There are several wedding rings

There are several wedding rings
Marriage is the process of life must be, but also a major thing, we all know that marriage needs to ring to witness each other’s happiness, wearing a ring finger on the formation of a responsibility and identity, many people will buy a marriage before marriage As a wedding ring, of course, wedding ring there is a ring, the ring is a new exchange Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica in the wedding of a link, then, there are several wedding rings? What are the wedding rings? Here you can answer your question.
There are several wedding rings

Wealthy Wedding Ring – Ring

The beginning of the ring of the seamless ring meaning two full of love, others can drill seamlessly. In modern times, after continuous evolution and planning, diamonds outside the ring some, but also through a variety of romantic ideas to extend the meaning of love. To participate in broken diamond, mosaic ruby, engraved oath … … the common pattern of wedding ring with a more direct and beautiful love expression. Diamond style only classic, and the shape of the ring is volatile, Xiao Bian recommendations based on the appearance of the fingers of scientific control, and then by the personal favorite carefully selected, a phase of that one, usually the dream of the heart of love The

Rare diamonds – wedding rings

Diamonds are no doubt the protagonist of the wedding ring, because of its innocent, permanent, dignitaries, known as the best representative of love. Whether from South Africa or Belgium, 4C is the only measure of the value of diamonds. After careful selection, dedicated polished, diamonds in the light show unparalleled strange fire color. Bright glory to illuminate your beautiful face, as a love of the letter, also attracted other people envy. The history of many rich and beautiful diamonds, are legendary love endorsement, and belongs to you this one, is representative of his full love for you.

The ring because of its exclusive representation by the new welcome, they follow the unified planning concept, through the ring shape, the details of the different decoration to achieve a total of harmony and harmonious co-existence of the care. General male ring is more rigid and low, female ring is more soft and beautiful, two wearing a ring on the hand of each other traction, is not the world’s most beautiful picture, so many people envy.
What are the wedding rings?

Zoca – famous jewelery brand, in 2004, Zoca began in the jewelry retail industry legend. Zuo Kayi name from the famous Belgian jewelry design master Dirks ZOCAI, its life ecology, the soul of a high degree of focus on pure natural and artistic civilization between, and take this inspiration, hand painted 300 a year more than a variety of jewelry design And dedicated to every man who is dedicated to looking for eternal keepsake for love.

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) (Austria, 1895)

Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)

Tiffany & Co (1873 New York, USA)

Bvlgari (in 1884 in Italy)

Chow Tai Fook – established in 1929, China Famous Brand, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Limited.

Lao Fengxiang — was established in 1948, China Famous Brand, Large Jewelry Group, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd.

TSL – – 1971 Hong Kong, listed company, jewelry retail manufacturer, TSL Jewelery (International) Limited.

What is the meaning of the love of the Zoacai wedding ring?

Zuoai Yi [bright love] series of wedding rings, bright love, light this summer, luxury bright diamond ring, the entire ring by a main drill, 9 pairs of drill inlaid, seamless luxury shine. The face finally shows a diameter of 2.5 carats of diamonds, such as a carat diamond. And nine vice drill also carries the designer’s finest meaning: 9 in the oriental culture is eternal, is perfect, may love this love for a long time, willing to be lucky, beautiful long time. Side of the heart-shaped hollow design is very sweet and romantic. Smart chic.
Marriage to buy wedding rings is essential marriage marriage items, wedding rings are generally one to one, both men and women have a wedding ring is a lot of new year are very important to a wedding link, so the wedding ring Who should buy? Wedding ring by whom to buy this problem has not a standard answer, the following Zokai to come to reveal the mystery for you.
Many of the new people are about to enter the wedding hall are asking, wedding ring who should buy? Should the man or the woman buy it? This is a lot of girls feel very puzzled question, in fact, normal, each other is better, but many times, because want to surprise each other, new people often buy a pair of their own wedding ring, and then give each other one. In fact, as long as two people love, who is not important to buy, it is important to see what you want to buy the style of the ring as a wedding ring, you can consider the custom wedding ring.

If you are customizable, you can customize the unique personality, you never worry about your wedding ring and others will be “Zhuangshan”, do not worry about your ring is just a ring, nothing new. Because you can choose your own style, and even their own design engraved with your name and oath, it is only two of you love the secret, where I recommend to you Zoacai wedding ring custom.

The man married to the woman, must be generous, after all, the girl is to follow you for a lifetime, the girl’s life to you, and what you are not satisfied, so the wedding ring must be purchased by the man, and the choice of wedding ring The boy must send out the mind, to express your heartfelt heart, to express your commitment to love, the style is not necessarily how fine, but must have a representative meaning, you can give her a surprise, to buy or custom, of course, I love to choose to buy.
Wedding ring by whom to buy

Wedding ring who to buy, in general, is the man to the woman to buy, because the future should always wear, so be sure to both sides like the wedding ring, so it is best to buy together. Some place is the man to the woman to draw money, and let the woman to buy. So these are not specified anything, it is best based on their own circumstances or local customs may be.

Wedding ring by whom to buy? General in the choice, is the election on the ring, men and women each one is purchased by the man himself, and some places the woman received the men’s engagement ring, the rebate of the man’s ring, , Is not stable and not play well. In fact, the normal, each other is better, but many times, because want to surprise each other, new people often buy a pair of their own wedding ring, and then give each other one.

Marriage wedding ring in general are paid by the man, two people to buy together. Of course, some people will simply buy from the man or the two bought each other to each other. As for what wedding wedding to buy, where to buy should be determined by your consultation, after all, everyone like the diamond ring brand and style are not the same, so you want to buy or according to personal budget to pick your own favorite Ring it

Okay wedding ring is good?

Zuo Kayi [engraved kiss] series ring is the city emotional drama “we get married” drama star models, beauty refers to the gorgeous jewelry, reflecting the colorful gorgeous fire color, with the eternal nature of diamonds set off women’s Allure The You are like a shiny diamond, firmly embedded in the embankment of my years. The world of hot love for the Zuo Kayi provides endless source of soul, and constantly inspire the ingenuity of jewelry design, “a kissing affection, Ming Bone Heart” is Zuo Kayi kiss on the sentiment, and thus create a ” Engraved kiss “series diamond ring.

2013 Zokai and the famous director Liu Jiang, CCTV, Hunan TV strong combination, to create urban emotional drama “Let’s get married,” this section is the hero of the play really to the actress Yang Tao marry diamond ring, he is by virtue of this diamond ring Smooth hold the beauty of the return. This diamond ring is definitely worth the heart of her, luxury classic at the same time for the star limited section, to know that love is so unique it is not it?

What is the meaning of the ceramic bracelet?

What is the meaning of the ceramic bracelet?
Modern ceramic jewelry design has an independent visual arts language, with a self-contained modeling methods and special forms of expression. Due to the special nature of ceramic materials, ceramic jewelry design is mainly the surface and body design, in the face and body to do “article”. But now a lot of ceramic jewelry on the market is very Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica popular, such as ceramic bracelet is one of them, why ceramic bracelet so popular, ceramic bracelet what meaning it?
1, ceramic bracelet jewelry handmade and decals craft, this jewelry has a collection of value, more personalized, refined, integrated fashion, pop, creative, handmade tradition of original culture. Ceramic bracelet jewelry, is its innovative personality, so that the employment of the population more young, diversified, fashion and internationalization.

