Intellectual and simple handsome

Floral flowers will always be a source of inspiration for design and creation. This year the French fashion brand Van Cleef & Arpels to create a time to show the beauty of flowers jewelry, with different gems unite the charm of nature. Among them, with a revolutionary gesture, the first direct diamond inlaid leather above the watch in this watch black strap, set with 98 large and small diamonds, like the dawn of dew crystal little bit of wonderful.
In this case,
At the same time also brought Hawaii flowers as the creation of the protagonist to red tourmaline as a petal, together with white diamonds together into a flower, full of beauty of nature.
If you want to follow the trend of the times, in addition to wearing Replica Cartier love bracelet a fashion sense of jewelry and accessories, the personal self-confidence and style is also an indispensable item. Now, from the selection for their own individuality of a single product to start for their own unique charm to create it.

Intellectual and simple handsome

Sweet agreement 2 Sweet series
Sweet agreement 2 Sweet series, geometric elements, intellectual simple three-dimensional modeling gold, with handsome leather cord, both young and stylish. And its exquisite three-color gold, matte, sandblasting technology, leaving gold show unique visual effects, but also an original ring can be worn alone, or with the heart-type refining of a multi-functional design, symbolizing lover ‘ Always in my heart ‘sweet vows, unique ingenuity.

Lucky and fashionable pretty

By Li Lite’s love affair series

According to Li Lite’s love affair series, there is a phase of the two circles, linking the size of the diamonds, full use of lively and pretty elements, a round young girl dream of beautiful diamond ornaments. The other side of it, as if the drill has been wearing the way, not only Y-fashion sense of refining, but also a Chinese auspicious eight-shaped meaning, is one that allows you to take into account the good luck and bright dual-use 墬.

Fantastic dreamlike elegance

The French brand NICETY

From the French brand NICETY, the use of natural materials, crystal and red, Sapphire with a high degree of texture of the two precious stones, the design of a section of both beautiful and beautiful crystal flower jewelry.

You can in this series of new works, feel delicate and delicate Cartier love ring replica jewelry hand, but also allows the crystal flower white and elegant temperament, to bring you a dream of romance and beauty.
“Heart Shape” is always surrounded by love for the couple to do the best endorsement, in this golden, bright autumn, drilling is not an exaggerated jewelry, absolutely able to endorse your heart that sub-eternal love!
The rose-shaped crystal heart-shaped body, wrapped around a ribbon-like pink crystal, warm heart surrounded by deep love

Delicate chic timers, made of stainless steel and white zircon, like the fashionable pendants bracelet

Astrale line of distinctive concentric circles, so that the diamond light to show harmony
Valentine’s Day this year, whether it is popular silver, gold, diamond ornaments market, launched from the home of the merchandise or flagship merchandise, ‘heart-type’ are strong fight, in one fell swoop to become the most popular design.

Elegant product marketing manager Wang Wei said that the market ‘heart’ may be divided into lines and non-line section full of money, the former is the main use of lines to play a heart-shaped creative space, the latter is the entity was the heart State, suitable for the performance of large areas of precious stones inlay.

Heart-shaped design with the occasion of the Valentine’s Day market, Wang Wei that is in line with market trends in the mainstream demand, on the one hand, both men and women are welcome, and for men to buy consumers, it is easy to win recognition, in principle ‘heart’ Jewelry or jewelry has always been the main force, the only difference is the amount of style.

Popular brand of silver FIONA breath in China, Valentine’s Day to push Cartier love ring replica the ten theme of love design, merchandise director Zhao Yunqi said that the heart is very popular jewelry design, but the size of the heart in the size of the work is unique , Whether the designer to play a simple shape of the creative, will determine the heart of a creative work or not.

Heart-type design is not necessarily for Valentine’s Day, but undeniably, the ‘heart’ design is popular, but also the most direct expression of love. Of the design; Swarovski each year in the heart-shaped shape work, especially the giant heart-shaped brooch, almost on behalf of the brand design. Echoing the gorgeous autumn and winter fashion this year, with rose-red crystal heart to make the main body, coupled with the ribbon like a ribbon effect of pink crystal, very heart-shaped brooch for autumn and winter clothing jewelry decoration is also very stylish.

Spring diamond ornaments popular bold colors

Spring diamond ornaments popular bold colors
The long winter has gone, bright spring, what kind of jewelry is the most gorgeous? This season’s new fashion jewelry is what?

Color action

Some people say that this year is the color of the action imitation Cartier love bracelet of the year. As long as you have imagination, a variety of colors can be bold with, so you fully appreciate the fun palette fun.

In this color under the sweeping forces, the color of metal and color jewelry has become an important material for popular jewelry. Royal Swarovski jewelry these different colors, different materials, metal, gemstones together, playing a mashup game, the achievements of a variety of effects and the sense of the level between the inch.

Diamond combination

Diamond is a woman’s eternal favorite, different shapes of diamonds popular, such as rose cutting, triangular, ladder, round, pear-shaped, square, oval and heart-shaped and so on. While the collection of different shapes of diamonds constitute a pattern of another, will be another popular trend.

In addition to pure and noble white diamond will continue to shine in the jewelry industry, the pink diamonds, yellow diamonds may also become the new darling of the trend of jewelry this year, and among the pink roses cutting the most popular pink, with popular rose gold , For jewelry add angry.

Nature Themes

To nature as the theme of jewelry design, show is to enjoy the life of the ordinary heart. Dynamic shapes always bring unlimited surprises, whether it is a series of leaves or twisted spiral, will give your wrist to add luster.

Animal themes have become the darling of designers. Chinese traditional auspicious patterns are mainly dragon, phoenix, beast; European is advocating wild full style, such as leopards, snakes and so on.

Still luxurious

2005 jewelery will also continue the luxury of the wind at the end of 2004, in the style of antique flavor jewelry is also very popular. In style, this jewelry is very complex and luxurious, the choice of material is also very rich. However, through the special treatment for the old, look old, but very honest, as we clean up the old grandmother found the same room when the windfall.

