Self-ming table which in addition to the three asked the table function the biggest difference

Strike (Strike), refers to those who do not have man-made control can automatically report the time and time, which can be divided into large large table (Grandstrike) and small small table (Small strike) two categories. Both can be in the clock to run to the “whole time” and “engraved” clock automatically sounded, but the small self-recording in the automatic Cartier love bracelet replica when the car is no longer repeat the whole timekeeping. As the name implies, the difference between the table and the question table is that the self- Combined with two questions, three asked function and self-Ming table works in the pocket watch era has appeared, which also includes a “mute” conversion device, so as to apply to different use of the environment. Because of the complex structure, manufacturing is not easy, so far made a large self-Ming table, but only Bulgari Jie Luo respect (formerly Jie Luo Zunda), Audemars Piguet, Philippe Dufour, FPJourne, Bulgari Daniel Roth (formerly Daniel Roth) and a few brands such as Frank Muller.

Self-ming table
Bulgari big questioning table
The difference between the table and the three questions:
Self-ming table, which in addition to the three asked the table function, the biggest difference is to automatically report time. Because it is more than a set of newspaper clockwork, but also select the newspaper when the moment, or punctual times or mute that is 15 points each, 30 minutes, 45 points it will automatically sound, to tell you now is a few Engraved, and some can only be engraved. Each punctuality will automatically report the same as the old fashion clock when the same time to knock a few times. When you always want to know the time as long as the light handle, it will report when the newspaper, newspaper, reported points, such as three asked the same table.
Three of the table issued by the sound of its very elegant and pleasant, and the tone is very easy to distinguish you, engraved, minutes, most of the double hammer structure, three hammer less seen, there are many Cartier love ring replica special hammer will report Similar to the London Westminster Temple Dapeng bell bell, there will be playing a wonderful melody music table.
In short, it will report the time, because it is a lot of about 300 pieces of components, sophisticated and complex, so it is much more difficult than the other table. Now the new question is expensive, millions are not surprising. Today’s antique pocket watch because of the small number of people to buy, so the price is low. Of course, the special, famous factory, the name of the pocket watch made by hundreds of thousands of people. But about one or two hundred thousand can also buy a complete product, the function of normal, the 1900’s 18k gold three asked pocket watch, to ensure value for money, in addition to preservation, collection, enjoyment can also be handed down from generation to generation.
The beauty of the watch, so that each table has its own charm in many ways, such as diamond, enamel painting, the introduction of new materials, different straps, etc., but the most direct or from its pointer to start, After all, to read the time is bound to focus on them. With the continuous development of watches, the progress is not just the structure of the movement, the designers also provide more “show time” way – big three-pin, small three-pin and standard pointer. Big three-pin, small three-pin and specification pointer

Big three-pin, small three-pin and specification pointer
Big three needles:
Hour, minute, second hand is there, and share a dot, which is the third needle. And we said that the three-pin watch, usually refers to those who only have the time indicator function of the basic table, up with the display calendar.
Big three needle looks the most common, no color, even without the scale can be more efficient and clear delivery time information, the three-pin This is a very efficient, effective and classic graphic information symbols.
Small three-pin:
Small three-pin is the time, the minute hand to share a dot, the other to the small seconds to establish a separate small disc, a separate display of the second hand running. That is, the original two-pin table based on the opening of a small window to the second hand to use. Small three-pin is also called short three-pin, two needle half.
Small three-pin more retro, some “instrument sense”, the dial is relatively large three-pin slightly complicated. From the history of the development of watches and clocks, the watch is evolved from the pocket watch, the second hand is designed in the watch on the four wheels, so the first appearance of the second hand is in the four round position, not in the axis, This is the small Cartier nail bracelet replica three-pin. Later, technological progress, and only a large three-pin.
Specification guidelines:
The specification of the pointer seems to be mentioned as the chances are not that big. Regulator, which means the regulator standard table, was originally born in the 18th century, designed for school watch school on other watches on the time of use. Its dial, minutes, the second hand according to one side, which can effectively avoid the coaxial pointer between the overlapping of the visual error caused, therefore, Regulator is also known as the specification pointer watch.
GMT is the standard time of the world where Greenwich is located. Now is not only the astronomer use of Greenwich time, that is, in the news and newspapers often appear on the term. We know that there are places around the time. If a major event on the international, with local time to record, will feel complicated and inconvenient. And the future is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, the astronomer to put forward a we can accept and easy to record method, that is, the local time of Greenwich as the standard.
GMT Standard Time:
Greenwich Mean Time refers to the standard time of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the suburbs of London, since the prime meridian is defined by the warp there through. In theory, the midday of the Greenwich Mean Time refers to the time when the sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian. Because the earth is moving unevenly in its elliptical orbit, this time may be 16 minutes from the actual sun. Earth’s daily rotation is somewhat irregular and slowing down slowly. So, GMT is no longer used as a standard time. Current Standard Time – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – provided by atomic clock. Since February 5, 1924, the Greenwich Observatory has distributed information to the world every hour.
As the Earth’s orbit is not circular, its speed and the distance between the Earth and the sun changes and change, so the lack of uniformity when the sun. The length of the sun day is also affected by the inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation relative to the track surface. In order to correct the above-mentioned inhomogeneity, astronomers calculate the effect of the non-circular trajectory of the earth and the tilt of the polar axis on the sun. When the sun is the sun when the revised sun. In the Greenwich meridian on the flat sun called the world (UT0), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Beijing time and GMT time relationship
GMT is the central time zone, Beijing in the East 8 District, a difference of 8 hours, so Beijing time = GMT time +8 hours

