When a women’s watch can effectively capture the preferences of women

When a women’s watch can effectively capture the preferences of women, and transform it into the most fascinating look, with precise and reliable movement perfect fusion, it is not hard to imagine how women are intoxicated. Women love beauty and are tempted by the design of precious metals and sexy structures. Today’s watch house recommend three elegant ladies watches for you, allowing you to more detailed appreciation of their ultimate charm.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 8067 Series 8067BB / 52 / BC0 watch

In the history of Breguet watches, many famous women have been obsessed and delightful for Breguet watches, because it is designed for women’s sophisticated senior watch. The famous Queen of imitation Cartier love bracelet watch series, I believe no women will not be moved. In addition, the CLASSIQUE series of women’s watches are equally impressive. Made of 18k white gold, this CLASSIQUE Collection 8067 watch case has a case diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of 7.77 mm. Continuation of CLASSIQUE series used to classic minimalist design. With a rose gold water droplets bracelet, worn on the wrist as a beautiful jewelry, in the simple and elegant nature of women naturally show graceful graceful charm and charm. Breguet Cal.537 / 1 self-winding movement, power storage time up to 40 hours. Designed with the use of slender Breguet blue steel hands, welded lugs, the case is decorated with coins and other elements on the outer edge, unique flavor arises spontaneously, is ideal for women to wear to taste, show the style of the wrist.

Piaget Polo Jewelry Series G0A36233 watch

Some people like gold and diamonds, but platinum and diamonds are more elegant and better reflect the elegant side of women. This Earl Polo watch, table diameter is 32 mm. 36k white diamonds encrusted in 18k white gold (approx. 0.5 carats). Radial-textured silver-plated dial, Patton in 18k white gold and Arabic numerals with hourglass, satin polish polished totem pointer, read at a glance. The handling of the watch chain is very fine, with the width of the chain pieces, narrow chain inlaid with 130 beautiful diamonds (about 1.4 kt). Equipped with Earl 690P quartz movement, accurate and stable travel time.

Cartier key series WJCL0002 watch

In this year’s Geneva International Watch Fair, Cartier to highlight the new Replica Cartier jewelry masterpiece superb art and crafts excellence. Brand new CLÉ DE CARTIER watch, diameter 31 mm, 11.04 mm thick platinum case, to create the perfect streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style and harmonious beauty. The French word “CLÉ” means the key, and the new crown looks like a key. The crown of the time and date of the new operation, the slender crown shape, decorated with a sapphire, the mosaic process is different from the traditional practice, cleverly embedded gem and its cladding of metal flush. Equipped with the new Cartier 1847 MC-type workshop refined movement.

Summary: Beauty is a woman’s nature, for the good things, we all have a heart of appreciation and longing for the good watch as well. Although the watch is a very small object, but a good watch is sophisticated enough, from the handling of every detail, are integrated into the watchmaker’s wisdom and inspiration, to convey the brand of different watchmaking culture and long Tradition.

As the IWC’s most iconic Portuguese collection, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of its series, a number of stunning watches were launched at the International Watch Fair in Geneva earlier this year. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a new Universal in Portugal issued a series of universal calendar of the Swiss watch, watch the official model: IW503401.

The universal launch of this perpetual calendar watch using the bimonthly phase of the northern and southern hemispheres, equipped with the latest development of the 52615-type self-winding movement, providing 7 days of power reserve, every 577.5 years after the cumulative error of the day.

44.2 mm white gold case

Watch carrying a diameter of 44.2 mm 18k white gold case and the night blue dial, bimonthly calendar display mirror symmetrical way the lunar phase of the Northern Hemisphere changes in profit and loss process. For the first time the introduction of the Portuguese series of classic rail-type minutes circle, the entire moon phase display designed as a star of the night sky, the moon and stars like the suspension in the boundless sky.

Gear-shaped crown

18k white gold screw-in gear-shaped crown, the Portuguese crown has always been a series of shapes, the top crown engraved brand English Logo.

Black crocodile leather strap

Black crocodile leather strap, exquisite appearance, custom made for the Italian top leather manufacturer Santoni. Santoni’s shoes are not that good workmanship was good and very comfortable to wear, the price can be more appropriate, of course, if you buy it in the country that expensive. Santoni home in leather goods have two unique accomplishments, one is the stitching, hand stitching a stitch every knot to make a knot, to ensure that the suture will never loose. Second, the famous ancient effect, that is, through the application of multi-layer leather dye to produce an antique look.

Case thickness 15.3 mm

Case thickness of 15.3 mm, the grooved bezel and the side of the case brushed to maintain the Portuguese family used to the style, visible arched edge of the table mirror. Individuals are more like the side of the brushed processing performance, looks more texture, and the case is very easy to scratch the side, with the drawing process will not be so obvious.

Platinum folding clasp

18k white gold to create folding clasp, easy to wear, brushed clasp and IWC brand engraved engraved logo, there is no change of place.

Natural curvature of the lugs

The ear is also the continuation of the universal style, curvature of the natural, positive polished polished round and bright.

The dial is neat and easy to read

Double-sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass with night blue dial. 3 o’clock for 7 days power reserve and date display; 6 o’clock for the month display; 9 o’clock for the week and small seconds, small seconds with stop device; 12 o’clock moon phase display for the northern and southern hemispheres, four small dial Symmetric neat. Set a four-digit year display between the 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. Dial clean and easy to read, nice.

Cal.52615 Self-winding movement

Sapphire back through, exquisite movement at a glance. Featuring an exquisitely crafted Cal.52615-made movement, the finely tuned Glucydur® balance wheel features fine-tuned screws, a Breguet balance spring and a 18-karat red gold pendulum. Integrated with the power of two barrels, the movement provides up to seven days of power reserve and drives nine functions and displays. The bi-directional upper Behrington winding system is equipped with a newly developed ceramic pawl for maximum efficiency.

Summary: As one of the three complex functions of the calendar personally think that is one of the most practical features, this calendar mirror symmetrical bimonthly display for the nations first, so that the southern hemisphere wearer can also watch the correct dial The moon phase position. The whole dial looks more balanced and elegant. The complex function of the world watch has been in the price have better price, is more worth buying a watch.