Whether it is heavy metal, texture, diamond firmness, long-lasting, or jade moist, delicate, jade crystal clear, glamorous, or pearl elegant, noble, all feel compelling.
Every season, the streets are lively, here’s endless spring and summer new clothes, the other side of the spring and summer jewelry is eye-catching bright. In this season, when you put on a romantic new clothes, it is also a new jewelry debut when the old temple of gold to the season of spring and summer jewelry together with your wonderful new mood together.
Love is love, love is amour, love is rak, love is love, love is love, love is a selfless dedication – years ago, Weng Qianyu interpretation of love in many languages for us the definition of love in the spring season This season, with Amour love jewelry dress themselves, perhaps cute, perhaps charming, or intellectual, in short, in the love of decorating, no one can be beautiful., In the most suitable dress up their own time of the year.
Spring is the closest to nature’s season, green leaves, red flowers, colorful natural colors, natural color is always fashionable color. White metallic luster, silver Ye Hao, Platinum Ye Hao, K gold worth mentioning, white gloss jewelry continues to be the spring and summer fashion trends, and engraved with Amour’s true love jewelry, is the old temple presents to everyone’s spring and summer gift. Amour love light, sweet love, calm walk through the bustling and mixed, the eternal is Amour love and your pure heart.
Different ages, longing for different love. The age of the flowering season – sprouting love, pure heart, soft and fragile, to fly, like a heart and a pair of slightly open wings, the Amour engraved on the wings, also engraved in the heart; Busy cover up the desire to love the heart, keep looking for Amour you love, will love the heart of this interlocking heart-shaped Amour, flashing luster, looking for the other half to form a complete heart; love the ultimate experience – to find true love The moment, let Amour love ring you and my fate, ring closely, is the heart of the two really agree with the heart.

In this season, the old temple of gold hope that everyone will find their own love.

Pearl – always “black and white with”

Pearl – always “black and white with”
Pearl with its noble and moist to win tens of thousands of women’s favor. It is not as tough as a diamond, there is no K gold, platinum as publicity, but gently, completely captured the beauty of women’s heart, and firmly occupy, can not be shaken.

Lift the pearls, the most familiar should be white pearls. This milky white is also the mainstream color of pearls. Elegant white pearl quiet, soft and other pearls of color can not be compared. Black pearls in recent years was imitation Cartier love bracelet only gradually become familiar with, especially in Tahitian pearls as the representative. This noble, mysterious black is also the typical high-end pearl color. Black and white in the opposite, but also often harmoniously together, pearl jewelry with black and white is a typical example.

In this regard, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), vice president of jewelery, said Dr. Ren Jin: “Black and white is the most intense contrast of the two colors, their combination is the most eye-catching, the most visual impact, so the use of black and white contrast The creation of pearls is not only pleasing to the eye, very fashionable, and can become a classic because the color from the decorative point of view, black and white is a permanent fashion color.

Colorful bead colorful color is always hot sultry, pearl is also its bright colors dress up the beauty of a beautiful family life.

The color of the pearl is not limited to white, black. It is understood that the cultured pearls in the water contains minerals of different, the formation of pearl color is also varied, like pink, rose, golden yellow, brass, gun copper, silver gray, brown, Purple, and so everything, and often accompanied by rose, metallic, green and other colorful halo color. These changing natural halo color to pearl with a more hazy charm, but also makes it stand out from the many popular elements.

According to the survey, the pearl color and color preferences, everyone around the different skin color and this preference is very related. Pink and white pearls with rose-colored colors are popular in the United States and Japan; in France, people love milky white; in South America and Spain, people desire yellow and gold. The famous American opera actress Lillian Nodica has a 28 different colors of pearls, of which the largest one weighing 43.75 karats, was pear-shaped, with a green color.

Today’s consumer market more and more emphasis on individuality, self-diversification, consumers want to use jewelry to express their preferences and personality. Black mysterious and silence, metallic texture and distinguished, silver-gray alternative and glamorous … … Dr. Ren Jin in the “new trends in pearl jewelry design and design points,” a text, said: “colored metallic pearl luster and silky luster With a very special visual impact, such as gold, dark green large particles of pearls on the market has a good appeal.These color requirements are natural, can not be false.There are so many rich colors to adapt to the consumer fashion, expression Psychological needs of the self.

Gentle round beads In the Pearl Culture Festival, the reporter found smooth and attractive round pearl is still the consumer’s favorite. These pearls modest, dignified and generous, just a symbol of the Eastern women’s virtuous, elegant, so has been mellow beads firmly occupy the leading position.

A jewelry sales staff told reporters that the use of this rounded beads made of natural necklace is very popular, foreign friends are fascinated by it. Because it can change with the seasons to carry out different mix, to wear them dignified and generous, and not obsolete.

Round necklace is the most representative of the pearl jewelry, the most traditional and most classic pearl necklace is the same shape and other large and the same color gradient pearl necklace with the same color. This necklace has strict production requirements, that is, the size of the pearl, quality, gloss, color and consistency of each pearl of the requirements are high, our proverb “seven points eight points treasure” reflects the pearl-sized Claim.

Publicity of the special-shaped beads People’s values of the ever-changing jewelry also affected the popular trend. The past, consumers always like orthodox jewelry, ornaments slightly exaggerated on the shape of a wait-and-see attitude. But now is not the case, as long as the exaggerated shape of jewelry is reasonable, exaggerated have taste, exaggerated people will have a huge consumer market heart. Pearl as a traditional, classic representatives are constantly open up their own “thinking” and “market”, the prevalence of shaped beads is the best proof.

Relative to the mild round beads, shaped beads becomes too publicity. But it is this publicity, but also gives it the human side. Because people have different personalities, preferences, style, it makes the world so wonderful, shaped beads in the shape of the appropriate “publicity” of the world’s wonderful – or cheerful and lively, or weird, or maverick … …

Shaped pearls in the past, there is no market in the pearl jewelry market, can only be used as a simple pearl cream raw materials. But now, the international community has been specialized in breeding some special type of pearls, such as pearl crosses, shell pearls and so on, these pearls have been carefully designed to show a lively pearl jewelry style. Shaped pearl jewelry designers on the high demand, because it requires designers to shape their own pearls according to their own imagination and creativity, with a pure design concept to complete the design. This design process has also given the special-shaped pearl “art to create added value.”

