Jewelry classification

Jewelry classification
1. Diamond: Diamonds are completely composed of a single element of carbon crystals from the crystal minerals, but also the only gem in the composition of a single element of precious stones. Diamonds for octahedral cleavage, that is, plane octahedral crystal surface of the four directions, generally ladder-like. Diamonds are chemically stable and insoluble in acids and alkalis. But in pure oxygen, heated to about 1770 degrees, it will break down. In the vacuum, heated to 1700 Replica Cartier jewelry degrees, it will be broken down into graphite. Diamonds are transparent, translucent, and opaque. Gem-class diamonds should be colorless and transparent, flawless or very few flaws, and can also be slightly yellow or very light brown, the most precious colors are natural pink, followed by blue and green.

2. Pearl: seawater or freshwater shellfish mollusks into the body when the small impurities, the mantle is stimulated by the secretion of a pearl (mainly calcium carbonate), the small layers of impurities wrapped up, and gradually become a small The ball is the pearl. Pearl color is mainly white, pink and light yellow, with pearl luster, the surface of the vaguely flashing rainbow like the same halo pearl. Color white Run, skin light, shape round, the highest value of the largest size.

3. turquoise: turquoise is a self-color gem, is a fully hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. The formula is CuAl6 (PO4) 4 (OH) 8 · 5H2O (pentahydrate basic aluminum phosphate). The transparency of the turquoise is opaque and the lower part of the sheet is translucent. Polished surface for the oil glass luster, broken for the oil shades. Turquoise species include Persian turquoise, American turquoise and Mexican turquoise, Egyptian turquoise and turquoise with iron wire.

(Na, Ca) 7-8 (Al, Si) 12 (O, S) 24 (SO4), Al2Cl2 (OH) is a kind of mineral ) 2 (OH) 2, where sodium is often partially substituted for potassium and sulfur is partially replaced by sulfate, chlorine or selenium. The types of lapis lazuli include Persian lapis lazuli, Soviet lapis lazuli or Spanish lapis lazuli, Chilean lapis lazuli.

5. Opal stone: minerals are opal, the molecular formula is SiO2 · nH2O (silica hydrate). As the opal sio2 small beads neatly arranged like a grating, when the white light shot in the above after the diffraction, scattered into the color spectrum, so the opal has a gorgeous eye-catching changing color, especially the most red and most precious. The types of opium poppies include white opal, black opal, crystalline opal, fire opal, gypsum or jelly opal, boulder, opal, Or in the matrix of opal.

6. olivine: olivine is a self-color gem, the common color is pure green, yellow green to brown green. Olivine is not colorless. Molecular formula: (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 (magnesium magnesium silicate). The types of olivine include olivine, topaz, forsterite, fayalite, “dusk emerald” and boro-aluminite.

7. Feldspar: Mineral Classification Feldspar is divided into two main types: Potash feldspar and plagioclase. Molecular formula: KAlSi3O8 (potassium aluminum silicate), NaAlSi3O8 (sodium aluminum silicate). Feldspar types include lunar stone or glacial feldspar, daylight stone or sesame stone, feldspar, river stone or Amazon stone.

8. jade: jade (also known as jade), nephrite. Hard jade is a sodium and aluminum silicate, the formula: NaAl (SiO3) 2. Soft jade is an aqueous calcium magnesium silicate, the formula is: CaMg5 (OH) 2 (Si4O11) 2.

9. Quartz: Quartz is a color of its precious stones, pure quartz colorless and transparent. Molecular formula for the SiO2. The types of quartz include crystal, halo or color red quartz, rutile spot or net rutile quartz, amethyst, citrine, smoke quartz or smoke crystal, hibiscus stone, oriental stone, blue stone quartz, milk quartz, blue quartz or Sapphire quartz, tiger eyes, eagle eyes or falcon eyes, quartz cat’s eye, star or starry quartz.

10. Chalcedony: also known as cryptocrystalline quartz. The formula is sio2. Chalcedony types include chrysanthemum, green chalcedony, red agate, meat red chalcedony, chicken bloodstone, green chalcedony, agate, onyx, jasper, dark green chalcedony, silicon malachite chalcedony, silicified wood

11. Garnet: its crystal and pomegranate seed shape, color is very similar to the name. The general formula for garnet is R3M2 (SiO4) 3 (R, M is an element). Garnet types include iron and aluminum garnet, magnesia garnet, magnesia garnet, manganese aluminum garnet, calcium garnet, calcium chrome garnet.

12. Zircon: the color was red, yellow, blue, purple and so on. The molecular formula is ZrSiO4 (zirconium silicate).

13. Spinel: the color is yellow, green and colorless. The molecular formula is MgAl2O4. Spinel types include red spinel, ruby-colored spinel or ruby spinel, purple or similar magenta-colored spinel, pink or rose-colored spinel, orange-colored spinel, Blue spinel, sapphire spinel or sapphire spinel, like stone spinel, black spinel, iron-magnesium spinel or mafic spinel.

14. Topaz: Topaz is aluminum fluorosilicate, orthorhombic. The molecular formula is Al2 (F, OH) 2SiO4. Topaz species include brown to yellow brown, light blue to light blue, pink, colorless, and other varieties.

15. Tourmaline: extremely complex boroaluminosilicate, which may contain one or more of the following components: magnesium, sodium, lithium, iron, potassium or other metals. The proportions of these elements are different and the colors are different. The types of tourmalines include red, green, blue, yellow and orange, colorless or white, black, variegated gemstones, cat’s eye tourmaline, color stone-like tourmaline.

16. gold lime: a spinel family of minerals, aluminates. The main component is alumina beryllium, is a orthorhombic system. The molecular formula is BeAl2O4. The types of gold and green jade, including stone, cat’s eye stone, variable stone cat’s eye gem and some other variants.

