Quest Diamonds is the real value of the decoration or investment?

Quest Diamonds is the real value of the decoration or investment?
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Diamond, the most brutal tempered, the most natural beauty

People’s life span of just a hundred years, which makes us more long-term things longing. The formation of diamonds is in the depths of hundreds of kilometers underground geological layer by the original carbon heat, pressure melt crystallization, most of the original diamond ore attached to the mica peridotite, in the years ago by the crustal plate changes, volcanoes Eruption, with the magma ejected to the surface under the shallow, and ultimately found by human excavation. There is a saying, “In front of time, we are a passing guest,” while the diamond is the spokesman for time, apply the phrase saying, we can not occupy diamonds, but for future imitation Cartier love bracelet generations custody of it.

Van Cleef & Arpels

The chemical composition of diamonds is carbon C element, of course, occasionally doped with other elements such as iron, chromium, magnesium and other thousands of minerals, commonly known as inclusions or impurities, the less the purity of the contents of the more no more defects. According to the literature records of diamonds was first discovered in India, the origin of diamonds found in South Africa, Congo, Angola, Russia and other 20 countries, especially concentrated in Africa. The mining process is very difficult and time-consuming, and production is scarce, mining mining every 100 tons of minerals can be found before and after the size of a carat of the original stone, we can see a good carat diamond is very expensive and rare. The quality of the original stone in each mine is different, but it is not particularly good or bad which mine, because the diamond crystallization process is exactly the same, even scientists are difficult to distinguish between different origin diamonds any difference.

Because of the expensive and rare diamonds, scientists try to maintain the pressure of about 6000 degrees, atmospheric pressure of about 1000 degrees, simulated diamond formation and then developed artificial diamonds, although the experiment has long been successful, but because of high R & D costs Higher than the cost of natural diamond mining), so there is still no mass production plan.


Investment diamond doorways

Since the financial crisis, we once again concerned about all the “appreciation” or even just “hedge” things, in addition to gold, silver and other precious metals, the diamond is also a lot of people keen to discuss the object. Because since 1934, the diamond price increase much higher than the inflation rate. Therefore, investment diamonds can protect the capital of investors from being eroded by inflation. Diamond prices in recent years, there is a healthy growth, while it is also the most intimate of personal wealth investment. Unlike other forms of investment, diamond investors have tangible assets that are held directly by themselves. During the investment period, he does not need to pay any custodial fees, property taxes, or any liability insurance is required. Of course, diamonds are also different from the general futures commodity investment, because no government will pile up diamond inventory, it will not control or affect the free trade of diamonds. Moreover, the international demand for diamonds is greater than the supply, so diamonds can easily be sold anywhere in the world.

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In ancient times, diamonds were used as a talisman to block evil demons. In modern times, investors can treat diamonds as part of their investments. Such assets, which are usually not geographically restrictive as securities, can be effective against political upheaval or inflation that threaten the accumulation of personal wealth. The natural material in the Earth less and less circumstances, the price of rare gems will naturally go up. But investors must also pay attention to one thing, diamonds are not a short-term investment vehicles, diamond prices will be ups and downs. Before entering this market, investors should have a general knowledge and understanding of the diamond market. It has the same buying and selling price as any valuable commodity. Just like buying a security, you buy it at a low price and then sell it at a high price. Furthermore, you can put such a different investment in your body, add other goods can not give you the added value.

Diamond Art and African Dreams

Diamond Art and African Dreams
Recently, under the global diamond authority De Beers Group, the world’s first diamond brand ForevermarkTM eternal mark, in the top art palace of Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum presented the “Shining Light” Diamond Design Competition winning the world’s first exhibition. 30 young designers from southern Africa with a total of 25,000 total weight of 630 karats of diamonds to show the world their ultimate talent in the field of diamond design.

Diamond Art and African Dreams
“Shining Light” diamond design competition was founded in 1996 in South Africa, is committed to promoting the design of African diamond jewelry and tap the local young design talent, to encourage local designers to design Cartier nail bracelet replica and manual technology to enhance the design of the emerging power, Promote the diamond industry to create a unique international-level precious works.

Diamond Art and African Dreams
The 2010 Shining Light diamond award-winning diamond ornaments, from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana three countries of the designers effort to build, each one is a jewelry designer’s soul The love of Africa, the thinking of life, or the yearning for freedom, can be their source of inspiration and emotions, and finally turned into a bright diamond ornaments on the shine. In addition to bright white diamonds, the works also use the extremely valuable natural black diamond, natural brown diamond, yellowish yellow diamond and Cape of Good Hope diamonds; the design process is innovative and changeable, including the use of the tip-shaped cutting, princess- Long ladder-shaped cutting and emerald cutting and other superb techniques, the original spiritual thinking grid for a sparkling diamond ornaments.

Diamond Art and African Dreams
In the perfect interpretation of the model, full of African-style precious diamond ornaments have been given the life of the aura – mysterious gorgeous arm ring tells the totem faith; clever clever earrings swaying African charm; rich tension bracelet interpretation of geometric perspective; exaggerated aesthetic Headwear highlights the balance of aesthetics. International supermodel Liu Wen finale debut, wearing a set of 935 round brilliant cut diamonds, diamonds total weight of 32 kt La Tieral Replica Cartier jewelry necklace, portrait interpretation of the precious charm of diamonds.
Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
1, simple geometric lines

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
Combined with the rise of industrial culture due to the mechanical aesthetics, to a more mechanical, purely decorative lines to the performance, Art Deco jewelry design to use more geometric shapes or decorated with polylines, the source is still ancient Egypt, Central America And the ancient Indian culture of South America.

2, the integration of oriental elements

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
At the same time from the mysterious Chinese style, the integration of the Oriental elements of Japanese art, but also make Art Deco jewelry is full of magical charm. Art Deco style with innovative design to exotic cultural seal has been eternal rebirth, filled with the magic of the Oriental treasures, expressing Art Deco jewelry on the unique interpretation of oriental culture.

3, the new cutting process

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
When jewelers and artists found the traditional oval, oval, pear-shaped and other more common simple gem is no longer as in the past so that women can resist, narrow and long, kite-shaped, half-moon, swing shape … … All kinds of creative new cutting gem again for the jewelry shape into new vitality, innovative cutting technology for Art Deco jewelry shine.

4, a strong contrast of color

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
Art Deco jewelry bright and bold use of color, and sometimes imitation cartier love bracelet color and even become an important factor in the design, which is a major breakthrough in jewelry design. Color design emphasizes the use of brightly colored, contrasting colors and metallic colors, creating a gorgeous gorgeous visual sense.