2, ceramic bracelet tiles can be decals, tiles can also hand-painted flowers and birds and insects fish landscape, coupled with the international popular blue and white elements into one, there is culture, art, fashion sense. Porcelain clay can also be kneaded into a variety of modeling, or open mold production of personalized jewelry, very unique.

3, ceramic bracelet is a new cultural and creative – ceramic jewelry is making rapid development. Its emergence, breaking the Chinese jewelry has been stuck in the original limitations of the traditional raw materials, creating a meaningful image of the art of meaning, to meet the different personality of the modern jewelry of a variety of aesthetic needs. This is a major change in the ceramic industry, but also the development of ceramic sublimation.

4, the spirit of modern art advocates the independence of the inner personality and the external form of publicity, ceramic jewelry and traditional jewelry compared to a difference is the inner spirit and the external form of unity expression, focusing on the creation of individual original value and Self-worth experience. Ceramic materials have a strong plasticity, giving designers a vast creative space. Ceramic jewelry surface intentionally or unintentionally left a variety of texture effects, the need for artistic ideas and performance skills, is a kind of personality with the spirit of spiritual labor results.
Wear ceramic bracelet on behalf of the meaning

First, the ceramic bracelet, the main is the ceramic-based, and the ceramic is not fade, we do not have to worry about worn when the body is not good, on the other hand, the ceramic production process is also a number of skills, It can be said that a ceramic bracelet production process, although no porcelain so complicated, but also after many people working hard to become a variety of styles, become beautiful.

Second, the use of ceramic bracelet raw materials are soft pottery, fine look at the bracelet on the porcelain luster flicker, moist jade, bright pure, rich sense of color, coloring bright, like precious stones jade, wins amber agate, the pattern is more common By the welcome of the rose, Clover, flowers, etc., very sweet style. Put it not only to reflect the unique temperament can also reflect the same good skin, you can wear their own, but also can be used as a gift for people.

Third, the bracelet in the ice under the background of the glaze, making beads like a gem-like luster, ye like a crack, it is not the case, because the above decoration is smooth and mellow ice crack glaze effect pattern, gives a unique The beauty and charm. Plus the master of the knitting master, but also highlights the color of the national wind, passing the wearer’s good taste, and this can be used as a couple bracelet wear.

Fourth, the ceramic bracelet is a blue and white bracelet, handmade DIY hand-woven. “Chain” with “love”, in the process of weaving from the handmakers who are the most sincere blessing – “hope to protect your life with love”, porcelain blue and white ink, elegant and noble, meaning love between the respect, Expressed the hands of the hand, with the old age of vision.

What is the taboo of the open bracelet?

1, when the bath must be put down, wrapped with a clean cloth placed in a dry place.

2, for the damaged bracelet has been damaged, and can not be worn, you can wrap it with a small red cloth, home for God or sent to the monastery, but do not casually discarded. Equal to lose their own good fortune.

3, if it is accidentally lost, and that in the end Buddha Buddha will not blame it? A lot of friends this is worried, afraid of the. In fact, there are many times, the body of holy goods Ming Ming lost, it is likely to give us a disaster.

4, many friends will be concerned about a problem, open bracelet it can and watch, or other items at the same time wear it? There is no doubt that it is possible.

5, friends wear light bracelet, we must pay attention to their own wearing a light jewelry can not give away. And then pro-friends can not, so that their fortune sent out. Buddha beads are spiritual.

6, opened the jewelry can be cleaned? The answer is yes, we love to talk hygienically wrong? Do you have the heart to let the Buddha Buddha stained it? Wooden open items are not suitable for water cleaning, the other can be clean with a small toothbrush dipped in water.

7, open the bracelet do not get dirty things, such as: nose, oil, mist and so on. Do not leave the toilet where the dirty places do not bring. It is not good to stain the light. This is a taboo ah
What is the meaning of small walnut bracelet

Meaning a: peach nuclear carving since ancient times is regarded as a good thing, and the same as the mahogany, can evade evil, the children wear frightened, disaster relief, the elderly can wear longevity. Taomu, nuclear carving is the eyes of the holy things, bless the people of the family thriving, peaceful generation.

Meaning two: small walnut bracelet meaning harmony, and the United States and the United States, and said the walnut in the process of wearing will become very red, very bright. People like walnut for the auspicious things, nuclear word homophonic “and (together)” is a symbol of family happiness four seasons, ancient “walnut products placed at home can be gods town house, auspicious good luck, good fortune,” said.

Meaning three: small walnut bracelet meaning harmony, and the United States and the United States, and said the walnut in the process of wearing will become very red, very bright.

Meaning four: sweet continuation of traditional cultural customs, with a symbol of festive, auspicious red rope for the lead, attached to a peach single, with the traditional Chinese knot knitting techniques, meaning peace;

Meaning five: the end of the use of two crystal beads, meaning everything in pairs, everything wishful, carefully compiled with “belt with peace” bracelet.

Meaning six: small walnut bracelet meaning harmony, and the United States and the United States, and said the walnut in the process of wearing will become very red, very bright.
Wear small walnut bracelet on behalf of the meaning

One by one: Yiyun, Sanskrit Eka-rasa-skandha free translation, by the Department of the Department of the establishment of a blind since the continuation of the subtle sense of the theme to return, that its by, think, line, And was turned into a blind.

Two: the number of reconciliation.

Three: refers to the three treasures, Sambo refers to the Buddha.

Four: refers to the four edge, the old translation said the cause of the second margin. Margin edge. The new translation said the cause of the edge and so on. Margin.

Five: refers to the five by, people ride. Days by. Sound by. Edge of the ride.

Six: refers to six doors, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, meaning six also called six.

Seven: refers to the seven wonderful law, but also for the seven law. Seven knowledge. Seven good. And know the law. Know. Know when. Contentment. Knowledge from.

Eight: refers to eight, eight right way also.

Nine: refers to the ninth world, the past. The future now with three, together for the nine.

Ten: refers to ten Lee, refers to scattered in all the various in the ten benefits.

Benefits and effects of walnut bracelets

In the tradition of China, commonly known as ‘a peach blossom, a nuclear town of evil,’ said, it is exorcism to avoid the fierce expulsion of evil spirits sweeping the disease, can be evil spirits known as peace and health of the things. Records: mountain peach kernel with Shujinhuoxue blood pressure lowering blood lipid effect, cure all the table evil, should be five internal organs qi, and three coke blood heat, sputum spleen and stomach and other medical effects.

Bracelet which brand is good 2017 world top ten bracelet brand list

Bracelet which brand is good 2017 world top ten bracelet brand list
Bracelet since ancient times is the most beautiful women on the wrist line, although now gradually replaced by bracelets, but the charm of the bracelet is still attracting countless people like it. What brand of bracelet is good? Here to introduce the 2017 world top ten bracelet brand list, we can refer to!