17. beryl: beryl in its pure state is colorless; different variants have different colors because of the presence of trace metal oxides. In the presence of chromium oxide or vanadium oxide is usually become emerald, and aquamarine is due to ferrous oxide coloring. Cesium beryl is due to the presence of magnesium, while the beryllium is made of iron oxide coloring. Molecular formula: Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6. Beryls include emerald, sapphire, maxixe beryl, beryllium, cesium beryl, other transparent varieties, cat’s eye beryl, star beryl.

18. corundum: corundum is a very common mineral, in addition to star gem, only translucent to the transparent variants can be called gems. Molecular formula for al2o3, containing chromium oxide is red, titanium and iron oxide was blue, with iron oxide was yellow, chromium and iron oxide was orange, iron and titanium oxide was green, chromium, titanium and iron oxide was purple The Corundum types include ruby, starry ruby, sapphire, sapphire sapphire, starlight sapphire.

19. Amber: an organic substance. It is a kind of turquoise turf with some ancient turquoise. Molecular formula for the C40H64O4. Amber species include Haipo, Pitper, Cleppo, Block Perot, Lipopolis, Turbido, Puffer, Bone Perot.

20. Coral: is another creature of raw materials. It is the dendritic calcareous skeleton of the coral with the formation of tiny tiny marine population.

21. Jade: Jade is a variant of lignite (the composition is mainly carbon and contains hydrogen and oxygen). It is made of mud by the compaction of the role, drift wood settling to the bottom of the sea, into the buried fine mud, and then into a hard shale, known as “coal rock”, jade is a biological cause. The jade is amorphous, has a dull luster on the rough surface, and is glossy on the polished surface.

22. tortoise shell: is amorphous, with oil luster to waxy luster, hardness 2.5.

23. Synthetic corundum: refers to the associated natural corundum contrast, with basically the same physical, optical and chemical properties of man-made materials.

24. Synthetic gem: refers to artificial gemstones that are basically the same physical, optical and chemical properties as those associated with natural gemstones. Synthetic gemstones include synthetic rutile, strontium titanate, yttrium aluminum garnet, rolled gal garnet, synthetic cubic zircon, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, synthetic rutile, synthetic stone, synthetic diamonds, synthetic emeralds, synthetic Park, synthetic quartz.

25. Boulder: also known as composite stone, which is a kind of two different materials from the bonding of precious stones. The type of double stone is divided according to the nature of the material used for bonding. The type of double stone is garnet and glass double stone, emerald substitutes, Opal stone substitutes, starlight sapphire substitutes, diamond substitutes, and other various imitation stone complex stone.

Zhen classic diamond ring gift Tanabata

Hotline Tiffany (Tiffany) to Zhen classic diamond ring gift Tanabata
Hot summer, Valentine ‘s Day Valentine’ s Day accompanied by the summer and light to. In this most romantic atmosphere of the advent of traditional festivals, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany selection marks the brand 175 years of glorious legend to the classic Tiffany.Setting diamond ring, sweet gift Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day.

Tiffany’s born romantic style with diamonds Replica Cartier jewelry bright brilliance, will make true love vowed eternal collection.

In 1886, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany founder Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany) launched the Tiffany.Setting engagement diamond ring, and created a wedding dress with a beautiful tradition. This symbol of the eternal love of the classic diamond ring unique creative use of platinum six claw mosaic Tiffany pure diamond entrusted in the ring on the ring, so that the light with the diamond cutting surface to a full range of refraction, which presents an unprecedented dazzling light The The ultimate blend of diamonds and original mosaic design makes this diamond ring full of bright charm.

Today, Tiffany. Setting Tiffany six jaws inlaid diamond ring has become the world’s dream true love keepsake.
The world’s top jewelry brand Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) in the recently opened in Shanghai Harbor Plaza, Hang Lung Plaza, the fifth store in Shanghai. Brand Asia Pacific and Japan Group President Stéphane Lafay, together with the film star Zhang Xinyi for the new store opening ribbon cutting, and visited the “The Tiffany Diamond Pavilion Diamond Paint Tour.”

Jean-Schlumberger 18k gold diamonds and colored gems Plumes feather necklaces

Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) new store is located in Hong Kong, Hang Lung Plaza, a layer, covering 214 square meters. Architects and interior designers will be the brand antique treasures in the classic pattern clever use in the design of the new store, for the magnificent Tiffany diamond treasure treasure to create an elegant and comfortable furnishings environment. Tiffany & Co. New York Fifth Avenue flagship store on the main entrance of the wheat decoration pattern, in this new store design to be used in the jewelry display area of the glass curtain wall, window and Tiffany blue background mirror On the other side of the wall hand-painted with magnolia flower pattern, magnolia flowers inspired by the Art Nouveau (Art Nouveau) design master, Tiffany founder of the son of Louis Kang Te Tiffany) famous stained glass art works.

Jean-Schlumberger-Thistle bracelet

In addition, in addition to the opening of the new store, Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) is still in the mall atrium for the “The Tiffany Diamond Pavilion Diamond Paint Tour, the ultimate legend” first exhibition unveiled. The exhibition will be held in several cities in China, in order to commemorate Tiffany 175 years of extraordinary Zoran design heritage. Tour of Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Hang Plaza Station from July 27 until August 5, then, the exhibition from August 24 to September 2 moved to Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza to continue to display.
To explore the world’s top diamond legend, this tour will be held on July 27 in Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Lung Plaza shine debut, celebrating Tiffany 175 years of extraordinary design and unique style of heritage.

The innovative design of the glass pavilion highlights the immortal legend and unique style of the world’s diamond brand, promoting its superior design and fascinating charm. The tour will recreate the exotic treasures of the 19th century treasures and Tiffany’s classical treasures, along with contemporary works, including Tiffany Yellow Drills.

