This watch is the brand and Jean Todt’s work team to work together to create a can feel the rapid

Swiss top watch brand Ruichi Maidi Richard Mille, with revolutionary tabulation technology, developed the most sophisticated Tourbillon watch well known in the world. Richard Mille, the founder of the brand named after himself, once said, “My goal is to produce a Formula 1 of the watch industry.” Until the end of 2005, nine Richard Mille watches were available.
Richard Middie Richard Mille watch introduction
Richard Mille from the design concept, watch the material imitation Cartier love bracelet to the table each part of the appearance and performance, and Formula One racing precision design has a very close relationship. Watch the shock absorber inspiration and function selection keys are inspired by the car. Watch function selection key is Richard Mille original technology, it is like the car’s gear, with winding, timing and neutral three files Bit, which reduces the impact of the winding or the timing of the movement on the movement.
Rui Chi Maidi Tourbillon Gravity Measurement Watch
Richard Middie Richard Mille watch introduction
This watch is the brand and Jean Todt’s work team to work together to create a can feel the rapid deceleration of the human body to withstand the physical strength of the watch, in order to promptly remind the driver, so that they have a risk for driving Guard against. Using the classic brand of barrel-shaped case, equipped with RM036 tourbillon movement, the movement from the five titanium and ARCAP alloy to build, the board made of nano-carbon fiber, the combination of these materials for the movement to bring the best Tolerance and flatness.
Richard Middie Richard Mille watch introduction
In addition, the different parts on the movement to polish, shot peening and satin processing and other different ways to create a beautiful pattern contrast, the application of different materials to the limit. This self-winding movement has hour and minute display as well as small seconds, and adds an unprecedented complex function G-Sensor mechanical gravity measurement.
Switzerland AESOP Aisuo watches have the advantages of the intersection of Chinese and Western fashion art heritage, to attract a lot of brand new prime, coupled with years of technology research and development Replica Cartier jewelry and precision manufacturing strength, walk in the forefront of network brand watches. Together with the film star “Yu Rongguang” endorsement, brand monopoly, chain operations, is committed to 10 years to build China and world-class high-end watch brand.
AESOP Aiso watch brand introduction
Aesco AESOP table product quality in full compliance with national standards GB / T6044-2005 “pointer quartz watch national watch quality supervision and inspection center eligibility criteria, the use of a full set of Swiss testing equipment, fully enclosed dustproof anti-static workshop, automated assembly line control product quality, Safeguarding the interests of consumers and the reputation of the Aesop trademark.
AESOP Aiso watch brand introduction
Aesop watches maintenance and maintenance
1, please do not watch and magnetic objects close to each other.
2, in case of water phenomenon (with air) should be immediately sent to the maintenance point cleaning, so as to avoid movement rust.
3, if the back of the table with a protective sheet or labeled with the label, please be exposed before use, otherwise the sweat will penetrate the bottom of the paper, resulting in rust on the back of the table.
4, do not touch the watch a variety of solvents and various types of chemicals, or watch straps will be due to erosion and discoloration, corrosion.
5, watch (quartz watch only) at room temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C range can be stable and accurate operation, the temperature exceeds 50 ° C will lead to battery leakage or shorten the battery life. Do not leave the watch for a long time in the low temperature -10 ° C environment, because the cold air will lead to slow or go fast time, when the watch back to normal temperature, running back to normal.
6, the watch according to the waterproof performance can be divided into diving table, waterproof table and no waterproof table. Watch waterproof is to rely on table glass, back cover, table and other waterproof aprons to achieve the corresponding standards, divided into different levels.
AESOP Aiso watch brand introduction
7. Aesop watches can reach not less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household chores. 100 meters above the professional waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Aiso watch movement maintenance
Quartz watch: When the battery is exhausted and the watch stops, should be sent to repair shop as soon as possible to check, to avoid the battery does not have long left in the table lead to damage to the movement.
Mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch to rely on the swing of the arm and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing. When the mechanical watch is not used, it is best to hit the clock once a month to prevent the table oil coagulation.