How to change the strap? Sometimes the watch strap and the wearer’s wrist is not very suitable

How to change the strap? Sometimes the watch strap and the wearer’s wrist is not very suitable or when the watch strap damage, need to change the strap. But there are many friends will not be replaced, for fear of breaking the table. In fact, the replacement watch strap is not difficult, the following watch home to teach you how to replace the watch with it!
How to change the strap
1, metal strap. When the watch spread out, the strap on the discount letter or logo to the same dial, if it is reversed, that is, straps installed anti. You can use the thumb on the clasp on the right, butterfly buckle imitation Cartier love bracelet can only see if the logo and dial is a smooth. Strap anti, open and close must not easily.
2, if there is no tool, in fact, usually the screwdriver and toothpicks can also replace the popular science, which is installed inside the stick shape of things called raw ears, is the belt above the axis. There are springs at both ends for easy loading.
3, then remove the old strap. With a concave piece of tools to catch a small ear at the end of the ear, and then press down to compress the spring, so that the ears become shorter, we can unload it
4, and then you can install a new strap with the first strap to get through (the new loaded up.
5, fitted with raw ears, pressure on the side of the ear, the ears into the hole on the watch, you’re done.
When buying a strap, the width of the original strap must be accurate. Note that the general interface is flat strap better change, if it is convex or other shapes may be customized or hands-on transformation.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch? Some friends are really not very clear about this problem. For this watch home to tell you about the difference between quartz watch and electronic form it!
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
Quartz watch is the drive part of the table is driven by crystal oscillator mechanical gear, do not have the winding, as long as the battery on the line. The electronic watch is liquid crystal display, there is no mechanical part Replica Cartier jewelry , pure electronic things. The difference between the two can be seen as a semi-mechanical equipment, one is electronic equipment.
First, the energy source
Quartz watch, is able to electronic chip timing, issue timing pulse, drive permanent magnet stepper motor to drive the mechanical pointer display time, but also by the battery to provide energy.
The electronic watch is made with an electronic chronograph chip, with a 7-digit LCD digital display time watch. More features. Powered by button batteries to provide energy.
Second, the origin of the era
Electronic watch originated in the mid-1970s, with small-scale integrated circuits as the main body to liquid crystal display display time, that the majority of digital. Electronic watch which actually uses a quartz crystal oscillator to make the reference reference frequency, but the accuracy is not as good as the later arrival of the quartz table reference frequency so accurate.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
The quartz watch did not begin to appear in the 1980s. The main feature is the use of high reference frequency of the quartz oscillator, the accuracy is much higher than the electronic watch, the quartz watch when the second hand is a cell jump, travel is very accurate, generally require months less than 15 seconds, there are three and two Two kinds. Good quartz table monthly error of less than one second is definitely not a problem, and no matter how good the electronic table on the error at least a few seconds, dozens of seconds is very common. A battery is generally available for 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years or so.
Third, shock / water / magnetic capacity
Electronic watch shock capacity is limited, in the strenuous exercise, it is best not to use. Electronic watch waterproof capacity is also strong, but should try to avoid water, such as rain to prevent splashing rain. Quartz electronic table anti-magnetic ability than the mechanical table worse, so pay attention to away from the magnetic field.
What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?
With the progress of science and technology, integrated chip is getting smaller and smaller. Electronic watch and quartz table also began to complement each other, some electronic watch also uses a mechanical transmission mode to indicate the time, and digital display coexist, which in some brands of many models can be seen, but it is actually electronic watch The Some quartz watches also use microprocessors to increase the calendar function, but not too popular. The purpose of the quartz watch or the use of indicators to show the time to maintain the characteristics of the mechanical watch, it is difficult to completely improve the other display.
We know that the watch is often printed with “EAT” three letters, some people may not know what this means. In fact, this is the meaning of the EAT movement. EAT is the world’s largest manufacturer of finished and semi-finished products. The following watch family and everyone to see the details of the EAT movement.
ETA movement is what it means
ETA What is the meaning? ETA movement as the cornerstone of Swatch, its history to trace to the end of the 18th century: 1793 to establish a watch factory. 1855 and opened another specialized manufacturing “Ebauches (semi-finished watch core)” factory. It was later named ETA.
As the world’s largest watch and movement of one of the producers, its annual output has billions of dollars. ETA main business: to ensure that the Swiss watch technical research; the development of low prices for the accessories, movement and the whole table of large-scale production; master watches and production machines all the technology; bulk assembly movement and watches; ETA self- Development.
Many Swiss watches have used ETA movement, such as Breitling, Fortis, British Nag, plum, and even Rolex have used ETA movement. And to ETA movement as the basic improvement of the watch brand there are nations, Oris, TAG Heuer and Tudor and so on.
ETA movement as one of the world’s largest watch movement manufacturers, which has a strong technical precipitation and strength, covering all the basic watch function! ETA movement using the watch you think, how about ETA?