By then, you can participate in interactive links, explore the development process of the brand, enjoy the graceful design.

In addition, also has a virtual exhibition, to provide the most special of several Tiffany jewelry, you can experience the fun.
Tiffany & Co. on the afternoon of February 25, 2011 in Beijing Guomao three flagship store held “rare yellow diamond, sunshine pure” media experience will give you a distance to experience and feel the opportunities of these bright jewelry. Long story short, yellow blooming out of the brilliant fire color so that I have looked at some of the gentlemen heart, the charm of jewelry is really unspeakable! As a theme of colored diamonds, and rare treasures so many jewelry show in the country is also very rare, Tiffany will be its huge flagship store in Beijing into a yellow diamond … …

Tiffany charm of up to 128.54 karats of “Tiffany yellow diamond”

Obsidian formation process

Obsidian formation process
Obsidian is one of the gems of Buddhism making Buddha beads and handicrafts. Since ancient times, it has been made into a variety of exquisite evil spirits and amulets. There are auspicious meaning of praying that the Bodhisattva protects peace and disobedience and evil. Obsidian is from the volcanic lava out of the magma suddenly formed Replica Cartier jewelry in the water after cooling. Lava flow outside the magma encountered rapid cooling and condensation of sea water, the crystal structure is not enough time to grow, the rapid cooling of magma after the formation of a natural glass, are non-pure crystalline crystal gem, the main component of silica.

In the process of production, due to the rapid decline in the temperature of the periphery of the lava flow, the fastest cooling, so the magma with silica quickly condensed into blocks, obsidian is usually in the lava flow or volcanic foot near the beach place appear. Because of its unique formation process, obsidian crystal also contains 1-2% of the water.
A long time ago, the land or the land of the Indians, the sky or the sky of the Indians, their gods and guarding the earth and the sky for thousands of years of permanent change, they also believe that the existence will continue forever. However, some people occupied the land they lived for, and brought them to more barren places. The heroic api fighters recaptured their land, and they attacked many of the occupied areas, but they were found by the government’s army to follow their footprints of cattle. After a shuttle, the 50 fighters in the 50 people will fall, the soldier was also forced to a cliff, they would rather jump off the cliff is not willing to die in the white hands. The fighters’ wives and lovers in the early morning shed tears of sadness for them.
For a few months, they mourned the dead lover, mourning the soul of the apache with the fighters. Their sorrows touched the Father’s heart, and he buried the tears of the Apachians in a black stone. The shining lights are apache’s tears. Some people say that who owns this black stone, they never have to cry again, which is obsidian has been the Indian called “apache tears” reason.
Amulet, to be able to carry, to full of positive energy, gives a positive impact and good moral, and based on the natural energy properties of Choi Po, some Choi Bao in addition to the characteristics of color Po, it is a powerful amulet , Today to introduce a great evil spirits, purify the energy of Choi Po – obsidian.
Obsidian is a black gem, is a kind of igneous rock. One of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use, obsidian corresponds to the human body of the sea round, can effectively exclude the body of negative energy, but also to enhance the new energy. Obsidian is also known as the “black diamond warrior”, with extreme evil evil role, strong to resolve the negative energy. Obsidian has a very strong, strong, pure energy, in many of the Choi Po, obsidian is the exclusion of negative energy one of the strongest treasure. Obsidian in ancient Chinese Buddhist relics, there is a considerable number of town house or evil spirits of the obsidian or the Buddha, is now the best gem for the Buddha to practice.
Obsidian is the best ancient stone for the Buddhist temple, extreme evil spirits, can resolve all the negative energy. What is the effect of obsidian brave pendant?
First, the energy of obsidian is very violent, the best effect of evil. Many people like to wear obsidian, put it as their own amulet.
Second, obsidian brave can effectively eliminate the negative energy, help to eliminate fatigue, headache, life stress and other discomfort, can quickly restore physical strength, improve people’s mental state, enhance physical vitality, is able to protect the health of the gem; Effectively remove the turbidity and transformation, improve luck, enhance people’s ability to interfere with evil; for the house is not calm, by the supernatural interference, in the home of all entrances and exits obsidian, to avoid interference, play the role of town house.
Third, of course, obsidian brave pendant the most important role is the role of Lucky. Some of the southern friends of the horse like to wear it, so that some of the field ban on wearing obsidian brave people approach.
Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, and Mexico produced obsidian after grinding polished into a round ball, can be found in the symmetry on both sides of the ball have different levels of halo, commonly known as heaven and earth. Obsidian formation is the formation of volcanic lava in the case of rapid cooling, in addition to the same role with the natural glass, can produce a strong energy to resist low and negative energy, but also enchantment, protection of residence.
Obsidian can make people’s cycle and energy stable; contribute to the subconscious development, can balance the brain’s chemical secretion system, can make people calm, and therefore get meditation to the ability to develop the wisdom of the organization, Improve and adjust interpersonal relationships, to balance the extreme energy, like a very negative and very positive.

Identify high quality pearls to see five points

Identify high quality pearls to see five points
Pearl beauty of the restrained and not publicity, if that kind of gem can best reflect the dignified and elegant women, that non-pearl must go, so many beautiful women most prefer pearls, the face of Replica Cartier jewelry different quality pearl market how to buy a quality Pearl The following is the high quality pearl appreciation points.

(1) look glossy

The so-called “jewel”, luster is the soul of pearls. No light, less light pearls on the lack of aura. Look at the light, the pearl should be flat on the white soft cloth, can see the pearls overflow overflowing luster; and facing the light to see, good pearls can see the colorful rainbow, rich levels of changes, but also See such as metal texture of the spherical, and even can be mapped out of the pupil, especially bright can be included in the A-level, slightly second to the B-class.