5, the wonderful Egyptian style

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
From the 1922 archaeologists found Tutankhamun tomb after 10 years, an Egyptian-style decoration swept the new wave of creative jewelry design inspiration, with the expansion of European and American imperial capitalism, Egypt and other ancient cultural items or Totem, have become Art Deco-style jewelry source material.

6, the use of innovative materials

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
Gold, platinum, emerald, jade, sapphires, coral, amethyst, onyx … … a large number of different materials and categories of gemstones are creatively used in a jewelry among the different materials and gemstones jewelery design A new realm, interpretation of the incredible harmony of beauty and rich levels.

7, the rules of symmetry of the typical design

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
Also by the rise of industrial culture, the impact of mechanical aesthetics, the typical symmetrical design of the symmetry for the identification of the characteristics of jewelry, swept away before the complicated style, revealing rigorous, stable, full of modern style, although the design is simple, , But for the trend of the year and even today’s fashion spare no effort to add a very rhythmic sense of the overall visual impact.

8, by the stage art

Eight identification symbols show the new hot jewelry design
In the early 20th century, Russian ballet and American jazz had a strong and profound influence on the French decorative art movement. Designers will be the stage art of special rhythm, as well as yellow, red, dark blue, green, gold and silver and other bold bold use of color, are projected onto the jewelry creation.

Gold, diamonds, pearl fashion beauty

Gold, diamonds, pearl fashion beauty
Speaking of gold, pearls and diamonds, people think is expensive jewelry. You know the original of these natural precious materials, skin care products and cosmetics is one of the ingredients?

In fact, as early as 6000 BC, the Egyptians have learned to use pearls, coral and other natural resources for the paint, used to smear the body, face and hair, not to mention technology developed today, skin care industry breakthroughs often linked to science and technology. Natural materials are always the goal of scientists to develop and research.

In fact, gold, pearls and diamonds have become skin Cartier love bracelet replica care products and cosmetics, one of the ingredients, also has its unique efficacy and usefulness.

24K gold skin · face more shiny

24K gold is not easy to cause allergic reactions, so already used to deploy cosmetics; In addition, 24K gold can also make the skin look more shiny. In this case,

Guerlain Divinora Pure Radiance

Features: Pure gold particles with moisturizing latex, with a soft skin ingredients, can make the skin completely absorb the release of gold particles gloss, make the skin full of luster, suitable for makeup before the base cream.

Guerlain Midnight Star

Features: Contains blue gold (composed of pure gold and seaweed essential oil) ingredients, with the skin to maintain flexibility and quality of the effect. Evening use, can make tired skin regain vitality.

Flashing diamond · grinding dead skin decontamination master

Worn fine diamond powder has long been widely used in cosmetics, the main function is to bring out a sense of flash.

In addition, the latest use of diamonds in skin care products on the La Mer stressed that the diamond grinding fine than the other components used for frosted surface can be more thoroughly grinding away replica Cartier love bracelet the dead skin surface and dirt, and more fine grinding particles.

La Mer The Refining Facial

Features: Scrub with a very fine diamond powder, can gently remove dead skin cells on the skin surface, dirt and residue. In addition, the addition of smooth marine quartz and acidic fermented mud, suitable for any skin.

Maybelline Strong Pastel Diamond

Features: Armor formula to join the diamond powder, can strengthen the nail keratin, increase flexibility, to prevent nail bifurcation. In addition, nail polish powder inside the manufacturing shiny effect.

Pearl protein · anti-fine lines glory

The protein contained in the pearl will help the lack of elasticity and dry fine lines of mature skin. In addition, the unique color of pearls can also be used in cosmetics, cosmetic products such as pearl surface with the changing luster.

Chanel Les Perles

Features: Contains pearl powder, can be used for eye, cheek, can be molded like a pearl-like perfect luster, this product is Chanel02 / 03 autumn and winter make-up series of limited products.

Kanebo Sensai Ex La Creme

Features: Contains pearl powder, apricot essence, vitamin E and glycyrrhizic acid anti-aging cream, can activate the metabolism of epidermal cells, to provide nutrition and skin moisturizing, protection and improve wrinkles.
When jewelry is no longer just the dinner to show off, when the diamond is no longer just a safe deposit, layers of gold and silver stone jade, they began to become fashionable.

I remember in the ad had seen such a scene: a beautiful woman stroll in the squeeze squeezed squeeze bookshelves, the selection of the book space must always proudly glance at his hand – slender slender ring finger, a diamond streamer Yi Cai. “Who says a beautiful woman does not love reading? Knowledge makes me more confident!” Diamond here, has completely Cartier love bracelet replica abandoned the elegant luxury, the traditional virtues of grace, become arrogant.

Men and women in the same landscape, the man said, “Here the scenery is good,” the woman saw is “sign of trouble.” Fashion jewelry is such a “sign of trouble”, the proliferation and strengthening of the publicity of a woman’s personality, and even traction in her heart the most gentle poetry.

Filled with long hair like the temptation of the network, complex earrings to convey a romantic atmosphere, decorated with beads of jewelery and jeans on the dazzling gem decoration, look strange and mysterious. How fashion, how unique, then how to wear. Jewelry, and a child as a paper-like random stack of paper. When a single piece of gold pinching gold jade ornaments, began with a “plaything” means that the ornaments have to appreciate the value, if there is a sense of a sense of line or geometric process, the taste of fashion is no doubt that the thick .

This era of women, what to wear is not important, what is important to wear; or, what is actually not so important to wear, it is important how to wear. The earrings do not in the tops of the chain zipper head, or pick a memorial ring with a small rope to wear hanging in the collar, or else will be beautiful brooches folder in the plate from the long hair, it becomes a unique Of the hairpin, do a variety of attempts, but do not have to spend more money, both show clever mind, but also feel the taste of art. Such a fashion, so jewelry, more fashion than the woman is always greener.

Platinum style in early summer

Platinum style in early summer
All along, platinum represents elegance and temperament. Platinum female lead, not only has an independent spiritual space, more aware of this increasingly rich world, the rare things even more precious. The early summer, the taste of women with love preferred … …

This summer, platinum will become a new theme of fashion jewelry, bring a different feeling of cool, whether with casual wear or business wear, all seem so appropriate.

