looks like a piece of glass is no fire color. While the color turbidity, the same impact on the beauty of diamonds.

Jewelry classification

Jewelry classification
1. Diamond: Diamonds are completely composed of a single element of carbon crystals from the crystal minerals, but also the only gem in the composition of a single element of precious stones. Diamonds for octahedral cleavage, that is, plane octahedral crystal surface of the four directions, generally ladder-like. Diamonds are chemically stable and insoluble in acids and alkalis. But in pure oxygen, heated to about 1770 degrees, it will break down. In the vacuum, heated to 1700 Replica Cartier jewelry degrees, it will be broken down into graphite. Diamonds are transparent, translucent, and opaque. Gem-class diamonds should be colorless and transparent, flawless or very few flaws, and can also be slightly yellow or very light brown, the most precious colors are natural pink, followed by blue and green.

2. Pearl: seawater or freshwater shellfish mollusks into the body when the small impurities, the mantle is stimulated by the secretion of a pearl (mainly calcium carbonate), the small layers of impurities wrapped up, and gradually become a small The ball is the pearl. Pearl color is mainly white, pink and light yellow, with pearl luster, the surface of the vaguely flashing rainbow like the same halo pearl. Color white Run, skin light, shape round, the highest value of the largest size.

3. turquoise: turquoise is a self-color gem, is a fully hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. The formula is CuAl6 (PO4) 4 (OH) 8 · 5H2O (pentahydrate basic aluminum phosphate). The transparency of the turquoise is opaque and the lower part of the sheet is translucent. Polished surface for the oil glass luster, broken for the oil shades. Turquoise species include Persian turquoise, American turquoise and Mexican turquoise, Egyptian turquoise and turquoise with iron wire.

(Na, Ca) 7-8 (Al, Si) 12 (O, S) 24 (SO4), Al2Cl2 (OH) is a kind of mineral ) 2 (OH) 2, where sodium is often partially substituted for potassium and sulfur is partially replaced by sulfate, chlorine or selenium. The types of lapis lazuli include Persian lapis lazuli, Soviet lapis lazuli or Spanish lapis lazuli, Chilean lapis lazuli.

5. Opal stone: minerals are opal, the molecular formula is SiO2 · nH2O (silica hydrate). As the opal sio2 small beads neatly arranged like a grating, when the white light shot in the above after the diffraction, scattered into the color spectrum, so the opal has a gorgeous eye-catching changing color, especially the most red and most precious. The types of opium poppies include white opal, black opal, crystalline opal, fire opal, gypsum or jelly opal, boulder, opal, Or in the matrix of opal.

6. olivine: olivine is a self-color gem, the common color is pure green, yellow green to brown green. Olivine is not colorless. Molecular formula: (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 (magnesium magnesium silicate). The types of olivine include olivine, topaz, forsterite, fayalite, “dusk emerald” and boro-aluminite.

7. Feldspar: Mineral Classification Feldspar is divided into two main types: Potash feldspar and plagioclase. Molecular formula: KAlSi3O8 (potassium aluminum silicate), NaAlSi3O8 (sodium aluminum silicate). Feldspar types include lunar stone or glacial feldspar, daylight stone or sesame stone, feldspar, river stone or Amazon stone.

8. jade: jade (also known as jade), nephrite. Hard jade is a sodium and aluminum silicate, the formula: NaAl (SiO3) 2. Soft jade is an aqueous calcium magnesium silicate, the formula is: CaMg5 (OH) 2 (Si4O11) 2.

9. Quartz: Quartz is a color of its precious stones, pure quartz colorless and transparent. Molecular formula for the SiO2. The types of quartz include crystal, halo or color red quartz, rutile spot or net rutile quartz, amethyst, citrine, smoke quartz or smoke crystal, hibiscus stone, oriental stone, blue stone quartz, milk quartz, blue quartz or Sapphire quartz, tiger eyes, eagle eyes or falcon eyes, quartz cat’s eye, star or starry quartz.

