The unique charm of rose gold

The unique charm of rose gold
Gold jewelry has been dominated in the jewelry market dominate do not know how many years, but its main style features have not changed. Platinum is very bright, platinum diamond Replica Cartier jewelry ring is to force, but the style of platinum has not been changed. Now, all this makes you tired of all? It does not matter, rose gold came.

In this has been to gold and platinum as the main jewelery industry, people are tired of the style of all the time when the rose gold, this one can create a popular and elegant material, appeared in front of people. In recent years, rose gold began to force, gradually appear in many jewelry design. This has always been recognized as a supporting material, began to be used as a protagonist in a variety of merchandise series.

Rose gold with a strong scalability, high hardness, color and so on. In the 75% of the gold, which has some of the characteristics of gold, the remaining 25% of the metal, but also for the rose gold brought hardness, not easy to deformation or scratch characteristics. It is these advantages, making the rose gold can be used in the fine fine gold design, can enjoy the complex and exquisite design creativity.
Rose gold is a gold alloy, its gold content has reached 75%. Therefore, the chemical stability of rose gold are better, not easy to appear discoloration of the phenomenon. In general, the gold jewelry in a long time after the wear, always inadvertently with some hardness of the larger items of contact and friction, this will make the surface color of jewelry slightly off. However, rose gold generally does not appear this situation. Rose gold compared with pure gold, its high hardness is not just a little, so, as long as the wear more attention, it will not be prone to discoloration of the phenomenon.

So, rose gold will not change it? In fact, it is not. On the other side of hardness, the chemical properties of rose gold are a little worse than gold. Besides, even the gold will be the air of dust and other things pollution and color, let alone the rose gold it? Therefore, the rose gold discoloration situation, which is a normal phenomenon.
Rose gold jewelry has a gorgeous and elegant color, by the vast number of consumers, especially women’s consumers praise, and has gradually become the trend of the jewelry industry.

The current jewelry market rose gold jewelry mainly has two kinds of processing methods:

1, the jewelry base is rose gold. This method is the use of rose gold alloy formula processing, rose color belongs to its true color.

2, jewelry matrix is other K gold alloy. This method is in the other K gold alloy surface plating layer of rose gold.

Direct use of rose gold as a matrix, the production process will be more complex, the cost is relatively high. The rose gold plating process is from the late nineties of last century, a popular electroplating process. This electroplating process is very stable, simple operation, and the cost is much lower compared to a lot. At present, this rose gold plating process in the jewelry processing industry has a very wide range of roles.
Rose gold because of its color changes in the depth, it is also known as the “red gold”, “pink gold”. However, although the red gold, rose gold, pink gold these three names are the same, and their names can be converted to each other, but in fact, these three gold still there are some small differences: Copper content. A rose gold, the more copper, red heavier. In the market or the store, consumers are the usual rose gold is a gold content of 75% of the 18K gold.

In addition, some consumers often say a word: “pure rose gold”. In fact, this is wrong. Rose gold is just an alloy of gold, not a single material, so can not add pure words. At present, people made the highest gold content of the rose gold is called a “crown gold (crown gold)” 22K gold, which is a coin with gold. Currently on the market the most common 18K rose gold, usually in addition to containing 75% of gold, the other ingredients are about 4% silver and 21% copper.
Rose gold (rose gold), this gold content of only 75% of the alloy, because of his fashion, beautiful rosy red appearance and by the consumer’s favorite. Thus, rose gold began to be widely used in a variety of jewelry design Cartier love ring replica and processing. As a result of a variety of rose gold rose red and shades of different colors, rose gold, also known as pink gold (pink gold), red gold (red gold). So, in gold, platinum is still full of jewelry market, when the rose gold jewelry has gradually become a new choice.

How to keep the gold jewelry gorgeous luster

How to keep the gold jewelry gorgeous luster
Gold jewelry maintenance has always been like the beauty of the ladies are most concerned about the issue, gold-specific gorgeous luster also let everyone put it down. But as long as the metal, the nature of stability, it will still be with the passage of time and gradually dust, lost their original gorgeous luster. The solution is only one way, that is maintenance. Here will introduce a few ways to keep gold jewelry gorgeous luster.

Precious metals are called precious metals, one because of its rare, and then its nature is stable, not easy to change. Gold also occupies these two characteristics at the same time, therefore, gold jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry in the short term is not easy because of soap, sweat and other items of pollution and loss of luster, fade or pollution. But if long-term in such an environment, will gradually lose luster. So we should always clean up the gold jewelry, keep the surface clean.

In fact, ordinary daily oil will also make gold jewelry a slight decline in brightness. Perfume or cream and so have the main ingredients of oil, so these things are our maintenance should pay attention to the place, try not to wear gold jewelry before touching these items to keep bright as new.

Daily life of the tap water are generally used to disinfect the bleach, so all contain ‘chlorine’. Although it does not react with gold jewelry, but his unique bleaching effect can make jewelry slowly reduce the brightness, so after washing with tap water, it is best to dry in time to avoid contact with soap and water or gold water.

The most important thing to keep jewelry is to keep it from its original luster. If you do not intend to wear, then the gold jewelry should be placed in a dry box, so to avoid scratches. Also the best can be wrapped with cotton, so that can keep the surface dry, will not change color.

We can usually use ordinary paper towels to wipe gold jewelry to protect its own luster. If the gold jewelry is due to sweat, oil and luster, then we only need to put a few seconds in the concentrated alcohol, so that can immediately remove the dirt, to restore luster.

Now with the development of the times, the platinum ring began to replace the gold ring vividly in people’s fingers, platinum ring pure, full of elegant, calm personality charm, but the platinum ring, how maintenance is also an important issue can not be ignored. Platinum rings are not well maintained during their wear and will also affect its beauty and quality. So how to maintain a platinum ring?

1. To avoid the white gold ring and acid, alkaline substances and perspiration for a long time contact, otherwise it will lead to corrosion of the ring. So you should pay attention to wearing a platinum ring, do not wear a ring to cook scrub, makeup makeup or make chemical experiments, to avoid hand sanitizer, bleach, cosmetics or chemical corrosion ring, in doing these things, it is best to remove the ring Placed in a special jewelry box.