The world’s top ten bracelet brand list

2017 global top ten bracelet brand ranking NO.1: Cartier imitation Cartier love bracelet
Cartier (CartierSA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Is currently a subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group (CompagnieFinancièreRichemontSA). Is one of the most well-known, one of the oldest brands, while Cartier is also the most favorite brand of aristocratic stars. Whether it is a high-level jewelry or watch series, Cartier are in the excellent production process, expertise and unique style, passing the exclusive value of its own brand.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 2: Zoukai
Zoukai was born in 2004, jewelry O2O pioneer who mainly engaged in diamonds, colored gemstones, has always insisted on the happiness and hope into the product every detail, since the establishment of Zoukai won the “Global Network 30”, “Internet Top Ten pioneers “,” the most sincere network operators “, for 13 consecutive years, the first category of diamond sales and many other honors. 2013 began to vigorously develop offline stores, the country has more than 100 Zuo Kayi stores. Film and television drama “why the sun” in the sunshine necklace, “if the snail has love” snail series and other jewelry are Zuo Kay’s jewelry series.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list NO.3: Tiffany
Tiffany & Company (Tiffany & Co., NYSE: TIF) is an American jewelry and silver company founded in 1837. In 1853 Charles Tiffany mastered the company’s control, the company name is simplified as “Tiffany” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry for the business focus. Tiffany gradually established stores in major cities around the world. Tiffany has developed a set of its own precious stones, platinum standards, and adopted by the US government as the official standard. Today, Tiffany is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies. Its Tiffany Blue Gift Box (TiffanyBlueBox) has become a unique style of American fashion practice.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 4: Swarovski
Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski in Austria, is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, each year for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone, Today’s assets have reached $ 2 billion.

2017 global top ten bracelet brand list NO.5: ENZO
ENZO as a well-known international jewelry group – Lawrence Group (LORENZOGROUP)’s retail brand, just a few years, has been in China with hundreds of wholly-owned brand counters, become synonymous with Replica Cartier jewelry color jewelry, jewelry is also the preferred brand one. ENZO is highly appreciated by the jewelry industry, first of all from its pioneering in the field of colored gemstones. ENZO specializes in the appreciation, research and development of colored gemstones, and has made great efforts in technology, accumulated rich experience and unique experience, And the first in China’s jewelry market launched the “color treasure life” concept.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 6: Pusherati
The brand history of Buccellati is longer than that of many European countries. As early as 250 years ago, the name of Buccarati Jewelry (Buccellati) was active in Milan’s most famous “golden ornaments”, although the achievements and fame can not be compared with now, but Apennine strong cultural atmosphere and historical accumulation , Destined to the Pusi Rachel jewelry this Italian legendary jewelry family will be prominent for a while.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 7: Xia Lihao
Charriol (Charriol) is an internationally renowned watch, jewelry boutique design master, the art has a very deep feelings, so the art and culture and merchandise, he created the goods, the spread of his world’s top fashion Has always advocated the concept of “different life art”. The famous Celtic series of fine art, is derived from the ancient European Chelsea people art, so that the cable rope into the famous brand of Xiali Hao.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 8: Chow Sang Sang
Chow Sang Sang Group International Limited, known as “Chow Sang Sang” in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, known as the prominent gold jewelry business. Chow Sang Sang originated in 1934 in Guangzhou, China to carry out the same name gold line business. Founder of the name metaphor “week after year, endless,” including both his surname, but also expressed his blessing of the enterprise.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand list No. 9: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the jewelry company of the French Kering Group, 1858, only 28-year-old designer Boucheron set up his own brand, and in Paris, the most fashionable royal palace opened boutiques, designed a lot of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica precious jewelry, wrist Table and perfume. The 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the brand’s unique traditional connotation, become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

2017 the world’s top ten bracelet brand ranking NO.10: Van Cleef & Arpels
VanCleef & Arpels (VanCleef & Arpels) is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (VanCleef & Arpels) jewelry was born, VCA has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. From the true love story, in its 100 years of development history witnessed countless moving love legend, the Bridal marriage series because of the bright diamonds and superb craftsmanship ladies ladies ladies of all ages. From the Duke of Windsor’s Antiphe residence to Monaco Princess Grace Kelly’s grand wedding, everywhere you can see VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels to the hero to bring the noble and happiness.

Cartier bracelet price Cartier bracelet how much money

Cartier bracelet price Cartier bracelet how much money
Cartier bracelet style a lot, the price is also high and low, the basic are more than 30,000 yuan. Cartier bracelet changed the role of jewelry in fashion, it is no longer just clothes attachment, and can become Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica a bright spot alone. Cartier bracelet on the small screw, the achievements of the world’s jewelry in the history of a classic legend, over the years, so numerous celebrities dream, always follow! So, what are the factors that affect the price of Cartier bracelets?
1. Cartier bracelet style. Cartier bracelet some very luxurious atmosphere fashion novel style, designed very beautiful, from design to processing cost a lot of time and art cells to build success, the process is very complicated, the price is naturally much higher than the simple bracelet style. The more the new bracelet, the price will be higher than the old style

2, Cartier bracelet material. Cartier bracelet material is made of platinum material and 18K gold material, of which 18K gold material with the most, the same style, platinum bracelet prices inlaid with 18K gold inlaid price will be higher

3, Cartier bracelet with or without diamonds or precious stones. Cartier bracelet Some styles will be set with diamonds or precious stones, and some are very simple, only carving process, no mosaic of any diamonds or precious stones, which inlaid diamonds bracelet will be more than the price of inlaid diamonds, diamonds inlaid more bracelet The higher the price.

Cartier bracelet how much money

Cartier bracelet how much money? Cartier bracelet generally between 32800 to 1430000 yuan, depending on the specific style, material, diamond weight and so on. In 1914, the cheetah leaped into Cartier’s world for the first time and became one of the symbols of the brand. Louis? Cartier took the lead in the legend of the soul into the creative inspiration, and Louis’s partner Zhen Sangsan will cheetah creative play most vividly: bracelets, brooches, earrings, long necklaces, watches, cheetah everywhere Change the posture, proud of elegance, wild hard to tame! The following is a small series of parts of the Cartier bracelet price for your reference:

1, LOVE series bracelet yellow 18K gold screw design exquisite oval bracelet body distinctive elegant style bracelet 32800 yuan

2, Cartier Cartier LOVE series rose gold love bracelet B6035617 52069.00 yuan

3, Cartier diamond bracelet white 18K gold total of 61 diamonds total weight 3.34 carats Model: N6707917 177000 yuan

4, Cartier Juste un Clou series bracelet trumpet models yellow 18K gold models:: B6037817 49700 yuan

5, Cartier Panthère de Cartier bracelet 18K white gold inlaid 833 diamonds a total of 9 carats 1430000 yuan
Jade bracelet has always been one of the most important jewels in our Chinese culture. “Jade jade, the United States and jade Tiancheng”, jade bracelet of the concept of design are generally auspicious, love, pray for the theme, and the profound Chinese culture to make it rich and colorful, colorful.
What is the meaning of jade bracelet

The wonders of the design of the bracelet is generally auspicious, love, pray for the theme; wear it, people believe that you can have auspicious, safe, eternal, happy, rich and future ambitious, good fortune, And the profound Chinese culture is so rich and colorful, colorful.

Meaning two: jade bracelet is often a symbol of unity, harmony, elegance and feminine tenderness.