Need to share Jiapin bead consumers are cute and smart, they put their own preferences into investment, collection, large particles of high quality pearl nature is their first choice. Large grain pearls can also be artificially cultured, but because the growth cycle is very long, the quality is difficult to get good control, it has been a relatively short, the price is long-term high. However, this also increases the value of its preservation and appreciation of the weight.

When the pearls of popular wind blowing came, I believe there will be more people to join the ranks of pearl lovers, who wear, and my heart was happy, silently sigh: my love / purple pearl / deep in the sea My love / such as the eternal pearl / do not publicity bright colors, quiet and lonely / life waiting in my heart at the end of my heart
Popular jewelry continue to introduce new, expensive is certainly worth collecting, those strange patterns and styles can also be put it down. Metal, shell, glass, plastic, cloth, fashion jewelry dizzying, and now the new favorite jewelry, but also turned into a porcelain.

Porcelain This new material can create a variety of patterns and color changes, colorful crystal and unique ceramic texture, different animals, the charm of nature can be reflected in the fashion trend of accessories and life furnishings, can change Out of a series of blurred, fantastic jewelry boutique, with this year’s popular animal patterns, more urban jungle publicity beauty, full of vitality.

Leopard pattern once applied to the porcelain, do not have some gorgeous flavor. Because the pattern itself is extremely eye-catching, coupled with the porcelain of this material, can set off color. Black spar inlaid in the yellow spar above the color contrast, eye-catching, the background from shallow to dark, full of natural flavor, large and small black particles such as leopard-like asymmetry, more natural.

Porcelain jewelry light was not frivolous, popular this season, Department of fluffy chiffon dress, it seems to be with the perfect match. Fresh and natural porcelain jewelry is most suitable for the season of thin clothes, in the wind Yimou whipped, and slowly appreciate the hidden vitality in the porcelain and passion.

Luxury woman will remember key words

Luxury woman will remember key words
I do not know the big designers whim, or in recent years, the popular natural wind has been boring people boring. In short, in 2006 the women began to reject the ordinary, resist the simple, and luxury has become the theme of their worship. What kind of woman can be regarded as a qualified luxury woman? Remember the three elements of luxury women: trendy, self-love, style. As a standard luxury people, must be a profound understanding of the limited edition material brought about by the spiritual implication; secondly for the fashion style, to be critical to the sharp and have a very personal hobby, so that this private hobby to show them different, Outstanding personality ……

bring it on! Add to the fashion luxury circle, sitting in the costumes, shoes and beautiful leather bag from when the queen-like feeling is that all women can not refuse the temptation to quit addiction. If your answer is YES, then please follow the footsteps of a small note, to experience those who originally belong to the elements of luxury it!

Keywords: limited edition

A wide range of limited edition fashion items is the deadly poison of luxury women. On the one hand, in their minds, the brand has long been unable to meet their psychological needs, only to each of the limited sale of treasures completely occupied, they have a real sense of presence. On the other hand, the limited edition of the degree of preciousness and credit card spending is proportional to. But even so, luxury women still willing to braved the risk of becoming a “negative Weng,” extreme luxury, must be limited. From the inside to the outside, from head to toe, take care of their own breath from the luxurious woman every cell emanating, limit their lives every inch of life, with the top luxury to stimulate their own every nerve. Clothing, bags, jewelry … … the top luxury and the limit of love, like, are fine to the minutiae of the quality, to create the most simple and classic spread, luxury women gestures, luxurious low-key atmosphere filled. Limited edition, fashionable luxury female indispensable favorite.

Classic limited edition: watch

Limited edition watches luxury fashion circles in the boutique, is the highlight of the limited edition game. A luxury watch for the world, is not a simple timing tool, it is her symbol of extraordinary taste. Even if this piece of luxury watch is a man she simply can not wear out the men’s watches, luxury women will still be its own, with no need to secondly, like the collection of antique collectors like the United States and the table is the key.

Take a look, Bvlgari Tourbillon limited edition, equipped with exquisite tourbillon mechanical movement, through the transparent sapphire dial and table back, you can clearly observe the movement of the perfect movement. As for the “jewelry timer” reputation of the count, all the watch case and bracelet must use 18K gold or platinum casting, 6 million yuan of astronomical watches are not its top production. This gluttonous luxury goods, how to be able to dominate the luxury women themselves?

Luxury limit: jewelry

Jewelry is undoubtedly a symbol of luxury, limited edition jewelry more to the luxury to another level, in the ball and other important occasions, a large show limited edition jewelry fashion luxury laps become a common problem.

Fragrance of luxury: perfume

Perfume has been a woman of another grade coat, limited edition perfume has become a luxury woman different representatives. A bottle of perfume, easily tens of thousands, but the limit of this game, in particular, can arouse luxury women want to conquer, want to have the determination, coupled with its outstanding origin is famous brand, has become the focus of the luxury circle trend. Limited edition fragrance generally have two major limitations, one is the limited flavor, people incense was unique; the second is the packaging, the performance of the brand distinguished magnate consistent style. The luxury circle of the most famous perfume brand is undoubtedly the Estee Lauder, her annual routine before the launch of Christmas, from 1968 limited edition solid fragrance series, not only has become a traditional, noble luxury brand has become a brand lovers Year will be “lost” collection.
With over 150 years of experience in jewelery and watch making, Jewelery and Watches, a limited edition jewelery and watch, has been specially designed every year. The limited edition of jewelry and watches in the world is extremely valuable.

This year, Cartier adhering to this tradition, designed to “LOVE” as the theme of limited edition jewelry and PashaC watch.

This in platinum and rose gold to create, set ring and pendant in a design, is derived from the 70’s all the rage Cartier Love small screw-style bracelet; as long as you gently press, the ring immediately transformed into a spherical Pendant, platinum outer ring engraved with Cartier words, built-in rose gold circle there is Love mark, limited and special. Want to make love around you feel your love, this is naturally your inevitable choice.