(2) see roundness

“A penny a penny”, “beads round Yu Run”, pearls more round the United States, which is in line with the Chinese aesthetic habits. Large particles, round pearls, showing the beauty of the moon as a full moon. With gloss, then create a hazy mood beauty. The minimum diameter of the pearl and the shortest diameter difference ≤ 1% for the round standard, 1% ≤ diameter difference ≤ 5% for the round standard, between 5% and 10% for the round. But most of the time, with their own eyes can be seen roundness to the.

(3) to see flaws

Surface pox, spot, India, pits, the less the better points, generally in the 0.5 meters away can not see the flaws as acceptable standards. A-level standard for 100% smooth surface, the naked eye near to see no flaws. Of course, with magnifying glass are difficult to see that the flaw is the best of the Need

(4) look at the size

The so-called “seven points for the beads, eight for the treasure”, generally 6 mm below the pearl is not included in the category of jewelry-level pearls, 7-9 mm for consumers generally loved, 10 mm pearl has been rare, 11 mm or more Only the South Pearl and Black Pearl have. The more the number of the more rare, and the price is often doubled growth. This standard is not difficult to see.

(5) look at the color

In addition to a hard index above, the color according to personal preferences, color, clothing, occasions, etc. with the match. General white most popular, pure and elegant, black mysterious noble, pink and pure romantic, golden luxury grace.
Noble and introverted, round and elegant pearls is one of our ancient tradition, “four treasures”, in recent years, with the pearl prices continue to rise, and gradually attracted the attention of many pearl jewelry lovers, which white in the micro-pink for the most Good, very white runny pearls are also precious, and rare black pearls are more can not be met.

Compared to some of the traditional collection, the pearl collection did not form a climate, in recent years with the pearl price rise, the pearl market has also attracted many collectors, the collection trend is increasingly cutting edge. Because the main mineral composition of pearls is aragonite and a small amount of organic matter and water; and the physical stability of the aragonite, soluble in water; organic matter, but a hundred years will be a chemical change. Therefore, the conservation of pearls is very important, how to maintain the collection of valuable pearls is a matter of urgency. The following are the same as the ”

Whether it is decorative pearls or pearls, need to carefully conservation. 1. It is best not to wear pearls bath, exercise, because the water and sweat from the beads into the beads, likely to cause the bead from the separation. If the pearls are wet, dry with a dry cloth and place them in a ventilated area. 2. Pearl is not suitable for exposure to high temperature, will have an impact on pearls. So you should use a clean soft cloth stored in a cool place. 3. Pearl does not like fumes and perfumes. So when the cooking as much as possible to take off the pearls, do not wear pearl makeup, because perfume, mousse, nail polish such cosmetics damage to pearls is great. 4 pearl luster and shiny is that everyone likes him an important reason, so do not use a weapon to scratch the surface of pearls. Pearl surface dirt, wipe with a soft cloth and clean water like.

