How to evaluate the quality of diamond quality diamond evaluation criteria

How to evaluate the quality of diamond quality diamond evaluation criteria
The greater the weight of the diamond, not only the higher the price, but also the more precious itself. Generally taken to more than 100 karats of diamonds, it is necessary to report, published in the world, and some have become the world famous drill. Such as “Curry South”, “Nobility” and “Chang Lin Diamond” and so on.
Diamond “4C ” mainly refers to the evaluation of four factors Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica of diamond, they are color (color), blemishes (also known as cleanliness, clarity), cut (also known as Cut, Cut) and weight (Carart) Because the first letter of each word in English is “C”, so in the jewelry industry, commonly known as “4C”.

How to evaluate the quality of diamonds

(1) Color: color is very important to measure the quality of diamonds. As precious stones, diamonds are generally colorless (very white or whitening), or close to colorless (white), yellowish white, light yellowish white, light yellow and yellow five. In addition, with red, pink, blue and green diamonds, collectively known as Yan drilling, most of the rare treasures and was collected. In general, with black diamonds, can only be used in the industry when the abrasive.

The world’s diamond color division, there are two main systems. One set is the color grading system used in our country, this system will be very white as 100, 99 color; excellent white as 98,97 color, white as 96 color; yellowish (brown, gray) white as 95, Color yellow (brown, gray) white as 93,92 color; light yellow (brown, gray)

Color is set to 91, 90 color; yellow (brown, gray) color set to <90 color, generally <90 color level diamond is not precious stones. Another system is developed by the American Gemological Institute (GIA), the world’s vast majority of countries using the color grading system. It will be colorless diamonds as D, followed by close to colorless, and gradually to the light yellow evolution, the word

The parent is also starting from D for E, F, G, H … to Z. China’s 100 is equivalent to its D color; 99 is equivalent to its E color; 90 is equivalent to its N color.

(2) flaws (cleanliness): refers to the degree of diamonds inside and outside the inclusions, inclusions determine the level of diamond flaws. It is mainly based on diamonds in 10 times the magnifying glass to observe the results of the division, China’s diamond clarity is divided into microscopic flawless grade LC, very slightly flawed VVS, slightly flawed VS, defective SI and defective grade P And so on five grades. When viewing diamond flaws, pay attention to the size of the inclusions, the number of locations and colors. In general, the smaller the inclusions, the fewer the number, the less obvious the position, the lighter the color the better.

(3) Weight: The weight of the diamond is carat, I carat equal to 0.2 grams. The weight is usually measured with a precise diamond scale. The price of diamonds is of great importance to the size of the weight; the value of the diamonds is proportional to the square of the weight. For example, in 1978 in the northeastern part of Lesotho, Lethorat mine, found a weight 130.08 karats of colorless diamonds, valued at $ 1.15 million. While the same year in South Africa’s Prile Mill mine, found a weight of 353.9 carats of diamonds, and clean and flawed, named “the first rose” its value of 12 million US dollars. “The first rose” weighs 2.72 times the previous one, but the actual price is 10.4 times it is due to the “first rose” quality is particularly good reason.

(4) cut (cut type): refers to the proportion of diamond cutting. Good cut is according to the standard ratio of cutting, the main processing into a standard round diamond type (or ideal type). This kind of cut diamonds, its “fire” is the best. If not according to the standard proportion of cutting. Cut out of the diamond “fire” bad, diamonds can not shine, seem not bright, “dull”, of course, its value is low. Standard round diamond cut, a total of 57 or 58 faces. 0.25 carat below the small drill, the bottom often no small surface, so only 57 faces, and 0.5 carats above the diamonds. The bottom has a small surface, so there are 58 face.

In short, the diamond “4C” is the main basis for evaluating the quality of diamonds, in the evaluation of the need to be considered, not just one and not the other.
Diamonds are different in size, different shapes, radiant, which is the common characteristics of diamonds, but also imitation drill with the characteristics of a lot of people in the collection of diamonds, happy mood has not received the news of the diamond fake People marvel, in the investment of something precious things at the same time, but also bear the risk of investment.
What are the main types of diamonds?

According to the production of diamonds, diamonds can be divided into:

What are the main varieties of diamonds

(1) the original diamond: produced in kimberlite and potassium magnesium porphyry in the original diamond.

(2) secondary drilling: produced in a variety of sand in the diamond.

(3) synthetic drill: synthetic diamond.

(4) artificial drilling: artificial with other raw materials imitation of diamonds.
What kind of diamond is good?
Differentiated diamonds are mainly based on the color, flaws and properties of diamonds.

According to the color of diamonds, diamonds can be divided into pure rhinestones and Yan drilling. The so-called net diamond, refers to colorless transparent diamonds. Yan drilling is distinguished according to its color, such as red, is called red diamond; green, blue, golden yellow, are known as green diamond, blue diamond and diamond.

According to the number of diamonds contained in diamonds, diamonds can be divided into the following levels (also known as clarity level):

(1) mirror flawless grade LC

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the inside and outside of the diamond are flawless.

(2) very slightly flawed VVS

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has a very small flaws, according to 10 times the magnifying glass to observe the very small degree of difficulty, but also broken down into VVS1 and VVS2 level.

(3) slightly flawed VS

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has a small flaw, and then observe the degree of difficulty of small flaws, but also broken down into VS1 and VS2 level.

(4) Defective SI

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has obvious flaws, and then observe the degree of difficulty of these flaws, can be divided into SI1 and SI2 level.

(5) heavy defect level P

From the diamond crown observation, the naked eye can be seen as defective P level, and then according to the degree of obvious defects (divided into obvious, very obvious and very obvious) is divided into P1, P2 and P3 level.
Gemstone raw materials, can be used to process pondering into precious stones, entirely depends on the gemstone raw materials in all aspects of the conditions can not meet the requirements of modern technology processing. To sum up, technical processing requirements are the following aspects:
(1) color: as a gem one of the necessary conditions, the color to be uniform and pure, bright and bright light better, otherwise the quality will be reduced, or even as a gem. For colorless gemstones, the same requirements are uniform, pure, without variegated, with or without blemishes.

(2) Transparency: Transparent or translucent, generally with high transparency. But for a special optical effect (such as cat’s eye effect, star effect, etc.) gem, even if opaque can.

(3) Hardness: as a gem to the hardness of the better. At present has been found in the finest of its Mohs hardness are more than 6, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold emerald and other precious stones Moore hardness are more than 8. In short, the general requirements of the stone material Moore hardness should be more than 4, a few with a special optical effect can be slightly reduced. Mohs hardness is very small, generally for the collection (or appreciate the gem), and difficult to make daily wear jewelry.
(4) weight and particle size: for the processing of pondering the need, generally require particle size greater than 5 mm, precious in more than 2 mm. For the weight of the gem, the general requirements of the weight greater than 7 karats, especially precious stones (such as diamonds, rubies, etc.) also require about 0.25 kt.

(5) special optical effects: for color, color, discoloration, star color and other special optical effects of mineral crystals, as long as the particle size is satisfied with the technical processing, can be used to make gems.

Gem processing process

First, the choice of materials: According to experience will be gem city raw materials sorting.

Second, the raw material processing: the selected raw materials through high temperature processing, the gem of raw materials, the color lighter or deepening.

Third, cutting: the irregular stone cut into the required shape and thick, thin.

Four, billet: the cut gem raw materials rough grinding into the required shape, sub-blue and green surface.

5, plastic surgery: the blue and green surface will play the rough blank trimmed into a regular shape and size.

