These are the same as those on the other packing details of the Seiko watch

Japan Seiko SEIKO has the world’s top mechanical technology and crystal technology, in the superb manufacturing process, SEIKO Seiko watch extraordinary performance. The market’s counterfeit precision watches also show more and more fine level. So how to distinguish the true and false watches?
Seiko watches how to distinguish between true and false
First, check the back of the serial number and model.
The 6-digit serial number on the back of the Seiko watch imitation Cartier love bracelet represents the date of manufacture. In 1970 before the serial number is 7 digits, in addition, there are some limited edition of the Seiko table will have a number of signs, such as 80/200, meaning the limited edition of 200 only the first 80.
Seiko table of the movement number and model in the table below the dash with the place. Such as 7T92-OKEO, the first four representatives of the movement number, after the four representative models. These are the same as those on the other packing details of the Seiko watch. In addition, pay attention to all the lettering on the back of the table is clear and neat, evenly arranged.
Second, check the front panel of Seiko watches.
The bottom of the dial 6 o’clock position and the table is exactly the same after the movement number and model, inconsistent is false. Carefully look at the middle of the middle finger pointer watch signs, etc., pay attention to identify SEIKO and other fonts are correct, below the letter is correctly linked together. How the subtle places are very likely to be false.
Third, check the manual watch manual and warranty.
Check the manual table of the use of manual printing is fine and bright colors, the above models and models corresponding to the model. Because there are many false watch instructions are copied, color and printing accuracy will decline.
The new Seiko watch with quality assurance. Quality assurance may vary by style and country, but note that the above print quality must be of high quality, but it can not be ruled out that some false forms have a genuine quality certificate.
Rosini watches with excellent personality design, excellent quality, excellent performance, in the watch industry has enjoyed a high reputation, the brand has been recommended for the professional one of the brands. The market is also a lot of fake Rosini watches. So, how to identify Rossini watches true and false?
Rossini watches how to distinguish between true and false
1, view the watch on the body
Normal watch on the article should be gently turn. Turn the head of Replica Cartier jewelry the article, the first feel more loose, gradually more tight, when it can not be followed by turning the head, which is full, the watch can work properly. If the rotation of the head when the article, the occurrence of abnormal noise, indicating that the watch in addition to failure.
2, see the brand logo
Genuine Rossini watch Logo for the super laser steel seal, clearly visible, fine craft; the other hand imitation goods, low-end low-quality, blank no Logo.
3, check the watch appearance parts
Watch the appearance is mainly from the shell, table mirror, dial and time on the clock to indicate the number of seconds and other aspects of the pointer. The case is complete without scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell with a good no loosening; two watch ring and the case of the distance, the installation of the hole should be in the case of the foot of the position, Appropriate, so that the table ring is not easy to peel.
4, check the table dial needle institutions
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation evenly. Inspection should focus on check the wheel and the central wheel friction with the tightness. In the dial, if there is no loose or tight feeling, indicating the sub-wheel friction normal and refueling amount, on the contrary, dial machine parts are faulty.
Young, sexy, brave adventure is GUESS watch the same spirit. GUESS watches for the global longing for vitality, the pursuit of fashionable young consumers and designed, so strongly favored by young men and women. But the market is still a lot of counterfeit Giles watches, the following watch home to tell you how to identify the GUESS watch true and false!
GUESS watch how to distinguish between true and false
1. Observe the appearance of Guess watch
Where the original watches, especially men’s watches, should be printed on the back cover of many letters, indicating Guess watch name, production country, all steel or semi-steel waterproof watch, anti-magnetic watch, shock watch or shock Guess watches (see the back of the common watch appearance of the English alphabet mark), and engraved with a watch brand dedicated trademark logo. In addition, there are some figures, used to indicate the Guess watch the number and shell number. Counterfeit watches on the back of the carved with some of the patterns and letters are very rough fuzzy, unknown shell number and movement number.
2.Guess watch dial
Counterfeit watches on the dial, although printed letters that movement, to SHOCKPROOF letters to indicate the shock table, but this type of Guess watches usually have more flaws and defects on the dial, such as Guess watch dialed in the wrong, sub-line blurred, Plate or trademark letter, the pattern is not tight on the dial, the disk has more scratches, discoloration and night point off, etc., and the night point are added to the inside of the word in the disc, the night point is larger and uneven , There are watches and night out the night and the pointer on the night point of color inconsistencies. Some calendar days, weeks of counterfeit watches have such characteristics: from the calendar window looks like, the calendar dial outside the tilt back, or calendar dial is plastic quality. Weekly dial is marked in Chinese (except the Japanese table) or the right side of the day with the English word, the left with the number.
3. Watch the Guess watch head
The trademark or letter mark of the counterfeit watch is blurred or printed with 100% W ~ P words, and the steel Guess watch uses a semi-steel head.