2. Be careful not to oxidize the platinum ring. We all know that platinum easy to oxidation, so for the platinum ring care must pay attention not to allow oxidation, regular cleaning platinum. Please use a special jewelry cleaner or dip it in a mild soapy water and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. However, we must have patience to clean well!

3. Lead pollution should also avoid wearing a platinum ring. Because lead has a catch on gold. Long-term lead pollution, lead particles can also be gathered in the platinum ring surface. As long as it is engaged in printing work should pay attention to this point.

4. From the photographic equipment store to buy a pack of powder, take a small amount of clean glassware in the addition of water evenly stirred, and then put the platinum jewelry into it soak 5 to 10 minutes after the removal, rinse with water, and then dry cloth After wiping, the platinum ring will be bright as new.

5. You can also use the usual brush bowl, wash fruit detergent to clean, clean with water diluted, is the platinum ring is very affordable cleaning agent.

6. It is recommended that you better or a period of time to a professional jewelry store for conservation.

Platinum ring should be how to maintain We believe that we have a little bit of it, let the platinum ring shiny as new, weekdays maintenance work can not be less Oh.

Retro gold jewelry to make you feel the charm of the Russian style

Gold ornaments – Retro gold jewelry to make you feel the charm of the Russian style
She has always preferred the charm of classical jewelry, that retro elements in the fashionable creativity and exquisite workmanship can always weave her unexpected surprise, watching them as if they are also in the red sleeves add incense, Guqin censer era, Feel another kind of beautiful and romantic.
This is just gold blue blessing pure gold series to the characteristics Cartier nail bracelet replica of the Russian culture and art for the design inspiration, magnificent magnificent metal to the Roman church, palaces and cultural relics into the design, accompanied by colorful Austrian high crystal, part of the design more Accompanied by classical rose-like cutting, with a Russian-style seductive charm.

Very design sense of jewelry, classical elements of the human body through the exotic, fashion style distribution of charm style, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Alex Monroe’s works are very feminine, she is a good observation of life, he can always keep things the most beautiful moments, keep the most beautiful moments of flowers, so that such a beautiful stay in your side!
Budding chrysanthemum quietly waiting for the bloom in that moment, the heart of the rounded pearls to chrysanthemum more than a gentle feeling. Elegant pearl string, connected in full bloom chrysanthemum, so cute, delicate. Flowers, leaves, buds are so beautiful hand made by the system, so that the material is more texture I believe you must like!
Fashion women with their own fashion decoration, exquisite woman with the style of writing life, but whether it is popular or style are different degrees of display of them, which she just bought a jewelry, popular elements and the combination of classic style, simple Modeling classic generous, hollow design with a little mysterious, retro atmosphere is full of literary Fan.

This just gold red jade giraffe pattern sets of chain work is extremely delicate, pure gold to create the hollow irregular giraffe pattern, with exquisite beauty wrapped in red jasper, luxury in a trace of simple, capable of filling the enthusiasm and vitality , Neck chain chain body by the irregular deer line made of, elegant fashion, full sense of design.

Very beautiful nest, stylish atmosphere, suitable for capable white-collar women, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
As the use of pure gold jewelry is too soft, it is difficult to set a variety of exquisite style, especially when inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other treasures are easy to be lost. Therefore, the ancient people know that in the pure gold by adding a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to increase the strength and toughness of gold, so made of gold ornaments, known as gold, that is, people often made of gold jewelry Or other gold products. Determine the amount of gold in the system imitation Cartier love bracelet called “gold”, the English is “Karat”  generally open, according to the English prefix can also be referred to as “K”. Therefore, decorated gold is also known as “K gold”.
In order to make gold jewelry has been to maintain a beautiful color should be how to do it?

1, summer wear precious metal jewelry is best every day with a wet towel to wipe, and then dry with a dry towel. Because the body’s sweat will erode precious metal jewelry.
2, be sure to wear carefully, especially fine necklace, do not pull, fold, take a bath, avoid wearing when wearing. Because the process of complex precious metal jewelry, once damaged, repair difficult, and difficult to restore the original.
3, try to avoid contact with acid, alkali, should not be with the thermometer, red syrup and other items with mercury together. Because once the contact with the mercury, will immediately change from the chemical, so that jewelry into waste.
K gold jewelry in the case of mercury will appear after the white spots, cleaning as long as the roasted under the alcohol lamp for a while, you can restore the primary colors.
4, after wearing K gold often stains and dust contaminated and lost luster, as long as the jewelry placed in neutral detergent to warm water soak and cleaning, and then remove the wipe can be.
5, to avoid the different precious metal jewelry to wear together, friction with each other.
6, white 18K gold contains 75% gold, 25% other metal, if you wear properly, will destroy the metal surface, reveal its character, affect the jewelry beautiful, please send to the jewelry store.
7, to avoid wearing precious metal jewelry to do housework and heavy Fake Cartier love bracelet work; avoid contact with mercury, and lead and other metals.
8, to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, correction fluid, and lead, mercury and other elements of chemicals.
9, salt and vinegar mixed into a detergent, use it to wipe K gold jewelry, can make a long time often new.
10, toothpaste wipe or scrub with hot hot rice soup, but also to restore luster.
And all the women, she also loves jewelry, but she never blind pursuit, on jewelry, she has always had their own taste and insights, so any of her jewelry can let her from the inside out of an elegant Calm temperament, in her exquisite life, the jewelry just the interpretation of the style belongs to her million kinds of customs.
This just gold ginger wave thousands of gold series to the natural design inspiration, gorgeous thousands of gold and exquisite crystal to create a stylish gorgeous gold, with bright colors to stimulate the joy of the wearer happy energy, mysterious purple crystal filled with soft Breath, retro tassel elegant Smart, walking between the smooth vitality and surging dynamic.

Very beautiful jewelry, exquisite shape, long tassels are very feminine, suitable for temperament type of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She was an earrings control, in the beginning to understand the beauty of the age and the earrings forged a special complex, from then on to collect all kinds of earrings has become her tireless hobbies, with the passage of time she felt more earrings as Unique to the beauty of women, each of which contains a woman’s chic mind and delicate tenderness.