These are the same as those on the other packing details of the Seiko watch

Japan Seiko SEIKO has the world’s top mechanical technology and crystal technology, in the superb manufacturing process, SEIKO Seiko watch extraordinary performance. The market’s counterfeit precision watches also show more and more fine level. So how to distinguish the true and false watches?
Seiko watches how to distinguish between true and false
First, check the back of the serial number and model.
The 6-digit serial number on the back of the Seiko watch imitation Cartier love bracelet represents the date of manufacture. In 1970 before the serial number is 7 digits, in addition, there are some limited edition of the Seiko table will have a number of signs, such as 80/200, meaning the limited edition of 200 only the first 80.
Seiko table of the movement number and model in the table below the dash with the place. Such as 7T92-OKEO, the first four representatives of the movement number, after the four representative models. These are the same as those on the other packing details of the Seiko watch. In addition, pay attention to all the lettering on the back of the table is clear and neat, evenly arranged.
Second, check the front panel of Seiko watches.
The bottom of the dial 6 o’clock position and the table is exactly the same after the movement number and model, inconsistent is false. Carefully look at the middle of the middle finger pointer watch signs, etc., pay attention to identify SEIKO and other fonts are correct, below the letter is correctly linked together. How the subtle places are very likely to be false.
Third, check the manual watch manual and warranty.
Check the manual table of the use of manual printing is fine and bright colors, the above models and models corresponding to the model. Because there are many false watch instructions are copied, color and printing accuracy will decline.
The new Seiko watch with quality assurance. Quality assurance may vary by style and country, but note that the above print quality must be of high quality, but it can not be ruled out that some false forms have a genuine quality certificate.
Rosini watches with excellent personality design, excellent quality, excellent performance, in the watch industry has enjoyed a high reputation, the brand has been recommended for the professional one of the brands. The market is also a lot of fake Rosini watches. So, how to identify Rossini watches true and false?
Rossini watches how to distinguish between true and false
1, view the watch on the body
Normal watch on the article should be gently turn. Turn the head of Replica Cartier jewelry the article, the first feel more loose, gradually more tight, when it can not be followed by turning the head, which is full, the watch can work properly. If the rotation of the head when the article, the occurrence of abnormal noise, indicating that the watch in addition to failure.
2, see the brand logo
Genuine Rossini watch Logo for the super laser steel seal, clearly visible, fine craft; the other hand imitation goods, low-end low-quality, blank no Logo.
3, check the watch appearance parts
Watch the appearance is mainly from the shell, table mirror, dial and time on the clock to indicate the number of seconds and other aspects of the pointer. The case is complete without scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell with a good no loosening; two watch ring and the case of the distance, the installation of the hole should be in the case of the foot of the position, Appropriate, so that the table ring is not easy to peel.
4, check the table dial needle institutions
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation evenly. Inspection should focus on check the wheel and the central wheel friction with the tightness. In the dial, if there is no loose or tight feeling, indicating the sub-wheel friction normal and refueling amount, on the contrary, dial machine parts are faulty.
Young, sexy, brave adventure is GUESS watch the same spirit. GUESS watches for the global longing for vitality, the pursuit of fashionable young consumers and designed, so strongly favored by young men and women. But the market is still a lot of counterfeit Giles watches, the following watch home to tell you how to identify the GUESS watch true and false!
GUESS watch how to distinguish between true and false
1. Observe the appearance of Guess watch
Where the original watches, especially men’s watches, should be printed on the back cover of many letters, indicating Guess watch name, production country, all steel or semi-steel waterproof watch, anti-magnetic watch, shock watch or shock Guess watches (see the back of the common watch appearance of the English alphabet mark), and engraved with a watch brand dedicated trademark logo. In addition, there are some figures, used to indicate the Guess watch the number and shell number. Counterfeit watches on the back of the carved with some of the patterns and letters are very rough fuzzy, unknown shell number and movement number.
2.Guess watch dial
Counterfeit watches on the dial, although printed letters that movement, to SHOCKPROOF letters to indicate the shock table, but this type of Guess watches usually have more flaws and defects on the dial, such as Guess watch dialed in the wrong, sub-line blurred, Plate or trademark letter, the pattern is not tight on the dial, the disk has more scratches, discoloration and night point off, etc., and the night point are added to the inside of the word in the disc, the night point is larger and uneven , There are watches and night out the night and the pointer on the night point of color inconsistencies. Some calendar days, weeks of counterfeit watches have such characteristics: from the calendar window looks like, the calendar dial outside the tilt back, or calendar dial is plastic quality. Weekly dial is marked in Chinese (except the Japanese table) or the right side of the day with the English word, the left with the number.
3. Watch the Guess watch head
The trademark or letter mark of the counterfeit watch is blurred or printed with 100% W ~ P words, and the steel Guess watch uses a semi-steel head.

Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary in addition to a simple look at the time

Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary, in addition to a simple look at the time, more importantly, reflects the men’s taste and demeanor. So choose a suitable for their own watch is very important! The following watch home to talk about men’s watch dial how much it!

All along, there is a huge debate on the size of the watch. Enthusiastic watch enthusiasts like to talk about what size they watch the best watch, and what watch size is “wrong”. In fact, there is no “wrong” watch size, only “not suitable” watch size.

Choose what watch size and personal style and taste imitation Cartier love bracelet related. If you want to be younger or more dynamic, then the larger size usually looks more appropriate. In addition, if you are well-dressed or more conservative, then the medium-sized watch can be given priority.

Recommended men do not take a small size of the watch, because men wear small size watch will look yin soft, or feel like wearing a child table.

Large and medium size watch the most suitable for standard dress. While the oversized watch worn on the wrist and too big.

The ideal is that the watch case and wrist almost the size, try not to exceed the edge of the wrist. Imagine your wrist is a plate, you are in the food, of course, do not want food to overflow. So, in the end watch to how big, this is a personal preference, but remember not to exceed the wrist.

If you want to buy a medium size watch, there is an unwritten rule, that is the watch case at least three quarters of the wrist. Otherwise, will make people feel feminine.

