Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary in addition to a simple look at the time

Watch the meaning of a man extraordinary, in addition to a simple look at the time, more importantly, reflects the men’s taste and demeanor. So choose a suitable for their own watch is very important! The following watch home to talk about men’s watch dial how much it!

All along, there is a huge debate on the size of the watch. Enthusiastic watch enthusiasts like to talk about what size they watch the best watch, and what watch size is “wrong”. In fact, there is no “wrong” watch size, only “not suitable” watch size.

Choose what watch size and personal style and taste imitation Cartier love bracelet related. If you want to be younger or more dynamic, then the larger size usually looks more appropriate. In addition, if you are well-dressed or more conservative, then the medium-sized watch can be given priority.

Recommended men do not take a small size of the watch, because men wear small size watch will look yin soft, or feel like wearing a child table.

Large and medium size watch the most suitable for standard dress. While the oversized watch worn on the wrist and too big.

The ideal is that the watch case and wrist almost the size, try not to exceed the edge of the wrist. Imagine your wrist is a plate, you are in the food, of course, do not want food to overflow. So, in the end watch to how big, this is a personal preference, but remember not to exceed the wrist.

If you want to buy a medium size watch, there is an unwritten rule, that is the watch case at least three quarters of the wrist. Otherwise, will make people feel feminine.

Sometimes, a relatively thick table will look wide, a thin table looks small. Most men think that watches with a diameter of 40-44 mm look good, because this size is large and medium size for them. If your wrist is small, then the 36mm table in some cases more suitable, but Xiao Bian personally think that please try to avoid the choice of 38 mm below the watch.

Watch now as an important jewelry, can highlight the wearer’s temperament and taste. But the table is too expensive, so that the average person is difficult to accept! The following watch home to talk about which brand of high cost performance!

Often hear people around said: good goods are not cheap, cheap no good goods. How much money will be able to get polished how fine things, but does not mean a piece of more than ten thousand yuan of Patek Replica Cartier jewelry Philippe travel time than a piece of 2000 Timels to be accurate, to be durable and stable, but in fact Tissot battery table than Patekar’s Mechanical to go more accurate is certainly; simple from the mechanical point of view, each brand has its own senior watchmaker to design, transformation, grinding those from the ETA into the blank movement, this process is a Kind of value, but also reflected in the quality of the watch.

Buy the table to be in line with the identity

If you are a company manager, and others talk business, a hand, a cheap domestic quartz watch, wow! Business may not do. Or you just squeeze the bus of the people, a hand, ROLEX! Do not care people will think you are stealing or wearing a fake charge. Accidentally bruised, had to feel bad for several months! So, the Chinese people to buy a table with two months of monthly salary just right. It is neither too bad nor consistent with your identity. Such as monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, buy a block of about 4,000 yuan on the table just fine. ZENITH features succinct, OMEGA’s butterfly fly with elegant features, super-walk is the road to complex performance, Breitling to fly the main time of the flight, etc., to be able to buy their own style, such as ROLEX to rough, rugged features, Different tables are suitable for people of different levels and different needs. To choose the table that suits your identity and environment.

Cost-effective watch brand recommended

On the vast number of consumers, I can say is that the United States, Tissot, Longines are good, but the skirt grade is slightly lower, Longines higher prices. If you like the Swiss mechanical watch, and tangled prices, then the United States may be more suitable for you. First of all it and Tissot, Longines are a group under the different brands only; Second, it is the main mechanical watch; third is affordable, cost-effective, white-collar workers more acceptable.