Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?

Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?
Smart watches we are no longer so strange, and under the call of Google, Samsung, LG, MOTO were launched the first Android Wear smart watch products. These three equipped with Google Google Android Wear system, which is a good watch? Price is how much money? Here we introduce for you!
LG G Watch
Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?
In many ways, LG’s G Watch is a template for Android Wear. This smart watch uses a low-key stainless steel body and square display, and not much fresh features and patterns. But this can not be seen imitation Cartier love bracelet as a disadvantage – if you do not want to swagger, this is suitable for your smart watch. And LG G Watch battery capacity is greater than the same period listed Gear Live (400mAh vs 300mAh), so the former battery life should also be more excellent.
But this smart watch also has some worry about the place. In addition to the lack of design, LG G Watch and Gear Live lower than the screen resolution (280×280), body thicker (10mm), the price is higher ($ 229). If you only care about the simple numbers, then this device allows you to spend more money to buy less things. Taking into account the LG’s competitors are not announced the specific life time, we have no way to know G Watch 36 hours of life in the competition which is high or low.
Samsung Gear Live
Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?
In terms of design, Gear Live between the flat G Watch and gorgeous Moto 360, it is more slim than LG’s products (8.9mm), the screen resolution is higher (320×320), appearance and more fashionable. But if you value the fitness function, it is only the choice of this device. Like Gear 2, this device is equipped with a heart rate sensor that allows the user to understand the load of his body during exercise. From the price of $ 200 point of view, Gear Live may still be the cheapest choice.
But we still do not understand this device in terms of life performance. Samsung claims that Gear Live can stick to “all day” use, but does not provide a specific time. However, from a variety of factors, this device Replica Cartier jewelry may be better than the other two battery life.
Motorola Moto 360
Three Google Google Android Wear system watch comparison, how much money?
Moto 360 has always been the most talked about Android Wear device, which is also a good reason. Round display and luxury materials make Moto 360 become the most beautiful Android Wear device, it is still among the three devices most like ordinary watches.
But different from the other two products, Moto 360 to wait until later this year will be listed on the sale, we understand this device is also very limited. Motorola is still reluctant to disclose Moto 360 in the life, performance, price and storage space information. However, the news that the price of this device is 249 US dollars or more, large-size display may also be very power. If you do not want to take risks because of fashion, we recommend that everyone in the summer after more information published after the plan.
KENNETH COLE KENNES KORLE watch how much money
KENNETH COLE KENNES KOOR was founded in 1982, the New York brand, initially based on leather shoes series, concise style of the brand image by the pink family and nowadays young men and women of all ages. Then KENNETH COLE Keenes Kohler watch how much money it?
KENNETH COLE KENISCO KORE watch has a very comfortable sense of wearing and its high-quality brand image, once born to quickly occupied the fashion trend in Europe and the United States, and even the Asian regional fashion circles, but also by this simple naturalism popular With
In the watch market in a beautiful KENNETH COLE Kainis Kohler watch prices in the 1600 yuan – 50000 yuan between!

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