Six, angle: the whole shape, size of the gem for fine processing, grinding a good scale, polished.

How about the diamond bird’s ring

How about the diamond bird’s ring
How is the diamond bird ring? Diamond bird founded 13 years, always adhere to the pursuit of excellence in diamond quality, excellence. In recent years has also introduced the world’s top cutting technology polished from the ultimate cutting “Northern Lights” round diamond series and has a patented cutting Fire Cushion (flame rose) pad drill series.

“Northern Lights” series of diamonds is the world’s most shining diamonds, only 0.15% of the diamonds can be crowned her name. Is currently the only one at the same time to have the world heavyweight Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica AGS certificate with GemEx certificate diamonds, to meet the ultimate requirements of the diamond you. Not only in the cut, polished and symmetrical to achieve three “Ideal” (0) cutting level, also has three “Very high” fire color rating.

Fire Cushion Cushion is designed to meet the cut-off standard of ordinary profiled drill, with 2EX to achieve true “bright cutting”, to achieve at least 95% of the fire color show, every Fire Cushion diamonds are cut in the United States , New York direct supply, with international cutting patent and bright fire color.

In order to allow users to have a better product experience, diamond birds not only for the domestic diamond lovers to provide the world’s top quality diamonds, but also to optimize the process to go beyond the same industry Seiko upgrade, making diamond ring outline and the original basic consistent , Focusing on strengthening the details of the arm and mosaic to optimize the treatment, so that sparkling diamonds more gorgeous bloom.

Diamond bird diamond ring price than shopping malls jewelry store a lot cheaper, and can choose their own diamond with the ring with the price is also more transparent.

Diamond is good or bad and the price of the brand is not related to it only with the diamond 4C. Diamond bird’s reputation is good, the same level of diamond and material diamond ornaments, they are different because of the brand’s reputation, the wool out of the body. The most important is the quality of diamonds, Xiao Bian suggested that you choose your favorite style And the level of bare stone, according to their own can bear the price, and then a few comparison, the most critical is to let them make the bare stone and jewelry out of the most authoritative certificate of NGTC.
How is the diamond bird ring? According to friends, the quality is no problem, but because compared with the brand, such as Chow Sang Sang, his profits as high as 2-3 times, so the price of diamond birds will be relatively lower. Because online bare diamond customization of the profits of the smaller, most of the electric business jewelry diamond prices will be much lower than the store. We can go to the official website of Zoukai look Oh.

For diamond products, if the diamond is large enough, whether it is Cartier or Tiffany, in fact, the brand value has become inadequate for the Road, even if the international brand, diamonds is the same, people just pursue a brand problem only. This consumption allows every part of the consumer to be determined according to the market price.
How much money is not only the price of the diamond ring, but also by the diamond ring color, clarity, cut the impact, so, but also according to your specific election Of the different diamond ring, in general, a carat diamond ring about the price of about 80,000 bar, you can choose according to their own preferences and budget.

A carat diamond ring its price ranging from ten thousand yuan to several hundred thousand dollars. Why the same diamond ring difference will be so big? First of all, the brand factors will affect the diamond ring prices, different brands of diamond ring price difference is very large. Most people are happy to buy a little better brand. Good brand ring not only has a good diamond good work there is a good moral.
Affect the price of diamond ring also has its weight, clarity, cut and color. Color to colorless the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. While the higher the weight of the ring the higher the price, 1 carat as a 100 points of the diamond ring scores, naturally have its more expensive price.

Jewelry diamonds are classified by level, that is, 4C standard, cut, quality, color, clarity, different levels of price difference is much, and his certificate, is the domestic certificate or international certificate, the most authoritative is GIA certificate comparison Real, domestic and IGI certificates have water, and some poor 2 levels, so the price is at least 30% difference, so 1 carat diamond by different levels of 20,000 to tens of thousands have.
Different purchase channels, the cost of the diamond itself must be different. If it is in the big shopping malls to buy, then a diamond ring must also include one of the expensive rental part, and if it is through the Internet directly to buy a carat diamond ring, then you can save the cost, the price is relatively high relative.
In the purchase of this level in more than 1 carat diamond diamonds, there must be a diamond identification certificate, only the certificate of the diamond can be assured to buy.

How much is a diamond a carat? The price of a carat diamond depends mainly on the diamond’s 4C, standard weight (CARATWEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT). Diamond Price = Weight + Color + Clarity + Cut. 1 carat, G-H color, SI1-2 level of clarity, 3EX cut, no fluorescence, no milk green situation, the normal market retail price of 4.5-5.5 million. Improve the color level, clarity, higher prices, expensive 15-20 million are normal. On the contrary, the indicators fell, the price is lower, more than 20,000 can also buy goods with poor carats. In the 1 carat diamond cost-effective, was undoubtedly Zoca. Zoakai is a famous diamond king, out of a lot of carat diamond large single, certificate readily available, completely trustworthy! Buy a diamond ring look for Zoacai
Diamond certificate, diamond grading report, diamond quality report, diamond-based diamond is a 4C standard, which is made by jewelers in a specific environment based on strict grading standards. Observe and detect diamonds to form a report.
According to the certificate number in the certificate issued by the official testing agency website for inquiries, and thus the existence of the diamond. Web sites are usually printed on the back of the certificate can also be found through the search engine.

See and buy the diamond girdle laser code and certificate is consistent. Waist edge laser code is equivalent to the diamond ID card number, is the only, in a birth printed on the waist. To compare the laser code, you need to use 10 times magnifying glass, diamond lights, diamond tables, etc., must also be invited to help professionals.

Look at the location of the flames and the location of the certificate is consistent. Professional certificate will be the diamond of each flaw are very clear, such as impurity content, fluorescence, color, etc., if they can not determine whether the flaws and certificates are consistent, but also to the city’s professional institutions for help.

Check the diamond certificate number on the official website and the laser mark on the certificate. When purchasing diamonds, you can also ask the merchant to assist in weighing the weight of the diamond to see if it is consistent with the diamond certificate.

Love jewelry diamond earrings price love jewelry diamond how much money

Love jewelry diamond earrings price love jewelry diamond how much money
User question: today in love jewelry to buy palladium 950 diamond earrings, gold weight 1.588 grams, stone weight 0.1ct, buy 2700 yuan, do you buy expensive?

Satisfied answer: shopping malls to buy the price will be slightly more expensive, but some of the protection, online to buy cheap but fish, not clear true and false. Diamond things are relatively Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica high profits, 2700 relatively speaking, can, as long as you like it.
Love jewelry diamond with the style of diamond earrings price

Guangdong Diamond Jewelry Love Secret Garden Diamond Earrings Flower 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings Seiko genuine ¥ 2288.00

Imperial One Jewelry 18K White Gold 30 Diamonds Stud Earrings Price: 1999 yuan

Guangdong Diamond 18K White Gold Inlay Diamond Earrings Earrings Flower Bud Flower Blossoming Love Gifts Premium ¥ 999.00
Comments: service attitude is good, timely delivery, express delivery to the force, worth buying.