Meaning three: smooth rounded jade bracelet symbolizes the smooth life of the road wishful, safe and happy.

Meaning four: a pair of perfect ring jade bracelet, like a pair of lovers have a successful family and eternal happiness.

Meaning five: due to the role of friction skin and acupuncture points, the meridian blood and other skin have a variety of benefits, play a disease prevention and treatment effect, it will jade as amulet, is very useful.

Meaning six: emerald green symbol of happiness, indicates the loyalty of love.
Jade bracelet is undoubtedly the best interpretation of women’s traditional beauty and elegant and harmonious embodiment. Suitable for all groups, but need to pay attention to the following:

1, the best cook before the emerald jewelry off to take good. Cooking for cooking, not careful, jewelry will be rub rub, or be smoked, fish flavor pollution, and thus lose its perfect pure and beautiful. As a high-end items of jade jewelry, or careful care as well.

2, engaged in activities of large, dirty and tired of the movement, activities, labor, it is best to take off the first jade jewelry, so as not to stain the stains sweat the jewelry dirty, but also time-consuming cleaning.

3, jade jewelry afraid of high temperature, it can not be placed in the sun long exposure. The reason is: First, the temperature is too high will emerald appearance of the wax film drying evaporation, loss of moisture protection; Second, the internal structure of the emerald, color ions active heat free, easy, fade.

South Africa also has a “false” diamond identification division secret privacy

South Africa also has a “false” diamond identification division secret privacy
Currently in China, a large part of South Africa called diamonds from India and Israel; in South Africa, some from neighboring Zimbabwe and Namibia and other African countries.
South Africa Kimberley diamond pit is considered the world’s largest manpower to dig the pit, from 1866 to 1914, 50000 miners using shovels and other tools to dig, dig a total of 2722 kilograms of diamonds. At present, the South African government is trying to apply the Kimberley mine as a world cultural site.
South Africa’s diamond and gold reserves ranks first in the world. In addition to watching the grassland sunset, with lions, elephants, giraffes and other wild animals play, buy diamonds is a lot of tourists to South Africa will not miss the event. According to reports, due to the influx of Chinese tourists, in 2011, South African local diamond Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica prices rose 30%.
But this is not to say that you went to South Africa, you can buy a big and good and cheap diamonds, you have to know 4C standard (color color, clarity clarity, cut cut, carat carat) “Privacy”.
Living in South Africa for many years, diamond experts to give some advice on the purchase of diamonds, as well as South Africa and the domestic diamond market, some of the views may be able to bring you help.
The youngest diamond also has 70 million years old!
We all know that diamonds are actually carbon atoms by the high temperature and high pressure of the joint action, the result of the crystallization. But you know? Most diamonds are formed in more than 30 billion years ago, even the youngest to have 70 million years. Many diamonds are yellow in color, which is caused by residual nitrogen. In pure or white diamonds, nitrogen has been filtered for hundreds of millions of years, and this is why buyers love white diamonds.
Diamond ore “refuse” whites
As the original Dutch, British colonial state, at first the South African diamond mine and the whole stone market was monopolized by a small number of white giants. However, in 1994, after the establishment of the Mandala regime to create a new South Africa, vigorously promote the “black economic revitalization bill”, diamond certificate issued only to black or colored people. Whites want to engage in diamond ore trading, and black cooperation.
A lot of white diamond business so that the family fell, had to start looking for some Chinese cooperation. I know a white diamond business, the family had the Queen Elizabeth II designed lily of the brooch, and now have to sell their own family brand to the Chinese. The situation is also good white diamond dealers, generally in the castle building in the castle rent a small room, and then cooperate with the Chinese to open some visitors to visit the diamond processing plant.
South Africa also has “fake” diamonds
A rough stone, the maximum cut value, the rest was “waste”. And because the diamond is too precious, the waste is re-processed into a twentieth of the small drill.
Diamond dealers will buy the original diamond sent to the cutting plant processing, forming the guests see the bare drill. In South Africa, due to India, the Middle East and other countries to join the diamond business, this part of the profits are constantly compressed, from the original 10% to about 5%. But if the luck at the time of cutting, there is no loss, you can earn 20%.
The level of cutting the master determines the degree of fancy of a diamond. Diamond cutting technology is not a short time to practice out, due to the shortage of such talent in South Africa, the cost continues to increase, more and more South Africa, the original diamond was illegally sent to the low labor costs of India and Israel cutting, and then be illegally shipped back to South Africa Or other places to sell. For ordinary consumers, whether it is South Africa drilling, India drilling or drilling in Russia, after such a circulation, the so-called diamond origin naturally no way to know.
At the same time, due to the South African government is not supported by white diamond mining, not to encourage the policy, as well as South African diamond mining costs are too high, resulting in the recent decline in diamond production in recent years. So, some “flexible mind” people began to import diamonds from abroad, of course, this import is illegal. Currently in China, a large part of South Africa called diamonds from India and Israel; in South Africa, some from neighboring Zimbabwe and Namibia and other African countries.
Most of the diamonds are under the instrument “eight star eight arrows”
Diamond 58-side cutting is called standard cutting. Advertisers said the “eight star eight arrows”, but a business speculation, most of the diamonds in the cutting is not too bad circumstances, in a particular instrument can see the “eight eight arrows”, the only difference is its clear degree. The true sense of the “eight eight arrows” are data indicators. At present, in addition to the American Diamond Institute GIA certificate, other certificates are generally not marked whether it is “eight eight arrows”, GIA certificate only marked HEART & ARROW is the real “eight eight arrows.”
South Africa has the world’s only “ten stars and ten arrows” of the diamond company. “Ten stars and ten arrows,” the cutting of a total of 71 faces, the feeling will be 58 than the bright side of the shine. Due to the complexity of the cutting process, such diamonds are rare. “10 stars and ten arrows” in the diamond, in the color, clarity of the same circumstances, than the average diamond purchase price (line price) to your 15% to 20%.
Now the domestic popular GIA so-called 3EX cutting, but also a hype. The original world of other international certificates will only mark the cut, and polished and symmetrical is not marked. Now some international certificates, especially the more than 1 carat diamond began to be marked in detail. At present the same size of the industry, the same level of diamonds, if the cut is 3EX, then its price than the 3VG at least 10% to 15%. Consumers are often misled to buy 3EX diamonds, in fact, two diamonds together, non-professionals basically do not see the difference, but some of the domestic psychological satisfaction only. Which also makes more than 80% of the world’s 3EX diamonds are sold to China.
Specific cutting standards have specific indicators, each international identification of the standard is also slightly different, in the absence of the instrument is no way to measure. For the naked eye, can only rely on flicker to determine, but to use LED lights, Han diamonds are flashing, do not believe you can try.
Diamond maintenance recommended method:
Clean the liquid with a small bowl or cups containing warm water, in the water to adjust the amount of neutral detergent. Diamonds dipped in water, gently scrubbed with a toothbrush and then use a mesh sieve, in the tap under the rinse with warm water (the last with a soft cotton-free cloth can be dry.
Cold water immersion with a small bowl or cup, the right amount of water and home Ammonia water mixture, diamonds immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and then with a small brush, in the diamond around the gently scrub, and then waving in the water For a while, take it out with a paper towel.
Quick cleaning method to buy a bottle of brand-name jewelry cleaning fluid, together with the attached container, follow the instructions to wash the diamond.

