the jewelry investment set off another round of consumer boom

In recent years, jewelry investment collection has become more and more people a big financial channel. Which both wedding to buy diamond ring, daily jewelry accessories consumption, but also a considerable part of the public turned to enter the gold jewelry market. Recently, the reporter learned in the visit, although the jewelry investment set off another round of consumer boom, but because of the knowledge required in this field is strong, beginners often enter some consumption errors. In this regard, the industry warned that investment jewelry should improve the ability to appreciate and start practicing good eyesight.
Misunderstanding 1, South Africa, the best quality diamonds
According to industry insiders, in the jewelry industry, the market imitation Cartier love bracelet share of the highest share of diamonds. So, consumers in the purchase of diamonds, it should avoid what consumer misunderstanding it?
Insiders said that the consumption of diamonds, and now most people will buy a diamond ring wedding. If consumers want to avoid spending errors, we must first avoid the blind pursuit of high-purity, high-color diamonds. Some people buy diamonds must buy a high price, but in fact buy diamonds is more important is from the net degree, cut, color, weight and other factors into account, although the high price of diamond clarity grade is also good. Second, consumers always believe that only the South African diamond is the real diamond, in fact, the quality of diamonds has nothing to do with the origin, South Africa’s diamonds are good and bad.
Mistakes Second, the value of defective jewelry is not high
Many consumers believe that the flawed jewelry is the value of jewelry is not high, but the perfect jewelry is indeed very few consumers should be how to look at the mentality of flawed jewelry it?
The industry said that most consumers feel the perfect jewelry is the best, so when buying jewelry must find no impurities, no pattern, no crack, touch the jewelry touch. No doubt, such a gem is the best. However, jewelry is sometimes referred to as a “with regret” art, jewelry, most of the gems are inevitable defects, such as emeralds have cracks. Perfect jewelry can not be met, as long as the outside does not affect the beauty of jewelry and durability, can be accepted.
Mistakes Third, the origin of jewelry cheaper
In recent years, domestic and foreign tours in the trip to visit the purchase of jewelry has become a required course. Tourists often accidentally, will buy the synthetic or processed gems. So, in the origin of the purchase of jewelry is cheaper?
The industry said that now, more and more people travel, people travel to a place, always want to buy some souvenirs or souvenirs, but if things are too large to carry and inconvenient, so easy to carry, the value of high jewelry Seems to have become a good choice. To this end, some travel companies will take this to a variety of names, trying to pull into the jewelry, making jewelry more valuable. However, over the years, according to the testing agencies for the tourist places to buy jewelry true and false statistics: from tourism to buy jewelry to 85% are false.
The industry summarized in previous years, some cases, consumers deceived mainly in the following cases: buy jewelry is synthetic. Such as synthetic emeralds, natural rubies in all likelihood after the artificial filling ruby, and some places to deal with bleached plastic injection of b goods emerald jade goods as a natural sell; spend big price to buy a bargain. Buy jewelry is often the hands of the true value does not match; businesses in the purchase invoice on the hands and feet. Business sales in the name of the product did not write the whole, such as “jade bracelet” only write “bracelet”, which increased the difficulty of the latter consumer rights.
The key issue of tourism shopping is that consumers do not know the line, consumer rights can not be guaranteed. Travel companies or tourist spots are often done one-shot deal, because consumers return to travel to claim the cost is too high, and unfamiliar, it is difficult to recover success. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers based on local consumption, the purchase of goods have any doubts can immediately find the original business, the formal business certainly more than the tourist business to Kaopu much.
Today, the collection of popular, many families will jewelry as an investment tool. But because the jewelry investment threshold is not low, and sometimes spend a lot of money is not worth the price, but no appreciation potential at all. Therefore, only homework, in order to find real investment opportunities.
Recently, the reporter contacted the City Collection Association, Mr. Cao. According to Mr. Cao said he was fascinated from the collection in 2005, also paid a lot of school fees during the period, willing to share some of their own experience to you, hope collection enthusiasts can get some useful things.
Beginning into the collection sector, Mr. Cao heard the jade stone gambling things, always want to try one. Once, he went to see Changsha jewelry exhibition, see the sale of jade original stone stalls, could not help but bet on a back. He spent more than 3,000 yuan to buy a 5 kg weight of the original stone, all the way back to Jiaozuo. Come back, Mr. Cao got tools to open a stone, carefully ground for several days before the basic peel skin finished. The results showed that the stone is basically no floating green, there are a lot of crack, no value.
After this setback, Mr. Cao understand the importance of learning, often read some books on the collection, but also and the circle of people to learn a lot of knowledge. After a period of time, Mr. Cao feel that they have some ability to improve identification, but often in the river to go, or inevitably “wet shoes.” Once, he went to visit the jewelery market in Jiangsu, suddenly found a stall selling amber in the original stone. Cao moved the heart, ask the price is not expensive, it squatted on the ground picked up. Mr. Cao know that the identification of amber can be used to burn, smell the smell of turpentine. So with the lighter burned, and sure enough to smell the rich turpentine taste, he felt that this can not be wrong, so the money to buy a lot.
Back to Jiaozuo, he intends to ask people to do some jewelry with amber, the results of a master to get sandpaper polished to find the situation wrong. The powder is glued to the hands, Mr. Cao was aware that those “original stone” is actually made with rosin, so there is also the smell of rosin with fire, he said: “Since then I do not easily buy things , I think jewelry collection, or much less to buy.
The face of rapid growth of the collection market, Mr. Cao to remind you: collection of risk, investment need to be cautious. Want to collect the first of their own to understand the relevant knowledge, or really waiting to be cheated.
Mr. Cao said that many people who sell jewelry, the total love to fabricate their own goods to a legend, so to attract buyers in order to sell a high price. But must not listen to the seller to buy jewelry to tell the story. He was visiting the market will encounter a lot of “story” of the seller.
Once, Mr. Cao came to the small business jewelry market in Beijing wandering around in a booth, the seller took out a gem to tell him the story, saying that this is a rare gem, took a lot of twists and turns to buy, and open Out of a very high price. Mr. Cao was a bit hesitant, and ultimately did not pay. Later he learned that this stone is not expensive, but also very easy to find, the Internet will be able to buy.
Mr. Cao said that the sharp increase in the collection market in these two years, a lot of the price of gems turned somersault rise. But the jewelry collection is not all Ambilight, in order to achieve a satisfactory investment, be sure to do before homework, so as to ensure their investment income.

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