The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 and is now in charge of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Speaking of LEGO LEGO, it is difficult to think of together with the watch. And today’s watch home really want to introduce you to a Lego children’s watches, this as a fun let everyone know about it!
Lego children watch introduction
The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 and is now in charge of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson of founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. LEGO company’s development is full of legend, it is a humble little toy studio, experienced imitation Cartier love bracelet 70 years of hard work, developed into a giant, transnational toy empire, is one of the world’s four major toy companies.
In the design, LEGO watch with a combination of alarm clock and toys, an alarm clock distribution of a lego toys, racing, Star Wars characters, football world, underwater world. Female models are more equipped with a special design for the watch a variety of decorative items, so that the shape of the watch before the change; strap loading and unloading is free, each lattice as long as 90 degrees to the position, you can easily remove, and Distribution of two straps, you can freely handle and make different shapes of the strap. When the children wear, the strap is absolutely not unloading. In the dial, also with another bezel for replacement.
In terms of quality, LEGO alarm clock using imported Japanese movement, environmental safety and security of plastic, and strive to create a safe, creative, fun toys, watches and clocks.
Is the radar watch waterproof?
Radar watch is one of the Swiss watch, belong to the three types of tables. Excellent quality, craftsmanship! But many of my friends are concerned about the radar watch anti-waterproof? The following watch home to tell you!
Swiss radar table was born in 1917, when the main production watch movement. In 1957, the Swiss Rado table produced the first batch of watches named “Swiss Radar”. In 1962, the Swiss Rado table produced the world’s first batch of wearable watch – oval “diamond star” watch, for the future development of the Swiss radar table laid the foundation.
Radar watch waterproof? In fact, each radar watch in the back cover have to write, namely:
One, no waterproof radar watch (no back cover)
Second, anti-sweat radar table (SWEAT-RESISTANT)
Third, the general waterproof radar table (WATER-RESISTANT), 30 meters Replica Cartier jewelry waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR).
Radar watch waterproof performance mainly depends on the mirror, back cover, crown and other waterproof aprons, and the use of spiral crown, so as to achieve the appropriate waterproof standards.
On the radar watch waterproof performance: all marked waterproof radar watch, the minimum to withstand 2 atmospheric pressure, that is, 20 meters deep water does not enter the water, 30 meters waterproof radar that the watch can withstand 3 atmospheres, and so on. The premise of this standard is in the test time is in the laboratory conditions, the temperature maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and watches and water are static state, in this case if the watch can be waterproof, that is qualified.
How much is the price of the car?
CAINO (CAINO) brand of the target consumer groups are mainly located in the young fashion, sports and leisure, urban white-collar workers, for such people on the pursuit of fashion, Carnegie in the watch design and product style are ahead of the trend. The use of foreign imports movement, while ensuring accurate timing and has a stylish and generous appearance, by the majority of young consumers love.
CAINO (CAINO) is Hong Kong Yutailong watch group’s brand. Carion watches have three major series: constant moving series (STEADY), sweet series (SWEET), racing series (SPEED). Three series of each style, for the urban fashion crowd to create different occasions suitable for wearing watches.
How much money is the carnival watch?
Carnegie watch as a domestic watch brand, the price is very cheap. Generally 300 yuan – 5600 yuan can buy one. But as a small brand, workmanship and quality can not be compared with well-known brands!
Carnegie watch series
STEADY: STEADY series designed for urban white-collar workers is known for its mature, stable, refined and generous style. Let ‘s have a good grasp of every minute.
Sweet Series (SWEET): SWEET series designed for fashionable women has always been known for fashion, cute, rebellious, sexy style. In addition to the iconic function of earthquake and water, but also into the fashion elements filled with the design, by the trend of the people around the world favorable.
Racing Series (SPEED): designed for stylish men, stylish and generous appearance, precise timing and stopwatch function. To meet the needs of different consumers. Super earthquake waterproof function, whether in the basketball court, or in the swimming pool, you can enjoy the slapstick play, play water.
Breva Geneve launches a watch that can measure elevation
Brebel Geneve brand launched a predictable weather watch Genie 01, the brand once again shot, launched the Genie 02, it is used with the previous generation of technology similar, but this shows not the weather, but the elevation.
The watch surface has a pair of sealed metal membrane box pressure sensor, will be different with the elevation of the pressure changes caused by expansion or contraction, according to the watch can show accurate altitude position. The technology is not very complicated, but the watch is unique in finding an ideal metal that can accurately measure the current altitude. Of course, it is this special place, making this watch the price is so high.
The watch will only be limited to the sale of 55, priced at 132000 US dollars. This means that Genie02’s target consumer group may not be a mountaineering enthusiast, but is keen on the new design of the collector.

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