Six reminders to help you buy handy diamonds

Six reminders to help you buy handy diamonds
A mention of the purchase of diamonds, many people will think of the first time, “four C”, and even a lot of senior customers will not hesitate to mention it. In fact, in addition to “four C”, there are many details worthy of our attention.
Buy six reminders of diamonds
1, buy diamonds as far as possible within the budget to buy the most favorable diamonds.

2, the purchase of diamonds from the knowledge of diamonds to start, refer to the relevant information, to the experienced advice, or select a few books and magazines related to the diamond Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica market.

3, buy a larger grain of high-quality diamonds, be sure to buy a certificate with a diamond certificate. The certificate of the company must be credible.

4, buy diamonds do not buy in the auction, because in the kind of excitement to stimulate the pressure, no time to think, often spend a higher cost to buy lower quality diamonds.

5, the purchase of diamonds to buy a reliable jeweler, the so-called reliable jeweler, is operating for many years the diamond businessman, a good reputation, a fixed shop, in the next five years, within ten years Can find his people.

6, buy diamonds as far as possible not to buy the unknown diamond.
Requires “white” (the specific color level is 96 colors, 95 colors, 94 colors, or in alphabetical order H, I, J) on it, do not have to “excellent white” (that is, color is 100 colors , 99 colors, 98 colors, 97 colors, according to the letters that followed by D, E, F, G) can not. The higher the color level, the more expensive the price

2. The clarity of the diamond

(V); micro-flaw level (VS); defect grade (SI); heavy defect level (P). Generally selected VS level (medium) on the line, if selected SI level, then the clarity is on the “side down” the.

3. Cut the diamond

Divided into 3, etc.: “very good”; “good”, “general”. Must choose “good” above, or diamond “fire color” (also known as “fire”) will be much worse.

4. The weight of the diamond

Generally 1 carat is divided into 100 points, used to 1 to 24 points known as the small drill, 25 – 99 points known as drilling, equal to and greater than 100 points, said the big drill. Choose a large score of diamonds, depending on their own preferences and economic conditions. In general, the bigger the diamond score is, the more expensive it is.

5. Diamond style

Generally choose “standard round diamond” who.
6. Diamond ring inlaid form

Is still mainly in the claw-based (often known as the “crown type”), there are 6 claws, 4 claws, 3 claws and other different forms, depending on their favorite choice. When you buy, please pay attention to see if the diamond caught up. Also note that the claws and diamonds close to the diamond there is no “injury” (referring to the processing sometimes forced to make a little bit of diamonds leaving a scar – fine cracks).

7. The material of the ring

Choose platinum for the good (Pt900 or Pt950, etc.). Palladium on the market (Pd900, Pd950, etc.). General palladium is not as bright as platinum (slightly darker), but the price is much cheaper.

8. Diamond invoice identification certificate

Do not forget to ask for a formal invoice (some also issued a quality guarantee), together with the identification certificate collection properly, so that in case of quality problems can be used as a guarantee of their own rights and interests.
Jewelery Care and Care
1, bogey and cosmetics placed together, the ring once stained with cosmetics, the glory will be weakened; especially diamonds, very easy to paste the grease of cosmetics, but also to be strictly separated in order to maintain the luster of jewelry.

2, bogey wear jewelry laundry, bath, pearl and other types of jewelry afraid of acidic substances, can not touch the detergent.

3, avoid chemical gases and pollute the environment. For example: Emerald avoid pesticides, other sprays.

4, avoid wearing exercise, dry and rough live. For example: sweat containing fatty acids, urea and other pearls have erosion, so there are “Lingnan Zhiling North wear,” said. North cold, sweat less, should wear.
5, bogey pieces of jewelry together For example: the highest hardness of the diamond will easily scratch other stones; so, after their own secret, sub-grid storage.

6, gold avoid mercury, gold can be mixed with mercury, produce mercury vapor alloy – amalgam.

7, bogey and drugs placed together, some drugs can be a chemical reaction to the jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.

8, boiled water pearls, turquoise stone, cat’s eye stone, coral, amber and other jewelry, these jewelry with water, such as with cleanser, water may lead to cracking.

9, bogey high temperature, and some gems are not high temperature, or dehydration and cracking, or discoloration. Such as cat’s eye afraid of high temperature. Jade above 55 ° will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose protection, reducing the gloss of the wax.

10, bogey violent shaking a lot of mosaic jewelry, although the base is designed to be very reliable, but the shock is not appropriate. And some work is knock beat, we must take off.
Platinum is a natural silver-white metal, more commonly used to produce high-end jewelry, the market common platinum diamond ring for the Pt950, which is 95% platinum, because the purity is too high platinum is relatively soft, need to join other Metal to improve its hardness. And 18K gold is 75% gold and other 25% of the metal (such as copper, nickel, silver, etc.) alloy, by adding different metals, K gold can have red, white, yellow three colors. 18K diamond ring and platinum diamond ring of different materials, the difference in purity is also great.
The difference in yield

Platinum is the world’s most rare precious metals, 35 times worse than gold, in the world, only a very small number of areas can be mining platinum, and the location is very concentrated, mainly produced in South Africa and Russia. Each year, only 88 tons of platinum is made into jewelry, while gold is 2700 tons. Production of an ounce (31.1 grams) of platinum, it takes 8 weeks to consume 10 tons of ore, and the production of the same amount of gold only 5 tons of ore. In addition, the number of platinum mines is less, with the ratio of gold ore 1 to 10.
Price difference

Diamond diamond ring and platinum diamond ring the most intuitive difference lies in their price. After all, 18K gold diamond ring material is gold and other metal alloy, the purity of gold is not high, and platinum diamond ring used in platinum purity of more than 95%, and platinum is so rare, which also caused the price of platinum higher than 18K gold.

How to evaluate the quality of diamond quality diamond evaluation criteria

How to evaluate the quality of diamond quality diamond evaluation criteria
The greater the weight of the diamond, not only the higher the price, but also the more precious itself. Generally taken to more than 100 karats of diamonds, it is necessary to report, published in the world, and some have become the world famous drill. Such as “Curry South”, “Nobility” and “Chang Lin Diamond” and so on.
Diamond “4C ” mainly refers to the evaluation of four factors Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica of diamond, they are color (color), blemishes (also known as cleanliness, clarity), cut (also known as Cut, Cut) and weight (Carart) Because the first letter of each word in English is “C”, so in the jewelry industry, commonly known as “4C”.

How to evaluate the quality of diamonds

(1) Color: color is very important to measure the quality of diamonds. As precious stones, diamonds are generally colorless (very white or whitening), or close to colorless (white), yellowish white, light yellowish white, light yellow and yellow five. In addition, with red, pink, blue and green diamonds, collectively known as Yan drilling, most of the rare treasures and was collected. In general, with black diamonds, can only be used in the industry when the abrasive.