This is just a glimpse of pure gold fishing for the design of inspirational fish, a very sophisticated pure goldfish-shaped design, with three precious white material to create a stylish, beautiful jewelry, in the top with the natural white jade as a hook , In the middle to white stone as a bait, fish eyes decorated by white turquoise, to create a swaying posture of beauty.

This is her favorite earrings, long style is very modified face, white beads and gold with cool, recommended for everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Pull the bracelet classic style full of charm

Pull the bracelet classic style full of charm
Like a bracelet woman will certainly have such a bracelet, it is not necessarily the most luxurious, not necessarily the most dazzling, and even no fancy shape, they are usually second beauty, very engaging, classic simple style Like the deep experience of women as the more the more the more flavor.

This bracelet is a more classic Chow Tai Fook, a simple shape at one go, without any gorgeous appearance, smooth texture distributed a low-key and generous beauty, restrained, stable temperament Replica Cartier jewelry people tirelessly, tail pull Design adjustable size, it is more tension.

This is what she has just come back to Hong Kong, very beautiful pull pull bracelet, although very light, but not weak, very temperament of the small bracelet, coupled with exquisite workmanship, looks very beautiful, delicate And wild, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has been on the things of the fish favor, so she received a lot of fish theme jewelry, which is her recent new collection of fish bracelets, there was a fish next to the flowers, in fact, the first look is that Section, and later carefully considered for a long time, but bought this did not spend, the main worry that flowers above the flowers will hang clothes, consistent with her consistent “beautiful and practical” style.

This section of the hundred bracelets to fish for the design elements, bracelet body is flat smooth, hollow fish body to make fish look more three-dimensional, delicate work so that the whole fish lifelike, connecting the bracelet part of the use of matte arc , Like the diving gale of the waves, in addition, smooth and matte combination of people can see a delicate fish.

Very beautiful bracelet, whether it is more than a year or the meaning of Lei Yue Longmen are very good, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
This pendant is her New Year did not intend to see in a very humble counter, a little classical Chinese style of the wind, because it has always liked retro style, despite the inlaid amethyst is not expensive, but feel very good, , In the end is the bird on the branches or magpie trouble spring she did not understand, just at home there is an amethyst ring, no intention to dubbed a pair, are retro style
Elegant purple on the beautiful romantic, full of classical mysterious atmosphere, the traditional theme is a model of the Chinese style, exquisite workmanship to the two magpies portrayed vivid, beautiful and beautiful, purple and gold with side by side, brilliant The flowers and birds highlight the festive theme.
Very artistic ornaments, full of unique charm, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Heart-shaped is the exclusive symbol of love, heart and heart collision to get rid of the spark of love, and love also need to use sincere heart to operate, it not only with the most image of the interpretation of the true meaning of love, but also with the most straightforward The language is written in the chapter of love.

This puzzle heart pendant with heart and puzzle for the design elements, thousands of gold to create a heart-shaped pattern, the surface treatment into a puzzle form, the heart of the middle of a piece of puzzle was taken down to form a hollow state, remove the piece of puzzle hanging In the heart of the following, meaning only you can fill my heart, hope that men and women in love can use a sincere heart to meet their own love puzzle.
This is her just received, very beautiful heart pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
I do not know when to start, jewelry has become a woman who is an indispensable landscape, or fresh, or beautiful, or charming … … no matter which show the unique beauty of women, they are decorated with the beauty of women, so the achievements of the Now much sought after situation.
This Saturday is the middle of the bracelet chain is a twist on both sides are two thin bracelet, each ring with a separate form only in the buckle place fixed, wearing a time to give people the illusion, like wearing three bracelets, simple Style, weakened the delicate bracelet, enhance the tension, beautiful in a feminine, people shines.

This is a burst of her previous income, she felt very practical, buy a to have two, and the design is also very close, very taste of the bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the jewelry she has been a soft spot for the bracelet, always feel wearing a bracelet woman exudes a special charm, so every time I see the bracelet she can not move, this is her time to go shopping when no intention In Chow Sang Sang’s counter to see, at first glance it was to the results of course, when she came home with it.

This Chow Sang Sang Tonghua mandarin duck bracelet design sense is very strong, the use of traditional Chinese paper-cut style, hollow shape so that bracelets look slender soft, wide version of the design and bold and generous feeling, traditional themes and modern design will be classical and fashion A good combination of exquisite workmanship so that mandarin duck looks lifelike.

Very delicate bracelet, quietly exudes a classic beauty, recommend everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

18K gold jewelry maintenance foundation

Love jade knowledge: 18K gold jewelry maintenance foundation
Compared with the traditional jewelry, 18K gold jewelry without losing the atmosphere of luxury, and fashion simple, its style of exquisite, gorgeous color is the other jewelry can not match. 18K gold jewelry maintenance is also very important Oh, take a look at 18K gold jewelry maintenance need to pay attention to what.
18K gold jewelry maintenance basics:

(1) each 18K gold jewelry placed in a separate jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica box or drawer, to avoid scratches.

(2) regular cleaning 18K gold jewelry, 18K gold jewelry is immersed in warm soapy water, gently wipe with a soft brush grease, rinse with water, and then use a hair dryer drying.

(3) due to gold jewelry maintenance ductility, should be careful not to pull the necklace and other accessories, but also pay attention not to wrap around the hair.

(4) in the home cleaning work, you should first remove the 18K gold jewelry, because the detergent and other liquids will make 18K gold jewelry when the color becomes dim.

(5) generally in the last steps to wear K gold jewelry, because perfume, hair spray and other chemicals will damage K gold jewelry.

(6) Do not wear 18K gold jewelry swimming, in addition to easy to lose, the salt and chlorine water will damage 18K gold jewelry.
Valentine ‘s Day to the Valentine’ s Day, many young consumers began to calculate the buy on the quit.

Online diamonds low price temptation

Although the diamond is a jewelry category, but because of its universal “identity card” – diamond identification certificate and the clarity of each diamond, the level of cut, consumers according to the diamond information provided by the business, the diamond can generally determine the price is reasonable.