Sometimes, a relatively thick table will look wide, a thin table looks small. Most men think that watches with a diameter of 40-44 mm look good, because this size is large and medium size for them. If your wrist is small, then the 36mm table in some cases more suitable, but Xiao Bian personally think that please try to avoid the choice of 38 mm below the watch.

Watch now as an important jewelry, can highlight the wearer’s temperament and taste. But the table is too expensive, so that the average person is difficult to accept! The following watch home to talk about which brand of high cost performance!

Often hear people around said: good goods are not cheap, cheap no good goods. How much money will be able to get polished how fine things, but does not mean a piece of more than ten thousand yuan of Patek Replica Cartier jewelry Philippe travel time than a piece of 2000 Timels to be accurate, to be durable and stable, but in fact Tissot battery table than Patekar’s Mechanical to go more accurate is certainly; simple from the mechanical point of view, each brand has its own senior watchmaker to design, transformation, grinding those from the ETA into the blank movement, this process is a Kind of value, but also reflected in the quality of the watch.

Buy the table to be in line with the identity

If you are a company manager, and others talk business, a hand, a cheap domestic quartz watch, wow! Business may not do. Or you just squeeze the bus of the people, a hand, ROLEX! Do not care people will think you are stealing or wearing a fake charge. Accidentally bruised, had to feel bad for several months! So, the Chinese people to buy a table with two months of monthly salary just right. It is neither too bad nor consistent with your identity. Such as monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, buy a block of about 4,000 yuan on the table just fine. ZENITH features succinct, OMEGA’s butterfly fly with elegant features, super-walk is the road to complex performance, Breitling to fly the main time of the flight, etc., to be able to buy their own style, such as ROLEX to rough, rugged features, Different tables are suitable for people of different levels and different needs. To choose the table that suits your identity and environment.

Cost-effective watch brand recommended

On the vast number of consumers, I can say is that the United States, Tissot, Longines are good, but the skirt grade is slightly lower, Longines higher prices. If you like the Swiss mechanical watch, and tangled prices, then the United States may be more suitable for you. First of all it and Tissot, Longines are a group under the different brands only; Second, it is the main mechanical watch; third is affordable, cost-effective, white-collar workers more acceptable.

Now very popular wear leather strap the reason is that it is relatively soft

Now very popular wear leather strap, the reason is that it is relatively soft, clothes and comfort, but also to avoid wearing a stainless steel strap exfoliation of nickel metal on the body caused by allergic reactions, and then appear high grade. Therefore, pay attention to people generally prefer to use leather strap.       Leather strap style is also varied, there are crocodile leather Crocodile, lizard skin Lizard, cowhide Cow, ostrich skin Ostrich. The most common is the leather strap. To be strong and durable, leather imitation Cartier love bracelet strap than the metal strap certainly not work. Normal wear leather strap life is 2-3 years, so maybe it is a “consumable”. But one thing is certain, as long as the usual normal wear and do care, you can greatly improve its life, and the reason to wear shoes is the same.Maintenance       And other cortex things like leather strap is the most taboo is the water, a long time immersed in the water, leather strap will soon become brittle, but also includes people’s sweat. So absolutely can not wear a leather strap watch to swim (or do a long time to contact the water thing), long sweat soaked, but also make the table moldy taste. If it is particularly sweating people, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. In addition to the hot season, are more suitable for wearing leather strap, so many people are equipped with metal and leather two straps, in the cool days for the epithelium, and in the summer when the metal. There are more careful people, will watch the original imported strap removed, and usually equipped with other specifications of the strap to replace the other, these are a wise move.       Long-term strong sunlight, will make the skin surface color decolorization, but also to accelerate the aging of the cortex, some chemical reagents will make the surface color of the strap color or bleaching; and wear too hard when pulling, Fixed position is also prone to cracks, (the greater the corner bending rate easier to break) so wear the strap should also be careful to do so carefully.       A little bit of the strap, the two edges of the strap are sewn with the line; low-grade some of the basic are sticking with plastic, strap water (sweat) or mildew, which stick the most easy to open the location of plastic. If you find a plastic or surface cracks, it is necessary to immediately replace, to prevent the loss of table.       Belt Belt Hard to wear a strap for a long time, in addition to produce odor, the “hardening” is also a common Replica Cartier jewelry symptom. If the strap is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening rate, perspiration will erode the cortex, so that the strap deformation, hardening or even broken, inexplicably caused the loss of the watch or fall. So in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, the strap hardening do not go to twists and turns it, timely replacement of the strap is absolutely necessary. With a little money in exchange for beautiful and beautiful appearance, but also to avoid unnecessary losses, do both, why not?       Belt table do not always wear, if there are two tables can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap, wearing a different table (belt), not only can reduce the risk of human damage, but also to get enough to rest the strap. In addition, the belt table wear itself is a continuous wear and tear of the process, if not day to run it naturally can accompany you longer time.Cleaning method       Leather strap cleaning, you can use a moist and soft cloth dip “wash spirit” to wipe the surface of the strap, and then quickly put on the cloth stained with water, and then put in a cool place dry. General leather oil can be used for leather strap maintenance, it is best every two months to wipe the strap, and then use the “Bili beads” (a common leather protective agent) to do some wipe maintenance.       Sweat on the leather strap damage as far as possible not to sweat when the belt will be very short to shorten the life of the strap so in addition to the usual time to be placed in a cool place to cool and dry in the leather strap with a smell when the toothbrush Toothpaste cleaning the inside of the belt to pay attention to quickly wipe a few times immediately after the dry cloth wipe dry, the other can be wiped with vinegar, with a cloth gently across the cloth several times.       But the production of strap odor is the biggest trouble with the belt wearer. When the strap to produce odor, the toothbrush stained with a little soapy water, quickly scrub dirty place, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To avoid the infiltration of soapy water into the cortex, the whole process is best completed in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also be painted on the strap leather oil, leather oil on the strap with a protective effect, allowing maintenance work more complete.       Can not be washed with water If the watch is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening speed, perspiration will erode the cortex, will be deformed, hardened or even broken when not in the cool place to cool the dry table with a smell when used Toothbrush Toothpaste Wash the inside of the belt quickly wipe a few times immediately after a dry cloth.

