The world’s top jewelry master interpretation of 2007 platinum love story

The world’s top jewelry master interpretation of 2007 platinum love story
Love, she attracts all living beings, countless people for her dreams, eager to have.
Love, she is so strong, in our minds, thoughts and Cartier nail bracelet replica dreams branded deep traces.
Love, she persists for a long time, get the end of his life aftertaste this wonderful taste.
Love, she is pure, rare, eternal, like platinum.

If there is a theme, you can pass through time and space, break through the border language barrier, it must be love; if there is a metal can witness love, it must be platinum – she is pure, like love like impurities; she is rare, Find the only love; her eternal, such as true love vowed forever in the heart. So, no matter how the trend changes, platinum is always the world’s top jewelry masters of the darling, because it is natural rare, pure and eternal, to convey love between constant ancient invariable affection.

In 2007, the world’s top jewelry brands have launched wedding ring series, invariably with platinum interpretation of love theme, praising the world’s oldest and most aesthetic feelings.

Platinum single diamond ring, inlaid by the designer carefully designed
For more than 150 years, Boucheron has always praised the depths of love with platinum. In Boucheron’s latest platinum diamond engagement ring series, Boucheron uses pure platinum to divert the splendor of diamonds and enjoy the purity of love. One of the series of platinum rings with a unique four-jaw mosaic process, claws in the diamond under the intertwined, meaning the love of the intimate and love of the eternal, a diamond hidden under the secret of love. For Boucheron, platinum not only means rare, but also a symbol of happiness, marriage and eternal love.


Marryme Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring and Platinum Wedding Ring
Bulgari (Bulgari) has been to praise the love of platinum, witness the loyalty of marriage. Bulgari recently launched “Corona” platinum single diamond engagement ring, from the crown pattern to get inspiration, such as the royal wedding as noble and elegant. Ring Smart, elegant curve, full of unique fashion sense, at the same time have a nail and inlaid imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond ring two models. Bulgari another classic “Marryme” series of platinum ring design elegant, simple, platinum inlaid with a fine round diamonds, all made of platinum with three Marryme wedding ring, respectively, for the ring, inlaid five diamonds And pavé diamond ring, to pass eternal love.


Respectively, inlaid broken diamond, rose-shaped cut diamonds and pear-shaped cut pink pink sapphire platinum ring
Cartier (Cartier) love platinum, it is the first to use platinum jewelry jewelry jewelry one of the jewelry. Today, Cartier is still widely introduced exquisite platinum jewelry, continuation of its superb technology in the incomparable reputation. Cartier created in platinum, launched a new platinum engagement and wedding ring series, fully embodies the classic and modern perfect combination. Such as “LOVE” platinum series of men and women wedding ring, with its unique and unique screw pattern (in the 1970s in New York creation), singing the eternal love of love, become the best way to express love and loyalty love “amulet”.

De Beers

Platinum wedding ring, which women’s platinum wedding ring inlaid with three diamonds
De Beers (de Beers) to natural pure platinum with diamonds made of fine jewelry, to commemorate the beauty of life moments. De Beers launched the latest platinum single diamond engagement ring “Forever Two”, platinum unique soft curve ring diamonds, diabasing diamonds bright brilliance. Design pure, elegant, simple, “Forever Two” perfectly embodies the deep meaning of love. This year, De Beers has also designed a special platinum wedding ring series for happy newcomers, one of which is symbolized by three diamonds in the past, present and future, meaning very, love stretches.


Platinum single diamond ring, ring pen with diamonds
All along, the precious platinum engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love. Gucci’s latest engagement and wedding ring with pure, durable platinum, with a unique square or round design, highlighting the central dazzling bright diamonds. The series includes a single diamond ring or pearl ring style, become lovers love love keepsake.

Harry Winston

Inlaid Pillow Diamonds Diamond Platinum Rings, Rings Pavé Diamond
Has a Harry Winston (Harry Winston) platinum engagement ring, which imitation Cartier love bracelet means with the legendary team. As a great jeweler, Harry Winston wrote a number of romance stories so far in more than 100 years. Harry Winston in the well-known craftsmen’s careful cutting and mosaic, the introduction of the famous “Love Madly” series, called the real masterpiece of art.


Pavé Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Platinum Ring
Famous Italian designer Giovanna Broggian selected platinum with pearls, for the Mikimoto (Mu Mu) exclusive creation of the latest platinum series of jewelry, with its innovative style and elegant style for the world attention. Platinum not only preserved the pearl of the original gorgeous and complete, but also highlights the pearl’s unique shape and color, so that each pearl in the jewelry have become the focus of everyone. Mikimoto with its perfect handicrafts, so pure, eternal, rare platinum and pearl each other, exudes unusual elegance. Love is unexpected, once met, is a lifetime commitment.


Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Piaget (Earl) the latest “Possession” series of platinum rings, the two platinum and diamond ring made of one, the interpretation of never forget the eternal love story. In the natural white platinum background, the diamond released a dazzling light. “Possession” contains four kinds of platinum produced by the style: respectively, simple models, a single diamond section, a symbol of luck for the seven diamond models, and a symbol of love eternal row of models.

Tiffany & Co.

“Lucida” Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring
Tiffany (Tiffany) favored platinum and diamond with the perfect match, the achievements of the top platinum engagement diamond ring. It was founded in 1886 the famous six claw inlaid platinum ring, on behalf of the superb craftsmanship, but also a symbol of the beauty of love, is still the world’s most famous ring style one. Tiffany continues to use the classic six-claw mosaic process, the latest launch in the style and design of the modern masterpiece of the Lucida ring. Once launched, its elegant, charming appearance captures the hearts of women around the world. Platinum soft silhouette reflects the light of a square diamond, highlighting the natural brilliance of diamonds. This blessing with Tiffany blessing of the marriage, which to the everlasting.

Van Cleef & Arpels

“Grace” platinum ring, the center set in a single diamond, both sides of the dense diamond
All along, Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) has always been its classic platinum jewelry crowned diamond’s supreme charm, interpretation of love pure, eternal and rare. Van Cleef & Arpels excellent craftsmanship and fine traditions, for the wearer to bring a dream into a moment of obsession. In the latest wedding ring series of Van Cleef & Arpels, “Grace” platinum ring with modern spirit interpretation of the classic fashion; engraved with “Vendôme” platinum ring simple atmosphere but yet considerate; “Snowflake” platinum diamond ring is drawn from Inspiration of nature, with platinum inlaid diamond formation lingering trend, symbol of the eternal combination of marriage. In addition, “Eternity” platinum diamond wedding ring design sophisticated, simple, pass the love of perfection and purity.

Ten of the world’s top jewelry brand, ten love story, but are described the same love quality: pure, rare, eternal, like platinum. Let the platinum bless you, witness the vow of love

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