What about Guess watch? Guess watches okay? Wuxi Guess watch how?

What about Guess watch? Guess watches okay? Wuxi Guess watch how?
Guess brand profile
Founded in 1981, GUESS (Gelses), originally started from the cowboy, bent on the American-style Marciano four brothers, from the south of France came to this free paradise, but ran into the recession of the US apparel industry, but, They first launched the “Monroe” tight jeans are sold out overnight, so GUESS brand was formally established. GUESS is the famous American clothing brand. GUESS products, including men and women fashion, children’s wear, swimwear, footwear, Cartier love bracelet replica watches, boutique accessories, handbags, glasses, perfume, suitcase and so on. GUESS in 2004 launched the vice line Marciano, a GUESS design concept-based launch of the more refined, partial female, sexy fashion brand.
GUESS stands for adventurous, sexy and pure American style! The spirit of curiosity, enthusiasm and freedom is the advice of GUESS. As the original GUESS starting from the denim clothing, so the tone of the design has been the western flavor, in the texture of the show, it is comfortable, natural, and adventurous rough sense. And then by the impact of popular elements, GUESS also gradually have some personal sexy, simple, urban sense of the design appears. With the increasing popularity of GUESS’s age of consumption, the “GUESS Collection”, which is accessible to social occasions and expresses personal taste, is loved by many people. Therefore, GUESS decided to separate the “GUESS Collection” in the name of designer Marciano. Higher texture designer dress.
On behalf of the GUESS brand symbol “?” Often appear in the clothing design, and inverted triangle of the cloth is common in the back pocket of jeans. GUESS silver jewelry is also very special, able to show a strong personal taste.
GUESS advertising design, such as another young women’s brand Sisley (Sisley), always full of surprises and others stunned. Many of the supermodel were born by the print ads of GUESS, including black pearl Fake Cartier love bracelet Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, and GUESS’s print ads often impress the model The
GUESS has sales outlets in more than 70 countries around the world, GUESS more than 100 stores, sales counters more than a thousand.
In addition, the summer of 2004, GUESS also introduced another vice line brand, Marciano, to GUESS design concept-based introduction of a more refined fashion line. And Marciano in addition to the designated GUESS flagship store for sale, but also has its own stores in North America. And GUESS more in September 2004 in the birthplace of California, opened a store dedicated boutique accessories. And more than two years in the United States to open two, and in the world opened nine, including Italy and Lebanon.
At present, GUESS in the rest of the world have more than 70 countries have sales outlets, and GUESS stores more than 100, while the sales counters more than a thousand. GUESS addition to the design of fashion, avant-garde, its advertising design, such as another young women’s brand-Sisley, always full of surprises and others stunning.
Guess has the American West cowboy wild and American sexy, but also rubbing and the romantic atmosphere of Europe. Guess initially started by the denim clothing, through continuous development, and now products include fashion, shoes, watches, boutique accessories, handbags, glasses, perfume, suitcase and so on.
GUESS watches in 1983 available. It is designed to attract young consumers in the global fashion. GUESS for ladies, is a beautiful fashion and trend. For men, it is a symbol of technology, design and material. US GUESS hand is now marketing more than 70 countries and local total of 12,000 retail outlets. GUESS watch series, in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa are sold.
Guess watch is good, friends comments
Comments 1: US brand, fashion table, pretty good ~ ~ ~ ~ looks very beautiful
Comments 2: guess watch I bought, feeling pretty good, very practical, very nice to wear, very generous, my friends also like this table, also bought a few to send a friend.
Comments three: 1: the United States guess brand watches, like CK, Armani, these are fashion table, mainly with clothes to wear. 2: the United States guess in China are sold domestically, the Japanese movement. And the Swiss table did not compare. 3: suitable for young people 20 to 30 years old. 4: If you want to wear for a long time, it is recommended to buy a piece of Swiss Cartier love ring replica produced, if it is a man man, must be equipped with mechanical watches.
Comments four: GUESS tell the truth, belong to the fashion table. 20-year-old friend of the more popular GUESS is a first choice. Price and more appropriate. Of course, if the work with the rigorous Swiss watch is certainly relatively low-end look. But also very good brand recommended landlord to buy a GUESS
Comments five: GUESS is a fashion table, the movement is quartz, I bought a piece, feeling fashion is its main selling point. Quality can also, as long as you do not touch the water, not with the hard object collision, no for no reason broken. 18-year-old to buy GUESS is appropriate, the brand itself is representative of the young and dynamic.
Guess watch price
GUESS table in the domestic price to 1500 +, but in the United States is very cheap, to catch the discount equivalent to one-third of the domestic price. If not high-end, the basic are more than 500-700 or so.

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