Diamonds and other precious stones processing

Diamonds and other precious stones processing
1, choose the original stone
Nature of thousands of minerals and rocks, but for dozens of gemstones, in these dozens of precious stones, to achieve the amount of precious stones required scarce, most of the value of precious stones. Therefore, before the gem processing, the first choice for the gem. According to previous experience, can be selected Replica Cartier jewelry as a gem of the basic conditions are: bright colors, pure, lovable; transparency is good, or if the transparency is low, there is a special kind of optical effects, such as cat’s eye stone, star gem A certain hardness, generally not less than 5; have a certain thermal stability and chemical stability; texture pure, flawless or only emblem defect; have a certain size and weight. Different gemstones, the lower the weight of different, such as diamonds can be less than 0.25 karats, high quality ruby and sapphire can be less than 0.3 karats; with good pondering and polishability; Production supply is also more stable, there is a certain production service life.
2, cut type selection and design
In the piano before pondering, the first cut to choose and design. In general, this design includes the determination of gemstone cut, cut positioning and orientation, processing methods.
3, mark the original stone
Mainly in the stone on the basis of the correct evaluation of the original stone, the design will be intended to use a special pen marked on the gem, the cutting of the processing division by marking the gem of the implementation of cutting processing. Marking is the first step in the processing of gemstones, which is the most important part of the whole cutting process, it directly affects the economic benefits of gem cutting processing, but also affect the final gem finished the perfect degree, therefore, do this work Of people must have a solid gem professional knowledge, rich practical experience, and proficient in processing technology. His ultimate goal is to create the largest, cleanest, most perfect form of finished products, and to create the greatest economic benefits.
4, split the original stone
For a variety of reasons, the need for the original stone segmentation. Splitting the original stone is also a very important work, it also directly affects the quality of finished gemstones, and ultimately affect the value of finished products. Split the original stone need to consider the important factors are: the shape of the original stone, internal defects, twin crystal and crystallographic characteristics.
5, rough grinding
Coarse grinding is the process of forming the original stone processing, it is a cutting or cutting process, the process is similar to the processing of wood or metal in the lathe.
The gem roughing process is to first glued the gem on the grips and put the jaws on the grinder’s card and the other as a clip on the fixture. The operator clamps the long handle with the arm, and when the rough grinding machine drives the diamond to rotate, the two diamonds are in contact with each other.
6, throwing
Drilling is the process of grinding a gem into a series of processes and throwing it into the finished product. The main components of the polishing equipment are discs, clamps, jaws. Drilling is a technology with a strong technical performance, the need for diamond cutting workers know a certain process, and the need for rich experience
Hand-made processing is the most primitive jewelry mosaic method, but also the most basic processing methods, whether it is casting or forging method, are to hand-made jewelry for the mold. So hand-made master in the jewelry mosaic processing plant is often the highest level of technology, the most critical people. The basic process of jewelry mosaic hand processing is:
(1) style design: is based on the characteristics of precious stones and precious metals, taking into account the needs of the market, the more important to give full play to the designer’s intelligence, put forward the best design, and the formation of design drawings.
(2) pre-preparation: the craftsman to get a complete design of the jewelry design, the first to read the map to understand the jewelry designer’s design intent, analysis of the overall structure of jewelry and diamond inlay and so on. On this basis, the preparation of processing materials, adjust the processing equipment.
(3) sub-processing: According to the results of structural analysis, according to the principle of taking priority, the entire jewelry into a number of independent components, and then in accordance with the weight of each component, thickness, width, thickness, length of metal materials, Such as tools, pressing, pressing, cutting, playing gold and other processes, made of the basic shape of the components; and with the file, the use of paper, Clamp and other tools for more accurate component forming treatment. Jewelry according to mosaic way, the first processing of the main stone and stone side of the mouth.
(4) Punching stereotypes: According to the design pattern form, in the rubber mud on the processing of good spare parts, pay attention to the overall coordination and high and low level, which can express the design requirements is very important. After the overall arrangement, with a pre-deployment of the gypsum slurry poured in the rubber sticky jewelry on the prototype, when the gypsum dry, remove the rubber mud, then the whole jewelry will be a solid positive gypsum stereotypes.
(5) integer welding: first in the gypsum bottom care to clean up the finishes of the finish, ready from high temperature to low temperature of several metal welding, borax to do with the flux, with the wind ball – oil pot – fire structure Welding, according to the first large and small order, followed by welding. After welding the gouache powder of the wool embryo, with low temperature metal welding, welding fine components. Pay attention to check the actual situation of solder joints, and as far as possible in a relatively short period of time to complete the welding, to keep the solder joints clean.
(6) fine processing: Although the finished jewelry has been basically formed, but it is quite rough, but also need to file, sand, paper, leather wheel and other tools, its fine smoothing, remove all excess welding, If there is no need to file the existence of the trachoma, but also need to repair it with a good fire. To do this process, you must quickly and accurately, to avoid the original solder joints off.
(7) Gemstone Mosaic: Gem is the center of the whole jewelry, so the whole process from design to processing should be placed in the first place in the gemstone mosaic. First choose the appropriate mosaic way, the use of cranes, fine files, pliers, tweezers, wood clips and other tools, after stone observation, gem placed, set the mouth, stone reinforcement, complete diamond mosaic process. Mosaic generally first on the deputy stone, after the main stone, and then use the suction beads will be round or round with a plastic tire to light.
(8) polishing cleaning: polishing is to improve the metal surface finish. Commonly used tools are grinding machine, brush, green wax on the yellow cloth wheel and red wax on the white cloth wheel and so on.
(9) post-processing: processing jewelery, often in the metal parts of the jewelry plus electroplating color metal layer (such as plating 18K white gold, etc.), in order to achieve new artistic effect. In addition, as an industrial product, the factory also in the jewelry on the printing factory standard, metal purity and gem weight and other parameters, can be regarded as the completion of the entire jewelry production process.

Dior Diorette senior jewelry craftsmanship

Dior Diorette senior jewelry craftsmanship
Women have the desire to jewelry and beautify the love of the everlasting, no matter how depressed, as long as wandering in the dazzling array of jewelry world, there is hope. Like Andersen wrote that magical match stick, light derived from the longing for a longing, jewelry dazzling light, but also stop all the longing for a woman: glory, love, fantasy … …
Genius designer gives Dior jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry subversive power
High-level jewelry is often elegant style to Sri Lanka, giving an old-fashioned and solemn feeling. But Dior Dior senior jewelry has always been full of interesting, but luxurious luxury changes, but also contains a rich sense of humor and surprise. As inspired by the Diorette series of the Milly-la-Forêt garden, the elves of nature perfume the vitality of the cold jewelry.
Dior Diorette senior jewelry craft big secret

Dior Dior Premium Jewelry is inseparable from the name of a designer – Victoire de Castellane. She grew up in the Parisian aristocracy, the descendants of the Count of Provence, the history of this family can be traced back to the ninth century. Sylvia Hennessy and grandmother’s royal friend Barbara Hutton are very good at using shiny jewelery with Chinese clothing, inspired by the Victoire has a strong interest in jewelry, at the age of five she has a striking creation Talent, can be folded into a delicate bracelet earrings. At the age of twelve, she smashed the holy chapter and re-made her first ring.
“I like colored gems, they are like candy-like to attract me, almost want to swallow.” Victoire hard gem (onyx and coral) and satin, velvet and other soft fashion clothing together, her bravery and Guts make the world wonder. Victoire’s works are extremely extreme, not extremely small, and she loves to use colored gems (such as tourmaline, beryl, olivine, amethyst, citrine, sapphire and garnet, etc.) All kinds of magnificent jewelry, through each series tell a different moving story.
Dior Diorette senior jewelry craft big secret

Dior Diorette series of vitality was born
As Dior Dior’s first ever high-level jewelry designer, Victoire Dior Dior design works, has a wealth of uniqueness, full of vitality and imagination. Rich colors, exquisite works of the series, complete show Victoire strong original force and creativity. Victoire has successfully created an unprecedented sales record for the advanced jewelry industry for Dior Dior. Victoire like a lighthouse to lead the same Dior jewelry waves of the secret is actually very simple: age and experience can not be changed, every woman’s souls are living in the fairy tale.