Want to interpret your unique love for her share of the world limited 3,000 pink PashaC limited edition watch and the world’s limited edition of 2,000 powder purple PashaC watch are carefully selected in No matter when and where, Cartier let you show her the most thorough, most eternal love.
With over 150 years of experience in jewelery and watch making, Jewelery and Watches, a limited edition jewelery and watch, has been specially designed every year. The limited edition of jewelry and watches in the world is extremely valuable.

This year, Cartier adhering to this tradition, designed to “LOVE” as the theme of limited edition jewelry and PashaC watch.

This in platinum and rose gold to create, set ring and pendant in a design, is derived from the 70’s all the rage Cartier Love small screw-style bracelet; as long as you gently press, the ring immediately transformed into a spherical Pendant, platinum outer ring engraved with Cartier words, built-in rose gold circle there is Love mark, limited and special. Want to make love around you feel your love, this is naturally your inevitable choice.

Want to interpret your unique love for her share of the world limited 3,000 pink PashaC limited edition watch and the world’s limited edition of 2,000 powder purple PashaC watch are carefully selected. No matter when and where, Cartier let you show her the most thorough, most eternal love.

Palladium: gold jewelry new favorite

Gold series, this series

Including the “Queen of the stage”, “opposite sex”, “color charm” theme of the three themes, these simple, stylish style side of the city quickly attracted people’s attention.

Palladium: gold jewelry new favorite

Palladium is a member of the platinum family, is the last two years popular new favorite gold. Palladium is currently cheaper than platinum, can be made of jewelry alone, can also be gold, silver, platinum Replica Cartier love bracelet alloy components to increase its hardness. Gold, palladium, gold and platinum and palladium alloys are common on the market. Because palladium and other metals, almost no impurities, high purity, palladium will not cause skin allergies, very suitable for the skin. International palladium jewelry stamp is Pd or palladium words, and the purity of thousands of words, such as Pd950 said purity is 950 ‰, palladium jewelry specifications are marked Pd950, Pd900, Pd750.

In this session of the International Jewelery Show, the International Palladium Association together with the Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association, Shenzhen City Kyrgyzstan UNITA Jewelry Co., Ltd. in the Chinese market for the first time launched three series of palladium jewelry: can not help but heart dance heart dance series; Love from the heart, reluctant to love the series; true heart, revealing the heart trace of the series.

Jade: the beauty of color and meaning

Jade jewelry because of its beautiful color, meaning is also profound as mainstream jewelry into the homes of ordinary people, consumers are beginning to become more and more like jade ornaments, jade jewelry Cartier love ring replica popularity has become a big trend this year. In the exhibition center of the jade jewelry category to bracelets, pendants mainly Guanyin, Buddha, wishful buckle majority, and vivid shape, craftsmanship, color or thick or light, have their different manifestations of the United States. The industry said that the use of Chinese characteristics Jade pendant modeling, which represents auspicious, wishful animals or flowers and fruits, can be worn to protect after the blessing of peace, dispel evil and other evil, by the consumer favorite.

In addition to jade is a rich cultural heritage of the traditional jewelry, it also has a certain role in the human body health care. Jade has a number of trace elements on the person wearing can play a role in regulating microcirculation, play a role in caring for the body, and the secretion of the human body oil, sweat, jade absorption, the emerald gloss can be improved, A certain degree of conservation.

Precious metal jewelry buy tips

Precious metal jewelry (including gold, platinum, K gold and palladium, etc.) with its charming color, hedging function, in the jewelry family occupies a very important position. Experts point out that there are tips to buy Cartier love ring replica precious metal jewelry.

In the purchase, we must first look at the logo printed on the jewelry (that is, jewelry mark), the label includes: manufacturer code, purity, materials, and diamond jewelry main diamond (0.10 carats and above) weight. Second, look at the appearance of quality, jewelry surface to be smooth, no filing, scraping, hammer and other processing traces. Edge edges, sharp corners should be smooth, no burrs and welding firmly. Surface treatment, consistent color, light without water stains, imprint to be accurate, clear, the appropriate location.

In addition, experts advise that the precious metal jewelry is calculated by weight and processing costs, so also test jewelry weight, gold jewelry, each piece of tolerance is 0.01 grams. Commonly used in the detection of precious metal jewelry in several relatively simple methods are: fire method, that is, after the red-hot jewelry cooling, such as yellow is still gold, if black is fake. Hardness gold test method, the gold teeth with biting, can leave traces of gold, or false; there will be cast on the hard ground of gold, listening to the sound is boring is true, the sound is clear and false.

How to care for jewelry

Gently, avoid collision and friction. Gold, K gold, platinum or jewelry has not been inlaid precious stones, should try to avoid the impact and friction, to prevent rupture or surface luster. In addition, do not wear two pieces in a normal or adjacent place.

Avoid contact with high temperature and acid and alkali solution. Not pure gold or pure platinum jewelry, subject to high temperature (Refers to the fire barbecue) or the case of acid, alkali solution, vulnerable to Fake Cartier love bracelet damage or erosion. Daily use of cosmetics in some of the chemicals will also gold, silver, platinum jewelry have an impact. Therefore, during household chores, sports activities, should be removed jewelry, so precious stones, gold and silver jewelry damage.

Always check to prevent gems from falling off. Set in gold and silver jewelry on the gem,

Often only by a few gold and silver claws will it fixed, not very reliable, even with the package inlaid way, but also often check its solidity, found the problem in time.

Timely removed, pay attention to cleaning and preservation. Wear jewelry in conjunction with the season, seasonal venues and other aspects to consider, when not in need of wear, it should be timely removed properly collected. Do not wear jewelry, they must be promptly cleaned and then save.

