Unique elegant tasting Tissot T-GOLD series rose gold moon phase watch

Tissot T-GOLD series of watches, advocating nostalgic elements at the same time, keep pace with the times, for the mature people to create this retro and new watch series. In the Tissot T-GOLD series, there are exquisite complex design also has valuable material use, at the same time, in some watches, also uses a handsome transparent table back cover to show the watch dazzling mechanical movement. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot T-GOLD series unique ingenuity, elegant and charming rose gold imitation Cartier love bracelet moon phase watch, the official model: T905.638.76.032.00.

Unique elegant tasting Tissot T-GOLD series rose gold moon phase watch

This watch style simple, simple design but with new ideas, watch the use of the central time points and Arabic numerals indicate the time, clear and easy to read; six o’clock position of the moon phase display and small seconds for the watch to add an elegant Smart, and The power reserve at ten o’clock showed a different effort.

This watch to 18k rose gold to create a diameter of 42.44 mm, 14.2 mm thick round case, equipped with power reserve 46 hours of automatic mechanical movement, with dark brown belt and pinclips, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Watch generous case side trimmed rose gold to create the crown, crown to pit pattern modification, easy to grasp the adjustment time, the top imprinted Tissot logo “T”.

Watch with dark brown leather strap and case with style, retro style; strap texture clear, brown stitch sewing, cutting reasonable, linked to rose gold clasp.

Watch case made of 18k rose gold, 14.2 mm in the thickness of the watch are more generous Replica Cartier jewelry, polished polished, smooth and rounded, shiny bright. Case and the bottom of the table, more three-dimensional sense.

Folding buckle
Watch the folding clasp opening and closing convenient, easy to wear and reliable and easy to fall off. Clasp after polished polished, smooth and rounded, above the imprinted Tissot logo “T”.

White dial center has a beautiful and beautiful decorative decoration, and the outer ring to form a clear contrast. Dial on the set of Arabic numerals when the standard, the use of small three-pin design instructions time, small seconds and elegant moon phase display is located at 6 o’clock position, and at 10 o’clock position dynamic reserve display.

Moon phase
Located in the dial six o’clock position of the expected display elegant Smart, you can display the day the moon phase situation, the middle of the placement of small seconds, the outer ring with a second scale.

Power reserve
The power reserve at the 10 o’clock position of the watch dial shows fan-shaped design, pointer and scale indicating the power reserve of the watch.

Watch ear design unique, beautiful and delicate, small ears cute. Lugs and case integrated connection, double ear to ensure that the strap and the case link more solid.

Table bottom
Watch the bottom of the table can be used to see the back of the movement of the bottom of the table, the bottom of the crystal glass to the bottom of the movement at a glance. Watch the internal frequency of 21,600 times / hour, power reserve 46 hours of automatic mechanical movement.

Summary: the moon since ancient times to carry people’s thoughts and hopes, but also poetic and romantic incarnation, and this Tissot watch will be included in the variable disk, mysterious and elegant. This piece of Tissot Art Series watch to the beautiful lines to the performance of the brand extraordinary temperament, 18K rose gold material and the use of very poetic features, all showing a unique design style, the Tissot excellent watchmaking process show Most vividly.

And a lot of features or structure of the same name, “true seconds” the origin of the name, but also to take the appearance, according to the second hand of the watch one second jump action. At this point, it seems that the language is interlinked. In the professional foreign language books, the word “true seconds” will also be represented by “Jumping Second” or “True Beat”. I do not know why, such a seem useless, but have to pay more price to buy the function, but now gradually hot up. Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory, the original watch money, but also in the sale soon, they were told that the spot has been very tense.

Jaeger Geophysical Observatory series

Since the previously mentioned Jaeger-LeCoultre, from the Jaeger-LeCou started talking about it Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1880 has been out of a large complex jump seconds pocket watch, which in the previous article has been introduced, the brand itself is specifically for the movement of origin, so the movement of the complex functions, Deep technology accumulation. This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a total of two jump seconds watch: a series of geophysical observatory series “real seconds” watch, another for the geophysical Observatory series of world time watch. In the movement, it is a new R & D 770 movement and 772 movement (world time), equipped with jump seconds components and Gyrolab balance wheel (Jaeger-LeCoultre), but also automatic movement. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre before the product line development trend, this series may then increase the monthly function of the table.
Jacques de Grande Seconde series