Comments: to send the girlfriend she likes very flashing service attitude particularly good delivery soon logistics also to force

Comments: earrings very flash, very beautiful Oh, the price is high, and this is a good big ~ certificate is also online check, is genuine

Recommended style Guangdong diamond jewelry love secret garden diamond earrings flower 18K white gold diamond earrings Seiko genuine price 2000.00 – 2499.00

The main drill score: 10-19 points

Vice drill points: no drill

Shape: round

Diamond Clarity: 20 points below the non-grading

Color: I-J light white

Certificate Certification Mark: CMA CAL CNAS / CNAL

Ring hand: IJ color SI H color SI K gold color contact customer service

Certificate Certification Mark: CMA CAL CNAS / CNAL

After-sales service: re-check and then pay

Inlay method: single drill mosaic

Material: Gold / K gold inlay

Item: MMHY001

Brand: Guangdong drilling jewelry
Love Birds Diamond Earrings Price Love Birds 45 Points Diamond Earrings Earrings Price 6079 Specifications Main Stone Score: 40-49 points Stone Score: No Vice Diamond Style: Earrings Diamond Shape: Round Diamond Clarity: SI Diamond Color: H White Diamond Cut: VG / Very Good Diamond Certificate: GTC / Certificate of Warranty Certification: CMA / CAL / CNAS / CNAL After Sales Service: Counter Warranty / Shop Warranty / Other Guaranteed Diamond Mosaic: Single Drill.
Love bird diamond earrings how much money

Love Birds 44 Points Snowflakes Extinguished Diamond Earrings Earrings Earrings Lifetime ¥ 5069.0

Love bird 44 points snowflake oversized diamond earrings earrings earrings life the most similar goods ¥ 5069.0

Love bird PT950 platinum 1 carat effect 6 points a pair of fine diamond earrings earrings romantic snowflake Jingdong latest price: ¥ 1998.00
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Evaluation: work is very fine, like, logistics soon.

Evaluation: style is very beautiful, fine workmanship, logistics to force, very satisfied

Recommended style love bird platinum gold PT950 30 minutes diamond earrings earrings Beijing price: ¥ 2199.00

Product Name: Love Bird Platinum PT950 30 points Diamond earrings earrings

Product Code: 1064655847

Shop: love bird jewelry

Gross Weight: 20.00g

Mosaic way: claw inlay

Material: Platinum Diamond

Weight: 30-49 points
Gabriel Diamond Earrings Price Gabriel Bejewel Red 18K Gold Natural Red Ruby Blue Emerald Diamond Earrings 18k Lucky Leopard Stud Earrings Price: ¥ 21490.00 Product Name: Gabriel Bejewel 618 Special Red 18K Gold Natural Red Treasure blue treasure emerald diamond earrings 18k Lucky Leopard earrings Product ID: 1150929190 Shop: Gabriel jewelry flagship store goods gross weight: 49.00g Place of Origin: Whether the mosaic: 18k Inlaid material: Ruby Certificate: NGTC
Gabriel diamond earrings how much money

Gabriel 2.54 carats natural pigeon blood red ruby earrings 18K gold diamond earrings can be customized ¥ 242880.00

Gabriel Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Earrings White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings Customizable ¥ 3688.20

Gabriel 4.74 Carat Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Earrings White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings ¥ 235180.00
Gabriel diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Comments: work is very fine, like, logistics soon, his wife liked it

Comments: You can also, is the price a little expensive

Comments: good quality, affordable, courteous service, there are small gifts, very satisfied

Recommended style Peregrine 2.54 carats natural pigeon blood red ruby earrings 18K gold diamond earrings can be customized

Gem type: ruby

Style: earrings

After-sales service: shop warranty mosaic

Material: K gold mosaic

Gem Certificate: International Certificate

Certificate Certification Mark: CNAS / CNAL

Brand: Gabriel

Item: BHECA0

Ring hand: earrings

Diamond bird 1 carat how much money diamond bird 1 carat price

Diamond bird 1 carat how much money _ diamond bird 1 carat price
Marriage must buy a diamond ring! What is the price of a carat diamond in 2014? 1 carat diamond ring Whether it is used to wear or collection are very worthwhile, working-class us, one or two months Cartier love bracelet replica of wages can be easily selected for their own diamond ring, for the price of 1 carat diamond, in addition to the well-known 4C, Of course, the brand, lot, and the seasonal factors, and now is the peak of marriage, to buy diamond ring, with festive festive atmosphere, all kinds of discount promotion everywhere, pro, must be optimistic about the trial satisfaction Start with Oh Of course, we can not because of the price of 1 carat diamond how high or low to determine how much you love each other Oh, after all, love is priceless thing
1 carat diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of diamonds, and the price of diamonds from the diamond “4C” standard to set, that is, weight (Carat), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut) and color ( Color.
“4C” in the domestic and international standards of identification, the price of diamonds should be very transparent, but a high-quality 1 carat diamond, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride’s ring finger, the price will increase Several times, below we look at the next one carat diamond ring how much money the main influencing factors, diamond 4c standard.
Is China’s earlier engaged in the promotion of diamond jewelry, processing and retail professional institutions, with sales network throughout the country, is also the leading well-known brands. Kimberley brand development so far, always based on the classic, creative constantly, through every diamond to convey the feeling of pleasure and happiness, bringing a unique diamond consumption experience and exquisite lifestyle attitude.
Has excellent quality and service Kimberly Diamond, with family services to build a platform for communication with customers, over the years is committed to leading the fashion trend, the current sales network and office throughout the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Canada and Belgium, franchise stores nearly 600 Home, all over China’s 30 provinces and cities, is one of China’s largest diamond retailers.
The birth of the ring dates back to more than 3,000 years ago, when there is no ring. By the rulers of Egypt there will be on behalf of the powerful seal at any time in the body of the habit, but also suspected to take in the hands of cumbersome, so some people think of a ring in a set, put it on the fingers. Over time, people found that men’s fingers on the small seal is very beautiful, so constantly improved, and evolved into a lady’s jewelry, which is the origin of the ring.

Wear a wedding ring correctly

Love you to the heart, willing to love for your love, wearing a ring is a stress. It is said that the left hand ring finger has a blood vessel directly connected with the heart, so the new couple must wear the wedding ring hand on each other’s left hand ring finger. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given Cartier love ring replica you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

There is a ring, when you wear it, no matter where you wear do not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative effect, you can wear any finger you want to wear.
The ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger. A small, simple tail ring, so that the hands of women inexplicably cute, generally on behalf of “I just want to single, please do not waste time to pursue me” means.

Wearing a relatively strong design of the ring, if you want a more personal style, you can consider the same with another material, the line is relatively simple ring on another finger. If the material properties of the ring can match with the watch, it is the best of the. For example, you wear a lovely flower ring, you can with a cortical gold box table. If you do not have too much to change the table or ring, may wish to consider wearing a ring hand and wrist watch hand staggered, do not let the two pieces of accessories in the same hand appears.
Wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

International is more popular wearing law is: the index finger — want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger — has been in love; ring finger — that has been engaged or married; little finger — said celibacy.
As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger wearing a ring when it makes sense, that is ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart.

In ancient times, the ring was not originally used as an ornament, but the concubines in the court each month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. In today, the ring has not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became a token of love. There is an international convention to wear a custom:

The ring is never worn on the thumb, the hands of the other fingers can be worn.

The ring worn on the index finger, said I have lover, want to get married and not yet married.
The ring is worn on the middle finger and says that I am looking for an object or are in love.

The ring is worn on the ring finger and says that I have been engaged or married.

The ring worn on the little finger, said I was determined to live Cartier nail bracelet replica alone, that is, I am not married for life or do not marry for life.

But in different places, wearing a ring of knowledge is not the same. Such as Italy, France and many other Europeans put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because they believe that the human fingers, only the middle finger of the blood is the same to the heart, the Secretary for feelings, known as the heart. Wedding rings only wear in this finger can only “heart and mind.” The British wedding ring worn on the left hand of the ring finger, while the Polish “heart refers to” is wearing a small finger on the left hand.