Watches can be bound at the same time the two parents of the phone number regardless of the child or parents

Wei Xiaobao’s predecessor is 360 children guards, from Zhou Hongyi in a time and beautiful technology Shao Guoguang chairman of the conversation, talking about the child’s security problems, see the community a lot of negative news (children lost), Zhou Hongyi expressed anxious Worried. It would be possible to design such a product, to provide positioning, remote monitoring and other functions to protect children’s safety. So the two sides reached a cooperation, by the beautiful technology is responsible for hardware design, 360 team responsible for software development, after several optimization, 360 children guards finally come out, the market response is very good.
Wei Xiaobao children’s smart watch how, okay? Wei Xiaobao children’s smart watch introduced
Wei Xiaobao children watches, is a child and parents Replica Cartier jewelry for the interaction between the design of hardware and software combination of intelligent products. Through the watch and supporting mobile phone APP connection, to achieve two-way call, intelligent positioning, a key SOS and other functions.
However, in the follow-up product improvement, Zhou Hongyi and Shao Guoguang had disagreement, Zhou Hongyi adhere to the positioning and monitoring functions, and Shao Guoguang that the current civilian GPS there is no small error, only the call function to better solve the parents and Children in emergency contact problems, direct calls to better protect the child’s safety. So Shao Guoguang with their years of experience in the communications industry, research and development to create a mobile phone brand positioning – Wei Xiaobao.
Practical function
Two-way call narrows the distance with the child
Watches can be bound at the same time the two parents of the phone number, regardless of the child or parents, can start anytime, anywhere calls, family interaction.
Family Directory Stranger Do not disturb
Can be in the baby Xiaobao APP family name book set 20 family number, non-family number can not dial the child phone, give the child a pure blue space.
Where the child is in one hand
Watch GPS + LBS dual-mode smart positioning, no matter where the child, parents can view the child’s location through the phone client.
Real-time trace cloud data is permanently saved
All the data uploaded to the “financial level” cloud server, can accurately imitation Cartier love bracelet identify the child’s trajectory, parents can get the child’s mobile robot APP trajectory, to understand the child’s behavior habits.
Emergency call for help
When the child encountered a dangerous situation, a key SOS sent information to the parents of mobile phone APP, the parents had to know, is to give children a more security.
600mAh battery capacity life more durable
To meet the needs of the actual 2-3 days of the child, gel polymer battery with no explosion, slow down the advantages of capacity, so that children use more safe and intimate.
Safe and environmentally friendly children to wear more at ease
Watch the radiation is basically zero, can be ignored, the use of silicone materials to meet China, the EU safety standards, parents do not need to worry about wearing safety issues.
There are many kinds of watch material, the market common watch material: stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten steel and so on. And today our protagonist is tungsten steel, the following and watch the home to see how tungsten steel watch, okay!
Tungsten steel watch with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness is better, heat, corrosion and a series of excellent performance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance.
Tungsten steel attributed to carbide, also known as tungsten and titanium alloy. Hardness can reach 89 ~ 95HRA, because of this, tungsten steel goods (common tungsten steel watch), with easy to wear, solid is not afraid of annealing, but the characteristics of crisp. So tungsten steel strap also has a fear of throwing, it is difficult to find accessories defects.
Tungsten steel is another space ceramic after another for the masses of buyers to seek high-tech goods, it is used to break the machine within the aerospace technology, now converted to civilian. In fact, tungsten steel is very much so that consumers like the local, this information and the usual watch with the information is not the same, its hardness close to natural diamonds, easy to wear, brightness, such as mirror, never fade, and can accept mechanical shock The strengths.
Tips: wear the best not to touch the strong acid for a long time, strong alkali material to adhere to the outstanding luster, the use of the process, do not scratch with a solid material to avoid damage to the appearance of the watch.

Tungsten steel watch also has a high hardness is not easy to wear characteristics