According to the release of the International Platinum Association, the spring and summer of 2003 platinum theme of popular jewelry is a necklace, earrings consisting of three pieces of water droplets, the design imitation Cartier love bracelet concept derived from the elegant understanding of water – water, pure eternal. This season’s water drop necklace in the design reflects the slender long pendant, the neck was small arc gently withhold, the female external indifferent calm and heart of the implicit firm perfect combination; earrings also used a long hanging Fall style, vaguely revealing the gentle water of women, the whole group with platinum elegant jewelry restrained luster, intellectual temperament revealed no doubt. The theme of the ring is also very creative, with a single ring with arc eight character ring, simple revealed in the delicate meaning, I believe that for a simple quality of life for women.

In the minimalist style, this season platinum jewelry also launched a water droplet as the design source for the banquet to wear necklace – two rings of platinum chain with layers of pendant drop-shaped pendant, delicate design sketch women rich Of the inner feelings, shine.

Splendor Dance Huaying is the soul of spring, the design of the season and ultimately, of course, these beautiful wizard. Designers learn the elements of flowers and plants, such as butterflies flying, flowers, etc., with a smooth line symbol of jumping life, flashing in the ear between the neck, showing irresistible elegant charm.
Crystal of the value and mystery because it is after thousands of years to grow up the natural ore, each person to buy crystal when they want to buy is authentic natural crystal.

Reporter interviewed the Shenzhen National Center for jewelry and jade testing engineers, he said: “At present, Shenzhen, the initiative to detect the true and false consumers of the crystal is not too much, every year,” 3.15 “may have a few cases, the detection fee is 50-100 We have made the crystal market supervision and spot checks, Shenzhen, there are some businesses to the phenomenon of glass posing as crystal, there are many complaints on this respect.Natural crystal and synthetic crystal in the value of the difference between the large domestic There are natural crystal origin, Brazil imported mostly amethyst.We distinguish between natural and synthetic crystal method is to look at its impurities, the general crystal is the growth of thousands of years, of which there must be some impurities.If too pure or bubble What, it is necessary to suspect that the synthesis of crystal or glass.

It is understood that the current Shenzhen does not require businesses must be attached to the quality of crystal products, the identification of the standard identification of jewelry are recommended, and some businesses will take the initiative to identify the quality of their products, but the crystal is low Products, generally do not have a large number of censorship situation.

According to Lan engineers, crystal can Wangcai, blessing, and so is saying that business promotions, there is no scientific recognition in this regard. But the crystal itself does have a medicinal function, in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” is also documented, crystal powder can be used as medicine, large pieces of crystal can be worn on the body calm down. As for the crystal radiation problem need not worry too much, most of the natural gemstones do not have this problem, but after testing can be easily detected.

Experts point out that the real crystal necklace with axis of light, vertical placed in the sun, can be released colorful luster, no matter from which point of view, are so, not fake. In addition, the real crystal necklace contact with the skin, giving a sense of cool, fake cooler feel lighter. From the purity point of view, the higher the purity of fake.
Where does the woman’s light come from? From her eyebrows, from her slim abundance, from her touch of the trend, or her aggressive? These are, but not completely. Because you missed the woman an important companion — jewelry.

For women of the times, jewelry should not be locked in the safe, but to show off their own charm of weapons; and today’s jewelry design, but also highlights the style of the times, from a more fashionable interpretation of the beauty of a woman.

Shining spar

Recently, people love the crystal and all kinds of colored gemstones particularly popular. Colored gem of cut a striking figure, also make each big jewelry brand have moves. Senior jewelry brand Po Manna Pomellato in this season’s necklaces, rings, earrings design to take a lot of colored stones, such as the Capri Cabri series, the choice of coral, loose green stone, black jade three opaque and deep rich Gem, with diamond-studded white K gold ring, but also to make the gem of the magnificent color stand out; another Nudo colorful series, in the colorful crystal display new ideas, amethyst, sky blue Palto Stone, yellow crystal, yellowish green Crystal ring ring, not only can be worn alone, but also multiple mashup, showing a variety of possible changes.

When it comes to crystal, you can not fail to mention the famous crystal brand Swarovski. In the new season, the new Swarovski jewelry series, through the feathers, fur, chemical fiber and other materials, coupled with cutting-edge technology made of colored crystal, depicting the “rich treasures” trend theme, emphasizing the warm surrounded Feeling, full of nature’s whim, to convey a unique sense of happiness. In addition, Swarovski also specifically for the Asian market launched the “ASIANLINE” series, with butterflies as the theme, using a variety of brightly colored crystal, portraying the dancing butterfly image, very elegant.

Wild pearls

Said a lot of valuable jewelry, it is time to cut prices. Then, talk about pearls. Maybe you will say, not mistaken, pearl is not cheap ah! Do not worry, here talking about pearls, does not mean the kind of precious natural pearls, but this season’s trend of hot goods — pearl chain!

In the season, with any clothing, pearl chain has the finishing touch of the magical effect, Variety play let you change again! To attend a wedding or a formal occasion to attend? Do not worry, just come up with a plain one-piece dress, plus a long pearl necklace around the neck a few laps, you can transform into a fashion “little lady”! If you are enough skinny, maybe you can wear clothing Audrey Hepburn taste Oh.

In addition to pearl necklace, pearl waist chain is also emerging fashion jewelry. It has a double string or single string and other styles, around the waist customs 10,000 kinds; long enough pearl chain obliquely draped over the body, with punk style clothing, do not have a flavor; play a woman’s creativity, the popular small bag with strap Into a pearl chain, suddenly let you look different, gathered everyone’s attention.

Platinum diamonds

In the bright jewelry world, the diamond has been the most popular. In view of this, all jewelry brands are constantly introducing new works, in order to seize the design of talent to seize the market. France’s top jewelry brand VanCleef & Arpels, recently launched a new creative jewelry rain raindrop series, in Japan caused by buying boom, creating the brand’s first sales record. Delicate diamond raindrop shape appearance, can be divided into pear-type drill, round drill, a unique slope installation design, creating a three-dimensional sense of raindrops and floating, fresh and interesting.

Speaking of the best diamond partners, in addition to women, the number of Platinum. Platinum pure and unique metallic luster, and diamonds eye-catching light, can be said to be seamless. Therefore, it created a platinum diamond ring, platinum diamond pendant and other products of hot. In the high-build jewelry gold line sale of the “incitement” series of single diamond platinum pendant, with a unique design and romantic ideas, it became a big hit.

Speaking of platinum diamond jewelry, exclusive sale by Chow Tai Fook “Yan mining” series is also worth recommending. The series of jewelry invited international famous jewelry designer Luo Qiyan design, high purity platinum inlaid exquisite diamonds, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc., simple and elegant design, style, unique, everywhere embodies the charm of modern women.