The world’s diamond color division, there are two main systems. One set is the color grading system used in our country, this system will be very white as 100, 99 color; excellent white as 98,97 color, white as 96 color; yellowish (brown, gray) white as 95, Color yellow (brown, gray) white as 93,92 color; light yellow (brown, gray)

Color is set to 91, 90 color; yellow (brown, gray) color set to <90 color, generally <90 color level diamond is not precious stones. Another system is developed by the American Gemological Institute (GIA), the world’s vast majority of countries using the color grading system. It will be colorless diamonds as D, followed by close to colorless, and gradually to the light yellow evolution, the word

The parent is also starting from D for E, F, G, H … to Z. China’s 100 is equivalent to its D color; 99 is equivalent to its E color; 90 is equivalent to its N color.

(2) flaws (cleanliness): refers to the degree of diamonds inside and outside the inclusions, inclusions determine the level of diamond flaws. It is mainly based on diamonds in 10 times the magnifying glass to observe the results of the division, China’s diamond clarity is divided into microscopic flawless grade LC, very slightly flawed VVS, slightly flawed VS, defective SI and defective grade P And so on five grades. When viewing diamond flaws, pay attention to the size of the inclusions, the number of locations and colors. In general, the smaller the inclusions, the fewer the number, the less obvious the position, the lighter the color the better.

(3) Weight: The weight of the diamond is carat, I carat equal to 0.2 grams. The weight is usually measured with a precise diamond scale. The price of diamonds is of great importance to the size of the weight; the value of the diamonds is proportional to the square of the weight. For example, in 1978 in the northeastern part of Lesotho, Lethorat mine, found a weight 130.08 karats of colorless diamonds, valued at $ 1.15 million. While the same year in South Africa’s Prile Mill mine, found a weight of 353.9 carats of diamonds, and clean and flawed, named “the first rose” its value of 12 million US dollars. “The first rose” weighs 2.72 times the previous one, but the actual price is 10.4 times it is due to the “first rose” quality is particularly good reason.

(4) cut (cut type): refers to the proportion of diamond cutting. Good cut is according to the standard ratio of cutting, the main processing into a standard round diamond type (or ideal type). This kind of cut diamonds, its “fire” is the best. If not according to the standard proportion of cutting. Cut out of the diamond “fire” bad, diamonds can not shine, seem not bright, “dull”, of course, its value is low. Standard round diamond cut, a total of 57 or 58 faces. 0.25 carat below the small drill, the bottom often no small surface, so only 57 faces, and 0.5 carats above the diamonds. The bottom has a small surface, so there are 58 face.

In short, the diamond “4C” is the main basis for evaluating the quality of diamonds, in the evaluation of the need to be considered, not just one and not the other.
Diamonds are different in size, different shapes, radiant, which is the common characteristics of diamonds, but also imitation drill with the characteristics of a lot of people in the collection of diamonds, happy mood has not received the news of the diamond fake People marvel, in the investment of something precious things at the same time, but also bear the risk of investment.
What are the main types of diamonds?

According to the production of diamonds, diamonds can be divided into:

What are the main varieties of diamonds

(1) the original diamond: produced in kimberlite and potassium magnesium porphyry in the original diamond.

(2) secondary drilling: produced in a variety of sand in the diamond.

(3) synthetic drill: synthetic diamond.

(4) artificial drilling: artificial with other raw materials imitation of diamonds.
What kind of diamond is good?
Differentiated diamonds are mainly based on the color, flaws and properties of diamonds.

According to the color of diamonds, diamonds can be divided into pure rhinestones and Yan drilling. The so-called net diamond, refers to colorless transparent diamonds. Yan drilling is distinguished according to its color, such as red, is called red diamond; green, blue, golden yellow, are known as green diamond, blue diamond and diamond.

According to the number of diamonds contained in diamonds, diamonds can be divided into the following levels (also known as clarity level):

(1) mirror flawless grade LC

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the inside and outside of the diamond are flawless.

(2) very slightly flawed VVS

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has a very small flaws, according to 10 times the magnifying glass to observe the very small degree of difficulty, but also broken down into VVS1 and VVS2 level.

(3) slightly flawed VS

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has a small flaw, and then observe the degree of difficulty of small flaws, but also broken down into VS1 and VS2 level.

(4) Defective SI

Under the magnifying glass 10 times, the diamond has obvious flaws, and then observe the degree of difficulty of these flaws, can be divided into SI1 and SI2 level.

(5) heavy defect level P

From the diamond crown observation, the naked eye can be seen as defective P level, and then according to the degree of obvious defects (divided into obvious, very obvious and very obvious) is divided into P1, P2 and P3 level.
Gemstone raw materials, can be used to process pondering into precious stones, entirely depends on the gemstone raw materials in all aspects of the conditions can not meet the requirements of modern technology processing. To sum up, technical processing requirements are the following aspects:
(1) color: as a gem one of the necessary conditions, the color to be uniform and pure, bright and bright light better, otherwise the quality will be reduced, or even as a gem. For colorless gemstones, the same requirements are uniform, pure, without variegated, with or without blemishes.

(2) Transparency: Transparent or translucent, generally with high transparency. But for a special optical effect (such as cat’s eye effect, star effect, etc.) gem, even if opaque can.

(3) Hardness: as a gem to the hardness of the better. At present has been found in the finest of its Mohs hardness are more than 6, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold emerald and other precious stones Moore hardness are more than 8. In short, the general requirements of the stone material Moore hardness should be more than 4, a few with a special optical effect can be slightly reduced. Mohs hardness is very small, generally for the collection (or appreciate the gem), and difficult to make daily wear jewelry.
(4) weight and particle size: for the processing of pondering the need, generally require particle size greater than 5 mm, precious in more than 2 mm. For the weight of the gem, the general requirements of the weight greater than 7 karats, especially precious stones (such as diamonds, rubies, etc.) also require about 0.25 kt.

(5) special optical effects: for color, color, discoloration, star color and other special optical effects of mineral crystals, as long as the particle size is satisfied with the technical processing, can be used to make gems.

Gem processing process

First, the choice of materials: According to experience will be gem city raw materials sorting.

Second, the raw material processing: the selected raw materials through high temperature processing, the gem of raw materials, the color lighter or deepening.

Third, cutting: the irregular stone cut into the required shape and thick, thin.

Four, billet: the cut gem raw materials rough grinding into the required shape, sub-blue and green surface.

5, plastic surgery: the blue and green surface will play the rough blank trimmed into a regular shape and size.

Six, angle: the whole shape, size of the gem for fine processing, grinding a good scale, polished.

How about the diamond bird’s ring

How about the diamond bird’s ring
How is the diamond bird ring? Diamond bird founded 13 years, always adhere to the pursuit of excellence in diamond quality, excellence. In recent years has also introduced the world’s top cutting technology polished from the ultimate cutting “Northern Lights” round diamond series and has a patented cutting Fire Cushion (flame rose) pad drill series.

“Northern Lights” series of diamonds is the world’s most shining diamonds, only 0.15% of the diamonds can be crowned her name. Is currently the only one at the same time to have the world heavyweight Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica AGS certificate with GemEx certificate diamonds, to meet the ultimate requirements of the diamond you. Not only in the cut, polished and symmetrical to achieve three “Ideal” (0) cutting level, also has three “Very high” fire color rating.

