Platinum style in early summer

Platinum style in early summer
All along, platinum represents elegance and temperament. Platinum female lead, not only has an independent spiritual space, more aware of this increasingly rich world, the rare things even more precious. The early summer, the taste of women with love preferred … …

This summer, platinum will become a new theme of fashion jewelry, bring a different feeling of cool, whether with casual wear or business wear, all seem so appropriate.

According to the release of the International Platinum Association, the spring and summer of 2003 platinum theme of popular jewelry is a necklace, earrings consisting of three pieces of water droplets, the design imitation Cartier love bracelet concept derived from the elegant understanding of water – water, pure eternal. This season’s water drop necklace in the design reflects the slender long pendant, the neck was small arc gently withhold, the female external indifferent calm and heart of the implicit firm perfect combination; earrings also used a long hanging Fall style, vaguely revealing the gentle water of women, the whole group with platinum elegant jewelry restrained luster, intellectual temperament revealed no doubt. The theme of the ring is also very creative, with a single ring with arc eight character ring, simple revealed in the delicate meaning, I believe that for a simple quality of life for women.

In the minimalist style, this season platinum jewelry also launched a water droplet as the design source for the banquet to wear necklace – two rings of platinum chain with layers of pendant drop-shaped pendant, delicate design sketch women rich Of the inner feelings, shine.

Splendor Dance Huaying is the soul of spring, the design of the season and ultimately, of course, these beautiful wizard. Designers learn the elements of flowers and plants, such as butterflies flying, flowers, etc., with a smooth line symbol of jumping life, flashing in the ear between the neck, showing irresistible elegant charm.
Crystal of the value and mystery because it is after thousands of years to grow up the natural ore, each person to buy crystal when they want to buy is authentic natural crystal.

Reporter interviewed the Shenzhen National Center for jewelry and jade testing engineers, he said: “At present, Shenzhen, the initiative to detect the true and false consumers of the crystal is not too much, every year,” 3.15 “may have a few cases, the detection fee is 50-100 We have made the crystal market supervision and spot checks, Shenzhen, there are some businesses to the phenomenon of glass posing as crystal, there are many complaints on this respect.Natural crystal and synthetic crystal in the value of the difference between the large domestic There are natural crystal origin, Brazil imported mostly amethyst.We distinguish between natural and synthetic crystal method is to look at its impurities, the general crystal is the growth of thousands of years, of which there must be some impurities.If too pure or bubble What, it is necessary to suspect that the synthesis of crystal or glass.

It is understood that the current Shenzhen does not require businesses must be attached to the quality of crystal products, the identification of the standard identification of jewelry are recommended, and some businesses will take the initiative to identify the quality of their products, but the crystal is low Products, generally do not have a large number of censorship situation.

According to Lan engineers, crystal can Wangcai, blessing, and so is saying that business promotions, there is no scientific recognition in this regard. But the crystal itself does have a medicinal function, in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” is also documented, crystal powder can be used as medicine, large pieces of crystal can be worn on the body calm down. As for the crystal radiation problem need not worry too much, most of the natural gemstones do not have this problem, but after testing can be easily detected.

Experts point out that the real crystal necklace with axis of light, vertical placed in the sun, can be released colorful luster, no matter from which point of view, are so, not fake. In addition, the real crystal necklace contact with the skin, giving a sense of cool, fake cooler feel lighter. From the purity point of view, the higher the purity of fake.
Where does the woman’s light come from? From her eyebrows, from her slim abundance, from her touch of the trend, or her aggressive? These are, but not completely. Because you missed the woman an important companion — jewelry.

For women of the times, jewelry should not be locked in the safe, but to show off their own charm of weapons; and today’s jewelry design, but also highlights the style of the times, from a more fashionable interpretation of the beauty of a woman.

Shining spar

Recently, people love the crystal and all kinds of colored gemstones particularly popular. Colored gem of cut a striking figure, also make each big jewelry brand have moves. Senior jewelry brand Po Manna Pomellato in this season’s necklaces, rings, earrings design to take a lot of colored stones, such as the Capri Cabri series, the choice of coral, loose green stone, black jade three opaque and deep rich Gem, with diamond-studded white K gold ring, but also to make the gem of the magnificent color stand out; another Nudo colorful series, in the colorful crystal display new ideas, amethyst, sky blue Palto Stone, yellow crystal, yellowish green Crystal ring ring, not only can be worn alone, but also multiple mashup, showing a variety of possible changes.