In the Kelan diamonds, diamond birds and other sites, from a few hundred dollars to the diamond ring to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars of bare diamond products readily Cartier love ring replica available. “Online diamond purchase cheaper than the traditional counter five percent.” An online diamond sellers said that online shopping cheap to save the entry fee, rent and other expenses, and cut off the unreasonable profit margins. Low prices really attracted a lot of consumers, diamond birds, Zuo Kayi and a number of online brands quickly popular red diamond market.

In the Kelan diamond online mall, the reporter found that the market price of 9300 yuan more than the classic six claw diamond ring, the price of the site only 5 fold. However, compared to several sites on the diamond ring will find that even if the price of several diamond ring, diamond size and clarity, cut and other indicators are significantly different (see table).
Diamond size is not the only price factor

Experts remind that online shopping diamonds can not see the kind of objects, consumers in the purchase to carefully look at the indicators of diamonds and diamond identification certificate. Diamond identification certificate is like a diamond “identity card” is the basis of the consumer can rely on. For more than 30 points of international diamonds, the best way to understand its details is to obtain an authoritative diamond identification certificate. In the international certificate, GIA (American Gemological Institute), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD (Belgian Diamond High Council) for the existence of the three authority on the market certificate.

“4C” is a measure of a diamond value and quality of the standard. “4C” is the CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR, CUT. Therefore, the diamond price = weight + color + clarity + cut.

Diamond clarity is divided into five major levels, from high to low followed by LC, VVS, VS, SI, P. In the colorless diamond grading, the top color is D color, followed by the order down to Z. China’s diamond cut into EX (excellent), VG (very good), G (good) three grades.
Penelope’s exaggerated extremely light green necklace, fine workmanship, and elegant. The use of silver is very successful, if for gold is very vulgar, and this exaggerated design is suitable for her wild beauty.
Pearl earrings, very chic In fact, she is mature or a set of mature
Naomi Watts green earrings are also very beautiful
Kate Beckinsel’s Emerald Earrings, I prefer green, so for this Cartier nail bracelet replica color is clear, the style of luxury earrings very deep impression, with Beckinsale glamorous temperament.
Sandy Newton’s eight stone earrings have a sense of nationalism
Due to unexpected US consumer spending in June to make the market worried about the prospects for US economic recovery, boost demand for hedging. New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures prices rebounded sharply on August 2, the most active December contract rose $ 22.8 an ounce, closing at $ 1644.5 a record high, or 1.4%.
Due to unexpected US consumer spending in June to make the market worried about the prospects for US economic recovery, boost demand for hedging. New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures prices rebounded sharply on August 2, the most active December contract rose $ 22.8 an ounce, closing at $ 1644.5 a record high, or 1.4%.

The traditional culture of wedding rings

The traditional culture of wedding rings
There are a lot to say about the traditions and customs of weddings. For example: wedding rings and other jewelry, in different social and cultural implication of different meanings.
The legend of the ring
In ancient Greece, the ring is worn on the index finger. In ancient India, people put the ring on the thumb. Today we pass the “wear the ring on the ring finger” tradition began in the late Greeks, when the ancient Greeks think that there is a “love of blood” will ring finger and heart directly connected.
In early Rome, the ring had become a sign of eternal love and a sign of engagement. In the ancient Rome wedding ring, engraved with two clenched hands, there are some wedding ring engraved Replica Cartier jewelry with a key, a symbol: the bride can use this key, open her husband’s mind lock.
In 860 AD, the Pope “Nicholas I” promulgated the provisions of the provisions: marriage must be presented to the engagement ring procedures. He also insisted that the “engagement ring” must be made of gold, because it means: the groom for the bride at all costs. And “inlaid with the birth of the wedding ring” is said to bring good luck to the bride.
Although the men are now wearing a ring is something unusual, but before the 16th century, men are not fashionable to wear rings. After the Second World War, the United States began to rise the wedding ceremony of the exchange of wedding rings, a symbol of the bride and groom in the marriage of love and understanding.
Jewish “wedding ring”
From ancient times, the Jews have followed a tradition that either the engagement or the formal wedding, the bridegroom must give the bride a philanthropist, otherwise the engagement or the wedding is invalid. From the 7th century onwards, the Jews began to use the ring as an engagement token. The traditional “Jewish Ring” is made of gold, and there is no inscription or mosaic on the ring to symbolize the purity of men and women. Until today, the Jews also followed this tradition.
Russia “three ring ring”
The Russian wedding ring is composed of three rings of rings, each ring is made of different colors of gold, on behalf of the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son of the Trinity.
European “double ring”
In the 16th century in Europe, the first appeared a “double chain” engagement ring. Usually composed of two (sometimes three) splitable rings, each made of gold. When a couple is engaged, they wear one of their rings until a formal wedding is held, and both rings will wear on the bride’s finger. If there are three words, the third ring will be given to a special person to attend the wedding, such as the groom and the bride’s matchmaker or witness. At the end of the wedding, the man will return the ring to the bridegroom. Later, this traditional custom has evolved into today’s exchange of both sides of the ring.
Asian culture of emerald and pearls
In Asian culture, emerald is a symbol of luck, health and prosperity. However, the original people can never buy their own emerald, they think that will bring bad luck or even death. Therefore, jade jewelry can only be sent by others. There are some wealthy families will buy a whole piece of jade as a symbol of the family and blood continuation, the birth of the newborn, will be removed from the piece of jade to give the baby. At the wedding, the families of both men and women will exchange emerald to “welcome each other into their own family.” Usually to send a jade ring or necklace, to express the blessing and welcome to new people.
There are also some Asian traditional cultures that relate to pearls. The quasi-groom will give the prospective father a pearl (usually a pearl ring), but the quasi-groom can not give pearls directly to his girlfriend, because there will be disrespectful of each other’s family. The bride’s father will transfer the pearl ring to her daughter.
Put on the wedding of the moment, she became the world’s most beautiful and most moving spirit; his heart quietly praying, to use this life to give her happiness. And this happiness is gentle guardian, that is, with the nature of the fly, is the warm gift! With a wedding ring stuck with happiness, together whispering “I want us together.”
Promise never fade
A commitment to the wedding, so that two people love life dedicated. A love of faith, in the palm of the hand and palms between the transmission of the temperature of love, the keepstenment to everlasting, long time does not fade, and only precious metals to complete this mission. Do not have a large diamond diamonds, do not have how the design of personality, as long as the simple ring with the “agreed you and me, spend a lifetime” commitment to it.
5 things about the wedding ring
Where is the wedding ring coming from?
The wedding ring was first called “husband and wife quit”, the ancient Roman men first sent a ring to the future wife for marriage purposes. This ring is made of iron, the pattern on the ring is a man and a woman’s right hand grip each other, and later, they use gold and middle and low gems, cast or carved into relief, and later some ring on the pattern is twisted Together with the cable, woven into braided or kneeling knot, which is a symbol of the marriage of solid.
According to some folklore studies, the ancient wedding ring, from the ankle and arm on the evolution of the ring. Wearing a ring, it means that the wearer has a tribe of a man all, forbidden other heterosexual intervention or cross knife wins love.
What is the best choice for wedding?
There is no fixed answer to this question. If you are an affordable school, that wedding ring is just a symbol of marriage, do not necessarily need to carry too much meaning, you can choose K white wedding ring, affordable price, a variety of styles are its advantages; if you focus on Quality and spiritual level of enjoyment, then none other than platinum wedding ring, it’s pure, rare, tough and durable never fade the characteristics of platinum carrying a profound meaning.
Why today’s wedding ring mostly white?
This is derived from Western culture. In the West, especially Europe and the United States, white is the main color when married, that the purity of love and faith, and some people say that God is the favorite color. From 2005 onwards, the wedding ring of white tide on the high popularity, today, both from the material or style, the new people have more choices.
What style wedding ring selling the best?
Wedding ring style should be durable and durable, can be equipped with daily dress-based, simple and elegant design is the best choice. Male models, female models if it is diamond-studded wedding ring, the diamond is mainly 8 to 10 points of small round stone, and lines and styles are more neutral ladder stone and princess stone has become a pair of pairs of new design focus.