K gold style

In addition to noble and charming platinum diamonds, the recent hot in the jewelry industry, “K Gold Wave” is equally impressive. Compared with platinum, K gold jewelry not only to win the price, but also bright and elegant color, shape changeable, more suitable for the character of the changing fashion, so that when they sway in their own personality have more space. K gold is gold and other metal fusion alloy, according to the different gold content, K gold is divided into 18K, 14K and other specifications. At present, in the domestic K gold jewelry to the most popular 18K jewelry, while in foreign countries, as long as the style of fashion, chic, any number of K jewelry are the object of people chasing.

As the strength and flexibility of K gold is good, easy to shape, very expressive, which has been favored by jewelry designers, more delicate, more rich to convey the fashion information. In Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, the rich color of gold jewelry K become more fashionable, and some even more than the price of gold jewelry is even higher.

When buying K gold jewelry should pay attention to: look at the manufacturer code (or trademark), if it is diamond jewelry, but also a closer look at the diamond identification certificate; and hand touch welding, corners are smooth, uniform; Whether the chain buckle is firm, the elasticity of the spring is good and so on. K gold jewelry maintenance is equally important: dry physical labor or a bath, you should remove the jewelry, so as not to scratch; in order to maintain its luster, should always be wiped with flannel, expensive K gold jewelry is best regularly sent to the jewelry store cleaning

The past is not optimistic about the domestic jewelry

The past is not optimistic about the domestic jewelry industry will be a sudden emergence of K gold this year, the World Gold Council together the most innovative jewelry industry, the Italian Vicenza Exhibition Bureau recently launched a “summer offensive”, they will be the world’s top 54 gold jewelry designer Of the 200 latest K gold jewelry to China to display. According to the World Gold Council China Manager Wang Lixin has revealed that Hong Kong jewelry giant Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Justgold and Shanghai local Lao Fengxiang, the old temple of gold, Chenghuang jewelry, Tung Wah Jewelry 7 strength enterprises will become Italy Vicenza Exhibition Bureau ” Partners “to jointly promote the K gold jewelry in the country, a large number of the world’s latest trend of K gold jewelry imitation Cartier love bracelet synchronized products will appear in the Shanghai market.

The domestic jewelry market has always valued pure gold jewelry, according to the old temple of gold limited company general manager Chen long introduction, Shanghai jewelry market K gold jewelry sales less than 5%, but in the international market, especially in North America, Europe developed countries, K gold jewelry sales accounted for more than 90% of the huge contrast at home and abroad just confirms the Shanghai has a broad market space. According to Wang Lixin introduced this summer, K gold jewelry market will be novel, different, to show personalized charm, “solitary goods”, “limited edition”

Will become very popular, the specific will form four changes: consumer groups are no longer “popular.”

Domestic gold jewelry with the majority of consumer groups, and K gold will focus on “22-35-year-old urban fashion women”, because they are both strong consumer strength, but also a pioneer in fashion.

K gold will be “deformed.” K gold jewelry for the domestic market, mostly slender bracelets, necklaces, etc., and this is about to market the K gold jewelry make full use of K gold surface polished good, durable good features in the mosaic and modeling to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough . A wide range of odd-shaped stone inlaid, turquoise, aquamarine and other “semi-precious stones”, resulting in a variety of “avant-garde” with a simple geometric figure, “infinite” zoom, forming endless changes in composition, Of the stereotypes.

K gold will break the pure gold jewelry by “g” to sell the custom, and advocate by “pieces” pricing. K gold highlights the personality characteristics, the more odd, the more different, its value is higher. Many in accordance with personal characteristics and fashion with the design of the K gold jewelry its value far more than the heavy gold jewelry. But does not exclude small jewelry, small pendant “close to the people” charm.

Localization features closer fashion. This year, Hong Kong, Shanghai, seven jewelry giant joined the K gold jewelry market, they are on the mainland consumer aesthetic needs and values are very familiar with the recent display of some of the new K gold jewelry, are very close to consumer demand. Zhejiang’s largest private jewelry manufacturing group Sun and Moon Jewelry Group has also accelerated into this emerging market, to participate in the competition.
In fact, as early as ten years ago, the concept of K gold has come to China, but because of the concept of a single consumer, holding more gold jewelry store value, rather than fashion consumption attitude, plus K gold Lack of modeling technology, design style is not enough rich, so K gold jewelry in the domestic market has not been expanded, K gold in the minds of consumers has also not establish a fashionable consumer image.

The development to the present, K gold jewelry face-lift, once again into the forefront of fashion.

Powerful joint development of new gold market

Recently, the world’s largest gold promotion agency World Gold Council in Beijing Zhaolong Hotel announced that China’s gold jewelry market in the full liberalization of the occasion, the World Gold Council on May 12, the joint Hong Kong jewelry companies Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Justgold and Beijing local The famous jeweler dish 100 companies and Europ, in Beijing launched a new K-gold gold in order to promote K-gold gold fashion. Mainly in the 22-35 year-olds as the main consumer groups, hoping to re-build a good image of the gold platform, to re-create a modern fashion sense of gold.

World Gold Council Far East Managing Director Zhengliang Hao said: “At present, K-gold fashion gold is the World Gold Council in China to promote the strategy of one of the three major components, the reason in China to promote K-gold18K gold, Because the Chinese gold market with the full liberalization of Chinese consumer spending power and fashion demand is increasingly synchronized with the world.This will be the world’s popular K-gold fashion into China, and the implementation of overseas jewelry companies and local companies powerful combination Marketing strategy, is used to expand the market now varieties of gold, gold jewelry on the overall increase in the attraction of the young consumer, in order to trigger the reform of China’s gold jewelry industry, enhance China’s jewelry manufacturing, retail global competitiveness. ”

K gold consumer market has great potential

China is currently the world’s third largest gold consumer, the total demand for gold, gold demand dominated, China is a huge market, K-gold gold fashion promotion is full of unlimited business opportunities. This is an irresistible temptation for each business, for the promotion of cooperation between the five Jinggang Jewelers, Chow Sang Sang Gold Jewelry domestic marketing planning manager Cao Xiaorui interview with reporters that the trend in the world of jewelry, K gold Is the mainstream, it is the development of the diversity makes it more broad prospects, so we since last year in Shanghai and the World Gold Council since the cooperation to the present, K gold has become our main line of products, during which the impact is enormous, last year In Shanghai to promote K gold, the overall annual sales growth of an average of 30%, a single store an increase of 40%, the sales volume of gold on the growth of a large proportion. Basically, 20% of the growth is K gold brought.