Ceramic watches and tungsten steel watch which is good? These two materials are belong to the special material band. Some friends may be tangled in the two materials, do not know the election that. The following watch home to tell you ceramic watch and tungsten steel watch which is okay!
Ceramic watch will be very fine zirconia powder, the powder into the mold after the high pressure in the Celsius more than 1000 degrees high temperature sintering furnace to form a difficult to wear Cartier love bracelet replica ceramic parts, and then polished with diamond powder, and then made. Its surface finish high, small density, strength, light weight, physical stability. Electrical insulation, high temperature, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion, heat shock, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, will not discoloration. The tungsten steel table also has high temperature, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion, heat shock, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, will not discoloration.
Tungsten steel watch also has a high hardness is not easy to wear characteristics, but wear out more grades. If it is a man to wear, it is best to choose tungsten steel watch, because brought out people feel very generous. If it is a girl, then you should wear a ceramic watch, so the words will appear more solemn.
Venus was founded in 1999, the brand name from the Chinese Venus, when the value of Venus is for consumers to create a prominent style, distinctive fashion brand, with a reasonable price for the Chinese young, white-collar, fashion People to provide rich, exquisite fashion products. When the watch is a watch industry veteran side by side to create a high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands.
Wino watch watch price, how much money when the watch
Wei Nuo from the beginning of the creation has been “superb technology, careful heritage” as the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong design research and development strength, with outstanding design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing industry advanced technology, Core parts, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment.
How much money when watch?
Wei Nuo watches watch in the domestic watch, has a good quality. Exquisite Fake Cartier love bracelet style, suitable for young people. The price is usually between $ 100 and $ 5,000.
A reference to the professional diving watch, we will fall into the water to think of the water ghost and 50 噚, but in the diving table in the world far more than two of them, and the following several professional diving table, will tell you another A professional diving watch in the world. Underwater sports often need accurate time measurement, which has a certain diving performance of the watch also came into being, but also formed a movement in a special category. Whether it is a professional diver, or ordinary underwater sports enthusiasts, a good performance diving watch is their best partner. What is the diving table? It is generally believed that at least 100 meters of water resistance can be engaged in diving activities. The previous diving watch is mainly in the dial and case design work, so that these watches can maintain the stability of the time in the water, as well as reliable and clear visual reading. And now with the development of the times, whether from the external material, or the inherent movement of the function, etc., are to develop a new situation.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
The Roger Dubuis watch factory, which has been established for more than twenty years, was originally known for its manufacture of complex functional watches. In recent years, the focus has been on the movement, EasyDiver name for the watch style is to strengthen the characteristics of the diving watch series. The 2006 launch of the EasyDiver K10 watch not only has a waterproof performance of 300 meters, but also boldly used a tourbillon device, for the movement of diving watch, adding a very sophisticated and relatively fragile tourbillon device, can be said to be a Function of the revolution, because the tourbillon device is to offset the gravity and the birth, do not know whether it is running in the water and the land on the same effect, but it is clear that the watchmaker has a complex function for the diving watch Opened a door. Of course, this table of material selection is quite practical, such as light weight of titanium as a case, the outer ring is the use of aluminum.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
Speaking of the use of materials, have to mention Montblanc (Montblanc) 100th anniversary of the launch of the Sport Tantalum Automatic, in order to coincide with the birth of the brand, the table of waterproof performance Cartier love ring replica reached 1906 meters, and can achieve this important performance The tantalum metal has a very high melting point, making it very difficult, but it has a rugged, corrosion resistance, resistance to stress and tensile strength of the characteristics, which also has a hard and hard, harder than steel hard blue tantalum metal manufacturing case, For the future of the diving table material selection provides a reference.
Those non-mainstream professional diving watch
As many watches and racing games are closely linked, and the water race table related to more and more, such as Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux) in the early launch of the Sea Hawk II-USA 71 watch, is for the BMW ORACLE Fleet design, in the black carbon fiber dial not only has a luminous scale and pointer, and add a power reserve display, red 300 meters waterproof performance mark located in the Girard-Perregaux font below, turn to the back of the watch There will be the United States 71 level sailing pattern, once again with the theme of the race shine.

Officine Panerai (Panerai) also held in 2006 the second “Panerai classical sailing challenge”, as a diving watch expert Panerai naturally also launched a flyback timing function of the Luminor 1950 Flyback, dial Decorated with exquisite Clous de Paris pattern, a small dial to emboss the show, highlights the central part of the dial, in the black background against the background, with a luminous effect of the scale, the pointer and the timing plate are all clearly visible, at a glance.

Omega (Omega) SeaMaster series will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and this classic diving table has evolved a large number of versions, including Planet Ocean Chronograph watch not only with a coaxial escapement, and promoted to 600 Meters of water resistance, spiral bottom cover on the hippocampus badge, unidirectional rotation of the case outer ring, dial contrast on the strong colors, are showing the characteristics of SeaMaster watch.

Ulysse Nardin (Athens) has a close connection with the ocean, in the absence of satellite positioning system in the years, many ships are relying on Athens astronomical clock to determine the location, today’s Blue Surf watch is to commemorate the history of this period , The blue design theme in the case with a waterproof performance of 200 meters to be fully deduced.