From the Basel Jewelery Show to see platinum jewelry design trends

From the Basel Jewelery Show to see platinum jewelry design trends
Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show recently in Switzerland came to an end, this exhibition ushered in about three thousand, including the world’s top brands and well-known designers, including exhibitors, Graff, Meister, Henrich & Denzel, Furrer Jacot and other brands have To celebrate the world to show their top jewelry masterpiece. As the annual event of the watch and jewelery industry, the works exhibited at the Basel Watch & Jewelery Show have been hailed as a model for leading the industry as a whole. And this year, eye-catching platinum jewelry at the show to get the industry’s highly praised, open up a refreshing trend of jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry design. The Basel Watch and Jewelery Show, highlighting the luxurious and complex retro design and breathtaking natural theme jewelry is particularly eye-catching, and which by the eternal precious, pure and elegant platinum material to create the work is to become the biggest bright spot, much Attention from all walks of life. With its long-lasting preciousness and superior character, platinum has always been favored by world-class jewelry brands; its never faded qualities, giving jewelry unique connotation, and excellent scalability and tenacity, can be competent for the difficult Jewelry production process, the infinite sense of creativity into reality, it is also widely loved by the designer.
Graff Platinum Ring

Pure platinum will be firmly inlaid with China and the United States and pink drill, but also with the center of the droplets-shaped diamond with the perfect match against each other, through the process of excellence will show the design to the extreme.

Graff Platinum Earrings and Necklaces

The platinum jewelry details of the complex shape of gorgeous, excellent toughness of the platinum to meet the design of such materials on the high requirements, filling graceful.

Sarah Ho Platinum Earrings

Never fade pure platinum outline of the soft lace hollow pattern, perfect with exquisite white diamond and rare conch pearls, the decorative arts will be elegant and elegant new interpretation.

Paolo Piovan Platinum Pendant

With excellent ductility of platinum, the pendants show the full use of fine lines, vivid simulation of lace fabric texture, delicate expression of romantic aesthetic charm of women.

Trend 1: retro design interpretation of luxury style

Platinum jewelry is precious, not only from the scarcity of resources, more importantly, the luxury behind the deep heritage and heritage significance. From the classic history to draw inspiration, refining the outstanding craftsmanship, royal heritage, spiritual symbols and lace graceful design elements, with excellent toughness and texture of platinum, luxury complex retro design will be complicated and classic design perfect blend, in the details At the skirt soft lines, with the United States and the design of interpretation of the graceful grace of women. From the classic jewelry brand Graff, Paolo Piovan to the internationally renowned designer Sarah Ho, are selected never fade platinum to create its high-level jewelry works, highlight the noble temperament at the same time give jewelry deep meaning and heritage value.

Furrer Jacot Platinum Ring Sakura

Inspired by cherry blossoms, pure white platinum to create the rings show flowers shape, against the background of diamonds sparkling, as if cherry elegant bloom.

Meister Platinum Ring

The use of platinum excellent ductility outline the natural soft vines shape, gestures show warm temperament.

Meister Platinum Rings and Pendants

Embellished on the surface of the diamond like stars, platinum pure natural color transmission elegant charm.

Trend II: natural elements full of exquisite beauty

Nature of the gods of God is amazing, its amazing changes given to the designers of the endless imagination, the theme of the design because of its endless novelty has been highly favored by modern women and respected. Internationally renowned designer brands such as Fureer Jacot, Meister, Sarah Ho, and Henrich & Denzel, are well versed in the aesthetic needs of today’s consumers, a lot of natural winds used in jewelry design, and thus the development of two directions : Vivid and natural lines outline and fine lines of fine beauty.

Platinum natural pure and simple Smart natural elements complement each other, this kind of jewelry using light and bright lines show lifelike nature in all things form, low-key elegant and originality, very suitable for everyday wear; smooth concise curve outlines the graceful flow of women, more Contains vitality, the modern women’s life on the positive attitude of platinum by the timeless, eternal does not become a perfect show, enduring.