Although the above is a customary rule, not a legal provision, do not have to strictly abide by, but if you do not understand this common sense of wearing a ring, any casual wear, may make a joke.

How much is the price of 2 carats?

How much is the price of 2 carats?
2 carat lottery price, 2 kt lottery how much money? Fancy diamond is a kind of diamond, as the name suggests, color diamond is the color of the diamond. We know that diamonds can be divided into many grades, the higher the level of the more expensive, in fact, the color, diamonds can also be classified, that is ordinary white diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet and diamond, white diamond is our usual diamond ring, is a pure Carbon, while diamonds are diamonds other than transparency.

The main cause of the color diamond is the color change of the particles in the colorless diamonds, the different changes produce different colors, so the more rare the color, the higher the value. Color of the color, the more common are golden yellow, brown, green, other such as pink, red, blue is relatively rare, often can not be met, such as blue Hope diamond, called rare treasures, the value of course Also a lot of money.

In the price, the diamond is more expensive than white, many people prefer to choose 2 carat of the diamond, do not want to choose 4 carat white diamond.

Why is the price of colored diamonds so expensive?

Diamond drill inside the yellow drill production is relatively large, but also a white diamond production of about 2%.

Color is not the better the price the more expensive the price?

Sure, the color, including purity and natural color, pink and blue this relatively rare basic price is.

But the market, the store is selling diamonds in accordance Replica Cartier jewelry with the single component of the greater the more expensive, two karats per carat unit price is higher than a carat, three carats per carat price higher than two karats, and so on. Less than 0.1 carat broken diamond is basically worthless, industrial diamonds and commercial diamonds prices are not the same, Congo-made diamonds pure purity, and more for industrial, such as drilling platform with the drill, South Africa’s diamonds for jewelry industry more price high.

How much is the caravan

How much is it cost? The world of diamonds is not only a color, but also colorful. Most people think that the color of the diamond the more white the better, in fact, the economic value of colored diamonds and the value of the collection is also very high, because she is more precious than white and precious to create her extraordinary charm. How much is the 2-carat lottery?

Color diamond has a different color of the points, it is learned that the price of red diamond is the most expensive, if it is GIA natural red diamonds, then the price of 2 karats can be more than 100 million dollars; Followed by pink diamond and blue diamond, these two colors of diamonds second only to the red diamond; yellow diamond is relatively cheap, but 1 carat or can reach tens of thousands of dollars; green diamond is one of them, because 2 karats Green diamond is relatively rare, so you can achieve a high price, the equivalent of the same with the red diamond and blue diamond.
How many diamond carats are there ordinary people? Ordinary people choose how much diamond carra was appropriate? Carat diamond ring as the dream of every woman, but also indispensable jewelry jewelry jewelry. So how much ordinary people with the diamond carra?

Ordinary people with the number of diamond carats of the diamond ring? General new wedding selection of 0.2 carat, 0.3 carat, 0.5 carat one of the diamond ring more, there are some good economic conditions, will choose to buy 1 carat big diamond ring. Of course, the diamond used here refers to the diamond 4C is the minimum standard, the price is mostly in 8000 to 30,000 range.

Ordinary people with the number of diamond carats number of diamond ring, the economic capacity is the focus of the focus. After all, diamonds can not be food when the food and clothing, but most of the ordinary women still like 1 carat, 2 carats, or even 5 carat big diamond ring. But they have never understood 1 carat diamonds need about 50,000 yuan, 2 karats of diamonds need about 280,000 yuan, and 5 carats diamonds need more than one million yuan. So that simply like it is useless, have to have enough money to buy Caixing.

Ordinary people choose how much the diamond car was appropriate

Ordinary people choose how much diamond carra was appropriate? Carat, from 1907 international agreed as a gem unit of measurement began to use, is the quality of jewelry, diamonds and other precious stones, and the proportion of precious metals purity. Then the ordinary people choose how much the diamond right?

1, if you already have a budget in your mind, you will find a range of high quality diamonds within your budget to choose from.

2, if the other party is very active or not accustomed to wearing jewelry, and may crash or damage her new ring, you’d better consider choosing a small model of diamonds or a protection for large diamond diamonds.

3, if a diamond carat weight is important to you, but can not exceed the budget, it is recommended in the choice of diamonds when you can choose SI1-SI2 clarity and I or J color grade diamond, but in the choice of cut Time should choose VG level.
Diamond carat conversion ingredients, diamond carat conversion ingredients is how to convert? Many consumers in the purchase of diamond ring when the weight of the diamond ring there is no definite concept, do not know how the weight of the diamond ring unit conversion. In fact, the size of the diamond ring on the quality and value of the diamond ring has a very important impact, so when buying the diamond ring, consumers should still have to understand the weight of the diamond ring.

Carat, derived from a romantic style of the Mediterranean coast of a long angle bean (Carob). This tree leaves a pale red flower, then pods, then people lack the measurement tools, that the weight of each seed in the pod is the same, put it as a weight of the diamond, a seed will be Is a carat. Later, the carat has become a number of precious metals such as diamonds and other units of measurement.

A carat is equal to how many grams? Until 1907, the international community agreed that the quality of a carat diamond is equal to 200 mg, or 0.2 grams. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The conversion between the carat and the gram is fixed. Below the carat level of diamonds there is another unit, that is, “points.” One carat is equal to 100 points, 1 point is equal to 2 mg.

How is the conversion of the diamond carat composition

How is the conversion of the diamond carat conversion ingredient? Beautiful, durable and scarce is the most important three elements of precious stones, diamonds to meet these three conditions at the same time, or the world’s only one with ultra-high dispersion and super refractive index, and the hardness can reach the highest level of gems The This is also a lot of reasons why diamonds can make people crazy. Carat (ct) as a weight unit of gemstones, in the measurement of other gems at the same time, must also take the responsibility of measuring diamonds, and carat used to measure the weight of diamonds, as well as “points.” How is the conversion of the diamond carat conversion ingredient?

Want to know how the diamond carat conversion is converted, it is necessary to first have a rough understanding of the weight unit of diamond. We know that a carat diamond is equal to 200 milligrams, that is 0.2 grams, usually, more than a carat of diamonds, it is expressed with carat. And less than a carat size of the diamond, that is, within a carat of diamonds, with points to that. A carat is a hundred percent, in the diamond carat conversion ingredients, according to “with carat multiplied by a hundred” principle to calculate, for example, 0.2 carat diamonds converted into points, that is 0.2ct * 100 = 20 points.

In the past we mentioned that a carat is equal to one hundred points, Xiao Bian also introduced a very simple “diamond carat conversion ingredients” of the calculation method, making the diamond sub-Kela how to convert the problem will be a lot of simple The No matter how much carat, this method is still working.

Diamond custom brand

Diamond custom brand
There are domestic brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin, Lu Fu, etc .; there are domestic brands such as Zuo Kayi, such as Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari and other international brands; Diamond family, Dai Rui, BLOVES and so on.

Diamond ring custom brand can be tailored to customers customers want the style, in the diamond ring style, diamonds, the word printed, set materials, design concepts, etc., can meet customer requirements, so that custom diamond ring become unique customers The artwork! More style and meaning!

Diamond custom brand, the international big custom cost is the most expensive, the price is more than twice the brand new, due to brand awareness is very high, the brand value is also very high, brand promotion costs are very high, the designer is a master designer, And is oriented when the world elite, giants, stars and other rich imitation Cartier love bracelet people, so the custom diamond ring price, naturally very expensive. In the international big custom diamond ring of the rich, mostly only buy their own identity and quite a luxury.

