Self-ming table which in addition to the three asked the table function the biggest difference

Strike (Strike), refers to those who do not have man-made control can automatically report the time and time, which can be divided into large large table (Grandstrike) and small small table (Small strike) two categories. Both can be in the clock to run to the “whole time” and “engraved” clock automatically sounded, but the small self-recording in the automatic Cartier love bracelet replica when the car is no longer repeat the whole timekeeping. As the name implies, the difference between the table and the question table is that the self- Combined with two questions, three asked function and self-Ming table works in the pocket watch era has appeared, which also includes a “mute” conversion device, so as to apply to different use of the environment. Because of the complex structure, manufacturing is not easy, so far made a large self-Ming table, but only Bulgari Jie Luo respect (formerly Jie Luo Zunda), Audemars Piguet, Philippe Dufour, FPJourne, Bulgari Daniel Roth (formerly Daniel Roth) and a few brands such as Frank Muller.

Self-ming table
Bulgari big questioning table
The difference between the table and the three questions:
Self-ming table, which in addition to the three asked the table function, the biggest difference is to automatically report time. Because it is more than a set of newspaper clockwork, but also select the newspaper when the moment, or punctual times or mute that is 15 points each, 30 minutes, 45 points it will automatically sound, to tell you now is a few Engraved, and some can only be engraved. Each punctuality will automatically report the same as the old fashion clock when the same time to knock a few times. When you always want to know the time as long as the light handle, it will report when the newspaper, newspaper, reported points, such as three asked the same table.
Three of the table issued by the sound of its very elegant and pleasant, and the tone is very easy to distinguish you, engraved, minutes, most of the double hammer structure, three hammer less seen, there are many Cartier love ring replica special hammer will report Similar to the London Westminster Temple Dapeng bell bell, there will be playing a wonderful melody music table.
In short, it will report the time, because it is a lot of about 300 pieces of components, sophisticated and complex, so it is much more difficult than the other table. Now the new question is expensive, millions are not surprising. Today’s antique pocket watch because of the small number of people to buy, so the price is low. Of course, the special, famous factory, the name of the pocket watch made by hundreds of thousands of people. But about one or two hundred thousand can also buy a complete product, the function of normal, the 1900’s 18k gold three asked pocket watch, to ensure value for money, in addition to preservation, collection, enjoyment can also be handed down from generation to generation.
The beauty of the watch, so that each table has its own charm in many ways, such as diamond, enamel painting, the introduction of new materials, different straps, etc., but the most direct or from its pointer to start, After all, to read the time is bound to focus on them. With the continuous development of watches, the progress is not just the structure of the movement, the designers also provide more “show time” way – big three-pin, small three-pin and standard pointer. Big three-pin, small three-pin and specification pointer

Big three-pin, small three-pin and specification pointer
Big three needles:
Hour, minute, second hand is there, and share a dot, which is the third needle. And we said that the three-pin watch, usually refers to those who only have the time indicator function of the basic table, up with the display calendar.
Big three needle looks the most common, no color, even without the scale can be more efficient and clear delivery time information, the three-pin This is a very efficient, effective and classic graphic information symbols.
Small three-pin:
Small three-pin is the time, the minute hand to share a dot, the other to the small seconds to establish a separate small disc, a separate display of the second hand running. That is, the original two-pin table based on the opening of a small window to the second hand to use. Small three-pin is also called short three-pin, two needle half.
Small three-pin more retro, some “instrument sense”, the dial is relatively large three-pin slightly complicated. From the history of the development of watches and clocks, the watch is evolved from the pocket watch, the second hand is designed in the watch on the four wheels, so the first appearance of the second hand is in the four round position, not in the axis, This is the small Cartier nail bracelet replica three-pin. Later, technological progress, and only a large three-pin.
Specification guidelines:
The specification of the pointer seems to be mentioned as the chances are not that big. Regulator, which means the regulator standard table, was originally born in the 18th century, designed for school watch school on other watches on the time of use. Its dial, minutes, the second hand according to one side, which can effectively avoid the coaxial pointer between the overlapping of the visual error caused, therefore, Regulator is also known as the specification pointer watch.
GMT is the standard time of the world where Greenwich is located. Now is not only the astronomer use of Greenwich time, that is, in the news and newspapers often appear on the term. We know that there are places around the time. If a major event on the international, with local time to record, will feel complicated and inconvenient. And the future is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, the astronomer to put forward a we can accept and easy to record method, that is, the local time of Greenwich as the standard.
GMT Standard Time:
Greenwich Mean Time refers to the standard time of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the suburbs of London, since the prime meridian is defined by the warp there through. In theory, the midday of the Greenwich Mean Time refers to the time when the sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian. Because the earth is moving unevenly in its elliptical orbit, this time may be 16 minutes from the actual sun. Earth’s daily rotation is somewhat irregular and slowing down slowly. So, GMT is no longer used as a standard time. Current Standard Time – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – provided by atomic clock. Since February 5, 1924, the Greenwich Observatory has distributed information to the world every hour.
As the Earth’s orbit is not circular, its speed and the distance between the Earth and the sun changes and change, so the lack of uniformity when the sun. The length of the sun day is also affected by the inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation relative to the track surface. In order to correct the above-mentioned inhomogeneity, astronomers calculate the effect of the non-circular trajectory of the earth and the tilt of the polar axis on the sun. When the sun is the sun when the revised sun. In the Greenwich meridian on the flat sun called the world (UT0), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Beijing time and GMT time relationship
GMT is the central time zone, Beijing in the East 8 District, a difference of 8 hours, so Beijing time = GMT time +8 hours