Expensive materials and exquisite craft is important, but full of women lovely nature of the design, is the most you should value, make you happy focus. From the play grandmother’s jewelry grew up Victoire, designed jewelry reveals a childlike and aura, interesting and full of vitality. She said: “Nature, the children of the world, Hollywood dance movies, women in the street to see, or myths and so on, etc., can be my source of inspiration.” I believe that also because of this, Dior Dior Of the jewelry is always with unlimited affinity and can impress people’s hearts.
Dior Diorette senior jewelry craft big secret

For Victoire, jewelry is always funny. Following the Milly-la-Forêt garden series, Dior Joaillerie’s high-quality jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane, is here to offer you the inspiration from nature, so that colorful flowers are placed on your wrist and fingertips and will be fresh and happy Of the elements into the new design, so that you shines. Each ring, each pair of earrings completely hand-painted, hand mosaic, manual combination. Diorette series showing a changing personality and color: yellow crystal, amethyst, aquamarine, Morgan stone, with gold or platinum, different combinations show their unique temperament. Diorette series of delicate style revealing childish naughty and lovely, 89 kinds of gorgeous colors such as a bunch of withered flowers, different stones with gold or platinum, different combinations show their unique temperament.
Dior Diorette senior jewelry craft big secret

Secret Dior senior jewelry exquisite craftsmanship
Victoire loves fun jewelry, exaggerated, colorful, novelty, charming, and even pure design can easily win her favor. But on the other hand, her jewelry quality and workshop selection requirements are particularly rigorous. As well as talented high-level uniforms, Dior Dior senior jewelry series also by the birth of France, and the most exquisite use of the Paris process.
Diorette new series of jewelry by the Paris jewelry workshop to hand painting, mosaic and assembly, which has joined a variety of valuable materials such as yellow crystal, aquamarine, pink beryl, amethyst, platinum or gold, etc. Pieces of finished products are spent more than thirty hours of production. The entire series includes full of innocence of small ornaments, and larger luxury accessories, fully embodies the brand superb jewelry craft.

Premium jewelry luxury is reflected in the production process of every detail:
1. Design process:
Diorette series to ring, for example, its research and development is divided into three steps: design sketch, contour design and gum color design. The design will be submitted to the best jewelry factory in Paris, according to its technical level of the workshop and the degree of grasp of the charm of jewelry to choose whether to make it. There are two kinds of jewelry production methods, respectively, is the first production of prototype reproduction and real mold production.
2. Painting process:
The use of color paint for the high-level jewelry industry is Victoire’s initiative, from the Diorette series to the Belladone Island series and the Milly Carnivora series, this step requires the artist to be very faithful to the designer’s original. Each petal of the flower on the ring must be painted separately, and the butterfly’s wings part takes about 15 minutes to paint, and the whole ring takes about 3 hours.
3. Manual assembly:
All parts of the fine jewelry are made by hand. Artisans will drill holes in the position of each element to pre-install, to Diorette series, for example, they want to ring on the various elements of the adhesion, firmly fixed, to ensure that no loosening, and then finalize the ring. After the finalization, the craftsmen will use the file to trim the whole work, the details of the further cleaning.
4. Gem inlaid:
Mosaic technology in the production of advanced jewelry is a broad and profound knowledge, according to the different shapes of stone and design using different mosaic process. Diorette series of bouquet elements with three claw mosaic, the central gem with four claw mosaic. All involved in the mosaic of the central gem, the craftsmen will first mark on the central gem, as much as possible to keep the gem in order to accurately wrapped the jaw feet on the gem.

Jewelry design depth and exquisite handmade craftsmanship

Jewelry design depth and exquisite handmade craftsmanship
Chinese art jewelry designer Zhao Xinqi created the same top-level custom jewelry brand, tailored for the guests with a collection of valuable museum-level art jewelry. To 360 degrees around the mosaic of the superb craftsmanship and full of vitality of the top custom art jewelry and much international attention.

Ocean series of marine earrings

Designers to the only two colors in the ocean – blue Replica Cartier jewelry and green – as a source of inspiration, especially cutting the two pairs of shapes and colors are similar to the top of the top sapphire and emerald, and break through the traditional design rules, but let two pairs of precious stones Staggered with the asymmetry of the new ideas, and full of dynamic flow line vitality of the type.
Two starfish were in different gestures to sit in the earrings somewhere, such as the bubble bubble-like pearls and white diamond, to capture the fleeting presence, but also more out of the designer from the inside, breaking the 360-degree design Depth and exquisite handmade craftsmanship.
Architecture series emerald earrings

Pear cut Colombian emerald 42.28 kt and 46.89 karats

Architectural series “Emerald City” ring

Meandering diamonds with empty stents from this top Colombian emerald, like an emerald city in the air. Pillow cut Colombian emerald 44 carats, white diamond 13 carats.
Four Seasons Series Chun Xiao Hand Ring

11 Egg cut Emerald total weight 82.09 carats, white diamond 85.30.
Architectural series golden yellow diamond ring

Champagne Diamond 21.81 Carat, White Diamond 9.952 Carat, Yellow 0.649 Carat Yellow.
I’m still flying

“Must not have better space to stop”
He summed up his design philosophy in one sentence: “Every one of me is done without better space.”
Chen Shiying said he has been dedicated to looking for special materials to design, “I have the optical, the strange sense of the gem, everything has its life, so every time in the design, I want it to life For example, this time to bring a work called “yin and yang”, that is, through the refraction of different light sources, to find the original shape of the material life.

I smell the taste of titanium:
All the metal and the body closest to the body, so I try to use titanium to build jewelry skeleton Speaking of titanium as the backbone of the jewelry innovation design, Chen Shiying said: “We all know that if our bones were injured, or physical disability, The doctor will plant titanium things to help you, because this material is particularly human, titanium is all metal inside with our people the closest thing, but also because of this, you will burn when it will resist, we need to go To overcome, like to communicate with children like it, and then we need the material with it into one, this technology I spent six years to explore the titanium matrix than the hardness of gold and silver is higher, but the weight is only 18K gold One by one, so that you can have a lot of area or way to create things, metal and gem interaction between the more.