Diamond brand custom brand traditional brand, the traditional brand price will be 30% to 50% higher than the emerging brand, but will be more affordable than the international big. The advantages of traditional brands are: in the country most of the central city, are full of stores, longer history, better reputation, after-sales service is also more convenient, shopping experience than the international big and better, more secure, cost-effective Higher

Diamond ring custom brand of the domestic brand new brand, the biggest advantage of emerging brands is the price, the price will be 30% to 50% than the traditional brand discount, about 200% higher than the international big discount, the most cost-effective! Most of the emerging brands in Taobao started, such as Zuo Kayi jewelry, in the first sale of diamonds on the Internet jewelry brand, is also selling the best brands, Zuo Kayi has been in the country has opened more than 100 physical stores, Whether it is credibility or quality, are recognized by the public. The disadvantage is that although the store is also quite a lot, but compared to the traditional brand, or too little.

Diamond ring custom brand so much, would like to custom diamond ring friends, see diamond ring, we must pay attention to shop around, and a lot of contrast is king! Custom diamond ring, if it is to buy bare drill custom, you can record the parameters to the jewelry store contrast, diamond 4C is unified, generally the same 4C diamonds, the naked eye to see the same. Some businesses bare drill cheap, ring your expensive, then, it is necessary to compare the total price!
Consumers as long as the “international diamond quotes” can understand the real cost of bare diamond prices. The international diamond quotation is the price basis for trading between New York’s Diamond Exchange and the diamond jeweler, diamond merchant and diamond cutting plant every Friday. This is the industry’s first open diamond industry price bottom line, so that consumers understand the true value of diamonds. Consumers as long as the latest diamond quotation, through a formula: diamond Replica Cartier jewelry pricing = quotation price × 100 × weight × exchange rate, you can clearly know that the bare diamond price calculation. For example, a 0.5ct diamond, is H color \ SI (corresponding to the table to find the H color and SI interchange value, such as 44), then this can be 0.5 kt naked drill price is calculated as: 100 * 44 * 6.45 * 0.5 = 14190.

Bare diamond price calculation

Naked Diamond Price Calculation Formula: International diamond quotation table every Friday will be based on market conditions, to offer. We all know that the price of bare diamond is determined by the diamond 4C, so the bare diamond price calculation is also calculated by them; that is, bare diamond price = international diamond offer × 100 × carat × day exchange rate. Check the diamond quotation table can know that this bare diamond offer, the method is very simple, is to find the location, find the horizontal (color) vertical (clarity) axis.

For example, you want to buy a 0.35 karats, G color, VVS2 flaws, is to find location: (0.30 – 0.39) horizontal and vertical axis (horizontal is G, vertical is VVS2) the number of diamond quotations; and then apply the diamond price formula You can know the price of this diamond price. These diamonds are only a reference, for diamonds with the same quality, cutting shape, color and clarity, due to their different ratios, fluorescence phenomena and degree of modification due to the fluorescence of diamonds, the degree of cut and the ratio of cuts, etc. There is a big difference in the calculation of bare diamond prices. Therefore, depending on the characteristics of each bare drill may be implemented and estimated some discounts.

Bare diamond price calculation, bare diamond price calculation method, this should be combined with diamond 4C. The price of bare drill depends mainly on the diamond 4C, that is, the size of the diamond, color, clarity, cut, with the weight of a carat bare diamond, color, clarity, cut the different indicators, the price will have a gap. Bare drill weight, color, clarity, unit price × 100 × RMB exchange rate (6.9), that is, the African Star, can be obtained bare diamond prices. For example, the price of the bare diamond is calculated as: 54 × 100 × 6.9 (RMB exchange rate) × 0.52 (diamond carat ) = 19375.20 yuan.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring of the meaning of pure innocence, all-conquering, always loyal or unswerving, noble, rich noble, elegant and so on. If it is used to get married, then the meaning of both husband and wife loyal to each other, mutual respect, the husband and wife “eachother” love remain unswerving until forever. Marriage means that the happiness of a lifetime to another person, and men in order to fully express the deep feelings of the woman, will be dumping their own expression of their minds.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring of the meaning of the collection, the diamond ring has been regarded as human power, dignity, status and wealth symbol. Its indestructible, invincible, honest and eternal and majestic masculine quality, is the eternal pursuit of human goals. It has a potential, great cultural value.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring of the meaning of the heart of the kiss, according to, hugging, from sunrise to sunset; love, love, from the black to white head. Unswervingly love, only from that kiss, kissed the sleeping for many years of beauty, kissed the buried years of warmth. Bow the moment, you have kissed my heart. The poem describes a beautiful love, this coincides with the meaning of the kiss of the heart of the kiss!

Zuoai Yi diamond ring of the meaning of the title】 【laurel, every woman has a princess dream, wearing a symbol of glory of the noble crown, exudes elegant and beautiful temperament. Zokai designer effort to build [laurel] series, to shape the crown shape of gold, to spark the diamond to add fascinating glory for it. The sacred and beautiful laurel of the splendor of the splendor of love, the essence of love, only for the witness or romantic wedding, or elegant temperament, or all the unforgettable and glorious moment.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring of the meaning of the [Rose life], when you hold me into the arms I see the rose life happy life forever. From the same name French folk, a symbol of love has a rose on the life. Waving on both sides of the five sub-drill, plus a total of 11 main drill center, on behalf of wholeheartedly. High degree of drilling, rose spiral helpline, the main drill high hold up, unparalleled drill effect, the main drill with the classic four-claw mosaic, ringing 10 pairs of diamond around the luxury, as hold up a dazzling roses!

Zuo Kayi diamond ring of the meaning of the inscriptions of the kiss, the beauty of the fingers between the gorgeous jewelry, reflecting the colorful gorgeous fire color, with the eternal nature of diamonds set off the female trendy. You are like a shiny diamond, firmly embedded in the embankment of my years. This section is “we get married” actor actually to the heroine Yang Tao marry diamond ring, he is by virtue of this diamond ring successfully hold the beauty of the return. This diamond ring is definitely worth the heart of her, luxury classic at the same time for the star limited section, give her a unique love!

Rose gold diamond ring price

Rose gold diamond ring price
Rose gold diamond ring price and match? Rose gold diamond ring in the gold is to enrich the performance of various K gold, foreign content in the same standard in the case of gold in the adjustment of other alloy ratio, the synthesis of different colors of K gold. Rose gold diamond ring with a certain stress, in general, according to the depth of imitation Cartier love bracelet the skin to choose. Skin color is dark yellow: you’d better choose full color, rich and gorgeous jewelry with cool gold K gold ring, or color pure white or black pearl, can be good to brighten the color to show quiet and beautiful.

Kiss love

(1), the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main drill cut (cut): VG (cut): the main diamond color (color): IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG , The total weight of the vice drill (ct): about 0.06 karats, certificate: GIC certification certificate, activities special price: ¥ 1599.00 yuan, kiss love has a perfect meaning, representing that year, in the sky snow crowd, see To your flashing eyes, simple happiness infected me, that moment, do not know the snow is too beautiful or you are too beautiful, do not know you or snow printed engraved in my heart, since the life can not put that pure color and share Shocked.