Cleaning can choose to do professional jewelry goldsmith professional cleaning, they can often do simple cleaning. Take a bowl of warm water, which add a few drops of neutral detergent, and then use soft glasses cloth or a small brush dipped in water gently wipe the jewelry. To be washed away after the dirt, then rinse with water look at jewelry, placed in ventilated place to dry. When the jewelry is finished, put it in the jewelry box and save it. When placed, do not put together a number of jewelry in a box, do not use a soft cloth wrapped with multiple jewelry, so as not to wear each other between the jewelry.

Meadow sweet as inspiration Van cleef Socrate’s latest series

Meadow sweet as inspiration Van cleef Socrate’s latest series
VanCleef & Arpels van cleef Socrate’s latest series. Socrate series based on meadow sweet inspiration, through its pattern design jewelry perfect light.
Ring and easy design of natural light, 12 flower of beautiful diamond on the ring body, like a bunch of natural flowers bloom on the tip of the finger.
Light shining Socrate meadow sweet series design is divided into two kinds of Mosaic, a highlight to stent diamonds mounted the blossom of the classic; Another for closed set show gem flower petals.
Three flower design form a complete set of earrings perfectly match imitation Cartier love bracelet a pure pure feeling, every flower can be more alone.
Women want to express themselves, not necessarily want to rely on the mouth. The greater China leading brand fashionable Gold Just Gold ® 2007 chun xia series “say, true woman” series to receive greater China designer of the heart feeling, put women heart mantra in thousand foot Gold, with meticulous matchless workmanship refining cast, true woman complicated and colorful personality, creates fashionable GuiMei unique style and superior.
Caprice Classique series in this series with traditional pane design variation into arc, every piece of pure solid and hollow out design is in arc, and the combination of straight and arc, and empty reflect mercurial woman, between consistency and tenderness, persistent and tolerant reveal the unique aesthetic feeling and expression
“Say, true woman” series is inspired by greater China “imagination” AuDITIONS Gold Gold jewellery design competition award and designs of 2007, “AuDITIONS golden imagination” Gold jewellery design competition is the industry authority, by Just Gold ® with South Africa AngloGold Ashanti Gold co., LTD., and the world Gold council, with “true woman” theme for the contest, with 500 g 500 fine capture true of women, the association award winning works will be unveiled at the end of March 2007, Beijing and the award.
Foxy Finesse series drops the beauty of the flavour is by no means can overnight success, like the best wine fragrance long woman, can smell of withstand time hone and grade. Pure gold purple coloured glaze line
Established in 1991 Just Gold ® brand, trigger fashion trend in Gold, pure Gold to tilt women to love and wearing jewelry. Gold is the fashion focus of Chinese culture, Just Gold ® “new Gold” revolution “true woman” as the brand image, with fashion design and fine workmanship, driving a new generation of beautiful women once again explore pure Gold jewellery and flexibility, as part of their daily match line to fashion accessories, quality display one-up noble taste. Gold jewellery, not only in terms of weight value.
Elan Wavy true woman every day is full of vigor and energy, this series with different sizes of onyx and phantom wave Jin Wen, on behalf of the women’s ups and downs of emotion, bring out the essence of true woman strong
This shows the ring desire of returning to nature, smooth and harmonious line, 18 k rose gold leaf, permeated with the lively and clear characteristics, give a person with unlimited movement of temptation.
The ear is given priority to with white gold, rose gold to build the precious blade ornament, convey a light bright, vibrant natural sight.
This is 7 years in “the gold” vicenza, Italy, gold jewellery published on a group of 18 k gold jewelry fashion, including the above ring with hanging ears. Get inspiration to nature, various forms, rose gold flowers, leaves, and so on flowers, under the designers imaginative harness, from Italy to fly around the world. This figure is a building made of 18 k rose gold and platinum necklace, the pursuit of natural harmony and inspiration dream forever engraved on jewelry.
Tropical orchids, dotted with green emerald green garnet and expensive garnet red orange, on ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. Exquisite exquisite, light shining star shaped brooch, plane spinel brilliant purple light particularly eye-catching.
Dangling standing orchids, closely side by side in the emerald bead string, coupled with ruby and red electric Shi Zhu drops, interwoven into the necklace from Cartier. In this beautiful modelling is the garden of Eden, was born a Mosaic of ruby and diamond intoxicate orchids, precious calyx composed of the cut surface of the beautiful red tourmaline carve.
Diamond must under heat and pressure interaction to form, is the karma coincidence, so rare. Of all the diamond, yellow diamond more rare, value is higher than colorless transparent diamond. Yellow diamond there are seven levels, including the top is the most gorgeous color, the most perfect yellow diamonds (FVY highest level), commonly known as “thick color yellow diamonds”.
Cartier choose extremely precious thick color yellow diamonds make this ring, 3.23 carat, rare magnificent yellow let a person see the unforgettable
Necklace USES a 27.04 -carat convex circular sapphire, and 7 drops of total weight 56.20 -carat emerald, another 9 string of beads shaped sapphires fine chain, like the flowing river of time, tells the Cartier’s long history
Top natural ruby in the international gem market, more valuable than top colorless diamonds are more rare, and emerald, a sapphire, diamond and listed as “the four precious stones of the world”