This year in Beijing to promote, is expected to have more than 20% growth will be brought by K gold, sales of K gold single store will be more than 30% growth last year.

Zheng Lianghao said that the implementation of overseas jewelry companies and local companies powerful combination is to these jewelery companies in their foreign markets for many years accumulated working capital, advanced concepts and the latest gold jewelry design into China, China’s consumers can A taste of the latest international jewelry, and Western developed countries stand on the same fashion platform. Strong cooperation model will be a starting point for the prosperity of China’s gold market will also enhance the overall development of China’s gold industry, I believe that in the near future there will be more and more overseas and Hong Kong and Taiwan gold industry to participate in China Gold Market competition in the past.

Style design presents diversified tendencies

Talking about the current promotion of K-gold jewelry fashion jewelry design, Cao Xiaorui said that this year we are more to increase the intensity of the promotion of gold, the design of the use of contemporary geometric patterns as a feature product, but also choose to add another pattern, the general And more use of colored stones and K gold inlay, olivine, red sapphires to highlight the diversity of K gold. The vegetable company vice chairman Wang Chunli told reporters that the flower-shaped gold jewelry is now a hundred companies to promote the gold jewelry fashion leading products, the evolution of a variety of stamens, flowers and other traditional gold ornaments, but rich in new ideas. Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Executive Deputy General Manager Chen Shichang said that this year’s flagship product will be heart-shaped, through the use of three-color gold to show the diversity of their products.

Intellectual and simple handsome

Floral flowers will always be a source of inspiration for design and creation. This year the French fashion brand Van Cleef & Arpels to create a time to show the beauty of flowers jewelry, with different gems unite the charm of nature. Among them, with a revolutionary gesture, the first direct diamond inlaid leather above the watch in this watch black strap, set with 98 large and small diamonds, like the dawn of dew crystal little bit of wonderful.
In this case,
At the same time also brought Hawaii flowers as the creation of the protagonist to red tourmaline as a petal, together with white diamonds together into a flower, full of beauty of nature.
If you want to follow the trend of the times, in addition to wearing Replica Cartier love bracelet a fashion sense of jewelry and accessories, the personal self-confidence and style is also an indispensable item. Now, from the selection for their own individuality of a single product to start for their own unique charm to create it.

Intellectual and simple handsome

Sweet agreement 2 Sweet series
Sweet agreement 2 Sweet series, geometric elements, intellectual simple three-dimensional modeling gold, with handsome leather cord, both young and stylish. And its exquisite three-color gold, matte, sandblasting technology, leaving gold show unique visual effects, but also an original ring can be worn alone, or with the heart-type refining of a multi-functional design, symbolizing lover ‘ Always in my heart ‘sweet vows, unique ingenuity.

Lucky and fashionable pretty

By Li Lite’s love affair series

According to Li Lite’s love affair series, there is a phase of the two circles, linking the size of the diamonds, full use of lively and pretty elements, a round young girl dream of beautiful diamond ornaments. The other side of it, as if the drill has been wearing the way, not only Y-fashion sense of refining, but also a Chinese auspicious eight-shaped meaning, is one that allows you to take into account the good luck and bright dual-use 墬.

Fantastic dreamlike elegance

The French brand NICETY

From the French brand NICETY, the use of natural materials, crystal and red, Sapphire with a high degree of texture of the two precious stones, the design of a section of both beautiful and beautiful crystal flower jewelry.

You can in this series of new works, feel delicate and delicate Cartier love ring replica jewelry hand, but also allows the crystal flower white and elegant temperament, to bring you a dream of romance and beauty.
“Heart Shape” is always surrounded by love for the couple to do the best endorsement, in this golden, bright autumn, drilling is not an exaggerated jewelry, absolutely able to endorse your heart that sub-eternal love!
The rose-shaped crystal heart-shaped body, wrapped around a ribbon-like pink crystal, warm heart surrounded by deep love

Delicate chic timers, made of stainless steel and white zircon, like the fashionable pendants bracelet

Astrale line of distinctive concentric circles, so that the diamond light to show harmony
Valentine’s Day this year, whether it is popular silver, gold, diamond ornaments market, launched from the home of the merchandise or flagship merchandise, ‘heart-type’ are strong fight, in one fell swoop to become the most popular design.

Elegant product marketing manager Wang Wei said that the market ‘heart’ may be divided into lines and non-line section full of money, the former is the main use of lines to play a heart-shaped creative space, the latter is the entity was the heart State, suitable for the performance of large areas of precious stones inlay.

Heart-shaped design with the occasion of the Valentine’s Day market, Wang Wei that is in line with market trends in the mainstream demand, on the one hand, both men and women are welcome, and for men to buy consumers, it is easy to win recognition, in principle ‘heart’ Jewelry or jewelry has always been the main force, the only difference is the amount of style.

Popular brand of silver FIONA breath in China, Valentine’s Day to push Cartier love ring replica the ten theme of love design, merchandise director Zhao Yunqi said that the heart is very popular jewelry design, but the size of the heart in the size of the work is unique , Whether the designer to play a simple shape of the creative, will determine the heart of a creative work or not.

Heart-type design is not necessarily for Valentine’s Day, but undeniably, the ‘heart’ design is popular, but also the most direct expression of love. Of the design; Swarovski each year in the heart-shaped shape work, especially the giant heart-shaped brooch, almost on behalf of the brand design. Echoing the gorgeous autumn and winter fashion this year, with rose-red crystal heart to make the main body, coupled with the ribbon like a ribbon effect of pink crystal, very heart-shaped brooch for autumn and winter clothing jewelry decoration is also very stylish.

Spring diamond ornaments popular bold colors

Spring diamond ornaments popular bold colors
The long winter has gone, bright spring, what kind of jewelry is the most gorgeous? This season’s new fashion jewelry is what?

Color action

Some people say that this year is the color of the action imitation Cartier love bracelet of the year. As long as you have imagination, a variety of colors can be bold with, so you fully appreciate the fun palette fun.

In this color under the sweeping forces, the color of metal and color jewelry has become an important material for popular jewelry. Royal Swarovski jewelry these different colors, different materials, metal, gemstones together, playing a mashup game, the achievements of a variety of effects and the sense of the level between the inch.

Diamond combination

Diamond is a woman’s eternal favorite, different shapes of diamonds popular, such as rose cutting, triangular, ladder, round, pear-shaped, square, oval and heart-shaped and so on. While the collection of different shapes of diamonds constitute a pattern of another, will be another popular trend.