Collection of roses

IJ, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main drill cut (cut): VG, the total weight of secondary drill (ct): the main drill color (color): IJ, About 0.59 kt, certificate: GIC certification certificate, Zoka price: ¥ 19999.00 yuan, the meaning of the collection of roses on behalf of the stars rely on a drill around the main drill, dependent on each other, a symbol of love, Full of shiny diamond firmly locked to create a condescending mood, surrounded by fingertips on the most beautiful scene. Perfectly polished diamonds such as dawn rain like flashing, giving a visual enjoyment.

The charm of the covenant

(In color): the main drill color (color): KL, the main drill clarity (clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG, Zoka price: ¥ 66999.00 Yuan, the charm of the meaning of the classic and high-end, is the world’s top design master design finalized, C word is Cartier original logo, around the logo, Cartier was produced a large number of exquisite jewelry series, Replica Cartier jewelry popular in Europe between the royal family and the elite, it can be said to wear such a style is a symbol of identity and rights.
50 points how much the diamond ring price? 50 points diamond ring price a lot of people are able to afford the conditions of a good point can be used to propose marriage, the general working class used to marry is also a good choice, 50 points diamond ring, looks quite big, if mosaic Drill, it is very bright. So the 50-point diamond ring most people’s pro-Lai, its price is now accepted by the young newcomers, so become the best selling ring ring type is not surprising.

50 points diamond ring how much the price

50 points how much the diamond ring price? 50 points diamond ring price is not expensive, in fact, the quality of diamond ring with the diamond ring brand is not related to the quality of diamond ring depends on the diamond “4C” level. However, the quality of diamonds and diamond origin is not any relationship, with the brand is nothing to do. So, Xiao Bian suggested that you buy diamond ring, or choose the well-known domestic jewelers, such as Zuo Kayi. Because the current domestic technology is also very superb, so that you will save costs, you buy 50 points diamond ring cost will be high.

50 points on the market price from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, the reason is still in the 4C difference. 50 points around the diamond ring, fineness and all aspects are good, the basic price of 12000-18000 or so. If you want to buy brand goods, then the price is much higher. No matter what style to buy what brand, you have to see diamond 4C, which is the most important! Medium quality 50 points diamond ring prices are in the 10,000 or so, 50 points diamond ring in accordance with the different quality prices are not the same, if the quality is slightly less, it may be about 8,000 yuan to buy.

With the better quality, of course, the higher the price, the general 50 points diamond ring price range is 8000-15000 range, 50 points diamond ring in the preservation effect will be better. Online jewelry store devaluation of the diamond ring brand was undoubtedly Zuo Kayi, online sales plus experience store sales model so that the price of the diamond ring is no longer unattainable, the site + physical store, making the intermediate links greatly compressed, 50 points diamond ring the same quality, Half the price, very cost-effective!
I believe that prospective new people will be more concerned about the price of a carat in 2016, the price of a carat diamond ring and other commodities, the price will fluctuate according to the market, causing a carat diamond ring price fluctuations there are many reasons, but overall volatility is not Will be particularly large. From the current point of view, the basic or maintained at between 50,000 to 250,000, the price is not absolute, and the formation of a carat diamond ring price range of what causes it?

The price of a ct

4C standard decision a carat diamond price, if the diamond ring brand and diamond ring style affect the price of the diamond ring, then the diamond ring 4C standard can be said to determine the diamond ring price. Diamond 4C standard mainly includes weight, clarity, cut, and color. Which refers to the weight of the caravan carat weight, a carat is equal to two hundred milligrams. Clarity can be divided into ten levels from LC to P3; colors from D to N can be divided into eleven levels; cut mainly divided into four grades. From these four aspects, the higher the level of a carat diamond ring the higher the price, and 4C standard high diamond ring quality will certainly be high.

Is the price of a carat diamond? Need to refer to the diamond brand factors, diamonds are not carved before there is no brand, but it is the nature of Guigu God knife, but also with its firm meaning and love of the beautiful and loyalty intertwined, so since the birth , Diamonds will be valuable. And after being carved, it as a token into a pair of loving couple, in this process, it will be carefully crafted by different brands, each brand is particularly unique meaning, the corresponding, the value of the brand Hooked into a diamond.

How much is the price of a carat diamond? Need to refer to the geographical impact of China’s vast land, the consumption level of different regions and the recognition level of diamonds are different, so the price of diamonds in different regions will be different. Regardless of what price to buy diamonds, the most important thing is a sincere, carries really to marry, to love will be blessed to a beautiful diamond ring, to witness your love than the youth of youth. So a carat diamond price can not give an accurate answer, because each of its factors will directly affect the price.

Bare diamond custom ring

Bare diamond custom ring
Bare diamond custom ring is a bare diamond custom diamond ring is one of the steps, is the selection of the ring, the selection of the simple but also simple, that trouble is also Cartier nail bracelet replica troublesome, depending on how to choose their own. The selection can be selected online, and then to the physical store to see the kind, try to see if it is suitable, and finally depends on the price!

Bare diamond custom ring first to determine their own preferences, is like a simple and generous style, or luxury fashion style, and then pick, so there will be more directional. If it is usually worn, to often do housework, Xiao Bian proposal or select a simple and generous style better, usually wear is also convenient, do not worry about scratching.

Bare diamond custom ring eye is very important, all the jewelry will be a fate, a lot of people at first glance like a, it is difficult to see other styles, but it is like and fit is two different things, Sometimes like the style, they are not necessarily suitable for wearing, and really suitable for their own style, are generally tried to know.

Bare diamond custom ringing If you want to buy online, the local and that brand of the store, you can go to the mall to find a similar style of the diamond drill try, but also to see whether it is suitable for their own. Before the order must be fully try out the style, choose the best, most favorite, the most appropriate, to avoid the back received and not suitable for, look good, but like the style, it is troubled!

Ring up

Bare diamond custom ring material selection, but also need a good choice. Single diamond simple style, platinum K gold can be used, platinum value is high, the price is also more expensive, not oxidation color, single diamond style with platinum will be better, of course, if you like 18K gold color, or large diamond, But also can be used 18K gold material, the price will be preferential, mosaic is also solid. If it is a luxury ringing style, it is not recommended to use platinum, precious metal purity is higher and more soft, platinum purity is very high, only suitable for inlaid simple style. 18K gold purity is much lower, is the hardest material in the imitation Cartier love bracelet precious metal, mosaic luxury style is very suitable and solid.

The price of the ring are basically also in the 1000 to 7 thousand or so, this is no matter how wiped out the price, if it is really buy a bare diamond to send a ring, we must think about, businesses really let Such a big profit out of it? It is certainly the price of the ring to the bare diamond up. This time, bare diamond prices will be much higher. So in the purchase of bare diamond customization, to shop more than three, parity, then, not only than bare diamond prices or price, but rather than the same price of the total price. Of course, contrast, but also need to compare the credibility of business and diamond ring quality and so on.

The above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the “bare diamond custom ring” related content, we hope to help. Click on the collection, Xiaobian you enter the jewelry knowledge of the ocean!
Kelan bare drill custom diamond diamond 4C, in addition to the weight we know that the size will affect the price, the degree of clarity on the bare diamond price is also very large, such as 50 points the same level of top margin IF and SI clarity The price difference of about 10,000, the greater the diamond, the price difference will be proportional rise, the difference of thousands of miles! This is the diamond premium.

If you are not more than one carat used to collect the bare drill, usually do not need to wear high purity, you can pick a large number of diamonds or choose a luxury some of the style, and clarity VS is very good, the naked eye can not see the inclusions, the clarity is not required, you can also choose SI clarity, after all, no one will let you take the ring to give him a closer look. Clarity requirements reduced, the budget will be much more comfortable, the other 3C can also be a corresponding increase!