From the texture to see true and false agate

From the texture to see true and false agate
With the agate in recent years has gradually been valued by the value of investment continues to rise, quite a mixed phenomenon is inevitable. Now talk about how the texture from the point of view of agate and counterfeit agate different, this agate identification method requires some experience.

Agate is the essence of glial dehydration of silica, its fine texture, fine structure, high hardness, the proportion of large, hand touch the feeling of smooth oil. Fake agate is generally made of glass and plastic, hardness, light weight, feel or light or slippery. Glass or plastic bracelet slightly lighter, the sound of the hoarse dull. There are a lot of agate containing Replica Cartier jewelry different minerals or impurities and the formation of plants such as landscape, waterline, flaws, artificial agate no such. Artificial agate head than the real agate good, but the color is extended from the outside, it is difficult to form floating color, waterline, it is difficult to find flaws.
Agate dyeing has been a long time ago, we can also see a lot of online on the agate identification of the article. Here we come to say from the color point of view.

What time do we see when we choose agate to distinguish whether it is true or counterfeiting? Dyed agate color uniform color, natural agate color is often dark, of course, there are a few very bright agate natural color. There are a lot of people think that a variety of agate color or uneven color will not be stained this is wrong. Due to the uneven density of agate, there are many places where dyeing is not soaked into chemical reagents or immersion is not uniform. We can also use the magnifying glass to help see the surface of the surface there is no high temperature caused by the fine stripes of the color there is a slight difference in the fire pattern.
About the news of agate dyeing believe that we are not familiar with the rising prices of the South red agate to attract the attention of many investors, but also attracted a lot of bad businessmen. There are still a lot of stained agate, then we have any way to identify agate agar Dyeing this method is also more common, there are many ways to distinguish, but we buy investment in the south when the red agate or to carefully identify the pros and cons.

Its processing process to go through the harmful acidic liquid immersion and high temperature solid color, this South red agate because it is processed out, it will fade. Identify this method of staining the south red agate, is to use a magnifying glass to see its surface there is no high temperature caused by the small stripes of color with a slight difference in the fire pattern.
Whether it is a South Red lovers or a simple collection of investors, we buy the South when the red agate always do not want to buy their own counterfeit or counterfeit South red agate. South red agate identification or have a certain degree of difficulty.

Now the South red onyx market is fake Montreal, a wide variety, from the online picture of the various points of view, the most confusing should be Meng Nan red. The beginning of the red when the red is also better to identify, because this agate is too gracious, the surface is dry, not oil. But now through the surface of the cooking can also be expressed as shiny persimmon red as shiny. Now the monochromatic agate through the surface of the cooking can also be expressed as shiny persimmon red as shiny, and online South red photos can not see the surface texture, which also increased the difficulty of our identification.
South red red is mainly composed of fine cinnabar point together, cinnabar is the unique features of the South red. Generally from Sichuan Liangshan nine areas and other areas of the South red Zhu Sha point can not see the naked eye, Yunnan Baoshan area of the South Red and Liangshan joint area of the South red cinnabar point obvious, in the light under the naked eye can generally see, Baoshan South red cinnabar More subtle, but some of the South can not see the red speculation.
In the bright light to the south of red agate close to see the red light red red agate is composed of countless pieces of cinnabar gathered in the formation of red, other agate is not equipped with this feature. If it is very red and impervious to the south red agate, it is not through, this identification method does not apply.
Cinnabar is the basis of the composition of the southern red color, in fact, it is the specific distribution of the South red color is good or bad, but also became an effective identification method. In general, Liangshan material is not easy to have cinnabar points, in addition to the joint material is more obvious. Most of the Baoshan material has cinnabar point characteristics, it became a identity of the identity.

Rich double plum silver bracelet

Rich double plum silver bracelet
Women’s jewelry, some people love the bright diamonds, some people love luxury gold, and her favorite is the plain silver bracelet, and it is cold, do not play, worn on the wrist is always people Cartier nail bracelet replica feel different Charm and style, it is quiet and distant, neither humble nor humble temperament makes people unable to fathom.

This wealthy double plum silver bracelet plum blossoms in the silver bracelet, exquisite carving to the plum blossom “Ling Han alone open” proud of the most incisive, the leaf is clearly visible, beautiful flowers blooming, simple and low-key aperture style And back to nature of the shape are all against the plum blossom strong, perseverance of the United States.

Beautiful bracelet, exquisite atmosphere, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Chrysanthemum is different from the plum of the noble, blue elegant, bamboo festivals, their own indifferent seclusion, Kennedy Lengao, poetry and literature: the dust of the people of the dirty and Cheng Ying its gods, causing the bowel character Of the character, which is her place to enjoy the chrysanthemum.

This embossed silver bracelet round and full, exquisite carving of the chrysanthemum “Ling frost on their own, not the trend of inflammation,” the character depicts the most vividly, grass foliage, chrysanthemum blossoming, leaf clear, structured, in heavy Add a beautiful, intertwined foliage soft and elegant, the overall shape of the atmosphere without losing the slender, far from looking, very elegant and beautiful, near a sniffing, as if fragrance overflowing.

This is her most heavy is the favorite silver bracelet, is like her favorite chrysanthemum look custom, very fine carving, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
The moon to the softest light, with the wrist in the season, this season will flash like silver sweet light. What I can feel is the tenderness of the hot, such as the drop of tenderness, is that silver-like shining inner world. I can not describe the kind of concern, to give people throbbing, make a green grass, in the moving in the flickering fragrance. Can make a Qin Yun flying in the water, the language of March is very small, but a lot of dreams in March. It can be put into a lot of words with tight words, those who imitation Cartier love bracelet speak the dream of light words, in this summer bloom.