In addition to pure and noble white diamond will continue to shine in the jewelry industry, the pink diamonds, yellow diamonds may also become the new darling of the trend of jewelry this year, and among the pink roses cutting the most popular pink, with popular rose gold , For jewelry add angry.

Nature Themes

To nature as the theme of jewelry design, show is to enjoy the life of the ordinary heart. Dynamic shapes always bring unlimited surprises, whether it is a series of leaves or twisted spiral, will give your wrist to add luster.

Animal themes have become the darling of designers. Chinese traditional auspicious patterns are mainly dragon, phoenix, beast; European is advocating wild full style, such as leopards, snakes and so on.

Still luxurious

2005 jewelery will also continue the luxury of the wind at the end of 2004, in the style of antique flavor jewelry is also very popular. In style, this jewelry is very complex and luxurious, the choice of material is also very rich. However, through the special treatment for the old, look old, but very honest, as we clean up the old grandmother found the same room when the windfall.

Whether it is heavy metal, texture, diamond firmness, long-lasting, or jade moist, delicate, jade crystal clear, glamorous, or pearl elegant, noble, all feel compelling.
Every season, the streets are lively, here’s endless spring and summer new clothes, the other side of the spring and summer jewelry is eye-catching bright. In this season, when you put on a romantic new clothes, it is also a new jewelry debut when the old temple of gold to the season of spring and summer jewelry together with your wonderful new mood together.
Love is love, love is amour, love is rak, love is love, love is love, love is a selfless dedication – years ago, Weng Qianyu interpretation of love in many languages for us the definition of love in the spring season This season, with Amour love jewelry dress themselves, perhaps cute, perhaps charming, or intellectual, in short, in the love of decorating, no one can be beautiful., In the most suitable dress up their own time of the year.
Spring is the closest to nature’s season, green leaves, red flowers, colorful natural colors, natural color is always fashionable color. White metallic luster, silver Ye Hao, Platinum Ye Hao, K gold worth mentioning, white gloss jewelry continues to be the spring and summer fashion trends, and engraved with Amour’s true love jewelry, is the old temple presents to everyone’s spring and summer gift. Amour love light, sweet love, calm walk through the bustling and mixed, the eternal is Amour love and your pure heart.
Different ages, longing for different love. The age of the flowering season – sprouting love, pure heart, soft and fragile, to fly, like a heart and a pair of slightly open wings, the Amour engraved on the wings, also engraved in the heart; Busy cover up the desire to love the heart, keep looking for Amour you love, will love the heart of this interlocking heart-shaped Amour, flashing luster, looking for the other half to form a complete heart; love the ultimate experience – to find true love The moment, let Amour love ring you and my fate, ring closely, is the heart of the two really agree with the heart.

In this season, the old temple of gold hope that everyone will find their own love.

Pearl – always “black and white with”

Pearl – always “black and white with”
Pearl with its noble and moist to win tens of thousands of women’s favor. It is not as tough as a diamond, there is no K gold, platinum as publicity, but gently, completely captured the beauty of women’s heart, and firmly occupy, can not be shaken.

Lift the pearls, the most familiar should be white pearls. This milky white is also the mainstream color of pearls. Elegant white pearl quiet, soft and other pearls of color can not be compared. Black pearls in recent years was imitation Cartier love bracelet only gradually become familiar with, especially in Tahitian pearls as the representative. This noble, mysterious black is also the typical high-end pearl color. Black and white in the opposite, but also often harmoniously together, pearl jewelry with black and white is a typical example.

In this regard, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), vice president of jewelery, said Dr. Ren Jin: “Black and white is the most intense contrast of the two colors, their combination is the most eye-catching, the most visual impact, so the use of black and white contrast The creation of pearls is not only pleasing to the eye, very fashionable, and can become a classic because the color from the decorative point of view, black and white is a permanent fashion color.

Colorful bead colorful color is always hot sultry, pearl is also its bright colors dress up the beauty of a beautiful family life.

The color of the pearl is not limited to white, black. It is understood that the cultured pearls in the water contains minerals of different, the formation of pearl color is also varied, like pink, rose, golden yellow, brass, gun copper, silver gray, brown, Purple, and so everything, and often accompanied by rose, metallic, green and other colorful halo color. These changing natural halo color to pearl with a more hazy charm, but also makes it stand out from the many popular elements.

According to the survey, the pearl color and color preferences, everyone around the different skin color and this preference is very related. Pink and white pearls with rose-colored colors are popular in the United States and Japan; in France, people love milky white; in South America and Spain, people desire yellow and gold. The famous American opera actress Lillian Nodica has a 28 different colors of pearls, of which the largest one weighing 43.75 karats, was pear-shaped, with a green color.

Today’s consumer market more and more emphasis on individuality, self-diversification, consumers want to use jewelry to express their preferences and personality. Black mysterious and silence, metallic texture and distinguished, silver-gray alternative and glamorous … … Dr. Ren Jin in the “new trends in pearl jewelry design and design points,” a text, said: “colored metallic pearl luster and silky luster With a very special visual impact, such as gold, dark green large particles of pearls on the market has a good appeal.These color requirements are natural, can not be false.There are so many rich colors to adapt to the consumer fashion, expression Psychological needs of the self.

Gentle round beads In the Pearl Culture Festival, the reporter found smooth and attractive round pearl is still the consumer’s favorite. These pearls modest, dignified and generous, just a symbol of the Eastern women’s virtuous, elegant, so has been mellow beads firmly occupy the leading position.

A jewelry sales staff told reporters that the use of this rounded beads made of natural necklace is very popular, foreign friends are fascinated by it. Because it can change with the seasons to carry out different mix, to wear them dignified and generous, and not obsolete.

Round necklace is the most representative of the pearl jewelry, the most traditional and most classic pearl necklace is the same shape and other large and the same color gradient pearl necklace with the same color. This necklace has strict production requirements, that is, the size of the pearl, quality, gloss, color and consistency of each pearl of the requirements are high, our proverb “seven points eight points treasure” reflects the pearl-sized Claim.

Publicity of the special-shaped beads People’s values of the ever-changing jewelry also affected the popular trend. The past, consumers always like orthodox jewelry, ornaments slightly exaggerated on the shape of a wait-and-see attitude. But now is not the case, as long as the exaggerated shape of jewelry is reasonable, exaggerated have taste, exaggerated people will have a huge consumer market heart. Pearl as a traditional, classic representatives are constantly open up their own “thinking” and “market”, the prevalence of shaped beads is the best proof.