Summer amorous feelings of jewelry inventory

Summer amorous feelings of jewelry inventory, ocean blue elegance
Is in a summer, or all, seem to be intentionally or not convey the lure of the sea. When you wear a leisurely highlight line thermal swimsuit, please don’t forget to Marine breath very shiny things on collocation, they join, will definitely make in the blue walking you, off the coast of shining bright in the light of the sun.
Elegant essential elements – shiny pearls
Compared with other decorations, pearl jewelry seems to have been derived from Marine insurance has a unique elegant image. Therefore, for their moment to show the elegant temperament of the aristocratic ladies, pearl jewelry is definitely the beach wearing the objects of choice.
Special recommendation: impressed by heaven and earth, fire and water, black and white contrast, montblanc launched a series of black and white spirit’s magic in this season, let the white freshwater pearls and contains the sea mysterious charm of Tahiti black pearl luster were compared. Shine beautiful pearl light hanging in the flowing of 18 k white gold chain series, with unique chain consists of two montblanc star button clasp, changing into or short chain the shape of a circle or long chain string, particularly elegant nobility.
Natural essential elements – ocean blue
Will be as unpredictable as the deep blue wear upper body and bring ocean of pungent feeling bold eye-catching colors, even never leave home, also can let you smell is thick with the sea.
Special recommendation: Artini this summer with colorful coral and abundant nature colour gives priority to tone, piece together different natural crystal and fritillaria, while adding a small hanging performance sea world biological elements such as starfish, small fish, shells and coral, decorated to make the smell of the sun ocean in summer.
Boucheron launch of deep-sea blue gem earrings, peaceful bred the dazzling bright in color. Ocean of Swarovski necklace, ring chain with all sorts of modelling of pendants, hanging and have top quality goods color s-class crystal Mosaic, brilliant luster, like place oneself in the ocean mermaid princess charming.
Lovely essential elements – interest shells
Don’t like the ripe female elegant pursuit, don’t like women’s sexy and aggressive, lovely sea decorations with unique chic design, view, inadvertently will be a perfect show of taste.
Special recommendation: Georg Jensen conch shape ring is in a simple conch shape the outline of the sea of romantic imagination, whether it is a ring, earrings, necklaces have the same shape, very chic. Chanel large shell necklace with golden super shell model for rendering and dotted with bright red solid coral on shells, brilliant and attractive. There will be launched tse sui-luen “look of love” series, fish shaped pendant design, copy is like in the feelings of the two small fish, following world suit a couple points.
As mention ice cream, just think of haagen-dazs. Mention camellia, just think of CHANEL, when comes to crystal, swarovski people first think of is. Cutting imitated crystal as the world’s leading manufacturers, July 10 solstice 12, swarovski’s senior overpass jewelry series Runway Rocks to Beijing, for Beijing three days of wonderful activities of fashionable personage fully realize crystal exudes charming gloss.
Late July 11, swarovski big bag under the whole 9 pavilion international exhibition center, here released its 2007/2008 autumn and winter series jewelry collection. Event, a huge black velvet curtain, sparkling crystal beads chain, passionate music accompanied by model, immediately brought the guests into a extremely luxurious crystal world. Throughout the show with “heart” as the theme, whether it is a large hanging earrings or the delicate small handbag, whether it is the dress of swaying or shiny bracelet, all embody the shine, absolute theme of luxury. Unique crystal rock enchases craft every design so as to a work of art, twinkling like diamonds glamour burnish. New jewelry not only reflects the fashion trend, more can let the wearer performance its individual style, to create a unique fashion theme.
Swarovski creative director natalya ni, song lian, Nathalie colin-roblique (” Colin – Roblique) in an interview with reporters said: this product mainly in asymmetric design, slightly has the flavor of the wild and emphasizing style. What style of culture shock and impact, it is source of inspiration for this series of works with ethnic characteristics. These items can be rolled up or folded, is lively and sensibility. Tassel flutter in the wearer’s body and action. Build strong style in black color, more outstanding the effect of metal. Shape larger “Damage” hang necklaces and bracelets, and earrings match into a set of, and finely imitated crystal scattered like constellation, and form a mirror effect. Asymmetric and the appearance of seemingly “damage”, it is using swarovski original technology, transforming the effect of the imitated crystal Mosaic. Some jewelry seemingly abstract sculpture, appearance between jewelry and art, but the deductive approach is not the most, is not a realistic simulation. Handbag is the focus of the season series, fully reflects the style and theme of the whole series.
All design characteristics of this exhibition, all with swarovski brand new unique cutting imitated crystal “Sun” as the focus. Also, the rainbow “Dip” series pearl and imitation crystal beads are firmly on the delicate gold chain, mystery and surprise. These beads all show two sides: one side show the luster of the pearls, the other is the swarovski Ceralun technical effect. To “Dawn” big handbag made of calf leather, rich color, nomads have pony leather effect of leather with imitation crystal mesh cloth ribbons, clinging with lock ring hanging on the lucky pendant collection for many years. “Dawn” unique design, can reflect the career women’s fashion taste, become a must-have handbag this season.
The exhibition of Runway Rocks series is swarovski in London in 2003 to start a new jewelry series, by the world’s top jewelry, fashion and accessories designers and creators of elaborate design, show a series of creative and unique ideas and break through the boundaries of bridge of jewelry. The exhibition of the relocated to Beijing, all is created by an outstanding Cartier love bracelet replica designer brand new creation, constantly adding new concept in the original series, form and content constantly, highlights the senior overpass jewelry charm and artistic style. Carefully chosen eight pieces of Runway, Rocks, including three works written by Asian designers, in the three days of PAST FORWARD activities on display. This activity shows the colorful swarovski crystal elements, verifying the company for more than one hundred years of creative achievements.
Exhibition site, the luxury brand swarovski also launched and with contracted design superior electrical cooperation of philips first project – will IT peripherals products and jewelry unity “dynamic crystal” series. The launch of the “dynamic crystal” series of products including four headphones and USB flash drives, overturns the traditional design thinking of appearance, make the guests present excitement. Philips’ practical, simple and swarovski luxury, fashion the perfect combination, the modelling of heart and lock, 1 gb, studded with swarovski crystal surface, bring a breakthrough for the modern female life.
As one of the pioneers of the global trends, swarovski also in Austria walden, set up his own tide exploration department, and Paris’s famous trend forecasting experts and independent trend forecasting experts from all over the world. Now, you can in many international brands to the shadow of swarovski elements, including Armani, Versace, YvesSaintLaurent, Gucci, Prada and creative representative AlexanderMcQueen, VivienneWestwood and so on.
Popular trend experts in 2008 will be the trend of “the pursuit of self” of the full performance, which coincide with the great value of the swarovski: although ordinary, but can be by “cutting” honed to yi yi is unripe brightness.