Sarah Ho Platinum Diamond Earrings “Lotus”

Exquisite platinum petals inlaid with pink and white fine drill, as if the water droplets like Smart fresh, pure and charming lotus from the vividly out of it.

Henrich & Denzel Platinum Ring Tenda

Which platinum ring vivid description of the flow of whirlpool, movable ring ring so that the dynamic posture blooming fingers.

Gold “woman flower” series of jewelry wonderful bloom

Gold “woman flower” series of jewelry wonderful bloom
A woman like a flower, you can be like a gorgeous bloom, there are clean and independent posture, every woman is a different flower, in the show their own style is not the same, in the words and deeds, every move, interpretation of their own Of the gorgeous movement. The old temple gold to the world as a source of flowers, creative launch of different flowers as the theme of “women flower” series of jewelry, designed to stay in every woman in different periods of pleasing state, highlight their own unique charm.
The launch of the “woman flower” series of Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry, respectively, with elegant camellia, empty valley orchids and rich peony for the design inspiration, the camellia youth, orchid of the free, Peony’s grace to perform most vividly, in giving it a different meaning At the same time, but also for every one who love the flowers about their own Xihua story, and at the time of wearing, can deduce a different kind of style.

Woman flowery, freely bloom, blooming blooming, good luck ever. Old temple gold with “woman flower” series of jewelry freeze the women in different periods of the unique natural beauty, in the delicate process against the background, each jewelry has a lifelike gesture, not only perfect to highlight the unique temperament and elegance of women Style, it is used to reward their perfect masterpiece.

product description:
Camellia series

To “flower in Jiaojia” Camellia for the design inspiration of this series of jewelry will be elegant women, the wisdom of the performance of the most vividly.

Designers through the hollow, cascade, etc., the camellia in a lifelike manner for the perfect interpretation, while focusing on a single line and combination of beauty, to express a slim and strong professional female style, showing a struggle in the workplace today Young women ‘s persistent light.
Orchid series

“Orchid fragrance far, flower position Bi Ye long.” Designer to indifferent self-sufficiency, independent and noble orchids for the design inspiration, will work in the workplace and have a small adult professional women do a visual engraved, with this unique The shape to highlight its professional and yet charming image.

The series of works include pendants, earrings, earrings, rings, exquisite workmanship elegant, elegant temperament generous, like the workplace is shining women in the light, leisurely and elegant.
Peony series

“Only Peony true color” grace grace, gorgeous extravagance is dedicated to the social experience of women’s best praise. Designers to symbolize the wealth of auspicious, elegant and elegant design for the peony, the use of hollow and other sophisticated technology, to create a ring, including pendants and other items, including a series of peony series, the most graceful prosperity of the state.
Gold jewelry rich and magnificent also golden, is definitely a imitation Cartier love bracelet high-profile show the necessary choice! Gold is beautiful, the daily wear and maintenance have to go heart, one did not pay attention to it deformation “rust” can only reluctantly miss that was lost. Want gold forever golden, hurry down!
How to maintain gold ornaments do not “rust”

First of all, let’s talk about the first gold, thousands of gold, million gold concept. Gold is the gold element content of the total of more than 990 ‰ and less than 999 ‰ of gold, jewelry marked as “Au990” or “G990”; thousands of gold refers to the gold content of the total 999 ‰ above the gold, jewelry stamp “Au999” Or “G999”; million gold refers to the gold content of the total of 999.9 ‰ above the gold, jewelry marked as “Au999.9” or “G999.9”. Three are high purity gold, the following content refers to the high purity gold jewelry maintenance of the Road.

Thousands of gold toughness, but the hardness is very low only about 2.5, very easy to deformation, with a tooth can leave a clear tooth marks, so wear special attention to avoid squeezing, pulling, impact, so that gold deformation deformation At the beginning of thousands of choice in the shape of the shape.

How to maintain gold ornaments do not “rust”

Thousands of gold toughness, but the hardness is very low only about 2.5, very easy to deformation, with a tooth can leave a clear tooth marks, so wear special attention to avoid squeezing, pulling, impact, so that gold deformation deformation At the beginning of thousands of choice in the shape of the shape.

How to maintain gold ornaments do not “rust”

The following circumstances must remember to take off the gold ornaments received properly:

Go swimming pool, the water after the chlorine treatment, gold for a long time soak it will affect the surface gloss;

To the hairstyle house to take care of hair, especially hair or perm, must first remove the necklace, earrings, if the hair dye or perm medicine dip, it is easy to change color, the overall beauty greatly reduced;

Wipe the skin care products and make-up, should be perfume, hair gel and other high-volatile substances after a period of time and then wear gold jewelry, so the same is to prevent the golden color.

In addition, the heat transfer efficiency is very high, the heat of steam may burn the skin through the gold. So do not forget to take off the body before the enjoyment of the sauna.

If your baby gold jewelry has been contaminated with certain chemical substances such as mercury, lead and other lead to long spots, or because of perennial wear dark, do not worry, look at these cleaning methods.

Gold jewelry can be jewelry store, with ultrasonic cleaning.

For high-purity gold ornaments, you can use the fire + acid bubble imitation Cartier love bracelet method to thoroughly clean, the best to the professional to operate.

Gold jewelry can be jewelry store, with ultrasonic cleaning.

For high-purity gold ornaments, you can use the fire + acid bubble method to thoroughly clean, the best to the professional to operate.

And then put the heated gold into dilute hydrochloric acid solution soak, and then took out the water washed. Repeated several times this step, the general gold will restore the original golden bright dazzling state.

If heated, soaked after cleaning jewelry still left obvious dust or grease, you need to use the gold jewelry cleaning dedicated steam engine, with the pressure of the jewelry corner of the corner thoroughly washed. After washing, the gold shop master will use professional tools to shape the jewelry dressing. After all the steps are completed, our heart can be a new look.


1, with the fire way to wash gold ornaments are only applicable to no inlaid precious stones and style is more simple style. If the gold inlaid with precious stones or chic design, such as lace, hollow and other complex technology, flame burning may lead to damage to jewelry, must be used with caution.