in the country has also been sought after by many people

Dubai is a famous shopping paradise, to Dubai tourism, shopping is a necessity. Then buy a watch in Dubai worth it? The following watch home to ask you to answer.
Do you buy watches in Dubai and buy cheap watches in Dubai?
First of all, buying watches in Dubai is cheaper than in the country. Especially during the event. Every year, Dubai will hold some price cuts in different times (June to July, December to February), during which many large shopping malls will be discounted.
Dubai watches where cheap
Airport duty-free shops are definitely worth visiting, although the shopping Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica malls goods are also good, but the airport things to update faster, the purchase time is limited, then the shopping time must be arranged. In the Dubai airport duty-free shop to buy watches absolutely do not have to worry about quality problems, absolutely no fake.
Do not be intimidated by the battlefield of the big mall, ask a few words, the money saved. Do not look at these luxury brands one by one full, even if the big big-name watches, will give you a discount price. Twenty off, fifteen fold can get the hand.
Japanese watch is very practical, the quality is quite outstanding, the price is relatively cheap. So in the country has also been sought after by many people. So buy a watch in Japan cheaper than domestic?
Do you buy a watch in Japan?
In theory, in Japan to buy Japanese-made watches, will be cheaper than selling in China. Because there is no tariff on this matter. Second, as a foreign tourist, most of the store is to enjoy tax-free concessions, Japan’s consumption tax is 5%, when you buy things to the clerk to produce a passport, you can enjoy a discount.
In addition, many Japanese businesses and CUP have activities, on the basis of the above discount, brush UnionPay card customers will enjoy a 5% discount. Of course, another thing is that the pricing of watches, Japan’s product pricing is divided into two halves. One is the vendor price, such as Apple’s products and so on. The price is not owned by the store itself, but in general the store will be on this basis plus 5% -10% discount, the other is Open Price, the price determined by the various stores themselves.
The price of the watch can actually query on, this is the Japanese online Cartier love ring replica price comparison site, basically can be objective and fair. Well-known electrical stores selling watches with the above discount is not the same with Kakaku above the lowest difference between the lot, you can refer to Yodobashi, Biccamera with YamadaLabi’s online website for the price.
Watch on the meaning of men extraordinary, with the men will always be left with a different impression. You do not want to do a good watch and clothing with a man? Here to see how the men with the watch it!
Dress with match
The size of the watch in the dress table, and the shirt with the color, and the color of clothing, is the three most significant problems.
First of all, for the costumes of the occasion, the size of the watch should not be too large, the current 36mm-based, and occasionally 38mm is not too. Such as ROLEX Oyster Date
Just full series in a very long period of time to maintain the 36mm standard. To know, such as time back 50 years, 34mm is the standard size of the dress.
Second, the shirt with the dress is the second significant problem. Some people in order to show the watch itself and the whole table exposed in the shirt cuff outside, this is a big mistake. The most standard way to deal with the watch is 1/3 exposed in the shirt outside the cuff.
Finally, the color of the match. Many people think it seems that white or silver is the only choice is loaded watch, it is not true. Black, blue, and even computer embossed dial can be used as a dress table selection. The key to the color problem is the need to and shirt cuff color does not conflict. Many people think that metal strap can be used as a dress table to wear. Actually otherwise, the real dress is almost 100% using a leather strap. The belt is more attached to the wrist than the metal strap, but also more in line with the requirements of the formal requirements of the watch.
Sports table with
For today’s men, wear sports watches more than the dress table. Although the movement is not so much attention to the table, but also some people mistakenly understand the movement table, of course, also wearing a wrong Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sports table.
The first is waterproof. Waterproof 100 meters of the watch can wear the next pool, more than 200 meters of the watch is possible to dive movement. A lot of sports watches, especially the ordinary chronograph is often only 50 meters waterproof, if worn to the course of course, “a life”.
The other is golf, you need to swing before the kick-off their own watch into the pocket. Because the swing kick the moment, the wrist will bear a few G gravity acceleration impact, although the impact of the body itself is absolutely acceptable, but the watch within the fragile gear set will be a fatal blow, many top brands are “Sacrifice” on the golf course.
Read the watch home of the introduction, you are not learn how to match the men with the watch? I believe you will try in the future life, but also to others left a deep impression!

Some people like simple watches some people like the more complex

Some people like simple watches, some people like the more complex three-eye mechanical watch. While the three watches compared to ordinary watches have more features, and looks looks more beautiful. The following watch home to recommend a three-arm for your mechanical watch it!
Three mechanical watch recommended
Tissot TISSOT-force Locke series T41.1.317.31 mechanical male watch
Liluo Ke is located in the Swiss Jurassic Mountain headquarters location name, but also favored a series of automatic table family name. The series of watches to elaborate details to fully demonstrate the elegant design. Whether it is day or night, you are filled with charming charm.
This Tissot Rocker series chronograph watch, with 42.3 mm steel round case, with a white dial. The dial has a classic three small dial, 30 minutes and 12 hours timer dial are located at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position, small seconds is set at 9 o’clock position. The table belongs to the series of high-end watches, classic design elegant temperament, equipped with stable performance 7750 chronograph movement, in addition to each Tissot force Locke series Swiss official observatory certification watch used in the movement have a COSC (Swiss Observatory table test Organization) issued by the Observatory table independent certification, through the COSC independent certification movement, the error control in the -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, more sophisticated than the general mechanical watch, control time more comfortable.
Sand (SANGDO) Hong Kong Watch Co., Ltd. adhere to the quality of the brand, will continue to make new breakthroughs, all-round to meet the domestic consumer products and services to the various requirements. With the best quality, the lowest price, fully meet the various levels of domestic consumer groups. Implement high quality and low price to win. Get the consumer has been well received.
Sander from Switzerland’s famous watch brand, sales outlets Replica Cartier jewelry in China has covered a second-tier cities and markets, with tens of millions of Chinese consumer groups, and maintain a good development advantages.
The development of Sander first benefited from the development of “human” in the organization because human development led to the development of Saunde’s business. “Man” was the core booster of Sander’s development. Sander believes that human potential is infinite, people are the most basic source of Saunde, the depth of caring and mining, is the development of Sander’s strategy of thorough practice. At the same time, Sander firmly believe that innovation is the only way to develop the development of Sand, and only people can promote the development of innovation, only the Sanders continue to pursue development, innovation can continue to create value for consumers.
Sander watches originated with Switzerland, now bought by the Hong Kong watch company. All Sander watches are now domestic watch, the price is not too expensive. From 300 yuan – 2,000 yuan range. More popular focus on several 900 yuan or so!
Shang Wo table was born in Hong Kong, known as the “Oriental Pearl”, this piece of Chinese and Western cultures, the world’s most competitive economic fertile soil, for the business table into the unparalleled cultural blood.
Shang Wo table was born in Hong Kong, known as the “Oriental Pearl”, this piece of Chinese and Western cultures, the world’s most competitive economic fertile soil, for the business table into the unparalleled cultural blood. Although the history of the Expo is only a short period of 7 years, but its historical background, can be traced back to the 20th century. Hong Kong in the early 20th century, because of its unique port status, has been China’s foreign culture and business to accept the forefront. The impact of foreign culture, so that the upsurge of the ocean is also the rise of the founder of the founder of the watch, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather with the then stay hot to go to the UK to study.
The origin of the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom, the machinery industry is the most advanced, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather naturally on this new industry is most interested in half a year later returned to Hong Kong. At that time Hong Kong, foreigners and businesses prevailed. Yu Guangtian’s grandfather will use their own personal advantage, founded a watch sales and maintenance of the firm. With the identity of foreigners, as well as foreign exquisite maintenance of technology, firms in Hong Kong by foreigners and local rich family of all ages.
How about a business watch
Business table has a professional, efficient, smart, wise team. At the same time the use of Hong Kong’s special commercial city status, the first to introduce a full set of Swiss top watchmaking machinery and equipment, and the system of advanced management mode, product design, development, production cycle, quality, after-sales service and other aspects of world-class standards, A business table can be achieved even more than international standards. At present, the business table in Changchun, Harbin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing and other second-tier cities are equipped with sales outlets, and strive for every one to enjoy the moment, and actively explore the future of the struggle to provide the most accurate and highest quality time proposal