Vivid style: odd Dior senior jewelry

Vivid style: odd Dior senior jewelry
Full of strange fantasy Dior senior jewelry
Queer, full of fantasy fantasy Dior, Dior senior jewelry “Diorette” series, with like a fairy tale wonderland jewelry, let silence flowery hilarious conservative senior jewelry industry.
Both are gold diamond ring, to the left of the middle for the topaz, and with pink sapphires, garnet, amethyst, orange green pomegranate and senior jewelry CaiQi, the right of the amethyst centered around to orange garnet, pink sapphire, green pomegranate CaiQi with senior jewelry.
Look at platinum diamond ring, on the left is the sea blue with purple, pink, purple, sapphire crystal sapphire, green pomegranate CaiQi with senior jewelry, and the one on the right is Morgan sapphire stone collocation, pink sapphire, orange garnet, amethyst and senior jewelry CaiQi, and above all have a small ladybug modelling, added a cute.
If you don’t like the design of the complex, Diorette series also has a simple design style. Diorette Marguerite gold diamond ring with senior jewelry CaiQi flower modelling, and the right of the Diorette Papillon platinum diamond ring is a simple blue butterfly shape.
Besides rings also launched a earrings, respectively is diamond earrings in gold and platinum and diamond earrings, it looks like the modelling of the ring is divided into two parts to form the earrings model.
Repeatedly won the design award of Shanghai today the designer Jiang Ying, recently the popular trend of qiu dong jewelry, talked about his own views. Now take the main points.
Elegant type
Concise and elegant is an eternal theme. The traditional,, diamond and pearl, vowed to elegant. Some gold and platinum jewelry exquisitely meticulous, curvy, is a favorite of qing li and free from vulgarity, indecision chimes elegant lady. Such as: contracted small ornaments, small graphic arrangement of the bracelet and so on. Classic four claw process recovery diamonds, let more women willing to treasure. The set method, make the light that shoots from different perspectives, make the round diamond presents the perfect color of fire. Elegant, of course, there are also some new forms, such as black and white match, etc. The combination of black diamonds and platinum, the combination of black and white pearl, the combination of black agate and broken glass… Make the person feel the black and white and dichromatic, as if her grace and immortality.
Romantic nature
Flowers, butterflies, insects, leaves, water droplets, these beautiful things, nature in recent years has been is the main design of jewelry design. Now, the forces of flowers with more fierce, a colored gems favorite pattern design. Butterfly inlaid gems, leaves, etc, of course, is also the main form of expression. These design pattern jewelry, will bring a woman pure, romantic feelings and fairy general color.
Fashion drama type
Fashionable women love jewelry highlight personality. First of all, regardless of high-grade or popular jewelry, colored gems are the focus. Group can be set, also can focus on the gem as a design, and other gemstones, diamonds, K gold, collocation, full of multicolor feeling, to create different effects. Prevalence of K gold gives everyone a better display platform. Such as: different length of necklace; Overlapping wear necklaces and bracelets; With different size wafer, such as sphere or crystal, pearl necklace… Are more details make the combination of graphics, added to the actual condition and the density contrast. Some three-dimensional flowers, gold wire mesh graphics injected fresh energy to the traditional materials by using the improved.
At the same time, in addition to high above the high-end jewelry, some special jewelry also become more proficient. Such as: stainless steel, rubber, resin, plastic, etc. The edge material jewelry is given priority to with big, emphasizing the decorative and artistic feeling. Their price is cheap, but used in jewelry, is quite high to the requirement of process and careful, did not feel a bit cheap. Here, is also the designer more broad space for performance and imagination space.
Nostalgic type restoring ancient ways
Fashion world wide push national wind, for example, such as wind wind wind, Japan, China, India… Some coral red, mei red, dark green, light blue gems or enamel reflected the strong emotional appeal restoring ancient ways. Especially the mysterious Oriental artistic conception and rich culture, has been a designer had promoted. From Japanese yamato-e to Chinese calligraphy and traditional pattern of Oriental elements, even the top class gem also cannot from already in the west. Now into the Oriental elements in western jewelry, jewelry is no longer completely tradition, but to the meaning to the god, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood.

autumn winter is beautiful Will buy precious metal jewelry

autumn winter is beautiful Will buy precious metal jewelry
If you still is reluctant to part with delicate small adorn article, you will be behind The Times that this year’s fall, 08 year qiu dong designers seem to be tired of those sending out the infinite light of diamonds, let heavy metal to change.
Black coat and a black leather pants cool feels dye-in-the-wood modelling also appears to have failed to cover the one bright spot in the chest, numerous layers of heavy metal Replica Cartier love bracelet necklace, let integral modelling more have fashionable feeling and spirit.
If in our daily life as a model to wear out, seems a little too exaggeration, so we can choose the same concise but also have a metal style necklace, such as the owl necklace, is also a thick metal necklace, and under the owl lovely and nifty, at the same time, it is very popular this year the animal series of jewelry.
In a turtleneck sweater under our sheep neck seems to have lost its luster, and the collocation of grey and beige also seems to lack the window, but that a metal collar necklace and makes us excited.
Gold and silver metal around the ball like mother knitting wool in the winter of the ball, the taste of winter very much, and also with delicate in rugged, sphere connections between beads female wen wan, while the metal is no longer the cold at the moment.
Red coat and black dress collocation is perfect, just like the tie-in or enemy but the bosom that a bunch of sending out the black and silver metal necklace, as well as the wrist that has the texture of the bracelet.
Actually bracelet is the best match of decorations, no exaggeration you can wear it, like the bracelet with no specific specifications and big fine, but still belongs to its brilliance and beauty, who says rough Cartier love ring replica jewelry must be the man’s patent?
“Diamonds are forever, a forever”, when the DE beers to a classic AD opens the Chinese diamond consumption age. DE beers, the secret of success is subtly diamond marketing and personal desire for emotional need be in harmony together.
The motivation of consumers to buy a piece of jewelry, more is a kind of emotion. And a diamond ring, especially married diamond ring, which contains the affection is more abundant. Wedding ring ACTS the role of experts, understand this way, on a small ring used up idea, the meaning of a diamond ring to deduce acme, to provide customers with meaning of emotional jewelry.
Jewelry market belongs to the buyer’s market at present, but the goods homogeneityphenomenon serious again, different enterprise production and operation of similar products in terms of quality, performance, there is no much difference. In this case, the consumer shopping choice standard is the usual material practical indexes of transition to the spirit of sex on indicators, which emphasizes the jewelry products under the premise that the basic function of wear, pay attention to emotional needs, the pursuit to satisfy their psychological needs, this is the so-called emotional jewelry.
Customization, a distant dream?
This year, the same woman, but raises two hot news about diamond ring.
“Easy” Mr Leung in “lust, caution” send soup only pigeon eggs, this custom shop 6 carats Cartier diamond ring let tang “heart”. “Viagra” in reality, a 12 – carat diamond ring on July 21, 2008 wedding give wife carina lau, claims to be worth 25 million yuan. Carina lau is a happy woman…
This is a great ring, than a few days after the wedding “Taiwan’s richest man Cartier love ring replica terry gou” send diamond ring your nearly 15 times the newly married wife. Gou and carina lau spread gossip, worth far more than Tony leung, but terry gou, sends out the wedding ring was quiet a lot, is a only 3 carat diamond ring.
Coincidentally, however, they are all in top French jeweler, Cartier custom diamond ring.
The story of celebrity custom diamond ring always people in dinner conversation…
For a common diamond ring for the consumer, the in the mind may require a different diamond ring, but the custom cost is relatively high. For example, it will need your own jewelry design, to provide customized services of the jewelry store or diamond website provides a design diagram; Or need you enough money such as viagra, Guo Dong… , can let a jewelry store or jewelry website designer for you alone a personal style. And the two conditions, not everyone can have, this is the custom of Cartier, tiffany type service is difficult to the cause of the flying off the shelves.
Diamond ring custom, therefore, in many people’s eyes, is a distant dream…
Emotional products are favored by people, the root cause is the enterprise stand in the user’s standpoint, to consumers could be, like it or not, with no satisfaction as the guide line for product design and development, which integrates the enterprise to consumers a deep feeling and love, fully embodies the consumer as the core of the modern market marketing idea, and won the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Romantic tiffany reproduce natural wonders