10. Chalcedony: also known as cryptocrystalline quartz. The formula is sio2. Chalcedony types include chrysanthemum, green chalcedony, red agate, meat red chalcedony, chicken bloodstone, green chalcedony, agate, onyx, jasper, dark green chalcedony, silicon malachite chalcedony, silicified wood

11. Garnet: its crystal and pomegranate seed shape, color is very similar to the name. The general formula for garnet is R3M2 (SiO4) 3 (R, M is an element). Garnet types include iron and aluminum garnet, magnesia garnet, magnesia garnet, manganese aluminum garnet, calcium garnet, calcium chrome garnet.

12. Zircon: the color was red, yellow, blue, purple and so on. The molecular formula is ZrSiO4 (zirconium silicate).

13. Spinel: the color is yellow, green and colorless. The molecular formula is MgAl2O4. Spinel types include red spinel, ruby-colored spinel or ruby spinel, purple or similar magenta-colored spinel, pink or rose-colored spinel, orange-colored spinel, Blue spinel, sapphire spinel or sapphire spinel, like stone spinel, black spinel, iron-magnesium spinel or mafic spinel.

14. Topaz: Topaz is aluminum fluorosilicate, orthorhombic. The molecular formula is Al2 (F, OH) 2SiO4. Topaz species include brown to yellow brown, light blue to light blue, pink, colorless, and other varieties.

15. Tourmaline: extremely complex boroaluminosilicate, which may contain one or more of the following components: magnesium, sodium, lithium, iron, potassium or other metals. The proportions of these elements are different and the colors are different. The types of tourmalines include red, green, blue, yellow and orange, colorless or white, black, variegated gemstones, cat’s eye tourmaline, color stone-like tourmaline.

16. gold lime: a spinel family of minerals, aluminates. The main component is alumina beryllium, is a orthorhombic system. The molecular formula is BeAl2O4. The types of gold and green jade, including stone, cat’s eye stone, variable stone cat’s eye gem and some other variants.

17. beryl: beryl in its pure state is colorless; different variants have different colors because of the presence of trace metal oxides. In the presence of chromium oxide or vanadium oxide is usually become emerald, and aquamarine is due to ferrous oxide coloring. Cesium beryl is due to the presence of magnesium, while the beryllium is made of iron oxide coloring. Molecular formula: Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6. Beryls include emerald, sapphire, maxixe beryl, beryllium, cesium beryl, other transparent varieties, cat’s eye beryl, star beryl.

18. corundum: corundum is a very common mineral, in addition to star gem, only translucent to the transparent variants can be called gems. Molecular formula for al2o3, containing chromium oxide is red, titanium and iron oxide was blue, with iron oxide was yellow, chromium and iron oxide was orange, iron and titanium oxide was green, chromium, titanium and iron oxide was purple The Corundum types include ruby, starry ruby, sapphire, sapphire sapphire, starlight sapphire.

19. Amber: an organic substance. It is a kind of turquoise turf with some ancient turquoise. Molecular formula for the C40H64O4. Amber species include Haipo, Pitper, Cleppo, Block Perot, Lipopolis, Turbido, Puffer, Bone Perot.

20. Coral: is another creature of raw materials. It is the dendritic calcareous skeleton of the coral with the formation of tiny tiny marine population.

21. Jade: Jade is a variant of lignite (the composition is mainly carbon and contains hydrogen and oxygen). It is made of mud by the compaction of the role, drift wood settling to the bottom of the sea, into the buried fine mud, and then into a hard shale, known as “coal rock”, jade is a biological cause. The jade is amorphous, has a dull luster on the rough surface, and is glossy on the polished surface.

22. tortoise shell: is amorphous, with oil luster to waxy luster, hardness 2.5.

23. Synthetic corundum: refers to the associated natural corundum contrast, with basically the same physical, optical and chemical properties of man-made materials.

24. Synthetic gem: refers to artificial gemstones that are basically the same physical, optical and chemical properties as those associated with natural gemstones. Synthetic gemstones include synthetic rutile, strontium titanate, yttrium aluminum garnet, rolled gal garnet, synthetic cubic zircon, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, synthetic rutile, synthetic stone, synthetic diamonds, synthetic emeralds, synthetic Park, synthetic quartz.

25. Boulder: also known as composite stone, which is a kind of two different materials from the bonding of precious stones. The type of double stone is divided according to the nature of the material used for bonding. The type of double stone is garnet and glass double stone, emerald substitutes, Opal stone substitutes, starlight sapphire substitutes, diamond substitutes, and other various imitation stone complex stone.