Kelan bare diamond custom diamond color, DF color is a good choice, the color is colorless, the color of the bare diamond price will not be too much, so the color can be selected some, after all, the color can be very easy have witnessed. If the color requirements are not too high, G or H color is also good, but also belong to the white, slightly bit yellow tone, but better than I-J color. If the bare diamond color is not required, or even like yellow, then, I-J color or K-L color can choose, as long as the imitation Cartier love bracelet cut is good, diamonds are like flash!

Kelan bare diamond custom cut the best 3EX, diamonds are the most flash, the general can choose 3EX will not choose VG cut, the budget is not enough, VG cut is also good, are very good cut, diamonds are also Very flashing Bare drill also depends on fluorescence, choose the best non-fluorescent, lower color level, medium blue fluorescence is also good, but also whitening diamonds. In the election drill, we must look at the bare drill has no milk coffee, avoid buying cream drill or coffee drill. General good business like Zoukai, Kelan will not sell these drilled.

Kelan bare diamond customization also need to select the ring, the choice of the ring is very important, good ring can also look bigger diamond, and with the ring, in order to wear bare drill in the hands of the sun The In the selection of the ring, in addition to choose the style of choice, but also to choose their own style, really suitable for their own must try to get started after trying to know before the full try to try out the style, choose the best, the most Like, the most appropriate! If you want to set on the Internet, you can also go to the mall to test the style of the diamond ring, and then determine the good again is also a good choice!
How much money a gram of diamond

The first record of the diamond is the country is found in India, and now more than it is the South African drill, many people are non-South Africa do not buy, businesses are boasting their own sale of diamonds are from South Africa, quality assurance, costly s Mark. In fact, the price of diamonds and the origin of little relationship, diamond 4C is the guarantee of diamond quality. How much is the diamond? Maybe we can start from its formation.

How much is the diamond? What is the weight of the diamond caravan, carat in the real weight? The weight of a carat is equivalent to one fifth of the weight, then one gram of diamonds is the size of the five-caravan diamonds. If it is round drill, the diameter is about eleven millimeters. The formation of diamonds is in the ground hundreds of kilometers deep geological layer by the original carbon heat, pressure melting crystallization, most of the original mineral deposits attached to the mica peridotite, a few years ago by the crustal plate changes, volcanic eruptions, With the magma spray to the surface of the shallow, the final excavation by humans found. Life, but the number of years, diamonds have witnessed a billion years. Perhaps this is also our reason for the pursuit of diamonds, diamonds forever, a permanent spread, it is indestructible symbol of love. How much is a diamond? Diamond on this basis to become everyone dream of luxury, it has become a symbol of power and love.

How much is the diamond? 5 carat diamond is not common, and occasionally with the stars of the wedding into the eyes of ordinary people, such a diamond is a million worth, how to hide a small hut? Diamond how much money a gram, in fact, with the diamond 4C level has a great relationship, the diamond 4C were color, clarity, weight, cut. Color from high to low can be divided into D, E, F, G, H until N color, clarity is divided into IF, VVS, SI, etc., cut and there are perfect, very good, good cut. So the diamond is one gram of a few million villas, or a tens of millions of dollars of luxury homes, have to study the study of diamonds 4C parameters.

How much is the diamond? Diamond from which jewelry brand into the hands of consumers, the price will be different, different brands, give the symbol of different diamonds, attached to the diamond brand value is very different. From Cartier diamonds, is estimated to be five or six million in the price, in the little well-known small workshop to buy a gram of diamonds, one or two million can be won, but 5 carat diamonds on a global scale, according to the calculator You can count, a small workshop to have 5 carats of diamonds is no longer a small workshop, so to buy 5 carats of diamonds need to go to the regular jewelry brand to customize, buy.

Diamonds symbol of love, but it is not love, so ask how much money a gallon, ordinary people, love how many grams, Xiaobian ignorant, has never heard of how much money a gallon? How many grams to buy? It does not matter, as long as the heart to her, 50 points of the diamond can give her happiness.

How much is the diamond in general?

How much is the diamond in general?
After today, tomorrow is the romantic Tanabata Valentine’s Day, to the beloved she sent a good texture of diamond jewelry is a very good Tanabata gift. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, diamonds are always associated with millions of millionaires together, in fact, about 30 minutes of diamonds is about working-class two months of wages, so the general Replica Cartier jewelry people of the new people like to buy such a size Diamond ring as a wedding ring, both meaningful in the economy and can afford. Of course, the price of diamonds also have more than 5 carats of pigeons are a million yuan in units of units, then the diamond how much money? Texture of different diamonds prices are not uniform.
How much is the diamond in general?

Texture of different diamonds prices are not the same, so to know how much the general diamond? Need to first understand the diamond 4C: color, clarity, cut, weight. Diamond 4C are divided into different grades, each grade of diamond texture is also a gap, the price is naturally different. So you have to know how to see the diamond 4C standard to know how much money is generally worth of diamonds, to learn more about the diamond 4C knowledge can click into: “Zoca jewelry home – jewelry knowledge – diamond knowledge.”

To know how much the general diamond? But also to know what the diamond brand is purchased, the same texture of the diamond in different brands of the sale price is not the same, because the value of the brand attached to the diamond is not the same, the domestic domestic line brand price is the general brand of 160% Around, some people like the big brand design concept, some people pay more attention to the quality of the diamond itself, so how much money but also according to personal preferences of the consumer preferences.

Zuo Kayi jewelry is not only precious materials and aesthetics of the condensate, it is a long faithful companions, for the precious time to support, the mind imprint engraved by the consumer’s favorite, how much money Zoacai diamonds? The price of custom diamonds in Sokai include: the price of the diamond + the price of the entourage + the manual fee. Classic 30-point round diamond prices in 3500 yuan to 4000 yuan, in the Zuo Kai custom naked drill has a perfect sales service, shopping no worries.
How much is the bare drill now? The price of bare drill is not how much money by a carat, because the price of bare diamond is geometric rise, unlike gold, how much money can be calculated. So how much money a carny carrage is no answer. Can be asked: bare drill a carat how much money, bare diamond 2 carat how much money. You can also add a diamond 4C, so that you can more accurately offer.

How much is the bare drill now? Want to know the price of bare drill, first understand the diamond 4C, refers to the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut. These four standards are the price of diamonds play a crucial impact, not many people mistakenly believe that the greater the value of diamonds, the same weight of diamonds, clarity or color, the level of cut is not the same, the price is also the same Will be very different.

How much is the bare drill now? Bare diamond prices in addition to the impact of the diamond 4C, by the impact of market supply and demand, if the supply is greater than the demand, the price will fall, if you need to be greater than the supply, the price will rise. But at present, bare diamond prices are steadily rising in the state, so if you want to buy bare drill, as early as possible to buy the best. Of course, can also be purchased at the time of the holiday, then many businesses will have promotional activities, such as the present Tanabata, Zoukai official website there are very favorable activities.

How much is the bare drill now? Bare diamond price is very rich, before the purchase, it is best to determine the budget, how much ability to buy the price of bare drill, cost-effective, cost-effective is king. Such as ten thousand budget, you can buy 40 points fineness of the bare drill, 50 points, then the fineness is not so good, then you need to choose, see is to buy small and beautiful, or large and rough.