Relative to the mild round beads, shaped beads becomes too publicity. But it is this publicity, but also gives it the human side. Because people have different personalities, preferences, style, it makes the world so wonderful, shaped beads in the shape of the appropriate “publicity” of the world’s wonderful – or cheerful and lively, or weird, or maverick … …

Shaped pearls in the past, there is no market in the pearl jewelry market, can only be used as a simple pearl cream raw materials. But now, the international community has been specialized in breeding some special type of pearls, such as pearl crosses, shell pearls and so on, these pearls have been carefully designed to show a lively pearl jewelry style. Shaped pearl jewelry designers on the high demand, because it requires designers to shape their own pearls according to their own imagination and creativity, with a pure design concept to complete the design. This design process has also given the special-shaped pearl “art to create added value.”

Need to share Jiapin bead consumers are cute and smart, they put their own preferences into investment, collection, large particles of high quality pearl nature is their first choice. Large grain pearls can also be artificially cultured, but because the growth cycle is very long, the quality is difficult to get good control, it has been a relatively short, the price is long-term high. However, this also increases the value of its preservation and appreciation of the weight.

When the pearls of popular wind blowing came, I believe there will be more people to join the ranks of pearl lovers, who wear, and my heart was happy, silently sigh: my love / purple pearl / deep in the sea My love / such as the eternal pearl / do not publicity bright colors, quiet and lonely / life waiting in my heart at the end of my heart
Popular jewelry continue to introduce new, expensive is certainly worth collecting, those strange patterns and styles can also be put it down. Metal, shell, glass, plastic, cloth, fashion jewelry dizzying, and now the new favorite jewelry, but also turned into a porcelain.

Porcelain This new material can create a variety of patterns and color changes, colorful crystal and unique ceramic texture, different animals, the charm of nature can be reflected in the fashion trend of accessories and life furnishings, can change Out of a series of blurred, fantastic jewelry boutique, with this year’s popular animal patterns, more urban jungle publicity beauty, full of vitality.

Leopard pattern once applied to the porcelain, do not have some gorgeous flavor. Because the pattern itself is extremely eye-catching, coupled with the porcelain of this material, can set off color. Black spar inlaid in the yellow spar above the color contrast, eye-catching, the background from shallow to dark, full of natural flavor, large and small black particles such as leopard-like asymmetry, more natural.

Porcelain jewelry light was not frivolous, popular this season, Department of fluffy chiffon dress, it seems to be with the perfect match. Fresh and natural porcelain jewelry is most suitable for the season of thin clothes, in the wind Yimou whipped, and slowly appreciate the hidden vitality in the porcelain and passion.

Luxury woman will remember key words

Luxury woman will remember key words
I do not know the big designers whim, or in recent years, the popular natural wind has been boring people boring. In short, in 2006 the women began to reject the ordinary, resist the simple, and luxury has become the theme of their worship. What kind of woman can be regarded as a qualified luxury woman? Remember the three elements of luxury women: trendy, self-love, style. As a standard luxury people, must be a profound understanding of the limited edition material brought about by the spiritual implication; secondly for the fashion style, to be critical to the sharp and have a very personal hobby, so that this private hobby to show them different, Outstanding personality ……

bring it on! Add to the fashion luxury circle, sitting in the costumes, shoes and beautiful leather bag from when the queen-like feeling is that all women can not refuse the temptation to quit addiction. If your answer is YES, then please follow the footsteps of a small note, to experience those who originally belong to the elements of luxury it!

Keywords: limited edition

A wide range of limited edition fashion items is the deadly poison of luxury women. On the one hand, in their minds, the brand has long been unable to meet their psychological needs, only to each of the limited sale of treasures completely occupied, they have a real sense of presence. On the other hand, the limited edition of the degree of preciousness and credit card spending is proportional to. But even so, luxury women still willing to braved the risk of becoming a “negative Weng,” extreme luxury, must be limited. From the inside to the outside, from head to toe, take care of their own breath from the luxurious woman every cell emanating, limit their lives every inch of life, with the top luxury to stimulate their own every nerve. Clothing, bags, jewelry … … the top luxury and the limit of love, like, are fine to the minutiae of the quality, to create the most simple and classic spread, luxury women gestures, luxurious low-key atmosphere filled. Limited edition, fashionable luxury female indispensable favorite.

Classic limited edition: watch

Limited edition watches luxury fashion circles in the boutique, is the highlight of the limited edition game. A luxury watch for the world, is not a simple timing tool, it is her symbol of extraordinary taste. Even if this piece of luxury watch is a man she simply can not wear out the men’s watches, luxury women will still be its own, with no need to secondly, like the collection of antique collectors like the United States and the table is the key.

Take a look, Bvlgari Tourbillon limited edition, equipped with exquisite tourbillon mechanical movement, through the transparent sapphire dial and table back, you can clearly observe the movement of the perfect movement. As for the “jewelry timer” reputation of the count, all the watch case and bracelet must use 18K gold or platinum casting, 6 million yuan of astronomical watches are not its top production. This gluttonous luxury goods, how to be able to dominate the luxury women themselves?

Luxury limit: jewelry

Jewelry is undoubtedly a symbol of luxury, limited edition jewelry more to the luxury to another level, in the ball and other important occasions, a large show limited edition jewelry fashion luxury laps become a common problem.

Fragrance of luxury: perfume

Perfume has been a woman of another grade coat, limited edition perfume has become a luxury woman different representatives. A bottle of perfume, easily tens of thousands, but the limit of this game, in particular, can arouse luxury women want to conquer, want to have the determination, coupled with its outstanding origin is famous brand, has become the focus of the luxury circle trend. Limited edition fragrance generally have two major limitations, one is the limited flavor, people incense was unique; the second is the packaging, the performance of the brand distinguished magnate consistent style. The luxury circle of the most famous perfume brand is undoubtedly the Estee Lauder, her annual routine before the launch of Christmas, from 1968 limited edition solid fragrance series, not only has become a traditional, noble luxury brand has become a brand lovers Year will be “lost” collection.
With over 150 years of experience in jewelery and watch making, Jewelery and Watches, a limited edition jewelery and watch, has been specially designed every year. The limited edition of jewelry and watches in the world is extremely valuable.

This year, Cartier adhering to this tradition, designed to “LOVE” as the theme of limited edition jewelry and PashaC watch.