Fire Cushion Cushion is designed to meet the cut-off standard of ordinary profiled drill, with 2EX to achieve true “bright cutting”, to achieve at least 95% of the fire color show, every Fire Cushion diamonds are cut in the United States , New York direct supply, with international cutting patent and bright fire color.

In order to allow users to have a better product experience, diamond birds not only for the domestic diamond lovers to provide the world’s top quality diamonds, but also to optimize the process to go beyond the same industry Seiko upgrade, making diamond ring outline and the original basic consistent , Focusing on strengthening the details of the arm and mosaic to optimize the treatment, so that sparkling diamonds more gorgeous bloom.

Diamond bird diamond ring price than shopping malls jewelry store a lot cheaper, and can choose their own diamond with the ring with the price is also more transparent.

Diamond is good or bad and the price of the brand is not related to it only with the diamond 4C. Diamond bird’s reputation is good, the same level of diamond and material diamond ornaments, they are different because of the brand’s reputation, the wool out of the body. The most important is the quality of diamonds, Xiao Bian suggested that you choose your favorite style And the level of bare stone, according to their own can bear the price, and then a few comparison, the most critical is to let them make the bare stone and jewelry out of the most authoritative certificate of NGTC.
How is the diamond bird ring? According to friends, the quality is no problem, but because compared with the brand, such as Chow Sang Sang, his profits as high as 2-3 times, so the price of diamond birds will be relatively lower. Because online bare diamond customization of the profits of the smaller, most of the electric business jewelry diamond prices will be much lower than the store. We can go to the official website of Zoukai look Oh.

For diamond products, if the diamond is large enough, whether it is Cartier or Tiffany, in fact, the brand value has become inadequate for the Road, even if the international brand, diamonds is the same, people just pursue a brand problem only. This consumption allows every part of the consumer to be determined according to the market price.
How much money is not only the price of the diamond ring, but also by the diamond ring color, clarity, cut the impact, so, but also according to your specific election Of the different diamond ring, in general, a carat diamond ring about the price of about 80,000 bar, you can choose according to their own preferences and budget.

A carat diamond ring its price ranging from ten thousand yuan to several hundred thousand dollars. Why the same diamond ring difference will be so big? First of all, the brand factors will affect the diamond ring prices, different brands of diamond ring price difference is very large. Most people are happy to buy a little better brand. Good brand ring not only has a good diamond good work there is a good moral.
Affect the price of diamond ring also has its weight, clarity, cut and color. Color to colorless the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. While the higher the weight of the ring the higher the price, 1 carat as a 100 points of the diamond ring scores, naturally have its more expensive price.

Jewelry diamonds are classified by level, that is, 4C standard, cut, quality, color, clarity, different levels of price difference is much, and his certificate, is the domestic certificate or international certificate, the most authoritative is GIA certificate comparison Real, domestic and IGI certificates have water, and some poor 2 levels, so the price is at least 30% difference, so 1 carat diamond by different levels of 20,000 to tens of thousands have.
Different purchase channels, the cost of the diamond itself must be different. If it is in the big shopping malls to buy, then a diamond ring must also include one of the expensive rental part, and if it is through the Internet directly to buy a carat diamond ring, then you can save the cost, the price is relatively high relative.
In the purchase of this level in more than 1 carat diamond diamonds, there must be a diamond identification certificate, only the certificate of the diamond can be assured to buy.

How much is a diamond a carat? The price of a carat diamond depends mainly on the diamond’s 4C, standard weight (CARATWEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT). Diamond Price = Weight + Color + Clarity + Cut. 1 carat, G-H color, SI1-2 level of clarity, 3EX cut, no fluorescence, no milk green situation, the normal market retail price of 4.5-5.5 million. Improve the color level, clarity, higher prices, expensive 15-20 million are normal. On the contrary, the indicators fell, the price is lower, more than 20,000 can also buy goods with poor carats. In the 1 carat diamond cost-effective, was undoubtedly Zoca. Zoakai is a famous diamond king, out of a lot of carat diamond large single, certificate readily available, completely trustworthy! Buy a diamond ring look for Zoacai
Diamond certificate, diamond grading report, diamond quality report, diamond-based diamond is a 4C standard, which is made by jewelers in a specific environment based on strict grading standards. Observe and detect diamonds to form a report.
According to the certificate number in the certificate issued by the official testing agency website for inquiries, and thus the existence of the diamond. Web sites are usually printed on the back of the certificate can also be found through the search engine.

See and buy the diamond girdle laser code and certificate is consistent. Waist edge laser code is equivalent to the diamond ID card number, is the only, in a birth printed on the waist. To compare the laser code, you need to use 10 times magnifying glass, diamond lights, diamond tables, etc., must also be invited to help professionals.

Look at the location of the flames and the location of the certificate is consistent. Professional certificate will be the diamond of each flaw are very clear, such as impurity content, fluorescence, color, etc., if they can not determine whether the flaws and certificates are consistent, but also to the city’s professional institutions for help.

Check the diamond certificate number on the official website and the laser mark on the certificate. When purchasing diamonds, you can also ask the merchant to assist in weighing the weight of the diamond to see if it is consistent with the diamond certificate.

Love jewelry diamond earrings price love jewelry diamond how much money

Love jewelry diamond earrings price love jewelry diamond how much money
User question: today in love jewelry to buy palladium 950 diamond earrings, gold weight 1.588 grams, stone weight 0.1ct, buy 2700 yuan, do you buy expensive?

Satisfied answer: shopping malls to buy the price will be slightly more expensive, but some of the protection, online to buy cheap but fish, not clear true and false. Diamond things are relatively Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica high profits, 2700 relatively speaking, can, as long as you like it.
Love jewelry diamond with the style of diamond earrings price

Guangdong Diamond Jewelry Love Secret Garden Diamond Earrings Flower 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings Seiko genuine ¥ 2288.00

Imperial One Jewelry 18K White Gold 30 Diamonds Stud Earrings Price: 1999 yuan

Guangdong Diamond 18K White Gold Inlay Diamond Earrings Earrings Flower Bud Flower Blossoming Love Gifts Premium ¥ 999.00
Comments: service attitude is good, timely delivery, express delivery to the force, worth buying.

Comments: to send the girlfriend she likes very flashing service attitude particularly good delivery soon logistics also to force

Comments: earrings very flash, very beautiful Oh, the price is high, and this is a good big ~ certificate is also online check, is genuine

Recommended style Guangdong diamond jewelry love secret garden diamond earrings flower 18K white gold diamond earrings Seiko genuine price 2000.00 – 2499.00

The main drill score: 10-19 points

Vice drill points: no drill

Shape: round

Diamond Clarity: 20 points below the non-grading

Color: I-J light white

Certificate Certification Mark: CMA CAL CNAS / CNAL

Ring hand: IJ color SI H color SI K gold color contact customer service

Certificate Certification Mark: CMA CAL CNAS / CNAL

After-sales service: re-check and then pay

Inlay method: single drill mosaic

Material: Gold / K gold inlay

Item: MMHY001

Brand: Guangdong drilling jewelry
Love Birds Diamond Earrings Price Love Birds 45 Points Diamond Earrings Earrings Price 6079 Specifications Main Stone Score: 40-49 points Stone Score: No Vice Diamond Style: Earrings Diamond Shape: Round Diamond Clarity: SI Diamond Color: H White Diamond Cut: VG / Very Good Diamond Certificate: GTC / Certificate of Warranty Certification: CMA / CAL / CNAS / CNAL After Sales Service: Counter Warranty / Shop Warranty / Other Guaranteed Diamond Mosaic: Single Drill.
Love bird diamond earrings how much money

Love Birds 44 Points Snowflakes Extinguished Diamond Earrings Earrings Earrings Lifetime ¥ 5069.0

Love bird 44 points snowflake oversized diamond earrings earrings earrings life the most similar goods ¥ 5069.0

Love bird PT950 platinum 1 carat effect 6 points a pair of fine diamond earrings earrings romantic snowflake Jingdong latest price: ¥ 1998.00
Evaluation: very satisfied with the customer service attitude is also very good, did not take the test, I believe it should be platinum 950

Evaluation: work is very fine, like, logistics soon.

