Quest Diamonds is the real value of the decoration or investment?

Quest Diamonds is the real value of the decoration or investment?
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Diamond, the most brutal tempered, the most natural beauty

People’s life span of just a hundred years, which makes us more long-term things longing. The formation of diamonds is in the depths of hundreds of kilometers underground geological layer by the original carbon heat, pressure melt crystallization, most of the original diamond ore attached to the mica peridotite, in the years ago by the crustal plate changes, volcanoes Eruption, with the magma ejected to the surface under the shallow, and ultimately found by human excavation. There is a saying, “In front of time, we are a passing guest,” while the diamond is the spokesman for time, apply the phrase saying, we can not occupy diamonds, but for future imitation Cartier love bracelet generations custody of it.

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The chemical composition of diamonds is carbon C element, of course, occasionally doped with other elements such as iron, chromium, magnesium and other thousands of minerals, commonly known as inclusions or impurities, the less the purity of the contents of the more no more defects. According to the literature records of diamonds was first discovered in India, the origin of diamonds found in South Africa, Congo, Angola, Russia and other 20 countries, especially concentrated in Africa. The mining process is very difficult and time-consuming, and production is scarce, mining mining every 100 tons of minerals can be found before and after the size of a carat of the original stone, we can see a good carat diamond is very expensive and rare. The quality of the original stone in each mine is different, but it is not particularly good or bad which mine, because the diamond crystallization process is exactly the same, even scientists are difficult to distinguish between different origin diamonds any difference.

Because of the expensive and rare diamonds, scientists try to maintain the pressure of about 6000 degrees, atmospheric pressure of about 1000 degrees, simulated diamond formation and then developed artificial diamonds, although the experiment has long been successful, but because of high R & D costs Higher than the cost of natural diamond mining), so there is still no mass production plan.


Investment diamond doorways

Since the financial crisis, we once again concerned about all the “appreciation” or even just “hedge” things, in addition to gold, silver and other precious metals, the diamond is also a lot of people keen to discuss the object. Because since 1934, the diamond price increase much higher than the inflation rate. Therefore, investment diamonds can protect the capital of investors from being eroded by inflation. Diamond prices in recent years, there is a healthy growth, while it is also the most intimate of personal wealth investment. Unlike other forms of investment, diamond investors have tangible assets that are held directly by themselves. During the investment period, he does not need to pay any custodial fees, property taxes, or any liability insurance is required. Of course, diamonds are also different from the general futures commodity investment, because no government will pile up diamond inventory, it will not control or affect the free trade of diamonds. Moreover, the international demand for diamonds is greater than the supply, so diamonds can easily be sold anywhere in the world.

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In ancient times, diamonds were used as a talisman to block evil demons. In modern times, investors can treat diamonds as part of their investments. Such assets, which are usually not geographically restrictive as securities, can be effective against political upheaval or inflation that threaten the accumulation of personal wealth. The natural material in the Earth less and less circumstances, the price of rare gems will naturally go up. But investors must also pay attention to one thing, diamonds are not a short-term investment vehicles, diamond prices will be ups and downs. Before entering this market, investors should have a general knowledge and understanding of the diamond market. It has the same buying and selling price as any valuable commodity. Just like buying a security, you buy it at a low price and then sell it at a high price. Furthermore, you can put such a different investment in your body, add other goods can not give you the added value.

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