Baishun this brand is still very affordable her family watches the table I have been useful

Davena Tina, is the Italian watch brand. The name comes from the Hebrew Origin English brand name. Meaning loved ones, intimate love, close friends. So what about the tima watch?
How about Davena watches?
Tina has its own product design and production plant, uphold the Swiss century watch the process of meticulous, foundry perfect.
Wei Wei Na core products in the high-end fashion trend quartz watch, it uses leather strap production, case, strap material with stainless steel and high-tech ceramics. Mirror is divided into crystal. Wei Wei is a high-end, fashion, the trend of the watch, by customers at home and abroad welcome.
Baishun Baishuns watch is a Korean fashion watch brand. As a Korean watch brand, although it is not known when the high strength. But also has a very stylish, trendy features. Especially the couple table , widely loved by young people.
Baishun Baishuns watch how much money
Baishun Baishuns watch how? User parity
Baishun this brand is still very affordable, her family watches the table I have been useful, looks very warm feeling! Baishun online shop often in some holidays to do some promotional activities, buy this watch Time just to catch up with the end of the big promotion, the price Well, is very reasonable.

Baishun watches look beautiful fashion, the price is relatively low. Priced from more than 40 yuan to 2,000 yuan range.
CK watch how the strap in the ceramic strap is a popular, can be implanted as a prosthetic material of this material has a good anti-allergic, which led by the Japanese pottery. Python leather strap and crocodile leather strap are also popular. But some friends want to watch for the strap, but do not know where to change. The following watch home to tell you it!
CK watch strap where to buy, CK watch strap where change
Usually, in which table shop to buy the shop owner to ask you to change the new strap. This is a normal maintenance range, but charges. If you are online shopping or overseas, Hong Kong and other places to buy. You can also go to the nearest formal watch shop to see. Generally larger point of the watch shop has sold CK watches, but also for customers for the strap, as long as the goods. This is the clock shop is no problem!
CK Hand watch strap maintenance:
First, CK watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Second, CK watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.
Third, due to CK hand watch strap cortex easy to penetrate Replica Cartier jewelry , to avoid contact with the oil material or cosmetics.
The function of the watch is a way to showcase your own advanced watchmaking process. Although their collection may be far greater than the functionality, but their invention at least proved our pursuit of perfection. Then CK watch and Longines watch which is good?
CK watch and Longines watch which is good
CK (Calvin Klein)
In 1997, CK watches advocated by the “minimalist style” swept the world, as a minimalist and personality embodied in the CK watch by chasing youthful vitality, modern fashion consumers love. CK watch style simple, rich style and full of sexy, low-key and highly personalized, showing the designer Calvin Klein unique artistic taste. With “minimalist style” of the CK watch with a variety of styles of clothing effect is excellent, give full play to the watch in addition to timing functions, but also as a jewelry with the role. Whether it is work, exercise, banquets or daily life, CK watches are able to show you a unique personality charm.
Longines (LONGINES) was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 183 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the field of sports also has a prominent tradition and excellent experience. To fly the wing as the symbol of the Longines known as elegant elegance, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.
CK watches and Longines watches which good? User parity!
Comment 1: The quality of Longines is better than CK’s quality. Whether from work or modeling, Longines table than CK’s slightly better, but also more than the atmosphere of CK, decent, not publicity.
Comment 2: Of course Long is good, CK and it is too bad.
Comments 3: Longines are more high-end Swiss watch brand, the most expensive watches have more than 5000. CK watches in addition to more fashionable and can not be compared to the old dragon!
Calvin Ryan Calvin Klein watch as a fashion watch brand, widely favored by young people. For the belt watch, you need to replace the strap. So how much money does the CK hand change the strap?
CK watches for how much money
First of all, as far as possible to change the brand CK store or counter replacement, but not every city has a CK store or counter. Then choose a relatively large watch repair shop replacement. Followed by CK watch with different materials, such as leather, crocodile skin and so on. So can not give an accurate price. But genuine CK watch with the cheapest also about 500!
CK Hand watch strap maintenance:
First, CK watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Second, CK watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.
Third, due to CK hand watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, to avoid contact with the oil material or cosmetics.