When it comes to crystal, you can not fail to mention the famous crystal brand Swarovski. In the new season, the new Swarovski jewelry series, through the feathers, fur, chemical fiber and other materials, coupled with cutting-edge technology made of colored crystal, depicting the “rich treasures” trend theme, emphasizing the warm surrounded Feeling, full of nature’s whim, to convey a unique sense of happiness. In addition, Swarovski also specifically for the Asian market launched the “ASIANLINE” series, with butterflies as the theme, using a variety of brightly colored crystal, portraying the dancing butterfly image, very elegant.

Wild pearls

Said a lot of valuable jewelry, it is time to cut prices. Then, talk about pearls. Maybe you will say, not mistaken, pearl is not cheap ah! Do not worry, here talking about pearls, does not mean the kind of precious natural pearls, but this season’s trend of hot goods — pearl chain!

In the season, with any clothing, pearl chain has the finishing touch of the magical effect, Variety play let you change again! To attend a wedding or a formal occasion to attend? Do not worry, just come up with a plain one-piece dress, plus a long pearl necklace around the neck a few laps, you can transform into a fashion “little lady”! If you are enough skinny, maybe you can wear clothing Audrey Hepburn taste Oh.

In addition to pearl necklace, pearl waist chain is also emerging fashion jewelry. It has a double string or single string and other styles, around the waist customs 10,000 kinds; long enough pearl chain obliquely draped over the body, with punk style clothing, do not have a flavor; play a woman’s creativity, the popular small bag with strap Into a pearl chain, suddenly let you look different, gathered everyone’s attention.

Platinum diamonds

In the bright jewelry world, the diamond has been the most popular. In view of this, all jewelry brands are constantly introducing new works, in order to seize the design of talent to seize the market. France’s top jewelry brand VanCleef & Arpels, recently launched a new creative jewelry rain raindrop series, in Japan caused by buying boom, creating the brand’s first sales record. Delicate diamond raindrop shape appearance, can be divided into pear-type drill, round drill, a unique slope installation design, creating a three-dimensional sense of raindrops and floating, fresh and interesting.

Speaking of the best diamond partners, in addition to women, the number of Platinum. Platinum pure and unique metallic luster, and diamonds eye-catching light, can be said to be seamless. Therefore, it created a platinum diamond ring, platinum diamond pendant and other products of hot. In the high-build jewelry gold line sale of the “incitement” series of single diamond platinum pendant, with a unique design and romantic ideas, it became a big hit.

Speaking of platinum diamond jewelry, exclusive sale by Chow Tai Fook “Yan mining” series is also worth recommending. The series of jewelry invited international famous jewelry designer Luo Qiyan design, high purity platinum inlaid exquisite diamonds, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc., simple and elegant design, style, unique, everywhere embodies the charm of modern women.

K gold style

In addition to noble and charming platinum diamonds, the recent hot in the jewelry industry, “K Gold Wave” is equally impressive. Compared with platinum, K gold jewelry not only to win the price, but also bright and elegant color, shape changeable, more suitable for the character of the changing fashion, so that when they sway in their own personality have more space. K gold is gold and other metal fusion alloy, according to the different gold content, K gold is divided into 18K, 14K and other specifications. At present, in the domestic K gold jewelry to the most popular 18K jewelry, while in foreign countries, as long as the style of fashion, chic, any number of K jewelry are the object of people chasing.

As the strength and flexibility of K gold is good, easy to shape, very expressive, which has been favored by jewelry designers, more delicate, more rich to convey the fashion information. In Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, the rich color of gold jewelry K become more fashionable, and some even more than the price of gold jewelry is even higher.

When buying K gold jewelry should pay attention to: look at the manufacturer code (or trademark), if it is diamond jewelry, but also a closer look at the diamond identification certificate; and hand touch welding, corners are smooth, uniform; Whether the chain buckle is firm, the elasticity of the spring is good and so on. K gold jewelry maintenance is equally important: dry physical labor or a bath, you should remove the jewelry, so as not to scratch; in order to maintain its luster, should always be wiped with flannel, expensive K gold jewelry is best regularly sent to the jewelry store cleaning

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