Talk on the ring engraved engraved engraved

Talk on the ring engraved engraved engraved
Rings are generally a symbol of love, whether it is to marry, engagement, marriage need ring, but the style of the ring there are a variety of points, and now most people will be engraved on the ring engraved with different engraved, under normal circumstances, most What is engraved on the ring? That this is different, these are based on the preferences of different people to set, may be sold in the store ring on the engraved text is rigid, and no people like the style, then you can according to their own Like in the ring engraved on what kind of things you like.
Counter on the ring
The ring is always loved by people of different strata, because it represents love, identity, status and the like, and the more known is the counter selling a wide variety of rings, counters are sold on the ring Manufacturers design and sell, it may have the number is limited, it may also be necessary when they can not find their favorite ring, the style of the ring on the counter also has a lot of features, but there is a limited style of this limitation Sex. Some people may like to love these words, some people may love Replica Cartier jewelry the surnames of the surname, some people may be engraved on behalf of their love words, and some people may carve some different patterns and the like.

The stalls on the stall

Of course, the ring is also a cheap and expensive distinction, although the ring on the ring may be novel style is expensive, but the stall is also a cheap ring, the style of novelty will not be lower than the counter on the ring, there may be better than Counter, there are many rings on the stall are engraved with some lovely or creative ring, they are not only cheap and good-looking.
Couple engraved

There are a lot of people will be engraved on their own body tattoo, it represents a certain meaning, and now a lot of people love the meaning of the ring, so businesses will be introduced from time to time new couple rings, in order to reduce a circle Ring monotonous, those designers will rack their brains to create a new pattern to the couple ring engraved with different lettering in order to obtain a large number of market demand.

May now have many ladies and men always engraved on the ring engraved with what is always some stagnation, it can be said to be more headaches one thing, after all, there are too many tricks can choose, it is also much easier to choose To complete the bad choice of choice, in fact, do not need to engraved on the ring engraved what is too tangled, as long as there are enough people on the other half enough people, because the ring is used to express the media, The most important thing is not the ring but the other half of the love, carefully engraved with their own things like engraved like.
With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the level of consumption has gradually increased, in addition to the necessities of life, those high-end durable goods is also an array of people’s lives, in the eyes of the public, may be white k gold, platinum, platinum only women Pronoun, and now, in addition to women like these substances, the men who also wear these things, this is a symbol of identity. These things in the counter more than the number of treasures, then how to distinguish between the distinction between white k gold, platinum, platinum ring difference?

What is white k gold

Some people hear the white k gold will certainly be the name of the thought is not white gold? But another thought that gold is gold, of course, in conflict with the previous idea, it is not true, white k gold its main component or gold, accounting for about 75 percent, and the reason for the name White k gold is because in addition to the main component of gold, but also joined the other metal after the surface of white, which also shows that the white gold is gold alloy, each alloy will be faded after a long time or yellowing, so consumers in the purchase Need to pay attention to the logo.

What is platinum

Platinum is already a lot of newly married men and women selected as a wedding ring meat and potatoes, the market is also filled with the counter, but the market platinum rings, necklaces, bracelets like jewelry almost confused people’s vision, Hot also caused many fake listing, then how to distinguish the true and false platinum? Platinum, is a natural white precious metal, only platinum can be called platinum, platinum purity can usually reach 95%, platinum, 2 billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit the earth, bringing this precious metal. Platinum in the history of mankind has an indelible significance, platinum has a natural white luster, this character will never change the eternal, but also the world’s best precious metals, the light has a lasting. Platinum and diamonds are an indispensable guardian of love.

What is platinum?

Many people only know gold and platinum silver and diamonds, very few people know that platinum, platinum is actually platinum, a silver-white precious metal elements, if not too clear it certainly do not know that platinum is silver, and here Platinum is not platinum, in ancient times, today’s platinum is known as silver, so there is a big difference with the platinum.

White k gold, platinum, platinum is generally not like the people who like to engage in confusion, always silly is not clear and in order to avoid being deceived in consumption, then you must figure out the difference between white k gold, platinum and platinum rings.

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