Romantic tiffany reproduce natural wonders
Speaking of tiffany (Tiffany&Co.), reminiscent of above all is the blue box with white ribbon. This unique eye-catching robin blue, was named the tiffany blue (TiffanyBlue).
Since it was founded in 1837, tiffany was known to the world’s most exquisite diamond, the most prestigious’s design, will diamonds set on JieTai, make diamond light, pick up to the pole is still widely respected.
Tiffany is a symbol of American design, with love Cartier love bracelet replica and beauty, romance and dream as the theme enjoys a good reputation for nearly two centuries. Its soft and fine sensibility and extreme beauty, as many women in the world of fantasy and desire.
Tiffany as a brand of top class gem to show outstanding tradition and authority in the field of diamond design, a new 2010-2011 annual BlueBook luxury jewelry series will make its debut in October this year in China. This series of arts and crafts design recreates the natural wonders, let tiffany jewelry become memorable art treasures. In addition to let people enjoy the jewelry of luster, tiffany for them also equipped with a prestigious luxuriant tiffany blue box, that with the whole world.
The BlueBook showily the fine diamond jewelry series choose on color, clarity and cut process in accordance with the highest standards, set in the delicate base sends out a gleaming attractive luster, deduce the feeling of modern luxury. Tiffany has always been the pursuit of these impressive inherits the tradition of excellence. Platinum manual cutting circular and pear-shaped diamonds around a 30.31 -carat, clarity to the IF (internal without impurities) diamond pendant, necklace with female elegant neck curve fit, star-studded, reveal luxurious temperament.
Concise and elegant, bright in the shop, only elaborate the cane makes up the basket contains a variety of jewelry, accessories and chains, you can enjoying, then pick your favorite, with the tool of the store for you, do it yourself put them together, in the walls on the mirror again and again try, until satisfied… This novel and romantic diy jewelry store, you are interested in a walk?
Now, in guangzhou, shenzhen and other fashion cities in the south, this’s stunt jewelry shop is like spring, but mostly business thriving, it is said that is a good income.
Want to open a diy jewelry store so, actually not difficult also, the first thing you want to replica Cartier love bracelet rent an ideal premises, area need not very big, there are a dozen square, area had better choose in cultural and educational area, because this kind of consumption patterns are more likely to be high cultural taste and style not heavy material young people to accept.
Then you have to carefully arrange your premises, facade design for rich individual character, makes every effort to let you’ll never forget; Layout of the shop, to bright and elegant, can use some thick appearance rattan basket, ZhuBian cheng fang of jewelry accessories, height strewn at random have send them to display in the shop, there must be at least one side wall is equipped with full wall glass, mirror, style, and can try jewelry mirror convenience of our customers and also through the lighting, music, plants, decoration, etc., for your shop, build give a kind of artistic atmosphere, it is an effective means of attracting customers.
Characteristics of diy jewelry store is let customers processing jewelry, myself to get double harvest. Unlike other jewelry stores, therefore, you must be prepared to enough jewelry accessories, including all kinds of style and material of the chain, pendant, accessories, etc., pay attention to the material of jewelry should not be too expensive, but it must be unique, valuable jewelry of gold diamonds is not suitable for diy jewelry store business, and yixing porcelain, putuo, zhuji pearl shells, dongyang wood beads are good Cartier love bracelet replica material, of course, if you can run longer some, you can purchase to more better materials, such as Beijing cloisonne, lianyungang crystal, yunnan Burma Canon jade and so on. In addition, don’t forget to prepare a small hammer, pliers, scissors, etc, must be in this way, you can open.
Diy jewelry store is please customer oneself start work make jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you can back down the jewelry on information and knowledge, on the contrary, to open a good diy jewelry store, you have to make a research on jewelry appreciation level and production skills, being a good staff and assistant for the customer.
At ordinary times, can buy some more relevant magazines or books in the shop, both for the customer through reference, oneself also can use at ordinary times spare time learning how to learn.
The beginning and choose a good starting point is very important. Especially for small business, is critical to grasp the market hot spots.