Watches can be bound at the same time the two parents of the phone number regardless of the child or parents

Wei Xiaobao’s predecessor is 360 children guards, from Zhou Hongyi in a time and beautiful technology Shao Guoguang chairman of the conversation, talking about the child’s security problems, see the community a lot of negative news (children lost), Zhou Hongyi expressed anxious Worried. It would be possible to design such a product, to provide positioning, remote monitoring and other functions to protect children’s safety. So the two sides reached a cooperation, by the beautiful technology is responsible for hardware design, 360 team responsible for software development, after several optimization, 360 children guards finally come out, the market response is very good.
Wei Xiaobao children’s smart watch how, okay? Wei Xiaobao children’s smart watch introduced
Wei Xiaobao children watches, is a child and parents Replica Cartier jewelry for the interaction between the design of hardware and software combination of intelligent products. Through the watch and supporting mobile phone APP connection, to achieve two-way call, intelligent positioning, a key SOS and other functions.
However, in the follow-up product improvement, Zhou Hongyi and Shao Guoguang had disagreement, Zhou Hongyi adhere to the positioning and monitoring functions, and Shao Guoguang that the current civilian GPS there is no small error, only the call function to better solve the parents and Children in emergency contact problems, direct calls to better protect the child’s safety. So Shao Guoguang with their years of experience in the communications industry, research and development to create a mobile phone brand positioning – Wei Xiaobao.
Practical function
Two-way call narrows the distance with the child
Watches can be bound at the same time the two parents of the phone number, regardless of the child or parents, can start anytime, anywhere calls, family interaction.
Family Directory Stranger Do not disturb
Can be in the baby Xiaobao APP family name book set 20 family number, non-family number can not dial the child phone, give the child a pure blue space.
Where the child is in one hand
Watch GPS + LBS dual-mode smart positioning, no matter where the child, parents can view the child’s location through the phone client.
Real-time trace cloud data is permanently saved
All the data uploaded to the “financial level” cloud server, can accurately imitation Cartier love bracelet identify the child’s trajectory, parents can get the child’s mobile robot APP trajectory, to understand the child’s behavior habits.
Emergency call for help
When the child encountered a dangerous situation, a key SOS sent information to the parents of mobile phone APP, the parents had to know, is to give children a more security.
600mAh battery capacity life more durable
To meet the needs of the actual 2-3 days of the child, gel polymer battery with no explosion, slow down the advantages of capacity, so that children use more safe and intimate.
Safe and environmentally friendly children to wear more at ease
Watch the radiation is basically zero, can be ignored, the use of silicone materials to meet China, the EU safety standards, parents do not need to worry about wearing safety issues.
There are many kinds of watch material, the market common watch material: stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten steel and so on. And today our protagonist is tungsten steel, the following and watch the home to see how tungsten steel watch, okay!
Tungsten steel watch with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness is better, heat, corrosion and a series of excellent performance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance.
Tungsten steel attributed to carbide, also known as tungsten and titanium alloy. Hardness can reach 89 ~ 95HRA, because of this, tungsten steel goods (common tungsten steel watch), with easy to wear, solid is not afraid of annealing, but the characteristics of crisp. So tungsten steel strap also has a fear of throwing, it is difficult to find accessories defects.
Tungsten steel is another space ceramic after another for the masses of buyers to seek high-tech goods, it is used to break the machine within the aerospace technology, now converted to civilian. In fact, tungsten steel is very much so that consumers like the local, this information and the usual watch with the information is not the same, its hardness close to natural diamonds, easy to wear, brightness, such as mirror, never fade, and can accept mechanical shock The strengths.
Tips: wear the best not to touch the strong acid for a long time, strong alkali material to adhere to the outstanding luster, the use of the process, do not scratch with a solid material to avoid damage to the appearance of the watch.