Silver bracelet inner heart of the flame, so gently and soft, gently dough and moist and spread until there is no escape route. I return to the moonlight, re-read the bracelet engraved promise, what will light life? Is the silver bracelet on the line, or those who greet the details sent to. Those who can not help but speak the language of the month, more brittle than fine porcelain, more vulnerable to injury, and damage is always accompanied by seasonal germination.
The secret is the tree, in the process of speculation will be lost foliage, silver bracelet to stay in March the song is very soft, soft reminiscent of the moonlight color. As shallow and shallow footprints, gently quietly came to me, affectionate and confused eyes. Is the most temperature of the season vocabulary, a white flower in the moonlight bloom, in the night, this Fake Cartier love bracelet flower bright, penetrate everything, all love. This midnight balcony, the shadow of the bird, landed or flew the moonlight language, opened the soft door.

A classic poem wandering in the eyes, the initial dream and the last flower, hidden in the inner bracelet is just an image. A jewelry metaphor is not only the moonlight language, it is still singing the birds miss, I lost not only figure. There is the soul, it is far from the dream, without hesitation fall into a time, or a space. Since the time can go easily, then please allow me to use the moonlight language to record this day, perhaps a hundred years later, I will return to today, with the moonlight poetic language, to meet with the bracelet.

Silver brand V6 – from Paris romantic

Silver brand V6 – from Paris romantic
V6 silver from the romantic and artistic capital of Paris, founded in 2003, Shenzhen Rongda Jewelry Co., Ltd.’s. V6 with its simple fashion, do not touch, style novel design quickly captured many urban fashion women’s heart.
V6 good at fashion forefront of the inspiration to control, its silver according to the needs of each quarter of women with fashion as the starting point, in order to achieve the overall fashion clothing and accessories complement each other. V6 things together, absorb both the essence of culture, is committed to creating to meet the demands of consumers personalized display and highlight the taste of the top silverware.
V6 in 2010, opened the v6 silver fashion blog, including Replica Cartier jewelry the silver fashion new trend, and the latest silver price trend, how to maintain the knowledge of silver and so on.
Founded in 1848 (Qing Daoguang 28 years) Shanghai, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang is a hundred years of national brand, China’s famous jewelry brand. “Old Fengxiang jewelry, three generations of favor” widely circulated, showing that consumers love the brand.
Shanghai Lao Fengxiang is a hundred years of national brand, generation after generation of old Fengxiang people for the old Fengxiang brand hard maintenance and dedication, uphold the advanced management philosophy, and strict quality management, formed its unique can not copy the corporate culture.
The talent of the excavation and training, so that the old Fengxiang talent economy, the elite blend, the people together, with rich human resources. Its product development and international standards, enjoy the “jewelry Oscar” reputation, in the domestic jewelry design Grand Prix total more than 170 awards, it is the layout of the international market overseas market.
CTF2 Department of Hong Kong famous jewelry brand leader Chow Tai Fook, is its “new generation of young”. “Ctf2” is “A NEW GENERATION OF CHOW TAI FOOK Zhou Dafu youth new generation”. Since 2001, CTF2 has created more than 250 counters and specialty stores in mainland China and Hong Kong. Ctf2 consumer groups are more young, more sensitive to the fashion, the brand’s innovative ideas more prominent personality.
It is worth mentioning that, in the Chow Tai Fook excellent designer’s creativity, CoCo Cat series was born, it is lazy, free and easy, rich feelings, maverick, reserved pride, cute cute, personalized design interpretation of each young The distinctive character of the girl. Followed by the world’s most loyal DoDo Dog also joined the CoCo Cat family, accompanied by pure and lovely image of the guardian.
Old silver shop was founded in 1998, is China’s first “Chinese old”, Suzhou Jubilee Jewelery brand, advocate independent design, in the sterling silver jewelry personalized processing this piece to create a precedent, is the famous silver chain brand.
Skilled craftsmen, inherited the traditional handicrafts handed down from generation to generation, with its rich cultural heritage, while not forgetting to advance with the times, into the modern popular elements, designed to keep up with the fashion trend, sophisticated design, build A variety of styles, rich style of fashion boutique, did not pretentious, filled with elegant atmosphere of the breathtaking atmosphere. Old silver shop will be the traditional handmade craft and modern technology combined to create a batch of long after the failure, in line with the needs of individual groups of personalized jewelry.
Recently, the well-known silver jewelry brand seven degrees silverware portrait launched the “love password” series for the romantic season gift, this series uses a unique process, from the interface texture to the ringing have shown a luxurious texture, the whole shape looks like A romantic romantic love song.
Seven degrees of silver The introduction of the love of the password series with a simple digital password and pattern for the love of people to pass the truth, in the absence of communication era, very suitable for urban fast-paced young people, which have been unable to speak sweet seven silver Are to help you think of, seven degrees silver let you use the actual action to express the heart of love.
Sweet love story is staged every second, in the seven silver jewelry “love password” in a row, so that they have become the protagonist of sweet love story.
As silver jewelry are usually relatively soft, often wear silver jewelry, many people may have encountered such a problem, that is, silver jewelry in the process of wearing accidentally lead to broken or foreign objects scratched, then if the silver jewelry off how Do it?
Because the nature of silver is not as stable as other precious metals, so many things in daily life can make him eclipsed or damaged, so we must wear a little time in the daily wear, good care of our silver jewelry.
Such as sleeping in the best not to wear silver jewelry, to prevent sleeping when the pose does not lead to silver jewelry damage; a variety of baths, cleaning agents, make-up water will accelerate the oxidation of silver jewelry, so try to avoid contact, and usually do not wear Vigorously pull or bend, beware of accidental damage. If you accidentally broken can get a special silver jewelry to repair.