Evaluation: style is very beautiful, fine workmanship, logistics to force, very satisfied

Recommended style love bird platinum gold PT950 30 minutes diamond earrings earrings Beijing price: ¥ 2199.00

Product Name: Love Bird Platinum PT950 30 points Diamond earrings earrings

Product Code: 1064655847

Shop: love bird jewelry

Gross Weight: 20.00g

Mosaic way: claw inlay

Material: Platinum Diamond

Weight: 30-49 points
Gabriel Diamond Earrings Price Gabriel Bejewel Red 18K Gold Natural Red Ruby Blue Emerald Diamond Earrings 18k Lucky Leopard Stud Earrings Price: ¥ 21490.00 Product Name: Gabriel Bejewel 618 Special Red 18K Gold Natural Red Treasure blue treasure emerald diamond earrings 18k Lucky Leopard earrings Product ID: 1150929190 Shop: Gabriel jewelry flagship store goods gross weight: 49.00g Place of Origin: Whether the mosaic: 18k Inlaid material: Ruby Certificate: NGTC
Gabriel diamond earrings how much money

Gabriel 2.54 carats natural pigeon blood red ruby earrings 18K gold diamond earrings can be customized ¥ 242880.00

Gabriel Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Earrings White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings Customizable ¥ 3688.20

Gabriel 4.74 Carat Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Earrings White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings ¥ 235180.00
Gabriel diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Comments: work is very fine, like, logistics soon, his wife liked it

Comments: You can also, is the price a little expensive

Comments: good quality, affordable, courteous service, there are small gifts, very satisfied

Recommended style Peregrine 2.54 carats natural pigeon blood red ruby earrings 18K gold diamond earrings can be customized

Gem type: ruby

Style: earrings

After-sales service: shop warranty mosaic

Material: K gold mosaic

Gem Certificate: International Certificate

Certificate Certification Mark: CNAS / CNAL

Brand: Gabriel

Item: BHECA0

Ring hand: earrings

Diamond bird 1 carat how much money diamond bird 1 carat price

Diamond bird 1 carat how much money _ diamond bird 1 carat price
Marriage must buy a diamond ring! What is the price of a carat diamond in 2014? 1 carat diamond ring Whether it is used to wear or collection are very worthwhile, working-class us, one or two months Cartier love bracelet replica of wages can be easily selected for their own diamond ring, for the price of 1 carat diamond, in addition to the well-known 4C, Of course, the brand, lot, and the seasonal factors, and now is the peak of marriage, to buy diamond ring, with festive festive atmosphere, all kinds of discount promotion everywhere, pro, must be optimistic about the trial satisfaction Start with Oh Of course, we can not because of the price of 1 carat diamond how high or low to determine how much you love each other Oh, after all, love is priceless thing
1 carat diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of diamonds, and the price of diamonds from the diamond “4C” standard to set, that is, weight (Carat), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut) and color ( Color.
“4C” in the domestic and international standards of identification, the price of diamonds should be very transparent, but a high-quality 1 carat diamond, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride’s ring finger, the price will increase Several times, below we look at the next one carat diamond ring how much money the main influencing factors, diamond 4c standard.
Is China’s earlier engaged in the promotion of diamond jewelry, processing and retail professional institutions, with sales network throughout the country, is also the leading well-known brands. Kimberley brand development so far, always based on the classic, creative constantly, through every diamond to convey the feeling of pleasure and happiness, bringing a unique diamond consumption experience and exquisite lifestyle attitude.
Has excellent quality and service Kimberly Diamond, with family services to build a platform for communication with customers, over the years is committed to leading the fashion trend, the current sales network and office throughout the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Canada and Belgium, franchise stores nearly 600 Home, all over China’s 30 provinces and cities, is one of China’s largest diamond retailers.
The birth of the ring dates back to more than 3,000 years ago, when there is no ring. By the rulers of Egypt there will be on behalf of the powerful seal at any time in the body of the habit, but also suspected to take in the hands of cumbersome, so some people think of a ring in a set, put it on the fingers. Over time, people found that men’s fingers on the small seal is very beautiful, so constantly improved, and evolved into a lady’s jewelry, which is the origin of the ring.

Wear a wedding ring correctly

Love you to the heart, willing to love for your love, wearing a ring is a stress. It is said that the left hand ring finger has a blood vessel directly connected with the heart, so the new couple must wear the wedding ring hand on each other’s left hand ring finger. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given Cartier love ring replica you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

There is a ring, when you wear it, no matter where you wear do not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative effect, you can wear any finger you want to wear.
The ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger. A small, simple tail ring, so that the hands of women inexplicably cute, generally on behalf of “I just want to single, please do not waste time to pursue me” means.

Wearing a relatively strong design of the ring, if you want a more personal style, you can consider the same with another material, the line is relatively simple ring on another finger. If the material properties of the ring can match with the watch, it is the best of the. For example, you wear a lovely flower ring, you can with a cortical gold box table. If you do not have too much to change the table or ring, may wish to consider wearing a ring hand and wrist watch hand staggered, do not let the two pieces of accessories in the same hand appears.
Wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

International is more popular wearing law is: the index finger — want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger — has been in love; ring finger — that has been engaged or married; little finger — said celibacy.
As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger wearing a ring when it makes sense, that is ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart.

In ancient times, the ring was not originally used as an ornament, but the concubines in the court each month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. In today, the ring has not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became a token of love. There is an international convention to wear a custom:

The ring is never worn on the thumb, the hands of the other fingers can be worn.

The ring worn on the index finger, said I have lover, want to get married and not yet married.
The ring is worn on the middle finger and says that I am looking for an object or are in love.

The ring is worn on the ring finger and says that I have been engaged or married.

The ring worn on the little finger, said I was determined to live Cartier nail bracelet replica alone, that is, I am not married for life or do not marry for life.

But in different places, wearing a ring of knowledge is not the same. Such as Italy, France and many other Europeans put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because they believe that the human fingers, only the middle finger of the blood is the same to the heart, the Secretary for feelings, known as the heart. Wedding rings only wear in this finger can only “heart and mind.” The British wedding ring worn on the left hand of the ring finger, while the Polish “heart refers to” is wearing a small finger on the left hand.

Although the above is a customary rule, not a legal provision, do not have to strictly abide by, but if you do not understand this common sense of wearing a ring, any casual wear, may make a joke.