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Elegant round case made of stainless steel the drawing process

2004 first high-level watch Chiffre Rouge series now finally usher in complex features models. This new Chiffre Rouge C05 limited watch with real power when the Elite 682 automatic winding mechanical movement, with a small seconds, date and… Read More

Celebrities have been able to attract consumers at a simple price such as this year’s Hampton

For Richemont to attract consumers to technology brand, the movement is often the most respected by the experts, compared with other competitors, these movements are often more stable quality Cartier love bracelet replica, and can be on top… Read More

This watch is the brand and Jean Todt’s work team to work together to create a can feel the rapid

Swiss top watch brand Ruichi Maidi Richard Mille, with revolutionary tabulation technology, developed the most sophisticated Tourbillon watch well known in the world. Richard Mille, the founder of the brand named after himself, once said, “My goal is… Read More

Nixon was born early in order to ensure the uniqueness and originality of the product

Nixon watches to break the silence for a long time to show the wearer’s personality and withstand high stress environment of high-quality watch industry. Nixon focused on improving the quality of the watch, and began producing a small… Read More

Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary in addition to a simple look at the time

Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary, in addition to a simple look at the time, more importantly, reflects the men’s taste and demeanor. So choose a suitable for their own watch is very important! The following watch… Read More

Tungsten steel watch also has a high hardness is not easy to wear characteristics

Ceramic watches and tungsten steel watch which is good? These two materials are belong to the special material band. Some friends may be tangled in the two materials, do not know the election that. The following watch home… Read More

She devoted her life to the liberation of the body from the heavy confinement

Chanel launched a new treasure jewelry Flying Cloud series Flying Cloud: the breeze blowing, the reflection of the clouds passing the water … … nothing more than this picture more vividly expressed Gabriel Chanel life of the tireless… Read More

For the “love” coronation, I Do wedding jewelry lit pure love romance Tenderness like water, good period as a dream, heart to hand, four eyes staring at the moment, dazzling diamond ring is a good story of the… Read More

Ladies watch worn position lady watch the correct way to wear

Ladies watch worn position lady watch the correct way to wear Ladies watch wear what position? The watch worn on the left wrist, and face outward, the table down, which also belongs to the normal situation; there is… Read More

Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?

Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money? Smart watches we are no longer so strange, and under the call of Google, Samsung, LG, MOTO were launched the first Android Wear smart watch products. These… Read More