To outstanding craftsmanship, mechanical dolls known for Jacques De Luo, this year is also surprisingly released a limited edition of 88 Grande Seconde series of automatic watch. The founder of Jacques De Luo through his outstanding mechanical design production skills, has long been made to make a jump seconds structure, and this dedicated to the European royal family. This year, the brand for this special research and development of a new movement, the jump seconds this complex function again show again. Watch with a representative of the brand of excellent technology enamel enamel disk, 18K gold case, built-in 2695SMR movement, the movement of the use of silicon material balance wheel, 18K gold automatic tuo and date reverse jump structure.
Arnold & Son (Arnold) jump seconds family

TB Tiger
In recent years, Jarno this brand gradually began to enter the majority of friends of the line of sight, whether it is complex function watch or basic models, have done very unique, the new mechanism of research and development more and more frequently. This year, Jarno launched a variety of advanced complex jump seconds watch, some people overwhelmed. Surprisingly, in the two main series of Arnold models, there are actually nine models and 2 sets of tables (each set of 3) are jump seconds watch style, far more than any one brand The jumper configuration, although do not know why Jarno will be so preferred to jump seconds, but each one has done very special, or the structure of sophisticated, or with complex functions, or echo the special process. This year mainly for the Golden Wheel, TBTE, constant power Tourbillon, DSTB, TB Tiger and so on.

Leroy Osmior Tourbillon watch

This is a mysterious watch, compared to most of the jump seconds watch, its mystery is simply amazing people. If you look from the surface, you can only see it most of the diamonds, rose gold and some other senior brands have some luxury side, even the back, it still uses the official cover, to its most rich inner hidden The However, when you open the official cover when you are deeply shocked, complex tourbillon, beautiful gear structure, sesame chain, power protection mechanism, these are the characteristics of the 19th century top complex pocket watch, until now, only There are a few brands have the strength to integrate these institutions into the watch. This comparison down, in fact it’s jump seconds, has become a foil.
Grönefeld one herz

Grönefeld is also a very small minority of the brand, good at doing some high-end complex watches, which PARALLAX Tourbillon watch has been GPHG 2014 Tourbill Award. And Jarnor coincides with, Grönefeld also very much like the jump seconds watch, the brand specifically for this set up a separate series, including ordinary models and special models (classic, hollow, the times three themes). Grönefeld once again released a One One watch this year, including titanium and rose gold two versions of the material, and its biggest feature is that the brand’s original jump seconds mechanism, the mechanism and travel system independent of each other, it will not affect Travel time accuracy. Because it has a separate large series, so the brand will also be called “the world’s first and only one with independent jump seconds function watch series.”
Angules U10 Tourbillon jump watch

From the whole appearance, Angules watch this feeling is weird, it should be said to be too long, it is because it has two windows, a display time, a place tourbillon. This watch design, on the one hand is the 30s of last century to 60 years of prestigious travel bell to pay tribute, on the other hand, its time window and Tourbillon display window design inspiration is from the early two TV screen The
Watch limited to 25, time-consuming 4 years production, built-in 90 hours dynamic storage A100 mechanical movement, with jump seconds, Tourbillon and dynamic display display.

Andreas Strehler eternal moon phase

Andreas Strehler, an imaginative and daring watchmaker, has also worked as a brand, and has worked with Henry Murray, Hai Rui Winston and other brands, produced a sophisticated mechanical watch. Earlier this year, Andreas Strehler based on last year’s release of the moon phase moon watch to make improvements, released a world surprised the eternal moon phase jump watch (more accurate should be called the eternal moon phase constant power second hand wrist table). In addition to the patented constant power jumper this complex structure, Andreas Strehler said its moon phase accuracy reached every 14 ‘189. 5383 years will be one day error, about 2.06 million years need to adjust, so he in this table The name of the back, plus the “2M”, and has entered the “Guinness Book of World Records.”
Dewitt Skeleton 2015 Only Watch watch

Dewitt is a world-renowned independent watchmaker brand, creative design concept and subversive mechanical structure, always amazing. Following this year’s brand launched the shocking DeWitt Twenty-Eight 8 Tourbillon Prestige watch, this year, the brand for the Only Watch exclusive to create another jump seconds watch, but also this feature second hand to do a separate transparent window for viewing The

See here, I believe the proprietors should not think that jump seconds (real seconds) is only a quartz watch pointer mechanical copy, but will not think that jump is a brand of additional useless features. Although the jump in the show is very simple, but its world, but rich to let us surprise the point. So, do not underestimate the mechanical watch that inch between the metal structure, not to the development of this industry for hundreds of years to conclusions.