2, gold shop for gold jewelry for pickling pickling used in general dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid will not corrode gold, reduce the quality of jewelry.

For the above can not use the fire + pickling way to clean the gold jewelry, you can wash yourself at home.

Will be mild moderate soap or hand sanitizer diluted with water, soft brush brush light brush, will be able to gold surface dust and oil removal. If the gold fouling is not serious, you can try to use the water column instead of the brush, the dirt washed away. After cleaning with a soft cloth to dry or natural air can be.

Do not wear gold jewelry, need to be equipped with a separate velvet bag or jewelry box, modeling complex large jewelry need special jewelry box protection, in order to avoid friction between the jewelry or friction with the box, leaving a scar on the surface of gold

Chanel Byzantine jewelry

Chanel Byzantine jewelry
Coco Chanel from the small that the religious, historical aspects of great interest. She has a soft spot for the Byzantine style, in her as the world’s art collection of Paris apartment in the magnificent gorgeous Byzantine style is through the CHANEL brand history has always been. Then let us review the Byzantine Empire’s dream, addicted to Chanel (Chanel) Byzantine jewelry among it.
Turkey’s Istanbul
The Byzantine Empire is located in today’s Istanbul, Turkey, the history of the famous East Roman Empire of Constantinople. Byzantine culture is emphasized by the inlaid art, the pursuit of colorful Replica Cartier jewelry and decorative, is a gorgeous sense of decorative arts. The greatest feature of its artistic style is its decorative, abstract and religious implication. The existing Byzantine artwork is mostly mosaic, mural and painting in the church.

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, St. Sophia Cathedral, walls and dome to preserve the Byzantine mosaic decorative art remains, from the mottled walls, people can still feel the gorgeous luxury of the imperial style.
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel, who lived a lonely childhood in the Oberse orphanage, had a great interest in religion and history, which prompted her to be more than just a legendary designer in the future. Family. Its apartment in Paris has a collection of art from around the world, where people find the origin of CHANEL design, and the apartment that magnificent Byzantine style is through the CHANEL brand history has always been.
Chanel jewelry
Ms. Coco Chanel that deep Byzantine complex, from her design in the 1920s jewelry can be glimpse. Those who are magnificent, exaggerated magnificent Byzantine style jewelry and she was designed at the time of those silhouette simple, cut the rope compared to the clothes, can be described as the finishing touch.

CHANEL “Paris – Byzantine” series of fine jewelry to the classic gold color, between white, purple, blue, yellow, pink, green, red, black and other colors, and stressed the color of the bright and brilliant. Exaggerated style, rich style of art.
Chanel jewelry
Jewelry with hollow and mosaic skills, reflecting the medieval art of the complex and magnificent. Whether it is a large sense of bulky necklace and wide bracelet, or multiple tassels designed earrings, and both are gorgeous and complicated to the extreme, showing a modern, charming, charming Byzantine Empire aristocratic atmosphere.
Writer Voltaire has said that the social middle class is the real essence, there are too many bubbles. However, as we all know, almost everyone wants to be a bubble, even brittle, but gorgeous incomparable. But the three generations to raise a noble judgment let us believe that only holding the Chinese aunt who brought back the gold bars, is still difficult to stretch the middle of the warmth and value of the decision, let alone across the class of taste segment. Recently, many well-known international jewelry brand in China to promote high-level high-level jewelry works, hoping to share with the Chinese rich in high-level jewelry in the warmth of the world.

Luxury jewelry series

In January this year, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany held a new 2013BlueBook luxury jewelry series at the Brooklyn Palace in Beijing, which was the first of its kind in the New York, and for the first time outside the United States, the brand’s attention to the Chinese riches was obvious.

The series from the New York luxury charm of the jazz era of the unique vitality and optimism in the spirit of inspiration, to create the ultimate beauty of the diamond jewelry. Interpretation of the decorative arts of the new fashion charm, vividly show the fashion city of New York City nightlife splendid modern scene. Artisan master fusion of the use of a large number of precious stones, vividly show all the legendary jazz era, and fully demonstrated Tiffany Zoran’s decorative art design heritage – gorgeous color gem against the background of pure white diamond ornaments to lines more smooth and smooth Of the extraordinary mosaic. Diamond necklace and earrings rendering New York decorative style skyscrapers solemn solemnly. Elegant hanging in the wrist between the bracelet to flash the charming luster of the round and rectangular diamonds inlaid by hand, outline the jazz music moving rhythm. Full of bright diamonds to create decorative bouquets made of exquisite dies of diamonds. Bright gem and hand-carved onyx pavilions, painted on the surface of the black lacquer painted classical fan pattern; with a considerable form and gorgeous mosaic design of the pear-shaped diamond jewelry can be called the leader, such as champagne-like bright and pleasant.

In this new series, Tiffany Zhen selected the rare colored diamonds highlight Cartier love ring replica the decorative arts of the bright colors, full color pink diamond, orange diamonds, blue diamond and green diamond with pure white diamond, as well as edge inlaid sapphire, manganese aluminum Garnet and pink diamond variety of pendulous yellow diamond ring is also dazzling. In addition, a large number of used Montana sapphire, tanzan stone, shiny turquoise, sand fai Lai stone, lilac purple purple pyroxene and pink Morgan stone.

Interpretation of the century style of the marrow

May 8, the French palace brand Cartier, blend of classic style and innovative inspiration to bring more than 160 pieces of the latest high-level jewelry. From the glorious modern city into the flourishing tropical rainforest, from the sun to the pure hot road to the cold cold ice Arctic – Cartier with a wonderful aesthetic perspective and endless imagination, will be the essence of different scenery Dépaysement series of fine jewelry.

Among the many products, the most breathtaking thing is a tribute to the legendary jewelery necklace that has been customized to the legendary jewelery necklace of the legendary jazz – Cartier 1928 for the Maharajah of Patiala in India. The legendary necklace of history is 2,930 diamonds, one of which has a diameter of 234.65 carats, and it is the most complicated and complicated diamond necklace in the history of jewelry. And this tribute to not only embodies the Cartier jewelry craftsmen extraordinary craft, but also reproduce the Pattaya La Bang Bang necklace of the artistic value of the stunning Allure.