This in platinum and rose gold to create, set ring and pendant in a design, is derived from the 70’s all the rage Cartier Love small screw-style bracelet; as long as you gently press, the ring immediately transformed into a spherical Pendant, platinum outer ring engraved with Cartier words, built-in rose gold circle there is Love mark, limited and special. Want to make love around you feel your love, this is naturally your inevitable choice.

Want to interpret your unique love for her share of the world limited 3,000 pink PashaC limited edition watch and the world’s limited edition of 2,000 powder purple PashaC watch are carefully selected in No matter when and where, Cartier let you show her the most thorough, most eternal love.
With over 150 years of experience in jewelery and watch making, Jewelery and Watches, a limited edition jewelery and watch, has been specially designed every year. The limited edition of jewelry and watches in the world is extremely valuable.

This year, Cartier adhering to this tradition, designed to “LOVE” as the theme of limited edition jewelry and PashaC watch.

This in platinum and rose gold to create, set ring and pendant in a design, is derived from the 70’s all the rage Cartier Love small screw-style bracelet; as long as you gently press, the ring immediately transformed into a spherical Pendant, platinum outer ring engraved with Cartier words, built-in rose gold circle there is Love mark, limited and special. Want to make love around you feel your love, this is naturally your inevitable choice.

Want to interpret your unique love for her share of the world limited 3,000 pink PashaC limited edition watch and the world’s limited edition of 2,000 powder purple PashaC watch are carefully selected. No matter when and where, Cartier let you show her the most thorough, most eternal love.

Palladium: gold jewelry new favorite

Gold series, this series

Including the “Queen of the stage”, “opposite sex”, “color charm” theme of the three themes, these simple, stylish style side of the city quickly attracted people’s attention.

Palladium: gold jewelry new favorite

Palladium is a member of the platinum family, is the last two years popular new favorite gold. Palladium is currently cheaper than platinum, can be made of jewelry alone, can also be gold, silver, platinum Replica Cartier love bracelet alloy components to increase its hardness. Gold, palladium, gold and platinum and palladium alloys are common on the market. Because palladium and other metals, almost no impurities, high purity, palladium will not cause skin allergies, very suitable for the skin. International palladium jewelry stamp is Pd or palladium words, and the purity of thousands of words, such as Pd950 said purity is 950 ‰, palladium jewelry specifications are marked Pd950, Pd900, Pd750.

In this session of the International Jewelery Show, the International Palladium Association together with the Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association, Shenzhen City Kyrgyzstan UNITA Jewelry Co., Ltd. in the Chinese market for the first time launched three series of palladium jewelry: can not help but heart dance heart dance series; Love from the heart, reluctant to love the series; true heart, revealing the heart trace of the series.

Jade: the beauty of color and meaning

Jade jewelry because of its beautiful color, meaning is also profound as mainstream jewelry into the homes of ordinary people, consumers are beginning to become more and more like jade ornaments, jade jewelry Cartier love ring replica popularity has become a big trend this year. In the exhibition center of the jade jewelry category to bracelets, pendants mainly Guanyin, Buddha, wishful buckle majority, and vivid shape, craftsmanship, color or thick or light, have their different manifestations of the United States. The industry said that the use of Chinese characteristics Jade pendant modeling, which represents auspicious, wishful animals or flowers and fruits, can be worn to protect after the blessing of peace, dispel evil and other evil, by the consumer favorite.

In addition to jade is a rich cultural heritage of the traditional jewelry, it also has a certain role in the human body health care. Jade has a number of trace elements on the person wearing can play a role in regulating microcirculation, play a role in caring for the body, and the secretion of the human body oil, sweat, jade absorption, the emerald gloss can be improved, A certain degree of conservation.

Precious metal jewelry buy tips

Precious metal jewelry (including gold, platinum, K gold and palladium, etc.) with its charming color, hedging function, in the jewelry family occupies a very important position. Experts point out that there are tips to buy Cartier love ring replica precious metal jewelry.

In the purchase, we must first look at the logo printed on the jewelry (that is, jewelry mark), the label includes: manufacturer code, purity, materials, and diamond jewelry main diamond (0.10 carats and above) weight. Second, look at the appearance of quality, jewelry surface to be smooth, no filing, scraping, hammer and other processing traces. Edge edges, sharp corners should be smooth, no burrs and welding firmly. Surface treatment, consistent color, light without water stains, imprint to be accurate, clear, the appropriate location.

In addition, experts advise that the precious metal jewelry is calculated by weight and processing costs, so also test jewelry weight, gold jewelry, each piece of tolerance is 0.01 grams. Commonly used in the detection of precious metal jewelry in several relatively simple methods are: fire method, that is, after the red-hot jewelry cooling, such as yellow is still gold, if black is fake. Hardness gold test method, the gold teeth with biting, can leave traces of gold, or false; there will be cast on the hard ground of gold, listening to the sound is boring is true, the sound is clear and false.

How to care for jewelry

Gently, avoid collision and friction. Gold, K gold, platinum or jewelry has not been inlaid precious stones, should try to avoid the impact and friction, to prevent rupture or surface luster. In addition, do not wear two pieces in a normal or adjacent place.

Avoid contact with high temperature and acid and alkali solution. Not pure gold or pure platinum jewelry, subject to high temperature (Refers to the fire barbecue) or the case of acid, alkali solution, vulnerable to Fake Cartier love bracelet damage or erosion. Daily use of cosmetics in some of the chemicals will also gold, silver, platinum jewelry have an impact. Therefore, during household chores, sports activities, should be removed jewelry, so precious stones, gold and silver jewelry damage.

Always check to prevent gems from falling off. Set in gold and silver jewelry on the gem,

Often only by a few gold and silver claws will it fixed, not very reliable, even with the package inlaid way, but also often check its solidity, found the problem in time.

Timely removed, pay attention to cleaning and preservation. Wear jewelry in conjunction with the season, seasonal venues and other aspects to consider, when not in need of wear, it should be timely removed properly collected. Do not wear jewelry, they must be promptly cleaned and then save.

Cleaning can choose to do professional jewelry goldsmith professional cleaning, they can often do simple cleaning. Take a bowl of warm water, which add a few drops of neutral detergent, and then use soft glasses cloth or a small brush dipped in water gently wipe the jewelry. To be washed away after the dirt, then rinse with water look at jewelry, placed in ventilated place to dry. When the jewelry is finished, put it in the jewelry box and save it. When placed, do not put together a number of jewelry in a box, do not use a soft cloth wrapped with multiple jewelry, so as not to wear each other between the jewelry.