How much is the bare drill now? A carat round bare diamond prices in more than 30,000 to more than ten million or so, shaped in more than ten thousand to eight million or so, buy bare drill are generally in order to mosaic into a diamond ring to marry or marry, before buying, It is best to discuss with the woman to buy how much, what kind of, it is best to buy together, to avoid when bought, the woman does not like, then take it.
How much is a half-carat? Half-carat bare diamond round the price of more than 8 thousand to thirty-seven or so, shaped drill is 5 thousand to fifteen or so, of course, there are many kinds of profiled drill, Xiao Bian said that they are the lowest price of a The It can be seen that the price of profiled drill is very favorable. Of course, although the round drill, but also expensive, but also the benefits of the same, round drill the same weight, will be larger than the diamond drill, cut more flash, cutting more loss, so the price is relatively high.

How much is a half-carat? Half-carat bare diamond if the level is better, round bare drill, the price should be about fifteen or even higher. In the purchase of bare drill, you can first determine their own budget, and then according to the budget from the right bare diamond in the selection of their favorite parameters, you can quickly selected their favorite bare drill.

How much is a half-carat? Half the price of stone, regardless of shape, that is, from 5 thousand to thirty-seven or so, the shape of the diamond, color, clarity, cut, fluorescent is the impact of semi-Kela bare diamond prices the biggest factor. As long as there is a different level between them, the price will be different, which is the difference between the profiled drill is not round drill so much, the price is much lower than the round drill, if the diamond shape is not required, the budget And relatively low, the diamond 4C and fluorescent requirements are relatively high, then the choice of profiled drill is very good!

How much is a half-carat? Semi-Kela bare diamond prices, but also with the shopping malls wholesale bare diamond costs related to the selection of bare drill, we can certainly see, 4C fluorescent are the same half-carat bare diamond, there are several price difference is several hundred, is Because the number of merchants to purchase a number of goods, diamond wholesalers to the discount will be higher, the cost of each diamond to the corresponding cost will be lower, then sell the price will follow a little cheaper. So in the selection of bare drill, or aimed at the time, do not think that this drill a little cheaper, it is a problem, in fact, the cost of the purchase of businesses is likely to lower, so the margin will be larger.

Men’s diamond ring price

Men’s diamond ring price
Men are also fashionable, and now more and more men began to love all kinds of jewelry, the ring is a finishing touch of jewelry, men’s ring with a rugged style, simple lines, simple and atmospheric, relatively simple pattern and classic features. Now on the market men’s diamond ring also has inlaid diamonds style, but compared with the ladies diamond ring, the men’s mosaic of diamonds is much smaller, but also able to reflect the wear of the refined and gentleman’s temperament, then the men’s diamond ring how the price What?
How is the price of the men’s diamond ring? Men’s diamond Replica Cartier jewelry ring style can be said to be very little, men wear diamond ring can be based on different types of diamond ring and style, see the character of the people wearing the character. Such as simple atmosphere of the style, representative and symbol of its broad mind. So although the men’s diamond ring style is relatively simple, but some of the classic men’s diamond ring style has been loved by many men, the price of course, according to the diamond grade to decide.

How much is the price of the men’s diamond ring? With the jewelry in the market continue to promote, diamond consumption is gradually favored by men, and select the carat class diamond men increase year by year. Compared to the diamond ring, men’s diamond ring mosaic diamonds are small, generally below 30 points, so the basic price of men’s diamond ring about 6,000 yuan, the price is high to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of have, wearing diamond jewelry not only highlight The noble diamond, but also marks the men’s economic strength and career success.

Men’s diamond ring price is not expensive? To send men’s diamond ring is not only taste, but also significant grade, fashion romantic wedding can not be missing wearing jewelry, of course, its price is not low, this tall diamond jewelry to a certain extent, can highlight the identity of men, its price And the golden ring is also calculated by weight, low weight cheaper, usually wear a few thousand dollars to wear, there are about twenty thousand, of course, more than one million, there are hundreds of thousands, there are more expensive For the ordinary people can not afford it.
Dr diamond ring price

Dr is headquartered in Hong Kong, the diamond level requirements and cutting process control has a rigorous professional considerations. Dr diamond ring as the first brand to marry the diamond ring, dr diamond ring price is also a lot of people concerned about the topic, dr has a special concept of love, men need to bind identity card number, life can only buy once, that diamond ring prices will not because of these factors And high? Dai Rui as a professional jewelry brand, never held any holiday promotions discount activities, then dr diamond ring how the price?

Dr diamond ring how the price? For young people, buy diamond ring not only to pursue the price of the price, but also the pursuit of the meaning behind it, dr diamond ring on behalf of the commitment of life is two people always love to witness, so “life only one person” Brand concept is very important. In this way, for love to wear a ring, is sent an eternal promise. Not everyone can be lucky harvest, it is the most worthy of love in the beautiful.

Dr diamond ring how much money? Dr diamond ring price mainly by the diamond “4c” decision. Dr diamond ring price is mainly affected by the brand and diamond “4c” effect, a Cartier proposal diamond ring is basically the value of more than 100,000, but dr is not a luxury, dr a carat diamond ring in the price of 4-10 million Between, each diamond ring will have a GIA certificate. Dr diamond ring in the peer in the price is relatively high, take dr a carat diamond ring, My Heart series of classic models of a carat diamond ring: color F color, clarity SI1, cut VG, this dr diamond ring price Just over forty thousand.

Dr diamond ring expensive expensive Dr diamond ring price is relatively close to the people, dr diamond ring prices according to different diamond quality and 4C level, ranging from thousands to tens of millions, here suggested to start the ring of the dr family, the best plan in advance of the budget, Budget category diamond ring. Diamond ring valuable love is priceless, as long as boldly sent her heart of the diamond ring, regardless of its value of high fire low, it is the same meaning behind the same, are full of a sincere.
Cartier diamond ring symbolizes the happiness of the two worlds, it followed the most classic design style, by the brand’s jewelry master single-handedly made. Now more and more newly married couples will choose to use the Cartier diamond ring as a permanent witness. The budding of love is always the most pure, the other’s smiles, every move can make their own heart ripples. If you want to use a ring to record this innocent memories, I would like to use the Cartier diamond ring is the most suitable, then Cartier a carat diamond ring how the price?
Cartier a carat diamond ring how to price? Cartier luxury and bright, let us feel the infinite charm of diamond jewelry. As the global aristocratic jewelry brand Cartier, is the dream of every girl’s life. Cartier’s every diamond ring design, have been given an invaluable artistic value, which has become a major highlight of Cartier diamond jewelry. As Cartier’s brand value, coupled with its jewelry diamond ring was given the art and emotional elements, superb and perfect cutting mosaic process, no doubt to enhance the Cartier diamond ring price.

Cartier a carat diamond ring how much money? Cartier a carat diamond ring starting price of 10 million, and some even hundreds of thousands of dollars, the better the quality of a carat diamond ring the more expensive, the quality of diamonds from the diamond 4C, 4C, including diamond weight, color, Degree and cut, for Cartier a carat diamond ring, the cut is the main factor affecting the price of Cartier a carat diamond ring, the same diamond 3C, 3EX level cut and 3VG level cut, will make Cartier a carat diamond ring price Difference on the million.

Cartier a carat diamond ring expensive expensive Cartier was praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, loved by women around the world, can be imagined Cartier a carat diamond ring is certainly a lot of money. According to industry analysis, Cartier a carat diamond ring price composition, can be summarized as Cartier brand value + bare diamond price + care price + labor costs + diamond processing fees + operating costs, compared with ordinary business here is still very different, to Operating a world brand, than the operation of a small shop, the price can not be compared. And these brand value and operating costs will be distributed in different areas, therefore, Cartier diamond ring price and other businesses more than doubled or doubled, but also reasonable things.