The scene of high-level jewelry display space incarnation for the four Cartier love muse’s private boudoir, four-color colorful to create a different fashion, his right to their love with Cartier love. (Duchess of Windsor) noble and elegant; dark green scenery and the wall of the forest between the cheetah pass alive vitality, filling the Mexican actress Maria Philippine (María Félix) mysterious charm; and Hollywood movie star Gloria Swanson (Gloria Swanson) of the white world as if shining diamonds glory, reflecting the simple and neat modern style; continue to walk, pure Of the sea and blue brought out the exotic features greeted, the French aristocratic Daisy Faroo (Daisy Fellowes) of the special vulgar vividly followed. Those who have their beloved Cartier jewelry products, has been endless back to the classic, but also brewed today Cartier to the United States and the diversity of style rhyme.

Montblanc write love jewelry love movement

Montblanc write love jewelry love movement
(Montblanc) Monaco Princess Grace series of high-level jewelry, magnificent jewelry and Montblanc round gem series, whether you are elegant or charming you are fashionable or fashionable, but also to the United States, , Will always be touched by the symbol of Montblanc jewelry symbol of moving love story.
Monaco Grace Princess series of fine jewelry

Montblanc to the ingenuity of the design spirit, the integration Replica Cartier jewelry of the brand’s top technology, elaborate “Monaco Princess Grace” (Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco) senior jewelry, to the late Princess Grace tribute.

In 1956, Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco (HSH Prince Rainier), became the Princess of Monaco; two people in the early year of the Cannes Film Festival encounter, the romantic history of the world, when the match with the wedding event And cultivated “Grace de Monaco” pink rose to become the inspiration of this series. In 1984, Prince Ranier in Monaco Fontvieille Park to build a rose garden, planted more than 4,000 US and European varieties of roses to commemorate the princess deeds and the love of roses during his lifetime.
High-level jewelry, magnificent jewelry, watches and writing tools four series of exudes a strong artistic atmosphere, never out of date and full of sense of the times, highlight the Montblanc international distinguished brand style; all kinds of graceful design graceful, and Princess’s moving beauty echo; The meaning of the moving, clever design and exquisite details through four series, and on behalf of fairy tale, romantic rose petals have become the main design to petal pink pink saucer (pink as “Grace de Monaco” pink Rose color), and gold and diamonds and other precious materials set off; four series including a unique and limited style, all the staff Seiko secret agents, to show Montblanc’s top technology level.

PJtales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés two magnificent jewelry, pink gold hollow petals or gently close or delicate intertwined, and shop with flashing diamonds, but also in addition to the diamond, Was gorgeous extraordinary.
“Monaco Grace Princess” Pétales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés

Universal recognized romantic symbol, the late Monaco Princess Grace’s favorite roses, Montblanc is the new Pétales de Rose and Pétales Entrelacés magnificent jewelry design theme. In September 2011, “Monaco Grace Princess series” the first batch of tender and beautiful roses as the title of high-level jewelry, took the lead in Monaco Monte Carlo Opera Garnier Opera House debut. This year, the two new magnificent jewelry series is the theme of rose petals; Montblanc craftsmen to exquisite craftsmanship, diamonds and pink gold material to express the rose petals velvet texture, light and soft, abundance of brilliant and representative of the freedom of the background, to create eternal beauty The

Historically, roses and rose petals are essential elements of many allegories and fairy tales, and Princess Grace’s life is also called the modern fairy tale; two rose petals deviated from the rose petal petals designed sub-platinum and pink gold, or Gently surrounded, or intrigues, to the rich sense of the era of jewelry craft presents the mysterious charm of roses; pieces of diamond petals as floating on the skin above, and Grace Princess’s peerless elegance echoes.
Pétales de Rose for the classical style of the new ideas, contains rich emotions, showing the exquisite petals and the charm of the princess; pink gold or pink gold diamond Pétales Entrelacés is the first of its kind, Full of dynamic, full of vitality. The design of youth forced, a little casual temperament, but without losing the gorgeous feeling, closely related to the trend of today’s jewelry design. Two series both live the princess’s moving personality, but also reminiscent of the princess and its star legendary jewelry plays an important role, and the perfect expression of her princess, wife, mother, philanthropist identity and moving beauty.

Montblanc round gemstone series

With its relentless spirit, Montblanc offers the new Cabochon de Montblanc Collection with a patented MontBlanc Arch Gemstone cutting technology to create a new feel for classic star diamond cutting. This new collection is colorful, starfish and half The combination of gems wipes the wonderful sparks.

Montblanc Jeweler’s new design follows the traditional arched gemstone craftsmanship, Seiko polished polished rounded gemstone smooth people, but with the traditional round or oval outline, replaced the Montblanc hexagonal star lines, symbol of the first European peak Mont Blanc’s snowy mountain.

Women’s senior jewelry series to luxury rose as the main body, inlaid semi-precious stones to the main tone, crimson or pink rose garnet and red chalcedony are symbol of self-confidence, strength and passion.

On the other hand, dreamlike white and blue stones such as milky white quartz, sapphire, crochet and amethyst are satisfied, humble or strength.
Part of the pattern set with diamonds, you can better appreciate the rich color of the gem. This series of styles, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and a fine chain, the latter decorated with pink crystal, milky white quartz, rose garnet, red chalcedony and diamonds; all style luxurious and elegant, highlight the personal taste , Day and night wear Safe.

Women’s sterling silver jewelry series of design, mainly in pure silver matching romantic pink stone such as powder and blue chalcedony, etc., turned into a beautiful chain, with the beautiful lines of the beautiful bracelet or bracelet, or long flowing earrings and exquisite Earrings, completely aimed at fashion tactile young women’s taste, contrast their unique style of personality.

Montblanc round gem series will be the original cutting technology and interesting design perfect combination, aimed at the pursuit of fashion jewelry jewelery taste; different gemstones or semi-precious stones have their own meaning, wear the body to tell a small story.