What is the difference between platinum and palladium

What is the difference between platinum and palladium
Jewelery market is currently very much jewelry material, from palladium to platinum, these are our common jewelry material. But many people will be confused with these jewelry materials, and even can not tell the difference between the two in the end what is the difference. In particular, some unscrupulous businesses, will borrow the appearance of the two close to this point, the platinum and palladium mixed with palladium to act as platinum, so as to earn high economic Replica Cartier jewelry benefits. Here’s a look at how to distinguish between palladium and platinum this pair of twins it
The price of palladium and platinum

Distinguish between palladium and platinum, both from the price can be resolved on the market, we can often see the price of these two kinds of metal materials, palladium prices cheaper, and platinum prices are relatively expensive, from the The current market conditions, the price of palladium can only reach one-third of the price of platinum, we can see the difference between the two large price. Platinum itself is relatively low production, but also in the world’s storage capacity is relatively low, refining the need for cumbersome platinum technology and operating procedures, which are virtually increased the price of platinum. While the palladium production is very high, it highlights the characteristics of the price is cheap.

Palladium and Platinum logo

Palladium and Platinum are very similar in appearance, but there is no connection between the two, especially when some unscrupulous businesses want to muddle the fish and the two will be confused, you must pay attention to the identification of these two metal materials. Regular platinum jewelry will be above with pt990 and pt950 and other logo, which is an important symbol of platinum metal material. The palladium metal material logo is pd, although the two logo looks very similar, but not the same concept. Followed by the same style design of palladium and platinum jewelry, which palladium weight is relatively light, while the weight of platinum is high.
The chemical properties of palladium and platinum

Palladium and platinum, the chemical properties of these two metal materials is completely different, platinum metal appearance is white, is the best material inlaid diamonds, and its chemical properties are particularly stable, made into jewelry when wearing, there will not be any fade and other issues The And its appearance will not be strong acid and alkali and other corrosion, we can see the stability of the nature of the material. But the platinum metal material also has one of the biggest features, that is, the material is relatively soft, and palladium metal material is very hard, especially when the palladium in the addition of some other metal material, this time is not only very hard, and long Wear, there will not be any oxidation and wear and other issues. From these aspects we can see that although there is a certain degree of similarity between the two, but the difference is still very large.
Platinum and white K gold these words believe that everyone is familiar with, but what is there between them “ulterior” secret? Platinum is not between them the “third party”? This question is worth exploring.
What is platinum?

Platinum (Pt), is a natural form of white precious metals. Platinum as early as 700 BC in the history of human civilization flashed dazzling light, in the human use of platinum 2000 years of history, it has been considered one of the most noble metal.

Pure – the purity of platinum jewelry is very high, the purity of platinum jewelry is usually as high as 90% -95%, the common platinum jewelry purity Pt900, Pt950. According to state regulations, only platinum content of 85% and above jewelry can be called platinum jewelry. Platinum jewelry is extremely high purity and therefore does not make skin allergies. Platinum white luster natural pure, giving the unique appearance of platinum jewelry. Even every day to wear, platinum has always been pure and pure white luster.

Rare – Platinum is thirty times more expensive than gold and is only exploited in very few places around the world. If all the world’s platinum into an Olympic standard swimming pool, its depth is not enough to cover the instep, and gold can fill at least three swimming pools. 3 grams is only equivalent to the weight of a smaller platinum ring, and the extraction of these platinum takes about 8 weeks and a lot of energy.

Eternal – the nature of platinum is very stable, not because of daily wear and deterioration or fade, it is always the same luster. Even in the life of the common acidic substances such as hot springs in the sulfur, bleach, pool of chlorine, or sweat, etc., will not be affected, so you can at all times are very assured to wear platinum jewelry. Regardless of how long, platinum can always maintain its natural white luster, and never fade.

Platinum = Platinum

Over the years, platinum has become a symbol of many consumers’ premiums, classic, precious and valuable, and Platinum is “platinum” in “Ci Hai”. Over the years, Chinese consumers used to call platinum as platinum. But not all white metal can be called platinum. Platinum and other white metal in the historical heritage, physical properties, prices and other aspects of a very significant difference, only platinum can be called platinum. Moreover, only the platinum content of 85 ‰ or more jewelry can bring any of the following unique signs – platinum, platinum, platinum or Pt.
What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

Platinum (Pt), is a natural white precious metal. According to the national precious metal jewelry standards, only platinum can be called platinum. In addition, only platinum with more than 850 ‰ jewelry can bring platinum proprietary logo – platinum (platinum, platinum) or Pt. And marked with a percentage of platinum purity (platinum content), such as platinum (platinum, platinum) 950, Pt950. It is like platinum identity card, can bring platinum quality assurance.

Platinum and white k gold are completely different metals. White K gold is the main component of gold (English White Gold), is 75% gold and 25% of the other metal mixture. So it is a mixture of gold and other metals, not platinum (platinum). White K gold prices lower than platinum and gold, has been widely used in jewelry production.

The most straightforward way to distinguish between platinum and other white metals is to find platinum-specific signs in jewelry. According to regulations, the back of each piece of platinum jewelry must be engraved with platinum proprietary signs: platinum (platinum, platinum) or Pt, and after the mark with platinum purity (platinum content) Platinum, platinum) 950, Pt950, Pt990 (platinum), Pt999 (thousands of platinum). It is like platinum identity card, can bring platinum quality assurance.

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